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Siggy Jackson (center) speaking on his uncle Michael Jackson and MJ’s accuser, Wade Robson

One thing we’ve always dug about Michael Jackson’s nephew, Siggy Jackson, is his outspokenness, especially when it came to standing up for his iconic fam.’ In case y’all aren’t familiar with Siggy, he’s the 43 year old son of Jackie Jackson. In recent years, he’s also dropped hella bombshells about the Leaving Neverland MJ accuser, Wade Robson, among other things that the public never knew. Peep the excerpts from his recent interview on Power 106-Los Angeles…

Why his Dad, Uncles, & Aunts aren’t speaking out about Leaving Neverland:
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“People like my father (Jackie Jackson) and my aunt (Janet Jackson), they can’t really speak, because if they say anything outta order, they gon’ get judged. Well you know what? I’m not gon’ fu**in’ get judged. I’m the second generation, I’m here to tell…what it is. They have to be courteous and classy…I’m here to come and be nasty, because…they’ve (accusers) been firing at our family for years. And here’s the real problem-I got children, I got a wife, I stand behind my last name proudly.

We haven’t had a chance to actually mourn my uncle.…I’m coming to tell the truth of who my uncle was.”

Siggy made it clear that he is “a child of Neverland” and that he was always by his uncle’s house as a kid. He calls MJ’s accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, “liars.”

Then Siggy Dropped A MAJOR Bombshell About His Sister &Wade Robson

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Jackie Jackson’s 38 year old daughter, Brandi Jackson (pictured above), and accuser Wade Robson, have a serious history together:

Siggy: “Wade dated my sister for quite a long time, it was somewhere around 9 years. …Yeah, I KNOW Wade! We spent a lotta time with him up in Neverland. I met his Moms, Joy, I met Shantel…and I’m not gonna speak too badly about them. They’re opportunists.”

He later added that he was always at Neverland with his sister, Brandi, Wade, as well as Wade’s mom and sis’, but that his uncle Michael was “never there,” because “my uncle was a BUSY man.”

Siggy then accused Wade of making up false claims about Michael because his money and work has dried up:
“So people are forgetting the basics. … He (Wade) started off lying to the public. Then threw out another lie, then retracted, then said ‘Oh, I’m gonna write a book!’ Well, the book…flopped. ‘Oh wait I’m gonna sue the estate!’… It got thrown outta court.

Peep See What Siggy Revealed About The Accuser & Brittany Spears

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Siggy Jackson then reminded Wade that he “burned bridges” in the entertainment world, after cheating on his sis’ with Brittany Spears:

“Okay, let’s be real, you (Wade) cheated on my sister with Brittany Spears….broke up Justin Bieber’s (then relationship). …You fu*ked over two big people in the industry, that’s not including the caboose that is attached to them-…managers, executives, business people. So when he burned those people, he didn’t just burn a bridge, he blew out the foundation.”

That left Wade in a dire position, according to Siggy:

“So now, you got no work. …They said ‘Wade had a mental breakdown,’ you ain’t had no mental breakdown mothafu*ka. You had a FINANCIAL breakdown.”

Siggy later added:

“When the truth comes out, Wade’s gonna end up back in Australia as an immigrant, working in some side market selling crickets and grasshoppers.”

Then Came More Bombshells About The Motive Behind Michael’s Death

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‘My uncle was murdered…just like Prince’

“They (presumably higher ups in the record biz) were mad at him due to the business that he did…they didn’t have a part of it. Let’s be real…MY UNCLE DIDN’T FU*KIN’ DIE, HE WAS MURDERED!’ I feel the same thing about Prince.”

These are basically insurance companies. When he dies, whatever was owned by the company, reverts back. We’re not talking about a hundred thousand dollars, we’re not talking about a million dollars. … When my uncle died, we’re talking about BILLIONS of dollars.”

There’s more:

“Notice that when my uncle died, why do you hear all his music? Why is there a Motown cartoon out now?…Obviously, when my uncle was alive, he wasn’t giving the rights to anybody. But when he dies, all of a sudden, oh my goodness.”

The Jackson family is worried about Mama Katherine amid all of the latest hype:

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“That’s the stress…she’s still dealing with having to bury my grandfather…and at her age right now, I think she’s at the point where it’s frustration and anger.”

