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The following is a list of episodes from Knots Landing in order by season.

Season 1[]

Season opens with Gary and Valene Ewing's move to Knots Landing, California from Dallas Texas. The pilot sees the introduction of series regulars: Karen Fairgate, Sid Fairgate, Laura Avery, Richard Avery, Ginger Ward and Kenny Ward. The series finale ends on a tragic two-parter centering around Gary's battle with alcoholism. Guest stars include: Karen Allen, Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman, Charlene Tilton, Julie Harris, Claudette Nevins, Priscilla Pointer, Les Lannom, and Claudia Lonow as Diana Fairgate.

  1. Pilot Gary and Val move to their new home in Knots Landing that Miss Ellie Bought for them, and then get acquainted with their new neighbors. Sid's 18-year-old rebellious daughter, Annie from a previous marraige, is visiting the Fairgates and is causing havoc among the family. Val attempts to fix Annie's relationship with her father.
  2. Community Spirit J.R. Ewing is in town planning an offshore drilling project on the beach, which everyone is opposed to, except for Richard who asks Laura to get together with Chip Todson, J.R.'s PR man. He asks her to do this so he can get the account. J.R. has an afternoon rendezvous with Karen (big mistake!). Gary goes to J.R.'s office to steal an important file he can use against his brother. Along with the rest of the community, Gary protests by picketing on the beach.
  3. Let me Count the Ways Richard is opposed to Diana's favorite teacher, David Crane, for his unorthodox teaching methods. He decides to run against him for a seat on the school board. Meanwhile Karen, who is going through mid-life uncertainty, decides to go to the school to find out more about this teacher, but ends up falling for him and even contemplates having an affair with him.
  4. The Lie Laura is feeling unappreciated, so she goes to a cocktail lounge in the middle of the afternoon and meets an artist. The artist buys her a drink, then invites her to his studio to do a portrait of her as a ruse to rape her. She hides the truth from Richard by saying a serial rapist that is on the loose in Knots Landing just had raped her at home before Richard got home. Val knows that this is not the case, and as she goes down to the police station to identify her attacker; the police end up arresting the wrong man.
  5. Will the Circle Be Unbroken Lilimae Clements, Val's mother, turns up in Knots Landing to visit her daughter. Valene confronts her over being abandoned as a child as Lilimae pursued her music career. As ghosts from the past come back to haunt the mother and daughter, they begin to put the past to rest.
  6. Home is For Healing Lucy comes to visit Knots Landing to see her parents, Valene and Gary. Lucy hopes that she will be happier with her parents, but due to past issues and Lucy's lifestyle in Dallas, things do not go quite as planned.
  7. Land of the Free A motorcycle gang causes trouble for the cul-de-sac. Diana gets kidnapped by the group.
  8. Civil Wives Karen meets Sid's ex-wife, Susan, for the first time when Susan comes to see Sid about a legal matter regarding their daughter. After Sid suspects ulterior motives, he becomes upset when Karen invites Susan to spend the weekend with them. Although Karen suspects that Susan has romantic intentions, she wants Sid to end what she believes is his unfinished romance with Susan. Karen regrets her invitation when she sees Susan's provocative play with Sid. Eric Fairgate develops a crush on Ginger Ward.
  9. Constant Companion While Kenny is on a business trip, Ginger is frightened by anonymous gifts she has been receiving: a birthday cake decorated for an eight-year-old child, a corsage and perfume. Not only does Ginger inform the Fairgate's that her mother forced her to have an abortion when she was 16, but she also tells them that the child would have been eight years old this week. She discovers that the person sending the gifts is the mother of her old boyfriend by whom she had become pregnant. The mother is harassing Ginger out of grief for her only son who recently died of Vietnam War wounds. Val decides to take a high school equivalency test to get her diploma, but has difficulty asking for help.
  10. Small Surprises When Karen learns that she's pregnant, she isn't sure she wants the baby, while Sid can't understand her mixed feelings regarding the pregnancy. When medical complications develop, Karen decides she wants to have the baby, but she miscarries. Eric takes a liking to Ginger's 14-year-old sister who is visiting from Knots Landing. However, when he takes her out on a date, he finds her too sophisticated for him. Ginger tells Kenny she is ready for them to start a family.
  11. Courageous Convictions When Richard lands in grave financial trouble, Laura wants to get a job to assist with the debt, but Richard won't hear of it. Richard throws a barbecue to try to borrow money from his neighbors to pay off the $20,000 he owes. When Sid finds he is missing a one hundred-dollar bill, Karen thinks it is merely coincidental. When Laura's father, who's visiting from out of town, lends them the money, Richard is relieved. After Karen worries that Diana is spending too much time with her boyfriend, the boyfriend turns out to be the thief of the hundred-dollar bill.
  12. Bottom of the Bottle (Part 1) Gary drinks some champagne during the celebration of his promotion to vice-president of Knots Landing Motors. However, this is a mistake for the reformed alcoholic who, many drinks later, becomes belligerent, leaves home and stumbles from bar to bar. When Valene informs the Fairgate's and the Avery's that Gary is an alcoholic, they all set out to find him. Unable to stop drinking, Gary continues his roller-coaster ride to skid row. Ginger suspects Kenny of having an affair with Sylvie, the singer he manages. Kenny denies the accusation and continues to sleep with the attractive new singer.
  13. Bottom of the Bottle (Part 2) Gary and Richard get drunk. A drunken Gary takes an unconscious Richard home. Gary passes out and Laura offers Gary some coffee. Gary wants a drink and is very aggressive towards Laura. Laura calls Val as Gary tries to break into Laura's liquor cabinet. After Gary slaps Val in the face, she commits him to a detox ward. Kenny has an affair with Sylvie and his marriage with Ginger is strained. They make up at the Zoo as Kenny turns up in a gorilla suit. Gary escapes detox and goes to the bar for a drink. He is reminded of the doctor's trick when she made Gary choose between having a drink or Val. Gary decides to go to AA. (Way to go, Gary!)

