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€1.60 Tuesday, sepTember 14, 2021 throw-torioUs mcGregor chucks drink at rapper – first for breaking news McGregor splashes out at MTV awards Conor’s biZarre DUst-UP: see Page 3 ‘Wrong to convict Dwyer on mobile phone evidence’ MUrDerer’s biD for freeDoM: Page 5 ronaldo: Lettuce be fit for victory see sPort country music sensation BROOK WHO’S BACK! Seven years after breaking our hearts, Garth in talks for a return to Croke Park By ailbhe Daly and DaviD kent GarTH brooks is set to return to Ireland next autumn – nearly a decade after breaking fans’ hearts in the five-in-a-row fiasco. The country legend is in talks to headline three shows in Croke Park in September 2022. A well-placed source confirmed to the Irish Mirror legenD Garth brooks last night: “It’s 100% true. The final talks are in place to make it happen next year.” Music broadcaster Pat Carty said yesterday there may be a handful of gigs planned. He added: “The rumour is there that Garth Brooks is going to appear in Croke Park for three dates next September and there is the possibility of a tUrn to Page 9

2 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 THE WEATHER TODAY Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain Early mist and fog will clear. Then cloudy with a chance of showers or spells of rain, mostly across western areas. Brighter spells will develop during the afternoon but there will be a few showers around too. Light westerly winds. OUTLOOK Mostly dry but cloudy tomorrow and Thursday Tomorrow will be dull and cloudy with a chance of showers developing. Thursday will be largely dry but fairly dull and cloudy. HIGH WATER: Belfast (05.01, 17.31) Dublin (05.37, 18.09) Galway (11.26) London Bridge (07.31, 19.57) Liverpool (04.49, 17.28) Aberdeen (07.30, 20.06) Cardiff (00.19, 12.45) ABROAD C F C F Amsterdam C 17 63 Las Palmas F 27 81 Athens F 28 82 Madrid F 26 79 Barcelona F 28 82 Malaga F 27 81 Benidorm F 29 84 Malta S 28 82 Biarritz F 29 84 Miami SH 32 90 Costa Brava F 31 88 Nice S 25 77 Crete S 27 81 Paris F 24 75 Ibiza F 28 82 Sydney SH 16 61 Larnaca S 31 88 Tenerife S 29 84 S Sun, C Cloud, F Fair, SH Shower, R Rain, DR Drizzle, FG Fog, SN Snow, TH Thunder SUNRISE: 06.34 SUNSET: 19.17 WARMEST: Thomastown 18C (64F) COLDEST: Castlederg 12C (54F) WETTEST: Cork 0.83ins SUNNIEST: Castlederg 4.2hrs 10 Min Crossword 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 aCRoss 6 Assume, take on (5) 7 Dine (3) 8 Singing Xmas songs (9) 13 Chief supporters (9) 18 Polyvinyl chloride (abbr.) (3) 19 Stinks (5) DoWn 1 Body powder (4) 2 Wild pig (4) 3 And others (2,2) 4 Food shop (4) 5 Male deer (4) 9 _ Gardner, late actress (3) 10 Possess (3) 11 Fate (3) 12 No vote (3) 13 Charts (4) 14 Paul __, ex-footballer (4) 15 Ride waves (4) 16 Chopping tools (4) 17 Figure out (4) MONDAy’s sOlUTIONs Across: 1 Start-ups, 6 Imp, 7 Accra, 9 Lair, 11 Lied, 12 Edit, 14 Zawe, 16 Named, 18 Mac, 19 Personal. Down: 1 Shilling, 2 Apple, 3 Thai, 4 PLC, 5 Nautical, 8 Crew, 10 Adze, 13 Demon, 15 Adds, 17 Moe. Brought to you by 4-page puzzle pullout inside exclusive BY FeRGHaL bLaNeY Political Editor Eamon Ryan has drafted new legislation that would block any future objections to cycle lanes. The Transport Minister’s proposed change in laws would put a stop to legal challenges to cycleways that have plagued planners trying to get them on roads this year. a senior source in his department said: “This would be an attempt to bypass the planning regulations by inserting a clause that exempts infrastructure for non-mechanical vehicles from normal planning rules. “It basically means cycleway plans can avoid scrutiny.” a source close to the Minister told the Irish Mirror last night the idea is that local authorities would be allowed to trial transport infrastructure projects such as bikelanes or footpaths for a certain period such as six or nine months, during which there would be public consultation. at the end of the trial, councillors would then vote on whether to keep it or not. a similar system is used in the uK. mEEtinGs The Irish Mirror has learned about a number of high-level meetings attended by an assistant secretary General and several Principal officers of the Department of Transport last Wednesday. and this newspaper has seen a copy of the proposed new legislation, provisionally titled: the european union (roads act 1993) (environmental Impact assessment and habitats) (amendment) regulations 2021. It would be filed as a statutory Instrument, which means it can be introduced by the stroke of a minister’s pen and would not have to pass any opposition there might be to it in the Dail. The Green party leader, Mr ryan, is an avid cyclist and his party is very much in favour of massive increases in infrastructure. But some of the developments have annoyed motorists and residents, as it means less room for traffic on main thoroughfares, and “rat runs” created through housing estates to get around the new lane structures. sWabbeD Man gets tested 15% How many people over the age of 18 take a journey by bike here Got a story? email our newsdesk on: DMEEIR Cycleways to bypass planning regulations » legal fights regulations » Covid-19 future put to test The hse is considering scaling back covid testing as the pandemic eases. chief clinical officer Dr colm henry confirmed a discussion paper was submitted to the National Public health emergency Team, highlighting the need for a more focused approach in the months ahead. he told rTe there are “no plans at the moment to change the testing regime or indications”. Dr henry said: “What we are doing now is imagining the transition from a pandemic stage to an endemic stage where this disease is no longer considered exceptional but part of a profile of other seasonal viruses.” Irish Mirror newsdesk: Commercial department: Marketing and Irish Mirror Bingo claims: Public notices: Write: 4th Floor, Independent House, 27-32 Talbot Street Dublin 1 would be over »» proposals avoid scrutiny patH aHeaD more cycleways could be on the way in ireland soon AROUND THE WORLD Israeli PM in trip to Egypt IsraelI PM Naftali Bennett is holding talks with egyptian President abdul Fattah al-sisi in sharm el-sheikh. It is the first official trip to egypt by an Israeli premier for a decade. The egyptian presidency said the two leaders would discuss bilateral and regional issues. Inmates free in gun battle oFFIcIals in Nigeria’s Kogi state say 240 prisoners have escaped after gunmen attacked a facility late on sunday. a large number of heavily armed attackers arrived at the prison and fought a fierce gun battle with the guards. Two security officers were reportedly killed. Kidnap probe after smash auThorITIes in Italy have launched an investigation after a child, the only survivor of a deadly cable car crash in May, was taken to Israel by his grandfather. eitan Biran’s parents, younger brother and two of his great grandparents were among 14 people killed in the accident. Afghans need €508m in aid The uN is seeking to raise more than €508million in aid for afghanistan, warning the country is facing a major humanitarian crisis. It is calling for international support at a conference in Geneva. The uN says the target will bring “vital relief ” to millions of people. This publication supports the work of the Press Council of Ireland and the Office of the Press Ombudsman and our staff operate within the Code of Practice. You can obtain a copy of the Code, or contact the Council, at, PH: (01) 6489130, Lo-call 1890 208 080 or email:

DMEEIR 3 TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR I only fight real fighters... I certainly don’t fight Vanilla Ice white rappers conor mcgregor on his row with machine gun kelly quick moves MMA’s Conor McGregor on red carpet Conor throws some punch COmFOrT Megan is consoled afterwards FiST OF FUrY Conor appears to aim punch at MGK at awards CrOwd COnTrOl Security hold back Conor Fighter rows at awards bash By Cillian O’Brien CONOR McGregor has labelled musician Machine Gun Kelly a “little Vanilla Ice rapper” following a scuffle on the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards. The MMA star’s row comes after the pair were held back by security at the Barclays Center in New York. McGregor, 33, was joined by his partner Dee Devlin while the rapper arrived with his actress girlfriend Megan Fox. The Dubliner insisted “nothing happened” and said he didn’t even know who Machine Gun Kelly was. The fighter told Entertainment Tonight: “Absolutely nothing happened. “I don’t know. I just showed up and I don’t know. “I don’t even know the guy to be honest with you. “ N o t h i n g happened with me, I only fight real fighters, people that actually fight, you know what I mean. I dreSSed TO Thrill Megan Fox certainly don’t fight little Vanilla Ice white rappers. “I don’t even know the guy. I don’t know anything about him, except that he’s with Megan Fox.” US website TMZ claimed the clash happened after McGregor asked the musician for a photo but was shunned. Sources told the publication that MGK then pushed Conor who stumbled and spilled his drink, before reportedly throwing what was left of it at the singer. The clash was captured by onlookers as McGregor appeared to lunge at the singer after a few choice words between the pair. He didn’t appear to be able to get his hands on the star as security pulled him away. McGregor, who was using a cane after suffering a leg break, took to the stage to award Justin Bieber his artist of the year prize. MGK was also quizzed about the alleged altercation but refused to comment.

4 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 Tributes as Boris’ mum dies aged 79 Boris Johnson’s mother has died “suddenly and peacefully” at the age of 79. Charlotte Johnson Wahl, a respected artist, met the Prime Minister’s father, stanley, when she was 18. However, the couple divorced in 1979. Ms Johnson Wahl later married American professor Nicholas Wahl in 1988. she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 40. Mr Johnson previously described her as the “supreme authority” in his family. He said she taught him “to believe strongly in the equal importance, dignity and worth of every human being on the planet”. 464 patients waiting for a hospital bed A NUrsEs union is “extremely concerned” after the highest number of patients on trolleys was recorded since the start of the pandemic. The irish Nurses and Midwives organisation revealed 464 patients were waiting for beds yesterday. Worst affected was University Hospital Limerick with 61, followed by Cork University Hospital with 60 and University Hospital Galway with 55. An iNMo spokesman said: “The iNMo executive council is extremely concerned at these exceptionally high numbers and will be discussing the matter today.” Cybersecurity firm to create 100 new jobs A NEW York cybersecurity company is to set up a new technology centre in Belfast, creating 100 jobs. Agio provides artificial intelligence tech for the financial services sector. Nineteen of the roles – a team of tech engineers – have already been filled. The additional positions, which will be filled over the next five years, will be a mix of homebased roles and jobs located at Agio’s new tech centre at Urban HQ. stormont business support agency invest Ni has offered €760,000 to support the project, which will generate €5.2million worth of annual salaries to the North’s economy. park life.. Celebs in St Anne’s Park Stars Boyne to be wild.. DMEEIR €1k in Dublin How much Boyne Valley Group donated to each of the celebs’ charities SIX celebs have stepped up for an eco challenge to raise funds for charity and to encourage others to make more sustainable choices. Former Miss World Rosanna Davison, ex-rugby star Donncha O’Callaghan, TV presenter Kathryn Thomas, hurling manager Davy Fitz and broadcaster Baz Ashmawy posed in St Anne’s Park in Dublin for the launch of the Be Part Of Something Bigger Challenge. Influencer Rachel Gorry is also on board. Household brand GreenAware, part of Co Louth-based Boyne Valley Group, has challenged the stars to be leaders in sustainability and donated €1,000 to each of their charities. ‘Appalling’ attacks on TV licence inspectors By SEAN MURPHY TV licence dodgers are still evading the €160 fee in massive numbers while inspectors also face abuse on the doorsteps. An Post figures show compliance is lower than it has been in recent years – with the numbers of TV licences bought below levels last seen in 2019. Communications Minister Catherine Martin last month said the 2020 evasion rate was 15.16% – nearly as high as 2014’s 15.25% rate. Claims have also emerged about hard-working TV inspectors at the semistate company being targeted at some homes with “appalling verbal attacks”. An industry spokesman said: “The vitriol and attitudes met on the doorstep by some TV licence inspectors is terrible. “some receive appalling verbal attacks. We believe these are copycat €160 fee evasion rate hits 15.16% attacks that are generated on Facebook and emerged originally in the UK. “TV inspectors are there to encourage people to pay the licence. it’s only a last resort when there is a move to the courts. it is a sensible process. “People find the money for TV services like Netflix and home cinemas, but they are slow to pay their TV licence. “There’s a whole new awareness that people need trustworthy news and people are using TV news bulletins that are paid for by the TV licence.” An Post has said it is hopeful “activity is now climbing back to 2019 levels (i.e. pre-Covid) with first-time TV licences, in particular, getting back to their 2019 level”. There were 1,025,534 TV licences bought in 2019 and 961,277 purchased last year in 2020. inspectors’ work was suspended last December 26 under Covid-19 restrictions as their job was not considered an essential service, but they returned to action on June 7 to blitz households this summer to make up €1k How much you could be fined for not paying your TV licence 1m How many TV licences were purchased in 2019 with 961,277 in 2020 for lost time. The TV licence fee has been €160 since January 2008 when it increased from €158. Failure to buy one can result in a court appearance, a fine of up to €1,000 or a prison sentence. A departmental briefing last year to Minister Martin warned TV licence compliance was at an “unacceptable level”. An Post said: “We are awaiting the conclusion of the Future of Media Commission to examine the future of the media in ireland including sustainable funding sources, changes in audience behaviour and changes in technology.” An Post is urging people to purchase or renew their TV licence through post offices or online via the website.

DMEEIR 5 TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR fEstIvE Shopping plans Retailers tell of shortages in the run-up to Christmas BY coLIn BrEnnAn CHRISTMAS shoppers have been given a warning ahead of potential issues such as supply problems and shipping costs skyrocketing. Some of the largest toy and home furnishing companies in the country have said they are experiencing delays ahead of the festive period. IKEA Ireland warned of supply chain problems affecting the delivery of products at its Irish stores, with up to 10% of goods unavailable. A spokesperson said: “Like many retailers, we are experiencing ongoing challenges with our supply chains due to Covid-19 and labour shortages, with transport, raw materials and sourcing all impacted” Penney is still waiting on the delivery of some autumn and winter stock due to port disruptions. A spokeswoman said: “We are experiencing some delays to the handover of some autumn/ winter inventory caused by port and container freight disruptions. “These delays are expected to reduce the inventory at the year end by some £200million compared to expectation with a corresponding increase in cash on hand.” Smyths Toys Ireland advised people to shop early because container shortages are causing supply issues. Airline starts up link to UK AER Lingus has restarted reduced flights to London from an airport in the West for the first time since March 2020. The Shannon to London Heathrow service returned yesterday with a daily flight at 5pm, down from three a day pre-pandemic. The route from Shannon will operate for the duration of the runway closure at Cork Airport. The facility shut yesterday for a €40million investment and is due to reopen on November 22. Dwyer’s mobile phones ‘useD as personal tracking Devices’ State’s data use in trial slammed BY AILBHE DALY MURDERER Graham Dwyer’s lawyers yesterday blasted the Irish State for using mobile phone data to get convictions. They told the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg that Dwyer’s phones were effectively used as “personal tracking devices”. But Ireland’s Attorney General Paul Gallagher said the data had a “critical role” in fighting crime. If the court doesn’t agree it could lead to Dwyer – jailed in 2015 for murdering childcare worker Eileen O’Hara – and other convicts being released. The hearing took place in the ECJ yesterday in front of 13 judges. It saw Remy Farrell SC argue for Dwyer, saying ECJ case law created the idea that keeping private phone data was wrong and it shouldn’t be used as evidence. He told the court: “The well-established idea that general and indiscriminate retention of private mobile phone data should not be permissible as evidence. “The act of retention of data is not neutral. Retained data is not inert. “Apart from the chilling effect, its very existence invites use. “The case mobile phones were effectively used as personal tracking devices. “In short, the purpose of the domestic proceedings is to establish that some of the evidence used in this trial was obtained in breach of his charter rights.” He also said the analysis of phone data showing the times, frequency and numbers could be “more invasive of one’s privacy” than actually reading what was said in the messages. However, Mr Gallagher said the retention and use of such mobile phone data has a “critical role” in fighting serious crime and its use for such purposes is disproportionate. Dwyer was sentenced for life for the murder of Ms O’Hara, 36, with mobile phone metadata kept by service providers playing a major role in his conviction. The data was used by the prosecution team to show who the killer was Retained data is not inert. Apart from the chilling effect, its very existence invites use remy farrell luxembourg court yesterday contacting and where his phone was at crucial times around the time of her death in August 2012. The 48-year-old won a High Court challenge in 2018 against the validity of the Communications (Retention of Data) Act 2011, which was used by gardai to seize his phone data. In Ireland, the law had meant the only scrutiny governing Garda access to data was by An Garda Siochana themselves, rather than by a judge. If the ECJ decide to rule against Ireland, Dwyer is expected to argue in another case that his conviction should be quashed due to Irish data rules not matching EU law. In two recent cases, the ECJ found that EU member states and mobile p h o n e vIctIm Elaine O’Hara sadist killer Dubliner Graham Dwyer providers do not have the right to retain data on citizens. Because of the recent cases, it was suggested the ECJ asked the Irish Supreme Court if it wished to proceed with its referral of the Dwyer case. His release would pose a headache for the Government which could be forced to provide a refuge and possibly a new identity for one of the country’s most notorious killers. If the phone evidence is inadmissible, it will be a major blow for gardai whose meticulous investigation led to Dwyer’s conviction and life sentence. Ms O’Hara’s remains were discovered on Killakee Mountain, South Dublin, in 2013. It had been expected Dwyer would serve at least 25 years after his conviction following an eight-week trial at Dublin’s Central Criminal Court in 2015. However, it is likely he will be out in just five.

6 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 DMEEIR FINE GAEL READY TO LOOSEN cONFIDENT Labour chief Alan Kelly yesterday Kelly: Labour can double its seats in Dail By Ferghal Blaney Political Editor LaBour leader alan Kelly is confident Labour can double its Dail seats in the next General Election. He was in buoyant mood at the party’s away day yesterday afternoon ahead of the new Dail term starting this week. The party is on a high after Senator Ivana Bacik unexpectedly won this summer’s Dublin Bay South by-election to bring their TD tally to seven. When asked by the Irish Mirror if he could see Labour at least double the number of Dail seats, Mr Kelly said: “I absolutely do. “We’ve incredible talent in our parliamentary party, both in our Dail and Seanad and we’ve four senators who are fighting to get into Dail Eireann, and we’ll be doing everything we can to support them. “But we also have fantastic people, fantastic councillors across the constituencies. “I personally, I would say this, but I think we’ve some of the best councillors in Ireland. DISRUPTOR “Covid-19 has been a great disruptor and has shown what Government can achieve when our people need State support. “We cannot go back to the stagnant pre-Covid policies. “Too many people are just about getting by or struggling. “When they say we need to build back better, what we need is to build back fairer. We need a new social contract. “Labour won’t continue to accept tired arguments from this Government that freezing rent isn’t possible, that a single tier health service isn’t possible, or creating a sustainable tax base that isn’t reliant on foreign direct investment isn’t possible. Mr Kelly also unveiled a newlyreshuffled front bench at the think-in, with him handing the health portfolio to Duncan Smith. Ms Bacik takes on environment while rebbeca Moynihan takes over from Ms Bacik as Seanad leader. Deficit is needed to pay for support needed in crisis paschal donohoe yesterday My focus is on the vulnerable & how to improve situation heather humphreys yesterday By CIara Phelan Political Correspondent SOcIal welfare recipients and pensioners are set for a cash boost and middle-income earners will get a tax cut in next month’s Budget, Tanaiste leo Varadkar said yesterday. Confirming he will lead his party into the next General Election, he added: “Absolutely, and I’m looking forward to it.” Mr Varadkar said: “There will be a tax package to help middleincome people in particular, there will be a welfare and pensions package and also there will be a package to 50% fall in unemployment by next year according to the Government’s estimate help businesses particularly those sectors that are not fully open and need a bit more help. “That will be negotiated between now and Budget day. I’m not going to put figures on it yet. “There will be additional investment in public services and infrastructure. “The reason why Fine Gael is calling for that pensions and welfare package to be in the Budget is because there Leo’s Budget Bonanza » » » Varadkar vows middle incomes will see tax boost hasn’t been an increase in the State pension now for a number of years, hasn’t been an increase in the basic weekly payments on welfare for a number of years and I think that was acceptable at a time when the cost of living wasn’t rising. “It now is. We’ve seen a return to inflation.” Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys said “her focus is going to be on the vulnerable and how we can improve the situation for people reliant on social welfare payments”. Speaking at the Fine Gael think-in in Trim, Co Meath, yesterday, she added: “The cost of living is going up so these issues will be taken into consideration when I’m doing my Budget negotiations.” Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe said the strategy is to aim to “get our borrowing down to such a level in 2023 that by that point we’ll no longer be borrowing for day-to-day spending”. He added: “We are going to be recording a high deficit for this year. “This is needed to pay for our wage subsidy scheme, PUP and the additional support needed when we were dealing with the pandemic. “I’m well aware of the high level of debt we have... but what he [Varadkar] has talked about and what I have That was acceptable when cost of living wasn’t rising. It is now leo varadkar yesterday » Tanaiste also says pension and benefits will rise talked about is about simply helping our workers, helping our vulnerable and keeping up with the cost of living.” Mr Donohoe said the Government expects the jobless rate to be halved by next year. Speaking to RTE’s Morning Ireland, the Tanaiste said: “We believe it’s possible to make the cake bigger, to make your country richer and by doing so then you don’t need to increase taxes.” Mrs Humphreys has also warned there are “very difficult decisions” to be made on the State pension. A report commissioned by her recommended gradually increasing Climate plan by October By DomInIC mcgrath GrEEN Party leader Eamon ryan has said the Government’s latest plan for tackling the climate change will be published next month. Speaking at the start of his party’s think-in in South Dublin, he added they would now build on the successes of the first year in Government. Mr ryan also promised junior agriculture minister Pippa Hackett would “change every farm as we have the carbon budget, we also have the climate action plan coming and the common agricultural policy reform”. He said the Climate advisory Council would report back on Ireland’s carbon budgets in the next two weeks, while the review of the National Development Plan would be complete by the final week of September. Mr ryan said: “They’re all connected. It will all be delivered. We can’t do it all top-down, but we will provide the funding. It is there, that is clear.” He added the new Common agricultural Policy during the think-in and the National Biodiversity action Plan will be discussed at the think-in. Mr ryan said his party has a “vision” for addressing the decline in species and habitats. DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 7 THE PURSE STRINGS SPEND SPREE Leo Varadkar in Co Meath yesterday By Ciara Phelan TAoISeACh Micheal Martin insisted he was not told about Katherine Zappone’s UN role as Leo Varadkar has denied attempting to throw him under the bus. The Tanaiste said the memo with her name was in the Taoiseach’s office the day before the Cabinet meeting in July. The Cabinet approved her appointment but Mr Martin was “blindsided” and has accepted an apology from Foreign Minister Simon Coveney and Mr Varadkar. The Fine Gael leader told RTe’s Morning Ireland: “The memo with the IN DArk oN eNvoy job name of Katherine Zappone was in the Taoiseach’s office the day before the Cabinet meeting. “Mr Coveney and I had a responsibility to flag that to him. That’s why we took responsibility and apologised.” A spokesman for Mr Martin said: “The Taoiseach was not informed of the name proposed for the appointment before Cabinet. Nor was he alerted at the leaders meeting and the Tanaiste and Foreign Minister have apologised. “The first time the Taoiseach was aware Ms Zappone was being nominated for a role was at the Cabinet meeting, once the memo was distributed. “An email from the Secretary General of DFA to the Secretary General in the Department of Taoiseach was sent at 9.24pm on the blindsided Micheal Martin night before Cabinet.” the qualifying age by three months between 2028 and 2031 before gradually increasing to 68 by 2039. The Pensions Commission suggested this could be achieved in part by increasing PRSI contributions from 4% to 11% for self-employed workers but Fine Gael are not in favour of this. Mrs Humphreys said: “At the end of the day, what we want to do is protect the State pension so young people who start a working life today will get the same benefits as those who retire today or tomorrow and that’s really at the heart mY vISION Green Party leader Eamon Ryan 68 Proposed qualifying age for a State pension by the year 2039 of the decisions we need to make.” Meanwhile, Mr Varadkar admitted it “wasn’t a very flattering photo” of him at a music festival posted on Twitter. He faced a backlash from the live events industry who said his decision to go to the UK gig on the weekend that Electric Picnic was due to be held was “tone deaf ”. Mr Varadkar said: “Two days later, concerts, exhibitions, big matches, big events in Ireland were allowed and I was one of the people who made sure we had that plan in place for the event sector and I took the view that because it was only two days, maybe it wouldn’t matter. “It wasn’t very flattering and if the shoe was on the other foot, it’s not a photo I would have posted of somebody else and I have never done something like that. “But I am a public figure and, to a certain extent, it goes with the territory that if you’re out and about in public, people will take photos of you.” He also responded to the letter his partner Matthew Barrett sent to the Irish Times in which he criticised the photo, stating it shows people will “celebrate” the violation of another person’s privacy.

8 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 Man killed in bike collision A MOTORCYCLIST has died and another is in a critical condition following two separate crashes. Shortly after 10am on Sunday, a man in his 40s was killed when his bike collided with a car on the Old Dublin Road in Galway. His death brings the number of fatalities on the roads this year to 102. A 22-year-old is in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, Co Louth, following a two vehicle collision on Saturday on the N2 in Ardee at 8.20pm. on patrol Taliban fighters on the tarmac at Kabul airport yesterday DMEEIR up and away PIA flight taking off from Kabul China cyber spies aiding the Taliban Surveillance bid to stop revolts exclusive by chris hughes Defence and Security Editor THE Taliban have recruited Chinese cyber spies to help them snoop on Afghan civilians in a mission to prevent revolts against their iron rule. Beijing has sent its best communications experts to Kabul to show the Taliban how to intercept phone calls on land lines and mobile networks, and monitor internet use and social media. Western intelligence sources say the aim will be to stop rebellions being organised on social media, as happened across the Middle East during the Arab Spring. A US intelligence source said: “China has been wooing the pilot Cockpit of PIA flight Taliban, preparing for this day for years. “It has controlled citizen communication for a long time and has become adept at monitoring phones, the internet, all forms of communication. “This is likely to give the Taliban immense power and control over the entire country as social media could be an enabler to those wanting to revolt. It also gives people they are hunting down, such as former officials and security personnel, few options in how they communicate with other networks.” Taliban chiefs fear groups such as the National Resistance Front and women’s rights activists will gain mass support and they have already banned protest. Last week, two journalists were beaten for reporting on demos. The source told the Mirror: “The Taliban could exert huge power over its population if China installs surveillance systems like those in its own country. “This has appalling implications for human rights in Afghanistan, creating an atmosphere of being constantly watched and monitored. Unlike western democracies, it is unlikely the Taliban’s Beijing contacts will have qualms about human rights.” A Pakistan International Airways plane from Islamabad yesterday became the first international flight to land at Kabul airport since the Taliban retook power last month. @defencechris

DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 9 Get ready to Brook your tickets.. again expecting Host Thomas Kathryn to be OT presenter in due course By katie gallagher Kathryn t h o m a s revealed Operation transformation bosses are working the new season around her due date. the rtE presenter, 42, is expecting her second child with Padraig McLoughlin at the end of October. She told the Irish Mirror: “the production team have been fantastic as they always are and I had a chat with Philip [producer] months ago, he was one of the first people who knew I was pregnant. “they’re just going to work around me and whatever I’m available to do. I’m still hoping to be back to work before Christmas to do all the interviews with them. “But I am definitely not going to be there for assessment day.” hearing Gamal Aziz US college admissions trial begins By mirror reporters twO businessmen sought to use their wealth to fraudulently secure spots for their children at elite US universities, a court heard yesterday. Former casino executive Gamal aziz and private equity firm founder John wilson paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure spots for their children at the University of Southern California as “phony” athletic recruits, assistant US attorney Leslie wright told a federal jury in Boston. Both men deny wrongdoing, claiming they believed the money was for donations to the universities, not bribes. aziz’s lawyer said: “Giving money to a school with a hope it gets your kid in is not a crime.” nappy days Miriam O’Callaghan and Eabha By katie gallagher MiriaM O’Callaghan revealed she’s bursting with joy as she became a grandmother for the first time. The rTE broadcaster, 61, could barely contain her pride at little Eabha anne Breathnach. Mum-of-eight Miriam said: “So my little girl alannah just had a little girl – and we had the best day christening her yesterday. She is my first grandchild and i am over the moon. incredible love all over again. “Extra special that my mum – Eabha’s great grandmother – was with us celebrating too. Eternally Eabha baby grandaughter mothers pride Miriam and Alannah grateful for life’s kindnesses.” Fellow broadcaster Lucy Kennedy said: “aw lovely news!” Her rTE colleague and new mum Sinead Kennedy added: “Congratulations Miriam and alannah too of course! “i’d say you’ve gorgeous Eabha spoiled rotten…dead right.” croken hearts Star in Dublin in 2014 From page one second weekend – so more gigs to come. In 2014, you had the five-in-a-row fiasco. “what happened was they booked the five dates and sold the tickets – you are talking about 400,000 tickets and people queuing up overnight for it – and then Dublin City Council came in and said, ‘Listen we’ve only given you a licence for three dates’. “Garth Brooks himself said, ‘Listen, I am either doing the five or none at all’. “there were protests, there were Oireachtas hearings, there were people pulling their hair out on the street, all that kind of thing, but they didn’t go ahead, as we know, so this would be the big return of Garth Brooks.” Mr Carty said country music has always had a special place in Ireland, telling newstalk: “we’re talking about everything from country and Irish with Daniel O’Donnell up to Garth Brooks – it is just music people love, it is as simple as that. “But if you look at Garth Brooks, he is doing some dates in america and they sold 86,000 tickets for a gig in nebraska in 75 minutes. “he is the only artist in history in america that has nine albums that have been classified diamond status – and that is 10 million-plus sales of each album.” Earlier this year, news broke that the Friends In Low Places hitmaker was one of the four potential acts being lined up for the two massive outdoor gigs in May of next year. aiken Promotions are running the two shows on april 23 and april 24 and they coverage How Mirror reported story in 2014 are the Irish agents for Bruce Springsteen, Ed Sheeran and Brooks. It’s understood that instead of the april dates, Brooks will play three nights in September in the Gaa headquarters. no official comment has been made by aiken Promotions, Croke Park and Dublin County Council. Brooks last played Ireland in 1997.

10 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 DMEEIR Ex-Dublin Mayor brands RTE a ‘disgrace’ for airing show COMMENT 4th Floor, Independent House, 27-32 Talbot Street Dublin 1 Sex beast Dwyer not innocent THE day Graham Dwyer’s trial began, the prosecution described the killing as “very nearly the perfect murder”. What followed was a case that gripped the nation as the perverse nature of his relationship with his victim, Elaine O’Hara, unfolded through witnesses and data uncovered from phones. The retention of this data has become a sticky subject as it was found Irish laws weren’t in line with what the EU wanted, meaning there was and is a very real chance Dwyer’s conviction could be quashed entirely. The landmark case before the European Courts of Justice is examining if using the data to convict him was legally correct. There is so much still up in the air in relation to this case and it would need to be decided if the final ruling would apply only to future cases or can be backdated to Dwyer’s and others. If he is freed, the State will be expected to provide him with a new identity and help him get back on his feet. After hearing the intimate details of the pair’s sexual relationship, it is very hard to see him as innocent. Dwyer portrayed himself as a hard-working family man, devoted to his job and dedicated to his wife and kids. But behind closed doors was a depraved beast, hungry to cause pain and, ultimately, costing an innocent and naive woman her life. Vicious cycle of planning rules LEAVE it to bike-mad Eamon Ryan to draft legislation that would ban objections to cycleways. In fairness to the Green Party leader, safe paths for cyclists is a pretty decent use of his power that will benefit both citizens and tourists alike. The proposed changes mean infrastructure for bikes would be immune from normal planning rules, saving planners the headache of battling legal teams trying to halt them. But it does beg the question of how much more could be done by the Government if it personally impacted them. Hit soar spot.. RYANAIR chief Micheal O’Leary has warned flights will rise in price next year if restrictions continue. And what’s more, he thinks hotels will jack up their prices too. We’ll stick to the staycations then. By Sandra Mallon and Sarah Slater KIN writer Peter McKenna says he was keen to show the consequences of violence – as former Dublin Mayor Christy Burke calls for the series to be axed. The Independent councillor branded RTE “a disgrace” after airing new gangland drama Kin – which stars Clare Dunne, Emmett Scanlan and Aidan Gillen. Around 500,600 tuned in to watch the first episode of the Dublin crime drama, which centres around the Kinsella family as they become embroiled in a drugs war with a rival gang. And despite the glowing reviews from many, Mr Burke has demanded the broadcaster take the show off the air. He said: “If all RTE can provide is a young guy, then a woman using cocaine, then a 17-year-old drinking alcohol in front of his mother and a guy with a very fake Dublin accent again using drugs, what kind of message is this sending out about Irish society? “They need to under- stand families all over Ireland have lost loved ones through drug use along with young people being shot dead due to crime. “The national broadcaster outraged Christy Burke needs to ask itself what this series stands for. “This city is awash with cocaine and anti-social behaviour and deaths of so many involved in crime feuds, it doesn’t need any further glamorising which without a doubt impacts on young people’s behaviour.” Cllr Burke added he has been “inundated” by texts from families not only affected directly by drugs but by others who are “sickened by the glamourising” of such crime and the “vulgar” use of violence. He said: “Not only is this bad enough but there was also a smart remark about Alcoholics Anonymous. They should realise people attend this extremely important organisation to help them to recover.” Mr Burke told RTE Radio One: “I think after the feud, it’s bringing back memories to families who have lost loved ones.” He said he was “born and reared in the belly of it”, adding he’s carried more than 200 coffins over the years in his constituency from the feud. A spokesman for RTE said they were making no comment on Mr Burke’s views. But Kin writer and 500k How many people tuned in for the first episode of the new crime drama crime DrAmA Charlie Cox plays Mikey Kinsella Vexed of Kin tragedy Mikey realises his nephew Jamie is dead in the street violence Scene from the series showrunner Peter McKenna said he wanted to make sure consequences were shown for the character’s actions. He added: “The one thing I was really conscious of when writing a gangland show was to make sure we addressed the consequences of violence. “Often, in this genre, characters are killed, disappear and are never mentioned again. “I didn’t want that to be the case. We see the fallout of violence. “The grief, the suffering, the pain. And the endless cycle of retribution. At times our characters’ lives seem like hell.” Mr McKenna also said filming during Covid wasn’t plain sailing but he feels honoured to be able to showcase Kin to the world as the series is funded internationally by American networks AMC. He The cast we secured eclipsed anything I could have hoped for peter mckenna yesterday added: “I was given an absolute gift – the opportunity to create and showrun a TV show set in Dublin that would be viewed globally. “That was the ambition from the very beginning – to tell a recognisably Irish story that would have an international appeal. “I’d be lying if I said it was always plain sailing, we filmed right through the worst of the Covid pandemic under an incredibly strict regime, aware that a single positive test had the potential to close us down. “But adversity worked in our favour. At the height of the lockdown these were the people you were spending all your time with. “As a writer, you always imagine a dream cast. The people you’d love to bring your characters to life. I can honestly say the cast we secured eclipsed anything I could have hoped for.”

