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Digging In

Horngry Magazine and Podcast
By Enplumpen on June 1st, 2016

As previously mentioned in recap posts, Horngry is a Feedism Magazine and now Podcast for Feedists! These are both run by @tenderlovingcares​, with  PizzaWolf assisting with the Podcast.

The series of Magazines, which focuses on the FFA/BHM segment of the community, incorporate anything from fat art to literature, fattening recipes to interviews with people in the community. It’s one of the best recent sources of Feedism content to consume!

While the Podcast - Horngry for More, encompasses all walks of the feedism community, catering to all sexes, genders and inclinations.

Recently Issue 4 of Horngry Magazine arrived on HorngryMagazine.com, with the 2nd Podcast appearing on YouTube in the coming days. Be sure to tune in, as you’ll be able to hear my own origin story via an audio clip!

Follow @tenderlovingcares on Tumblr for updates as they are announced.

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Ravenous Magazine’s Feedism Resource List
By Enplumpen on April 18th, 2016

We’ve created a list of sites and resources that will be helpful for exploring the Feedismverse with! This list is updated directly on our website on our Resource page.


  • Feabie - A social site for all areas of the Feedism community. Welcoming to non-Feedists.
  • Fantasy Feeder - The original Feedism community.
  • ffambrosia - A social site for FFAs/female feeders and BHM/male feedees.
  • Feedist.net - A social site with a focus on pure Feedism.
  • Dimensions Magazine - A fat positive forum community, not as big of a focus on Feedism.
  • Grommr - Feabie, but with a focus on Male relationships. If fall within the Gay spectrum, this may be the community for you.
  • FetLife - An all round fetish site with some Feedism groups. Currently, the most popular group is Fat Admiration, Feederism &/or Weight Gain.

Social Media with Feedism Communities
Note: Search for Feedee and other related terms to find posts from the communities on these sites.

  • Tumblr - You are here. (Tag example: #feedism)
  • Twitter - Twitter is heavily used by Models in the scene and a number of Gainers and Feedees. (Tag example: #feederism)
  • Instagram - Social photo sharing, you know what to expect here. (Tag example: #feedee)
  • Google+ - Not as used, but there is definitely some activity here. Tag example: #feederism)
  • YouTube - A video site, has an active range of Feedees running channels of their gain progress and experiences. (Search example: ’Feedee’)

Progress, Tracking & Measurement Sites

  • MyFitnessPal - A weight tracking site, allows you to specify a gain weight. Good for tracking calorie consumption and meal caloric values. (We also have our own Group on this site for tracking gains, join us on Ravenous Tummies)
  • The Calorie Counter - A calorie search engine, enter a name of a food or drink and it will display dietary values.
  • Calorie Calculator - A calculator for measuring caloric intake required for weight gain based on height, age, gender, current weight and activity.

Publications & Blogs

  • Ravenous Magazine - Our own Digital Magazine covering all aspects of the Feedism kink. We use Tumblr as a platform, so you can also follow us using it!
  • Horngry Magazine - A digital magazine focusing on the Female Fat Admirer & Male Feedee dynamic.
  • Feedist Confessions - Everything the title says it is within a Tumblr blog.
  • From Thin to Fat - A tumblr blog with submissions of before and after gain shots.
  • Feedee World + (Old site)- Articles by Feedees about life as a Feedee.


  • The Gaining Life - A podcast on gaining in the Male and Gay gaining scene. (Not on iTunes)
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Ravenous Recap - 11th April 2016
By Enplumpen on April 11th, 2016

Have you been stuffing that belly of yours this week? We hope that special someone is enjoying all the food you’ve been providing them. Or if you’re a single gainer, we hope you’ve been taking joy in those thighs having food contribute to their girth! On to the recap!

Recent Articles

  • Piggy Cara’s Weight Gain Shake - Piggy Cara’s been gaining for 3 and a half year and has grown from 256 to 396lbs! That’s a 140lbs gain all thanks to this shake. Check it out!

Ravenous Tummies on MyFatnessPal - We decided to throw together a group on MyFitnessPal (Note the Fatness joke there) recently as a means to share yummy recipes, encourage expansion and see how much caloric consumption is happening between us all. This isn’t just limited to the fatties, Feeders and Admirers are welcome to join and partake in the discussion.

ffambrosia - A community for FFAs and BHM - the mods from ffambrosia put up a run down of the site’s recent features for connecting Female Fat Admirers and Feeders with guys who are fat or want to get fatter. Or if you want to jump the line, visit their site directly at ffambrosia.com!

Community Spotlight: From Thin to Fat
From Thin to Fat has been around for a few years now, giving a platform for Gainers and Feedees to proudly show off their new rolls and expanding tummies. The site works on a submission system, so all posted content is authorized. Here’s the site in their own words:

“Getting tired of seeing weight loss blogs? Are you more interested in the exact opposite of weight loss? Have you gained weight? Gotten a little more plump and soft? This is the blog to showcase your growing body!”

Visit FromThinToFat.com today!

Video of the Week: My Big Fat Fetish
“Big women eating food are becoming an underground internet hit. My Big Fat Fetish meets four of the big beautiful women becoming increasingly popular in magazines and online.”

Original Source: Channel4.com

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Ravenous Tip #4: When buying clothes: go for the next 1-2 sizes up! It will give you a goal to grow into and out of them. Repeat this step once you’ve outgrown them! Not only will it cut down on clothing costs, but it’ll be super exciting to watch your body fill them out and tear out of them!

View this and more on our Instagram ravenousmagazine!

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Ravenous Recap - 4th April 2016
By Enplumpen on April 4th, 2016

After a week off for Easter, we’re back with some new content, some old links to read up on and a look back at a trailer of a pretty good movie that incorporates Feedism and Fat Acceptance into it’s plot.