Season 2[]

Season 2 of Knots Landing opened up with a two-parter (Hitchhike (Parts 1 & 2)) and introudced new series regular Abby Cunningham and her children Olivia Cunningham and Brian Cunningham. The season ended with a dramatic cliffhanger in the finale of the season. Guest stars include: Ruth Cox, Conchata Ferrell, Ron Lombard, Brian Dennehy, Mary Crosby, and Louise Vallance.

  1. Hitchhike (Part 1)
  2. Hitchhike (Part 2)
  3. Remember the Good Times
  4. Chance of a Lifetime
  5. Kristin
  6. Step One
  7. Breach of Faith
  8. Scapegoats
  9. A Family Matter
  10. Choices
  11. A State of Mind
  12. Players
  13. The Loudest Word
  14. Moment of Truth
  15. Man of the Hour
  16. More than Friends
  17. Designs
  18. Squeezeplay

Season 3[]

  1. The Vigil
  2. Critical Conduction
  3. Aftermath
  4. Moving In
  5. The Surprise
  6. One of a Kind
  7. Secrets
  8. Mistaken Motives
  9. The Rose and the Briar
  10. The Three Sisters
  11. Power Play
  12. Possibilities
  13. Reunion
  14. Cricket
  15. Best Intentions
  16. Silver Shadows
  17. Letting Go
  18. Expose
  19. Night
  20. Acts to Love
  21. China Dolls
  22. Living Dangerously

Season 4[]

  1. A Brand New Day
  2. Daniel
  3. Encounters
  4. Svengali
  5. Catharsis
  6. New Beginnings
  7. Inventments
  8. Man in the Middle
  9. The Best Kept Secret
  10. Emergency
  11. Abby's Choice
  12. The Block Party
  13. Cutting the Ties That Bind
  14. And Teddy Makes Three
  15. To Have and to Hold
  16. A New Family
  17. The Morning After
  18. Celebration
  19. The Loss of Innocence
  20. The Fatal Blow
  21. The Burden of Proof
  22. Willing Victims