How does Siggy Jackson feel about Drake snatching MJ’s music from his projects?

“I would call that smart business. My uncle was a business man… It’s nothing but respect for Drake. To me, that’s business. He’s just keeping an even platform. He didn’t say nothing wrong, he didn’t do what Oprah did. He didn’t give them (Wade Robson and James Safechuck) a platform and say ‘Oh hey, I believe you.’ … He said ‘Hey, we gon’ keep this peaceful.’”

Siggy broke the news about MJ’s death to his dad, Jackie, and his grandmother Katherine.

He revealed a lot more about his family. You can check out Siggy Jackson’s full interview up top.

“Eddie the Bully” with “James Evans” in “Good Times” sitcom

The ‘Lunch Money Rip-Off ‘episode on “Good Times” was one of the most memorable episodes ever. After “Micheal Evans” was picked on by the school bully, he decided to take a different approach and invite him over for the weekend. The bully’s name was “Eddie,” and he spent the weekend with the “Evans” family, only to learn a lesson of respect and love. The lesson came in the form of a spanking, or like Old Schoolers say, a “whoppin!”

On a side not, that brings up one question: What happened to kids being spanked (not abused) when they knowingly and intentionally do something wrong? That element is missing from many families today. A child getting a spanking for the right reasons, is typically understood by the child as having been delivered out of love. Lots of Old Schoolers believe that the absence of the spanking can also be interpreted as a lack of love and caring. However, today things are very different. Back to the topic at hand…

Robert Douglas Grant Jr. (“Eddie the bully” actor) standing in front of his artwork at his art studio

“Eddie’s” character was played by actor, Robert Douglas Grant Jr., who also appeared on “The Electric Company” and “What’s Happening.” His more recent TV appearance was on a British TV drama, “Footballers’ Wives,” where he played a TV sports presenter.

Unfortunately, Robert sadly passed away on May 10, 2018, just 17 days after his 59th birthday.

Per the NY Daily News, Robert became a painter, musician and educator.

Robert Grant, who played “Eddie the bully” on “Good Times; with his wife, Eileen Grant

In 2008, Robert married fellow painter, Eileen Grant, who revealed to NY Daily News how they’d met and how their ceremony took place:

Eileen Grant- “I had an art show, and Robert was going to be having a show at the same venue, so the staff suggested that he should attend, to see what the place was like, so we met at my show,” said Eileen. “I thought he was pretty fetching, so we exchanged numbers. The next week, we went out for coffee and it wound up being a whole day and evening out, it was just magical.”

E.G.- “He totally surprised me,” said Eileen. “He got down on his knee and gave me his grandmother’s wedding band. It was very romantic.” During the ceremony, Eileen was escorted by two of her uncles as well as her father. “They’re all very special in my life, so when I came through the chapel doors, my Dad met me and took me down part of the way to one uncle, and then he took me to the second one, who gave me away.” Eileen carried a bouquet of roses and lilies.

Eileen Grant is a Visual Artist who’s work can be seen here on Facebook.

We thank Robert Douglas Grant for the wonderful memories and laughs he contributed to some of our favorite television shows back in the day. May he continue to rest in peace.

(L – R): Redd Foxx; Sammy Davis Jr.; Flip Wilson

Sammy Davis Jr, Redd Foxx, and Flip Wilson may have had the ability to make us all crack up with their comedic and acting talents, but there is also one thing they have in common that NONE of us would have predicted. The late legends took on a very regular job after becoming household names back in the day and it was all to help others. See details below…

What Did They Do AFTER Success?

You’d think that after all of the wealth and fame Foxx, Davis, and Wilson acquired in their careers, that they would’ve been far too busy to do anything else. Well, somehow all three of them found a way to become a police chief of predominantly African American cities. Unexpected right?

Sammy Davis Jr. was the second of the trio to become police chief, when he was appointed in 1975. He became the chief of police for the small town of Langston, Oklahoma, after accepting the appointment from then mayor, A.B. Prewitt.

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Flip Wilson was the third outta the legendary pack to accept his role as police chief of the small town of Boley, Oklahoma.

