Serial (Bad) Weddings - Film Marketing Plan
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Serial (Bad) Weddings - Film Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Prepared by: Alessandro Masi 1Serial (Bad) Weddings | Marketing Analysis Serial (Bad) Weddings Marketing Analysis March 31, 2015
  2. 2. Prepared by: Alessandro Masi 2Serial (Bad) Weddings | Marketing Analysis Generally speaking, bad reviews are very common for politically incorrect comedies, particularly if foreign, although people seldom respond positively to the demystification of stereotypes. It is our firm belief that this movie will be over performing in US and Canada following its positive worldwide trend. We are specialized in marketing difficult movies over our 17 years of activity. Press - Apr 28, 2014 Serial (Bad) Weddings (Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu?): Film Review “The majority of the jokes are extremely heavy-handed - the Jew calls the Arab "Arafat (…)yet never go as far as they could.” too-politically-incorrect-for-UK-and-US-audiences.html - Oct 13, 2014 'Racist' French cinema hit 'too politically incorrect' for UK and US audiences “The people [in US and UK distribution companies] we spoke to found it politically incorrect," Sabine Chemaly of TFI International told Le Point magazine. - Dec 9, 2014 Serial (Bad) Weddings: Why did a Hit French Film Fail to Fly in the US? The failure of Serial (Bad) Weddings to launch in the US and the UK caused a mini flare-up in the French press, with the film’s promoters blaming anglo-saxon “political correctness.” Meanwhile, a small audience in New York was able to screen it during the In French with English Subtitles festival where it won the audience choice award. - Mar 12, 2015 The French Comedy Too Controversial for America If a U.S. distributor does decide to take a chance on “Serial (Bad) Weddings,” after first dropping the terrible revised title, they should feel free to market the film by telling people it’s not as offensive as they think.
  3. 3. Prepared by: Alessandro Masi 3Serial (Bad) Weddings | Marketing Analysis ink_so_and_here_s_why_.html - May 25, 2012 Is The Intouchables Racist? In Variety, Jay Weissberg describes it as “the kind of Uncle Tom racism one hopes has permanently exited American screens.” Stephen Holden in the New York Times says the film exploits “every hoary stereotype of the black man as cultural liberator.” In their words, Omar Sy, who plays Driss, is a French Viola Davis, only more compromised: Like the Oscar-nominated actress from The Help, they express regret that Sy is getting his due as an actor for such a demeaning role—in this case, the part of a “Magical Negro.” See also: france.html?referrer=&_r=0 Humor and racism The ‘Other’ Laughs Back: Humor and Resistance in Anti-racist Comedy “I argue the humor of reverse discourse is significant in relation to racism because it forms a type of resistance that can, first, act rhetorically against racist meaning and so attack racist truth claims and points of ambivalence. Second, and connected to this, it can rhetorically resolve the ambiguity of the reverse discourse itself.” Film Analysis We do not want to convince anyone that this is not racist. We want to insinuate the doubt that everyone in the press saying this is racist is a hypocrite and does not notice that such stereotypes do exist in our society, unfortunately. Everyone with a brain will realize that this movie is the opposite of racism, it is in fact a desecration of the concept of racism. This movie makes people realize how stupid clichés are. What is really racist is a taboo. We will not avoid the challenge, we will face it. Let’s make fun of the press. Let’s be very politically incorrect. Let’s play with them. Let’s use their bad headlines. Also, and most importantly, let’s involve any big influencers active on the themes of anti-racism and cultural aggregation we can reach to support the movie (e.g. sociologists, stars, bloggers). We really are 101% confident that all this fear is not justified and people are much smarter than they are assumed to be. In fact… sold out at Atlanta Jewish Film Festival! Which is not the most
  4. 4. Prepared by: Alessandro Masi 4Serial (Bad) Weddings | Marketing Analysis progressive place in the United States… For the key art, we want to focus on the wedding and the (apparent) dichotomy between white and black is much more translatable to the US than the scuffle among different religions, which is also much more dangerous and delicate to be treated within a comedy setting. Further, it is the real and funniest misunderstanding of the movie: besides being both Catholic, they are both conservative, and much more similar than how it may appear when they first meet. They are depicted as they are, at the same level. This film ultimately challenges the hidden fragmentation of the society, like other US hits did in the past (Coming To America, Django Unchained, …). TOO POLITICALLY INCORRECT! EXTREMELY HEAVY-HANDED!