Season 5[]

  1. The People vs. Gary Ewing
  2. Fugitives
  3. Nowhere to Run
  4. Marital Privilege
  5. One Kind of Justice
  6. ... And Never Brought to Mind
  7. Sacred Vows
  8. A Change of Heart
  9. Money Talks
  10. Homecoming
  11. I'll Tell You No Lies
  12. Denials
  13. Witness
  14. Secrets Cry Aloud
  15. Forsaking All Others
  16. Reconcilable Differences
  17. Second Chances
  18. Lest the Truth be Known
  19. ... So Shall You Reap
  20. High Ideals
  21. No Trumpets, No Drums
  22. Silent Missions
  23. Finishing Touches
  24. Yesterday, It Rained
  25. Negotiations

Season 6[]

  1. Buying Time
  2. Calculated Risks
  3. Hanging Fire
  4. A Little Help
  5. Ipso Facto
  6. Truth and Consequences
  7. Love to Take You Home
  8. Tomorrow Never Knows
  9. We Gather Together
  10. Message in a Bottle
  11. Distant Locations
  12. Uncharted Territory
  13. Weighing of Evils
  14. 14 With a Bullet
  15. Inside Information
  16. Out of the Past
  17. Lead Me to the Altar
  18. Fly Away Home
  19. Rough Edges
  20. The Emperor's Clothes
  21. The Deluge
  22. A Piece of the Pie
  23. The Forest for the Trees
  24. A Man of Good Will
  25. For Better, For Worse
  26. Four, No Trump
  27. A Price to Pay
  28. One Day in a Row
  29. Vulnerable
  30. The Long and Winding Road

Season 7[]

  1. The Longest Day
  2. Here in My Arms
  3. While the Cat's Away
  4. The Christening
  5. A Little Assistance
  6. A Question of Trust
  7. Awakenings
  8. Pictures at a Wedding
  9. Until Parted by Death
  10. Rise and Fall
  11. To Sing His Praise
  12. All's Well
  13. Aftershocks
  14. Unbroken Bonds
  15. Web of Lies
  16. The Confession
  17. Alterations
  18. Friendly Enemies
  19. The Key to a Woman's Heart
  20. A Very Special Gift
  21. Irrevocably Yours
  22. High School Confidential
  23. Distant Rumblings
  24. Phoenix Rises
  25. The Legacy
  26. Arsenic and Old Waste
  27. A Change of Heart II
  28. His Brother's Keeper
  29. Thicker Than Water
  30. The Longest Night

Season 8[]

  1. Just Disappeared
  2. Distant Echoes
  3. Reunion II
  4. Past Tense
  5. Slow Burn
  6. For Appearance's Sake
  7. All Over But the Shouting
  8. Pressure Points
  9. Brothers and Mothers
  10. Over the Edge
  11. A Turn of Events
  12. Touch and Go
  13. The Inside Man
  14. Gifts
  15. Truth Will Out
  16. The Unraveling
  17. No Miracle Worker
  18. My True Love
  19. Never Trick a Trickster
  20. A Plan of Action
  21. Survival of the Fittest
  22. In Mourning
  23. Nightmare
  24. Neighborly Conduct
  25. Deadly Combination
  26. Our Secret
  27. Breakup
  28. Parental Guidance
  29. Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate
  30. Cement the Relationship

Season 9[]

  1. Missing Persons
  2. The Trouble with Peter
  3. Under Pressure
  4. Half-Truths
  5. There are Smiles
  6. The Gift of Life
  7. Say Uncle
  8. Love In
  9. Flight of the Sunbirds
  10. Noises Everywhere (Part 1)
  11. Noises Everywhere (Part 2)
  12. Weak Moment
  13. Only 'Til Friday
  14. Ties That Bind
  15. Another Modest Proposal
  16. If Not Now, When?
  17. In Too Deep
  18. The Blushing Bride
  19. Lawfully Wedded
  20. Bouncing Babies
  21. A Fair Race
  22. Full Disclosure
  23. Her Letter
  24. Mother Knows Best
  25. With a Heavy Heart
  26. Just Desserts
  27. Discovery
  28. The Perfect Alibi
  29. The Perfect Crime