Also, as we previously reported, Redd Foxx was the first of the group, to be appointed police chief of the predominantly Black town. He was also the most vocal about it. In case y’all missed our prior report, check it out below:

In 1974 THE Redd Foxx became a police chief of Tafta, Oklahoma- a predominantly African American community of just 437 people. And yes, this was during the SAME time he was starring on “Sanford and Son.” That’s right, Redd Foxx would record his TV show during the day, do stand-up comedy at night, and drop by Tafta, Ok. to check on what he referred to as ‘his’ city on the weekends and every other chance he got. Ain’t that something?!!

Red explained to Jet Magazine in a 1974 interview, that he took his job as police chief very seriously:

“I told you this wouldn’t be no token job,” Foxx stated. And he also wanted it to be clear that he was the official police chief of Tafta and not some decorated and celebrated “honorary” one: “I want that clearly understood, Foxx stated. The deputies are official police who have full powers in my absence.”


Redd Foxx holding his personal Police Chief badge

Redd was the real deal in Tafta, he was there to swear in new deputies and make sure they were all doing their jobs correctly. In fact, a lot of the today’s police departments need a police chief like Redd Foxx. Check out how Redd trained his officers:

Via Jet: Redd Foxx admonished his deputies to “be careful; use a minimum of force” in carrying out their duties. […] “I want to be proud of this town,” Foxx told the deputies. “The eyes of the whole nation will be on Taft and we don’t want to give the impression that we are going to be hard-boiled about the law enforcement here.”


Redd Foxx continued…

“We don’t want to get a reputation for busting heads. I want you to dress neatly and gain respect.”

Like we said, we wish Redd Foxx were here to train some of these police chiefs and officers today, Lawd knows we need it.

Foxx’s main mission in being chief of Taft police at that time was building up the small community and maintaining peace:

“Taft will no longer be a forgotten town. We want paved streets and lights. We’re working to get them,” Foxx stated at that time.

So how did Redd Foxx actually become a police chief?
The idea came from Taft’s then mayor, Lelia Foley (pictured with Foxx in above left pic), the first Black mayor in the history of the U.S.. Foley stated this about Foxx at that time:

“I’m with him all the way and everyone in taft is proud of our famous chief of police.”

Foxx was extremely dedicated to making Taft a better place…not only did he work closely with the mayor and was very hands-on with his deputies, he also donated thousands of dollars to build the community up, including a new community swimming pool for the children of Tafta.

This says a lot about Redd Foxx’s character. He was the one of the most in-demand entertainers on TV, but yet he committed himself to a small town of just 437 people at that time. Although of course whenever people in the neighboring cities of Muskogee and Tulsa, Ok. would hear that there was an upcoming swearing-in ceremony of deputies and such, that town of 437 looked more like 4,037. Folks from all over the state would travel to Taft just to get a glimpse of the famous chief of Tafta police.

Job well done Mr. Foxx, Sammy Davis Jr, and Flip Wilson. Rest on Kings.

Source: Jet Magazine

(L) Carey Kelly; (R) R. Kelly

R. Kelly’s got 99 problems and his brother is one. That’s right Kellz’s brother, Carey Kelly, is unleashing on him yet again and this time is even worse than the last. In case y’all didn’t already know, Carey ain’t too fond of his brother, R., and he’s seemingly had a personal vendetta against him for years now. With what he revealed in a prior, lengthy interview with UnWine With Tasha K, your jaws will surely drop in utter shock.

Carey Makes Claims About Brother R. Kelly…And It’s Bad…Like REALLY Bad

During his interview, Carey Kelly chopped it up about R. Kelly and everything he can’t stand about him. One in particular is a serious allegation he’s now made, that R. Kelly sexually abused their teen cousin, plus MUCH more. Check out the topics Carey covered below.

On the 1993 death of their mother and the 2001 death of singer, Aaliyah, Carey had this to say…

“You give people chances to change before you put their business out there, before you actually say ‘enough is enough.’ Things happen in people’s lives to the point where you feel like it’s a wake-up call and now they get a chance to right their wrongs.”

Carey claims that after their beloved mom and Aaliyah passed away, R. Kelly “became worse” and went spiraling out of control with his alleged flings with young girls. According to Carey, Kellz got so bad, that they ended up in a physical altercation after Carey confronted R. for pursuing young girls.

