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  • I am a little stumped at the low rating, this movie is not that bad. It is no masterpiece in any shape and form, and I have certainly seen better films, but I have also seen worse. Also it is entertaining enough and has cute moments too. I do agree the story is predictable and nothing special, the script has its weak spots and the pacing is uneven being a little too draggy in the middle. But there is a lot to redeem it, namely the amazing scenery captured by the lovely cinematography. The soundtrack was a nice touch too, the direction is good and the acting is actually above decent. Cuba Gooding Jnr is a likable enough lead and James Coburn the great actor he was matches him wonderfully. The really cute snow dogs steal the show though, it could be said they are the film. Overall, definitely not a bad movie, exceptional no, entertaining yes. 7/10 Bethany Cox
  • If you like dogs, if you like an adventure, you'll probably enjoy this film. Even a bit of a tear-jerker as Cuba Gooding goes to save his long-lost father! The love interest is attractive. The dogs are cute. Even the border-collie is great! My 4 yo loves the movie. We re-enact the "Demon, save me!" scene often. Demon is the name of the lead dog. Comical slapstick mishaps run throughout the film as Ted (Cuba) is constantly being chased by dogs, dragged through the snow, slides down hills, and suffers mild injuries. None of these are excessive, however, a few crude remarks, some adult dialogue and a suggestive image, are not appropriate for very young children. But reasonably acceptable for children age 6 and up.
  • I watched this movie on one of the big networks last night, and ran across it purely by accident. Since I didn't even know the title, I had to look it up on IMDb. So, I read the other comments and decided to add my own. Sure, it was a predictable plot, but what isn't? Almost no story idea is new these days, just modified, re-packaged, and directed differently. There's still a lot to enjoy! I have to say, Cuba Gooding, Jr. was perfectly cast in his role as Dr. Ted Brooks because he's so well suited to slapstick and not just serious dramatic roles (which he excels at). I really enjoyed the way his character handled surprise situations. Being a Miami dentist and suddenly finding yourself across the continent in a completely different culture, especially in wilderness Alaska, can lead to some hilarious situations, and this movie went there. The dogs were funny (enhanced with some computer graphic features to occasionally make them humanized), and the dream sequence was good too. I also enjoyed James Coburn, who's tough guy image was perfect in this comedy role. Plus it was great to see Uhuru from Star Trek cast as Mrs. Brooks. Whatever others might say, that this movie is great for kids but dumb for adults, is just not true. As a well-educated adult, I still found it fresh and fun. For those commenter's who thought the movie was silly for just for kids: I guess some people just don't know how to have good clean fun!!
  • My mom has been bugging me to watch Snow Dogs, it's funny because she hates Disney and I'm such a big fan, but these movies are always typical and I had no interest in seeing the movie. But my mom insisted again and again, so I finally went ahead and watched it last night, yeah, it was very silly and predictable, but it was fun to watch because it's such a fun family film. It had cheesy jokes here and there, but they made me laugh, the great thing I that I really liked was that they didn't computer enhance any voices for the dogs, it was just a natural performance for them and it made the story just a little bit more believable. I know everyone keeps claiming that Cuba Gooding, Jr. ruined his career by making these films, but he must be doing something right, because at least he's still getting paid for these films.

    Ted is your typical Miami guy, he's a dentist, life is pretty decent for him, that is until he finds out that he's adopted. He finds out that his mother lived in Alaska, so he goes up there and finds out that his biological mother died recently, so he meets a girl, Barb, who tells him that his mother left him her house and top race winning dogs. A man, Jack, offers a lousy price for all of them, but he finds out that Jack is his father, and after hearing the story, Ted heads back to Miami. But he learns something different than Jack told him and heads back, but Jack is trapped in the mountains, and now Ted has to learn how to mush through the snow.

    Snow Dogs is predictable and a common story, but it's all good, it's a cute family film that has a few cute jokes. I just loved the scene where Ted first learns how to mush, and the dogs know how incompetent he is so they play a joke on him and race him through the town while he's taped to the sled. It was silly, but Cuba's look on his face was just priceless. This is a fun little movie that the whole family can enjoy, I recommend it. The rating on IMDb is very harsh, just ignore it, this is a fun film.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    In 2002, Disney was about to become a very bad company, showing really dumb shows and movies and all that. But before the change, in the early part of the year, Disney let us see some good old stuff one last time before it all went away. The first of this was "Snow Dogs," which was released in early 2002. Some of the stars included Cuba Gooding Jr., who played Ted Brooks, the Miami dentist, and another star included Sisqo (who you might remember from "The Thong Song!!!!!")

