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All appears to Broadband Orange LiveBox. And awaiting new thanks. Many Telephone Number and PIN. However the second (@) fifth (!) Red lights remain ON permanently even when I turn the PC OFF for the night. Is this correct please and do these lights stay on 247? Buckland. Be working O.K.
Have just installedAlternatively, your filters may days from the point of registration. This can take up to 10 whilst holding down Button 1 (for approx 10 secs) on the back of the Livebox. This could be because your telephone line not be set up correctly. If this does not resolve the problem, then you will need to call Broadband Customer Support the light is is not activated 5 This light : is ON if a Wireless link is available Flashes if your Livebox is in PairingAssociation mode is OFF if a Wireless link is not active
The light is ON if your IP telephone line is available the light Flashes if the IP line is in use (eg making or receiving a call) the light is OFF if the service OFF if your Livebox is functioning correctly 2 This light : flashes rapidly when your Broadband is not synchronized.
1 Failure light 2 Internet Service light 3 Local LAN Traffic light 4 Telephone light 5 the set up of your broadband filters. After this test : the light has not been enable for Orange Broadband yet. You should reboot your Livebox by removing the power cable and then replacing it is ON if a failure is detected. Alternatively, you may need to check Wireless light functions of the lights:1 This light flashes during the startup diagnostics of your Livebox. Flashes slowly when your Broadband is synchronized but you have not correctly installed your Livebox, eg your username and password haven't been entered correctly is ON when you have successfully logged into your broadband account 3 When this light is flashing it indicates that data traffic is being passed from your computer to the Livebox, such as when you're surfing the web. 4 This light indicates the state of your Wireless & Talk telephone service.

Orange are sending me a it on the system and just install the new disk???Would there be any conflict to leave it on?
Disk.Do I need to uninstall the old disk program OR remove it from the system via addremove OR leave new one with new install.
My 5 year old wanadoo livebox has given up the ghost.

Replaced the inverter thinking there was a logic problem there (the power to the wireless adapter indicator works normally. Otherwise, it operates normally - start button to IBM BIOS screen to XP, etc.  This happens regardless of whether on battery or AC supply. This is a 15" 2379-R9U that has been my chief workhorse for years. I have -1. And inverter cable on all ends.2. Go Solved! Tried reflashing the latest BIOS 3.23 with the download .Exe file but it refused as it was the same version not an the LCD fluorescent back-light was fine on the original), and the same behavior occurred.3. Reseated the motherboard to LCD panel upgrade. Could this be a defective cable to the entire LCD panel, signs of a dying motherboard, defective RAM, etc.? Are there any diagnostics to test this?

I have some strange problems with all the "below-the-LCD-display status indicator lights (Power, Battery, Caps Shift, etc.) being dark EXCEPT the left-hand wireless indicator which works fine.  All the indicators failed at the same time, not one-by-one.  It seems most peculiar that only to Solution.

When I had the same problem, some years ago, on my T23 the mainboard was it out before you can definitely say it's the mainboard, unless of course other members have other ideas.

As you've already replaced it I guess it only leaves the option of replacing the cable to rule replaced, thankfully at the time it was still in warranty.
The LEDs sit on the inverter.

I've also checked that when fully charged with the voltmeter and that works as specified in the user manual (found at http:www.2shared.Comfile3900367f777f80eSG_AS7720_7720G_BOOK.Html?S=1)
Whilst it is of it in the guide. The battery works, I've recently replaced it because the old one died. After a period of time it goes off, and to get a replacement keyboard.

When I remove the plug it stops flashing and the left for your time,



Sometimes when I plug in my laptop to the mains the the negative and ground connectors for the battery it reads 0.8volts. When I plug the charger in and place the voltmeter on lights are supposed to indicate? I've put a voltmeter on the charger plug fine, the next it won't. When it's turned on the power button works, it's just missing. It seems starts flashing like this:
This is whilst it's turned off. Thank you and that reads 18.5volt whilst plugged to the mains. It makes no mention charging light goes to orange to signify it's charging the battery. The missing key still light starts flashing orange and a darker orange. One day it'll be to happen sporadically. Does anyone know what these like this the battery does not charge and the computer runs as if it were on battery power, not plugged in, whilst the lights flash. I've not gotten round light shows a solid green, as does the power button li... Read more

Sorry folks doing wrong?
I was all set up and running, turned the pc off turned it I am back. This is what happened before. What am I on, it said I had a connection but unable to get on any website.

Is the @ light flashing fastslow at all?

hello everyone

so to start off i'm in france and i dont speak a word of french so i knew this thing could be a pain to set up but i just can't get it going, the orange guys aren't any help and they dont want to send any tech guys over to set it up for me eather instead they want me to call them for support (can't do that because my phone needs to go through the internet which isn't working) and the place i'm in doesn't offer any cell phone reception (aparently no companies work in this building)

so right now i have the live box + tv + phone package i've set it up the best i can according to the pictures they provided in there manuals but i just can't get it working (i guess it doesn't help that the pictures are of a slightly different version of the livebox and the operating system is an older version) i've tried to use both 1 and 2 pairing modes i've switched the filters and i've reset everything, i've also turned off all my security options and tried to connect through both eathernet and wireles, when i try to connect it says i have connected (and with wireless i ahve full signal strength) but the @ symbol on my livebox just flashes at me same with the wireless symbol
so if anyone knows what i need to do or what i'm missing or even better a step by step guide to setting this bugger up (pictures help but breif descriptions will work) that would be amazing

thanks in advance

~a canadian lost ... Read more