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She‘ll soon be able to traipse off to a restaurant or a rave or a national insurrection, while I’ll still be cowering at home hiding from the virus.

Enter the Fray

Elections matter, or so the saying goes. But the debate over some of President Biden’s nominees makes you wonder just how true that is.

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Merrick Garland’s reassertion of norms, rather than the promulgation of legislation or regulations, is the right to way to fix Trump’s catastrophic use of the Justice Department.

QAnon adherents seem to display characteristics associated with conspiracy theory vulnerability: an identity-related grievance, a penchant for anger and metaphysical belief.

A new bill in the California legislature would combat secret ownership of rental properties.

A restoration of serenity and equipoise in government, which Biden hinted at in his inaugural, is the last thing his base wants from this White House.

From Reykjavik, I drove to a giant power plant that was sucking carbon dioxide out of the air and burying it underground.

Removing encampments can be devastating for the people who live in them and almost always makes the homeless crisis worse.


As the country grapples with the role of systemic racism, The Times has committed to examining its past.

All presidential elections are uniquely consequential, but a good case can be made that the next one is the most important of our lives. The time has come to undo the great mistake of 2016 and drive Trump out of office at the ballot box.

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