“I wasn’t condoning [his behavior],” said Carey to Tasha K. Even though Carey is still pissed with R. Kelly over this, he did admit that he thinks at some point, his brother was “trying to get some help.”

R. Kelly’s brother, Carey Kelly (screen-grab)

Carey Kelly on both of them being molested by same person as kids

Carey Kelly also revealed that he and R. Kelly were both molested at young ages, by the same sick individual. However, according to Carey, their childhood traumas played out on two opposite ends of the spectrum once they became adults. Carey became a protector of kids and he says Kellz became attracted to them:

Robert has a control problem. And the only reason why he targets little girls, now that I’m older, I understand. He was molested. I was molested [too], but I didn’t turn out that way. … I became a protector of children. I didn’t want kids to go through what I went through…especially my daughters.”

Carey noticed strange things between Aaliyah & R. Kelly

Carey then went on to explain the odd relationship he says he witnessed between Aaliyah and R. Kelly back in the day. Kelly reportedly married Aaliyah when she was 15 (even though her marriage license reportedly listed her age as 18) and he was 27. Carey said that when he questioned R. Kelly about whether there was anything going on between them, Kellz denied it:

Carey said their sibling-like relationship was strange, “But at the same time it made you scratch your head. He [was] overprotective of her when he shouldn’t be.”

“I picked it up when he was working on her album and he started producing ‘Age Ain’t Nothin But a Number.’ I’m listening to the [lyrics] and I’m paying closer attention to how they’re vibing..they’d be right next to each other, hugged up and different things of that nature. That didn’t seem right with him being the age that he was, and her being the age that he was.”

Brother claims R. Kelly sexually abused their teen cousin…paternity of her child unknown

At one point in the interview, Carey was asked if R. Kelly ever abused his children and Carey firmly stated that R. had not touched them, but that they were affected by the continuous #MeTooMovement.

Then came the bombshell Carey dropped, claiming that R. Kelly sexually abused their 14-year-old cousin – although it’s unclear exactly when the alleged abuse occurred. When asked straight up, if R. Kelly ever abused any family member, Carey replied, “One that I know of.”

He then went on to say that their family became suspicious, after noticing R. Kelly was spending a lot more time with the 14-year-old cousin. A few years later, he says the cousin had a baby. When questioned if it’s possible R. Kelly could be the father, Carey stated, “I can’t say…there hasn’t been any DNA for anything done.”

He also said he hopes the alleged victim- their cousin whom he refused to name- goes public with her story one day.

Why Did R. Kelly’s Brother Speak Out?

In case y’all are wondering why Carey Kelly has decided to go hard against his brother, R. Kelly, now, he explained this in his interview as well. Carey repeatedly stated that he has “no animosity” toward R. and that he just wants him to “seek help,” because he’s “demonic.”

However, Carey does hold two gripes against R. Kelly for only paying him $250 per week when he toured with him and for also stifling his own music career ambitions.

Other than that, Carey says R. Kelly keeps a bunch of “yes men” around him who find the young girls for him and he reiterated that R. needs help. Why? Because “Anytime a person lusts after a minor something is wrong with them,” said Carey.

To hear EVERYTHING Carey Kelly had to say about R. Kelly – and he said a LOT- watch his interview with UnWine With Tasha K above.

Actor, Jeffrey Wright

Some of you may not know actor, Jeffrey Wright (55), by name…but you definitely know his face. He’s one of the most versatile actors in the game and has played every type of character under the sun. From his portrayal of Martin Luther King in “Boycott;” to the Dominican drug Lord in “Shaft” (2000 remake), where his character delivered his classic pronunciation of tax evasion as “tack e-bay-shun;” to his portrayal of the late painter, Jean-Michel Basquiat, in “Basquiat;” to “Betee” in “Hunger Games” and more, the man has done it all. But another interesting about this brotha, is who his former wife and mother of his children is…


Wright’s long list of acting credits are very extensive, but it’s frustrating that he is one of the more underrated actors in the game. Another thing about him that kind of flew under the radar is that he was married to an actress who has recently been making her mark in the acting game and they have two children together. See if you recognize her.

Embed from Getty Images

Jeffrey and British born Nigerian/Scottish actress, Carmen Ejogo (47), were married for 14 years (2000-2014). Carmen is another actress who you may not know by name, but if she looks familiar to you, it could be because you recognize her as the late Coretta Scott King, whom she portrayed twice- in the films, “Boycott” (2001) alongside her then husband, Jeffrey; and in “Selma” (2014).

