• The Skyline, Frankfurt am Main
Fountain in Goetheplatz

The city is back after a six-month slumber!  Summer is finally here and life is once again returning to normal.  Shops are open – face masks and distancing are mandatory.  Restaurants and cafes are back as well.  A current negative Corona test or other proof is necessary if you want to sit inside.  However, if you are happy to eat outside, such evidence isn’t usually necessary. Along with shops and eateries, other activities are also possible.  So, let’s look at what’s happening in Frankfurt in July 2021. Museums The museums in Frankfurt are open and of course there are special exhibitions.  Go inside out ofRead More →

Autumn Colours in Frankfurt

The cooler weather is here along with an increase in the number of cases of the Corona virus.  Although the situation may change, some events are still on the programme, especially ones that are outside.  Speaking of outside, the display of colours from the autumn leaves along with the weather – golden sunshine or eerie fog – provide a perfect backdrop to autumn in the city.  So let’s take a look at what Frankfurt has in store for you in November. Autumn in the City, 08 October-07 November The Frankfurt City Council has put on a festival through the centre of the city, the beginningRead More →

Steam Train trips by the Main

And now it’s October and we’re nearing the end of this extraordinary year.   October begins and ends with two dates unaffected by the Corona virus, however the same can’t be said for events usually held on these dates.  But not everything has been cancelled.  So, let’s take a look at what’s happening in Frankfurt this October. German Reunification Day, 03 October (National Public Holiday) This is the day when Germans celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall and Germany becoming a single nation again.  Across the country, a range of events usually take place.  In Frankfurt head to Konstablerwache and browse the Antique Market.  TheRead More →

Autumn Evening in Frankfurt

Holidays are now over and students all over Germany have now returned to school after their extra long break.  Outside the sun is still shining, but the intense heat of August has passed.  That makes is very pleasant to get out and look around.  Ever more events are gradually being added to the list of things happening again in Frankfurt, but this month we are still without a number of regular features, namely festivals known to attract large gatherings of people. Here are a couple of things that are available once again in Frankfurt, starting in September. English Theatre The English Theatre opens its doorsRead More →

August by the River, Frankfurt

Another month has passed and at the moment the Corona virus situation is relatively stable.  People are taking their summer holidays, although for many that means holidaying a lot closer to home this year.  Nevertheless, it is interesting to observe the numbers of people in the tourist hotspots of Frankfurt.  So, the big question, is there anything happening in Frankfurt this August and if so, what? Abenteur-spielplatz Riederwald e.V.  6 July-16 August This is one for the children.  At the moment part of the southern bank of the Main River resembles a fun park, as shown in the picture above.  There is a range ofRead More →

Empty shopping street in Frankfurt

What’s on in Frankfurt in April? In short, nothing, due to the coronavirus. What can I say?  Life has been turned upside down and at present, nothing is happening anywhere, across most of Europe!  For the moment we are housebound, but eventually we will be through this phase and life will return to something resembling normal.    While we are ensconced indoors, outside, nature is doing its thing.  The spring blossom is just about spent, but it was truly beautiful.  Now the spring bulbs are putting on their display with bursts of colour and trees are just starting to take on a green tinge.  The daysRead More →