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not capable of being stopped


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Indeed, it is precisely the insatiability and unstoppability of gay male anal desire that makes it so easy for the homophobically-inclined heterosexual to imagine, against the facts, that gay men would "pressure[] the Government into refraining from taking legitimate steps to help contain the spread of AIDS." (492) Asks Bersani: How could anyone believe that "those belonging to the group hit most heavily by AIDS want nothing more intensely than to see it spread unchecked?" (493) You cannot, he intimates, unless you were to believe that "those being killed are [themselves the] killers." (494) And not just one-off killers, either.
The famous jackbooting advance of totalitarianism (whether Hitler's or Stalin's we shall probably never know) is depicted with the cumulative unstoppability of Ravel's Bolero - and what a tremendous underpinning the snaredrummer provided in Saturday's CBSO account under an Andris Nelsons who seems to be permanently on fire.
Also dented was Oregon's reputation, and the aura of unstoppability. But that only matters if it becomes a trend.
And unstoppability is surely the watchword in Beethoven's remorselessly kinetic Seventh Symphony.
Called them 'the new and worthy Manics' and Q magazine praised their 'snappy anthems' and 'youthful unstoppability'.
SSESSING Liverpool's revitalised commercial scene, Brendon Kenny, Merseyside director of the North West Chambers of Commerce,only needs two words: ``It's unstoppable.'' Appointed last September - the collective North West Chambers comprise 21 regional set-ups -Kenny, 37, is qualified to comment on unstoppability.
There's suffering and poverty and violence and alcoholism, and the aura of unstoppability that repeated misfortunes acquire.