When Carmen was prepping to play Mrs. Coretta Scott-King, it was Mrs. King who loved her for the role and gave Carmen her blessings. Another memorable role was in the movie, “Sparkle.”

They have two children together, see pics of them here…


Below are pics of Jeffrey chillin’ with his the children he shares with ex-wife, Carmen Ejogo. Their son Elijah Wright is now 20 years old…

Jeffrey Wright with son, Elijah Wright

Their daughter, TK is 16 years old…

Jeffrey Wright with daughter, TK Wright

We would have loved to have seen their marriage last, but at least they have beautiful memories to share with their children.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; “Star Wars actress, Nichelle Nichols

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an avid fan of Star Trek. He was such a big Trekkie, he even convinced actress Nichelle Nichols, who played “Uhura,” to stay on the show past it’s first season although she wanted to leave. When Nichols told King her intentions of leaving Star Trek, he said “You can’t do that” and explained to her that television needed her because the images on TV have the power to permeate culture, either for the good, or for the bad. “And [Star Trek] is for the highest good,” said Dr. King to Nichelle…

Nichelle Nichols

During an interview with NPR, Ms. Nichols explained regarding her conversation with Dr. King during an NAACP fundraiser in Beverly Hills:

Nichelle Nichols- “One of the promoters came over to me and said, Ms. Nichols, there’s someone who would like to meet you. He says he is your greatest fan.

And I’m thinking a Trekker, you know. And I turn, and before I could get up, I looked across the way and there was the face of Dr. Martin Luther King smiling at me and walking toward me. And he started laughing. By the time he reached me, he said, yes, Ms. Nichols, I am your greatest fan. I am that Trekkie.

She continued:

“And I was speechless. He complimented me on the manner in which I’d created the character. I thanked him, and I think I said something like, Dr. King, I wish I could be out there marching with you. He said, no, no, no. No, you don’t understand. We don’t need you on the – to march. You are marching. You are reflecting what we are fighting for. So, I said to him, thank you so much. And I’m going to miss my co-stars.

And his face got very, very serious. And he said, what are you talking about? And I said, well, I told Gene just yesterday that I’m going to leave the show after the first year because I’ve been offered – and he stopped me and said: You cannot do that. And I was stunned. He said, don’t you understand what this man has achieved? For the first time, we are being seen the world over as we should be seen. He says, do you understand that this is the only show that my wife Coretta and I will allow our little children to stay up and watch. I was speechless.”

Years later, Whoopi Goldberg also confirmed to Nichelle Nichols, what Dr. King had previously stated:

N.N.- “I met Whoopi Goldberg when Gene was doing The Next Generation and she had told me when Star Trek came on she was nine years old and she said she turned the TV on and saw me and ran through the house screaming: Come quick, come quick. Theres a black lady on TV and she ain’t no maid.

And that did something to my heart, so I knew that I had made the right decision, because as Dr. King said, you have been chosen.”

Wow, thankfully Dr. King was always thinking of putting the greater god of our people before his own, and from the looks of it, he convinced other important figures, like Nichelle Nichols to do the same. So glad she took heed to his advice, and very grateful for the life and legacy Dr. King left in his path. May he continue to rest in power and peace. Happy MLK Day I Love Old School Music fam!’

Actress, Linda Blair

Remember Linda Blair, who played the demon possessed chick in the 1973 movie, Exorcist? She was in a 2-year relationship with a very famous 70s/80s soul singer and from what we understand, their relationship was pretty hot and steamy.

Her ex man has been known to cause some controversy throughout his career and he’s created mega hits that are still being played on the radio today. If you think you’ve figured this one out, you’re good. Scroll down and prepare to be amazed…

Rick James Exposed What Blair Did To Hurt Him & Detailed Hit Song He Wrote About Her

It’s “Rick James bi*%#!” That’s right, Rick and Linda were a couple in the 70’s and from what it looks like, they had two very different perspectives on their relationship.

