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Rainbow Movie Review | Rainbow Telugu Movie Review | Rahul Rainbow Movie Review

Film: Rainbow
My Rating: 3/5
Banner: Sri Sidhartha Movies
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Music: Nihal
Producer & Direction: VN Adithya
Release Date: Oct 2nd, 2008
Cast: Rahul, Sonal chouhan, Sindu Menon, Sunil etc

My Review:

Main Line Of The Movie:

The film Rainbow is quite different from the run of the mill love and youth stories and the director and producer of the film, VN Adithya must be appreciated for daring to make something different. But the film does not manage to create a great impression partly due to the below par performances by the lead actors.


Shyam (Rahul) is an orphan. He lives in a rented house. The house belongs to Gollpaudi Maruthi Rao. Paruchuri is his son-in-law. Parachuri has a daughter Kamala (Sindhu Menon). Kamala is good looking girl but unfortunately she is both deaf and dumb. She is working as an artist with a paints company.

Swapna (Sonal Chouhan) is the daughter of a stage artist. He had dream of becoming a film actor but could not succeed. So Swapna now wants to fulfill her dad’s wish by becoming a big film actor.

Swapna meets Shyam and he in turn decides to help Swapna fulfill her dream. Shyam helps Swapna to get her portfolio prepared by his friend Sunil, who is a photographer. He also enrolls Swapna in an acting school run by Shiva Reddy. Shyam meets with a major accident and the injury on his head makes him colour blind.

While the colour in the life of Shyam has gone out, Swapna manages to make a big impression in Tollywood and she becomes a successful heroine. The rest of the story is what happens to Shyam’s love for Swapna and what happens to Swapna’s dream of making it big as an actress.


Rahul gives an okay performance. However, his expressions need a lot of improvement - he gives a "painful" feeling in a lot of scenes unnecessarily. The diction for the role seems good, but with thanks to his dubbing artiste and singer Hemachandra! The Happy Days boy needs to shape some more. Debutant (in Telugu) Sonal Chauhan is okay-looking and does an okay job too. Her dubbing by Suneetha is good too. However, her role is that of a Telugu girl wanting to be a heroine, and there's emphasis about the "Telugu" part too! It's a pity that the makers could not find an actual Telugu girl with her own dubbing to do this role! Sindhu Menon, the loud girl of Chandamama, is cute and expressive in the role of a mute girl. The whole list of comedians written above are not used aptly to provide great comedic relief!

There's not much comedy in the film, except that minor part which flows through the story. The only specific comedy bit that involves Sunil, Hema, and Master Bharath Kumar is in a rather bad state (with comedy being generated through the character of an obese, gluttonous, stubborn kid), though it may be enjoyed by some sections of audience. Veterans Gollapudi Maruthi Rao and Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao do the needful, in their minor roles. Prakash Raj appears in a short role as a doctor. Shivareddy is utilized well in the role of an instructor at the School of Acting & Dancing. He performed really very well in his introduction scene, and his already-popular dances imitating various heroes were used well. Kodi Ramakrishna and Srinu Vytla flash for a few seconds on the screen, star director S.S. Rajamouli appears in his real life role in a few scenes.

Technical Side:

The story is different from so-called youth films churned out in Telugu. The title is justified by the story very well. The producer-director V.N. Aditya should be appreciated for taking up a different story for his debut production. The screenplay is okay too, and tries to keep focus on the main story point all through. The taking of the film could have been more involving and gripping. Dialogues by the veterans are apt, and some dialogues are particularly good. Music by Nihal provides a good backing to the film. Songs have lyrics that fit better on the screen, in both addressing discontinuities and giving more insight into certain lines. However, song picturization could have been better, generally speaking.

Visuals are good, particularly in the song challu challu challu... which is shot very colorfully, and Shivareddy adds more zing to the choreography. naa kaLLalO... is shot totally from a commercial aspect, so much that hero's tender feelings towards the heroine are portrayed as mere lust; even that couldn't save the audience anyway, as several left the theaters during the song! Choreography for the item number (with Sangita Ghosh) salasala salasala... is appreciable, while the classical dance composition for raaraa, swaami raaraa!... falls flat, both due to improper choreography and below average presentation by the female lead. Editing is okay.

Final Analysis:

Rainbow is a different story for a Telugu film, but the treatment is bland sometimes. Add to this the not-so-great performances, and the film may have to struggle to move forward. The first half is slow as the story is established, while the second half is better, but the treatment misses to strike a chord with the audience really well.

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Anonymous said...

stupidest movie ever. Intha chetta cinema ela tisadu???
chala boring cinema, NarasihmaNaidu cinem ae dinikante baguntadi...