Recent Articles

  • Reader Request: The Adipophilia Pride Flag - In our first reader request, we’ve had a call for the “Feedism Flag”. This is a flag I’d seen around the place before, but never actually looked into it deeper.
  • How to Correctly Support Your Favorite Webmodel - Tumblr (and other networks) can be a boon for assisting your favorite Webmodels, but it can also be incredibly detrimental, depending on how you go about it. In this article we house Webmodels, Cam Girls and Sex Workers in our community all under the same umbrella. You don’t have to give them money you may not have, but with these tips you can support them indirectly.
  • April Fools: Big Throbbin’ Bobber’s GBAFG (GET BIG AND FAT GOOD) Diet - We did an April Fools post about a really silly weight gain diet mocking the faux information floating around the community in days of old.

Scientific America - Meet the Feeders
A scientific touch on Feedism, here’s a few of the lines from the article:

“If I offered you a million dollars if you could have an orgasm in the next 60 seconds,” said the psychologist to the woman, “what would you do or fantasize about in order to achieve that orgasm as quickly as possible?”

“I would use my vibrator and probably run the other hand over the thicker parts of my stomach and sides,” replied the woman. “I would likely imagine being fatter than I am, with [someone] telling me how fat I had gotten and how much bigger he was going to make me.”

Read it on Scientific America

xoJane - It Happened to Me: I Have a Sexual Fetish For Being Fed and Gaining Weight
I love eating very caloric, rich foods and I practically squeal with glee if I see the numbers on the scale climb. I like being called piggy, requested to oink and being accused of being gluttonous and lazy.

Read it on xoJane

Video of the Week: City Island - Official Trailer
With one of the most normal representations of Feedism, this movie tackles the ups and downs of a suburban family. One of the family members is a Feeder who has a crush on a local fat girl and meets a Web Model living across the street who helps him understand his kinks.

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PiggyCara’s Weight Gain Shake
By Piggy Cara on April 4th, 2016

I’ve been gaining purposely for 3.5 years now. Since 2013, I realized that there was no need for me to lose weight if I didn’t want to - so at 256 lbs - I developed the desire to become bigger; the biggest of all of my town in New York City. I enjoy the stares and attention, I enjoy the jiggle of my belly and the satisfaction of being full after a big meal was the best feeling ever. I am now 396lbs, and I have one thing to thank for that - My homemade 72oz weight gain shake that I make 5 days a week and carry with me throughout the day and chug. That’s roughly 6 cups of weight gain shake in one bottle. Here’s what you need.


  • Blender or Blender Bottle
  • 72 oz bottle or two 32 oz bottles (a bit less shake than 72 oz, but
    it’s more available than a 72 oz bottle.)


Recipe (For 64-72 oz):

Blend all ingredients together, feel free to tweak it a bit and add extra milk or heavy cream.

This shake is approximately 12,000 calories and guaranteed to give you a nice steady gain. You should definitely start seeing results in a week!

You can follow Piggy Cara for progress on her gain and fattening encouragement on Tumblr and Twitter!

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Big Throbbin’ Bobber’s GBAFG (GET BIG AND FAT GOOD) Diet
By Big Throbbin Bobber on April 1st, 2016

Hey fat friends, I have a diet that has been really good for me getting super fat and I want to share with you all. First of all you need the following things per day:

  • 5 Heavy Creams
  • 2 Litres of Olive Oil
  • 1 Litre of Weight Gain mixture – The more proteins the better
  • 2 Loaves of Bread
  • 3 Litres of Coca Cola
  • 64 Slices of American Cheese
  • 2 Packs of Oreos

What you want to do is eat all of this each day of the week. It’s a shitfest at first, but trust me you will get so fat so fast you’ll be saying goodbye to your toes in a few weeks – trust me I’m fat now – big and fat good.

I start the day by having 2 heavy creams and a litre of olive oil. This lines my gut with enough oil to give me the spittybum right off the bat. Listen, you need this so your body clears out the junk you consumed from the night before. Once you get an empty stomach and those calories consumed you’ll be right as rain. Then I have a loaf of bread to absorb all of those fats.

“Bread makes you fat” – Scott Pilgrim

This is when I’ll nap for an hour so my belly absorbs the bread into it. When I wake up, I immediately have 1 Coca-Cola and 2 packs of oreos - boy will it give you the burples. Get all that bad air out so you can fill your gut with fatty goodness. After this is done, I’ll consume the weight gain mixture. At this point, you know you’re already going to be putting on some weight, but as I say “You always go big gut or not at all”.

At this point you want to keel over on the couch and rest for 3 hours. Let your body sleep off the bloating and give in to your gluttony. You might be thinking “Shit, I’m going to have food popping out my belly button” and let me tell you, this is the best way to measure if you’re doing it right.

When I wake up, I find a good comfy chair to sit in and line my gut again with the rest of the heavy creams and olive oils. Keep pushing, you’ll feel sick but it’s totally worth it! Now it’s time for the 64 Slices of American Cheese. If you have trouble, that’s what the 2 other coca colas are for. Wash it down and keep going – force yourself to become the cheesebeast you know you want be.

You’ll know you’re done when your belly is sounding like that local noise punk band. Grab a blanket and some bin liners to sit on, because it’s going to be a long night. You’ll get used to it, though. Soon enough you’ll be starting to look like Kirby but flesh color. You want to live like fat to become fat.

Thanks for reading, let me know how the GBAFG diet does ya and how fat you’re getting. Remember – GO BIG AND FAT GOOD OR NOT AT ALL.

This was an April Fools post, please do not take this seriously.

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