Linda Blair with her then boyfriend, Rick James

In his memoir, “Glow,” Rick James admitted that Linda hurt him deeply by aborting his baby. Here’s what he said about it:

“Actress Linda Blair (The Exorcist) came to Buffalo to see me and I was very happy to see her. A few months before her visit she had called to say that she had-had an abortion, and that it had been my child. She said she was in the middle of shooting a movie and was starting to show, and she didn’t think I would care anyway. She was wrong. I did care deeply. I loved Linda and it hurt me that she would choose to abort our child without even wanting to talk to me about it first. I still look back on her choice with sadness and wonder about our baby, and how having that child might have changed me life.”

James also said that one of his biggest hits was written about Linda Blair:

“One night during her visit, I took her into the studio and we sat down at one of my synthesizers. I was showing Linda how to write a song on keyboards and I started playing. I told her that in composition you’re ok as long as you keep playing. It’s when your fingers stop moving that you’re in trouble. The next thing I knew I was composing a tune about her called, ‘Cold Blooded.’ She was the inspiration for that song.”

Linda appreciated the song and said this about it:

Cold Blooded is, ‘You’re hot!’ Cold Blooded is a compliment. That was pretty nice that he wrote that about me. I don’t see it, but OK”

Linda admitted that prior to meeting James, she saw him in a magazine and instantly fell for him. Then in the 80’s, they hooked up. Her recollection of their relationship was a little less intense than what Rick James expressed though. We’re not sure if she was purposely trying to cover up certain facts that she may not necessarily have been proud of, or if she just views their time together differently, but nevertheless, here’s how she described their 2 year situation:

“I wouldn’t say that we were as romantic as people probably wished that we were, or thought that we were.”
[In 1984 they’re relationship started to fade out] “I could not bear to be around that. It wasn’t healthy for me and it wasn’t healthy for him, so I chose after a while to walk away.”

Although Blair and James seem like the odd couple, they actually had more in common than many may think. She proved that she had a carefree side, like James, when she posed nude for Playboy back in the day and although Blair left James because of his excessive drug use, Linda too, had her troubles with drugs. In the late 1970’s she was busted with cocaine and was charged with drug possession and conspiracy to sell drugs. She plead guilty to a lesser charge of conspiracy to possess cocaine, in exchange for three years’ probation and a $5,000 fine. As part of her plea deal, Blair had to make at least 12 major public appearances to speak to the younger folks about the dangers of drug abuse.

Just like Rick James’ drug and legal woes caused his career to plummet at times, so did Blair’s. She even has been quoted as saying that her career “went down faster than the Titanic.”

It would have been interesting to see what would have come of Rick and Linda’s relationship, but based on their history, maybe it was better that they broke up.

-ILoveOldSchoolMusic, old school news with a new point of view

Halle Berry’s ex-husband and former baseball player, David Justice, once let it rip on Twitter, because he said he was simply tired of Halle not stepping up to let the world know the ‘TRUTH.’

It’s been almost 24 years since they divorced and David has stayed relatively quiet on why they parted ways. However, in 2015, after hearing of Halle’s claims in her then pending divorce from her third husband of two years, Oliver Martinez, David said he had to say something. Why? Because not only does he want to set the record straight for his own children (with his current wife), he said he could not take the ‘false perceptions’ Halle tried to paint about the men in her life, in order to make herself look good.

David also claimed that Halle not only tried to ruin his life, but that she also did the same thing to her ex-husband/singer, Eric Benet, ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey, and her now ex-husband, Oliver Martinez.

David Justice Spoke His Mind About Halle

David spoke out to defend his character. After he blasted a series of Tweets about his truth with Halle, even Eric Benet chimed in…

“Reading the latest Halle Berry Reports, it wasn’t me who hit Halle causing the ear damage. Halle has never said that I hit her. It was a former Hollywood boyfriend (WS) that she told me!”

And there’s more…

“When she first reported that she had been in abusive relationships, she wouldn’t name the ‘famous’ former boyfriend (WS). She was mad at me leaving the relationship so she and her Hollywood Team just tried to destroy my character. It had to be my fault, right?.”

David Justice didn’t stop there tough…

“Yup…Me, Eric, Gabriel and Oliver were all her ‘Knight in Shinging Armor, until it ends. Then we all become the worst guys in history. Only the guys in the relationship with Halle know the real deal…there will be another, of course. He’ll be called ‘The Best’ until it ends.”

