Friday, January 1, 2021

Frequently asked questions about me & an update


As we enter the new year of 2021 there is a lot of changes ahead, including with me and my astrology work.  Below i'm going to answer the most frequently asked questions i get about me personally and my work, along with an update on what you can expect from me for 2021 and beyond.

Q: Are you still working as a professional astrologer?

A: Yes. I do astrology reports as my main source of income full time. I'm consistently booked up two weeks in advance. I've done thousands of personal reports for people over the years that i stay busy with returning clients in a cycle.

Q: Are you taking new clients?

A: Yes

Q: Do you do readings, phone or skype consultations?

A: No,  i don't give readings on the phone or through any video chat, i offer reports via video that i email you the link to watch at your convenience. This works best for me as i live in a remote area that has sketchy phone and internet service. Also this allows me to report on what i see, rather than a back and forth where the astrologer is feeding off of what the client is saying, acting as a counselor more than an astrologer. Reporting on a chart in the blind is much more challenging for the astrologer, but i've been doing it for years and i believe it offers certain insights that you can't get from a normal astrology reading. My style isn't for everybody. If you prefer phone readings, i'm not the astrologer for you.

Q: Where can i find you on social media?

A: I'm not on any social media sites besides YouTube and even that is limited right now.  I have enough established clients that i don't need to promote myself on social media. I don't think social media is healthy, so i don't engage in the collective chaos.

Q: I loved your weekly astrology reports on YouTube, do you plan on making astrology videos again?

A: Yes. I've taken a few months off from YouTube collective/mundane reports but i am planning on returning and making more astrology videos for 2021 and beyond. Right now it's looking like i'll start back up around the Aquarius new moon in Feb of 2021 (That date subject to change though). I'm still trying to decide if i'll do the same format as before with weekly reports covering everyday of the week, or something different. Also i have no interest in becoming a famous youtube astrologer. I don't care how many subscribers or "likes" i have. I'm not trying to build the channel into more than what it already is. I'm not trying to make money from YT. I don't care about getting attention, praise or fame, or making tons of videos everyday, as i get plenty of work without YT. In fact, the thousands of views i was getting on YT was bringing me more work than i could keep up with. Not doing YT videos has brought me back down to a more manageable workload. I don't mind new clients, but I can't be working seven days a week anymore, and i don't want people to have to wait a month to get their report after they buy it. Two weeks is long enough. There's more to life than just work. I'm figuring out a better system from behind the scenes for 2021 and beyond. Stay tuned.

Q: Why did you turn off comments on your YouTube videos?

A: It goes back to my thoughts that social media is unhealthy. 95% of the comments i get are positive, so it's not about negative comments. I don't need validation, or praise. I don't really care to hear about other people's take on the astrology. I'm there to report on what i know. There's just too much noise on social media. I don't mind one on one conversations in real life, just not opinions on every topic from every which direction from random people on the internet. A lot of Youtubers are desperate to make money and get attention and validation. That's just not me. In order for me to keep offering free astrology videos i had to take the social media aspect out of YT. Believe it or not life is pretty darn great without social media. 

Q: How long have you been into astrology?

A: I first got into astrology back in 2006, learning it on the down low. Then in 2011 astrology started to become an obsession where i spent all day everyday studying and researching to the next level, for the next couple years. I took it to extremes, but that fits me since i have Mercury conjunct Pluto on the midheaven (highest point in the sky). By 2013 i started offering reading for money where i've been doing astrology fulltime ever since.

Q: Where and how did you learn astrology?

A: In the very beginning, like everyone i started by reading books and looking up stuff online just to understand the basics. My chart ruler is Jupiter in Aries so i'm not much of a follower, and i'm here to pioneer my path in everything i do. The idea of learning something like astrology from a teacher didn't sit well with me. For some people, that's the best way, it all depends on your chart and style of learning. I'm my own teacher; life and experience is my classroom. Learning astrology from a teacher is just learning one person's perspective and way of doing it, and their way might not be the best way. Getting a certificate from some random astrologer doesn't mean much to me. Some skills in life, like say, becoming a mechanic, can be best learned by a teacher because there is a direct set way of doing it, but astrology doesn't have a concrete way of working with it. Again though, some people love learning from others, getting certificates and degrees, but those types of people are usually lifetime students and never meant to be a teacher because they feel the wisdom has to come from outside of self.  Some people can only learn something from a teacher, Again it all depends on your chart and who you are. In the beginning of astrology education we all have to learn some stuff from others, but only the very basics.

