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International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021. Lineup

The first films selected for the 50th International Film Festival Rotterdam have been announced.
Looking for Venera
The first titles for the International Film Festival Rotterdam's hybrid multi-part 50th edition program have been revealed. Under new festival director Vanja Kaludjercic, the newly-organized and extended IFFR 2021 will feature a new program structure, with competition sections to be presented between 1 – 7 February. The festival will resume again between 2 – 6 June with Bright Future (the festival's existing section dedicated to emerging film talent) and what will be the festival's latest and largest section, Harbour. In February the festival will also celebrate the 75th anniversary of Amsterdam's Eye Filmmusuem, while in June IFFR's own 50th year will be celebrated with a special anniversary program.
Agate mousse (Selim Mourad)
Bebia, à mon seul désir (Juja Dobrachkous)
Bipolar (Queena Li)
Black Medusa (ismaël, Youssef Chebbi)
A Corsican Summer (Pascal Tagnati)
The Edge of Daybreak (Taiki Sakpisit)
Feast (Tim Leyendekker)
Friends and Strangers (James Vaughan)
Gritt (Itonje Søimer Guttormsen)
Landscapes of Resistance (Marta Popivoda)
Liborio (Nino Martínez Sosa)
Looking for Venera (Norika Sefa)
Madalena (Madiano Marcheti)
Mayday (Karen Cinorre)
Mighty Flash (Ainhoa Rodríguez)
Pebbles (Vinothraj P.S.)
Archipel (Félix Dufour-Laperrière)
Aristocrats (Sode Yukiko)
As We Like It (Chen Hung-i, Muni Wei)
Aurora (Paz Fábrega)
Carro Rei (Renata Pinheiro)
The Cemil Show (Baris Sarhan)
Drifting (Li Jun)
The Harbour (Rajeev Ravi)
The Last Farmer (M. Manikandan)
Lone Wolf (Jonathan Ogilvie)
The North Wind (Renata Litvinova)
El perro que no calla (Ana Katz)
Sexual Drive (Yoshida Kota)
Les Sorcières de l’Orient (Julien Faraut)
The Year Before the War (Dāvis Sīmanis)
Flowers blooming in our throats
80 000 ans (Christelle Heureux)
Eartheartherath (Daïchi Saïto)
Er is een geest van mij (Mateo Vega)
Erde essen (Laura Weissenberger)
The Eternal Springtime (Vięt Vū)
Flowers blooming in our throats (Eva Giolo)
For the sake of Calmness (Newsha Tavakolian)
Happy Valley (Simon Liu)
The Hole’s Journey (Ghita Skali)
Lemongrass Girl (Pom Bunsermvicha)
Letters From Your Far-Off Country (Suneil Sanzgiri)
Luces del desierto (Félix Blume)
Maat Means Land (Fox Maxy)
Manifesto (Ane Hjort Guttu)
Plant (879 pages, 33 days) (Ruth Höflich)
Sunsets, everyday (Basir Mahmood)
Surviving You, Always (Morgan Quaintance)
Tellurian Drama (Riar Rizaldi)
Terranova (Alejandro Pérez Serrano, Alejandro Alonso Estrella)
Tracing Utopia (Catarina se Sousa, Nick Tyson)
Who is Afraid of Ideology? Part 3 Micro Resistances (Marwa Arsanios)
The Women’s Revenge (Su Hui-yu)
Riders of Justice
Beginning (Dea Kulumbegashvili)
Dead & Beautiful (David Verbeek)
Dear Comrades! (Andrei Konchalovsky)
First Cow (Kelly Reichardt)
Mandibules (Quentin Dupieux)
Mitra (Kaweh Modiri)
La nuit des rois (Philippe Lacôte)
Quo vadis, Aida? (Jasmila Žbanić)
Riders of Justice (Anders Thomas Jensen)
Septet: The Story of Hong Kong (Sammo Hung, Ann Hui, Patrick Tam, YuenWoo-ping, Johnnie To, Ringo Lam, Tsui Hark)
Shorta (Anders Ølholm/Frederik Louis Hviid)
Suzanna Andler (Benoît Jacquot)
Sweat (Magnus von Horn)


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