And then this…

“Just wait, Oliver…It’s coming! She insinuated that her daughter wasn’t safe around Gabriel…look it up and see the reason! Just wrong. smh.”

Eric Benet Co-Signed David’s Claims About Their Ex, Halle?

(L – R): Eric Benet, Halle Berry, David Justice

After David went off ’bout Halle on Twitter, Halle’s other ex-husband, Eric Benet, unleashed a tweet of his own, seemingly co-signing everything David claimed about Halle that day:

“My man at @23davidjustice is tweeting some truths dis’ mornin’!”

As you can see, David Justice was still pissed that Halle never once spoke out to let the world know that he was not the man who beat her, reportedly causing her to lose 80% of her hearing in her left ear. After they divorced, rumors never died down that David was supposedly to blame for that, but that simply was not true.

Pretty sure y’all caught those initials David threw in there, which were “WS.” Of course we all know that Halle dated a celebrity with those same initials – Wesley Snipes. However, we’re not 100% sure who David is referring to, but we just thought we’d point that out. Maybe he should clarify that part, just in case he isn’t talking about Wesley (yeah, okay).

David Explained Why He Called Out Halle

Halle Berry with then husband/baseball legend, David Justice

Anyways, Halle has clearly burned some bridges with her exes and this is what David had to say to DailyMail about his tweets at that time:

“I had to say something after reading about Halle’s recent marriage,” he said. …So many years ago, I didn’t say anything about the accusations that I abused her, but now I have three children, ages, 15, 13 and 11, two boys and one girl, and they can read this stuff and they have friends who will read it as well so I had to finally come out and say once and for all I never hit Halle Berry.

“Back then it didn’t matter, but it’s different now,” he tells Daily Mail Online. “Halle never said I hit her but she never said I didn’t either, which was disappointing.

“Let me tell you something, I was raised by a single mother and I love and respect her dearly, I would never hit a woman. Never. I am not the face of Halle Berry’s exes, I won’t be going on TV to talk about this. I just wanted to make sure my wife, my children and the rest of my family, friends and fans know the truth.

“It just makes me mad to still see the same lie being perpetuated about the source of her abuse being me. Never happened!”

In 1996, Justice told People Magazine that the relationship wasn’t what he bargained for saying, “she wasn’t the same person I was with before we got married.”

He went on to say his wife [Halle Berry] got mad when he watched ESPN and accused him of cheating whenever she saw a picture of him with a woman who might be standing next to him. He added that Berry carried a lot of baggage from her previous relationships and always suspicious. “I’ve never known a girl who could throw a tantrum like she does.”

Did Halle Finally Cleared The Air?

Two days after David Justice called our Halle in November 2015 (and 18 years after their divorce), Halle apparently finally cleared the air that it was not David Justice who beat her back in the day…at least according to David’s eventual tweet. He thanked Halle for “for finally squashing all of the rumors in the past,that I had physically abused her,causing the hearing loss.”

It’s unclear how Halle thanked David (it didn’t seem to be publicly), but one thing’s for certain: the reputation she’s built with the men in her life – ranging from singer, Christopher Williams, to David Justice – have seemingly been kinda consistent.

Thoughts ILOSM family?

Blue Cantrell

Who remembers when singer, Blu Cantrell, dropped her 2001 hit and was telling all of the ladies how to get revenge on their cheating men when she sang: “Hey ladies, if you man wanna get buck wild, just go back and hit ’em up style, put your hand on his cash and spend it to the last dime…”? For a minute, Blu Cantrell seemed to be on her way to solidifying her footprint in the music game, but after the buzz surrounding her “Hit ‘Em Up” style jam fizzled out, so did her career and her spotlight on urban radio.

What Landed Blu Cantrell In Psyche Hospital

Most of us hadn’t seen Blu in years and it wasn’t until she hit a bit of snag in 2014 and had to get admitted into a psychiatric hospital, did folks remember her presence. It’s just unfortunate that she had to be reminisced about that way. According to many reports, Blu suffered a mental breakdown in 2014 and this is what was reported by BETat that time:

Singer Blu Cantrell was hospitalized for a mental evaluation [on September 3, 2014] after she ran through a Santa Monica, Calif., neighborhood screaming that her life was in danger. At 2 a.m. that morning, Cantrell started ranting about someone trying to give her “poisonous gas.” Witnesses say the erratic behavior lasted for so long that police were called.