DMEEIR 11 How could bIrth sIte a normal St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny by SEAN McCARTHAIGH The mother of a baby who died after complications at his birth broke down in tears yesterday as she recalled knowing something was wrong but not being given pregnancy any information by medical staff. Dublin District Coroner’s Court heard evidence from Grainne Somers about how her son Laurence lost his life on January 28, 2018. The tot died five days after she underwent an emergency Caesarean section as she was 11 days overdue. She asked the hearing: “How could end with us a normal pregnancy end with us not taking our son home in a car seat and instead in a tiny white coffin.” Ms Somers criticised how she and her husband Laurence were not informed at the time how seriously ill their son was or that he had to be resuscitated at birth. The inquest heard the baby died taking our in the Coombe Hospital in Dublin where he had been transferred for specialist cooling therapy which was later withdrawn. Ms Somers recalled holding her son for the first and last time after the couple had to make the “devastating decision” to switch off life support. She told the inquest how the tot son home died in her arms an hour later, leaving them “heartbroken and in disbelief ”. Professor John O’Leary, who carried out an autopsy on the boy, said Ms Somers essentially had a normal pregnancy up to the time of delivery. He added the cause of the death was severe hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy [brain damage due to a lack of supply of oxygen and in a coffin? blood] with the evidence suggesting such injuries occurred during or around the time of delivery. disTress The pathologist said the baby had also suffered foetal distress and persistent high blood pressure while a contributory factor was portal vein thrombosis [a blood clot in the vein between the liver and intestines]. In evidence, Ms Somers said her family had waited a long time for answers. She told how she raised the issue about the plan of care for her pregnancy at every hospital visit as she was “frightened” after being advised early in her second pregnancy that she had antibodies which could cause anaemia in her baby. Ms Somers said: “I was not provided with any information that would help me understand the risks, alternatives or the consequences of any decisions made or not made throughout my pregnancy, labour and birth and in particular in relation to the deci- I thought at the time that something was wrong... no one would tell me anything grainne somers at her baby son’s inquest yesterday sion to allow my pregnancy continue past 40 weeks gestation.” She said she was in shock when sent home after a tIny lIfe Baby Laurence Somers testImony Grainne Somers yesterday visit to St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny on January 22, 2018. She was 10 days overdue and understood she would be induced. Ms Somers said she returned to the hospital the following day as she was in pain but had to wait to be assessed. She told the inquest doctors and midwives “erupted into a frenzy of panicked activity” when informed she was in labour and her waters would have to be broken. Ms Somers said a doctor who asked her to sign TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR Mum tells inquest medics were in a ‘frenzy’ just before baby’s birth something quickly seemed “tense she saw her son was when he was or panicked”. brought into her room later before She added: “The atmosphere in the being transferred to Coombe. room was awful and I’ve never felt so Ms Somers said her son’s situation terrified on my own. I was extremely deteriorated on January 28, 2018, after frightened as I thought at the time a seizure and they were informed something was wrong but no one further intensive care would be futile. would tell me anything,” The inquest heard the hospital’s Ms Somers said she ultimately then policy of carrying out an ultrasound on women who were 10 days learned her son was born at 11.56am in an asphyxiated state. overdue was not performed on her. She added her husband was told by Prof Martin White, from the a consultant what happened their Coombe Hospital, said the baby had baby was “like a cot death in the experienced “an acute event” but womb”. there was no evidence to suggest it Following Laurence’s birth, Ms had happened days before his birth. Somers recalled waking up in pain in The hearing before coroner Dr a recovery room and being told he Crona Gallagher will continue today. “needed some TLC”. The first time


DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 13 COVER GIRL Magazine Now the Focus is firmly all on Alex FOOTbALL’S a game of two halves – just like Alex Scott’s daring outfit. The former player-turned-TV star wowed in briefs and short jacket in a daring magazine photoshoot. bbC Football Focus host, Alex, also posed in a split skirt and off-theshoulder number on a boat. The 36-year-old opened up about coping with trolls in an interview for Women’s Health. She said: “being an athlete, you’re used to criticism.. but trolling – it’s not related to what I can improve.” ■Read ■ the full interview in the October issue of Women’s Health UK, on sale now. ON THE THIGH SEAS Posing in split dress on boat Pictures: RAchell Smith CAREER LADDER Alex in daring fashion shoot Free Britney’s getting wed SET IN STONE Star shows off diamond by TOM BRYANT Head of Showbiz Britney Spears has announced her engagement to partner Sam Asghari after more than four years together. The pop superstar, whose dad Jamie recently filed to end the conservatorship controlling her life and career, shared a video of herself wearing a diamond ring. She wrote on Instagram: “I can’t f***ing believe it” alongside diamond ring emojis and a love heart. The video features an emotionallooking Britney, 39, showing off Star reveals she’s engaged to long-term boyfriend the gem while Iranian actor and fitness instructor Sam, 27, asks if she is pleased with it. “Yes!” says Britney, before kissing him on the cheek. The couple met on the set of a music video in 2016. Britney recently praised him for his support during her “hardest years”. New York City jewellers Forever Diamonds showed a close-up of the ring on their social media revealing the engraving “lioness”, Sam’s nickname for his now-fiancee. Britney was married to dancer Kevin Federline – father of their sons Preston, 16, and Jayden, 15 – from 2004-2007, and to childhood friend Jason Alexander for 55 hours in January 2004. She was also engaged to former agent Jason Trawick from HAppY COupLE Britney & Asghari 2011 to 2013. news@ @MirrorTom

FREE 14 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 DMEEIR pop legend donny boy band Donny, in yellow, with brothers in london, 1974 16.09.2019 23.09.2019 EMERY HAS bournemouth 3 everton 1 THE LAST LAUGH sorry silva gets travel sickness By paul brown MARCO SILVA warned sloppy Everton they need to learn their lesson quickly if they want to cure their chronic travel sickness. Callum Wilson (above) scored twice for Bournemouth yesterday as the Cherries sunk Silva’s side to record a first home league win of the season. The Toffees failed to capitalise on Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s first league turn to page 4 booed at half-time.. arsenal boss is delighted as fans cheer comeback win By PAUL BROWN UNAI EMERY hailed 10-man Arsenal for winning back their fans as they turned the jeers into cheers. Emery (left) saw his Gunners twice come from behind to beat Aston Villa with goals from Nicolas Pepe, Calum Chambers and Pierre-Emerick tURN to pAgE 3 THE HomE oF 24/7 FooTBALL TAMMY: i MighT kiss goodbYe To englAnd TOP OF THE TablE P W D L F A Pts Liverpool 6 6 0 0 17 5 18 Man City 6 4 1 1 24 6 13 Leicester 6 3 2 1 8 5 11 Arsenal 6 3 2 1 11 10 11 West Ham 6 3 2 1 8 7 11 Bournemouth 6 3 1 2 11 10 10 Tottenham 6 2 2 2 12 8 8 Man Utd 6 2 2 2 8 6 8 Burnley 6 2 2 2 8 7 8 Sheff Utd 6 2 2 2 7 6 8 SCREAMER Hero Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after his goal sealed an amazing victory for Arsenal THE HomE oF 24/7 FooTBALL Striker warns he could quit Three Lions to play for Nigeria instead Your tam is up Abraham may opt to play for Nigeria and that’s a blow for Gareth Southgate ON ThE jOT Of fuLL TImE! PALAcE 1 WOLVES 1 sEE pAgEs 4&5 ARSENAL 3 ASTON VILLA 2 By Dave armitage CHeLSea striker tammy abraham has refused to rule out a shock international defection to nigeria. The in-form frontman is on Gareth Southgate’s radar after netting seven goals in his last three games for the Blues. Abraham scored a hat-trick in the 5-2 destruction of Wolves, then issued a warning to the England boss that he might need to act quickly. The striker is still eligible to play for Nigeria – qualifying via his father – after making two Three Lions appearances in friendlies, but not yet earning a a competitive cap. Asked about No1 for sport in Ireland 4&5 We’re turn to page 7 Super pullouts EvERy Saturday and Monday inside your double act My fight On stage with sister Marie in their 70s heyday exclusive by tom bryant Head of Showbiz STEPPING out for the final song of his last Las Vegas show with sister Marie, Donny Osmond knew something was wrong. He says: “I couldn’t feel my arms, then suddenly my legs too. “I didn’t tell anyone what was happening to me... I just kept dancing and finished the show.” For the thousands of fans packed into the Flamingo Hotel to witness the end of Donny and Marie’s 11-year residency in Sin City, they were none the wiser. But that incident in November 2019 set in motion a 12-month nightmare that marked one of the most challenging moments in Donny’s 60-year career. Doctors found his spine had shifted due in part to previous injuries, including one sustained when he won the US version of Strictly Come Dancing in 2009. Back and neck surgery was a success but Donny suffered a fresh blow at his home in Utah. He says: “I got a secondary infection which meant I wasn’t able to move.” Donny endured months of rehab to get on his feet again, relying on a walking frame to hobble around. Asked if he was worried he would never be able to walk again, he says: “Oh sure, absolutely. But I didn’t take no for an answer.” As well as assembling a crack team of professionals to get him moving again, Donny also credits his Mormon beliefs as being central to his recovery. He says: “It was my faith, a lot of hard PIn-UP Donny as teenage star in 70s »» Osmond got crippling infection after spine surgery work and positive thinking.” During his nightmare, Donny had the support and love of his wife of 43 years Debbie, with whom he has five sons and 12 grandchildren. He says: “She knows exactly the sort of determination that I have and she knew I would be fine.” Slowly but surely, he managed to walk again after several months. Donny, 63, jokes the ordeal was in some ways a blessing in disguise as he retreated to his home studio. He says: “It enabled me to focus on my lyrics and on a new record.” Incredibly, these dark times coincided with some of the best music Donny has ever made. His new album Start Again is the first he has entirely co-written and produced, with the first single Who topping the iTunes chart. It is only after you learn of his health woes do you realise how the song’s video, in which Donny dances, must have meant a lot to DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 15 tells of major health battle stage return Donny in Vegas two weeks ago with marie Laughing at their Las Vegas residency in 2019 »» Singer endured months of rehab ... now he’s back new song to walk again.. In video for his chart-topping single Who him. He says: “I made the video a year and two months after it all happened. “Just to get back to walking, let alone dancing, was really something.” Following his recovery, Donny has now landed a new solo Vegas residency at Harrahs where he sings – and dances – several times a week. He says: “Last night’s show was wild... the amount of dancing and singing and everything. “I started from below ground zero but it feels like coming back from the dead. I’m pain-free now, maybe even stronger than I was before.” It is little wonder Donny was able to pick himself up off the floor after an amazing career in which he has been forced to reinvent himself constantly. Bursting on to the scene aged just five alongside his brothers in The Osmonds, he soon stole loving couple With wife of 43 years Debbie the show and became a solo star, singing hits such as Puppy Love to his legions of teenage fans. By the time he was 17, he’d had 12 top 40 hits, either solo or as a group. But his career hit the buffers in his 20s when his fans were all grown up. To make matters worse, his family had lost close to £50million through bad financial planning. And a Broadway show that Donny starred in closed after only one performance in 1982. But he says these tough knocks and stinging words from critics hardened him to deal with whatever life threw at him. He says: “I still quote Rolling Stone magazine when they say the worst day in rock’n’roll history was the day Donny Osmond was born. “It killed me at the time but it was probably good for me because it built up some calloused skin because I realised you can’t please everyone.” It was not until 1989 when his promoter released Soldier Of Love – without revealing Donny as the singer as he feared fans would be put off – that things took off again. It was a surprise hit and after his i started from below ground zero but it feels like coming back from the dead donny osmond on his incredible recovery after surgery identity was revealed Andrew Lloyd Webber cast him as the lead role in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on Broadway. A winning turn on Dancing with the Stars followed, as well as selling more than 100 million albums. His latest is, amazingly, his 65th and he is coming to the UK this Christmas to star in Pantoland at The Palladium. Donny says: “Those British fans have always been so loyal to me.” Throughout it all has been wife Debbie, who Donny met when she was a cheerleader at high school. He jokes: “People have said I robbed the cradle and I was still in it. “She was dating my brother and I moved in. I fell in love. “She was my best friend before she was my lover.” There have been other friendships, including fellow child star Michael Jackson. Donny says: “We related on so many levels. I remember him saying, ‘You’re the only person that knows what my childhood was like’.” He laughs as he recalls the pair donning trench coats and wigs to go to the cinema together in disguise. Donny says: “We were just kids... I am sure people knew who we were.” But Jacko was also on hand to offer some tough love. Donny says: “Just as Thriller was kicking in, I said, ‘Mike, how do I get back on the charts?’. “The first thing he said, ‘Well, you’ve got to change your name, your name’s poison’. Which hurt but it was true. “He then said I needed to be true to myself and I’ve never forgotten that. “This album is what I want to be. This really shows who I am.” ■ Start Again is out now via BMG. Pantoland at The Palladium runs from December 4 until January 9. www. @MirrorTom

16 DMEEIR IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 Knife attacK victim in campaign appeal Former Brit spook spied on 51 women A former top British counter-terrorism officer posed as a pilot to secretly film naked models using spy cameras after arranging fake photo shoots, a court has heard. meT Det Insp Neil Corbel, 40, was caught after a woman, who had agreed to pose for a naked shoot, became suspicious of a clock and found it was a spy camera. Police found images of around 51 females on Corbel’s hard drive. He pleaded guilty to 19 voyeurism offences at Westminster magistrates’ Court on monday. Chief magistrate Paul Goldspring adjourned sentencing to october 4. Dad’s 100km bike ride for charity cash A mAN will cycle 100km from Dublin to Newry to fundraise for the Childhood Cancer foundation. Jonathan Kenna, from Ballymun, is a new dad to a seven-week-old baby girl and said the fundraiser is his way of “giving back”. He added: “I’ve always wanted to do something for charity over the past year or two. “Because I cycle and because I’m a father now, it’s a personal thing. It’s my way of giving back.” on october 3, Jonathan will begin his journey from his house in Ballymun at 8am and will travel to Canal Court Hotel in Newry. Potty training cows moosic to our ears.. BoffINS have pottytrained cows to try and reduce ammonia emissions caused by waste. on a farm where the animals relieve themselves as they graze, the accumulation and spread of waste can contaminate soil and waterways. researchers found cows can be potty-trained, allowing waste to be collected and treated, thereby cleaning up the barn, reducing air pollution and creating more animal-friendly farms. Jan Langbein from the research Institute for farm Animal Biology in Germany, said: “Why shouldn’t they be able to learn how to use a toilet?” By nicoLa DonneLLy A WOMAN is appealing to the Government for a campaign that shows the devastating effects of knife crime. ruth maxwell was walking to the Luas at the red Cow in Dublin’s Clondalkin at 6.40am on may 16, 2016, when her attacker, armed with a hunting knife, put his arms around her neck. She said she thought he was going to slit her throat and she managed to grab the blade. It cut tendons in three of her fingers. She broke free and began screaming and her attacker ran off. She told 2fm: “In the left hand was a cloth trying to get to my face, in the other hand was a knife at my chin. “Witin seconds the knife had come down on my throat. I grabbed DeaDLy Missile Jong-range missile By RuaiRi Scott ByRne North Korea says it successfully tested what it described as a newly-developed long-range cruise missile over the weekend. the rocket, which had been under development for two years, flew 1,500km over the country’s territory before successfully nucLeaR amBition Leader Kim Jong-un Justice fight ‘loneliest road’ for Ruth the blade of the knife. even then I didn’t restorative Justice. And in a communityled proactive trauma programme, led by think my life was going to change dramatically. Department of Justice and An Garda “I had multiple surgeries but the Siochana, Safe Ireland can become damage was done. I never got the the umbrella group for all victims full movement back in my hand.” of crime so there is somewhere ruth said seeking justice and the you can go immediately after subsequent trial was probably the something has happened and “loneliest road” she had ever been on, guide you through the whole adding: “There was nobody there to process right up until after the guide me through the whole process appeal hearing.” and to give me the tool to pick up the pieces afterwards. And with 999 knives seized “for younger offenders I do think the by gardai so far this year, and Scottish approach, which is all about 44% found on young prevention and early intervention, people aged 12 to 23, should be introduced here. ruth said this is “That could be taken on board with oRDeaL Ms Maxwell hitting its targets, the Korean Central News Agency said. It represents the nation’s first known testing activity since March, underscoring that it continues to expand its military capabilities amid a stalemate in nuclear 1,500km talks with the US. How far the missile travelled within North Korea’s own territory a “frightening statistic”. She added: “As a society we can’t allow this kind of knife crime to be normalised. “We have a responsibility to intervene at this critical stage of their lives – they are very young. “It is so important that knife crime is tackled as a matter of urgency.” The man who attacked ruth, Slawomir Gierlowski, was imprisoned for 18-and-a-half years in 2018, for assaults on three women in Dublin over a five-year period. A further 10 years was recently added to his sentence over the attack of a fourth woman. teSt Cruise missile is launched in North Korea

DMEEIR 17 TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR jOHn kierans The Beast from the East Victims of pyrite scandal have suffered enough.. There is nothing worse than a Government that doesn’t have a heart, especially when you know they are more concerned about spin and optics than helping people. A classic example is the mica and pyrite scandal affecting thousands of people in Donegal and Mayo. The old saying, ‘Your home is your castle’ is so true. You save up, you take out a mortgage and you put every penny you have into it. It is everyone’s dream to own their own place. But what happens when you wake up one morning and suddenly your house starts falling down? Cracks appear at the front, the back, on the ground, inside and outside. The blocks and bricks crumble and your whole life with it. Your home is suddenly worth nothing. It has to be demolished. You are up to your eyes in debt with a gutted Mayo fans suffer again The same Mayo-ld story, lads So Mayo lost again. Another bad day in an All-Ireland final. Star players perform below par. Energy levels dropped. If there is ever an All-Ireland for excuses, Mayo would win it. When I heard they were favourites, I knew they would bottle it as usual. I used to think life was bad as a Louth man, the only time you’d see Croke Park is flying out of Dublin. But God I’d hate to be a Mayo fan and losing final after final, it would drive me absolutely potty. Congratulations to Tyrone, like true champions they left everything out on the pitch. property that is worthless, and yet none of this is your fault. It all happened because the blocks used to build the houses came from a quarry which contained a group of minerals in the rock called mica or pyrite. When these substances are exposed to moisture and oxygen it creates a chemical reaction that causes cracks or fissures to open up. The Government is also at fault because the State regulations at the time were not strong enough to police the quarries. The State should be there to help citizens who are in trouble. Instead what we get is a pennypinching, appalling squabble which is causing deep stress and mental strain to all the victims involved. The powers that be – and most notably Housing Minister Darragh O Brien – have offered a 90% State redress TeAM TOP OF The MOrNING I lIke the new morning line-up with Muireann O’Connell and Tommy Bowe on Virgin Media One. Two fresh faces to help us have a good start to the day. Tommy has done brilliantly since he moved from rugby to TV. There are a lot of changes in Ballymount lately, with karen koster going to the Six O Clock show and both Anna Daly and laura Wood leaving. I am glad elaine Crowley is staying around to do the morning weekend shows with Simon Delaney. I hope Virgin has the sense to leave early morning legend Alan hughes where he is. Sometimes he drives me mad, but breakfast TV would not be the same without him. he is always up for a laugh and puts a smile on all our faces in the mornings. i I AM hearing horror stories of people being ripped off in hotels all over the country this summer. Some of the prices being charged for rooms and drinks were outrageous. I scheme. This means the people whose homes are destroyed still have to find 10% of the cash to rebuild their houses, which on average is €40,000 and it is money they do not have. Asking for this lousy 10% is mean-spirited, fundamentally wrong and a typical move by some clown in the civil service. I have spoken to many of these people and they don’t have the cash. But worse still, the banks won’t lend it to them, never mind the credit unions. So what part of ‘Do you not get it?’ do the Taoiseach Micheal Martin, Tanaiste Leo Varadkar and indeed the whole Cabinet not understand. People can’t turn dust into cash. The saga is a classic example of how Fianna Fail, once the party of th e w orking class, is so out of People whose homes were destroyed must find 10% of rebuild costs rise & shine Tommy Bowe and Muireann O’Connell know the hospitality sector suffered big time during Covid-19 and is trying to make up for lost time and lost cash. But screwing customers is not the answer. There is also not a pub in the country touch. When a similar problem occurred in Dublin several years ago, a 100% redress scheme was put in place. So if it is good enough for Dublin, it should be good enough for the people of the west of Ireland, who already feel they are being treated like second-class citizens in their own country. Stop insulting them and don’t ask them for the 10%. Get their houses rebuilt as soon as possible and stop their nightmare. Where there is a will, there is a way and there should be no excuse to oppose this move from any TD in Government. What these poor people have been put through is truly shocking. It is time for the Government to find a heart. that didn’t put up their prices from what I can see. If they are not careful, our hotels and pubs will soon price themselves out of the market. Greed is a terrible thing. Take battle to army sex pests SIMon Coveney has made a fool of himself in recent weeks over the Katherine Zappone scandal. He now has a chance to redeem himself as Defence Minister by booting out every sex pest in the services and ensuring they are punished. In a brilliant piece of radio by RTE’s Katie Hannon, seven female whistleblowers came forward lifting the lid on sexual assaults, harassment and bullying going back 30 years. Victims who sued were made to sign non-disclosure agreements and Coveney needs to rip these up. The gardai must be called in and every pervert who was involved in this in the Army, navy or Air Corps should be exposed. The minister pledged an independent review into the allegations and the terms of reference will be finalised later this week. He must ensure there is no cover-up and not allow the military’s top brass to sweep this scandal under the carpet. 6Isn’t it great to see Rachel Allen’s son Josh turning his life around. After overcoming a drug habit, he won his first K1 MMA fight over the weekend. We all make mistakes in life and 21-year-old Josh is no different. He now trains five days a week and will soon have Conor McGregor in his sights! Celeb chef Rachel must be so proud. Women are targets again I SEE the women in Fianna Fail were getting flak for the way some of them dressed at their party think-in last week. I have never read such nonsense in all my life. We as a country need more females in politics, and it is hard to persuade them to get involved mainly because of the amount of abuse they receive on social media. Successful women are resented largely out of pure jealousy. What a female wears is her own business. Clothes make no difference to how you do your job. I have the fashion sense of a muppet, but I still know how to get a story.


DMEEIR 19 TRIPS WILL COST A HOL LOT MORE.. By CiLLiAn O’BRiEn By PAUL MOORE Airline chief O’Leary warns of price hike probably only running at about RyanaiR boss Michael O’Leary has warned holidaymakers prices for next summer will be “dramatically higher” as the pandemic eases. During an interview with The Times, he said as confidence is returning and passenger numbers are increasing, this will have a knock-on effect in terms of cost as demand soars. The airline chief has said a rise in demand for holidays would coincide with fewer flights, which would lead to rising prices for consumers. Mr Fresh stone at war grave AN Irish veteran of the Crimean War is being recognised more than 130 years after he was buried in an unmarked grave. Peter Fitzgerald fought with the British Army’s 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment of Foot. The Kildare man died on December 4, 1887, at 55, and his wife Hannah, 48, was later buried in the same plot in New Zealand. Military enthusiasts will now erect a headstone to honour Peter, who fought in the 1853 to 1856 war. Ex-squaddie Barry Gamble said: “He was just thrown in a hole and forgotten, basically.” IT refit ‘could aid hospitals’ URGENT action is needed to reduce healthcare waiting lists, according to Sinn Fein. The party said major investment is needed in new IT systems at the HSE. The party’s health spokesman David Cullinane called for action. He added: “Sinn Fein want a major €100million investment in IT modernisation across the health service in the budget this year. “The waiting list data is all over the place and with more than 900,000 people waiting, the figures speak for themselves.” O’Leary believes this increase won’t just be for flights, but also for hotels. He said: “I think there will be a dramatic recovery in holiday tourism within Europe next year. “And the reason why I think prices will be dramatically higher is there’s less capacity.” During another r e c e n t interview, Ryanair’s giRL On fiLM Khloe Kardashian yesterday marketing director said its winter routes from Ireland will be “running behind” where they were in 2019 because the recovery here has been slower than in other countries. Dara Brady added: “Many, many other European countries are putting incentive schemes in place to drive recovery. We’re I think there will be a dramatic recovery in holiday tourism within Europe next year michael o’leary predicts flight cost increase yesterday KHLOE Kardashian looks gorgeous in this slinky mesh dress adorned with sepia-toned portraits. The reality TV star shared the snaps from the finale of a challenge by a fast fashion brand to find a skilled designer. She said: “The finale of the #SHEINx100Kchallenge airs today... I have had such an amazing time filming with SHEIN and all of the talented designers.” The 37-year-old was seen modelling the dress for the challenge in which she acts as a judge. TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR between 60% and 70% of recovery in Ireland, where we’re running at – for example – over 100% in Italy.” Speaking on Newstalk’s The Hard Shoulder, he said: “We really need to see some action from Minister [Eamon] Ryan, in particular, in terms of actioning the recommendations from the Aviation Taskforce report that’s sitting on his desk. “We think if the Government was to push on and to incentivise tourism recovery here, that our growth would be far greater.” Khloe faces up to daring design Complaints over travel up by 130% AIR passenger complaints received by an Irish consumer watchdog increased 130% in 2020 compared to the previous year due to Covid-19 travel cancellations. The European Consumer Centre Ireland, which provides advice on rights in the EU and help with cross-border complaints, dealt with 8,035 queries in 2020. A report by the organisation revealed air travel issues, accommodation problems and online shopping accounted for the bulk of complaints. A spokesperson added: “By far the biggest issue over the second part of 2020 involved air passengers receiving vouchers instead of cash refunds.”

20 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 DMEEIR AUDiTions Spice Girls Posh’s Spice trial a bit iffy, says founder EXCLUSIVE By niCoL A METHVEn TV Editor VIcTorIA Beckham scored just five marks out of 10 for singing at her Spice Girls audition, the band’s founder says. Her dancing and personality did not impress either, said chris Herbert. But he decided she had an unknown star quality and put her in the band. He is spilling the behindthe-scenes secrets in a channel 4 documentary. Herbert revealed Geri Halliwell blagged her way through auditions in the early 1990s. He said: “She always had an excuse and managed to move herself through.” The first episode examines how he was dumped by the band for Simon Fuller. ■ Spice Girls: How Girl Power changed Britain, channel 4, tonight at 9pm. Andrew challenges right of US court to hear sex claim case CriTiCisM Sky Roberts said the duke has to be held to account legal drama Andrew has hired leading US lawyer signing off Andrew Neil Neil quits GB News 3mths after launch By niCoLA METHVEn GB News founder and chairman Andrew Neil has quit the ailing channel after just three months. The veteran broadcaster has been on extended leave for weeks. His exit came after he branded the channel’s launch in June “a bit rocky”. He will not front his flagship show but will feature on other GB News shows as a guest until next year. Neil, 72, said: “I have concluded it’s time to reduce my commitments on a number of fronts.” GB News thanked Neil for “12 months of leadership, wisdom and advice”. The channel has suffered plummeting ratings. Its programming chief John McAndrew left amid a row over a presenter taking the knee during a show. Alleged victim’s father says royal should be sent to jail By AnDY LinEs Chief Reporter in New york PRINCE Andrew last night made a dramatic legal challenge in the US to fight allegations he sexually assaulted a teenager. He has hired one of Hollywood’s top lawyers to try and get a civil lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre thrown out. The move came as her dad gave an interview claiming the Duke of York should be jailed for the way he treated his daughter more than 20 years ago. The prince is going to challenge the right of a US court to even hear the case. In the filing with the US District court, Andrew Brettler submitted a notice saying he “enters this special appearance on behalf of Prince Andrew”. The lawyer attended last night’s hearing in New York “for the purpose for contesting purported service of process and challenging jurisdiction”. Mr Brettler clashed with Ms Giuffre’s legal team and said the action was a “potentially unlawful suit”. He denied claims his client had been served with court papers. The hearing, which was concerned with technical and timing issues, was briefly interrupted by a fire drill in a lawyer’s office. The case was adjourned until october 13. Ms Giuffre, now 38, has accused the Duke of York of raping her when she was 17, which he vehemently denies. There was confusion last week over whether the prince had been actually served with court papers. Lawyers claimed they were served in emails and by FedEx and also sent to the royal’s Windsor home. Before the hearing, Ms Giuffre’s dad attacked the prince’s behaviour. Sky roberts said: “I would like to see him go to prison for at least a little while. “He needs to HEAring Judge Kaplan know what it’s like to be held accountable for his actions. “This is not the times of William Wallace when royals can do whatever they want. The times have changed. “Prince Andrew thinks it’s still those times where he can do whatever he wants.” Judge Lewis Kaplan heard the start of the public legal process, which was held by conference call. It is the latest blow to the prince whose reputation has been severely damaged by the allegations. Ms Giuffre has claimed she was made to have sex with the royal at the insistence of disgraced millionaire Jeffrey Epstein and accused madam Ghislaine Maxwell. Her This is not the times of William Wallace when royals can do whatever they want sky roberts father of virginia giuffre, inset complaint says the royal’s “actions constitute sexual offences” including first and third-degree rape. Ms Giuffre alleges she was “forced to have sexual intercourse with Prince Andrew against her will” three times, starting when she was 17. Andrew has repeatedly denied the claims, including during a disastrous BBc interview in which he insisted he had “no recollection of ever meeting this lady, none whatsoever”. It is claimed the abuse took place in the UK, New York and US Virgin Islands. Epstein hanged himself in a Manhattan prison in August 2019 while awaiting trial for sex offences. Maxwell is in custody in Brooklyn awaiting trial for allegedly recruiting underage girls for Epstein. She has pleaded not guilty. Ms Giuffre, who is seeking damages, may have to wait until 2024 before she is able to repeat her claims before a judge. David Greene, of law firm Edwin coe, said: “It’s a highly complex issue and I think it will take quite some time to come in front of the court.” @AndyLines

DMEEIR 3,000 TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 21 cHAt Harry and Meghan No Emmy for Harry’s talk with Oprah money mules working for crime gangs across Ireland Mobs sign up kids aged 14 to scam BY mirrOr repOrter PrINCE Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s US TV interview with Oprah Winfrey lost out at the Emmy Awards to a series about Italian food and culture. The host’s two-hour sit-down with the former royals in March sent shock waves through the British monarchy. It was the first television interview given by the couple and was watched by more than 49 million people worldwide, broadcaster CBS television said. Winfrey and her team were nominated for an Emmy – US television’s top honour – in the best hosted non-fiction series category. But they were beaten by actor Stanley Tucci’s Searching For Italy travel and food show at the awards on Sunday. HistOry Michael collins Heritage trail to honour the life of Collins BY JOe O’sHeA A NEW route linking towns, villages and places associated with Michael Collins has been launched. It will guide visitors and locals through his life and the landscape, ahead of the centenary of the great Irish leader’s death next year. The Michael Collins Trail, which was developed by Cork County Council, consists of 140 signs linking points of interest and historic sites. It follows his birthplace, the West Cork regional Museum and the ambush site at Beal na Blath. Mayor of the County of Cork Cllr Gillian Coughlan said: “This new, free historical experience will allow visitors to remember the effort and sacrifice of one of the founding fathers of the modern Irish State.” exclusive FRom ANDy LiNes Chief Reporter in Las Vegas A “BATHTUB ring” on a depleted lake shows how severely climate change-related droughts are hitting the US. The brown line shows where the water level used to be on the shores of Lake mead, formed DrOp Expanse of white where level has fallen Dam.. it’s hit a real low point by the Hoover Dam on the border of Arizona and Nevada. Water management official Rob manning said: “Lake mead is at its lowest level since being filled, resulting in a decrease of about 25% of [the] Hoover Dam’s generating capacity.” exclusive BY JOHN HAND Chief Reporter GARDAI have identified around 3,000 money mules working for international organised crime gangs across the country, the Irish Mirror can reveal. Investigators from the National Economic Crime Bureau have seen an “explosion” of people being recruited by mobs over the past year – with many secondary school students among them. A money mule is someone who transfers illegally-obtained cash between accounts for others. The gangs behind smishing texts, the fake phone calls pretending to be from state agencies, or those behind invoice redirect fraud all recruit teams for the IT network and to make bogus calls. Having identified around 3,000 mules, the GNECB have made hundreds of arrests. Det Supt Michael Cryan said money mules are the key to gangs. The senior Garda added: “Where that money ends up is abroad – it goes to warzones, it pays for terrorism, it pays for people smuggling and people trafficking. “Every time you see a boat in the Mediterranean and you see 30 or 40 poor immigrants have drowned, that boat was paid for by the proceeds of fraud. “Every time there is a terrorist bombing, the money mule has contributed to it in some way. Fraud finances lots of different crime types. Without the money mules, the gangs cannot cash out. “It’s all well and good stealing money from your account and moving it into this account – you have to move it out very quickly or it will be recalled or frozen by the bank. So you need an endless supply of money mules.” In most cases, college students are being targeted, but secondary school pupils are also picked. The average age of people being enlisted in Ireland is 19 but those as young as 14 up to those in their 40s are getting lured in too. Det Supt Cryan said: “Money mules traditionally, it is believed, were recruited in colleges. “Colleges were closed for a year and there’s been an explosion of money mules over the past year. “They are also getting younger, as young as 14 or 15 years of age. “They are being recruited mainly on social media.” The top cop urged parents to be on the lookout for warning signs of kids being dragged into the crime. Among the flags are opening bank accounts, strangers at their home and expensive goods. He added: “Most kids know when they are in too deep and can’t see a way out. “Come forward and tell the truth. Don’t wait for the early knock on the door by the gardai with a search warrant.” Without the money mules, the gangs cannot cash out det supt michael cryan yesterday

22 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 WACKY DMEEIR siege star on life as a dad WORLD For more weird stories from around the globe visit Flag catches falling feline FANS at a University of Miami game used a US flag to save a cat that fell from the upper deck. A couple pulled the emblem free from the zip-ties they were using to hang it and held it out. The kitten fell into the canopy and was unhurt. Sofa’s a bear necessity.. A COLORADO man who put a couch on his deck for outdoor lounging said it is no longer usable. Chris Ward soon found it was hosting a nightly visitor that was a bit less than gentle. He said the bear has shredded his furniture. Mutt shows good innings A DOG stole the show at the Women’s All-Ireland T20 Cup cricket semi-final when it lifted the ball. The pup eventually gave up his find and was led off the pitch by his owner. The mutt, called Dazzle, was named honorary played of the month. Routine aids lottery luck A MICHIGAN woman won €1million after playing the same set of numbers every week for a year. She told lottery officials: “I always play the same numbers and I always play them online.” The punter is putting her win towards retiring. Four pages of puzzles inside exclusive by ChRIstINe sMIth MATTHEW Wolfenden has grafted on some of Emmerdale’s biggest stories over 15 years but he says even getting shot is easier than being a full-time dad. Fans were left reeling when the TV soap’s lovable rogue David Metcalfe was critically injured with a stomach wound during a terrifying gun siege. The 41-year-old actor says he is having the best time filming some of the most “dramatic scenes I’ve ever been involved in”. He says: “I adore playing David and to be involved in this siege is brilliant. “But if there is a murderer running around the village, you can never rest on your laurels, and of course you wonder whether it’s going be you next.” Despite his intense time at work he says his home life “keeps me grounded”. He met his wife, Charley Webb, 33, who is Debbie Dingle, on the soap, and they have boys Buster, 11, Bowie, five, and Ace, two. Matthew says: “People have this misconception that because of our job, we live this lavish CO-stARs tO COupLe Charley and Matthew at the 2013 British Soap Awards sCeNe David wears ex’s wedding dress in 2011 bROOD They reveal news of a third child on way in 2019 lifestyle! But Charley and I are real home birds and I go home to all the pressures every other parent has – like your kids not wanting to go to bed or have a bath! “It is easier being at work than being a fulltime mum or dad as it’s hard.” Admitting they found the jump from two to three children easier, he says they would like to add to their brood, especially as their eldest has started at secondary school. “I got emotional on Buster’s first day at high school,” he says. “I had to get up to go to work very early and so I missed taking him in. I can’t believe he is at high school and both If another one comes along, we would be very happy Being on Emmerdale is so much easier than parenting full time... shOt Injured David lies in hospital Charley and I have said we can’t see us stopping at three. “If another one does come along, we’d be very happy.” matt wolfenden on Matthew started hope of a fourth child dating Charley shortly after joining the soap in 2006, before the couple eventually tied the knot in 2018. He smiles as he admits she keeps him in check when it comes to school runs and lifts to the football. “She has to leave me notes as I am useless remembering anything!” he chuckles. “It’s Charley who remembers everything but she is more than happy being a mum at home at the moment. “When she had Buster and Bowie, she was back at work before she knew it. With Ace, she didn’t want to come back straightaway and with lockdown, it proved to her she wanted to be at home with the kids doing the school runs. “She might come back to the soap eventually but she has no plans at the moment.” Playing the cheeky womaniser is clearly a hoot for him, with stand-out scenes including the time he wore his ex-fiancee Leyla’s wedding dress to The Woolpack. And asked why he thinks he has never been given the chop from the soap, the actor grins as he jokes: “Maybe they haven’t got anyone else to run the shop! “You just have to keep focused on work and never be late. And always be nice to the producer too!” His loyal fanbase will be relieved to hear he is hoping he can stay in the show for many more years to come. He adds: “I love getting up each morning and coming into work, the moment I didn’t is when I’d say ‘right it’s time to leave now’. “But if I get my own way and hopefully psycho Meena doesn’t murder David in the coming months, that day is not going to come any time soon.” ■ Emmerdale runs weekdays on Virgin Media One, 7pm. Extra episode, Thursdays 8pm.

DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 23 Our proud retired By loUise Walsh soldiers forced to rely on food bank critic Rose Conway-Walsh Students are let down by housing policy By mirror reporter THIRD-level students have been let down by successive governments failed housing policies, Sinn Fein has claimed. It said the strategy for student accommodation has been to rely on the private market, with no criteria for affordable rent. Spokesperson on further and higher education Rose Conway-Walsh TD said: “Reports suggest accommodation is more difficult to find than ever and some students may be forced to defer courses. “The reality is most students can’t afford to live in high-end purpose-built student accommodation and these landlords are unwilling to lower the rent. “Colleges need support to build on-campus student accommodation.” praise Micheal McGrath Minister hails company’s new HQ site By joe o’shea A MAjoR employer yesterday marked the progress of work on its new HQ. The first of more than 100 trees earmarked for the Logitech International site in Mahon, Co Cork, was planted by Public Expenditure Minister Michael McGrath. It plans to take on 50 new staff to add to its 200-strong Leeside workforce. The building phase will create 100 additional jobs Mr McGrath said: “I welcome the commencement of this project, which is exactly the type of sustainable building we need to build in Cork and around Ireland. “I look forward to returning next year to see the finished project.” Ex-troops struggling to make ends meet TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR Bailey repeats his innocence of Sophie’s murder Denial Ian Bailey By cillian o’Brien IAN Bailey last night repeated his innocence in the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier. The 39-year-old French film maker was beaten to death at her cottage in West Cork in 1996 and no one has been convicted of the killing. Ex-journalist Bailey, 64, who was found guilty of the killing in his absence by a court in Paris, suspects the culprit was local, from Bantry, but is now dead. Speaking to Colette Fitzpatrick on Virgin Media one, he said: “I was falsely accused, falsely put in the frame from almost day one. DeDicateD Ashling lowe runs charity That was coming up for 25 years ago and my life and my partner’s life and a lot of people’s lives have been completely disrupted, but I can assure you I have nothing to do with this crime.” Bailey, who writes and performs poetry, admitted his notoriety sees him asked for a lot of selfies. RetiRed irish soldiers who have nothing left after spending their monthly pensions on rent have turned to a food bank for help with basic groceries. The Meath Food Bank has been supplying 10 former troops with perishable and non-perishable items over the past number of months. Charity founder Ashling Lowe, who has been running the bank for the last five years, said seeing proud soldiers feel embarrassed to ask for help is heartbreaking. She added: “We have helped about 80 families in the last month with food hampers and it’s just devastating to watch the numbers rise – especially those who are elderly and have nothing left to feed themselves after spending their meagre income on bills. “our own Irish soldiers – the men in the Defence Forces – are having to use the Food Bank because high private rents are taking up most of their pensions. “We have been helping 10 soldiers here who are in their 60s and 70s. “These are proud men who felt embarrassed to ask for help, like most of the people who come here. “We have given them food hampers and also care packages with items like razors, shower gels and shaving foam. “Recently one of the soldiers, who I had only talked to on the phone, was at my door to personally thank me and tell me he didn’t know what he would do without our help. bills “These are people who have worked hard all their lives and were prepared to give their lives for us and this country. Now they can’t afford basic groceries after they pay their rent and bills.” Volunteers help Ashling every day but last weekend, food donations from the funeral of a young volunteer were given to the homeless. She said: “My cousin joanne Power from Kells passed away unexpectedly at the age of 29. She was a Special olympian and loved helping people. “She loved to come down here and help us when she could. When she died, there was so much food at her funeral that her mum Kacky insisted we share it among the homeless in joanne’s name. “There are so, so many good people out there. Those who volunteer and donate and those who need a bit of a hand. “one lady who has just lost her job, spent the little that she had on a voucher for a cup of tea and a bun for me as a way of thanks. “It’s not just about food. It’s about listening and treating everyone with respect and dignity.” They were prepared to give their lives. Now they can’t afford food ashling lowe co meath yesterday He added: “I live vicariously in as much as that some of my income comes from poetry. “What I say to them is, ‘You can have a selfie with me, but it helps if you buy a book of poetry’. “I don’t know if I like the attention, it’s just something that goes with the turf at this stage.”

24 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 lead role Vicky McClure Vicky is on Duty for new ITV drama By tom horton LINE of Duty star Vicky McClure has signed a deal with ITV to create and star in a new drama. T h e a c t r e s s w i l l co-produce the show, which will be set in Nottingham, the city she grew up in. The series is currently titled Redemption and is being made in conjunction with Left Bank Pictures, the makers of hit Netflix royal drama The Crown. McClure is known for playing DI Kate Fleming in BBC police drama Line of Duty and has also starred in This Is England and Broadchurch. Last week, BBC’s Line of Duty won the returning drama prize at the National Television Awards. It saw off competition from shows including The Crown and Call the Midwife. star quality Teen joins the list of champs TOP OF THE BILL Emma spots giant billboard in New York yesterday DMEEIR touGh loVe Parents Renee, far left, and Ian at Wimbledon in July US Open star Emma: At last my parents are pleased.. FROM andy lines Chief Reporter in New york and danya Bazaraa TENNIS queen Emma Raducanu yesterday joked her US Open triumph had finally silenced her demanding mum and dad, saying: “I got ’em this time.” The teenager said her parents were incredibly proud of her. But she added: “They’re my toughest critics and so hard to please.” Emma, 18, got a huge surprise yesterday while exploring New york, the scene of her victory on Saturday. Posting a snap on Instagram of herself in front of a huge billboard celebrating her win, she wrote: “Sightseeing in ny never thought I would see this… coolest thing.” SOARED Emma is planning to return home after appearances on American TV. But she pledged not to let her trophy out of her sight before her reunion with dad Ian and mum Renee. They were unable to fly to the US tournament due to Covid rules. Emma said she was thrilled to see her name engraved on the cup and etched on the wall of Flushing Meadows. And she added she had been overwhelmed with texts after her win at the arena. Her Instagram followers have soared to 1.6 million. The teen’s next steps will be driven by Max Eisenbud, who oversees sports and entertainment agency IMG’s tennis clients. They include Maria Sharapova, who earned €23million a year before she retired in 2020. Glamour Wrexham sign FIFA 22 adds Wrexham to list of teams By jeremy armstronG FIFTH-tier football club Wrexham are to feature in FIFA 22, to the amusement of its Hollywood owners. Actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney made a video joking about EA Sports’ decision to list Wrexham in the game’s “Rest of World” section. Ryan says in it: “Rest of World is an important geographic area known for its random assortment of cultures, climates and football clubs.” Wrexham AFC, which plays in the National League, under EFL League Two, tweeted proudly: “We’re in the game.” EA Sports will also support Wrexham’s community work. EA’s David Jackson said: “We’re excited to launch innovative community projects... with the club.” €6m lotto winner’s love tried to kill her By louie smith THE partner of a €6.4million lottery winner was facing a lengthy jail term yesterday after he admitted trying to kill her at their €820,000 home. Stephen Gibbs, 45, a flooring worker, stabbed his partner of 11 years Emma Brown, 49, in the face during lockdown. He initially denied attempted murder but then pleaded guilty ahead of trial. It can now be reported that Gibbs was previously jailed for stabbing an 11-yearold boy after the child’s mum left him. Judge Richard Twomlow told him: “You have now pleaded guilty to the offence of attempted murder, a serious offence. I ask for a pre-sentence report and I’m told there is a psychiatric report. unknown danGer Emma with Gibbs You face a lengthy prison sentence, you must be aware of that.” In 2005 Gibbs, then aged 29, was jailed for six years for stabbing his former ‘Lengthy’ time in jail awaits man who also stabbed boy, 11 lover’s son five times – four in the back and one in the chest – and with such force that he bent the blade. Gibbs then went outside and told his ex-partner: “You get in here, you’d better see this, you are going to suffer.” A bystander heard him yell: “It’s your fault... I told you this would happen.” Gibbs tried to commit suicide nearby but survived. While being jailed he was described as “overbearing, violent and obsessive”. Emma quit her aircraft industry job around three years ago after her win. Cardiff crown court heard she required surgery following the attack at their home in Barry, South Wales, in January this year. Gibbs will be sentenced at Merthyr Tydfil crown court next month. @smith_louie

DMEEIR 25 TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR concern Joanna Donnelly Forecaster’s fears over heatwaves By sandra mallon WEATHER expert Joanna Donnelly has said long summer heatwaves aren’t a good thing. The Met Eireann forecaster added 19 of the past 20 years have seen above average temperatures She told RTE Guide: “Climate has changed and is changing. I don’t want people to think it’s a good thing we’ll get more summers like that. “We will see increased frequency of the extreme heat events, but they come with an extended dry period. “While we might enjoy warm and sunny weather, we won’t enjoy the impact that has on farming which we won’t notice until a little while later, and we’ll see an increase in the demand for food.” scam Raymond Pidgeon Fare cheat cabbie can resume work By tom tuite A CABBIE who scammed passengers 270 times by secretly adding €9 to fares has had his licence reinstated. Raymond Pidgeon, 65, from Kilakee Close in Greenpark, Walkinstown, Dublin, last year admitted over-charging customers. The city’s district court heard he used a remote control to increase fares on his meter, which he did 15 times a week from February to June 12, 2019. Counsel Matthew Holmes described it as a “slip-up” in his 20-year career. Judge Brennan remarked that slip-up lasted six months. But as Pidgeon fully assisted in the inquiry, the judge said that tipped the balance in his favour and allowed the appeal. Murder-suicide father is buried away from family hearse arrives Funeral in co Kerry yesterdy Brute Mossie O’Sullivan €1m Lotto ticket-selling store is Centra of attention joy Worker yesterday By mark o’Brien A BUSY store was celebrating yesterday after it made one lucky customer €1 million richer over the weekend. Centra on the Drimnagh Road in Dublin 12 has been confirmed as the location where Saturday By nicola donnelly MURDER-sUiciDE dad Mossie O’sullivan was buried yesterday 11km from where his partner and son are to be laid to rest next week. The killer, who shot dead Eileen, 56, and 24-year-old son Jamie before turning the gun on himself last week was interred in Kiltomey Cemetery after a private funeral yesterday morning. His body was found in the yard of the family home in Kilfeighney, Lixnaw, Co Kerry, after his victims were discovered in their beds. No death notices were issued for O’Sullivan’s funeral which was celebrated by Fr Anthony O’Sullivan at St Michael’s in the town. Several mourners gathered around the hearse when it arrived at the church while two sports jerseys – green and yellow and one which was maroon and white were placed on the coffin. A private family funeral for Eileen and Jamie will take place night’s Lotto Plus 1 top prize was sold. Store owner Ian Coughlan said: “Our store serves a wide community which includes a lot of local customers as well as people passing through from the nearby hospital and different businesses so hopefully the winner has Killer is laid to rest 11km from his victims’ graves next Monday morning in the same church. It will be live streamed on the parish website. Their death notices on website did not mention the killer. Eileen’s notice read: “Deeply regretted by her loving family, her sisters Mary O’Sullivan and Margaret Reilley, brothers-in-law Sean Reilley and John Cronin, niece Catherine Houlihan, nephews Christopher and Timothy Houlihan, Lee J and Danny Reilley, neighbours, relatives and friends. And Jamie’s death notice read: “Deeply regretted by his loving family, aunts Mary O’Sullivan and Margaret Reilley, uncles Jim and John O’Sullivan, cousins Catherine Houlihan, Christopher realised their good luck and is now enjoying the celebrations. “We have a team of 20 working here in the shop so we are all absolutely delighted to hear one of our customers was a top prize winner as this is the biggest prize amount we have ever sold. “It certainly is an exciting time and Timothy Houlihan, Lee J and Danny Reilly, John, Mike, Denise and Noreen O’Sullivan, neighbours, relatives and friends. Gardai have said they are keeping an open mind on all events which led to the deaths of the family. But the spokesman added they are not looking for any other person in relation to their investigation. However, there is no known motive at this stage for what is being treated as a double murder and a suicide. Gardai have appointed a family liaison officer who is continuing to offer support to the relatives involved in this case. and great news to get. We all wish the winner the very best with their €1million win.” Meanwhile, there was no winner of Saturday night’s astonishing €14,945,893 Lotto jackpot, meaning Wednesday’s draw will roll over to an eye-watering €15.5 million.

HHHH Planning a Midweek Staycation check out the Clanree Hotel Conference and Leisure Centre in Letterkenny. The Clanree Hotel offers the perfect base to explore Donegal. With 120 luxurious and spacious bedrooms to choose from which include double, twin and executive suites the Clanree Offers something for everyone. During your stay you can enjoy complimentary access to our Leisure Centre with a 20m swimming pool, sauna, steam room and fitness suite in addition to the added bonus of free parking. Dinner is served in McGettigans Bar on a night of your choice. For larger groups please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily negotiate a great value package to accommodate your group. Please note at present due to COVID 19 restrictions only the Pool and Gym are open CALL 074 9124 369 (quoting Mirror Offers) TRAVEL Young@ HEART PACkAgE AT THE 4 sTAR CLAnREE HoTEL, LETTERkEnnY Package are as follows: l 3 nights Bed & Breakfast l 2 Course Meal for 2 people on one evening of choice l Tea / Coffee & scone on afternoon of choice. PRICES FROM €150pps This offer is subject to availability all other facilities in the leisure Centre remain closed until further notice. Please check with the Hotel team for further updates. These holidays are sold and supplied by the Clanree Hotel with whom you contract when you accept this offer. Terms & conditions apply, subject to availability. 26 IRISH DAILY MIRROR HEALTHDMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 The star opens up to Amy Packer about tooth extraction, tension headaches and time out EXCLUS AmAndA H I can Five minutes into our chat, Amanda Holden takes one perfectly manicured fingernail and starts flicking herself in the face. “I can’t feel anything!” she exclaims. feel The numbness, however, isn’t the result of too much rosé wine with lunch or botched cosmetic surgery. Two years ago the Britain’s Got Talent star, 50, had all four wisdom teeth removed and ever since then the left side of her bottom lip and part of her jaw have lost all sensation. “I can’t feel a thing from here to here,” she says, gesturing along her lower lip and the side of her chin while thwacking the area with an inch-long, coral pink nail extension. face According to the NHS, injury to sections of the trigeminal nerve can be a rare complication of wisdom tooth removal. It may cause pain, a tingling sensation and numbness in the tongue, lower lip, chin and gums. The damage is usually temporary, lasting for a few weeks or months. However, some experts suggest that for around one in 200 patients the issue can be permanent. Amanda’s dentist isn’t entirely sure why the Heart Radio host hasn’t recovered from her extraction yet. “The numbness is on the side with the tooth that flipped out really easily,” says the presenter with a shrug. “I’ve had scans of it and they showed that the nerve wasn’t damaged, so they think the feeling may return. But it has been over 18 months now, so I’m not sure it will to be honest. “It’s bizarre but you get used to it” she adds matter of factly. The numbness is just one of two “random health things” currently bugging Amanda, though she is less breezy about the second. “I have TMJ,” she says, sighing. “I don’t even know what it stands for, but it’s something to do with your jaw and I’ve got it. “Most people who have it grind their teeth, but I don’t. Instead I have a habit of doing a thing which means I uncon- sciously tense a muscle in my neck and it causes me head- aches at least once a week. It’s fAmily why I’m touching my neck now,” With hubbie she says. Chris and “It’s become like breathing and daughters blinking – it is a reflex and I do it Hollie and Alexa automatically, without even thinking about it. I even do it when I’m having a massage.” hav Temporomandibular joint “I be your best IVE: olden ’t DMEEIR dAy job Promoting her Heart FM show TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 27 Edited by AMY PACKER my ! (TMJ) disorders affect the chewing muscles and joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull. “It may have started as a place to hold stress, but now it’s definitely just a habit,” says Amanda. “I was doing absolutely nothing on holiday and I was still tensing it.” The problem doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon, either. “Oh God, I’ve tried everything to stop it, but nothing works,” says Amanda. “Acupuncture had no effect. I found that mouth guards were pointless because I don’t grind like other people who e it do, I’m tensing up. even gave hypnotism a go in an attempt to fix it, but that didn’t work either. I’ve tried everything – it’s really irritating but I just have to live with it.” Despite the tense muscles, Amanda isn’t someone who struggles to relax. “Mentally, I’ve always been in a pretty good, positive place,” she says. “I go running to clear my head. It’s when I think and get some time on my own, which is rare, and that’s when I check in. I’ll do four or five miles a few times a week while listening to show tunes and that works for me. “My best friend lives in Los Angeles and is really into mindfulness and because I’m always on the go she keeps saying, ‘Amanda, you need to find 10 minutes to meditate’. “But the minute I lie down I start thinking about a light bulb that needs changing or a crack that needs fixing. I’m ‘‘ It’s become like breathing and blinking, I even do it when I have a massage just not very good at sitting still.” That’s certainly evident from the fact that Amanda was back on the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel just three weeks after giving birth to her youngest daughter, Hollie, now nine. It’s made even more incredible when you know that during the delivery her heart stopping beating for 40 seconds due to a haemorrhage that sent her into a coma and left her in intensive care. “That’s just how I get on with life, I just keep going,” says Amanda, who also has a second daughter, Alexa, 15, with her husband Chris Hughes. “It’s like falling off your bike – I wouldn’t sit in the lay-by and watch the wheels carry on spinning. I’d pick up my bike and get back on it and cycle off. I’d rather just move on and get on.” You won’t ever find Amanda daydreaming over a stArdom Amanda with her fellow BGT judges ‘‘ The other day I said ‘I need to recharge my cucumber’ and it wasn’t a euphemism cup of tea. “I have to be busy,” she says. “On holiday this summer I was constantly finding stuff to do. I was even tidying other people’s villas up – my mum thought it was hysterical. “In the end, whenever I had that impulse I would start to read, which was perfect.” Such drive has certainly helped when it comes to Amanda’s multi-channel career. As well as releasing her debut album, Songs From My Heart, during lockdown and making new E4 mockumentary The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle, Amanda has become a brand ambassador for Revive Collagen Enhanced Plus, a daily skincare supplement for the over-40s. “I’ve been taking it since March and it is amazing,” she says of the marine collagen sachet, which also contains retinol, hydrolysed keratin and vitamins B6, B12, C and D. “The other vitamins included in the sachet mean it’s just one shot and you’re done – the B vitamins are particularly good for me as I’ve been a vegetarian since I was a teenager. “My hair has definitely got thicker since I started taking it – my eyelashes, my nails, my skin is plumper – it has just made everything bloom.” Despite turning 50 in February, Amanda is certain there is no sign of the perimenopause just yet. Not even brain fog, which can kick in from the age of 45? “Oh, I’ve had that all my life,” she laughs. “I walk into rooms and walk back out and with no idea why I went in. I’ve been like that for about 10 years. “The other day I said, ‘I need to recharge my cucumber’. I’d meant my computer. It wasn’t even a euphemism.” Age is clearly just a number to Amanda, having had two grandmothers who lived until they were 97. “My nan used to say ‘don’t deny yourself anything’ and I’ve continued that with my girls. We don’t have diets in our house – I don’t cut out sugar or fat or anything like that. The girls will definitely see me with a glass of wine and have fish and chips on a Friday. “I think that because of the last 18 months, when we’ve all been told what we can and cannot do, that we really shouldn’t tell ourselves what we can and cannot do. I think that’s the best way to clear your headspace and to live happily ever after.” ■Revive ■ Collagen Enhanced Plus (

28 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 DMEEIR HEALTH How’s the new term going? If you have children in junior school you’ve probably already had an email warning you head lice are doing the rounds. Unsurprisingly, six in 10 parents want to see the return of the nit nurse. So at the risk of triggering head scratching, let’s separate fact from fiction about these pesky critters. Head lice can jump Myth: “Head lice are tiny, wingless, six-legged insects that move by crawling. They cannot jump, hop or fly,” explains Duncan Reid, Pharmacy2U pharmacist. “Their legs end in hook-like claws, which make them perfect for holding on to hair. As head lice cannot fly or jump they can only be spread by direct head-to-head contact. “This is why children putting their heads together while playing is a common way to spread head lice.” Head lice prefer clean hair Myth: A head louse has only one preference – a home where they can obtain blood through the scalp, says Daniel Brash, pharmacist at “They can be found in any hair and washing it doesn’t remove lice.” Head lice can be caught from bedding Myth: They can’t survive for long when not on the scalp, so there is no The truth about head lice need to treat bedding, furniture, carpets or clothes, explains Duncan. “Without a human host a head louse will die within one or two days. Eggs can survive a little longer away from its human host but, without the warmth of being close to the scalp, they are unable to hatch.” Sharing items such as combs can occasionally be a factor, but lice need a blood supply to survive. You can catch lice from pets Myth: “Head lice are very specific to humans,” says Duncan. “Therefore, you cannot catch head lice from pets – and pets cannot catch head lice from humans.” Lice glue their eggs on to your hair True: Lice produce a substance that sticks their eggs to hair, making them difficult to pick out. Detection combing is an effective way to get rid of lice True: There’s a whole array of treatment sprays and lotions available but wet combing, if done meticulously, is effective, says Daniel. Wash the hair and apply conditioner. Use an ordinary, wide-toothed comb to straighten and untangle the hair then switch to a fine metal detection comb. Make sure the teeth slot into the hair at the roots before drawing the comb down to the ends of the hair with every stroke, checking the comb for lice each time by wiping the comb with tissue paper. Work through the hair, section by section, so that the Proven remedies worth trying ■Hedrin ■ Once Spray Gel (LloydsPharmacy) kills head lice and eggs in one 15-minute treatment. It works by physically smothering the lice and contains penetrol, which helps the product to penetrate louse eggs in order to kill them. ■Medical ■ Herbalist and clinician Dr Chris Etheridge recommends Puressentiel Lice Repellent Spray (Boots) and Anti-Lice Treatment “clinically proven to eliminate lice, nits and larvae in 10 minutes, thanks to a combination of six vegetable oils and four essential oils”. Neither contain pesticides, dimeticone, silicone or neurotoxic repellents. whole head of hair is combed through. Do this at least twice to help ensure you haven’t missed any areas, until no more lice are found. If a child is scratching their scalp, they must have lice Myth: “An itchy scalp could be due to irritated skin, seborrhoeic dermatitis (dandruff) or eczema,” says Daniel. Mayonnaise kills them Myth: There’s no scientific evidence to support using mayonnaise or olive oil to kill or deter head lice. And wrapping your child’s hair in a plastic bag and leaving it on overnight poses a suffocation risk. By Michele O’Connor

DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 29 Retail therapies By Amy PAcker ■Healthy ■ food delivery service MuscleFood is getting dinner set for the darker evenings with Levi Roots recipe kits (, all giving a spicy kick to classics. Chilli and Lime baked Salmon, Caribbean Spiced Cottage Pie and Jerk Spiced Chicken Kiev are all high in protein, low in salt and under 500 calories. ■Upgrade ■ your workout wardrobe with Pour Moi’s Energy Rush Navy Fern Sports Bra ( Designed to support your curves with underwiring and lightly padded cups, they absorb shock to keep your boobs exactly where you want them during even the most high-octane workouts. And they won’t ride up as you run. ■Looking ■ for something more grown up than blackcurrant and soda for nights off the sauce? Zingi bear (zingibear. com) is a blend of sparkling water and fresh root ginger, sweetened with organic acacia honey and pepped up with apple cider vinegar. It makes a refreshing change to the usual line up of overly sweet soft drinks. ■Don’t ■ let the weather spoil a good autumn walk. The Berghaus Men’s Glennon Jacket ( is lightweight and reliable in even the strongest downpours. Made from sustainably produced fabric, it has zipped pockets, an adjustable hood and hem and the cuffs are half elasticated, so you’ll keep protected and dry. There is no doubt that the first milk a mother produces gives her baby the best start in life. Studies show this colostrum – a thicker, golden yellow fluid produced in the first few days after birth before the “mature” milk comes in – is rich in nutrients and antibodies that prevent infection, help develop the baby’s immune system and organs, and supports their digestion. But can a supplement made from bovine colostrum provide similar health benefits? Former rugby player Phil Greening, 45, is convinced bovine colostrum helped him train harder because it prevented the short-term dips in immunity associated with strenuous exercise. “The benefits for me have been so long standing, even after my career I still continue to take it,” he says. A study led by Dr Arwel Jones at the Lincoln University Institute for Health supports this. It found that adults who worked out regularly reported 38 per cent fewer upper respiratory tract infections when they took bovine colostrum. There was also a 44 per cent reduction in the duration of symptoms if they did pick up infections. While acknowledging there were limitations to the findings, Dr Jones thought further studies were needed to find out if colostrum could help other at-risk groups such as the elderly or people whose immune systems don’t work properly. There’s certainly evidence it might. Animal studies at the University of California discovered that a sugar found in mother’s milk can repair myelin, the protective sheath that becomes damaged when people develop multiple sclerosis. BIG Fan Rugby star Phil Greening Blood tests confirm people with some forms of MS have low levels of this sugar and lead researcher, Professor Michael Dementriou says: “Our findings open new potential avenues to identify patients at risk of disease progression.” Former teacher Liz Rostand was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis almost 40 years ago, and has no doubt that bovine colostrum is keeping her active and mobile. Liz, 58, has relapsing remitting MS, which is characterised by inflammatory flare-ups that damage the myelin sheath protecting nerve fibres. Symptoms vary, depending on where the myelin is degraded, and how much repair takes place. But common problems include fatigue, numbness, impaired vision and reduced mobility. For Liz, the first sign of a problem came in 1989, when she suddenly lost the sight in her left eye. A consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London said she had optic neuritis, but warned: “It could be MS.” While her vision improved with steroids, over the next few years Liz experienced several bouts of debilitating fatigue and was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS – an Is cow’s colostrum a miracle cure? ‘‘ The benefits for me have been so long-standing even after my career I take it unpredictable form of the disease that is often associated with long periods without symptoms, punctuated by sudden exacerbations. Professor Gavin Giovannoni, professor of neurology at the Queen Mary University of London, and an international expert on MS, says in most cases, these exacerbations lead to a gradual loss of mobility, sometimes over 50 years or more. But occasionally patients with RRMS go into remission or become symptom-free as a result of lifestyle HEALTH changes. At the time Liz was diagnosed, there was little doctors could do. There were none of the specialist teams who now provide care and the first effective treatments for MS were not available on the NHS until 2000. Having also seen her father struggle with MS, she admits she did not have faith in the health system. Liz kept her diagnosis a secret from the outside world, but was forced to stop working and often needed support from her husband, Freddie. She became increasingly “wobbly” and it became impossible to keep her condition a secret. A neighbour later said: “We all used to think you were drunk.” Liz recalls: “It was less than a mile from our house to the centre of town and when I got there I’d collapse into a chair in the cafe. I’d have to sit for STRonGeR Liz Rostand three-quarters of an hour to get the has MS but strength to walk back.” says the Four years ago, she and Freddie milk keeps moved to Frome, in Somerset, and her active after a chance meeting with a woman who said her own MS symptoms had improved after taking bovine colostrum, Liz figured she had nothing to lose. Within days of taking it, she began to feel steadier and stronger and can now enjoy long walks with Freddie and their dog, Maddie. The couple have now set up their own company, IgBioscience ( to source and supply colostrum. “You become quite evangelical about it,” she admits. “It’s quite extraordinary what it does.” But Professor Giovannoni is more cautious. “In a lot of diseases, we talk about a virtuous cycle, where people get to a positive frame of mind and start making lifestyle changes, that feeds back and makes them feel better. It’s linked to neurochemistry and brain metabolism – functional MRI scans show the impact of exercise, the impact of mood, the impact of the placebo effect. “It may have nothing to do with colostrum. It could simply be due to natural fluctuations in the disease and the fact she is more active now, and more proactive about looking after herself. “We have a history of alternative treatments in MS. Going back over the past two decades we’ve had CCSVI [a blood flow problem which allegedly responded to surgery], we’ve had CBD, bee stings, intestinal worms, goat serum, rejuvenation therapies and many more alternative therapies that have not lived up to their initial promise. “We have a path littered ‘‘ You become quite evangelical about it, it’s extraordinary what it does with these alternative treatments, which, when they are investigated in trials, turn out to have no benefit.” He advises speaking to your MS team before trying non-medical therapy, and stresses they should be complementary and seen as a support to medical care, rather than as an alternative and a replacement. by Jane SymonS