There is a lot of misconceptions and popular ideas in astrology that don't always pan out in reality. Books and teachers can only take you so far, but if you are content by taking someone's else's word on what is true, then maybe that approach is best for you. Getting certified by someone just means you are a clone of them. Hey, this is just my perspective and we are not the same so do what's right for you.

I think the best and true astrologers are the pioneers, the ones researching discovering new correlations that haven't been recorded by people of the past. There is still many truths and techniques that can be discovered through researching astrology in the real world.

That's how i've been learning. I got professional software and started researching charts, people, events, history, etc, which i've been doing for years. It truly takes years to learn astrology, and i'm still learning and will be for years until i'm an old man and even after that. In that process through years there is changing and evolving of ideas and techniques as knowledge and experience grows. Experience is key. These 20 something year old kids that think they are astrologers, or the people with a few years of experience that claim they are "master Astrologers" are living in a ego delusional fantasyland. Now once you hit 30, 40, 50 years of experience and beyond, that's respectable  

The short answer is i've learned from research and experience, doing astrology for real people for years and i'm not perfect, i get things wrong sometimes. Like i said i'll be learning forever. There is different types of astrology, i have my own style. 

Q: Has it been hard making a living from astrology?

A:  Being able to make a good living from astrology all depends on your birth chart, but for me, yes it's been extremely hard in the beginning, and i would say hard for most people. Most people won't be able to live good from astrology. Since i have a lot of Pluto influence in my chart, at the highest point of the sky aspecting almost every one of my personal planets, i'm extreme and capable of living in ways the average person isn't. Like i said, i've been obsessed with astrology and went all in since 2011; astrology or bust.  

I wasn't going to get a "real job" as my ex suggested. My main source of money was going to be from astrology, but starting from scratch as an unknown astrologer? Not easy. By 2013 i was homeless. I started this blog and was also posting on Google+ and Twitter trying to put myself out there and get clients. I was doing written reports back then. I was homeless living in my car doing astrology 2013 - 2019 with one or two short term breaks here and there, with very little income. I had little to no support from anyone and i'm not the type to take government assistance. Like i said it was astrology or bust, although i would make some side money sometimes from the medical mj industry of northern California. I was also going through an epic once in lifetime Pluto transit those years. But yes, i didn't have a home for 7 years! 

Some of those years in the beginning were really hard. There were times i didn't have a penny to my name, out of food and out of gas for my car, parked on some random road, just sitting there starving, waiting for an email notification to come in that someone bought a report. Part of me wanted to go out and camp in the wilderness but public land in the mountains of northern Calif doesn't have much cell service that i needed for online work, so i had to stay close to town, living in my car. I had a lot of pride so it didn't make it obvious. Sometimes i would go three to four days without food (i'm not the food bank type of guy) or gas money. Just when i thought i was at a breaking point, someone would buy a report and i was saved. Back then i was charging 60 bucks a report. That would give me just enough money to put some fuel in my car and some unhealthy food in my belly, keeping me alive several more days until i ran out again, and the cycle would repeat. My faith was tested to the extreme and i was skin and bones. As the years went on i was slowly building up more and more astrology work and by 2016 i was living in my car on someone's raw land i knew, half of the year. It was still a rough life though, between the hot summers and cold winters and very little money. I tried making astrology videos on Youtube back in 2015/16 but would get very little views so i stopped doing it. Then i started making video again, i think in 2018 slowly building up views with very little subscribers.

Finally by 2019 my long Pluto transit started to move on and life started to get way better when i got into a place in Arizona. I started getting a lot more views on Youtube and getting a lot more clients from that exposure. I have a strong birth chart, with Uranus the sun, Mercury, Pluto in the 10th house of career, so once transit Pluto moved on (my fall from grace years) my chart naturally boosts me back up (relative to where i was) and the money has been rolling in with more clients than i can handle. At this point i'm making a very good living, but i also live a very simple life with zero debt and only a few basic bills to pay.