Cantrell reportedly referred to herself as a “one-hit wonder,” after questioning if authorities recognized her.

Blu Cantrell

We wanted to share her story with you all because there are far too many celebs who go through the same thing as Blu, but are unjustly deemed as being “crazy.” But the reality is that a mental health problem, or simply someone succumbing to the pressures of extreme stress and/or substance abuse, are all very serious issues that are easily judged from the outside looking in, but the inflicted person is clearly crying out for help and that should never be taken lightly.

Blu’s Voice Is Still On Point

Just three months prior (July 2014) to Blu’s psychiatric breakdown in September 2014, she seemed to be okay. She was still singing and her voice was still in tact as she gave us a taste of her new single at that time, when she was working on it in the studio. This is the video she posted online, showing off her skills:


Word on the Old School curb is that Blu is doing much better now, as well.

Many experts say there are typically about seven reasons why someone falls victim to psychological disorders and they could be due to one or more of the following:
– Genetic hereditary
– Social and cultural expectations – Feeling pressured to fit into a social stereotypical lane.
– Feeling inadequate- low self esteem, anger, loneliness, anxiety
– Depression
– Substance abuse
– A dysfunctional family
– Traumatic experience(s) from childhood

Not really sure which category Blu fell under on the night of her breakdown. But based on her allegedly making references to being a ‘one-hit-wonder’ while in the midst of her mental breakdown, she could have been experiencing what so many other celebs have either during, or after their careers were on a decline. We’ve seen it happen to Martin Lawrence, Dave Chapelle, Billie Holiday, and Katt Williams, just to name a few. They’ve all have had their “mental” moments, while trying to balance the pressures of being a celebrity. Fortunately for Blu, someone stepped in to help before her situation became tragic, like our beloved Don Cornelius and Robin Williams for example.

We wish Blu Cantrell the best in life and in her music…maybe one day soon she’ll resurface with new music because her voice is beautiful as it ever was.


Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre and his loved ones are likely letting out a huge sigh of relief today and for good reason. He’s finally checked out of the hospital, where he’d been since having a brain aneurysm recently. Although N.W.A. legend is back in the comfort of his own home now, he’s still not out of the water just yet, according to his docs. As a result, Dr. Dre is receiving 24 hour care at this time.

Here’s the latest on his condition:

Via TMZ– Sources close to Dre tell TMZ … he went home Friday and while he’s on the road to recovery, he still needs attention. We’re told there are medical professionals at his home who will monitor him 24/7 for the next few weeks to make sure he’s okay.

Our sources tell us Dre was in ICU at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. until Wednesday, when he was then moved to a private room at the hospital. Although he’s been released, we’re told doctors still don’t know what triggered the brain bleed — and that’s part of the reason for the at-home care.

Fully recovering from a brain aneurysm with all of one’s faculties is only about a 50/50 chance. Thankfully, so far Dr. Dre is of sound mind and body, but as you can see, his doctors are watching him with an abundance of caution, in order to keep things that way.

In case you missed our prior report, on January 4th, Dr. Dre was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, after suffering a brain aneurysm at his Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA home.


Dr. Dre with soon-to-be-ex-wife, Nicole Young

Also as previously reported, It’s unclear what caused the brain aneurysm, but as you may recall, he’s in the middle of a seemingly very stressful situation with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Nicole. They’ve been going tit for tat in their divorce proceedings, as they battle over their pre-nuptial agreement. Long story short: Nicole is fighting tooth and nail in court to get a bigger cut of Dr. Dre’s nearly $1 billion estate. In fact, she’s filed legal docs to ask the judge to disregard their prior pre-nup because she claims Dre tore it up early on in their marriage and claims that it therefore should be voided.

Nicole is demanding $2 million per month in temporary spousal support, plus an additional $5 million for attorney fees, even though Dr. Dre says he currently pays all of her bills and expenses.

Not sure if the divorce feuding has Dr. Dre under a severe level of stress, or not…but hopefully, their heated divorce proceedings will be calm and stress-free going forward.

Sending uplifting energy to Dr. Dre as he continues his journey toward a full recovery.