    Ted Brooks, one day, received a summons to see his father in a small town in Alaska. At this point, he was shocked because he didn't know all his life until that moment that he was adopted. While there, he was asked to take care of several racing dogs, which would be used for the annual dog sledding race that takes place in Alaska each year. He also met an old man, who was a professional dog sledder; he was lost, so Ted Brooks finally learned this sport so that he can save the man just in the nick of time.

    "Snow Dogs" was a terrific film. I have just watched this on Disney Channel a few days ago. This is a great movie, because soon then, Disney wouldn't be making classics like this anymore!!!!!

  • This film has virtually NOTHING to do with Gary Paulsen's gritty book "Winterdance: The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod" though he is credited with "suggesting" the idea for the movie. Essentially it's an amusing "fish-out-of-water" tale about a Miami dentist (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who inherits an Alaskan dogsled team, complicated by the fact he really doesn't like dogs. The filmmakers have relied heavily on the sunny persona of Gooding and a great deal of physical comedy for audience appeal. There are also solid support from grizzled screen veteran James Coburn and the ever-elegant Nichelle Nichols of "Star Trek" fame. I enjoyed the movie & so did most of the kids I saw in the theater. Don't know what that says about my taste in movies...

    One caveat: if you are severely allergic to pseudo-singer Michael Bolton, you might break out in a "Time, Love and Tenderness" rash!
  • Movie was surprisingly good. There were funny action scenes no sex, profanity or vulgarity. I watched it with my family at home. With parents and brother and friends who were around 25yrs old and niece 10yrs old and they liked it.

    I gave this movie 8 out of 10. I liked Cuba Goodings reactions even if they were a little over done, they were funny.

    I was surprised it was in fullscreen format (1:33 ratio) but I rather see this movie than live thru the awful HOSTEL movie.

    It was good to see James Colburn in a movie again. The Dog facial animation was kinda cool. It was done well where it didn't look too cartoonish.
  • daltx10 November 2002
    I don't know understand all the bad hype concerning this movie. I thought it was very entertaining but then I love dogs and in this day of fighting and killing, it was a very refreshing break. The acting may have been over the top at times, but the dogs are the REAL stars of this movie and my daughter, who is 6, really liked it. Since most movies aren't made to be taken seriously, there is no reason to diss this one because there were too many pratfalls or at times the human stars didn't live up to the audience's standards. I found myself laughing mostly at the dog's stunts even though I know most of it was computer generated. I have a chow/husky mix named Grizz and he has alot of Demon's qualities and if he were able, he would emote those computer generated facial expressions. This is a kid's movie for the most part but considering the types of violent movies and games kids are exposed to nowadays, Snow Dogs was and still is a nice change of pace in an all too serious world.
  • krgill17 February 2002
    Loved this movie. Great scenery, a happy story line with a bit of a moral, cute cute dogs. No wonder the younger set likes it. And the ending is an all's well that ends well with everyone happy and satisfied. Nothing wrong with that. And, so what if they didn't do more scenes with the dogs doctored up to laugh and talk. Everyone who knows "happy" huskys know they smile all the time in real life - it's part of their personality. So, who needs the fake stuff? Just those who are "not" in the know of the husky world.
  • My 5 month old son apparently loved this movie! He squealed in delight at numerous scenes (the dogs) which made my enjoyment of the film that much more pleasurable :-)

    I thought this movie was very uplifting & a great family-oriented film. I will definitely buy the DVD now that I have seen it. Wonderful scenery, beautiful dogs, & good acting, especially by Cuba Gooding, Jr.
  • A very enjoyable Disney experience about a dentist that finds out he's adopted and goes to Alaska which turns out more than what he expected. Quite a heartwarming hilarious film with magnificent Cube Gooding Jr. that is pleasant to watch in almost anything! The dogs are endearing so is the music; I love it all!
  • Snow Dogs is an enjoyable and light hearted film. A story about a successful dentist in Miami who travels outside his comfort zone in Alaska to find out more about his real mother and father. Cuba Gooding Jr and the rest of the rest of the cast give very good performances. The humor is very well done and who doesn't love the beauty of nature and the animals? Snow Dogs gives you a good look into the Alaskan environment and the local snow dogs instrumental in the Arctic challenge.