DMEEIR 30 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 DEAR COLEEN your problems solved why won’t my Boyfriend tell me he loves me? Dear Coleen I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few years and he’s never said “I love you”, even though I’ve said it to him several times. It didn’t used to bother me – I know he’s not the slushy type and he shows me affection in other ways – however, recently, it’s really started to make me resent him. I know I can’t make him say it and, if he doesn’t say it voluntarily, then there’s no point because he wouldn’t mean it, but I don’t want to spend my life with someone who’s never said it! It makes me question the whole relationship. How should I tackle this with him? Coleen says It might be more about tackling yourself and asking if you really want to be with someone who can’t say that to you. You’re right, you can’t force someone to say it, but some people find it really hard to say – they’re emotionally constipated because of the type of upbringing they’ve had. But it can make you question the relationship – I’ve been in that situation myself. And, being a very tactile and affectionate person, I need to know I’m wanted – not every minute of the day, but now and again. Have the conversation and explain that it makes you question how committed he is and if he does actually love you. He might say he does love you, but it’s just not in his nature to say it all the time. Maybe you just need some reassurance. Annoyed by his irritating ex who called him during sex Dear Coleen I’m a woman in my early 40s, divorced with two children. I met a fantastic guy online a few months ago and we’ve seen each other a few times now. We have even spent a romantic weekend away together. I think this relationship could go the distance, so I’m keen to make it work. My problem is – and I don’t want to sound needy or paranoid – there’s an ex-girlfriend in the background whom he’s best mates with. She calls him a lot and they do things for each other like feed pets (they’re both dog owners) and he’s always advising her on stuff to do with her business. They also live near each other, so see each other quite a lot for a drink or a catch-up. On our romantic weekend away, she called him three times, once during sex! I’m pleased to say he let that particular call go to voicemail. She must have known it was a special weekend, yet had to make her presence felt. I’m sure there’s nothing going on between them and he even said they stopped dating a few years ago because they realised they were better as friends and the physical side of things wasn’t working. However, it’s still irritating. Am I being unreasonable? you say In reply to the woman who expects the guy to take their relationship to the next step and initiate sex (Dear Coleen, September 2) why can’t you? Steve, via email PROBLEMS? Tell Coleen Nolan about them and she’ll give you an honest answer... every weekday in the Irish Mirror email: – sorry, but Coleen can’t reply personally WRiTe To: Coleen Nolan, The Daily Mirror, One Canada Square, London E14 5AP Dear Coleen I’m a 39-year-old woman, married for the second time and with a daughter from my previous marriage, who’s nine. My marriage is good, but my husband (who has no kids or ex-wives to complicate things on his side) still doesn’t show any interest in taking on any responsibility for my daughter. He’s lovely to her, but never offers to do anything for her or do the school runs or any other practical stuff, which means I’m constantly running around like a headless chicken. Her father is helpful, but doesn’t live nearby, so I’m acting like a single parent, even though I’m married. How can I get my husband to be more involved and participate in family life? “She must have known it was a special weekend away Coleen says I don’t think you’re being unreasonable, but I just think you have to get used to their friendship. I’m much better friends with my ex-hubby Ray now we’re not married and, genuinely, that’s all it is, friendship. But of course I understand that from your side of the fence, it can be annoying and also make you feel a bit insecure. I was best mates with my first husband Shane after we broke up and he used to call every day, which Ray didn’t like. In the end, I had to take his feelings into account. So, I think it’s just about a bit of give and take on both sides. I guess calling three times in the middle of a romantic holiday would be irritating, but if she’s such a good mate, your partner should be able to say to her, “I’m having a lovely weekend with my girlfriend, I’ll talk to you when we get back”. The important thing to remember is that just because they support each other and do things for each other, doesn’t mean they want to get back into a romantic relationship – that side of things is over. If there was anything more, they’d still be together. huBBy does nothing for my daughter my two boys like they were his own and loved them as much as our own daughter Ciara. If he hadn’t got involved from the word go, it wouldn’t have worked for me. Your husband hasn’t had kids of his own, so maybe he doesn’t quite get it, but I think you have to start asking him to help you – whether it’s the school run, packing the lunch or dropping her off at clubs. Also, he should want your child to love him as this Coleen says brilliant stepdad and not just see Tell him what you expect. When him as some guy who lives in the he fell in love with you, he knew same house. He should want you came with a daughter and that for himself, too. that you’d be an instant family. He’s missing out on a lot of He needs to be part of the love and great experiences jigsaw and right now he’s the because he’s not open to missing piece! My ex Ray took on creating that bond with your Sign up to my newsletter! I’m excited to let you know that I’ve launched a fab newsletter, which I hope you’ll sign up to receive once a week via email. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on love, life and relationships, as well as my pick of the week’s readers’ problems. Sign up by visiting

DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 31 TODAY’S Tv with kATIE gALLAgHER When two became five CHAT Cathy tries to comfort April EMMERDALE Virgin Media One, 7pm Victoria is fuming with Wendy after finding out that she lied to her, landing them in the terrifying hostage situation. “I can’t see us ever being OK again,” says Victoria. David is due to get out of hospital the next day, but is struggling. Elsewhere Cathy tries to comfort a distraught April as she gets bombarded with more bullying messages. April tells her to stay away before she becomes a target too and hurries off in tears, leaving Cathy utterly guilt-stricken. ICONS Sporty, Ginger, Posh, Baby and Scary Spice CONFESSION Lily comes clean to Martin EASTENDERS RTE One, 7.30pm Jean is being quizzed at the police station, but she is refusing to comment about the weed found in her garage. She gets up to leave, but collapses. Lily reveals to Martin that she got the weed from Jean’s and that Ruby knew about it. Ruby tries to reason with Martin, but something isn’t adding up. Then Martin notices a revealing text message on Ruby’s phone. It’s from the police. And Shirley comes clean to Mick about hitting Phil. In the IrIsh MIrror Saturday 18 SEPTEMBER 2021 SPICE GIRLS: HOW GIRL POWER CHANGED BRITAIN C4, 9pm MARKING 25 years since Wannabe catapulted The Spice Girls on to the world’s stage, this nostalgic series charts the complete story – warts and all. Arriving at a time when British culture was incredibly blokey – with laddish humour and Britpop at the forefront – this all-female band TROUBLES Ger asks Dean not to go to the guards stirred up a girl power movement. Scary, Sporty, Ginger, Posh and Baby Spice didn’t just have chart-topping success, they defined the culture at the time, becoming an international phenomenon. This nostalgic series, with archive footage, interviews and celeb talking heads, begins at a hotel in London in 1994 where Geri Halliwell and Victoria Adams were auditioning for the movie Tank Girl. They met again three months later at an open casting for girls aged 18-23 who could sing, dance and were ambitious and dedicated. It was here that talent manager Chris Herbert put Geri, Victoria, Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisholm together. Singer Lianne Morgan was also in the original line-up but was later replaced with stage-school student Emma Bunton. They were to be the girl Take That LONG LOST FAMILY: BORN WITHOUT A TRACE ITV, 9pm An already astonishing case of two foundling siblings is reopened in this special episode, which reveals even more incredible secrets. Just over 18 months ago, DNA revealed that David McBride and Helen Ward, each abandoned as babies on either side of the Irish border, were full brother and sister. David was left in the front seat of a car on the outskirts of Belfast in 1962, wrapped in a shawl and placed in a Pick of the day – but “a bit more street”. What followed was unprecedented success as the girls became the best-selling girl group of all time by 1997. There were highs and lows as they were later slammed for selling out to endless marketing before ditching manager Simon Fuller. But their belief in themselves was their super power and Spice Mania was not to be stopped. tartan bag. Helen was left six years later, in Dundalk, in a telephone box, also placed in a tartan bag. After meeting David, Helen said: “After 51 years, it’s a miracle.” But three months later, the search team identified their birth parents, which uncovered news of half-siblings and suspicions about another Irish foundling. Expert shoulder-to-cry-on Davina McCall says: “We thought the case of David and Helen was solved, but new information keeps coming to light that we could never have imagined.” LET’S DANCE Prepare for sequins, spray tans and salsas as TESS DALY and CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN return for the new series of Strictly All the new shows, soap news and 7-day listings More TV and film news online at FAIR CITY RTE One, 8pm Mairead and Dolores wrestle with their feelings of guilt after Will’s death. And as Damien suspects Cristiano is putting on a brave face, he helps organise his funeral. Meanwhile, Deegan and Fidelma wonder why there were fingerprints everywhere at the scene, except for the back door handle. A chat with Hughie compounds Darragh’s feelings of guilt. And after Ger witnesses Darragh and Lee arguing, she suspects Lee might be a liability. Ger warns Darragh to keep Lee in line. Worried for his brother’s safety, he begs him to get a handle on the situation. Later on, there’s more trouble in store, as Ger realises Dean was in her bedroom the day of Will’s murder. She asks Dean what he overheard when Darragh and Lee told her of the murder. And conflicted, he admits he’s unsure what to do with the information he has. REUNITED Siblings David and Helen

32 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 All programmes Today’s are listed in British TV Summer Time previews (BST). are Apart on from in the Portugal, previous programmes are one hour page later than listed film ratings ★★★★★ Brilliant ★★★★ Very Good ★★★ Good ★★ Average ★ Bad (R) Repeat DMEEIR RTE One RTE2 Virgin One BBC One BBC Two 6.00am EuroNews Headlines. 6.30 Teleshopping 8.05 Impossible Gameshow. (R) 9.00 Father Brown Drama. (R) 9.55 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 10.50 Dr Phil Talk show. 11.45 Shortland Street Drama. 12.15pm Still Open All Hours (R) 12.45 Telly Bingo Gameshow. 1.00 RTE News; Weather 1.30 Home and Away Nikau, Mia and Dean find themselves in an emergency situation. 2.00 Neighbours Melanie is in the firing line when Rose accuses her of vandalising her car. 2.30 Francis Brennan’s Grand Tour of Vietnam The tourists play a game involving ducks. (R) 3.00 EastEnders Phil’s house catches on fire. (R) 3.30 RTE News Headlines. 3.40 Call the Midwife An abandoned baby is found. (R) 4.40 Room to Improve A family home in north Dublin. (R) 5.40 Nuacht News programme. 6.00 The Angelus (R) 6.01 RTE News; Weather 6.00am EuroNews Headlines. 7.00 TRTE Children’s TV. 12.05pm Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (R) 12.30 Ben 10 Double bill. 12.55 Malory Towers (R) 1.25 The Dumping Ground (R) 2.00 Drop Dead Weird (R) 2.30 4 O’Clock Club (R) 3.00 Junior MasterChef The first of three semi-finals, with the remaining teams cooking a two-course lunch for the penguin-keepers at London Zoo. (R) 3.35 Danny & Mick Joy calls in an undercover customer to check on her team. (R) 3.45 Danny & Mick Joy decides to keep tabs on the staff with a new fitness tracker. (R) 4.00 World’s End Having seen the SZ teens virtually worship the Origin, Cat bolts from the SZ in a state of shock to find her sister. Jade Johnson stars. (R) 4.20 news2day Domestic and international news items of interest to younger viewers. 4.30 Ras Na mBan 6.10am The Six O’Clock Show Chat show. (R) 7.00 Ireland AM Magazine programme featuring health, safety and education reports, entertainment news and interviews with personalities making the headlines. 10.00 This Morning A mix of celebrity chat, features, advice and competitions. 12.30pm News at 12:30 1.00 The Chase Quiz show. (R) 2.00 The Chase Contestants Clint, Rachel, Zanib and Ross take on today’s Chaser. (R) 3.00 Loose Women Topical debate from a female perspective. 4.00 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs Paul helps remove matted hair from a neglected German shepherd. (R) 4.30 Judge Judy Real-life small-claims cases. 5.00 Judge Judy Real-life small-claims cases. 5.30 News at 5.30 Headlines. 6.00 The Six O’Clock Show Chat show, featuring celebrity interviews, stories and gossip. 6.00am Breakfast News headlines. 9.15 Morning Live Magazine. 10.00 Crimewatch Live Appeals. 10.45 Close Calls: On Camera 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer 12.15pm Bargain Hunt From Southwell Racecourse. (R) 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather 1.30 BBC Newsline; Weather 1.45 Doctors Emma thinks a potential witness could be of benefit to Rob. 2.15 Unbeatable Quiz show, hosted by Jason Manford. 3.00 Escape to the Country Nicki Chapman helps a London couple find a three-bedroom property in Cambridgeshire. 3.45 Garden Rescue Creating a space for all the family in a Newport garden. 4.30 Antiques Road Trip Irita Marriott and James Braxton scour the shops of Kent and East Sussex. 5.15 Pointless Quiz, hosted by Alexander Armstrong. 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather 6.30 BBC Newsline; Weather 6.30am Bargain Hunt (R) 7.15 Garden Rescue (R) 8.00 Sign Zone: Shop Well for Less? Savings advice. (R) 9.00 BBC News at 9 Reports. 10.00 BBC News Headlines. 12.15pm Politics Live The latest stories from Westminster. 1.00 The Super League Show Highlights and analysis from the penultimate round of matches of the season. (R) 1.45 Eggheads Quiz show. (R) 2.15 The Big Painting Challenge The contestants put their still life talents to the test. (R) 3.15 The Dark: Nature’s Nighttime World Biologists and camera crews explore wildernesses at night. (R) 4.15 Who Do You Think You Are? Comedian Greg Davies traces his family history. (R) 5.15 Flog It! From the National Maritime Museum. (R) 6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games Trivia-based games. 6.30 Take a Hike A teaching assistant explores the healing power of nature in Lynmouth. 7 8 9 10 11 12 midnight 7.00 Gafa Irish language magazine show focusing on topics that people just cannot seem to stop thinking or talking about. 7.30 EastEnders Martin’s discovery about Ruby leaves him shocked, and Rainie’s suspicions continue to rise. 8.00 Fair City Ger and Darragh worry as a volatile Lee becomes a liability. 8.30 The Style Counsellors Suzanne Jackson and Eileen Smith create a new look for Jessica, a 30-year-old mother-of-three from Meath. (R) 9.00 RTE News; Weather The latest headlines, in-depth interviews and analysis of political developments and current affairs. 9.35 Prime Time In-depth analysis of current affairs and the latest topical reports. 10.15 Unforgotten Cassie and Sunny interview each of the four suspects, who all deny knowing the victim. Boulting discovers Walsh was cautioned three weeks before his death. Crime drama, starring Nicola Walker. 11.10 Ultimate Hell Week – The Professionals Eighteen celebrities from the world of sport and entertainment take on the army training challenge and are put through a gruelling special forces selection course. (R); Weather 12.15am Belgravia. Oliver tries to find ammunition against Charles, a revelation spells disaster for John, and Ellis plots against Anne. (R) 1.10 Holby City. Zosia reconsiders her future at Holby. (R) 2.20 Prime Time (R) 2.55 Telly Bingo (R) 3.05 Dr Phil (R) 3.50 Doctors (R) 4.20-6.00am EuroNews 5.00 LIVE UEFA Champions League Young Boys v Manchester United (kick-off 5.45pm). Coverage of the opening Group F match for both sides, where Manchester United will be looking to start their campaign with a win. 8.00 Your Home Made Perfect Architects Laura Jane Clark and Robert Jamison compete to win a commission to remodel a 1990s developer home in Middlesbrough for couple Ruth and Lindsey and their family. (R) 9.10 Death in Paradise The conclusion of a two-part story. Neville must solve a mystery from the past that unlocks the truth of who murdered renowned concert pianist Pasha Verdinikov and why. Ralf Little stars. 10.15 UEFA Champions League Highlights Featuring action from the matchday one fixtures, which included Barcelona v Bayern Munich, Young Boys v Manchester United, and Chelsea v Zenit St Petersburg. 11.15 The Walking Dead Maggie returns with a story she is not ready to share, even when her past catches up to her. Negan’s safety is at stake again. Daryl and Maggie fight an unknown threat. Drama, starring Norman Reedus. 12.05am Trapped. Ebo is beginning to feel in danger at the plant. (R) 1.05 Operation Transformation (R) 2.05 Ireland’s Fittest Family (R) 3.00 Clear History (R) 3.45 No Place Like Home (R) 4.10 What Planet Are You On? (R) 5.05 How to Be Good with Money (R) 5.30-6.00am EuroNews 7.00 Emmerdale Cathy tries to comfort a distraught April. 7.30 Rare Breed – A Farming Year Tyrone farmer Chris Johnston judges calves in Enniskillen, while the O’Malley family attend the annual Irish Food Awards. (R) 8.00 News at 8 The latest national headlines from the Virgin Media News Hub. 8.30 Don’t Look Back in Anger Archive news documentary looking at the headline stories of the past 20 years, focusing this week on 2009. (R) 9.00 Innocent As Sally begins a confident return to work, the police question Anna Stamp as they attempt to uncover what it is she is hiding, and more importantly what are Matthew’s parents covering up? Katherine Kelly stars. 10.00 The Tonight Show Claire Brock offers her unique take on the big stories of the day with a panel of guests. There is also a panel discussion covering the key issues in the news that has the nation talking. 11.00 The Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi visits Horley to help Quasim, the owner, improve his Surrey guesthouse. With 13 other B&Bs battling for the same Gatwick trade, he is struggling to make repayments. 12.00m’t Jericho. A collapsed mineshaft in the quarry leaves the Blackwood brothers trapped. Last in the series. (R) 1.00-2.10am Driven: The Billy Monger Story. An 18-year-old attempts to get back into motor racing after losing both legs. (R) 5.20-6.10am The Tonight Show (R) 7.00 The One Show Topical magazine show. 7.30 EastEnders Shirley tells Mick about hitting Phil, and Rainie’s suspicions continue to rise. 7.50 Holby City Hanssen finds himself in a perilous situation, Ange’s fate is in the hands of Josh and Chloe, and Louis makes a shock declaration. 8.30 Ghosts The Captain and Kitty uncover something suspicious, and need Fanny’s sleuthing skills to get to the bottom of the mystery before it is too late. Last in series. 9.00 Silent Witness Part two of two. The police have traced Laura’s last movements to a suburban house and must now identify bodies buried in the garden. Jack chooses between his brother and the truth. 10.00 BBC News at Ten A roundup of the day’s headlines. 10.25 BBC Newsline; Weather 10.35 Spotlight Special Jim Fitzpatrick hosts a special TV debate on the issues of the day, with a studio panel fielding challenging questions. 11.35 Back to Life The morning after being knocked off her bike, Miri is convinced that John Boback was the one who drove into her. To make matters worse, he organises a vigil for his daughter, so Mimi escapes by hitching a ride with Billy for the day – only to end up meeting his mother. 12.05am Ambulance. North West Ambulance Service calls up military personnel to help care for the public effectively as the pandemic takes its toll. Narrated by Christopher Eccleston. (R) 1.05-6.00am BBC News. The latest headlines. 7.00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Comedian Bobby Davro and songstress Sheila Ferguson of the Three Degrees compete to find profit-making antiques, guided by experts James Braxton and Catherine Southon. 8.00 Saving Lives at Sea In London, the RNLI rushes to the rescue of a man in the water in the Thames, while in Fleetwood a desperate 999 call alerts the crew to a man in danger of being swept out to sea. 9.00 A House Through Time Digging into the affairs of the house’s next resident, Benjamin Wild, David Olusoga discovers a factory owner with a history of questionable dealings, including an employee mangled to death. 10.00 Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse are in the Lake District to fish at some of the UK’s best-loved beauty spots, including Derwentwater. (R) 10.30 Newsnight With Emily Maitlis. 11.15 NFL This Week Action from the opening round of fixtures, including Super Bowl champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers travelling to Texas to face Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers v New Orleans Saints. 12.05am Sign Zone: The City of Horses – Our Lives. The tradition of keeping horses in several Swansea communities. (R) 12.35 Sign Zone: Ambulance. Patients in mental health crisis across Liverpool. (R) 1.35 Sign Zone: The House That £100K Built (R) 2.35-6.30am This Is BBC Two Freeview 6 UTV ITV2 6.00am Good Morning Britain 9.00 Lorraine 10.00 This Morning 12.30pm Loose Women 1.30 ITV News 1.55 UTV Live 2.00 Judge Rinder 3.00 Tenable 3.59 UTV Weather 4.00 Tipping Point 5.00 The Chase. Quiz show. 6.00 UTV Live The latest headlines. 6.30 ITV Evening News Headlines. 7.00 Emmerdale Marlon is distracted. 7.30 Wonders of Scotland with David Hayman David heads to Lewis and Harris to discover the hardships of crofting. 8.00 Love Your Garden Alan Titchmarsh and the team look for inspiration. 9.00 Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace – What Happened Next 10.00 ITV News at Ten Headlines. 10.30 UTV Live The latest reports. 10.45 Coronation Street Icons 11.10 Butterfly Callum Booth-Ford stars. 12.05am Junk and Disorderly 12.55 Home Shopping 3.00-3.15am FYI Extra Dave E4 Channel 4 Freeview 19 6.00am Teleshopping 7.10 Modern Wheels or Classic Steals 8.00 Timber Kings 9.00 Celebrity Storage Hunters 10.00 American Pickers 12.00noon Top Gear 2.00 Cop Car Workshop 3.00 Top Gear 5.00 Rick Stein’s Long Weekends 6.00 QI XL With guest panellists Julia Zemiro, Matt Lucas and David Mitchell. 7.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games With Shappi Khorsandi, Michael Buerk, Amanda Abbington and Elis James. 7.40 Would I Lie to You? Jack Dee, Gaby Roslin, Romesh Ranganathan and Tinchy Stryder take part in the comedy show. 8.20 QI With guest panellists Jason Manford, Aisling Bea and Johnny Vegas. 9.00 QI XL Extended edition. 10.00 Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled 11.00 Taskmaster Gameshow. 12.00m’t Mock the Week 12.40 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 1.40 Would I Lie to You? 2.15 QI 2.45 Insert Name Here 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping 6.00am Hollyoaks 7.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 8.30 Melissa & Joey 9.30 How I Met Your Mother 10.00 The Big Bang Theory 11.00 The Goldbergs 12.00noon Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.00 The Big Bang Theory 3.00 Mike & Molly 4.00 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.30 Married at First Sight UK 5.30 The Big Bang Theory 6.00 The Big Bang Theory Double bill. 7.00 Hollyoaks Warren meets with Fergus as the pair set their sights on The Hutch. 7.30 Junior Bake Off The best bits of Junior Bake Off 2019, with Harry Hill. 9.00 Married at First Sight UK A dream couple hit their first bump in the road. 10.00 The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle 11.05 Naked Attraction With a 27-yearold singer and a 50-year-old audiologist. 12.10am Gogglebox 1.15 Married at First Sight UK 2.15 The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle 3.10 First Dates 4.05 The Big Bang Theory 4.30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.55-6.00am The Goldbergs 6.00am Countdown 6.40 Cheers 7.40 The King of Queens 9.05 Frasier 10.30 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 11.25 Channel 4 News 11.30 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 12.30pm Steph’s Packed Lunch 2.10 Countdown 3.00 A Place in the Sun 4.00 The Great House Giveaway 5.00 Four in a Bed 5.30 Come Dine with Me 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Hollyoaks 7.00 Channel 4 News Headlines. 8.00 The Secret Life of the Zoo 9.00 NEW Spice Girls: How Girl Power Changed Britain The story of the group. 10.00 Celebrity Gogglebox Shows include Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. 11.05 Sixteen: Class of 2021 12.05am Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 12.55 Couples Come Dine with Me 1.50 Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back 2.45 Big Age 3.10 Celebrity Undercover Boss USA 4.00 Autumn at Jimmy’s Farm 4.55 Location, Location, Location 5.50-6.00am Food Unwrapped 6.00am Love Bites 6.55 Ellen’s Game of Games 8.00 Emmerdale 8.30 Coronation Street 9.30 Ellen’s Game of Games 10.30 Dress to Impress 11.30 Love Bites 12.30pm Emmerdale 1.00 Coronation Street 2.00 Supermarket Sweep 3.00 Dress to Impress 4.00 Love Bites 5.00 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 6.00 Celebrity Catchphrase With Tony Bellew, Kelly Osbourne and Dan Walker. 7.00 Superstore Double bill. 8.00 Bob’s Burgers Double bill. 9.00 Ready to Mingle Sophia’s love triangle with Casey and Drew intensifies. 10.00 Plebs Double bill. The boys bump into an old friend; Marcus and Stylax try to stop Cynthia and Metalla being deported. 11.05 Family Guy Double bill. 12.05am American Dad! 12.55 Bob’s Burgers 1.50 Superstore 2.40 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 3.05 FYI Extra 3.20 ITV2 Nightscreen. Information. 3.30-6.00am Teleshopping Drama More4 Freeview 13 Freeview 18 Channel 5 Freeview 20 6.00am Teleshopping 7.30 Doctor Finlay 8.30 The Bill 9.30 Classic Holby City 10.55 Classic Casualty 12.00noon The Bill 1.00 Classic EastEnders 2.20 Peak Practice 3.20 Bergerac 4.20 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 5.20 Birds of a Feather 6.00 Bread Aveline is admitted to hospital. 6.40 ’Allo ’Allo! The General discovers the sausage and hangs it in his closet to cure. 7.20 Last of the Summer Wine Barry competes with a fitness-mad neighbour. 8.00 The Last Detective Davies looks into the murder of a former soldier, but finding anybody within his old artillery regiment willing to give information proves difficult. 9.35 New Tricks A skeleton uncovered in the foundations of a swimming pool is identified as a young lottery winner, who was reported missing 17 years ago. 10.55 Bad Girls Jim strikes a deal with a new inmate which could make him rich. 12.05am Dalziel & Pascoe 2.15 Lovejoy 4.00-6.00am Teleshopping 8.55am Kirstie’s House of Craft 9.15 A Place in the Sun 11.05 Escape to the Chateau: DIY 12.10pm Heir Hunters 1.10 Four in a Bed 3.50 Find It, Fix It, Flog It 5.55 The Secret Life of the Zoo 6.55 Escape to the Chateau: DIY Dick Strawbridge fixes up his temperamental van at his chateau. 7.55 Grand Designs A 21st-century ultra-modern farmhouse in Wiltshire. 9.00 999: What’s Your Emergency? Three men in Doncaster attack someone they suspect of causing their family harm. 10.00 24 Hours in A&E A 19-year-old woman is brought in with suspected spinal injuries after a second-storey fall. 11.05 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Jon Richardson and Michelle Wolf take on Jonathan Ross and Johnny Vegas. 12.10am 24 Hours in A&E 1.15 999: What’s Your Emergency? 2.20 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 3.25-3.55am Food Unwrapped. Favourite cases. 6.00am Milkshake! 9.15 Jeremy Vine 11.15 The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door 12.15pm 5 News 12.20 Traffic Cops 1.15 Home and Away 1.45 Neighbours 2.20 FILM Killer Ending (2018, PG) Thriller. ★★★ 4.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun 5.00 5 News 5.30 Neighbours 6.00 Home and Away 6.30 5 News. Headlines. 7.00 GPs: Behind Closed Doors 8.00 The Yorkshire Vet A pregnant ewe is rushed to the animal hospital. 9.00 Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild 10.00 Broadmoor: Serial Killers & High Security Documentary. 11.30 Criminals: Caught on Camera 12.30am Criminals: Caught on Camera 12.50 Entertainment News on 5 1.05 The Live Casino Show 3.05 Entertainment News on 5 3.10 Secrets of Tutankhamun’s Treasures 4.00 My Mum’s Hotter Than Me! 4.45 Wildlife SOS 5.10 House Doctor 5.35 Thomas & Friends 5.50-6.00am Fireman Sam DMEEIR Virgin two 7.30am Dress to Impress 8.30 Pressure Pad 9.30 Tipping Point 10.30 The Chase 11.30 Dress to Impress 12.30pm Pressure Pad 1.30 Ireland AM 2.30 Emmerdale 3.00 Coronation Street 4.00 Tipping Point 6.00 The Chase 7.00 The Chase Quiz show. 8.00 The Cube Two more competitors put their skill and agility to the test. 9.00 Ready to Mingle Katherine Ryan announces another elimination. 10.00 The Midwives The work of staff in the delivery suite of St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester. 11.15 Emmerdale Cathy tries to comfort a distraught April. 11.45 Red Rock The Hennessys and Kielys face off at the Pier Pub. 12.45am The Graham Norton Show. Talk show. 1.45 Love Island: Australia 2.50 Eggheads 3.50- 4.15am The Royal Today TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 33 virgin three 7.00am The Chase Australia 8.00 Gino’s Italian Escape 8.30 Teletubbies 9.00 Top Dog Model 10.00 Loose Women 11.00 Heartbeat 12.00noon The Chase Australia 1.00 Inspector Morse 3.00 Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover 4.00 The Royal 5.00 Heartbeat 6.00 Inspector Morse. Crime drama. 8.00 Heartbeat Walker finds he isn’t over Helen when he goes on a date with one of Gina’s friends. 9.00 Lewis The lead actor in a student Shakespeare production is murdered during the performance – and Lewis and Hathaway are struck by the lack of grief among the cast and crew. 11.00 Wentworth Prison Marie’s efforts to have her conviction overturned backfire. Susie Porter stars. 12.00m’t This Morning 2.00 The Chase Australia. Quiz show. 2.55-3.20am The Royal Today tg4 7.00am Cula 4 7.30 Cula 4 na nOg 10.30 Cruthaim 10.40 Ainmhi 999 11.10 The Irish RM 12.10pm A Chef’s Life 12.40 Garrai Glas 1.10 Murder, She Wrote 2.05 Weakest Link 3.00 Cula 4 na nOg 4.00 Cula 4 5.52 An Aimsir Laithreach 5.55 Gaeil Bhoston 6.25 Glor Tire: Rogha & Togha 6.57 An Aimsir Laithreach 7.00 Nuacht TG4 News programme. 7.30 Scannal Documentary series. 8.00 7 La Politics and the economy. 8.30 Ros na Run Greg and Fiach get into a spat over Michelle. 9.00 Siar sna 90idi The year 1995. 9.30 Opry an Iuir With Susan McCann. 10.30 Why Women Kill Drama. 11.25 Ros na Run Popular soap. 11.55 An Aimsir Laithreach 11.58 Orange Is the New Black 12.55am An Balla 1.55-7.00am France 24. International news.

