This weeks sign is "N n"
"N is for nice"

Well done Irene as always 🥰

🛑 stop what you're doing and lets appreciate a few things in our life right now...

🗣 we "sing" our favourite songs
🗣 we "read" our favourite books
🗣 we "talk" about the activities we've enjoyed each day with our nearest and dearest...
🗣 we "ask" for the things that we need such as where the nearest toilet is, what food and drink we would like, etc
🗣 we "tell" people how we are feeling and whether we need any help emotionally
🗣 we "ask" for help when we are hurt

what if I stripped you of your spoken language? What if your spoken language was unclear? What if you didn't even understand the language being spoken to you...

😷 you would find it so hard to communicate all of the things you take for granted on a daily basis.

🤷‍♀️ how would you feel? Isolated? Frustrated? Angry? Upset? Like you didn't belong?

🙌 let me introduce you to the Makaton Language Programme.
🙌 let me guide you through your learning of new signs and symbols
🙌 let me show you all of the ways that you can incorporate Makaton into your every day life.
🙌 let me help you create links to the spoken word, sign and symbol for your child or adult so that they have MORE ways to get their message across.
🙌 let me show you that using Makaton every day can be fun
🙌 and most of all let me help you make a difference to do many peoples lives from this day on.

the more people who learn Makaton, the less isolated people who use Makaton will feel.

start your journey today!! Summer dates are below.

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Connect with Sign
🙌 This weeks sign is "to kick" 👧 watch how Irene asks me to help.correct her melts my heart. 🥰 well done Irene as always
Love this video so had to share on here... Tag someone who needs to hear this message right now...
🚤 HAD to cover Rosie and Jim with our amazing props 🥰🥰🥰 #makaton #makatontutor #makatonsign #makatonsigning #makatonsong #makatonmummy #connectwithsign