Season 10[]

  1. Suicidal
  2. Borderline
  3. Deserted
  4. The Pick-Up Game
  5. Sex and Violence
  6. A Weekend Gataway
  7. The Briar Patch
  8. A Fine Romance
  9. A Many Splendored Thing
  10. Cabin Fever
  11. Merger Made in Heaven
  12. Mrs. Peacock In The Library With The Lead Pipe
  13. Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Wrench
  14. Without a Clue
  15. The Spin Doctor
  16. Poor Jill
  17. Double Jeopardy
  18. A Grave Misunderstanding
  19. Guilty Until Proven Innocent
  20. Birds Do It, Bees Do It
  21. Giganticus II: The Revenge
  22. Dial M for Modem
  23. That's What Friends Are For
  24. The Perfect Opportunity
  25. Straight Down the Line
  26. The Heat of Passion
  27. Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out (Part 1)
  28. Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out (Part 2)

Season 11[]

  1. Up The Spout Again
  2. Poetic Justice
  3. Prince Charming
  4. Close Call
  5. Best Interests
  6. When Push Comes to Shove
  7. Mixed Messages
  8. The Good Guys
  9. Perfect Couples
  10. Never Judge a Book by Its Cover
  11. Twice Victim
  12. What a Swell Party This Is
  13. Oh Brother
  14. Road Trip
  15. My Firstborn
  16. Out of Control
  17. My Bullet
  18. The Ripple Effect
  19. The Grim Reaper
  20. Wrong for Each Other
  21. Good News, Bad News
  22. Devil on My Shoulder
  23. Home Sweet Home
  24. Only Just Begun
  25. The One to Blame
  26. My Love Always
  27. If I Die Before I Wake
  28. The Fan Club
  29. Let's Get Married

Season 12[]

  1. Return Engagement
  2. Blind Side
  3. God Will
  4. Dead But Not Buried
  5. What If
  6. You Can Call Me Nick
  7. Do Not Attempt to Remove
  8. The Best Laid Plans
  9. Side by Side
  10. The Lady or the Tiger
  11. Asked to Rise
  12. A Merry Little Christmas
  13. The Unknown
  14. Simmer
  15. A Sense of Urgency
  16. Always on Your Side
  17. In the Dog House
  18. Call Me Dimitri
  19. Bad Dog
  20. Gone Microfiching
  21. Upwardly Mobile
  22. An American Hero
  23. Where There's a Will, There's a Way
  24. The Last One Out
  25. A Horse is a Horse
  26. Play, Pause, Search
  27. Dead Skunk

Season 13[]

  1. The Gun Also Rises
  2. The Question Game
  3. Eye of the Beholder
  4. I, Claudia
  5. Home Again, Home Again
  6. Business with Pleasure
  7. 1001 Nights of Anne Matheson
  8. House of Cards
  9. Victoria's Secret
  10. Lost at Sea
  11. Holiday on Ice
  12. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
  13. The Torrents of Winter
  14. Fair Warning
  15. Letting Go II
  16. Baths and Showers
  17. Denials II
  18. Dedicated to the One I Love
  19. Trials and Tribulations
  20. Sea of Love
  21. Do You Love Me?
  22. Little Girl Lost

Season 14[]

  1. Found and Lost
  2. Lovers and Other Strangers
  3. The Children's Hour
  4. Rescue Me
  5. Love and Death
  6. The Price
  7. Bye, Bye Love
  8. A Death in the Family
  9. Some Like it Hot
  10. The Invisible Man
  11. The Getaway
  12. Call Waiting
  13. Farewell, My Lovely
  14. The Way Things Were
  15. Hints and Evasions
  16. My Kingdom for a Horse
  17. Day of the Assassin
  18. Just Like Old Times (Part 1)
  19. Just Like Old Times (Part 2)


  1. The Knots Landing Block Party
  2. Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac
  3. Knots Landing Reunion: Together Again