Regis High School Makes an Impact

Regis High School Image:
Regis High School

As a director at USB Investment Bank, a global financial firm, Tim Shields leads program and program portfolio management. Prior to his employment at USB and his entry into the financial world, Tim Shields attended Regis High School in New York City.

Regis High School is a tuition-free, scholarship-based, Jesuit school in New York. Roman Catholic boys who show superior academic and leadership potential are selected for admission after a competitive application and testing process. The school is committed to academic excellence and provides a rigorous curriculum that prepares its graduates for college and beyond.

As the only tuition-free private school in the United States, Regis High School’s multi-faceted focus on academic, spiritual, and leadership growth is unique. Regis prioritizes the development of a student’s spiritual beliefs. In addition to nourishing this facet of growth, the school encourages community service and involvement in order to give students an opportunity to put the principles of their faith into action. By using their abilities to benefit the community, it is hoped that graduates will continue to make a positive impact after graduation.

Regis High School was founded in 1914 by an anonymous benefactor. For several decades, the benefactor’s family members were the school’s sole supporters. Currently, alumni also contribute to the scholarship program, allowing Regis’ legacy to continue.

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