  5. 5. Prepared by: Alessandro Masi 5Serial (Bad) Weddings | Marketing Analysis The wedding is the happy ending and the end of the misunderstandings related to religion and race misconceptions, and is a generally accepted event of conciliation and happiness. Furthermore, it attracts women to theaters, a key audience for success. Nevertheless, we will be using images and scenes depicting the Jewish character (David, aka Ary Abittan) and moments of the film to target our core and loyal audience. Stressing the concept of the film being too politically incorrect for the American audience… while everyone else in the world loved it! Branding VERY RACIST! … TOO POLITICALLY INCORRECT! – According to the other distributors “EXTREMELY HEAVY-HANDED” – The Hollywood Reporter "perpetuating racist stereotypes and feeding into France's ambient xenophobia". – Variety “'Racist' French cinema hit 'too politically incorrect' for UK and US audiences” – Telegraph Menemsha’s Uniqueness We have decades of experience with movies treating complicated and delicate themes, therefore we
  6. 6. Prepared by: Alessandro Masi 6Serial (Bad) Weddings | Marketing Analysis are not scared to accept the challenge and make this film be a hit in the US also. We are market leader in the United States for the Jewish audience. Benchmarks Hindered marriage, romantic comedy, family My Big Fat Greek Wedding - A young Greek woman falls in love with a non-Greek and struggles to get her family to accept him while she comes to terms with her heritage and cultural identity. $241,438,208 gross theatrical US box office Guess who’s coming to dinner - Matt and Christina Drayton are a couple whose attitudes are challenged when their daughter brings home a fiancé who is black. $56,666,667 gross theatrical US box office Racial and cultural clash comedies Coming to America - An African prince goes to Queens, New York City to find a wife whom he can respect for her intelligence and will. $128,152,301 gross theatrical US box office Trading places - A snobbish investor and a wily street con artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires. $90,404,800 gross theatrical US box office You don’t mess with the Zohan – An Israeli Special Forces Soldier fakes his death so he can re-emerge in New York City as a hair stylist. $100,018,837 gross theatrical US box office
  7. 7. Prepared by: Alessandro Masi 7Serial (Bad) Weddings | Marketing Analysis The love guru - Pitka an American raised outside of his country by gurus, returns to the States in order to break into the self-help business. His first challenge: To settle the romantic troubles and subsequent professional skid of a star hockey player whose wife left him for a rival athlete. $32,235,793 gross theatrical US box office The toy – An underemployed reporter finds himself literally purchased as a toy for a rich spoiled brat. $47,118,057 gross theatrical US box office The dictator - The heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed. $59,650,222 theatrical US box office Foreign language (French) Intouchables - After he becomes a quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caregiver. $10,198,820 theatrical US box office Amelie – Amelie is an innocent and naive girl in Paris with her own sense of justice. She decides to help those around her and, along the way, discovers love. $33,225,499 theatrical US box office One similarly criticized current case Another good example of a comedy facing racism accusations, even though appealing to a different target audience, is the upcoming release Get Hard - viewers-call-film-racist-homophobic/
  8. 8. Prepared by: Alessandro Masi 8Serial (Bad) Weddings | Marketing Analysis But the film’s stars and producers are vigorously defending their comedy as not a representation of stereotypes but a satire of them. “Any time you’re going to do an R-rated comedy, you’re going to offend someone,” said Ferrell in an interview alongside Hart. He continued: “But that’s kind of what we do. We provoke. We prod. We also show a mirror to what already exists out there. We’re playing fictitious characters who are articulating some of the attitudes and misconceptions that already exist.” SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGS People are the same the world over. Logline When a traditional and fervent Catholic couple’s daughters get married to a Muslim, a Jewish, and a Chinese, and the fourth one gets engaged to an Ivorian, they start questioning both their bad fate and the education they provided to their princesses. However, a series of hilarious misunderstandings will ultimately allow the multicultural family members to get closer and ultimately modify their stereotyped beliefs. A worldwide blockbuster comedy made in France. Positioning Serial (Bad) Weddings is a modern and family comedy about today’s current religious and racial issues, a fun, and daring, attaching, kindly tone: a ‘feel good’ movie for a wide audience. It is the perfect way to sweep clichés away and promote cultural diversity. We will focus on the positive effects of the movies within a multicultural “meltin’ pot” society, almost regardless of the particular circumstantial minorities (white-Catholic, Jewish, Arabic-Muslim, black, Asian), even though connecting particularly with our core and loyal audience, the Jewish community. We will be stressing on the film’s $174M worldwide box office success. The main benchmark is The Intouchables: the movie faced similar criticism from the press, nevertheless it grossed more than $10 million and was programmed for 34 weeks (134 screens at its widest release).