    The sentimental moments that show Cuba Gooding Jr get closer to his biological father, find love and appreciate Alaska are well balanced with the humor that flows in the film. Overall a good and enjoyable film that leaves you with a good feeling.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've been a fan of this film since I can recall. I remember watching Snow Dogs when I was younger and just absolutely adoring it. That feeling has stayed with me as I've grown up I'll always throw this film on if am feeling abit down. There's so many elements to it that I enjoy. It's got a really fantastic cast, Cuba Gooding plays a great character, you can't help but love Thunder Jack (James Coburn) even Sisqó plays a really funny character and of course you can't help but adore the snow dogs! Demon & Nana especially. Apart from the cast being great the scenery and the whole story behind it is just really cute the scene were Barb and Ted are howling at the moon really is adorable. Not only that the film does make you laugh at times and seeing the tender side to Thunder Jack at the end is really sweet! Not only that the soundtrack is really good especially the end song 'time, love & tenderness' so catchy!! Overall the film is good and a nice one for the family.
  • m-spanberg1 September 2011
    This movie was one of my favorites as a kid. I really, really loved it. Thought it had this oddly cozy feel to it, the kind of movie you watch on a rainy day you know.

    So yeah, for some reason, today I picked it up again to re-watch it. It was still a nice, pleasant enough movie. I know it's not anything extraordinary or amazing. It's not a masterpiece. But I still really like like it (partly because of nostalgia, I guess). Still think it's a sweet, feel good movie.

    Some bad jokes adults won't really find funny and the plot is very simple. The surroundings are are beautiful and the acting is just fine too.

    I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did if I hadn't watched it as a child, but I'd still recommend it to kids, especially if they like dogs.
  • Very entertaining story of a Miami dentist who travels to Alaska when notified of biological mother's death. He finds love, a father and ownership of a pack of head strong sled dogs. I would define as an entertaining, several laugh comedy, worth adding to your viewing list.
  • When I saw the preview of this movie-(On November 3, 2001)I knew it would be another Disney comedy that the company just threw together and it would be something like "Flubber"-(Robin Williams) and "Cool Runnings"-(John Candy). But, I was wrong, this movie was a work of art. Now the only problem I had with it was, it really wasn't that funny, I mean yeah there was some funny moments in it where I even chuckled but it's not one of those laugh-out-loud comedys that I like. What I'm talking about is a movie to where a laugh out loud till I cry and disturb the people in front of me, now that's what I call a comedy. Laugh-out-loud movies like "Rush Hour"-(Jackie Chan) or "Mouse Hunt"-(Nathan Lane) and "Bandits"-(Bruce Willis)- which I thought was the funniest movie ever made. Now this movie was nothing like a laugh-out-movie but there was two reasons why I loved it. The first was the dogs, right when you see them you fall in love with them, and second was the story. The story was great, I thought it would be guy falls in love with dream girl, and guy finishes first in the dog-sleding race, pretty pratictable you say, well it was nothing like that, the story is a great one which makes you want to know more about each character. If you want to see a great movie with a great story go see "Snow Dogs", but if you want to see a laugh-out-loud comedy then still go see this, but just know that there might have been a better comedy at the Box Office. 9/10 James Coburn did a great job as ThunderJack and this is one of Cuba Gooding Jr.'s best movies yet!
  • Cuba Gooding Jr. is a dentist who finds out, that he is adopted and his real mother lived in Alaska. He did not like dogs, but had to learn to like them when the mother left it in the will. The dogs are used for mushing the snow shield in a race. Will he learn to live in Alaska or back home to Miami? It is worth to see the dogs in this movie.
  • wiskid-119 October 2006
    This film is awesome i was watching it Yesterday and the main outline a Star Dentist from Miami has suddenly inherited a Dog Sledding team. He goes to Tolketna to learn the trade or lose them to a crusty Eskimo like man. A good story of finding the truth of his roots with a good side story love life between the owner of the local bar and Miami dentist Ted brooks. the good antics of dog Demon is also good with his fellow dogs. Some comedy action too such as when Ted Tries to get demon with the other dogs and he get his but bitten. Then during the arctic challenge Ted braves the elements to save his father.The good music selection that kicks in at the end is also nice Michael Boltons Time love and tenderness and always loving you are quite good. a compact 99 minute film is good for both children and Adults alike. quite hilarious.
  • Floated26 November 2008
    This is a great movie, its fun and entertaining. I don't know why the ratings are so low, this movie definitely deserves to be rated higher. its not the best movie is its enjoyable. Snow dogs is about a Miami dentist Ted(Cuba Gooding JR) who travels to Alaska when notified of his biological mother's death. He finds love, a father and ownership of a pack of head strong sled dogs. I would define this movie as an entertaining, several laugh comedy, worth adding to your viewing list.