The truth is though, i went through a major death and rebirth transit those 7 years, living extreme and with no support. I had to face all my fears, lack of material security, lack of respect from the world, family and friends and it taught me that i don't need much in this life. I don't care about being " successful". I don't need to accomplish anything, i don't care what people think of me anymore, i don't need a lot of "materialistic things", i don't need to prove myself to anyone. I've already been to the bottom of the social spectrum. Astrology has been my life through this process, having more time to research and do astrology than a normal person could have with their real life. 

I find it kind of funny that i have finally made it to the point of making a good living from astrology and i don't really care, doesn't mean much to me and i limit the growth that is trying to happen. There is so many people that would love to be a professional astrologer, working from home, making your own hours, being your own boss, etc but don't have the opportunity. I don't think the average person could have made it through the life i lived those years to get to this point. Like i said, i'm extreme. 

Dealing with so many people and doing so many reports can be very draining but this is the way i make a living and i do feel like i'm helping people sometimes which feels good. I need to advance my astro business. I'm working on a new website that i'll launch in 2021 and i'm going to try and put some effort into this even though i'm making a good living without all the business effort side of it besides doing the email work and report work. So YES it's been hard to get to this point but now it's easy! My chart allows me to make money from astrology and online stuff, but not everyone can.

Q: Do you have more than just a few recommendations from clients than what you have listed on your blog? 

A: Yes! I haven't updated the recommendations section of my blog in years. I have many many recommendations that i have to sort through and list. I'm going to add those to my new website. I have had so many people give me positive feedback about my reports. If you are one of my clients and like my work and want to recommend me to other people, email me it and i'll add it to my blog. Thank you!

Q: What did you do for a living before astrology?

A: Right out of high school i got a job as a seasonal wildland firefighter for state government which was the beginning of my firefighter career. I also became an emergency medical technician and worked for local government fire depts as an all risk firefighter ,but my passion was wildland fires. I worked off and on in the fire service for local, state and federal agencies from 1994 thru the end of 2008. In between all that i've also done labor work, construction, ranch work, woodworking and internet marketing coding websites from scratch, and after 2008 some mmj work. Big change to astrology huh. Ha.

Q: Are you part of the astrology community?

A: Not really. I know a few other astrologers but i don't really interact with the "astrology community". Maybe this makes me sound like a snob but i don't really fit into that group and i don't really want to. I have gotten several requests for interviews and collaborations from other astrologers but i always turn them down. I'm just not really interested. I do my own thing and i like it that way. I don't watch or read what other astrologers say.  I see headlines sometimes but i don't want to be influenced by them and i usually don't agree with their interpretations. Every once in a great while i'll get a reading from someone i've never heard of, but that's rare. I've only gotten 3 readings from other people in my life, and i'm not that impressed.

Q: Are you a Trump supporter or republican?

A: I have no political party affiliation. I have NEVER voted on anything in my life, and i doubt i ever will. Voting might work on the local level, but i don't believe it does on the bigger scale. With that said, i'm a mountain man/country guy, i don't fit into city folk mindset. I've owned many guns in my lifetime, i'm okay with hunting and eating wild game. I think gov't has too much power and control. I don't need the gov't to take care of me. I love freedom and independence. I would say i'm right of center since modern day liberalism and "woke cancel culture" makes me cringe. There's a lot of unhealthy victimhood mentality being amplified since 2011, correlating to Neptune's transit through Pisces. Once you step out of that and take responsibility for yourself and stop blaming everyone else, life gets a lot better, depending on the personal phases you're in. I don't base my political opinions on right or left groupthink. If i voted i would be independent or libertarian. Some issues i lean right and some i lean left, but i'm definitely not the modern liberal. 

Q: Do you teach astrology?

A: No, although my natural style of doing astrology reports has a teacher vibe to it. I am ruled by Jupiter.

Q: Are you married or single?

A: I'm divorced and currently single.

Well folks, there's some answers and an update. 

Welcome to 2021. 


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius has NOTHING to do with the age of Aquarius

If you're into astrology i'm sure you've heard the hype right; "Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius is the beginning of the age of Aquarius". Personally i don't read or watch anything from other astrologers, but i do see headlines from them every once in awhile, and most of the time it makes my head shake and eyes roll. There is so much bullshit out there these days about every topic you can think of, including astrology. I blame this on the transit of Neptune through Pisces (Feb 3 2012 - Jan 26 2026).  Yes, five more years of this bullshit. It's not Neptune or Pisces that i have a problem with, it's specifically Neptune IN Pisces that is the problem. Neptune has 164 year cycle so it's been awhile since the last time the world has been dealing with this transit. It reflected a shitshow the last time too. 

