Show Me The Cuba Gooding, Jr. Quiz | 10 Questions
Fun Trivia
Cuba Gooding, Jr. is one of the best actors today and one of my all time favorites. Find out how much you know about him and his films. Have fun!
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1. Where was Cuba Gooding, Jr. born?

Bronx, New York
Chicago, Illinois
Newark, New Jersey
Los Angeles, California

2. Cuba's father was the lead singer for what famous 70s R&B band?

The Main Ingredient
The Chilites
Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes
The Commodores

3. What John Singleton film became Cuba's first major role?

Boyz in the Hood
Poetic Justice
Higher Learning

4. Cuba got his start by doing commercials for which clothing line?

Calvin Klein
Bugle Boys

5. In the film "Snow Dogs" (2002), which pop singer does Cuba envision during a dream?

Lionel Richie
Barry Manilow
Michael Bolton
Billy Joel

6. Of the following Cuba Gooding movies, which one is the only one in which he did not play sports figure type?

Jerry McGuire
Snow Dogs
Rat Race

7. In what movie did Cuba find himself on a bus full of Lucille Ball impersonators?

Daddy Day Camp
Rat Race
Lightning Jack
As Good As It Gets

8. In the film "Men of Honor" (2000), what Academy Award winning actor did Cuba share the screen with?

Robert DeNiro
Dustin Hoffman
Anthony Hopkins
Jack Nicholson

9. Of the following Cuba Gooding Jr. roles, which is the only one that was not based on a true life character?

Abraham Lincoln Haines
Petty Officer Dorie Miller
BM2/Senior Chief Carl Brashear
James Robert Kennedy

10. Cuba had a small cameo appearance in which Eddie Murphy film?

The Nutty Professor
Trading Places
Coming To America
Beverly Hills Cop