34 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 Sport Sky Sports Main Event 6.00am Sky Sports News 7.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 7.30 Early Kick-Off 8.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 10.00 The Football Show 12.00noon Sky Sports News. Headlines. 3.00 LIVE US Open 9-Ball Pool Coverage of the second day of this year’s tournament. 7.00 LIVE EFL Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers (kick-off 7.45pm). From Vitality Stadium. 10.15 LIVE US Open 9-Ball Pool Further coverage of the second day of the tournament. 1.30-6.00am Sky Sports News. Headlines Sky Sports Football 6.00am EFL Greatest Games 6.45 SPFL Greatest Games 7.00 Football’s Greatest Players 7.30 Football Countdowns 8.00 Football Years 8.30 EFL Greatest Games 9.00 SPFL Greatest Games 9.30 Football’s Greatest Players 10.00 Football Countdowns 10.30 Football Years 11.00 EFL Play Off Finals C’Ship 13/14 12.00noon EFL Greatest Games 12.45 SPFL Greatest Games 1.00 Football’s Greatest Players 1.30 Football Countdowns 2.00 Football Years 2.30 EFL Play-Off Final: C’Ship 20/21 3.30 EFL Greatest Games 4.15 SPFL Greatest Games 4.30 Football’s Greatest Players 5.00 Football Countdowns 5.30 Football Years 6.00 MLS 6.30 Soccer AM 7.00 LIVE EFL Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers (kick-off 7.45pm). From Vitality Stadium. 10.15 Scottish Premiership Round-Up 10.30 Soccer AM 11.00 EFL Greatest Games 12.00m’t Soccer AM: The Best Bits. Highlights. 12.30 LIVE MLS Toronto FC v Inter Miami CF 2.40 MLS 2.45 Scottish Premiership Round-Up 3.00 EFL Play-off Final: C’ship 18/19 4.00 EFL Play Off Finals League 1 18/19 5.00-6.00am EFL Play Off Finals League 2 18/19 Sky Sports Cricket 6.00am T20 Blast 2019 Final Highlights 7.00 Dinesh Karthik Meets 7.45 India’s History At Lord’s 8.00 County Championship Cricket 8.30 The Fletcher Years 9.00 Best of the IPL 9.50 County Championship Cricket 10.20 LIVE County Championship Cricket Somerset v Lancashire. Coverage of day three. 6.00pm 2018 T20 Blast Final 7.00 Best of The 2015 IPL 7.30 Best of The 2018 IPL 8.00 County Championship Cricket 8.30 The Fletcher Years 9.00 2018 T20 Blast Final 10.00 County Championship Cricket 10.30 The Fletcher Years 11.00 2018 T20 Blast Final 12.00m’t Vitality T20 Blast Cricket 4.00 2018 T20 Blast Final 5.00-6.00am Best of England v India eir Sport 1 HD 6.00am Football Gold 7.00 1992 – Va Ser Mitic 8.00 Mascherano: From the Heart 8.30 Stories 9.00 Football Gold 1.00pm FA Cup Classics 3.00 Football Gold 9.50 FIFA World Cup Official Film 11.25 FIFA World Cup Stories 12.00m’t Once in a Life Time 1.00-6.00am Football BT Sport 1 6.00am Premier League Review 7.00 WWE 8.00 Fight Night 10.00 FIM Speedway Grand Prix 12.00noon BT Sport Goals Reload 12.30 ESPN FC 1.00 Premier League Review 2.00 Premier League World 2.30 Vanarama National League 4.00 Vanarama National League 4.30 WWE 5.30 LIVE UEFA Champions League Sevilla v RB Salzburg (kick-off 5.45pm). 7.45 UCL Goals Show All the latest goals from the UEFA Champions League as they go in. 10.15 WWE Monday Night Raw. Highlights. 12.45am MotoGP Rewind. The best of the action. 1.00 LIVE WWE NXT Action from America. 3.15 BT Sport Goals Reload 3.45 MotoGP Rewind 4.00 FIM – International Six Days of Enduro 5.00-6.00am WSL Presents BT Sport 2 6.00am Gallagher Premiership Rugby Highlights 9.00 ESPN FC 9.30 Super League Triathlon 10.30 Hero CPL 1.30pm UEFA Champions League Magazine 2.00 ESPN FC 2.30 British RallyCross Highlights 3.30 Premier League Review 4.30 UEFA Champions League 5.00 LIVE UEFA Champions League Young Boys v Manchester United (kick-off 5.45pm). 7.45 LIVE UEFA Champions League Chelsea v Zenit St. Petersburg (kick-off 8.00pm). 10.30 UEFA Champions League Tonight 11.30 LIVE Hero CPL T20 cricket action from the Hero Caribbean Premier League. 4.00am Inside AFL. Highlights. 4.30-6.00am Gallagher Premiership Rugby Highlights Eurosport 1 6.00am Formula E 7.00 Cycling: European Road Champs 8.00 Cycling: Vuelta a Espana 9.00 Hall of Fame – Tokyo 2020 10.00 Tokyo 2020: Taekwondo 11.00 World Superbikes 12.00noon Superbikes 1.00 The Cycling Show 1.30 LIVE Cycling: Tour of Luxembourg 3.30 Olympics: Legends Live On 4.30 The Cycling Show 5.00 Cycling: European Road Champs 6.00 Show Jumping 7.00 Triathlon: Super League 8.00 Cycling: Tour of Luxembourg 9.00 Formula E 10.00 Motorsport: ESET V4 Cup 10.15 The Cycling Show 10.45 Cycling: Tour of Flanders 11.00 Bennetts British Superbikes 12.00m’t Cycling 2.00 Hall of Fame – Tokyo 2020 3.00 Cycling 5.00-6.00am British Superbikes BBC Four Freeview 9 7.00pm Great British Railway Journeys 7.30 The Joy of Painting 8.00 The Good Life 8.30 Porridge 9.00 Jo Brand: No Holds Barred – Imagine 10.00 Born Lippy: Mark Lawson talks to Jo Brand 11.00 The Culture Show at Edinburgh: Funny Women 11.30 Some Dog Owners with Jokes 12.00m’t Handmade in Bolton 12.30 Great British Railway Journeys 1.00 Jo Brand: No Holds Barred – Imagine 2.00 Born Lippy: Mark Lawson talks to Jo Brand 3.00-4.00am Inside America’s Treasure House: The Met 5USA Freeview 21 9.00am Murder, She Wrote 10.00 NCIS 11.55 Entertainment News on 5 12.00noon Law & Order 6.00 NCIS 6.55 Entertainment News on 5 7.00 NCIS 9.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 10.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1.50am Chicago PD 3.30 Criminals: Caught on Camera 3.55-4.00am Entertainment News on 5 ITV3 Freeview 10 6.00am Classic Coronation Street 7.00 Classic Emmerdale 8.05 Heartbeat 9.10 Man About the House 9.45 On the Buses 10.20 A Touch of Frost 12.40pm Heartbeat 1.45 Classic Emmerdale 2.50 Classic Coronation Street 3.50 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 5.50 The Darling Buds of May 6.55 Maigret 8.00 Midsomer Murders 10.00 Manhunt 11.00 Maigret 12.10am A Touch of Frost 2.10-2.30am ITV3 Nightscreen ITV4 Freeview 25 6.00am The Protectors 6.25 The Champions 7.15 Robin of Sherwood 8.15 The Avengers 9.20 The Sweeney 10.25 Minder 11.30 The Champions 12.35pm The Big Match Revisited 1.35 Robin of Sherwood 2.40 The Avengers 3.45 The Sweeney 4.50 Minder 5.55 The Big Match Revisited 7.00 The Chase Celebrity Special 8.00 Bear & Jonny Wilkinson’s Wild Adventure 9.00 Gordon, Gino and Fred: American Road Trip 10.00 FILM Ransom (1996/15) ★★★ 12.30am Lethal Weapon 1.25 Minder 2.25 The Protectors 2.50-3.00am Nightscreen Really Freeview 17 6.00am Fantasy Homes by the Sea 7.00 Cruise TV with LoveitBookit 8.00 Homes Under the Hammer 10.00 Antiques Road Trip 12.00noon Money for Nothing 1.00 Homes Under the Hammer 2.00 Animal Cops Houston 4.00 Pit Bulls & Parolees 6.00 Money for Nothing 7.00 Antiques Road Trip 9.00 Emergency 10.00 Helicopter ER 11.00 Ghost Adventures 1.00am Portals to Hell 2.00-4.00am Teleshopping Pick Freeview 35 7.00am Highway Patrol 8.00 Motorway Patrol 9.00 Police Force: Australia 10.00 Police Ten 7 11.00 Nothing to Declare 12.00noon Border Patrol 1.00 Border Security USA 2.00 Border Security: Canada’s Front Line 3.00 Nothing to Declare 4.00 Stargate Atlantis 5.00 Star Trek: The Next Generation 6.00 Star Trek: Enterprise 7.00 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 8.00 MacGyver 9.00 Elementary 10.00 Fringe 11.00 World’s Most Evil Killers 12.00m’t Murders That Shocked the Nation 1.00 The RTE Radio 1 FM 88-90MHz 7.00am Morning Ireland 9.00 The Ryan Tubridy Show 10.00 Today with Claire Byrne 12.00noon The Ronan Collins Show 1.00 News at One 1.45 Liveline 3.00 The Ray D’Arcy Show 4.30 Drivetime 7.00 Arena 8.00 The John Creedon Show 10.00 The Late Debate 11.00 Late Date 2.00am Playback Daily 3.00 RTE Gold on RTE Radio 1 5.30-7.00am Rising Time RTE 2FM 90-92MHz 6.00am 2FM Breakfast with Doireann, Donncha and Carl 9.00 Jennifer Zamparelli on 2FM 12.00noon Tracy Clifford 3.00 Jenny Greene on 2FM 6.00 Game On 7.00 Tara Stewart on 2FM 10.00 Dan Hegarty 12.00m’t-6.00am 2FM Overnight RTE lyric fm 96-99MHz 7.00am Marty in the Morning 10.00 Niall Carroll’s Classical Daytime 1.00pm The Full Score with Liz Nolan 4.00 Lorcan Murray’s Classic Drive 7.00 Mystery Train with John Kelly 9.00 The Blue of the Night with Bernard Clarke 12.00m’t-7.00am Lyric Through the Night RTE Raidio na Gaeltachta 92-95MHz 7.00am Nead Na Fuiseoige 8.00 Adhmhaidin 9.00 Priomhscealta na Nuachta 9.15 Iris Aniar 10.15 Cuideachta Ceoil 10.55 Tuairisc Spoirt 11.00 Barrscealta 12.00noon Priomhscealta na Nuachta 12.08 An Saol o Dheas 1.00 Nuacht a hAon 2.00 Tuairisc Spoirt 2.05 Eachtraigh Dom 3.00 Binneas Beil 5.00 Tus Aite 5.55 Tuairisc DMEEIR Entertainment & Factual Force: Manchester 2.00 Police Force: Australia 3.00 Highway Patrol 4.00 Motorway Patrol 5.00-6.00am Nothing to Declare Sky Arts 6.00am Benjamin Britten’s Gloriana 9.00 Tales of the Unexpected 10.00 Discovering: Peter Ustinov 11.00 The Eighties 12.00noon Goya – Visions of Flesh and Blood 1.00 Tales of the Unexpected 2.00 Discovering: Ian McKellen 3.00 Van Gogh & Japan 4.00 Jefferson Airplane: Music Icons 4.30 Video Killed the Radio Star 5.00 Tales of the Unexpected 6.00 Discovering: Ed Harris 7.00 Landmark 8.00 Lucian Freud: A Self Portrait 9.00 Thomas Hardy: Fate, Exclusion and Tragedy 10.00 Muriel Spark by Ian Rankin 11.00 Destiny’s Child Live in Atlanta 1.30-3.30am How It Feels to Be Free GOLD 7.30am Fresh Fields 9.00 Hi-de-Hi! 9.40 Only Fools and Horses 10.20 Last of the Summer Wine 11.40 The Green Green Grass 12.20pm Hi-de-Hi! 1.00 Only Fools and Horses 3.00 The Story of Only Fools and Horses 4.00 The Green Green Grass 4.40 Last of the Summer Wine 6.00 Only Fools and Horses 6.40 Hi-de-Hi! 7.20 The Green Green Grass 8.00 Only Fools and Horses 10.00 Live at the Apollo: Christmas Special 11.00 Peep Show 12.05am Live at the Apollo 1.05 The Interviews 2.05-2.45am Bridget & Eamon Yesterday Freeview 26 6.00am Impossible Engineering 8.00 A Tale of Two Sisters 9.00 Abandoned Engineering 11.00 Great British Railway Journeys 12.00noon Antiques Roadshow 1.00 Railway Journeys with Chris Tarrant 2.00 Bangers and Cash 3.00 War Factories 4.00 Hitler’s Most Wanted 5.00 Antiques Roadshow 6.00 Great British Railway Journeys 7.00 Bangers and Cash 8.00 Secret Nazi Bases 9.00 Adolf Hitler’s War 10.00 The Search for Hitler’s Bomb 11.00 ’Allo ’Allo! 12.55-3.00am Impossible Engineering Alibi 7.15am Murdoch Mysteries 9.00 Rizzoli & Isles 10.00 Unforgettable 11.00 Hudson & Rex 12.00noon Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries 1.00 Death in Paradise 2.00 Murdoch Mysteries 4.00 The Good Wife 5.00 Rizzoli & Isles 6.00 Unforgettable 7.00 Hudson & Rex 8.00 Death in Paradise 9.00 Annika 10.00 Why Women Kill 11.00 The Good Wife 12.00m’t Unforgettable 1.00 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries 2.00-4.00am Motive Radio Live UEFA Champions League BT Sport 2, 5pm Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo (left) could feature for Red Devils as they travel to the Stade de Suisse in Bern to face Young Boys in Group F. Spoirt 6.00 Nuacht a Se 6.30 Fograi an Lae 7.00 Ceol Binn o na Beanna 9.00 Ri-Ra ar RnaG 10.00 An Taobh Tuathail 12.00m’t-7.00am Scoth na Mairte Cork’s 96FM 95.8-96.8MHz 6.00am KC and Ross in the Morning 9.00 The Opinion Line 12.00noon Afternoon Show 4.00 Drivetime Show 8.00 Total Access 12.00m’t The Best Music Mix Non Stop 3.00-6.00am The Opinion Line Today FM 100-102MHz 7.00am Ian Dempsey’s Breakfast Show 9.00 Dermot and Dave 12.00noon Mairead Ronan 2.00 Fergal D’Arcy 4.30 The Last Word 7.00 Pamela Joyce 10.00 Ed Smith 12.00m’t Overnight Music 5.00-7.00am Early Breakfast Newstalk FM 100-108MHz 6.00am Breakfast Briefing with Shane Beatty 6.30 Breakfast Business with Vincent Wall 7.00 Newstalk Breakfast with Shane Coleman and Ciara Kelly 9.00 The Pat Kenny Show 12.00noon Lunchtime Live with Andrea Gilligan 2.00 Moncrieff with Sean Moncrieff 4.00 The Hard Shoulder with Kieran Cuddihy 7.00 Off the Ball 10.00 The Tom Dunne Show 12.00m’t-6.00am Best of Newstalk Cork’s Red FM 104.2-106.1MHz 6.00am Ray and Jay 9.00 Neil Prendeville 12.00noon Philip Bourke 4.00 Dave Mac’s Drive 7.00 Red Hits with Izzy 10.00 Kilian Pettit Sky Max 6.00am Highway Patrol 7.00 Road Wars 8.00 Arrow 9.00 Supergirl 10.00 The Flash 11.00 NCIS: Los Angeles 1.00pm Hawaii Five-0 2.00 Magnum P.I 3.00 Condor 4.00 Supergirl 5.00 The Flash 6.00 Rob & Romesh vs Cricket: The Test 7.00 An Idiot Abroad 2 8.00 Supergirl 9.00 Wolfe 10.00 Brassic 12.00m’t DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 1.00 Road Wars 2.00 The Force: Manchester 3.00 Hawaii Five-0 4.00-5.00am Magnum P.I Sky Atlantic 6.00am The Guest Wing 7.00 Blue Bloods 9.00 Six Feet Under 11.15 Oz 1.30pm The Wire 3.45 Blue Bloods 5.40 The Sopranos 7.50 Game of Thrones 9.00 Britannia 10.00 Patrick Melrose 11.15 Dexter 1.25am Californication 2.00-3.05 Billions Sky Witness 6.00am Nothing to Declare 8.00 Border Patrol 9.00 Send in the Dogs 10.00 The Force: Manchester 11.00 Law & Order 12.00noon 9-1-1 1.00 Blue Bloods 3.00 999 Frontline 4.00 UK Border Force 5.00 Nothing to Declare 6.00 Border Security: Australia’s Front Line 6.30 Nothing to Declare 8.00 9-1-1 9.00 The Equalizer 10.00 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 11.00 For Life 12.00m’t Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1.00 New Amsterdam 2.00 Blue Bloods 3.00 Blindspot 4.00-5.00am Road Wars Sky Comedy 8.00am Everybody Hates Chris 9.00 The Mindy Project 10.00 Parks and Recreation 11.00 Trollied 12.30pm Silicon Valley 1.45 Curb Your Enthusiasm 3.00 Modern Family 4.00 Will & Grace 5.00 30 Rock 5.30 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 6.30 Silicon Valley 7.40 Curb Your Enthusiasm 9.00 Bored to Death 10.35 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 11.30 Code 404 12.00m’t Wellington Paranormal 1.00 The Late Late Show with James Corden 1.55 Trollied 2.25 Curb Your Enthusiasm 3.35-4.00am 30 Rock Discovery 6.00am Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car 7.00 Deadliest Catch 8.00 Building Off the Grid 9.00 Edge of Alaska 10.00 Diesel Brothers 11.00 Wheeler Dealers 12.00noon Junkyard Empire 1.00 Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine 3.00 Richard Hammond’s Big 4.00 Alaska: Homestead Rescue 5.00 Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car 6.00 Misfit Garage 7.00 Outback Truckers 8.00 Kindig Customs 9.00 Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune 10.00 Gold Divers 11.00 Combat Dealers 12.00m’t Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune 1.00 Gold Divers 2.00 Deadliest Catch 4.00 Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune 4.50 Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car 5.40-6.00am How It’s Made National Geographic 8.00am World’s Biggest Battleship: Draining the Ocean 9.00 Drain the Oceans 10.00 Lost Treasures of Egypt 11.00 Ancient X Files 12.00noon Nazi Megastructures: Battle Ready 1.00 Nazi Megastructures 2.00 Air Crash Investigation 4.00 Seconds from Disaster 5.00 World’s Fastest Train 6.00 Car S.O.S 8.00 9/11: One Day In America 10.00 Bin Laden’s Hard Drive 11.00 Air Crash Investigation 1.00-2.00am Narco Wars 1.00am The Neil Prendeville Show Rewind 4.00-6.00am Non-stop Hits FM104 104MHz 6.00am The Strawberry Alarm Clock 10.00 10-3 Show 3.00pm The Jam 7.00 Total Access 9.00 The Phone Show 1.00-6.00am The Night Time Network BBC Radio 4 FM 92.4-94.6MHz, LW 198kHz 6.00am Today 8.31 (LW) Yesterday in Parliament 9.00 The Life Scientific 9.30 One to One 9.45 (LW) Daily Service 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: God: An Anatomy 10.00 Woman’s Hour 11.00 Electric Ride UK 11.30 Dante 2021 12.00noon News 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast 12.04 The Fortnight in September 12.18 Call You and Yours 12.57 Weather 1.00 The World at One 1.45 A History of the World in 100 Objects 2.00 The Archers 2.15 Drama: Brief Lives 3.00 Short Cuts 3.30 Costing the Earth 4.00 The Ballad of the Bet 4.30 Great Lives 5.00 PM 5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast 5.57 Weather 6.00 News 6.30 The Birthday Cake Game 7.00 The Archers 7.15 Front Row 7.45 Steelmanning 8.00 File on 4 8.40 In Touch 9.00 Three Pounds in My Pocket 9.30 The Life Scientific 10.00 The World Tonight 10.45 Book at Bedtime: The Fortnight in September 11.00 Fortunately 11.30 Today in Parliament 12.00m’t News 12.30 Book of the Week 12.48 Shipping Forecast 1.00 As BBC World Service 5.20 Shipping Forecast 5.30 News 5.43 Prayer 5.45 Farming Today 5.58-6.00am Tweet of the Day Movies Film4 11.00am Hell Is for Heroes (1962/12) Adventure, starring Steve McQueen. ★★★ 12.50pm Anastasia (1956/U) Drama, starring Ingrid Bergman and Yul Brynner. ★★★★★ 3.00 The Naked Truth (1957/U) Comedy, starring Peter Sellers and Peggy Mount. ★★ 4.50 Billion Dollar Brain (1967/PG) Espionage thriller, starring Michael Caine. ★★★ 7.00 The Greatest Showman (2017/PG) A former bank clerk attempts to create and develop his New York circus in the mid-1800s. Musical drama, starring Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron. ★★★★★ 9.00 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015/12) The agents of the Impossible Mission Force become fugitives in order to bring down a shadowy society of assassins. Spy thriller sequel, with Tom Cruise. ★★★★ 11.40 Drag Me to Hell (2009/15) Horror, with Alison Lohman and Justin Long. ★★★★ 1.35-4.00am The Love Witch (2016/15) Horror, starring Samantha Robinson. ★★★ Sky Cinema Premiere 6.30am The Outside Story (2020/12) See 11.45pm for details. ★★★ 8.10 Me, Myself & Di (2021/12) See 4.30am for details. ★★★ 9.55 End of Sentence (2019/15) See 10.00pm for details. ★★★★ 11.55 Bombshell (2020/15) See 8.00pm for details. ★★★★ 2.00pm No Man’s Land (2020/12) Action adventure, starring Jake Allyn. ★★★ 4.00 Minari (2020/12) Romantic drama, starring Steven Yeun and Yeri Han. ★★★★ 6.00 Hero Mode (2021/12) Comedy, starring Chris Carpenter and Mira Sorvino. ★★★ 8.00 Bombshell (2020/15) A group of women take on Fox News head Roger Ailes and the toxic atmosphere he presided over at the network. Drama, with Charlize Theron. ★★★★ 10.00 End of Sentence (2019/15) Premiere. Drama, starring John Hawkes. ★★★★ 11.45 The Outside Story (2020/12) Drama, starring Brian Tyree Henry. ★★★ 1.20am Hero Mode (2021/12) See 6.00pm for details. ★★★ 2.55 Beast Beast (2020/15) Drama, starring Shirley Chen and Will Madden. ★★★ 4.30-6.15am Me, Myself & Di (2021/12) Comedy, starring Katy Clayton. ★★★ Sky Cinema Drama 4.00pm The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019/15) Drama, starring Jimmie Fails. ★★★ 6.05 The Impossible (2012/12) Drama, starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. ★★★★ 8.00 Let Him Go (2020/15) Crime drama starring Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. ★★★ 10.00 Sleepers (1996/18) With Brad Pitt. ★★★ 12.30am Crash (2004/15) Drama, starring Matt Dillon and Sandra Bullock. ★★★★ 2.30 Sprinter (2018/15) Drama, with Lorraine Toussaint and David Alan Grier. ★★★ 4.30-6.25am The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012/12) Drama, starring Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller. ★★★★ Sky Cinema Family 5.20pm Playing with Fire (2019/PG) Comedy, starring John Cena. ★★★ 7.00 Come Away (2020/PG) Drama, starring David Oyelowo and Anna Chancellor. ★★★ 8.50 Proximity (2020/PG) Sci-fi drama, starring Ryan Masson and Highdee Kuan. ★★★ 10.55 My Friend the Dolphin (2019/U) Family adventure, starring Lola Sultan. ★★★ 12.45am Adventures of Rufus: The Fantastic Pet (2020/PG) Adventure, starring Kyler Charles Beck and Cory Phillips. ★★ 2.20 Two Brothers (2004/U) Wildlife adventure, starring Guy Pearce. ★★★ 4.15-6.15am Monte Carlo (2011/PG) Comedy, starring Selena Gomez. ★★ TCM 5.20pm The Walking Hills (1949/PG) Western, starring Randolph Scott. ★★★ 7.00 Alias Jesse James (1959/U) Comedy Western, starring Bob Hope. ★★ 9.00 Fire Down Below (1997/18) A government agent fights to stop a tycoon dumping toxic waste in abandoned mine shafts in the Appalachian Mountains. Action adventure, with Steven Seagal. ★★★ 11.15 The Big Short (2015/15) Fact-based drama, starring Christian Bale. ★★★★ 1.55-3.45am Tigerland (2000/18) Vietnam War drama, starring Colin Farrell. ★★★ GREAT! movies 4.40pm Jenny’s Wedding (2015/12) Comedy drama, starring Katherine Heigl. ★★ 6.35 The Pursuit of Happyness (2006/12) Fact-based drama, starring Will Smith. ★★★ 9.00 Into the Ashes (2019/15) Thriller, starring Frank Grillo and Marguerite Moreau. ★★★ 10.55 Braven (2018/15) Action thriller, starring Jason Momoa and Garret Dillahunt. ★★★ 12.45am Killerman (2019/15) Action drama, starring Liam Hemsworth. ★★★ 3.10-6.00am Queen of the Desert (2016/PG) Biopic, starring Nicole Kidman. ★★★


IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 Classified 36 DMEEIR require a Senior Sub editor Reporting into the Group Chief Sub Editor, the Senior Sub Editor is responsible for the quality of the pages and content within the Daily Mirror NI and Irish Daily Mirror. They will sub pages and stories to ensure standards are high and pages are completed in house style and legally compliant. So, who are we? We are Reach plc, you might not have heard of us but we have probably met without you even realising it. We are home to the UK and Ireland’s most iconic digital platforms, magazines and newspapers. From the Irish Mirror, Irish Daily Star, DublinLive, BelfastLive, RSVP and Cork Beo. We help all kinds of people share experiences through our stories because we believe this is what makes us human. At Reach, not only will you feel better understood, you will also feel you understand other people better too. Key Responsibilities • Sub-edit print content across the Irish titles • Work collaboratively with stakeholders from across the company, in particular the backbench • Ensure tasks are completed in accordance to IPSO and legal requirements • Complete page production process in line with established KPIs and benchmarks • Ensure all work at all times conforms to Reach PLC policies and procedures The Ideal Candidate • You will have brilliant design skills to create and lead production of great pages • You will have proven ability in designing, sub-editing and proofing pages • You will have a history of editorial page production ideally at daily newspaper level • You will be experienced at working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines • You should be familiar with House style and have sound brand positioning understanding Package Description We are offering a competitive salary and benefits including; • 25 days holiday per annum • Contributory pension scheme • Holiday purchase scheme • Simply Health Healthcare Cashplan • Free wellbeing apps and coaching support • Share save scheme • Inclusion Networks and Champions, giving all employees a voice Reach plc believes diversity brings benefits for our customers, our business and our people. This is why we are committed to being an inclusive employer and encourage applications from all suitable applicants irrespective of background, circumstances, age, disability, gender identity, ethnicity, religion or belief and sexual orientation. If you think you’re good enough to join our team, visit Closing date: 22/09/2021 Reach PLC is an Equal Opportunities Employer. Public Notices (a)WTR MEDICAL LTD having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at Dromore, Letterkenny, Donegal, Ireland & (b)FREFFANS HOLDINGS LTD t/a P & L Group having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at 18 Oaktree Business Park, Trim, Meath, C15 XA03, Ireland & (c)MODERN ART CONSTRUCTION LTD having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at Fahamore, Maharees, Castlegregory, Co. Kerry, Castlegregory, Kerry, Ireland & (d)DUBLIN NORTH ATTRACTIONS ALLIANCE CLG having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at Glasnevin Cemetery, Finglas Road, Dublin 11, Dublin, Ireland & (e)ENVOGEN (IRL) LTD having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at 1E Three Rock Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Sandyford, Dublin 18, Sandyford, Dublin, D18W3Y4, Ireland & (f)MULGA RESOURCES LTD having never traded having its registered office & principal place of business at First Floor, The Diamond Centre, The Diamond Donegal, Co. Donegal, Donegal, Ireland and each of which has no assets exceeding €150 and/ or liabilities, have each resolved to notify the registrar of companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the registrar on that basis to exercise her powers pursuant to section 733 of the companies act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register, by order of the board (a)Wisam Al-Ramli, Director (b)Thomas Potterton, Director (c)Colette O’Leary, Director (d)Ray Dempsey, Director (e)Gavin O’Neal Segrave, Director (f)Natasha Doherty, Director Euro-Bridge Butter Ltd., Euro-Bridge Hoveton Ltd., Euro-Bridge Peanut Ltd., Euro-Bridge Tulip Ltd., Food- Bridge Blue Ltd. and Food- Bridge Horsey Ltd., having ceased to trade and all having their registered office at Lee House, Riverview Business Park, Bessboro Road, Mahon, Cork and their principal place of business at Lee House, Riverview Business Park, Bessboro Road, Mahon, Cork, and each of which has no assets exceeding €150 and/or having no liabilities exceeding €150, has each resolved to notify the Registrar of Companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the Registrar on that basis to exercise his/her powers pursuant to section 733 of the Companies Act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register. By Order of the Board. Edward Gleeson, Director. Euro-Bridge Castleshaw Ltd., Euro-Bridge Hummingbird Ltd., Euro-Bridge Pine Ltd., Euro-Bridge Wren Ltd., Food-Bridge Bomere Ltd. and Food-Bridge Howden Ltd., having ceased to trade and all having their registered office at Lee House, Riverview Business Park, Bessboro Road, Mahon, Cork and their principal place of business at Lee House, Riverview Business Park, Bessboro Road, Mahon, Cork, and each of which has no assets exceeding €150 and/or having no liabilities exceeding €150, has each resolved to notify the Registrar of Companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the Registrar on that basis to exercise his/her powers pursuant to section 733 of the Companies Act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register. By Order of the Board. Edward Gleeson, Director. (a)GURTEEN AUTO LTD having never traded having its registered office & principal place of business acarn, via boyle, co. sligo, gurteen, sligo, ireland & (b)COASTWELL LTD having never traded having its registered office & principal place of business at Bowood House, Turnerstown, Athy, Co. Kildare, Athy, Kildare, Ireland & (c) KW SYNERGY SOLUTIONS LTD having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at Suite 5332, 26 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland & (d)ELECTION ENERGY LTD having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at Station Road, Newcastlewest, Co. Limerick, Co. Limerick, Limerick, Ireland & (e)ENERGIZE CONSULTING LTD having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at 25 The Grange, Portlaoise, Laois, Ireland & (f)MC DONNELL ADVERTISING LTD having ceased to trade having its registered office & principal place of business at Falmur, Ballinahina, Dublin Pike, Whites Cross, Cork, Co. Cork, Cork, T23AY81, Ireland and each of which has no assets exceeding €150 and/ or liabilities, have each resolved to notify the registrar of companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the registrar on that basis to exercise her powers pursuant to section 733 of the companies act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register, by order of the board (a)Samantha O’Gara, Director (b)Susan Joyce, Director (c)Karol Witowski, Director (d)Padraig Smith, Director (e)Patrick Cahill, Director (f)Damien Murphy, Director Euro-Bridge Catfield Ltd., Euro-Bridge Importers Ltd., Euro-Bridge Pink Ltd., Euro-Bridge Wright Ltd., Food-Bridge Boron Ltd. and Food-Bridge Islandmore Ltd., having ceased to trade and all having their registered office at Lee House, Riverview Business Park, Bessboro Road, Mahon, Cork and their principal place of business at Lee House, Riverview Business Park, Bessboro Road, Mahon, Cork, and each of which has no assets exceeding €150 and/or having no liabilities exceeding €150, has each resolved to notify the Registrar of Companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the Registrar on that basis to exercise his/her powers pursuant to section 733 of the Companies Act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register. By Order of the Board. Edward Gleeson, Director. Euro-Bridge Caldew Ltd., Euro-Bridge Howden Ltd., Euro-Bridge Pepper Ltd., Euro-Bridge Tulsi Ltd., Food-Bridge Boddington Ltd. and Food-Bridge Hoveton Ltd., having ceased to trade and all having their registered office at Lee House, Riverview Business Park, Bessboro Road, Mahon, Cork and their principal place of business at Lee House, Riverview Business Park, Bessboro Road, Mahon, Cork, and each of which has no assets exceeding €150 and/or having no liabilities exceeding €150, has each resolved to notify the Registrar of Companies that the company is not carrying on business and to request the Registrar on that basis to exercise his/her powers pursuant to section 733 of the Companies Act 2014 to strike the name of the company off the register. By Order of the Board. Edward Gleeson, Director. “Employment Agency Act, 1971 We Impulse Recruitment Ireland hereby give notice of our intention to apply for a licence under the above Act to carry on the business of an employment agency at the premises specified below 28 Joyce Road Drumcondra Dublin 09 Ireland D09P273 “We Impulse Recruitment Ireland hereby give notice of our intention to apply for a licence under the above Act to carry on the business of an employment agency at the premises specified below: 28 Joyce Road Drumcondra Dublin 09 Ireland D09P273 TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 37 PUNCHestOWN Peter O’HeHir 1.30 EsculEnta 2.00 World Famous 2.30 KhaFaaq 3.03 shErKin island 3.33 champion GrEEn (nap) 4.05 FlaGGEd 4.40 Bosca chEoil 5.15 miss FlorEntinE DOUBLe: radiyKa and champion GrEEn. O’HeHir’s LONGsHOt: moGWli (2.30) GoinG: Good. Course: Undulating, right-hand 1m. 6f. circuit with 2f. straight. Draw: Low numbers favoured. TrifeCTa: All races. PlaCePoT (€15,000 Guarantee): 1.30, 2.00, 2.30, 3.03, 3.33, 4.05. ToP Trainers (with runners): J P O’Brien 1.30 Next Best 1.30 radiyKa 2.00 yashin 2.30 adamaris 3.03 cartouchE 3.33 moracana 4.05 princEssE mathildE 4.40 Jazz drEamErs 5.15 rEddiac 3, A P O’Brien 3, K Prendergast 2, D K Weld 1, Mrs S Lavery 1, Mrs J Harrington 1, J P Murtagh 1, A Kinirons 1, K J Condon 1, A J Martin 1, A Mullins 1, J S Bolger1. ToP JoCkeys (with rides): D P McDonogh 3, K J Manning 1, J M Sheridan 1, D E Sheehy 1, L T McAter 1, S M Crosse 1, J A Heffernan 1. favouriTes: 38.66% Flat. IRISH STALLION FARMS EBF FILLIES MAIDEN 7f Winner €8,400 (14 run) 1 0 ALiZAriNe (32) 12 Mrs John Harrington (GB) 2 9-2 ..............C D Hayes – 2 46 BLACK PePPer (100) 2 Mrs John Harrington 2 9-2.... N M Crosse (3) – 3 6 esCULeNtA (36) 5 J P Murtagh 2 9-2 (f)....................Ben Martin Coen – 4 HAstY HOLLie 13 Andrew Slattery 2 9-2 ........................... A J Slattery – 5 06 iLe De CirCe (6) 11 Mrs John Harrington 2 9-2 ...................C P Hoban – 6 579 KALiMerA (74) 6 J P Murtagh 2 9-2 ........................................... S B Kelly – 7 07 MissY ZiPPY (17) 10 Ross O’Sullivan 2 9-2 ....................D E Sheehy (3) – 8 87 OBLiViAte (6) 7 Joseph Patrick O’Brien 2 9-2 ..............D P McDonogh – 9 PerFeCt tHUNDer 3 Joseph Patrick O’Brien (GB) 2 9-2 S M Crosse – 10 22 rADiYKA (48) 8 D K Weld 2 9-2 (Sf) .............................................O J Orr – 11 0 stePs iN tHe sAND (53) 1 Ms Sheila Lavery 2 9-2 ......... R C Colgan – 12 tArtAN sKirt 4 M D O’Callaghan 2 9-2 ................................L f Roche – 13 6 tOrN (22) 9 G M Lyons (GB) 2 9-2 (EW)....................................C T Keane – 14 West COAst 14 A P O’Brien 2 9-2 .................................... J A Heffernan – BETTING: 7-4 Radiyka, 4 Torn, 7 Alizarine, 15-2 Esculenta, 8 West Coast, 12 Obliviate, 14 Black Pepper, 16 Ile De Circe, Perfect Thunder, 20 Tartan Skirt, 25 Kalimera, 33 Missy Zippy, 50 Hasty Hollie, Steps In The Sand. 2020: NEW EMERALD BAY 2 8 11 D E Sheehy 7-2 (J P Murtagh) drawn (6) 9 ran. RADIYKA (9-2) 6/4 wore hood to post, tracked leaders, 3rd halfway, closed travelling well 2f out, soon challenged and disputed lead 1 1/2f out, ridden and narrowly headed 1f out, no impression in 3rd 100 yards out, kept on one pace, finished 3rd, placed 2nd, 2nd 3.25L behind Twinkle at Galway Jul mdn 7f Soft 11 ran. TORN (8-8) 8/1 dwelt, in rear, closer in 10th and ridden 2f out, kept on without threatening final furlong, 6th 7L behind Cigamia at Naas Aug mdn 7f Yielding to Soft 15 ran. ALIZARINE (9-2) 9/2 towards rear, 12th 2 1/2f out, no impression 1 1/2f out, switched left under 1f out, kept on same pace, 10th 8L behind Limiti Di Greccio at Leopardstown Aug mdn 7f Good to Yielding 13 ran. ESCULENTA (8-13) 33/1 chased leaders in 5th, ridden in 4th 2f out, 3rd briefly 1f out, no impression final furlong, 6th 7.75L behind Cairde Go Deo at Curragh Aug 7f Yielding 9 ran. OBLIVIATE (8-9) 1evens chased leaders, 5th halfway, ridden in 6th 2f out, kept on one pace, 7th 9.75L behind Tranquil Lady at Galway Sep mdn 7f 24yds Good 12 ran. BETVICTOR SUPPORTING IRISH RACING MAIDEN 7f 200yds 2.00 Winner €7,200 (17 run) 1 29 BeLieVe iN sCieNCe (23) 7 J S Bolger 2 9-7 ................... K J Manning – 2 45 CHANGiNGOFtHeGUArD (39) 15 A P O’Brien 2 9-7 (Bf) (EW).............. ....................................................................................................... J A Heffernan – 3 DUBirANGO 10 f Birrane 2 9-7 ................................................. R P Cleary – 4 FeArLess FUtUres 1 Joseph Patrick O’Brien (GB) 2 9-7 S M Crosse – 5 35 GOLDeN BeACH (33) 16 D K Weld (GB) 2 9-7 ........................C T Keane – 6 GOLDeN tiCKet 4 A Oliver 2 9-7 ........................................R P Whelan – 7 riVer tHAMes 9 A P O’Brien 2 9-7 .................................. W M Lordan – 8 sAVAL BOYs 13 J P Murtagh 2 9-7 .............................................. S B Kelly – 9 sWiNG POiNt 11 Andrew Slattery (CAN) 2 9-7 ................... A J Slattery – 10 tOUrGAr rAUDe 6 Henry De Bromhead 2 9-7................. G f Carroll – 11 4 WOrLD FAMOUs (39) 3 Joseph P O’Brien 2 9-7 (Sf)...D P McDonogh – 12 4 YAsHiN (17) 2 Mrs John Harrington 2 9-7 (f)...........................C D Hayes – 13 tA NA LA 17 T M Walsh (USA) 2 9-2 ..............................................O J Orr – 14 ZUHrA 8 J P Murtagh 2 9-2 ............................................Ben Martin Coen – 15 07 CHUtZPAL (17) 14 Aidan Anthony Howard 2 9-7 .................................... – 16 9 DANFANGO (5) 12 K J Condon 2 9-7 ............................................................ – 17 9 Mr GLOBAList (32) 5 Eddie Patrick Harty 2 9-7 ..........M A Gallagher – BETTING: 3 World Famous, 10-3 Changingoftheguard, 9-2 Yashin, 13-2 River Thames, Golden Beach, 10 Believe In Science, 12 Zuhra, Fearless Futures, 14 Saval Boys, 25 Tourgar Raude, Golden Ticket, 33 Ta Na La, Swing Point, 100 Others. 2020: LIFFEY RIVER 2 9 7 S M Crosse 10-11 Fav (Joseph Patrick O’Brien) drawn (1) 9 ran. DONATE TO THE COAST TO THE CURRAGH CYCLE IN 2.30 HONOUR OF PAT SMULLEN HANDICAP (50-75) 7f 200yds Winner €6,600 (17 run) 1 034221 ONeirOi (32) 10 D Buckley 5 10-2 ............................................R P Whelan – 2 460610 BiG isLAND (32) 17 John James feane 4 10-1 (D).......Ben Martin Coen – 3 035012 MONZOON (16) 1 Ross O’Sullivan (GB) 4 10-0 ...............J M Sheridan (3) – 4 050631 OH PUrPLe reiGN (12) 15 Gordon Elliott 4 10-0 (EW) D P McDonogh – 5 6-60823 tHALeeQ (11) 14 D K Weld (GB) 4 10-0 (Bf) .............................C T Keane – 6 255-069 KODiAC PriNCe (17) 13 Thomas Cleary 4 9-13 (D) .............. R P Cleary – 7 815-51 ADAMAris (25) 3 Gerard O’Leary 4 9-12 (f) ...........................C D Hayes – 8 226105 HiMALAYAN BeAUtY (16) 8 Mrs John Harrington 3 9-12 ....................... ................................................................................................S T McCullagh (5) – 9 775941 MeisHAr (64) 2 James McAuley (ARG) 5 9-12 (D)........L T McAteer (5) – 10 705466 MOGWLi (12) 5 W McCreery 4 9-12 .................................... N M Crosse (3) – 11 004323 KHAFAAQ (38) 9 Andrew Slattery (GB) 6 9-11 (D3) (Sf)..... A J Slattery – 12 0-39810 stOrMY JeNN (22) 7 P Cluskey 4 9-11 ............................ R Whearty (7) – 13 43-9740 LONDON PALLADiUM (11) 11 John G Carr (GB) 3 9-10 (D).....S P Davis – 14 89-4319 ALHAAJeB (89) 6 Adrian McGuinness 3 9-8 (Bf) C J MacRedmond (7) – 15 00-6657 DOUBLe KODiAC (43) 12 Leanne Breen 5 9-10 ........................................ – 16 65-403 steLLAr sPirit (12) 4 M Halford 3 9-5 .................................................. – 17 601543 sWiss ArMY OFFiCer (14) 16 Kevin Thomas Coleman 6 9-8 .......... – BETTING: 4 Oneiroi, 5 Oh Purple Reign, 11-2 Monzoon, 13-2 Adamaris, 7 Thaleeq, 8 Khafaaq, 12 Alhaajeb, Big Island, Meishar, Himalayan Beauty, 14 Stormy Jenn, 16 Mogwli, 20 Kodiac Prince, 50 Others. 2020: ULTRA PRIDE 4 9 12 R C Colgan 6-1 (Ms Sheila Lavery) drawn (17) 14 ran. BETVICTOR RACE 1m 1f 3.03 Winner €8,100 (6 run) 1 730781 CAsANOVA (6) 4 Adrian McGuinness (GB) 5 10-0 (D)...........C D Hayes – 2 008260 COMFOrt LiNe (17) 6 Michael Mulvany 4 9-10 ........ Wesley Joyce (7) – 3 2331-00 DANCe JUPiter (113) 3 Joseph Patrick O’Brien 5 9-10 ....S M Crosse – 45236-46- GUArANteeD (429) 1 J S Bolger 5 9-10 (D) ........................ K J Manning – 5 481- CArtOUCHe (329) 2 A P O’Brien 3 9-3 (f) ....................... J A Heffernan – 6 31 sHerKiN isLAND (45) 5 D K Weld 3 9-3 (Sf) .......................C T Keane – BETTING: 5-2 Sherkin Island, 11-4 Guaranteed, 10-3 Cartouche, 11-2 Dance Jupiter, 6 Casanova, 10 Comfort Line. 2020: FAME AND ACCLAIM 3 9 10 D P McDonogh 8-13 Fav (Joseph P O’Brien) drawn (7) 4 ran. by Peter O’HeHir The Joseph O’brien-trained Champion Green should open his account in the Irish Stallion Farms ebF Median Auction Maiden in Punchestown today. The J P McManus-owned son of the Gurkha has shown enough in his three starts to suggest a maiden of this type should be within his compass and, with Wayne Lordan on board, he should be tough to beat. Third to Ones Are Wild on debut at Gowran Park last year, he then stayed on to be fifth in a competitive Curragh maiden, won by Arturo Toscanini in heavy ground last November. On his sole start this season, Champion Green was backed into 3/1 second favourite for a maiden over an extended mile in Galway. but he blew his chance at the start, being slowly into stride before IRISH STALLION FARMS EBF MEDIAN AUCTION MAIDEN 1m 1f 3.33 Winner €9,000 (17 run) 1 DON’t Be ANGrY 4 Luke Comer 4 9-13 ..............................S M Crosse – 2 3- MiDNiGHt trAVeLLer (620) 10 James McAuley 4 9-13 ......................... ....................................................................................................L T McAteer (5) – 3 5 KiLMALLOCK LADY (12) 5 John Geoghegan 4 9-8 .............G P Halpin – 4 35-3 CHAMPiON GreeN (45) 6 Joseph P O’Brien 3 9-7 (Sf).. W M Lordan – 5 0-233 MANWAL (31) 8 Tracey Collins 3 9-7 (EW) .............................R P Whelan – 6 rUrAL CAPitAL 2 Mark fahey 3 9-7 ...........................................O J Orr – 7 tiP OF tHe sPeAr 12 Andrew Kinirons 3 9-7 ..........J M Sheridan (3) – 8 0-57 VOCAL riNG (17) 14 J S Bolger 3 9-7 ..................................... K J Manning – 9 7-u5 CLiFFs OF MALtA (11) 9 Anthony Mullins 3 9-2................. R P Cleary – 10 5 DOCtOr POWer (124) 11 Patrick Joseph Hayes 3 9-2 ..........C D Hayes – 11 DrACO PULCHrAC 15 A J Martin 3 9-2 .................................. G M Ryan – 12 2 MOrACANA (17) 7 Ms Sheila Lavery 3 9-2 (f) ....................... R C Colgan – 13 PLUMe NOire 16 B Duffy 3 9-2 ......................................... J A Heffernan – 14 six Feet APArt 17 Joseph Patrick O’Brien 3 9-2......D P McDonogh – 15 tHeGOOseisCOOKeD 3 Anthony Mullins 4 9-8................................... – 16 0800 MAYAN sON (20) 1 Dermot Murphy (GB) 3 9-7 ........................................ – 17 00 DULeeK street (17) 13 John C McConnell 3 9-7 .................................. – BETTING: 2 Champion Green, 5-2 Manwal, 6 Six Feet Apart, 7 Moracana, 8 Midnight Traveller, 14 Vocal Ring, 20 Plume Noire, Tip Of The Spear, Draco Pulchrac. 2020: No Corresponding Race. CHAMPION GREEN (9-7) 3/1 fly-leapt from stalls and missed break, soon rear of mid-division, 10th halfway, pushed along in 7th 2f out, ridden in 5th 1f out, went 3rd inside final furlong, kept on same pace, nearest finish, 3rd 3.25L behind Sherkin Island at Galway Jul mdn 1m 73yds Good 16 ran. MANWAL (9-7) 9/2 chased leaders, headway into 2nd 3f out, disputed lead 2f out, soon ridden, strongly pressed winner 1f out, headed inside final furlong, no extra and dropped to 3rd last strides, 3rd 1L behind Golden Twilight at Curragh Aug mdn 1m 2f Good to Yielding 22 ran. MORACANA (9-2) 33/1 slowly into stride, rear of mid-division, some headway on outer into 7th 2f out, soon pushed along and 4th 1f out, ridden and kept on to go 2nd close home, 2nd 5.5L behind Barretta at Navan Aug mdn 1m Good 15 ran. MID- NIGHT TRAVELLER (9-5) 7/2 in touch in mid-division, ridden and edged left 2f out, pressed for 2nd from over 1f out, no impression on winner, kept on, 3rd 5.75L behind Summit Reach at Chelmsford City Jan 2020 1m Standard 13 ran. VOCAL RING (9-7) 8/1 led, pushed along over 2f out, soon ridden and headed 1 1/2f out, no extra inside final furlong, 7th 15L behind Barretta at Navan Aug mdn 1m Good 15 ran. IRISH STALLION FARMS EBF FILLIES HANDICAP 1m 1f 4.05 Winner €12,000 (17 run) 1 5-5821/ teOFONiC (274) 13 Thomas Gibney 7 10-0 ............................ G f Carroll – 2 026107 DeDiLLON (6) 1 Andrew Slattery 5 9-11 ...................................J Coen (10) – 3 80 rOsMANA (25) 15 Joseph Patrick O’Brien (fR) 4 9-9 ...D P McDonogh – 4 46/8016 PriNCesse MAtHiLDe (62) 2 Joseph Patrick O’Brien (GB) 5 9-5 (f)... ............................................................................................................S M Crosse – 5 6-68046 HArriet’s FOrCe (32) 3 Keith Henry Clarke 5 9-4 .L T McAteer (5) – 6 201036 COiLL NA siONAiNNe (11) 5 W McCreery 5 9-3 ........ N M Crosse (3) – 7 61322 FLAGGeD (32) 7 G M Lyons (GB) 3 9-3 (Bf) (Sf)......................C T Keane – 8 741 MY HOLY FOx (37) 14 Mrs John Harrington 3 9-3 ................C P Hoban – 9 061 KUsH (33) 11 Ross O’Sullivan 4 9-1 (D) ...............................M A Gallagher – 10 117441 AUrOrA PriNCess (11) 12 Mrs John Harrington 3 9-0 (D2)................... .................................................................................................Ben Martin Coen – 11 0-69689 GetAWiGGLeON (6) 9 David J Geary (fR) 4 9-0 ...............C D Maxwell – 12 2-23410 UMNeYAAt (24) 6 D K Weld 3 9-0 (D)...........................................O J Orr – 13 2-43421 sHAHAADA (11) 8 Kevin Prendergast 3 8-11 (D) (EW)............C D Hayes – 14 047-043 stAr iMAGe (11) 4 Thomas Mullins (GB) 3 8-10 .......... N G McCullagh – 15 91-0693 UNCHArteD (14) 17 Richard John O’Brien (GB) 3 8-8 ..... W M Lordan – 16 167770 PeMPie (25) 16 Eddie Patrick Harty 5 8-12 (D) .......................................... – 17 281 ALiCe KittY (18) 10 Gordon Elliott 3 8-6 (D) ......................................... – BETTING: 3 Shahaada, 9-2 Flagged, 6 Aurora Princess, 7 My Holy Fox, 8 Kush, Rosmana, 20 Teofonic, 25 Others. 2020: HOLY ROMAN EMPRESS 3 9 1 J A Heffernan 14-1 (A P O’Brien) drawn (1) 8 ran. SHAHAADA (9-2) 7/4fav settled mid-division, ridden to close on outer 2f out, disputed 1 1/2f out, narrow lead 1f out, kept on well inside final furlong, asserted closing stages, won by 1.75L from Give Her A Squeeze at Clonmel Sep mdn 1m 1f 111yds Good 9 ran. fLAGGED (9-8) 3/1fav tracked leader in 2nd, ridden and challenged leader over 1f out, led narrowly under 1f out, headed final 100 yards, not match winner, 2nd 0.5L behind I Siyou Baby at Leopardstown Aug hcp 1m Good to Yielding 10 ran. AURORA PRINCESS (9-4) 8/1 held up early, chased leaders after 2f, 4th halfway, ridden to close in 3rd 2f out, stayed on to challenge inside final furlong, narrow lead final 100 yards, kept on well under pressure, won by nk from Pin Your Hopes at Clonmel Sep hcp 1m 1f 111yds Good 8 ran. MY HOLY fOX (9-2) 17/2 chased leaders, ridden 2f out, close 4th 1f out, headway to lead narrowly inside final furlong, stayed on well close home, won by 0.75L from Punakha at Curragh Aug mdn 7f Yielding 13 ran. KUSH (9-10) 80/1 prominent, improved to lead after 1f, ridden from 2f out and kept on well from 1f out, reduced advantage close home, won by 0.5L from Goodnight Kiss at Gowran Park Aug mdn 1m 1f 100yds Good to Yielding 14 ran. IRISH RACING WORKING TOGETHER HANDICAP (45-65) 4.40 (DIV I) 1m 1f Winner €6,000 (17 run) 1 690-003 sPrUCe MeADOWs (10) 17 John James feane 8 10-2 .........G P Halpin – 2 2-00087 LeABALAND (25) 2 M Halford 4 10-0............................. N G McCullagh – 3 183912 JAZZ DreAMers (14) 13 S fahey 3 9-10 (Bf) (D) (f) ....W T Byrne (7) – 4 1507-00 rOCKVieW eMPress (10) 1 John C McConnell 4 9-9 D W O’Connor – 5 0-17253 eVerGreeN AND reD (10) 3 N Meade 3 9-8 (EW) . P A Harnett (7) – 6 00-759 KrYPtON GOLD (44) 7 Ms Sheila Lavery 3 9-5 ................. M A Enright – 7 059044 AUssie VALeNtiNe (13) 15 Adrian McGuinness 10 9-3 (D3)................... ...............................................................................................Adam Caffrey (10) – 8 0003 DerrY LAD (18) 5 Kevin Thomas Coleman 3 9-3 .................J Coen (10) – 9 275993 ANFAAss (11) 9 T J O’Mara 7 9-0 ..............................................C P Hoban – 10 0-0007 DANGerOFFiZZ (11) 14 T G McCourt 4 9-0 (D)..............J J G Ryan (10) – 11 8066-00 NAtAHOOLABABY (5) 4 Denis W Cullen 4 9-0 ............M A Gallagher – 12 908070 WAND (10) 11 Lee Smyth (GB) 4 9-0 .......................................C D Maxwell – 13 00-901 BOsCA CHeOiL (18) 12 J S Bolger 3 8-12 (D) (Sf) .................. R P Cleary – 14 97-0514 LisABettA (25) 6 Timothy Doyle 3 8-10........Emma Louise Doyle (10) – 15 50-9900 LeGeNDre (65) 16 Gerard Keane (GB) 5 9-0 ............................................. – 16 002288 CHiMeriC (25) 10 J f Levins 4 9-12 ............................................................... – 17 003954 BLYtON (14) 8 Luke Comer (GB) 5 10-3 ....................................................... – BETTING: 9-2 Bosca Cheoil, 5 Evergreen And Red, Jazz Dreamers, 7 Anfaass, Lisabetta, 8 Aussie Valentine, Spruce Meadows, 10 Derry Lad, 14 Leabaland, Krypton Gold. 2020: (DIV 1) GARRISON COMMANDER 4 9 11 J M Sheridan 18-1 (Denis Gerard Hogan) drawn (6) 14 ran. IRISH RACING WORKING TOGETHER HANDICAP (45-65) (DIV 5.15 II) 1m 1f Winner €6,000 (17 run) 1 809305 KOYBiG (12) 4 David Marnane 9 10-2................................ D W O’Connor – 2 210100 sUMMer’s DreAM (38) 1 Timothy Doyle (GB) 6 10-1............................... .....................................................................................Emma Louise Doyle (10) – 3 148093 BArretstOWN (20) 10 Conor O’Dwyer 3 10-0 .......C G O’Dwyer (10) – 4 7/7800 Wee JiM (54) 13 Luke Comer 5 10-0 ............................................S P Davis – 5 660702 siDesHOW BOB (11) 16 Ms Sheila Lavery 5 9-13 ................... R P Cleary – 6 641242 Miss FLOreNtiNe (20) 12 Ross O’Sullivan 4 9-12 (Sf) R Whearty (7) – 7 753049 MUNFALLet (88) 8 D P Coakley 10 9-11 ..................................... S B Kelly – 8 559002 sLieVe BeArNAGH (25) 6 M Halford 4 9-11 (f) ........ N G McCullagh – 9 090921 JAZZeLLe (10) 15 Christopher David Timmons 4 9-7 ....J A Powell (7) – 10 0900 DArK MAtter (28) 9 A J Martin 3 9-2 ............................... M A Enright – 11 0-88796 MAestrO stiCK (12) 5 James McAuley (GB) 4 9-0 ...... James J Doyle – 12 086074 reDDiAC (25) 7 Joseph G Murphy 5 9-0 (EW) .......................G P Halpin – 13 310006 sPiritUOsO (13) 17 Lee Smyth (GB) 3 9-0 .........................C D Maxwell – 14 879-725 FreNCH COMPANY (14) 3 J G Coogan 3 8-10................D E Sheehy (3) – 15 54398 GreGOrY’s GiFt (32) 2 Seamus fahey 4 9-3.......................................... – 16 008030 GUiDiNG (33) 14 Shane Nolan 5 9-0 ............................................................. – 17 00-065 DUNUM (124) 11 Patrick Eugene Turley 3 9-3 .............................................. – BETTING: 3 Miss Florentine, 11-2 Sideshow Bob, 6 Barretstown, 7 Reddiac. 2020: (DIV 1) GARRISON COMMANDER 4 9 11 J M Sheridan 18-1 (Denis Gerard Hogan) drawn (6) 14 ran. O’BrieN CHAMPiNG At tHe Bit creeping into contention on the climb before the straight and staying on to fill third spot behind Sherkin Island (my fancy for today’s 3.03.). Likely to strip fitter and set to be sent off at a short price, Champion Green sets the standard and is a confident choice to beat 77-rated Manwal – placed in each of his three starts this season – and Moracana, slowly away before chasing home barretta on her debut in Navan. trainer ban ends Elliott returns but will ‘live with mistake for rest of my life’ by DArrAGH CULHANe Gordon Elliott says he still lies awake at night thinking about the photograph that sidelined him for six months. Elliott was handed a 12 month ban, half of which was suspended – as well as a €15,000 fine – after a photograph emerged of him sitting on a dead horse. And while the Meath trainer contemplates a return to action at Punchestown today with the end of his suspension he admits that photograph still plays on his mind. Speaking to Racing TV, he said: “When I opened the photograph I knew it wasn’t good. I got an awful shock when I’d seen it on the Saturday evening myself. It’s something I never want to experience again. “It’s something that I lie in bed every night thinking about and it’s something that I’m going to have to live with for the rest of my life. “For a man in my position it shouldn’t have happened and it was a terrible mistake. But I am not the monster some people are making me out to be.” Elliott was asked if he’d change anything after the photograph was released, and said: “In hindsight you’ll always do things different but I’ll never forget seeing the photograph. I was at Fairyhouse and I had a horse about to run in the last race in the bumper and I seen it and I got an awful shock. I contacted our governing bodies, the IHRB, I contacted Horse Racing Ireland and said it was me. “They dealt with it straight away, I DisGrACeD Gordon Elliott will have his first runners at punchestown today as his suspension ends had a meeting with them the following day. I was very straight up with it the whole way but something I would never like to have to do again, to be honest.” Elliott said that the knock on effect for the yard devastated him, adding: “Watching them (top horses) leave the yard was very, very tough. It wasn’t just tough on me, it was tough for the staff in the yard. “These lads and lassies look after these horses, they put their whole lives into them and they adore these horses and for a mistake I made they lost them as well. “I’ve suffered for doing that and I’m going to suffer for the next three or four years for doing something very silly.” Denise Foster (inset) took temporary control of Elliott’s Cullentra base, enjoying a Grade One winner at the Cheltenham Festival with Mares’ Hurdle victor Black Tears while also saddling dual Grand National hero Tiger Roll as he bounced back to winning form with a wide-margin success in the cross country. Elliott is now free to resume business at his yard and has two declared runners at Punchestown today – but it is not known if the trainer will be in attendance. Oh Purple Reign, a winner at Gowran for Foster on September 1, could be Elliott’s first runner back in the Donate To The Coast To The Curragh Cycle In Honour Of Pat Smullen Handicap, while Alice Kitty has been entered in the Irish Stallion Farms EBF Fillies Handicap.