You see Neptune in Pisces opposes logic, common sense and practicality (Virgo) while forming squares to Gemini and Sagittarius. Those Neptune squares reflect distortion to truth, beliefs and understanding of reality (Sagittarius), while also distorting facts, information, media, etc (Gemini). This has the world at a critical point the end of 2020 into 2021 as Neptune in Pisces is T-square the nodes of Fate in Sagittarius and Gemini. This could have long lasting consequences for years into the future because of conspiracy shaping the future, or at the very least because of this collective distortion to reality shaping the future. Neptune also amplifies everything about Pisces from 2012 - 2026 for positive and negative. Let's be honest tho, there's a lot of negative.

Neptune in Pisces amplifies gullibility, naivety, imagination, victimhood mentality, self sacrifice  impressionability, lack of boundaries, and so much more, including a desire for a greater connection to things that can't be found on the physical plane of reality. This is why it's also amplifying everything about the "new age" trends. No, not the Aquarius new age, but rather the same old spiritualists new age movements that gain momentum when there is outer planet transits through Pisces, including Neptune.  A boost to "psychics' "card readers" "energy workers" the tarot, etc, and yes astrology

Neptune in Pisces has been good for my astrology business but it's also been turning me off from it because astrology is getting distorted and blended with all that other crap causing misinterpretations that just gets parroted over and over by charlatans. 

The owners of streaming sites, movies ,TV, Youtube and all that stuff is also benefiting from this transit, anything that is created from imagination out of thin air that appears to be real. I see this transit inspiring so many things including living on the road, travel, van life etc. It's such a romantic dreamy notion to some that they project all over youtube despite the harsh reality and ultimately the disillusionment that follows for most of them, or will if it hasn't yet. Yes, there is some positives to the transit as i said but i think there's more negative than positive, especially when we look back in hindsight to this era of 2012-2026. Anyway, hopefully you understand my point about Neptune in Pisces.

When it comes to the age of Aquarius you would have thought that Neptune transit Aquarius (1998-2011) would have amplified all this age of Aquarius bullshit. Well it did actually, just not in the way of the misconceptions that we hear about the "age of Aquarius". Neptune is Aquarius reflected the era when scientists were starting to feel like rockstars. Don't you remember?  Scientists were all over the TV acting like gods on those documentary shows, like they had it all figured out. The shows would splice in like five different clips of scientists all saying the same thing and that somehow made what they said more believable. These were hardcore geeks that were finally getting some attention in the spotlight. Not because they had anything figured out with exciting new discoveries but rather just being exploited by tv producers coming up with a new style of content. Science was all glamoured up, and being a scientist was actually cool, for a short time. Then Neptune moved on into Pisces and science went back to dullness and spirituality and metaphysics became cool again. 

You see Aquarius is an Air sign governing SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY.  It's an intellectually serious pragmatic fixed sign ruled by Saturn, not a sign of peace and joy with hippies holding hands running through a field of daisies, all connected as one. It's about building and structuring (Saturn) new ideas that fit within the rules of society for the long term. 

The 12 ages are roughly 2000 years each. The age of Pisces that we've been in since the christian era is the age of suffering leading to spirituality/religion, where life and death is mysterious and dark; the age of unconsciousness where we don't have a fucking clue why we're here, which requires faith in a higher power and praying/begging for salvation; learning the lessons of the dark, which does hold beauty as well.  

We could get way deeper into all that, but Aquarius is on deck. It's not like we just change ages with the flip of a day. Transits through Aquarius including Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius have NOTHING to do with the age of Aquarius. Transits through Aquarius do mean we temporarily get more Aquarius energy in the context of what those planets reflect, yes. The truth is, we go through big phases of all 12 signs in every 2000 year age with the particular 2000 year age that the world is in as the backdrop. These ages are so long there is a blending/gray area between ages roughly 300 years long where we see traits of both ages. 