  9. 9. Prepared by: Alessandro Masi 9Serial (Bad) Weddings | Marketing Analysis Scenes for trailer and teaser for overcoming criticism 1. Guys having fun at the theater, guys setting up a business of bio Halal; 2. Dads fishing, dads in jail, dads hugging each other at the wedding; 3. Mothers in a zumba session. Targeting  Mainstream audience 18+  Core target demographics: 50+ married couples, 24-35 engaged or in a relationship, more W than M  Religion-based targeting: strong focus on Jewish community, our core and loyal target and unique strength above anyone else, but also Catholics and Muslims  Race-based targeting: African-American, Asian  Art-house loyal, francofiles Release date and distribution Independence Day, July 4 (same day in the movie) in 50+ theaters platform release starting from the biggest markets, opening in NY and LA, then expanding to Florida, Chicago, Boston, Dallas (...). We will be releasing the movie one week after theatrical throughout all major transactional VOD platforms in order to maximize the positive w-o-m. Key art and EPK One set for the broad audience (gather all characters, funny), one set for art-house and French speaking audience (typical French, focus on the parents), one set for Jewish community (baby showering scene) Teasing phase (3 months)  Teaser poster campaign in the biggest exhibitor chains (AMC, Regal, SMG, …) and art-house chains (Landmark, IFC, Angelika, …)
  10. 10. Prepared by: Alessandro Masi 10Serial (Bad) Weddings | Marketing Analysis  Trailering with big local comedy features and series  Web campaign (Youtube / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Online PR / IMDb / Rotten Tomatoes)  Press ads in local trades  Social media monitoring and campaigns fine tuning Launch (W-3 to W-1)  Extensive poster campaign in biggest markets (LA, NY, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Boston)  Press ads in the exhibitors’ and free magazines  Radio campaign  Interviews and live tweeting with Ary Abittan from the cast  Media partnerships (network TV)  Ad spaces outside and inside theaters  Web campaign (display, video seeding, SEM)  Web exclusive contents and games  Active social media campaign (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)  Partnership with online ticketing sites for pre-sales (Fandango, MovieTickets)  Multiple preview screenings for press and selected target audiences Hashtags: #SerialBadWeddings -> all targets, #MyWedding / #LikeRomeoAndJuliet -> 24-35 engaged or in a relationship, tell us about your wedding, #PeopleAreTheSame, tell us about your multicultural experiences Engagement actions Contest To push social engagement: pictures from your hindered marriage -> Instagram contest: the most liked picture wins a trip to Verona, go visit Romeo and Juliet balcony (partnership with OTA and/or Italian local tourism consortium). Blog Tell us the story / videostory of your countered engagement and win a honeymoon to Paris (partnership with local production company and film commission). Gaming app Quiz: how much do you know about your / other religions and local uses?
  11. 11. Prepared by: Alessandro Masi 11Serial (Bad) Weddings | Marketing Analysis Co-marketing partnerships  Family oriented fast food chain (e.g. Wendy’s) -> free admission (1+1) with a $20 menu  Phone carrier (e.g. AT&T) -> free admission (1+1) with a $45 recharge  Francophile festivals, event, publications -> free admission (1+1) with yearly subscription Revenue Forecast Week Weekly Gross (000s) Theaters Average (000s) Total Gross BO (000s) P&A (000s) 1 150$ 5 30.0$ 150$ 7.5$ 2 350$ 40 8.8$ 500$ 60.0$ 3 400$ 45 8.9$ 900$ 67.5$ 4 450$ 50 9.0$ 1,350$ 75.0$ 5 200$ 30 6.7$ 1,550$ 45.0$ 6 50$ 10 5.0$ 1,600$ 15.0$ 6,050$ 270.0$

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Marketing plan prepared and pitched for acquisition of the movie from TF1.


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