What was Cleopatra’s ancestry?

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Most likely a posthumously painted portrait of Cleopatra with red hair and her distinct facial features, wearing a royal diadem and pearl-studded hairpins, from Roman Herculaneum, Italy, 1st century AD.

Right now there is a big discussion about Gal Gadot set to portrait Egyptian Queen Cleopatra in yet another remake of the famous saga once brought to life by Liz Taylor and Richard Burton.

Again, the ancestry of the Queen is up for debate and looking at Twitter, more confusion is being added.

Someone claimed she must have been R1b like King Tut. First of all, R1b is y-DNA not carried by females. Secondly, we are talking about completely different dynasties unrelated.

And thirdly, she was from the Ptolemaic dynasty which was Greek/Macedonian.

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