We cleary still have the suffering, mystery of life and death religion age of Pisces relevant but we also are seeing more and more Aquarius that really started to show in the 20th century, hence modern science, technology and how we function in modern society. We are in the gray of both ages. This Jupiter conj Saturn in Aquarius is only rooting the next 20 years of intellectual, scientific ideas and technology in context to what Jupiter and Saturn rule that will have social and political consequences in the relative short term. Yes the world is moving towards that next age of Aquarius but this little conjunction in Aquarius is not the flip of a switch for the next 2000 years. It's certainly not all the wishy washy interpretations you hear about the "age of Aquarius". It's pretty much pointless to talk about these ages anyway considering a 24000 year cycle has little meaning for our little roughly 80 year long human life. The transits of our planets will reflect what sign we are experiencing the most at any given time, and it's never just one pure sign.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius is a combination of contraction vs expansion for what Aquarius means. Although Saturn is stronger than Jupiter here. Jupiter might be good for Saturn but Saturn might not be so good for Jupiter. We are talking about the next 20 years so it could take the 20 years to see the full results. Let's not forget we just started a new roughly 35 year cycle for Saturn and Pluto that will also be showing massive changes for the governments, laws and structures of the world, and we haven't seen nothing yet. I say that despite what we've already seen in 2020. That's another story though.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius will probably expand government control through science and technology. Remember, Jupiter is good for Saturn. Saturn is structure, restriction, laws, rules, government, power, control, etc. Saturn not so good for Jupiter in Aquarius - the positive expansion of science, technology, truth, political and social philosophies. Meaning Jupiter might expand those things but not so much in a positive way. The expansion will more than likely benefit government and the powers that control the herd. Also remember this is in context with the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, plus the fact Pluto in Capricorn is technically part of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction as well, within orb.

Saturn with Jupiter in Aquarius will likely be building and structuring new laws and rules for communities and societies, strongly based on technology. New internet laws and restrictions expanded, including censorship.  New ways for governments to control communications along with people that have power including businesses and corporations gaining more power to control herd activity. We've already seen it start with 2020 as Saturn dipped into Aquarius with Pluto in Cap - businesses putting those little Xs on the floors 6 feet apart. One way arrows down grocery store aisles, signs all over the place everywhere you go with rules and directives. Social distancing as Aquarius is a cold distant detached sign. Masks covering facial expressions and uniqueness is great example, having to fit in with everyone rather than individuality. Aquarius isn't ruled by Uranus contrary to new age astrology concepts. With Jupiter there and the combination of Neptune through Pisces the illusion that it's all for a good reason, and all positive will likely be expanded, and already has been.

The minds of people will be controlled and regulated in new ways. Individuality will be challenged, groupthink and conformity will become necessity in the name of progress and science. Government scientists will gain power to dictate reality in ways be haven't seen before. Mind control.

Huge mind blowing advances in science and technology will be developed this next 20 years affecting every area of life and society. This could seem positive at first but when Pluto transits Aquarius for 19 years starting in 2024, the darkside of science, technology and everything that Aquarius rules including social and political ideas will become evident. As all this is going on and Neptune is well into its Aries transit by the end of the decade we'll only be able to dream about and romanticize the days of freedom and individuality.

Let's not forget, we have Uranus in Taurus at play here too. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction is being rooted with Pluto nearby and with a square from Uranus.  These political and social changes are not going to be accepted by everyone at first. Individuality, freedom and authenticity will rebel against the forced conformity. The new and the old are about to wage war. Unfortunately for Uranus and the freedom lover, Saturn and Jupiter will win in the end, and when Uranus reaches Gemini transit will get with the program. In the meantime, big changes to materialism, the earth, food, money and how we exchange it, including electronic money and everything being tracked and controlled. The old ways will fight at first and try to hang on but it's a losing war. We could very well see a financial shake up the next two years which forces these changes to new currencies. 

Some of these biggest changes will show within the next 5 years. Once we get to 2026 the world will be a very different place from where it is now, and even more so within 20 years. 

I know this all seems really negative and i'm not saying we won't have some good times individually through this process but we have to accept where humanity is headed. Some people will always be in their own little bubble, and your own individual astrology including your personal phases and cycles will reflect your own experiences within this outer context for the world, which could be positive for you. Ups and downs come and go but Aquarius rules winter ruled by Saturn, which is cold and dark yet brighter intellectually. That's the outer framework context for the world. It's like an infant tho, that takes time to mature and Aquarius isn't going to be fully matured before it even starts, but we have 2000 years to get there. These up and down phases are never a mistake, it's part of the process of being human and we are meant to go through all these different phases for good or bad as lessons. Earth isn't heaven, it's not some love and light fairytale reality where everything is positive, it's not meant to be.We have to work with both light and dark forces here.  Death is an illusion, it's a doorway into the next reality which is likely to be very different from earth, so do what you have to do here and know it's not going to be forever.

