To the Editor:

To the Editor:

We are supporting Melissa Fowler for Kingston town clerk/tax collector for many reasons. First and foremost, Melissa is the most qualified candidate for the position. Her business management degree and work experience in banking and municipal government, combined with her professionalism and personality, define the key elements needed to be successful in this critical position. We have known Melissa for almost 15 years. During that time we have seen the type of positive impact that she can have on many organizations such as the Boosters Club, the Fire Department Auxiliary and School Board, just to name a few.

I have been a resident of Kingston for almost 40 years and have seen many positive changes. As I look back and evaluate what improvements have been made in the services that we all receive from the town, it is clear that there have been many. Our police and fire departments are professional and well equipped to provide the emergency services that we need. Our school system has always worked hard to improve in every way and our highway department provides a service that is second to none. Quite frankly, we expect this level of service because we pay our hard-earned dollars to fund them. Unfortunately not every area of the town has kept pace with our changing needs. One of these areas is the town clerk/tax collector's office.

Every day we have the opportunity to purchase goods and services using current technology. Technology that is available in many towns that surround us including the ability to register your vehicles, pay your taxes or simply have a question answered from the comfort of your home when it is convenient for you rather than having to go to Town Hall and wait. Why aren't these services available in Kingston? Every person that uses the town clerk/tax collector's office will benefit by making these services available. Why? Just imagine if half of the people needing to conduct business were able to do so without the need to go to the Town Hall and sit waiting in line? For those that choose to use the office as they always have, there will be less volume and shorter wait times. Who doesn't think that is a good idea? It is a true win-win for everyone. And this is just one area that Melissa is committed to improving.

There are many reasons to support Melissa Fowler for this position, her list of credentials, her commitment to improving services, her professional attitude and her ability to make your interaction with the office a positive and friendly one. Please join us when we vote for Melissa on March 13.

Bill and Natalie Timmons