Confidence is Key: Movie Review: The Age of Adaline [SPOILERS]

Friday, May 1, 2015

Movie Review: The Age of Adaline [SPOILERS]

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I ADORE Blake Lively (biggest girl crush ever), so of course I had to see her new movie The Age of Adaline on opening weekend (i.e. last weekend. Sorry this post is coming late!).

The theme of time and aging has always been fascinating to people, since we're really the only species aware of time and our own mortality. So the idea of a woman being young forever, at her peak age for decades on end, is very intriguing; this is especially true since I am a young woman myself. Imagine being at your sexiest for the rest of your life, but with all the knowledge and experience of an older person. How amazing would that be?

Now of course the movie goes to show that this blessing is not as good as it seems. Adaline must see all of her friends and loved ones pass away, including all of the little spaniels she's owned over the years. She also cannot fall in love with anyone, because she can't tell them of her secret without them thinking she's crazy (or making her a "specimen"), and because she knows she can never grow old with someone. You watch her live as if she were in the witness protection program, changing her name and location every ten years so no one will catch on. You see her hurt men who are in love with her because of this curse. Harrison Ford plays one of her past lovers, and he's put into a tailspin when he meets her again, this time as his son's girlfriend (incestuous, no?). I was more sympathetic with his character than his son, probably because Michiel Huisman simply doesn't do it for me as a leading man (Lively is WAY too hot for him!). But anyhoo, let's just say the movie does have a happy ending.

Really, the main reason I wanted to see this movie is because Lively is SO GORGEOUS. BEAUTIFUL. STUNNING. So let's just recap with a photo montage of the lovely lady.

Who else could pull off this over-sized coat? Image found here:

Best New Year's Eve dress! Image found here:

Only Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Blake Lively could pull this look off. Image found here:
I could do this post more justice if I had a pirated copy and could just give you a million screen shots of every time Lively looks PERFECT. After watching two hours of this, I felt so ugly. AAH Why can't I look like that?!