    Its cool how he sleighs with the dogs, all the dogs look neat and its works out nicely. I like the part when Ted first does to Alaska then he meets James and James tells him about his dogs. Then James gives Ted a home and Ted goes in it, so when he goes in it, he's get a little surprise from all of James' dogs. It was sick how they all just popped up and attacked him. The ending of this movie was great.

    Id highly recommend this movie
  • My wife and I enjoyed this movie thoroughly. Anyone who has lived in a remote and northern community can relate well to the humor in this movie regarding quirky residents, events, the hilarity that happens when city folk enter the picture and the weather etc. The movie is supported by great casting (Joanna Bacalso is stunning in it), spectacular scenery and plenty of comedy. The CGI'd dogs at the beach scene is hoaky, but other than that, a most enjoyable flick
  • acedj15 December 2018
    Who doesn't love Cuba Gooding? This movie is never outstanding, but it is a well told story that the entire family can enjoy, regardless of age. I would say that anyone that does not like this movie lacks heart or a sense of wonder. Cuba plays a dentist named Ted Brooks. He has a close relationship with his mother, played by the wonderful Nichele Nichols. He is happy in his life, when his world is turned upside down. His birth mother had died, and he was her sole heir. With a mind to sell what she had, he flies to Alaska and is introduces to the folks that make up the small town where his mother lived. Upon reaching her house, he discovers she was a musher, or someone that races sled dogs. He embarks on a journey of self discovery while trying to figure out this enigma that was his birth mom, and trying to figure out who his real father is as well.
  • This is a good, fun movie. Its light and chirpy and what more, its got a whole bunch of dogs. Its got lots of pretty scenary and decent acting.

    Worth a watch. You'll love it if you love dogs.
  • I can remember the first time I saw this movie, and yeah ! It was on VHS when I was about 12 years old. Now 16 years later the movie still holds up and as everyone else who have actually seen the movie. I can't believe or understand the low rating.

    Sure in the beginning and first act of the movie it was a few of these cliché and Hollywood moments of characters screaming into the camera and a few very childish jokes but as the story progresses they stopped doing those lame jokes. But then again we gotta remember, this is a kids/family movie. So yeah it can be enjoyed even if you're 28.

    I love this movie because of the characters, snow/winter, animals and yeah the easy going feel of the movie. I would easily rate it 8/10 or higher because I have seen it so many times on VHS and damn it was about 15 years since I last saw it. But yes it is still an amazing movie and you really shouldn't trust the ratings of this movie. I would recommend it to everyone who likes ; Comedy, dogs, drama or just Disney movies... without all the singing. Haha

    See this movie ! It's perfect to watch now at winter time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Snow Dogs stars Rat Race's Cuba Gooding Jr as a Miami dentist who discovers that he is actually adopted and is left a will that requires him to look after husky dogs that his real mom left him. Turns out his father is Thunder Jack(played by the late James Coburn)who at first doesn't see eye to eye with his own biological son and the two later become close. The film has some nice backgrounds,and nice dogs that were also in the 2006 film Eight Below opposite the late Paul Walker. I was always a lover for animals especially dogs so it was a real feel good movie. Ignore the critics on this one and see it for yourself. 8/10

    Funny movie and keep an eye out for Micheal Bolton(who also has two songs in the film as himself),he appears in a dream sequence where Cuba Gooding Jr falls for a waitress in Alaska.

    Perfect film to watch this Christmas.Glad I got it on DVD a week ago as I have seen it several times on TV,
  • g-bodyl3 December 2010
    Snow Dogs is a pretty decent film but not the greatest. I seen better movies associated with sled dogs such as Eight Below and maybe Iron Will. I probably would have never watch his but my parents brought the VHS film when it came out so I was forced to watch it with the family. Years later, I decided to watch it again and see for myself it was good as I remembered. My opinion is the same as I first saw it.

    This is about some Miami dentist who inherited a pack of sled dogs. He heads up to Alaska in order to learn what sledding is all about.

    The acting is okay. The only big name actor here is Cuba Gooding Jr. I though James Coburn was great though.

    Overall, this is a decent family film. I probably will not watch this film again for awhile. But I think kids will like this. I rate this film 7/10.
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