List of rulers of Bavaria

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The following is a list of rulers during the history of Bavaria.wikipedia
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BayernFree State of BavariaBavarian
Bavaria was ruled by several dukes and kings, partitioned and reunited, under several dynasties.
In the 17th century AD, the Duke of Bavaria became a Prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire.

Garibald I of Bavaria

Garibald IGaribald I, Duke of BavariaDuke Garibald I
The first duke we know of, and likely the first, was Gariwald, or Garibald I, a member of the powerful Agilolfing family.
Garibald I (also Garivald; Garibaldus; born 540) was Duke (or King) of Bavaria from 555 until 591.

Theodo of Bavaria

TheodoTheodo ITheodo II
Theodo (about 625 – 11 December c. 716) also known as Theodo V and Theodo II, was the Duke of Bavaria from 670 or, more probably, 680 to his death.

Tassilo I of Bavaria

Tassilo ITassiloTassilo I, King of Bavaria
Tassilo I (or Tassilon) (560 – 610) was King of Bavaria from 591 to his death.

Grimoald of Bavaria

Grimoald (or Grimwald) (died 725) was the duke of Bavaria from about 715 to his death.

Theodbert of Bavaria

undefined 685 – c. 719) was the duke of Bavaria in some capacity or other from 702 to his death.

Odilo, Duke of Bavaria

Odilo of BavariaOdiloDuke Odilo
Odilo, also Oatilo or Uatilo (died 18 January 748) of the Agilolfing dynasty was Duke of Bavaria from 736 until his death.

Tassilo III, Duke of Bavaria

Tassilo IIITassilo III of BavariaTassilo
undefined 741 – c. 796) was the duke of Bavaria from 748 to 788, the last of the house of the Agilolfings.

Theobald of Bavaria

Theobald (also Theudebald, Theodolt, or Theodoalt) (died 717/719) was the duke of Bavaria from at least 711, when his father Theodo associated him with his rule at Passau or Salzburg.

Garibald II of Bavaria

Garibald II
Garibald II (585–625) was Duke of Bavaria from 610 until his death.

Arnulf, Duke of Bavaria

Arnulf of BavariaArnulf the BadArnulf
Arnulf (birth unknown; died 14 July 937), also known as the Bad (der Schlimme) or the Evil (der Böse), a member of the Luitpolding dynasty, held the title of a Duke of Bavaria from about 907 until his death in 937.

List of rulers of Saxony

King of SaxonyDuke of SaxonyDuke of Saxe-Lauenburg
Welf I recovered the duchy in 1096, and was succeeded by his sons Welf II and Henry IX — the latter was succeeded by his son Henry X, who also became Duke of Saxony.

Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor

Henry IIEmperor Henry IIHenry II of Germany
The Duke of Bavaria from 995, Henry became King of Germany ("Rex Romanorum") following the sudden death of his second cousin, Emperor Otto III in 1002, was crowned King of Italy ("Rex Italiae") in 1004, and was crowned by the pope as emperor in 1014.


Engeldeo or Engildeo (floruit 878–895) was the Margrave of Bavaria from 890 to 895.

Henry I, Duke of Bavaria

Henry IHenry I of BavariaHenry
Henry I (919/921 – 1 November 955), a member of the German royal Ottonian dynasty, was Duke of Bavaria from 948 until his death.

Henry II, Duke of Bavaria

Henry II of BavariaHenry the WranglerHenry II
Henry II (951 – 28 August 995), called the Wrangler or the Quarrelsome (Heinrich der Zänker), a member of the German royal Ottonian dynasty, was Duke of Bavaria from 955 to 976 and again from 985 to 995, as well as Duke of Carinthia from 989 to 995.

Otto I, Duke of Swabia and Bavaria

Otto IOttoOtto of Swabia
Otto I (born 954, died 31 October or 1 November 982) was the Duke of Swabia from 973 and Duke of Bavaria from 976.

Henry III, Duke of Bavaria

Henry the YoungerHenry IIIHenry III the Younger
Henry III (940 – 5 October 989), called the Younger, a member of the Luitpolding dynasty, was the first Duke of Carinthia from 976 to 978, Duke of Bavaria from 983 to 985 and again Duke of Carinthia from 985 to 989.

Otto of Nordheim

Otto of NortheimOtto IIOtto von Northeim
1020 – 11 January 1083) was Duke of Bavaria from 1061 until 1070.

Conrad I, Duke of Bavaria

Conrad IConrad I of BavariaCuno
undefined 1020 – 5 December 1055), also known as Cuno or Kuno, was the duke of Bavaria from 1049 to 1053.

Henry X, Duke of Bavaria

Henry the ProudHenry XHenry X of Bavaria
1108 – 20 October 1139), a member of the House of Welf, was Duke of Bavaria (as Henry X) from 1126 to 1138 and Duke of Saxony (as Henry II) as well as Margrave of Tuscany and Duke of Spoleto from 1137 until his death.

Henry IX, Duke of Bavaria

Henry IXHenry IX of BavariaHenry the Black
Henry IX (1075 – 13 December 1126), called the Black, a member of the House of Welf, was Duke of Bavaria from 1120 to 1126.

Henry VII, Duke of Bavaria

Henry IIHenry VIIHenry
Henry VII (died 16 October 1047) was the count of Luxembourg (as Henry II) from 1026 and duke of Bavaria from 1042 until his death.

Welf I, Duke of Bavaria

Welf IWelf IVWelf
1030/1040 – died 6 November 1101, Paphos, Cyprus) was Duke of Bavaria from 1070 to 1077 and from 1096 to his death.

Henry the Lion

Henry III ''the LionHenry XII ''the LionHeinrich der Löwe
In 1180, Henry XII the Lion and Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor, fell out.
Henry the Lion (Heinrich der Löwe; 1129/1131 – 6 August 1195) was a member of the Welf dynasty and Duke of Saxony, as Henry III, from 1142, and Duke of Bavaria, as Henry XII, from 1156, the duchies of which he held until 1180.