Regis High has one of the most competitive admissions processes in New York accepting a shocking 14% of applicants. It is not a surprise to know that Regians will go on to colleges with similar rates; the top 25. It is the Alma Mater of such people as Patrick Fitzgerald (US Attorney and CIA Leak Investigation Special Prosecutor), Greg Giraldo (comedian and television personality), Edward Conlon (New York Times Bestselling Author of Blue Blood and part time writer for The New Yorker) and other fairly well known people (see list at the Regis High School New York Wikipedia entry). Regis almost guarantees admission to top colleges because of the value of having it on a college application. Superior students at Regis consistently matriculate to Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Only the top students from the tri-state area are accepted after a rigorous application process.


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    Consider applying only if you are a boy. Regis is an all boys high school.
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    Consider applying only if you are a Roman Catholic. In order for your application to be accepted for review a copy of the applicants baptismal certificate must be included.
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    Consider applying only if you are at the top 10% of your class in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Only students with high standardized test scores are allowed to apply. The CO-OP (or now the TACHS) is not required for an application and Regis is NOT to be listed as one of the three choices put down on the test.
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    Make sure you show that you really want to be there. You want to not just receive from the school but give to the student community there. Also express interest in public service and serving others. They want you to be someone who will get involved there. You should buy a test prep book for the HSPT. The one from KAPLAN is recommended by some.
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    Take the Regis test (HSPT). Regis High School issues the HSPT, or the High School Placement Test. This test always occurs on the first Saturday of November. It is similar to the Specialized High School Admissions Test for schools like Bronx Science and Brooklyn Tech. There are usually around 1000 applicants taking the test for 230 interview spots. Only students who score in the upper quartile and higher are asked to return for an interview. The test is very tightly timed and requires quick and accurate decisions about your answers.
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    Prepare for the interview. The final step (assuming you get this far) is the interview. These are usually conducted on the first weekend of January. Each of the 230 interviewees has a 20 minute interview with a Regis faculty member and immediately after are interviewed for another 20 minutes by a Regis Alumnus or Board Member. Don't worry if you're nervous, everyone is. Know that the people who are interviewing you truly want to help you get in; they want to learn about who you are, so be honest. Don't worry about saying the wrong thing. Do, however, engage them. Ask questions, and be as front-footed as you can.
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    Wait for your application decision. The results are mailed out around the same time as those of other Catholic high schools. The freshmen class is usually about 135 students, but by senior year it's usually around 120.

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        • Like colleges, Regis considers many things (based on the application and essays) for admissions, most importantly: what did this student do with the opportunities given to him?
        • Just because you're rich doesn't mean you'll be turned down because of it. Regis stresses diversity and acceptance as part of the Jesuit Catholic tradition.
        • Since Regis is all scholarship (entirely free), the ability to pay for another high school is a factor, but by no means determinative.
        • It really helps to be a spiritual person. Doing Christian Service is crucial to the Regis way of life. It is required in both junior and senior year, although done more extensively in the latter. You will be required to take a theology course all four years so make sure religion is a fairly important part of your life.
        • Before the test and interview some students ushers and proctors may try to scare you about your prospects, don't listen to them.

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        • Factor in commuting time and expense. Students with a long commute to school may not be able to take part in as many extracurricular activities as they would like, but they will learn how to do homework on the train/bus.
        • Regis does not tolerate failure. Failing a subject during the year will place you on academic probation. If, by the next trimester you are not safely with in passing range, you will be asked to resign your scholarship. The same goes for getting an unsatisfactory in 3 subjects or more.

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