Anyway, i just needed to get this idea of the age of Aquarius bullshit off my chest. That's what blogs are good for i guess. 

 If you are looking for my Youtube astrology reports i've taken a break but i'll probably be doing them again soon. I still have plenty of work with personalized reports for people that i offer so i dont have much motivation to be on social media to promote myself. I know a lot of people seem to like my weekly reports and i do feel bad for not being there for those people that follow me which is the only reason i'm planning on coming back. Youtube is the only social media site i'm on because i don't think social media is healthy. I have to limit the collective noise. 

I'll try and start up making videos again soon though, if not in Jan, then perhaps Feb new moon, if these new YT rules coming don't f it up.

Thanks for reading.

Take care.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Astrology degrees and Signs

Here is how i work with degrees in astrology. Each degree is associated with a certain sign and planet:

It can add to interpretations.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Astrology aspects May 21 - May 27 2019

Here are the aspects for this week.

Video report:

Dynamic Chart (1):
 Transits May 21 2019 - Event Chart
 May 21 2019, 7:24:15 am, MST +7:00
 Tucson Arizona, 32°N13'18'', 110°W55'33''
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 0° Aries Houses,  True Node

Selection: Transits Only - Main Aspects (1 Year)

P1 (H) Asp P2 (H) EXL Type Date Time Zone Age Pos1 Pos2

Mon (9) Qnx Mer (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 21 2019 00:19:50 am MST -0.001 29°Sg40' D 29°Ta40' D
Mon (9) Qnx Sun (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 21 2019 00:55:49 am MST -0.001 29°Sg59' D 29°Ta59' D
Sun (3) Cnj Mer (3) (X) Tr-Tr May 21 2019 06:06:44 am MST 0.000 00°Ge12' D 00°Ge12' D
Mon (10) Opp Mar (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 21 2019 07:34:56 am MST 0.000 03°Cp32' D 03°Cn32' D
Mon (10) Tri Ura (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 21 2019 08:42:48 am MST 0.000 04°Cp07' D 04°Ta07' D
Mon (10) Tri Ven (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 21 2019 03:58:22 pm MST 0.001 07°Cp57' D 07°Ta57' D
Nep (12) Tri Nod (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 21 2019 09:47:22 pm MST 0.002 18°Pi28' D 18°Cn28' R
Nep (12) Sxt SNo (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 21 2019 09:47:27 pm MST 0.002 18°Pi28' D 18°Cp28' R

Mar (4) Sxt Ura (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 22 2019 07:46:13 am MST 0.003 04°Cn11' D 04°Ta11' D
Mon (10) Cnj SNo (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 22 2019 12:11:50 pm MST 0.003 18°Cp28' D 18°Cp28' D
Mon (10) Opp Nod (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 22 2019 12:11:50 pm MST 0.003 18°Cp28' D 18°Cn28' D
Mon (10) Sxt Nep (12) (X) Tr-Tr May 22 2019 12:13:31 pm MST 0.003 18°Cp29' D 18°Pi29' D
Mon (10) Cnj Sat (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 22 2019 03:22:24 pm MST 0.004 20°Cp06' D 20°Cp06' R
Mon (10) Cnj Plu (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 22 2019 08:57:34 pm MST 0.004 22°Cp57' D 22°Cp57' R

Mon (11) Tri Sun (3) (X) Tr-Tr May 23 2019 03:48:34 pm MST 0.006 02°Aq31' D 02°Ge31' D
Mon (11) Sqr Ura (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 23 2019 07:16:41 pm MST 0.007 04°Aq15' D 04°Ta15' D
Mon (11) Qnx Mar (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 23 2019 09:07:14 pm MST 0.007 05°Aq11' D 05°Cn11' D
Mon (11) Tri Mer (3) (X) Tr-Tr May 23 2019 11:00:53 pm MST 0.007 06°Aq08' D 06°Ge08' D

Mon (11) Sqr Ven (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 24 2019 09:17:12 am MST 0.008 11°Aq16' D 11°Ta16' D
Mon (11) Qnx Nod (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 24 2019 11:52:36 pm MST 0.010 18°Aq30' D 18°Cn30' D

