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The Cursed Imp 2
The Cursed Imp in his cursed form

The Cursed Imp
The Cursed Imp in his restored form

The Cursed Imp
Also Known AsReal name unknown
OccupationPrankster (formerly)
First AppearanceSeason 5
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon Icon

This nameless imp resembles Jokey Smurf: he loves playing pranks on others and has a rather odd sense of humor. His fun ended one day when he made fun of the Sea Witch and she cast a spell on him that made him into a creature as hideous as her. He was unable to ask others for help, too, because he was given the "Language of the Cursed" - identified by Papa Smurf - and the only way to turn back to normal was to line up one of every type of sea shell on the beach before the sunset on the last day of a seven-year period.

With help from the Smurfs, he succeeded and returned to his formal self, revealing himself to be a handsome prince, but did not give a title. He plays a prank on Jokey right before the episode ends; he only appeared in "Smurf A Mile In My Shoes" of Season 5.


  • Despite being an imp, he has round ears like a human and even other imps in the episode had pointy ears.
    • In the later episode "Papa's Flying Bed", more imps with round ears appeared alongside pointy-eared imps, showing that some imps do indeed have round ears.
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