'A Ring for Christmas': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the holiday rom-com film

The movie tells the story of a spoiled single girl Angie Moore who gets cut off 25 days before Christmas

                            'A Ring for Christmas': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about the holiday rom-com film
Livia Treviño and Liliana Tandon (UPtv)

This upcoming holiday season will include a lot of cozy nights watching Christmas productions that seem to be in abundance this year. We have one more that you can add to your list — 'A Ring for Christmas'. The TV premiere of the rom-com is early November, just in time for a weekend-watch with the family. The film chronicles the story of a young woman named Angie Moore who decides to find a man to marry by Christmas so she had inherited a "sizable trust fund." Here is all you need to know about the holiday movie, including everything you need to know about the brilliant cast.

Release date

'A Ring for Christmas' premieres on Sunday, November 8, 2020. 


The official synopsis reads, "The movie tells the story of a spoiled single girl Angie Moore gets cut off 25 days before Christmas. When she discovers the existence of a sizable trust fund that she will inherit once she gets married, Angie decides to find a man to marry - by Christmas."


Liliana Tandon as Angie Moore

Liliana Tandon in 'A Ring for Christmas' (UPtv)

Tandon is known for her roles in 'Period Piece' (2016), Rebecca in 'Indiscretion' (2016) and Britanny in 'Nesting' (2012). Her recent works include 'Fully Engaged' (2015), 'The Weekend Detectives' (2015), and the TV series 'Irritable Becca Syndrome' (2018). The actress is also a writer and editor. She has writing credits for 'A Ring for Christmas' and 'Period Place' — she also has producer credits for the latter. She has editorial credits for 'Smile' (2016). 

Dean Geyer as Gabe Hudson

Actor Dean Geyer attends the grand opening of the Museum Of Selfies on March 29, 2018, in Glendale, California (Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Geyer is known for his roles as Brody Weston in 'Glee' (2012-2013), Mark Reynolds in Terra Nova (2011), and Nick Davis in 'Shades of Blue' (2016). The actor is also a producer with credits for 'Rehearsal' (2015). His other works include 'Don't Wake Mommy' (2015), 'Casual' (2015), 'The Sand' (2015), and 'Once Upon A Date' (2017). In 2009, Geyer was also nominated for a Logie Award for Most Popular New Male Talent for 'Neighbours' in which he played the role of Ty Harper.

Charles Hittinger as Tyler Davis

Hittinger is known for his roles as Sean Ackard in 'Pretty Little Liars' (2010-2011), AJ in 'American Reunion' (2012), Matt in 'Sharknado' (2013) and Devin in 'Bad Tutor' (2018). His most recent works include 'Transference' (2015), 'Traitor Knight' (2016), and 'Killer Repuatation' (2019). He has an annouced series titled 'Stakes' where he will be playing the role of Chase. He also has two releases titled 'Legacy of Love' (2021) and 'Dinner Party' in post-production.

Lorraine Bracco as Margaret Moore

Lorraine Bracco attends Annual Charity Day hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald, BGC and GFI at BGC Partners, INC on September 11, 2018, in New York City (Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Bracco is an actress, producer, and director known for her roles as Karen Hill in 'Goodfellas' (1990), Dr. Jennifer Melfi in 'The Sopranos', Dr. Rae Crane in 'Medicine Man' (1992) and Jim's mother in 'The Basketball Diaries' (1995). Her recent works include 'Jerk' (2019), 'Master Maggie' (2019), 'AJ and the Queen' (2020), and 'My Big Italian Adventure' (2020).

She has a release titled 'The Birthday Cake' in post-production and a release titled 'Jacir' in pre-production. Her producer credits include 'Master Maggie' and 'I Married a Mobster' (2011). She also has directional credits for 'Auto Motives' (2000) and 'Love & Distrust' (2010). Besides having been nominated for an Oscar in 1991 for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for 'Goodfellas', Bracco won a LAFCA Award in 1990 and a CFCA Award in 1991 for the same production.

She was also nominated for three Golden Globes for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama for 'The Sopranos' in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Further, she was nominated for 4 Primetime Emmy's for the same production - three for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 1999, 2000, and 2001 and one in 2007 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Michael Gross as Graham Moore

Actor Michael Gross arrives to 'Tim And Eric'$ Billion Dollar Movie' Los Angeles Premiere at ArcLight Hollywood on March 1, 2012, in Hollywood, California (Alberto E Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Gross is known for his roles as Steven Keaton in 'Family Ties' (1982-1989), and Burt Gummer in the 'Tremors' franchise (1990). His recent works include 'Grace and Frankie' (2015-2019), 'Sister of the Bride' (2019), 'Christmas Reservations' (2019), and 'Noelle' (2019). In 2015, the Groos won a Los Angeles Movie Award for Best Actor for 'Our Father' (2014).

For the same production, he also won a LAIFF February Award in 2015 for Best Actor, a Festival Award at the 2014 Laughlin International Film Festival for Best Lead Actor, and an IIFC Award for best actor in 2016.


The movie is directed by Don E FauntLeRoy and written by Liliana Tandon. Laura Boersma, Karen Clark and John Stewart Muller serve as executive producers.


The synopsis of the trailer reads, "For love or money? When Angie discovers that she'll inherit a sizeable trust fun upon getting married, the race is on to tie the knot by Christmas."


Where to watch

Catch 'A Ring for Christmas' exclusively on UPtv on Sunday, November 8, at 7 pm ET.

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