Mon (11) Sxt Jup (9) (X) Tr-Tr May 25 2019 05:50:59 am MST 0.011 21°Aq28' D 21°Sg28' R

Mon (12) Sxt Ura (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 26 2019 08:01:27 am MST 0.014 04°Pi23' D 04°Ta23' D
Mon (12) Sqr Sun (3) (X) Tr-Tr May 26 2019 09:33:29 am MST 0.014 05°Pi08' D 05°Ge08' D
Mon (12) Tri Mar (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 26 2019 01:06:28 pm MST 0.014 06°Pi54' D 06°Cn54' D

Mon (12) Sqr Mer (3) (X) Tr-Tr May 27 2019 01:07:12 am MST 0.016 12°Pi50' D 12°Ge50' D
Mon (12) Sxt Ven (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 27 2019 04:51:26 am MST 0.016 14°Pi41' D 14°Ta41' D
Mon (12) Sxt SNo (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 27 2019 12:33:46 pm MST 0.017 18°Pi30' D 18°Cp30' R
Mon (12) Tri Nod (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 27 2019 12:33:46 pm MST 0.017 18°Pi30' D 18°Cn30' R
Mon (12) Cnj Nep (12) (X) Tr-Tr May 27 2019 12:38:45 pm MST 0.017 18°Pi33' D 18°Pi33' D
Mon (12) Sxt Sat (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 27 2019 03:21:29 pm MST 0.017 19°Pi54' D 19°Cp54' R
Mon (12) Sqr Jup (9) (X) Tr-Tr May 27 2019 05:54:23 pm MST 0.018 21°Pi10' D 21°Sg10' R
Mon (12) Sxt Plu (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 27 2019 09:20:47 pm MST 0.018 22°Pi53' D 22°Cp53' R

*** END REPORT ***

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Aspect list May 14 - May 20 2019

Here are the astrology aspects for this week:

Video Report:

DYNAMIC REPORT. Times are actually in PDT not MNT.

 Dynamic Chart (1):
 Transits May 14 2019 - Event Chart
 May 14 2019, 7:34:34 am, MST +7:00
 Bisbee Arizona, 31°N26'53'', 109°W55'40''
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 0° Aries Houses,  True Node

Selection: Transits Only - Main Aspects (1 week)

P1 (H) Asp P2 (H) EXL Type Date Time Zone Age Pos1 Pos2

Mon (6) Tri Plu (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 14 2019 00:11:34 am MST -0.001 23°Vi03' D 23°Cp03' R
Mon (6) Tri Sun (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 14 2019 00:29:26 am MST -0.001 23°Vi14' D 23°Ta14' D
Ven (1) Sxt Mar (3) (X) Tr-Tr May 14 2019 06:58:08 am MST 0.000 28°Ar59' D 28°Ge59' D
Mon (6) Sqr Mar (3) (X) Tr-Tr May 14 2019 10:18:47 am MST 0.000 29°Vi05' D 29°Ge05' D
Mon (6) Qnx Ven (1) (X) Tr-Tr May 14 2019 10:27:30 am MST 0.000 29°Vi10' D 29°Ar10' D
Mon (7) Cnj Lib (7) (S) Tr-Tr May 14 2019 11:50:35 am MST 0.000 00°Li00' D 00°Li00' D
Mon (7) Qnx Ura (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 14 2019 06:11:04 pm MST 0.001 03°Li46' D 03°Ta46' D

Ven (2) Cnj Tau (2) (S) Tr-Tr May 15 2019 02:45:44 am MST 0.002 00°Ta00' D 00°Ta00' D
Mer (2) Sxt Nep (12) (X) Tr-Tr May 15 2019 06:20:09 pm MST 0.004 18°Ta21' D 18°Pi21' D
Mon (7) Qnx Nep (12) (X) Tr-Tr May 15 2019 06:43:38 pm MST 0.004 18°Li21' D 18°Pi21' D
Mon (7) Qnx Mer (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 15 2019 06:47:41 pm MST 0.004 18°Li24' D 18°Ta24' D
Mon (7) Sqr Nod (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 15 2019 07:57:17 pm MST 0.004 19°Li05' D 19°Cn05' R
Mon (7) Sqr SNo (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 15 2019 07:57:17 pm MST 0.004 19°Li05' D 19°Cp05' R
Mar (4) Cnj Can (4) (S) Tr-Tr May 15 2019 08:09:13 pm MST 0.004 00°Cn00' D 00°Cn00' D
Mon (7) Sqr Sat (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 15 2019 10:00:21 pm MST 0.004 20°Li18' D 20°Cp18' R

