Rollo May's impact on field of personality theory
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    Rolla May

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    One of the major schools of thought in the field of personality theory is humanistic/existential theory. Prepare an argument explaining how Rollo May (your selected theorist) has had the greatest impact on the field of personality theory (cite material and need a reference, at least 200 words).

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. You have indicated that you require at least 200 words and citations only. This to me implies that you are already quite familiar with personality families and Rollo May and all that you need help in is in the way to present him as a theorist who had the greatest impact in the field. This then will be a short essay. I think however that 200 words is rather short so we should expand it a little to around 300 words. This way we can create a small outline to follow and present our arguments as best as we can. I suggest the following Outline:

    1. Introduction - what the passage is about, 50 words. Here say that this is about the theorist Rollo May and his work on personality theory that makes him, to you, the one with the greatest impact.
    2. Overview of his work - discuss key points - 100 words.
    3. Overview of impact of his work - discuss the implications this had in the field.
    4. Summary - in 50 words, close your argument.

    The short narrative below follows this outline although it is far longer. It should get you started with ideas and information that you need. Don't forget to include ideas from your own class materials . Good luck with your studies.

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    Psychologist and theorist Rollo May's impact in the field of personality theory is discussed in this solution, which, for the purpose of providing assistance to the original problem (see above), argues that May has had the greatest impact in said field, discussing the important elements of his work. A suggested outline for a short essay is provided side by side with narrative that follows this outline for exemplification. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version is also attached.