Mon (7) Sxt Jup (9) (X) Tr-Tr May 16 2019 01:38:45 am MST 0.005 22°Li27' D 22°Sg27' R
Mer (2) Tri SNo (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 16 2019 02:13:26 am MST 0.005 19°Ta03' D 19°Cp03' R
Mer (2) Sxt Nod (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 16 2019 02:13:26 am MST 0.005 19°Ta03' D 19°Cn03' R
Mon (7) Sqr Plu (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 16 2019 02:37:21 am MST 0.005 23°Li02' D 23°Cp02' R
Mon (7) Qnx Sun (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 16 2019 06:38:26 am MST 0.005 25°Li24' D 25°Ta24' D
Mon (8) Cnj Sco (8) (S) Tr-Tr May 16 2019 02:25:35 pm MST 0.006 00°Sc00' D 00°Sc00' D
Mon (8) Tri Mar (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 16 2019 03:18:12 pm MST 0.006 00°Sc30' D 00°Cn30' D
Mer (2) Tri Sat (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 16 2019 04:08:46 pm MST 0.006 20°Ta17' D 20°Cp17' R
Mon (8) Opp Ven (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 16 2019 05:47:18 pm MST 0.007 01°Sc58' D 01°Ta58' D
Mon (8) Opp Ura (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 16 2019 09:03:28 pm MST 0.007 03°Sc53' D 03°Ta53' D

Mer (2) Qnx Jup (9) (X) Tr-Tr May 17 2019 02:48:53 pm MST 0.009 22°Ta18' D 22°Sg18' R
Mon (8) Tri Nep (12) (X) Tr-Tr May 17 2019 10:02:01 pm MST 0.010 18°Sc24' D 18°Pi24' D
Mon (8) Sxt SNo (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 17 2019 10:42:57 pm MST 0.010 18°Sc47' D 18°Cp47' R
Mon (8) Tri Nod (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 17 2019 10:42:57 pm MST 0.010 18°Sc47' D 18°Cn47' R
Mer (2) Tri Plu (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 17 2019 10:48:11 pm MST 0.010 23°Ta01' D 23°Cp01' R

Mon (8) Sxt Sat (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 18 2019 01:14:27 am MST 0.010 20°Sc15' D 20°Cp14' R
Mon (8) Sxt Plu (10) (X) Tr-Tr May 18 2019 06:04:10 am MST 0.011 23°Sc01' D 23°Cp01' R
Mon (8) Opp Mer (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 18 2019 07:25:49 am MST 0.011 23°Sc47' D 23°Ta47' D
Ven (2) Cnj Ura (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 18 2019 09:16:41 am MST 0.011 03°Ta58' D 03°Ta58' D
Mon (8) Opp Sun (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 18 2019 02:11:15 pm MST 0.012 27°Sc38' D 27°Ta38' D
Mon (9) Cnj Sag (9) (S) Tr-Tr May 18 2019 06:20:55 pm MST 0.012 00°Sg00' D 00°Sg00' D
Mon (9) Qnx Mar (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 18 2019 09:51:43 pm MST 0.013 01°Sg58' D 01°Cn58' D

Mon (9) Qnx Ura (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 19 2019 01:27:57 am MST 0.013 04°Sg00' D 04°Ta00' D
Mon (9) Qnx Ven (2) (X) Tr-Tr May 19 2019 03:00:03 am MST 0.013 04°Sg52' D 04°Ta52' D

Mon (9) Sqr Nep (12) (X) Tr-Tr May 20 2019 03:31:42 am MST 0.016 18°Sg26' D 18°Pi26' D
Mon (9) Qnx Nod (4) (X) Tr-Tr May 20 2019 03:43:42 am MST 0.016 18°Sg33' D 18°Cn33' R
Mon (9) Cnj Jup (9) (X) Tr-Tr May 20 2019 10:04:45 am MST 0.017 22°Sg00' D 22°Sg00' R