38 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 chAmPiOn Trainer Nicky Henderson with Altior ALTIOR RETIRED by meLiSSA JOneS winner of 21 of his 26 RecoRd-breaking races, earning more than champion Altior was £1.3million, he is to spend hailed as “phenomenal” his retirement with by Nicky Henderson as he former top jockey Mick revealed the chaser had Fitzgerald run his last race. “Jumping-wise, Altior The four-time was the same as Sprinter cheltenham Festival hero, Sacre on that score; they the first horse to win 19 were both absolutely consecutive races over phenomenal and I don’t jumps, was retired by think either of them ever owner Patricia Pugh. made a mistake during a Now aged 11, he took schooling session or on the 2016 Sky bet Supreme the track,” Henderson Novices’ Hurdle, 2017 added. Sporting Life Arkle chase Altior’s 19-race winning and the betway Queen run was brought to an end Mother champion chase by cyrname at Ascot in (2018, 2019) under Nico November 2019. de boinville. His career was “It’s a very tough restricted to just three decision to make, but I am more starts – and pretty sure he has Henderson was forced to enjoyed every moment of scrap plans to run him at it as much as we all have,” the cheltenham Festival Henderson said. The for the past two seasons. IRISHDAILY LIVE RACING COMMENTARIES AND RESULTS with Sports Radio CALL 1550 924 238 (€0.97c per min) GREYHOUND COMMENTARIES AND RESULTS 1550 933 650 (€0.97c per min) CALLS: €0.97c per min plus your telephone company’s network access charge. 18+ only. SP: Spoke, AL10 9NA. Helpline: 0333 202 3390 2022 fixture list revealed by meLiSSA JOneS Sunday fixtures worth more than £100,000 headline the new 2022 fixture list. Published yesterday, eight valuable cards between May and august are planned, the British Horseracing authority announced. a total of 1,482 fixtures are scheduled – four fewer than last year – despite concern over some of the smallest fields for many years recently. With the volume of races still to be finalised, professional jockeys learned ‘rider restricted fixtures’ will lead to slightly longer breaks in the season. The meetings are aimed at riders with no more than 30 winners in the past year, plus apprentices and conditionals. But the Professional Jockeys association’s dale Gibson warned: “With another intensive fixture list to service in 2022, the burden on all those who service it will be significant.” StaRSpoRtS.Bet maReS’ novIceS’ huRdle 1.00 FORM SP• T (GBB Race) (4) 2m 3f winner £4,084 (8 run) p 1 432-7 caRole’S tzaRIna (27) (B) A Murphy 5 10-12 ........................J Quinlan 68 GS 2 70-8 chaRYn canYon (27) B Case 5 10-12 ................................ h Bannister 63 GS 3 -54F04 GaIa vallIS (22) D Bridgwater 5 10-12 (C) ........................m Bastyan (3) 77 GS 4 2737-F GlImpSe oF Gala (131) C Longsdon 5 10-12 (BF) (SF).... paul o’Brien (3) - - 5 8- JellIcle Jewel (275) Ben Clarke 5 10-12 ............................. B R Jones - - 6 54530- StamIna chope (226) Dave Roberts 5 10-12 (F).....................l edwards ●123 S 7 573 checkItSme (13) M Harris 4 10-9 (eW)........................................ h Reed - - 8 8-0 wendReda (13) Mrs I G-Leveque 4 10-9 ................................n Scholfield 83 S BeTTING: 10-11 Glimpse of Gala, 6-4 Stamina Chope, 10 Checkitsme, 12 Carole’s Tzarina, 25 Gaia Vallis, 50 Charyn Canyon, 66 Wendreda, Jellicle Jewel. Follow StaRSpoRtS_Bet on twItteR handIcap huRdle 1.35 (dIv 1) (5) 2m 3f winner £2,342 (11 run) 1 23P-33 StoRm aRcadIo (65) L Horsfall 5 11-12 .............................. h Bannister 99 G 2 007-72 JakamanI (26) M Bradstock 7 11-10 (F).............................n de Boinville 102 S 3 F-4P70 ReBel RoYal (13) B Case 8 11-9 pinchin (5) 84 S 4 -64025 hahadI (24) (V) David Dennis 9 11-3 ......................................... t Bellamy 102 G 5 -51274 I’m on Snap (26) T Lacey 7 11-2 (C) (eW) .................................J J Burke ●106 GF 6 70P-56 kInG cool (107) G L Moore 10 11-1 (CD)..............................Joshua moore 95 GS 7 3-1124 Shanandoa (29) D Brace 10 10-12 (D)........................................c Brace 105 G 8 21-127 kIlchReeSt moon (61) Henry oliver 10 10-10 (BF, C, D) .......n Scholfield 103 Y 9 -84P21 SnuG aS a BuG (8) Mrs S Gardner 6 10-9 (SF)........... Sean houlihan (3) 103 S 10 090/0- ladY oF authoRItY (F139) R Phillips 6 10-5 .................. d hiskett (3) 76 GS 11 7-P6P3 StRIke the FlInt (9) (B) Miss Suzy Smith 7 10-2................c hammond 100 GF BeTTING: 2 Snug As A Bug, 9-2 Shanandoa, 5 Jakamani, 7 I’m on Snap, 8 Kilchreest Moon. Follow StaRSpoRtS_Bet on twItteR handIcap huRdle 2.05 (dIv 2) (5) 2m 3f winner £2,342 (11 run) 1 23472- Imphal (F17) G L Moore 7 11-12 (BF) (F)...............................Joshua moore ●107 FM 2 -66678 Get SupReme (27) B Barr 8 11-9 .......................................p cowley (3) 94 Y 3 42/352 G’daY auSSIe (21) Dave Roberts 8 11-4 (D) (eW)......................l edwards 106 FM 4 906-93 don Juan du Gouet (6) N Twiston-Davies 8 11-3 (BF, D) (SF) S twiston-davies 100 S 5 543 decoRa (F48) Miss S West 4 11-0 ......................................... m Goldstein 96 GS 6 98600- IStoRIuS (F55) V Williams 5 11-0 .............................................c deutsch 92 G 7 15-217 mawlood (91) P W Middleton 5 10-11 (BF, C) ...............tabitha worsley (5) 102 GF 8 8-8F07 GReY FlInt (14) K Bailey 6 10-10..................................................d Bass 103 S 9 80P-F the Gold BuG (127) D J Jeffreys 6 10-5 ...................................k woods 96 FM 10 7P3214 mIdnIGht Jewel (27) C Longsdon 5 10-4 (BF, D) ...............t Buckley (5) 102 FM 11 P-4540 Sol plum cReek (13) Noel Williams 5 10-0 ........................a thorne (5) 90 GF BeTTING: 3 Midnight Jewel, 7-2 Don Juan Du Gouet, 4 Mawlood, 11-2 Imphal, 13-2 G’day Aussie, 10 Decora, 16 Grey Flint, 20 The Gold Bug, Istorius. StaR SpoRtS Bet two Good oFFeR novIceS’ chaSe 2.35 (GBB Race) (3) 2m 2f winner £7,080 (4 run) 1 F24-11 mIck paStoR (78) (H) P Nicholls 5 11-12 (SF)......................... douBtFul 2 3-1741 caddYhIll (12) J Candlish 6 11-8 ......................................... page Fuller 136 G 3 5-821F couRtandBould (26) F o’Brien 7 11-8 (CD)..........................p Brennan 138 G 4 3241-2 SwaFFham BulBeck (13) S edmunds 7 11-2 (F)...................c Gethings ●147 GF BeTTING: 5-6 Swaffham Bulbeck, 5-2 Courtandbould, 10-3 Caddyhill. download the at the RaceS app nuRSeRY 1.50 FORM SP• T (5) (2-Y-o) 7f winner £3,240 (8 run) p 1 (8) 63631 mY lIttle tIp (4) G Boughey 9-12(6ex) (D) (SF)................... a Beech (5) ●83 G 2 (5) 5340 penYweRn taveRneR (21) W Haggas 9-10 (eW) ............... t marquand 75 G 3 (4) 4285 SuBJectIve value (18) M Johnston 9-7 .................................h doyle 77 G 4 (3) 6848 Red Joan (28) J & T Gosden 9-6 (F)..........................................R havlin 74 GF 5 (7) 422332 BonIta B (14) M Channon 9-4 .................................................G Bass (5) 74 G 6 (6) 633857 Be Be ex (20) C Dwyer 9-3 (BF)............................................ S de Sousa 72 G 7 (2) 880 patIent man (24) Tom Clover 8-12 ........................... laura pearson (3) 74 G 8 (1) 058 tRaveRS (82) S P C Woods 8-5 ................................................ d keenan 74 G BeTTING: 5-6 My Little Tip, 13-2 Bonita B, 15-2 Penywern Taverner, 8 Subjective Value. BRItISh StallIon StudS eBF novIce StakeS (GBB Race) 2.25 (4) (2-Y-o) 6f winner £6,750 (8 run) 1 (3) 9 BRazen Idol (17) W Jarvis 9-5 ................................................... R tart 40 G 2 (6) 09 BulleIt (12) W Jarvis 9-5 .................................................... S de Sousa 64 ST 3 (2) GReYaRt W Knight 9-5........................................................c Shepherd - - 4 (1) hIGh velocItY J Tate 9-5 (eW)........................................ t marquand - - 5 (7) 535 Ideal GueSt (31) G Margarson 9-5 (SF) ...............................t p Queally ●81 G 6 (4) 4 JuSt anotheR (148) J L eyre 9-5 .......................................david egan - - 7 (8) lIGht InFantRY D M Simcock 9-5 ....................................J p Spencer - - 8 (5) BaIleYS accolade M Johnston 9-0 (F)..................................h doyle - - BeTTING: 6-4 Ideal Guest, 4 Baileys Accolade, 5 High Velocity, 6 Light Infantry, 8 Bulleit. SkY SpoRtS RacInG SkY 415 handIcap (3) 7f 2.55 winner £8,100 (7 run) 1 (2) 820434 coRvaIR (17) S & e Crisford 4 10-0 (D) (F)............................ m crehan (3) 96 G 2 (5) 133250 dazzlInG dan (18) Mrs P Sly 5 9-12 (CD) ................................ S w kelly 94 G 3 (4) 790235 maxI BoY (10) M Bell 4 9-10 (C)............................................Rossa Ryan 94 ST 4 (6) 12-640 peRcY’S lad (21) e J-Houghton 3 9-8 (SF) ............................... c Bishop 97 H 5 (3) 5121 FaRhh to ShY (21) G Margarson 3 9-3 (CD)..........................t p Queally 93 GF 6 (7) 285812 GloBal eSteem (60) C Dwyer 4 9-3 (C)............................. a Beech (5) 93 G 7 (1) 738959 eQuItatIon (26) S C Williams 7 8-9 (C)......................................m Ghiani ●98 GS BeTTING: 2 Farhh To Shy, 4 Maxi Boy, 9-2 Global esteem, 11-2 Corvair, 8 Dazzling Dan. Follow at the RaceS on twItteR claSSIFIed claImInG 3.25 StakeS (5) 6f winner £3,240 (5 run) 1 (5) 453996 vIvencY (27) B Johnson 4 9-2..............................................t p Queally 79 ST 2 (2) 464514 SecRet handSheIkh (15) (B) A Watson 3 9-0 (D) (SF)..............h doyle ●86 ST 3 (3) 201474 Jack RYan (8) (B) J Ryan 4 8-11 (C, D) ..................................... d keenan 75 ST 4 (1) 396825 kelInda dIce (19) M Quinn 4 8-11 ....................................... p cosgrave 67 SF 5 (4) 052420 RIGht actIon (15) P evans 7 8-11 (BF, D) (F) ........................ t marquand 85 G BeTTING: 2 Secret Handsheikh, 7-2 Vivency, 4 Right Action, 9-2 Jack Ryan, 5 Kelinda Dice. DMEEIR TODAY’S Abc guiDe TO FOuR uK meeTingS Fontwell - Fo RedcaR - Re wolveRhampton - wo YaRmouth - Ya Aadel 5.50 Wo Adaay With Friends 7.50 Wo Adjudicator 1.40 Re Admirable Lad 8.20 Wo Adrastus 4.55 Re Ali The Hunter 3.10 Fo Almodovar Del Rio 7.50 Wo Alphonse Karr 7.20 Wo Amor de Mi Vida 4.30 YA Araifjan 4.30 YA Arnside 1.40 Re As If By Chance 3.50 Re Asmund 2.15 Re Astaroth 6.20 Wo Astral Beat 7.50 Wo Athollblair Boy 2.15 Re Atlantic Heart 7.50 Wo Aumerle 6.50 Wo Aussie Rascal 4.50 Wo Baashiq 5.20 Wo Baileys Accolade 2.25 YA Barca 6.50 Wo Baron Slick 5.20 Wo Be Be ex 1.50 YA Be easy 6.50 Wo Beggarman 6.50 Wo Bielsa’s Bucket 7.50 Wo Billy Dylan 8.20 Wo Blackheath 3.20 Re Bomb Proof 4.30 YA Bonita B 1.50 YA Brazen Idol 2.25 YA Broughtons Chief 4.50 Wo Bulleit 2.25 YA Caddyhill 2.35 Fo Calm Universe 7.50 Wo Capricia 3.10 Fo Captain Ryan 8.20 Wo Captain Vallo 3.20 Re Caracristi 1.40 Re Carole’s Tzarina 1.00 Fo Chant For More 1.10 Re Charyn Canyon 1.00 Fo Checkitsme 1.00 Fo Chives 3.40 Fo City Wanderer 4.50 Wo Civil Justice Gone 3.50 Re Contrebasse 4.20 Re Copper And Five 2.45 Re Corvair 2.55 YA Coup De Gold 4.55 Re Courtandbould 2.35 Fo Crofters Green 3.50 Re Cubano 5.20 Wo Custodian 2.15 Re Czech Her out 3.10 Fo Dalby Forest 7.50 Wo Dante’s View 3.10 Fo Dark Side Prince 5.00 YA Dazzling Dan 2.55 YA Decora 2.05 Fo Deftera Lad 4.50 Wo Delgrey Boy 2.45 Re Desert Quest 4.20 Re Diamond Jill 5.20 Wo Don Juan Du Gouet 2.05 Fo Down To The Kid 5.50 Wo Dream Harder 5.50 Wo Dutch Admiral 3.40 Fo ebony Gale 4.10 Fo echo Beach 7.20 Wo embla 3.50 Re enchanted Night 5.00 YA equitation 2.55 YA expert opinion 4.30 YA eye To The Sky 4.45 Fo Farhh To Shy 2.55 YA Fille De La Lune 6.20 Wo Final Attack 4.50 Wo Firebomb 1.10 Re Flying Standard 6.50 Wo Fort Denison 6.50 Wo Frow 7.20 Wo G’day Aussie 2.05 Fo Gaia Vallis 1.00 Fo Get Supreme 2.05 Fo Give Us A Swig 3.10 Fo Glimpse of Gala 1.00 Fo Global esteem 2.55 YA Go Go Luna 8.20 Wo Grandfather Tom 4.30 YA Green or Black 3.40 Fo Grey Flint 2.05 Fo Greyart 2.25 YA Hahadi 1.35 Fo Han Solo Berger 4.30 YA Hanafy 6.50 Wo Harry Love 2.15 Re FOnTWeLL 3.10 YARmOuTh Havana Dawn 4.50 Wo Hayadh 2.45 Re Hayat 7.50 Wo Hazalou 4.20 Re Hazel 7.20 Wo Hellavapace 5.20 Wo Hidden Pearl 4.55 Re High Velocity 2.25 YA Highjacked 3.20 Re Hooflepuff 4.50 Wo Hurricane Alert 8.20 Wo I’m on Snap 1.35 Fo I’m Watching You 8.20 Wo Ideal Guest 2.25 YA Idoapologise 2.45 Re Imphal 2.05 Fo Invincible Larne 4.30 YA Istorius 2.05 Fo Itsallaboutluck 5.20 Wo Itsgoodtobeus 1.40 Re Jack Ryan 3.25 YA Jakamani 1.35 Fo Jamessaintpatrick 3.10 Fo Jan De Heem 4.20 Re Jellicle Jewel 1.00 Fo Jet Set Go 3.20 Re Jorvik Prince 8.20 Wo Jungle Boogaloo 5.00 YA Just Another 2.25 YA Just In A Muddle 3.10 Fo Kelinda Dice 3.25 YA Kennack Bay 3.10 Fo Khabib 3.20 Re Kilchreest Moon 1.35 Fo call StaR SpoRtS on 08000 521321 handIcap huRdle (5) 3m 2f winner £2,342 (13 run) 1 -76P51 czech heR out (23) (H) M Scudamore 7 11-12 (eW)............ t Scudamore 100 FM 2 467P-9 kennack BaY (21) B Pauling 6 11-10 .........................................k woods 99 H 3 643547 JameSSaIntpatRIck (31) A Murphy 8 11-7 ...........................J Quinlan 99 H 4 78-464 dante’S vIew (44) G Baker 5 11-6 ......................................... t cannon 102 FM 5 8-401P GIve uS a SwIG (27) S Curran 6 11-6 .................................... G Sheehan 101 G 6 -04491 uno maS (13) Christian Williams 7 11-4 (D) (SF)........... mr ellis collier (10) 101 G 7 361532 watchInG BRIeF (15) D Brace 8 11-2 (F) ...................................c Brace 102 G 8 6P-845 capRIcIa (26) M Keighley 6 11-0 (BF)..........................................S Bowen ●115 S 9 33/1-8 RacInG SpIRIt (85) (B) Dave Roberts 9 10-7 ...........................l edwards 82 GS 10 8P45-3 thIRStY FaRmeR (50) R G Hawker 7 10-4 ..............................d noonan 98 G 11 -82238 alI the hunteR (13) J Farrelly 8 10-3 ..................................B J powell 106 GF 12 26-536 montY maSSInI (62) J Flint 10 10-0...........................charlie price (5) - - 13 0PP2-9 JuSt In a muddle (129) (B) Christian Williams 6 10-0 ..........J tudor (3) - - BeTTING: 9-2 Uno Mas, 5 Czech Her out, 11-2 Watching Brief, 7 Dante’s View, 10 Capricia. StaR SpoRtS Bet owneRS cluB GuaRantee handIcap 3.40 huRdle (4) 2m 2f winner £3,159 (7 run) 1 107-P1 voRaShann (9) (B) G L Moore 5 12-5 (CD) .........miss ellie vaughan (10) 116 GS 2 /511F- the twISleR (F34) N Mulholland 9 11-12 ...................................... h Reed 122 GF 3 24304- naIzaGaI (147) F o’Brien 4 11-2 ............................................ m kendrick 121 S 4 33-113 chIveS (44) N Henderson 7 11-2 (BF)..................................n de Boinville 122 FM 5 -24333 GReen oR Black (13) N Mulholland 9 11-1 .................. S twiston-davies ●129 G 6 356- pInk Jazz (F32) S Curran 4 10-9 .......................................... G Sheehan 95 G 7 551-0 dutch admIRal (91) D Bridgwater 4 10-6 .............................B J powell 128 G BeTTING: 9-4 Chives, 3 Vorashann, 4 The Twisler, 13-2 Green or Black, 7 Naizagai, 12 Dutch Admiral, 16 Pink Jazz. 4.10 StaR SpoRtS Bet pIpped?! oFFeR handIcap chaSe (4) 3m 2f winner £3,594 (3 run) 1 -25213 mR maFIa (29) M Keighley 12 11-2 (D) .........................................S Bowen ●133 GF 2 -74511 mISteR tIckle (9) (B) G L Moore 7 11-1 (CD) (F) ............n F houlihan (5) 126 G 3 613-21 eBonY Gale (94) (B) P Hobbs 7 11-0 (SF)..............................t J o’Brien 132 GS BeTTING: 5-4 ebony Gale, 7-4 Mister Tickle, 11-4 Mr Mafia. download the StaR SpoRtS app ‘newcomeRS’ nh hunt 4.45 Flat Race (GBB Race) (5) 2m 2f winner £1,906 (4 run) 1 eYe to the SkY J Snowden 4 10-12 (SF).............................. G Sheehan - - 2 SpIke JoneS S Drinkwater 4 10-12 ..........................................a cawley - - 3 pIxIe loc Ben Clarke 6 10-7 ...................................................B R Jones - - 4 SanteSa S edmunds 4 10-5 (F) .............................................c Gethings - - BeTTING: 6-4 eye To The Sky, 15-8 Santesa, 7-2 Spike Jones, 7 Pixie Loc. LONGEST TRAVELLER By road, Manton, Wiltshire-based Brian meehan sends mappa mundI (3.50) on a 276-mile trip to Redcar. STAT OF THE DAY Trainer michael appleby and jockey tom marquand have a 33 per cent strike rate when teaming up at Yarmouth — 2 wins from 6 runners for a level-stake profit of +£101.47pts. So look out for mehmo (4.00). download the at the RaceS app handIcap (5) 6f 4.00 winner £3,240 (6 run) 1 (4) 2738U2 papa StouR (12) S C Williams 6 10-0 (F)....................................m Ghiani 74 ST 2 (5) 32832 RaBat (31) Mrs I G-Leveque 3 9-10 ......................................... c noble (3) 73 G 3 (1) 0-4214 mollY Shaw (16) C Wall 4 9-6 (BF, CD) (SF) ................................h doyle ●78 G 4 (3) -74627 nappInG (24) A Murphy 8 9-5 (CD).....................................S cherchi (3) 77 GS 5 (2) 295132 mehmo (37) (B) M Appleby 3 9-4 .......................................... t marquand 74 G 6 (6) 338464 SplIt elevenS (22) J Butler 3 8-9 (D).................................david egan 75 ST BeTTING: 9-4 Papa Stour, 3 Molly Shaw, 4 Rabat, 6 Mehmo, 15-2 Split elevens, 8 Napping. Follow attheRaceS on twItteR handIcap (4) 5f 4.30 winner £4,590 (9 run) 1 (2) 762529 han Solo BeRGeR (17) C Wall 6 9-10 (CD) ..........................t p Queally 84 ST 2 (9) -67732 BomB pRooF (25) J Fanshawe 4 9-10 (D) (F) ........................ t marquand 87 G 3 (5) 517273 amoR de mI vIda (11) A Watson 3 9-7 (D) (SF) ...........................h doyle ●89 GF 4 (8) 155335 InvIncIBle laRne (19) (V) M Quinn 5 9-7 (CD) .................... p cosgrave 87 SS 5 (7) 122594 aRaIFJan (19) R Cowell 4 9-4 (eW)........................... Grace mcentee (5) 88 ST 6 (4) 1569-9 GRandFatheR tom (19) R Cowell 6 9-3 (CD) .......................david egan 82 GF 7 (3) 153126 ShamShon (19) S C Williams 10 9-3 (D5) ....................................m Ghiani 86 GS 8 (1) 9-2654 zappeR caSS (202) (V) M Appleby 8 9-2 (BF, D) ....................Rossa Ryan 85 ST 9 (6) 717216 expeRt opInIon (41) H Spiller 3 9-2 (CD)................................ h turner 86 GF BeTTING: 3 Amor de Mi Vida, 4 Bomb Proof, 6 Araifjan, 7 Han Solo Berger, expert opinion. noRman BallS happY RetIRement handIcap (6) 5f 5.00 winner £2,700 (8 run) 1 (6) 721132 daRk SIde pRInce (41) Jessica Macey 4 9-7 (D) (F)..............l edmunds ●72 ST 2 (3) 687771 kodI Gold (21) P evans 3 9-6 (C) (SF)...................................... d keenan 69 GF 3 (1) 34-603 enchanted nIGht (21) (H) C Dunnett 3 9-3 ....................S cherchi (3) 69 S 4 (4) -65609 RIveR choRuS (16) P Mcentee 3 9-3 ....................... Grace mcentee (5) 70 ST 5 (7) -01698 Snow BeRRY (21) M Appleby 3 8-9 ......................................c Shepherd 71 GF 6 (5) -69843 Swell SonG (19) (B) R Cowell 5 8-7 (eW)....................................h doyle 65 ST 7 (2) 627056 JunGle BooGaloo (20) (H) P McBride 4 8-7 ......................david egan 62 G 8 (8) 806 tIlSwoRth valeRIe (55) J R Jenkins 3 8-6 ..................... a Beech (5) 44 G BeTTING: 13-8 Kodi Gold, 11-4 Dark Side Prince, 9-2 enchanted Night, 8 Swell Song. IN FORM tRaIneRS: K Bailey 2-4 (50%), Noel Williams 2-4 (50%), B Pauling 3-7 (43%), P Nicholls 3-7 (43%), S & e Crisford 7-18 (39%), J Ferguson 4-11 (36%), G Boughey 6-18 (33%), C Appleby 6-19 (32%), T Dascombe 6-22 (27%), F o’Brien 5-19 (26%), N Tinkler 9-35 (26%), C Dwyer 2-8 (25%), e Williams 1-4 (25%), J Mackie 1-4 (25%), S Hodgson 1-4 (25%), K Burke 11-48 (23%), N Mulholland 4-18 (22%). JockeYS: Callum Bewley 4-6 (67%), Jonathan Burke 4-7 (57%), Paddy Brennan 2-7 (29%), Sam Twiston-Davies 6-21 (29%), oisin Murphy King Cool 1.35 Fo Kiritimati Island 7.50 Wo Kodi Gold 5.00 YA Lady of Authority 1.35 Fo Late Arrival 2.15 Re Le Beau Garcon 1.10 Re Leroy Brown 6.50 Wo Liangel Hope 7.50 Wo Light Infantry 2.25 YA Lilandra 4.50 Wo Luckyangel 8.20 Wo Mackenzie Rose 1.40 Re Macon Belle 1.10 Re Majestic Fighter 5.50 Wo Major Snugfit 4.20 Re Mansfield 8.20 Wo Mappa Mundi 3.50 Re Mashaan 7.20 Wo Masquerading 3.50 Re Mawlood 2.05 Fo Maxi Boy 2.55 YA May Blossom 1.10 Re Mehmo 4.00 YA Mezzanotte 6.20 Wo Mick Pastor 2.35 Fo Midnight Jewel 2.05 Fo Miss Behaving 3.50 Re Mister Tickle 4.10 Fo Molly Shaw 4.00 YA Monty Massini 3.10 Fo Morjhana 5.20 Wo Motorious 7.20 Wo Mr Dib Dab 5.20 Wo Mr Mafia 4.10 Fo Must Be An Angel 4.50 Wo Mutanaaseq 3.20 Re My Little Tip 1.50 YA Naizagai 3.40 Fo Napping 4.00 YA Night of Luxury 5.50 Wo No Diggity 4.50 Wo Nomasee 7.50 Wo Novak 1.40 Re o’Reilly’s Pass 4.20 Re ocho Grande 6.50 Wo old News 2.45 Re on The River 1.40 Re one Hart 7.20 Wo oppressive 1.40 Re overthink 4.55 Re Papa Stour 4.00 YA Patient Man 1.50 YA Pedro De Styles 5.20 Wo Penywern Taverner 1.50 YA Percy’s Lad 2.55 YA Perthshire 6.50 Wo Pink Jazz 3.40 Fo Pisanello 2.45 Re Pixie Loc 4.45 Fo Pop Favorite 4.50 Wo Pound off You 4.20 Re Precious Plum 8.20 Wo Pure Charmer 7.50 Wo Queen of Asia 5.20 Wo Queen Spirit 1.10 Re Rabat 4.00 YA Racing Spirit 3.10 Fo Ratafia 3.50 Re GoinG: Good-Good to Firm in places. Course: Tight figure-of-eight chase course with 6 fences to a circuit and a 230yd run-in. Hurdle course is left-handed, about 1m. Top Trainers: G L Moore 70-363 (19.3%), P Nicholls 37-97 (38.1%), N Mulholland 34-196 (17.3%), P Hobbs 17-71 (23.9%), J Snowden 16-78 (20.5%), N Henderson 12-38 (31.6%), D Bridgwater 10-49 (20.4%), F O’Brien 7-31 (22.6%), J Farrelly 6-40 (15.0%), M Harris 5-33 (15.2%), C Longsdon 5-43 (11.6%), T Lacey 5-13 (38.5%). Top JoCkeys: Joshua Moore 30-170 (17.6%), Tom Cannon 29-207 (14.0%), Gavin Sheehan 22-98 (22.4%), Nick Scholfield 18-135 (13.3%), Sam Twiston-Davies 18-80 (22.5%), Tom Scudamore 14- 76 (18.4%), Paddy Brennan 13-57 (22.8%), Brendan Powell 12-95 (12.6%), Jonathan Burke 9-54 (16.7%), Page Fuller 9-74 (12.2%). 1sT TiMe BLinkers: 1.00 Carole’s Tzarina, 3.10 Just In A Muddle, 3.40 Vorashann. CHeekpieCes: 1.00 Checkitsme, Gaia Vallis, 1.35 Rebel Royal, 2.05 G’day Aussie, Imphal, Sol Plum Creek, 2.35 Courtandbould*, 3.10 Capricia, Monty Massini, 3.40 Dutch Admiral*, Green Or Black, The Twisler, 4.10 Mr Mafia. TonGue sTraps: 1.00 Carole’s Tzarina, Charyn Canyon, Gaia Vallis, Jellicle Jewel*, 1.35 I’m On Snap*, Snug As A Bug, 2.05 G’day Aussie, Get Supreme, Mawlood, Sol Plum Creek, 2.35 Mick Pastor, 3.10 Ali The Hunter, Czech Her Out, Jamessaintpatrick, Racing Spirit, Thirsty Farmer, 3.40 Green Or Black, Naizagai, Pink Jazz, 4.10 Ebony Gale, Mister Tickle, 4.45 Pixie Loc*. (*=1st time). GoinG: Good-Good to Firm in places. Course: Left-handed, long, narrow course of 1m 4f with a 5f run-in. 5-8f races run over the straight mile. DraW: High numbers best on the straight course. Top Trainers: W Haggas 39-158 (24.7%), J & T Gosden 39-120 (32.5%), D M Simcock 27-137 (19.7%), C Wall 26-123 (21.1%), M Johnston 22-134 (16.4%), M Bell 22-128 (17.2%), S C Williams 20-170 (11.8%), M Appleby 16-197 (8.1%), C Dwyer 15-88 (17.0%), G Margarson 13-89 (14.6%). Top JoCkeys: Silvestre De Sousa 47-208 (22.6%), Jamie Spencer 42-186 (22.6%), Tom Marquand 24-125 (19.2%), Hollie Doyle 22-87 (25.3%), Robert Havlin 21-103 (20.4%), Pat Cosgrave 18-115 (15.7%), David Egan 17-153 (11.1%), Callum Shepherd 13-95 (13.7%), Marco Ghiani 13-86 (15.1%), Tom Queally 9-120 (7.5%). CHeekpieCes: 1.50 Travers*, 2.25 Just Another*, 3.25 Kelinda Dice, 4.00 Napping, Papa Stour, Split Elevens, 4.30 Amor de Mi Vida, Expert Opinion, Grandfather Tom, Han Solo Berger, 5.00 Dark Side Prince, Snow Berry. TonGue sTraps: 1.50 Travers*, 2.55 Corvair, Equitation, 3.25 Right Action, 4.00 Papa Stour, 4.30 Bomb Proof. (*=1st time). profiTaBLe raCes for favs: 4.30. Rebel Royal 1.35 Fo Red Joan 1.50 YA Retrospect 6.50 Wo Right Action 3.25 YA River Chorus 5.00 YA Robeam 6.50 Wo Ruby Ribbons 4.50 Wo Runninwild 3.20 Re Safran 2.15 Re Santesa 4.45 Fo Secret Handsheikh 3.25 YA Secret Image 5.50 Wo Shamshon 4.30 YA Shanandoa 1.35 Fo Single Minded 6.20 Wo Smashing Lass 4.55 Re Smooth Talking 1.40 Re Snow Berry 5.00 YA Snug As A Bug 1.35 Fo Sol Plum Creek 2.05 Fo Spantik 4.55 Re Spike Jones 4.45 Fo Split elevens 4.00 YA Stamina Chope 1.00 Fo Starspangledjama 5.50 Wo State Legend 5.50 Wo Storm Arcadio 1.35 Fo Strike The Flint 1.35 Fo Stripzee 1.40 Re Stromboli 1.40 Re Strongbowe 2.15 Re Suanni 1.10 Re Subjective Value 1.50 YA Sucellus 2.45 Re Summer Secrets 7.50 Wo neWSbOY 1.00 GLIMPSE OF GALA 1.35 JAKAMANI 2.05 IMPHAL 2.35 COURTANDBOULD 3.10 CZECH HER OUT 3.40 THE TWISLER 4.10 EBONY GALE 4.45 EYE TO THE SKY bOuVeRie 1.00 GLIMPSE OF GALA 1.35 I’M ON SNAP 2.05 IMPHAL 2.35 SWAFFHAM BULBECK 3.10 UNO MAS 3.40 CHIVES 4.10 MR MAFIA 4.45 SANTESA neWSbOY 1.50 BONITA B 2.25 HIGH VELOCITY 2.55 GLOBAL ESTEEM (NAP) 3.25 SECRET HANDSHEIKH 4.00 MOLLY SHAW 4.30 EXPERT OPINION 5.00 KODI GOLD bOuVeRie 1.50 MY LITTLE TIP 2.25 HIGH VELOCITY 2.55 FARHH TO SHY 3.25 SECRET HANDSHEIKH 4.00 MOLLY SHAW 4.30 AMOR DE MI VIDA (NB) 5.00 KODI GOLD SKY SKY Sunshine Fun 5.20 Wo Swaffham Bulbeck 2.35 Fo Swell Song 5.00 YA Telefina 4.55 Re The Gold Bug 2.05 Fo The Twisler 3.40 Fo Thirsty Farmer 3.10 Fo Thorntoun Care 4.20 Re Three Dons 6.20 Wo Tibbie Dunbar 6.50 Wo Tilsworth Valerie 5.00 YA Torbain Castle 1.40 Re Travers 1.50 YA Trevie Fountain 5.20 Wo Trevolli 7.20 Wo Trumble 7.20 Wo Twice As Likely 8.20 Wo Uckerby 3.50 Re Udaberri 5.50 Wo Uno Mas 3.10 Fo Van Zant 1.10 Re Vertice 4.55 Re Victoria Line 4.55 Re Visitant 4.20 Re Vivency 3.25 YA Vivid Luminosity 4.20 Re Vorashann 3.40 Fo Wade’s Magic 3.20 Re Watching Brief 3.10 Fo Well Prepared 4.50 Wo Wendreda 1.00 Fo Whitcliffe 6.20 Wo Yasmin From York 4.55 Re Zaghal 3.50 Re Zapper Cass 4.30 YA

TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 39 4.50 READ KEVIN BLAKE ON ATTHERACES.COM H’CAP (DIV 1) (6) 1m 1f Winner £2,700 (13 run) 1 (1) 786041 HOOfLEPuff (10) (V) B Ellison 5 9-12 (C) (SF)........................ B Robinson 66 G 2 (13) -47705 NO DIggITy (15) J Butler 5 9-10 (C) (F) ....................................... g Wood 61 ST 3 (6) 46/584 HAVANA DAWN (54) R Stephens 4 9-9 .................................T Heard (5) 61 G 4 (3) 878144 WELL PREPARED (20) M Loughnane 4 9-7 ..........................James Doyle 65 GF 5 (7) 552009 AuSSIE RASCAL (20) T Ward 3 9-5 ....................................K Shoemark 69 SS 6 (12) 922250 MuST BE AN ANgEL (48) J Mackie 4 9-4.................................L Morris ●71 ST 7 (8) 909316 POP fAVORITE (20) D Brown 3 9-4 (EW) .................................... W Buick 67 ST 8 (11) 706777 LILANDRA (15) J Flint 4 9-0 ....................................................W Cox (3) 70 G 9 (2) 049070 CITy WANDERER (36) (B) R Carr 5 8-13 .................................J gormley 66 G 10 (4) 790987 BROugHTONS CHIEf (30) P McBride 3 8-12 ......................... B McHugh 61 ST 11 (9) 934609 fINAL ATTACK (35) Sarah Hollinshead 10 8-12 (CD) ................R Kingscote 69 ST 12 (5) 745658 DEfTERA LAD (13) S Kirk 9 8-10 (CD) ......................................D Probert 66 ST 13 (10) 7489 RuBy RIBBONS (18) M Loughnane 3 8-8 ....................................P Prince 61 GF BETTING: 11-4 Hooflepuff, 4 No Diggity, 7 Well Prepared, Pop Favorite, 8 Must Be An Angel, 12 Havana Dawn, 14 Deftera Lad, Aussie Rascal. 2020: BELL HEATHER 7 9 8, Ray Dawson(5) 11-2 (P Morris), drawn (5), 9 ran. 5.20 READ KEVIN BLAKE ON ATTHERACES.COM H’CAP (DIV 2) (6) 1m 1f Winner £2,700 (12 run) 1 (11) 8/64 SuNSHINE fuN (167) J Osborne 4 9-10 ............................S Osborne (5) 69 SS 2 (1) 8/36 BARON SLICK (33) M Tregoning 5 9-9 ........................................ W Buick 59 GF 3 (4) 301444 DIAMOND JILL (63) Sarah Hollinshead 4 9-8 (CD) ..................R Kingscote 66 GF 4 (3) 742212 HELLAVAPACE (20) J Portman 3 9-4 (BF) (SF) ......................... R Hornby 66 ST 5 (10) -04873 MORJHANA (18) R Fahey 3 9-4 (EW) ................................. B garritty (3) ●71 GF 6 (7) 479090 TREVIE fOuNTAIN (15) R Carr 4 9-3 (C) ................................J gormley 49 ST 7 (12) 935741 PEDRO DE STyLES (26) (V) Mrs N Evans 6 8-13 (C) (F) .............. K O’Neill 66 G 8 (2) 7-3000 BAASHIq (157) A Hales 7 8-13 (CD) ..............................................L Morris 68 G 9 (6) 4930 quEEN Of ASIA (84) R Hannon 3 8-12 ................T Hammer Hansen (3) 63 G 10 (9) 0-0709 MR DIB DAB (50) M Loughnane 4 8-11 ......................................D Costello 67 ST 11 (8) 049744 ITSALLABOuTLuCK (12) J Flint 4 8-10 ..................................D Probert 65 SF 12 (5) -55800 CuBANO (85) J Mackie 3 8-8 ...................................................R Dawson 70 ST BETTING: 5-2 Hellavapace, 5 Morjhana, 6 Baron Slick, 13-2 Pedro De Styles, 7 Itsallaboutluck. 2020: CRITICAL THINKING 6 9 11, Ray Dawson(5) 7-1 (D Loughnane), drawn (6), 7 ran. 5.50 READ HOLLIE DOyLE’S COLuMN ON ATTHERACES.COM EBf MAIDEN STAKES (5) (2-y-O) 1m 1f Winner £3,780 (9 run) 1 (4) AADEL G Boughey 9-5 ............................................................ J Mitchell - - 2 (5) 96 DOWN TO THE KID (24) I Furtado 9-5 .....................................T Whelan 67 SF 3 (3) 4 DREAM HARDER (11) J Osborne 9-5 (EW) .........................S Osborne (5) ●84 SS 4 (6) 5 MAJESTIC fIgHTER (16) R Charlton 9-5 ...........................James Doyle 64 GF 5 (8) NIgHT Of LuxuRy S bin Suroor 9-5 .......................................H Crouch - - 6 (2) SECRET IMAgE (H) C Appleby 9-5 (SF) ...................................... W Buick - - 7 (1) 07 STARSPANgLEDJAMA (18) G L Moore 9-5 ................R Clutterbuck (5) 49 GF 8 (9) 8 STATE LEgEND (66) J Ferguson 9-5 .........................................N Callan 58 G 9 (7) 743 uDABERRI (24) S P C Woods 9-5 (F) ........................................D Muscutt 80 SF BETTING: 11-4 Secret Image, 7-2 Dream Harder, 9-2 Udaberri, 5 Night Of Luxury, 11-2 Aadel, 10 Majestic Fighter, 14 State Legend, 33 Down To The Kid, 66 Starspangledjama. 2020: No corresponding race. 6.20 fOLLOW AT THE RACES ON TWITTER NuRSERy (5) (2-y-O) 1m 1f 104yds Winner £3,240 (6 run) 1 (6) 867113 ASTAROTH (10) J Osborne 9-7 (C) (F) ................................S Osborne (5) ●78 ST 2 (3) 432 WHITCLIffE (21) M Johnston 9-6 (SF)........................................ W Buick 77 G 3 (5) 04360 THREE DONS (26) R Hannon 9-5 .........................T Hammer Hansen (3) 76 G 4 (1) 3274 MEzzANOTTE (33) Sir M Prescott 9-5 .......................................L Morris 76 G 5 (2) 5885 SINgLE MINDED (25) S Kirk 9-4 ............................................ R Hornby 76 GS 6 (4) 2455 fILLE DE LA LuNE (32) K Burke 8-7 ...................................Jane Elliott 74 GF BETTING: 2 Whitcliffe, 9-4 Astaroth, 4 Mezzanotte, 7 Single Minded, 10 Three Dons, 12 Fille De La Lune. 2020: FINAL THOUGHT 9 7, Callum Shepherd 11-10 Fav (S bin Suroor), drawn (2), 8 ran. SP• T FORM p SP• T FORM p 6.50 DOWNLOAD THE AT THE RACES APP HANDICAP (6) 2m 120yds Winner £2,700 (13 run) 1 (6) 52-657 BEggARMAN (30) H Morrison 4 9-12 .......................................D Probert 57 ST 2 (13) 667 HANAfy (25) Darryll Holland 4 9-12 ............................................ W Buick 63 ST 3 (12) 4796-4 BE EASy (20) N Mulholland 4 9-11 ........................................James Doyle 62 FM 4 (5) 463403 ROBEAM (28) B Ellison 5 9-10 (D) (EW) ................................... B Robinson ●68 ST 5 (4) 858/46 fORT DENISON (31) V Williams 7 9-10..................................R Kingscote 64 GS 6 (9) 824272 fLyINg STANDARD (21) C Wall 4 9-9 (C) (SF) ......................... J Mitchell 67 GS 7 (2) 777242 RETROSPECT (18) Muir & Grassick 4 9-9 (BF) (F) ...T Hammer Hansen (3) 65 GF 8 (11) 8777- TIBBIE DuNBAR (J103) W Kittow 5 9-8 .....................................N Callan - - 9 (8) 759 LEROy BROWN (19) N Twiston-Davies 6 9-2 ...........................S Hitchcott 66 G 10 (1) 365-40 OCHO gRANDE (J134) R Phillips 4 9-2 .................................K Shoemark 64 GS 11 (3) 88-884 BARCA (15) A Forbes 7 9-0 ...........................................C Hutchinson (5) 62 ST 12 (7) 606724 PERTHSHIRE (10) M Usher 3 8-13 (BF) ....................................D Costello 65 ST 13 (10) 0937-7 AuMERLE (15) J Unett 9 8-13 .................................................D Muscutt 57 SF BETTING: 4 Retrospect, 9-2 Robeam, 5 Flying Standard, 6 Perthshire, 7 Fort Denison, 10 Hanafy, 12 Beggarman, 14 Barca, Be Easy, Tibbie Dunbar. 2020: MIZEN MASTER 7 9 12, Martin Harley 4-1 (O Murphy), drawn (13), 12 ran. 7.20 CAzOO HANDICAP (4) 7f Winner £4,590 (9 run) 1 (8) 566076 ONE HART (92) G Tuer 4 9-11 (CD) ..............................................S James 81 ST 2 (6) 4-5231 MOTORIOuS (41) S C Williams 3 9-10 (D) (SF) ............................D Muscutt 85 SS 3 (2) 171625 fROW (20) D Brown 5 9-7 (CD) ..................................................... W Buick 83 ST 4 (9) 355166 ECHO BEACH (26) (V) H Palmer 3 9-7 (D) (F) ........................James Doyle 83 ST 5 (3) 21-965 TRuMBLE (81) D Loughnane 3 9-6 (D) ..........................................L Morris 82 ST 6 (4) -00869 HAzEL (25) D Loughnane 3 9-4 (D) ............................................D Probert 72 ST 7 (1) 130533 ALPHONSE KARR (19) T Ward 3 9-1 (C) (EW) ........................R Kingscote 84 SS 8 (5) 213455 TREVOLLI (32) P Kirby 3 8-12 (D) ...................................... B garritty (3) 86 SS 9 (7) -38386 MASHAAN (19) R Fahey 3 8-10 ................................................ B McHugh ●87 ST BETTING: 2 Motorious, 5 Alphonse Karr, 11-2 Frow, 13-2 Echo Beach, 15-2 Trevolli, 10 Trumble, 12 Mashaan, 14 One Hart, 20 Hazel. 2020: FAST SPIN 3 9 6, James Doyle 5-1 (S & E Crisford), drawn (8), 12 ran. 7.50 WATCH fREE REPLAyS ON ATTHERACES.COM RESTRICTED MAIDEN STAKES (6) (2-y-O) 6f Winner £2,700 (13 run) 1 (6) 7 ALMODOVAR DEL RIO (27) M Botti 9-5 ...................................N Callan 56 SS 2 (7) 543 ASTRAL BEAT (24) W Knight 9-5 ..............................................L Morris 73 ST 3 (5) BIELSA’S BuCKET T Vaughan 9-5 .................................. T greatrex (3) - - 4 (13) 74 DALBy fOREST (24) D M Simcock 9-5 ....................................D Muscutt 72 ST 5 (12) 86 KIRITIMATI ISLAND (28) I Furtado 9-5 ................................... K O’Neill 52 G 6 (2) LIANgEL HOPE D O’Meara 9-5 ................................................. W Buick - - 7 (11) 5 NOMASEE (112) I Mohammed 9-5 (F) .........................................R Dawson 71 ST 8 (1) 4 SuMMER SECRETS (15) R Fahey 9-5 (SF) .............................. B McHugh 60 GF 9 (10) ADAAy WITH fRIENDS K Burke 9-0 .......................................S James - - 10 (9) ATLANTIC HEART D & C Kubler 9-0 ...................................... J Mitchell - - 11 (8) CALM uNIVERSE (H) A Balding 9-0 (EW) .................................D Probert - - 12 (3) 5 HAyAT (33) R Charlton 9-0 ..................................................James Doyle 66 G 13 (4) 522042 PuRE CHARMER (24) (B) A Watson 9-0 ...............................K Shoemark ●77 G BETTING: 7-2 Pure Charmer, 4 Astral Beat, 7 Dalby Forest, 8 Hayat, Liangel Hope, Adaay With Friends, 10 Calm Universe, Summer Secrets. 2020: LIBERTINE BELLE 8 13, Richard Kingscote 11-1 (S C Williams), drawn (8), 10 ran. 8.20 CAzOO HANDICAP (6) 5f Winner £2,700 (11 run) 1 (6) 433054 I’M WATCHINg yOu (18) R Harris 4 9-7 (C) ..............................T Whelan 65 ST 2 (4) 98-383 JORVIK PRINCE (5) M Appleby 7 9-6 (CD) (F) ...........................D Probert 65 ST 3 (2) 224455 ADMIRABLE LAD (5) (B) C Banham 3 9-6 (C) ........................... J Haynes 65 ST 4 (7) 649342 TWICE AS LIKELy (20) R Hughes 4 9-4 (BF, C, D) (SF) ................. W Buick 67 SS 5 (8) 310862 CAPTAIN RyAN (20) G Deacon 10 9-1 (CD) (EW) .....................K Shoemark 61 GS 6 (3) -64028 PRECIOuS PLuM (19) (H) C Wallis 7 8-13 (CD) .............................L Morris ●69 SF 7 (5) 970745 BILLy DyLAN (35) Suzzanne France 6 8-12 (D) .......................... J Mitchell 62 GF 8 (1) 6-5959 LuCKyANgEL (16) (B) M Mullineaux 4 8-12 ............................T Heard (5) 54 GF 9 (9) 374296 MANSfIELD (20) Mrs Stella Barclay 8 8-12 (CD) .......................J Peate (7) 65 SF 10 (11) 080747 HuRRICANE ALERT (19) Frank Bishop 9 8-12 (D)...................... W Carson 53 ST 11 (10) 058379 gO gO LuNA (102) Ewan Whillans 3 8-11 ................................... B McHugh 60 ST BETTING: 5-2 Twice As Likely, 4 I’m Watching You, 5 Captain Ryan, 6 Admirable Lad, 7 Jorvik Prince, 10 Billy Dylan, 12 Mansfield, 14 Precious Plum. 2020: No corresponding race. redcar wolverhampton rtv SKY GoinG: Good to Firm. Course: Left-handed, flat oval course of 1m 7f with a 5f run-in. 5-8f races run on the straight course. DrAW: High numbers best on the straight course. Top TrAiners: T Easterby 42-496 (8.5%), R Fahey 38-318 (11.9%), D O’Meara 35-253 (13.8%), M Dods 20-215 (9.3%), M Johnston 19-133 (14.3%), D Carroll 15-94 (16.0%), N Tinkler 14-178 (7.9%), K Burke 12-136 (8.8%), R Fell 12-118 (10.2%), M & D Easterby 8-115 (7.0%), B Smart 7-103 (6.8%), R Carr 6-137 (4.4%), P Midgley 5-77 (6.5%), I Jardine 5-83 (6.0%), H Palmer 5-42 (11.9%), P Kirby 4-49 (8.2%), B Haslam 4-54 (7.4%), E Bethell 4-8 (50.0%), D Thompson 4-74 (5.4%), Miss T Jackson 3-52 (5.8%). Top JoCkeys: Daniel Tudhope 31-154 (20.1%), David Allan 29-270 (10.7%), Kevin Stott 26-168 (15.5%), Jason Hart 22-191 (11.5%), Paul Hanagan 21-146 (14.4%), Graham Lee 17-198 (8.6%), Paul Mulrennan 15-178 (8.4%), Joe Fanning 15-99 (15.2%), Tom Eaves 14-168 (8.3%), P J McDonald 14-134 (10.4%), Andrew Mullen 14-196 (7.1%), Rowan Scott 10-110 (9.1%), Tony Hamilton 10-126 (7.9%), Callum Rodriguez 9-108 (8.3%), Harrison Shaw 9-70 (12.9%), Shane Gray 8-103 (7.8%), Clifford Lee 7-76 (9.2%), Jack Garritty 7-111 (6.3%), James Sullivan 4-170 (2.4%), Connor Murtagh 4-54 (7.4%). TrAiner TArGeTs (won today’s race at least twice in last 10 years): M Dods won the 3.20 in ‘15 and ‘20. 1sT TiMe BLinkers: 4.55 Overthink. CHeekpieCes: 2.15 Strongbowe, 2.45 Idoapologise, Pisanello*, 3.20 Blackheath, Khabib, Mutanaaseq*, Wade’s Magic, 3.50 As If By Chance, Ratafia, 4.20 Desert Quest, Thorntoun Care, Visitant, 4.55 Smashing Lass, Spantik, Victoria Line. TonGue sTrAps: 2.45 Idoapologise, Sucellus, 3.50 Masquerading*, 4.20 Major Snugfit. (*=1st time). 1sT run sinCe WinD op: 3.50 Mappa Mundi. profiTABLe rACes for fAvs: 4.20. GoinG: Standard. Course: Left-handed, very tight Tapeta track of 1m, with a 330yd run-in. Races over 6f and 7f start on separate chutes. DrAW: Little effect. Top TrAiners: M Appleby 64-634 (10.1%), M Johnston 62-499 (12.4%), D O’Meara 55-463 (11.9%), D Loughnane 52-437 (11.9%), R Fahey 51- 530 (9.6%), A Watson 51-277 (18.4%), M Loughnane 48-562 (8.5%), R Hannon 48-364 (13.2%), M Botti 44-348 (12.6%), S bin Suroor 36-120 (30.0%), K Burke 36-266 (13.5%), H Palmer 36-140 (25.7%). Top JoCkeys: Luke Morris 130-1164 (11.2%), Richard Kingscote 113-728 (15.5%), David Probert 74-700 (10.6%), Jack Mitchell 74-370 (20.0%), James Doyle 36-126 (28.6%), Daniel Muscutt 33- 266 (12.4%), Dougie Costello 32-392 (8.2%), Kieran O’Neill 32-377 (8.5%), Rob Hornby 30-278 (10.8%), Hector Crouch 22-172 (12.8%), Kieran Shoemark 19- 187 (10.2%), Ben Robinson 19-201 (9.5%). 1sT TiMe BLinkers: 7.20 Hazel, 8.20 Luckyangel. CHeekpieCes: 4.50 Final Attack, Lilandra, No Diggity*, 5.20 Baashiq, Itsallaboutluck, 6.20 Fille De La Lune*, 6.50 Barca, Be Easy, Beggarman, Hanafy, Robeam, 8.20 Billy Dylan, Jorvik Prince. TonGue sTrAps: 4.50 Broughtons Chief*, Lilandra, Well Prepared, 5.20 Pedro De Styles, 5.50 Udaberri*, 8.20 Jorvik Prince. (*=1st time). 1sT run sinCe WinD op: 7.20 One Hart. 1sT TiMe HooDs: 5.50 Secret Image, 7.50 Calm Universe. profiTABLe rACes for fAvs: 6.20. 1.10 NATIONAL RACEHORSE WEEK RESTRICTED NOVICE STAKES (5) (2-y-O) 5f Winner £3,348 (8 run) 1 (2) 771934 MAy BLOSSOM (10) (V) D O’Meara 9-11 (D) ..............................D Tudhope 79 GF 2 (1) 21 LE BEAu gARCON (49) M & D Easterby 9-9 (D) (F) .............. P Mulrennan 70 GF 3 (3) 80 CHANT fOR MORE (20) P Midgley 9-2........................................K Stott 68 G 4 (4) 72225 fIREBOMB (51) B Smart 9-2 (BF) (SF) ..............................................g Lee 84 G 5 (6) 353 SuANNI (23) Darryll Holland 9-2 ..................................................T Eaves 76 GF 6 (8) 02 VAN zANT (17) R Carr 9-2 ....................................................JP Sullivan 76 G 7 (5) 224 MACON BELLE (20) E De Giles 8-11 (BF) (EW) .................................J Hart ●87 G 8 (7) quEEN SPIRIT M Dods 8-11 ................................................C Rodriguez - - BETTING: 3 Macon Belle, 7-2 Firebomb, 9-2 May Blossom, 5 Le Beau Garcon, 6 Suanni, 8 Van Zant, 12 Queen Spirit, 66 Chant For More. 1.40 MARKET CROSS JEWELLERS NuRSERy (5) (2-y-O) 7f Winner £3,132 (12 run) 1 (11) 535 OPPRESSIVE (18) K Burke 9-10 (EW) ...............................................C Lee 72 ST 2 (1) 5247 STROMBOLI (35) D O’Meara 9-9 .............................................D Tudhope 73 GF 3 (7) 7432 MACKENzIE ROSE (19) M Johnston 9-7 (F) ............................ J fanning 73 GF 4 (9) 37631 SMOOTH TALKINg (14) (B) K P De Foy 9-6 (D) (SF) ............ P J McDonald ●75 G 5 (4) 666 TORBAIN CASTLE (71) I Jardine 9-5 .........................................A Mullen 70 GF 6 (10) 898 CARACRISTI (68) P Kirby 9-5 .....................................................K Stott 70 G 7 (6) 955 ADJuDICATOR (33) J Tuite 9-5 ......................................... P Mulrennan 71 SS 8 (3) 621237 ON THE RIVER (26) B Haslam 9-4 (BF, D) .................................... H Shaw 74 G 9 (12) 4547 NOVAK (25) I Jardine 9-3 ............................................................T Eaves 73 G 10 (2) 127676 STRIPzEE (11) (B) T Easterby 9-2 (CD) ...........................................D Allan 67 G 11 (5) 776 ARNSIDE (43) M Dods 9-0 ...................................................C Rodriguez 70 ST 12 (8) 880 ITSgOODTOBEuS (58) N Tinkler 8-0 ............................ Alan Persse (7) 70 G BETTING: 3 Smooth Talking, 4 Mackenzie Rose, 5 Oppressive, 6 On The River, 10 Arnside, 12 Adjudicator, Stripzee, 14 Novak. 2.15 CELEBRATE THE LIfE Of JOE NEWTON APPRENTICE HANDICAP (4) 7f Winner £4,482 (7 run) 1 (1) 704833 SAfRAN (22) (H) D O’Meara 4 10-3 (D) (SF) .............................S B Kirrane ●84 G 2 (5) 124985 STRONgBOWE (10) T Easterby 5 9-12 (D) (F) .........................Ella McCain 83 GF 3 (3) 37-879 HARRy LOVE (10) O Pears 4 9-8 (D)............................... Alan Persse (3) 72 ST 4 (7) 727456 ATHOLLBLAIR BOy (17) N Tinkler 8 9-7 (D) ................ O McSweeney (3) 82 G 5 (4) 809416 LATE ARRIVAL (10) M & D Easterby 4 9-5 (D) .......................... W Pyle (7) 82 ST 6 (6) 906-69 CuSTODIAN (20) Miss T Jackson 4 9-4 ..............................Miss A Waugh 62 G 7 (2) 732323 ASMuND (21) D Carroll 4 8-11 .......................................... z Wheatley (3) 82 GS BETTING: 11-4 Safran, 3 Asmund, 4 Strongbowe, 9-2 Late Arrival, 11-2 Athollblair Boy, 12 Harry Love, 33 Custodian. 2.45 RACINgTV.COM HANDICAP (4) 1m Winner £4,482 (7 run) 1 (3) 153126 COPPER AND fIVE (15) R Carr 5 9-10 (D) .................. Joanna Mason (3) 88 GF 13-2 (8-11) 6th of 8, 15l behind Garden Oasis (9-2) at Ripon 1m hcp 0-100 (2) gd 2 (7) 760353 HAyADH (17) Harvey Bastiman 8 9-9 (D)..........................................J Hart 89 ST 11-2 (9-3) 3rd of 9, 2¼l behind La Rav (8-12) at Beverley 7f hcp 0-85 (4) gf in Aug 3 (4) 5-3406 PISANELLO (40) D O’Meara 4 9-9 (D) ......................................D Tudhope 78 H 40-1 (10-0) 6th of 7, 8l behind Ulshaw Bridge (9-7) at Redcar 1m hcp 0-85 (4) gd in Aug 4 (2) 10-835 IDOAPOLOgISE (96) E Bethell 4 9-7 ............................................K Stott 88 G 4-1 (8-9) 5th of 6, 13l behind Thibaan (9-6) at Haydock 1m hcp 0-95 (3) gf in Jun 5 (1) 422158 OLD NEWS (10) (B) Mrs L Stubbs 4 9-4 (D) ......................................S gray 89 ST 10-1 (9-10) 8th of 9, 6l behind Sucellus (9-5) at Haydock 1m hcp 0-80 (4) gf 6 (5) 234351 DELgREy BOy (12) T Easterby 4 9-3 (D) (F) ..................................D Allan 90 SF 11-1 (8-8) Won at Newcastle 1m hcap (3) deadheating with Bonneval (9-8), 12 ran 7 (6) 931761 SuCELLuS (10) O Greenall 5 9-2 (D) (SF) ..........................Megan Nicholls ●92 G 15-2 (9-5) Won at Haydock 1m hcp 0-80 (4) gf beating Star Shield (9-11) by nk, 9 ran BETTING: 3 Sucellus, 10-3 Delgrey Boy, 9-2 Idoapologise, 11-2 Hayadh, 13-2 Copper And Five, 8 Pisanello, 10 Old News. 3.20 RACINg TV PROfITS RETuRNED TO RACINg HANDICAP (4) 6f Winner £4,482 (8 run) 1 (1) 065300 BLACKHEATH (18) M Dods 6 9-10 (D) ..........................................T Eaves 86 GF 2 (6) 336256 MuTANAASEq (18) R Carr 6 9-6 (D) .....................................JP Sullivan ●87 G 3 (7) 721294 KHABIB (10) R Craggs 3 9-5 ................................................... P Hanagan 85 FM 4 (8) 253173 CAPTAIN VALLO (17) (H) Phillip Makin 3 9-4 (D) (SF) .................... R Scott 84 GF 5 (3) 176412 RuNNINWILD (10) (H) Mrs A Duffield 3 9-4 (CD) (EW) .......................S gray 82 GF 6 (4) 3-1216 HIgHJACKED (103) J J Davies 5 9-1 (CD) (F) ....................................g Lee 84 GS 7 (2) 723731 WADE’S MAgIC (14) T Easterby 4 9-0 (D) ........................Ella McCain (5) 83 GF 8 (5) 9-2340 JET SET gO (74) S Spencer 6 8-9 ..............................................C Hardie 84 G BETTING: 3 Wade’s Magic, 9-2 Runninwild, 5 Captain Vallo, 11-2 Highjacked, 13-2 Mutanaaseq, 7 Jet Set Go, 15-2 Khabib, 20 Blackheath. 3.50 EVERy RACE LIVE ON RACINg TV NOVICE STAKES (5) 6f Winner £3,780 (10 run) 1 (3) 427263 AS If By CHANCE (17) N Tinkler 3 9-5 (EW) .............. f McManoman (3) 76 ST 2 (6) MAPPA MuNDI B Meehan 3 9-5 ............................................. L Steward - - 3 (2) 04 RATAfIA (48) M Herrington 3 9-5 ................................................T Eaves 71 G 4 (8) 5 uCKERBy (11) G Tuer 3 9-5 ................................................. P Mulrennan 53 SF 5 (4) zAgHAL G Tuer 3 9-5 ................................................................C Hardie - - 6 (9) 8 CIVIL JuSTICE gONE (20) D Thompson 3 9-0 .................C Murtagh (3) 24 G 7 (5) 4 CROfTERS gREEN (15) R Fahey 3 9-0 ..................................T Hamilton 64 ST 8 (7) 05 EMBLA (48) A Brown 3 9-0.......................................................... R Scott 62 G 9 (1) 35 MASquERADINg (31) B Smart 3 9-0 (SF) ...............................D Tudhope 77 G 10 (10) 44 MISS BEHAVINg (11) Mrs A Duffield 3 9-0 (F) ................................S gray ●79 G BETTING: 3 Miss Behaving, 10-3 Masquerading, 4 As If By Chance, 13-2 Mappa Mundi, 8 Crofters Green, 10 Ratafia, 12 Uckerby, 16 Zaghal. 4.20 WATCH REPLAyS ON RACINgTV.COM HANDICAP (DIV 1) (6) 1m 6f Winner £2,700 (10 run) 1 (8) 055121 MAJOR SNugfIT (7) (V) R Menzies 5 10-4 (SF) ................... P Mulrennan 61 G 2 (3) 526466 CONTREBASSE (18) (V) T Easterby 6 10-0 (EW).............................D Allan ●67 H 3 (4) 629725 THORNTOuN CARE (12) R Fell 10 9-8 .........................gemma Tutty (3) 62 GF 4 (2) 668598 VISITANT (17) D Thompson 8 9-4 ............................................. L Steward 61 GF 5 (7) 057211 DESERT quEST (28) Ewan Whillans 3 9-2 (D) (F).........................C Hardie 60 G 6 (5) 7-6270 POuND Off yOu (J14) G Boanas 5 9-0 ..................... Joanna Mason (3) 65 GF 7 (6) 430408 O’REILLy’S PASS (11) R Carr 4 9-0 ......................................JP Sullivan 63 ST 8 (1) 809 VIVID LuMINOSITy (124) A West 4 9-0 .........................S B Kirrane (5) 56 ST 9 (10) 6-9790 JAN DE HEEM (33) (B) Miss T Jackson 11 9-0 (CD) ........Miss A Waugh (5) 57 GS 10 (9) 9-707 HAzALOu (20) I Jardine 3 8-10 ..................................................A Mullen 62 G BETTING: 15-8 Desert Quest, 9-4 Major Snugfit, 13-2 Thorntoun Care, 8 Contrebasse, 10 Visitant, 16 Pound Off You, O’Reilly’s Pass, 20 Hazalou, Vivid Luminosity, 100 Jan De Heem. 4.55 WATCH REPLAyS ON RACINgTV.COM HANDICAP (DIV 2) (6) 1m 6f Winner £2,700 (10 run) 1 (3) 15-844 SPANTIK (14) R Fell 4 10-7 ............................................................J Hart 58 ST 2 (8) 374414 OVERTHINK (6) (B) M Johnston 3 9-12 (D) (SF) ......................... J fanning 56 GF 3 (7) 0657 ADRASTuS (30) (V) H Palmer 3 9-11 (EW) ................................. L Steward 56 GF 4 (5) 637444 VERTICE (20) (H) D Thompson 4 9-7 ......................................C Rodriguez 55 ST 5 (1) 543324 HIDDEN PEARL (13) J Berry 5 9-6 (F) ................................... P Hanagan 59 G 6 (9) 438368 COuP DE gOLD (J15) D Thompson 5 9-5 ..................................... H Shaw 60 GS 7 (10) 0245/7 SMASHINg LASS (20) M Sowersby 5 9-4 .................. f McManoman (3) 51 SS 8 (2) 899/6- yASMIN fROM yORK (J414) Simon Whitaker 5 9-4 ................... P Dennis - - 9 (4) 7035 VICTORIA LINE (42) M Walford 3 9-3 ..................................... J garritty ●61 GF 10 (6) 00-056 TELEfINA (12) A West 3 8-9 ................................Elisha Whittington (5) 52 GS BETTING: 15-8 Overthink, 9-2 Hidden Pearl, 11-2 Vertice, 13-2 Adrastus, 15-2 Spantik, 8 Coup De Gold, 10 Victoria Line, 20 Smashing Lass. newSboY 1.10 LE BEAU GARCON 1.40 MACKENZIE ROSE 2.15 SAFRAN 2.45 IDOAPOLOGISE (NB) 3.20 RUNNINWILD 3.50 AS IF BY CHANCE 4.20 DESERT QUEST 4.55 OVERTHINK boUverIe 1.10 MACON BELLE 1.40 SMOOTH TALKING 2.15 SAFRAN 2.45 SUCELLUS 3.20 CAPTAIN VALLO 3.50 MASQUERADING 4.20 CONTREBASSE 4.55 VICTORIA LINE newSboY 4.50 HOOFLEPUFF 5.20 BARON SLICK 5.50 SECRET IMAGE 6.20 WHITCLIFFE 6.50 RETROSPECT 7.20 MOTORIOUS 7.50 NOMASEE 8.20 CAPTAIN RYAN boUverIe 4.50 MUST BE AN ANGEL 5.20 MORJHANA 5.50 SECRET IMAGE 6.20 ASTAROTH 6.50 ROBEAM 7.20 MOTORIOUS (NAP) 7.50 CALM UNIVERSE 8.20 PRECIOUS PLUM reSUltS & prIceS WORCESTER 1.15: HEAD ON (L Harrison 5-2f) 1; Terrafirma Lady (4-1) 2; Cloud Formation (40- 1) 3. 10 ran. 1½, 8½. (I Williams). Tote: £2.70; £1.30, £1.60, £5.00. Tote Exacta: £12.70. Tricast: £313.51. Trifecta: £225.80. CSF: £13.42. 1.45: BROTHER PAT (T Gillard 7-2cof) 1; Tom O’roughley (7-2cof) 2; Write It Down (7- 2cof) 3. 8 ran. 3l, 3¾. (D McCain). Tote: £4.70; £1.50, £1.70, £1.40. Tote Exacta: £21.40. Tricast: £44.92. Trifecta: £91.70. CSF: £16.76. NR: Bleue Away. 2.20: JEMIMA P (T Bellamy 16-5) 1; No Comment (100-30) 2; Finisk River (4-1) 3. 5 ran. 3-1f The Golden Rebel. 3¾, 1l. (E Lavelle). Tote: £2.70; £1.60, £1.90. Tote Exacta: £9.80. Trifecta: £18.10. CSF: £14.01. 2.50: LEAPAWAY (T J O’Brien 8-1) 1; Mercian Prince (7-2) 2; Pisgah Pike (5-2) 3. 5 ran. 11-5f Bathiva. ½, 4¾. (P Hobbs). Tote: £8.80; £3.10, £2.20. Tote Exacta: £36.20. Trifecta: £116.40. CSF: £34.27. 3.25: FIFRELET (L Harrison 13-8f) 1; Fine By Me (3-1) 2; Turpin Gold (9-4) 3. 8 ran. nk, ½. (I Williams). Tote: £2.30; £1.10, £1.40, £1.20. Tote Exacta: £7.10. Trifecta: £19.80. CSF: £6.84. 4.00: PUSH THE TEMPO (T J O’Brien 4-1) 1; Thunderstruck (3-1) 2; Liffeydale Dreamer (9-2) 3. 6 ran. 5-2f Some Detail. hd, 1½. (R Stephens). Tote: £4.40; £2.30, £1.70. Tote Exacta: £14.40. Tricast: £52.86. Trifecta: £58.70. CSF: £16.31. NRs: Druim Samhraidh, Drumlee Watar. 4.35: LUTTRELL LAD (T J O’Brien 1-4f) 1; Whistleinthedark (5-1) 2; Balzac (25-1) 3. 13 ran. 5l, 17l. (P Hobbs). Tote: £1.10; £1.10, £1.90, £2.20. Tote Exacta: £3.80. Trifecta: £15.90. CSF: £2.20. NR: Bilboa River. Placepot: £33.40. Quadpot: £11.70. THIRSK 1.00: ALETHIOMETER (C Beasley 17-2) 1; Wakey Wakey (6-1) 2; Wheal Kitty (12-1) 3. 10 ran. 5-2f Yellow Bear. ¾, ns. (M Dods). Tote: £8.30; £2.40, £2.10, £3.70. Tote Exacta: £61.70. Trifecta: £461.70. CSF: £57.10. 1.30: HILARY’S BOY (C Hardie 22-1) 1; Cotai Grey (15-2) 2; Pneumatic (15-2) 3; Enraged (16-1) 4. 19 ran. 6-1f Contactless. nk, 1¼, hd. (J L Eyre). Tote: £27.80; £2.20, £4.00, £7.20, £2.50. Tote Exacta: £399.20. Tricast: £1413.94. Trifecta: £1524.70. CSF: £166.22. NR: Mymateshez. 2.00: MANUMISSION (C Hardie 15-8f) 1; Naughty Ana (15-2) 2; Jungle Inthebungle (33-1) 3; Nosey Rosie Posey (20-1) 4. 18 ran. 1¾, 1l, ¾. (P Evans). Tote: £2.70; £1.40, £1.90, £6.40, £3.70. Tote Exacta: £17.20. Tricast: £383.37. Trifecta: £451.70. CSF: £13.63. NRs: Little Gem, Oakenshield. 2.30: QUILTED (D Tudhope 3-1) 1; Titanium Moon (33-1) 2; Bartzella (1-5f) 3. 5 ran. 3½, ½. (R Charlton). Tote: £5.90; £14.30, £2.00. Tote Exacta: £38.00. Trifecta: £56.60. CSF: £37.54. 3.05: GOLDEN HIND (D Tudhope 11-2) 1; Hooflepuff (17-2) 2; Golden Dove (2-1) 3. 6 ran. 13-8f Hesperis. 1¼, ½. (D O’Meara). Tote: £6.10; £2.70, £3.60. Tote Exacta: £37.20. Trifecta: £137.10. CSF: £47.37. 3.40: KEY LOOK (S James 20-1) 1; Lady Rockstar (10-11f) 2; Lilikoi (9-1) 3. 9 ran. ¾, 3l. (G Harker). Tote: £22.60; £3.80, £1.10, £2.50. Tote Exacta: £58.30. Tricast: £195.00. Trifecta: £358.10. CSF: £38.89. 4.15: IRREVERENT (B Garritty 10-1) 1; Zumurud (4-1f) 2; Club Wexford (16-1) 3. 12 ran. 4¼, 3½. (R Fahey). Tote: £11.10; £2.00, £5.20, £3.20. Tote Exacta: £60.30. Tricast: £637.33. Trifecta: £975.20. CSF: £46.82. 4.50: TRINITY LAKE (Z Wheatley 3-1f) 1; Brazen Bolt (4-1) 2; Foreseeable Future (20-1) 3. 12 ran. ½, nk. (D Carroll). Tote: £3.50; £1.40, £2.40, £5.30. Tote Exacta: £17.90. Tricast: £202.42. Trifecta: £282.40. CSF: £13.00. Jackpot: Not won. Placepot: £1,000.00. Quadpot: £142.00. BRIGHTON 2.10: MAMILLIUS (P Cosgrave 2-1f) 1; Great News (9-4) 2; Batchelor Boy (11-1) 3. 5 ran. hd, 1¾. (G Baker). Tote: £3.00; £1.50, £1.60. Tote Exacta: £8.20. Trifecta: £31.40. CSF: £6.61. NR: Gilt Edge. 2.40: ZAIN NIBRAS (R Dawson 2-1f) 1; Astrobrio (11-1) 2; Arclight (9-1) 3. 8 ran. nk, ½. (I Mohammed). Tote: £2.70; £1.10, £3.50, £3.20. Tote Exacta: £21.90. Trifecta: £114.10. CSF: £25.44. NR: Surrey Territories. 3.15: SUMMER VALLEY (A Keeley 13-8f) 1; Shielded (11-1) 2; Cuban Cigar (3-1) 3. 6 ran. shd, 2½. (G L Moore). Tote: £2.30; £1.20, £4.00. Tote Exacta: £14.00. Trifecta: £51.30. CSF: £18.85. 3.50: MISS TIKI (P Cosgrave 13-2) 1; Hooves Like Jagger (4-9f) 2; Voi (8-1) 3. 5 ran. 3¾, 2l. (R Hughes). Tote: £6.90; £2.50, £1.10. Tote Exacta: £10.90. Trifecta: £31.40. CSF: £10.10. NR: Turn Of Phrase. 4.25: DISCOMATIC (H Turner 7-4f) 1; Yanifer (15-8) 2; Sense Of Humour (9-1) 3. 6 ran. ¾, 1l. (A Balding). Tote: £2.50; £1.50, £1.30. Tote Exacta: £5.80. Trifecta: £20.10. CSF: £5.42. 5.00: INCORRIGIBLE (Rossa Ryan 9-2) 1; Toronado Grey (4-5f) 2; Ivadream (12-1) 3. 8 ran. ns, 3l. (R Hannon). Tote: £4.90; £1.50, £1.10, £2.60. Tote Exacta: £12.30. Tricast: £40.44. Trifecta: £53.70. CSF: £8.67. 5.30: ATTY’S EDGE (W Cox 2-1f) 1; Cappananty Con (7-2) 2; Essaka (11-2) 3. 6 ran. 1l, ½. (C Mason). Tote: £2.70; £1.50, £2.20. Tote Exacta: £10.10. Trifecta: £44.00. CSF: £9.23. NR: We’re Reunited. Placepot: £10.20. Quadpot: £3.80. KEMPTON 4.45: BE LUCKY MY SON (R Hornby 15-2) 1; Buxted Reel (3-1) 2; Cephalus (11-2) 3. 10 ran. 15-8f Greatness Awaits. 1½, nk. (R Beckett). Tote: £7.50; £1.80, £1.60, £2.00. Tote Exacta: £49.60. Tricast: £139.66. Trifecta: £227.10. CSF: £30.65. NRs: Come To Pass, Divining. 5.15: ADAAYDREAMBELIEVER (Georgia Dobie 7-1) 1; Thatsthefinest (4-1) 2; Mythical Star (9-4f) 3. 9 ran. 2l, ½. (E J-Houghton). Tote: £7.10; £2.20, £1.70, £1.10. Tote Exacta: £31.40. Tricast: £83.12. Trifecta: £137.50. CSF: £34.45. NR: Lady Dollars. 5.45: DARK TERMS (H Doyle 4-1) 1; Charming Wally (9-4f) 2; Pretty Green (11- 4) 3. 10 ran. 3¼, ½. (A Watson). Tote: £4.80; £1.70, £1.40, £1.50. Tote Exacta: £18.40. Tricast: £29.25. Trifecta: £38.20. CSF: £13.65. 6.15: LIL GUFF (R Kingscote 7-4f) 1; Modern Artist (11-1) 2; Eesha Meesh (40-1) 3. 12 ran. 1¼, 1¼. (D & C Kubler). Tote: £2.70; £1.30, £2.70, £5.90. Tote Exacta: £20.40. Trifecta: £381.00. CSF: £22.89. 6.45: FRESH FANCY (W Buick 10-1) 1; Eternal Love (14-1) 2; Penguin Island (6-1) 3. 11 ran. 11-10f Thakrah. hd, hd. (R Charlton). Tote: £7.50; £2.90, £3.90, £2.20. Tote Exacta: £128.80. Trifecta: £1178.10. CSF: £141.00. NRs: Commandment, More Diamonds, Ramadhaan. 7.15: FLAME OF FREEDOM (W Buick 5-1) 1; Beheld (3-1jt-f) 2; Sealed Offer (6-1) 3. 6 ran. 3-1jt-f Divine Magic. shd, 1l. (E J- Houghton). Tote: £6.30; £2.20, £1.80. Tote Exacta: £16.80. Trifecta: £76.40. CSF: £19.72. 7.45: DIAMOND BAY (R Kingscote 4-1) 1; Mutarabby (15-2) 2; Spring Glow (15-2) 3. 13 ran. 7-2f Buxted Too. 4½, 1½. (T Ward). Tote: £4.70; £2.20, £2.90, £2.50. Tote Exacta: £46.10. Tricast: £223.32. Trifecta: £314.30. CSF: £33.79. 8.15: SUNDAYINMAY (H Doyle 3-1) 1; Owen Little (200-1) 2; Mustang Kodi (11-2) 3. 12 ran. 9-4f Saulire Star. 4¼, 1l. (W Knight). Tote: £3.30; £1.50, £16.70, £2.00. Tote Exacta: £569.90. Tricast: £3236.81. Trifecta: £3977.90. CSF: £557.60. Placepot: £171.90. Quadpot: £39.00. GREYHOUNDS PERRY BARR. - 11.36 Oldinn Lucky 11-4 (6- 5-3, £23.80, TC: £56.66). 11.51 Daring Hilda 4-1 (6-4-2, £18.20, TC: £99.76). 12.06 Emkay Sammy 9-2 (6-1-2, £36.78, TC: £83.35). 12.21 Cohens Star 10-3 (5-2-3, £18.69, TC: £40.58). 12.36 Cara Dancer 2-1f (4-3-6, £8.03, TC: £18.90). 12.51 Storys Picture 10-3 (1-2-4, £13.86, TC: £40.52). 1.06 Mild View 7-2 (4-5-6, £29.30, TC: £81.89). 1.21 Westview Almaz 3-1 (4-6-5, £16.72, TC: £66.50). 1.36 Sandy Willow 7-4f (5-3-6, £36.35, TC: £152.36). 1.51 On The Blower 7-2 (3-2-1, £18.92, TC: £61.26). SWINDON. - 11.13 Ashway Freddy 5-2 (DH 2nd 1-3-2, £4.61, TC: £12.18, 1-2-3, £6.54, TC: £13.59). 11.28 Mad We Are 13-8 (6-3-4, £3.54, TC: £9.02). 11.43 Riverdale Astrio 5-1 (2-5-1, £54.14, TC: £197.99). 11.58 Westwell Shay 7-2 (5-6-3, £16.64, TC: £34.24). 12.13 Hardly Normal 10-1 (3-2-6, £45.66, TC: £126.14). 12.28 Desert Crisis 7-2 (2-3-6, £16.35, TC: £39.17). 12.43 Hangman 6-1 (4- 3-6, £36.75, TC: £93.38). 12.58 Ballinulty Blue 11-8f (5-3-4, £4.71, TC: £11.24). 1.13 Ashway Snowy 4-1 (3-1-2, £17.65, TC: £0.00). 1.28 Caribou Lou 15-8f (3-4-6, £8.42, TC: £36.11). 1.44 Wellpad Everest 8-1 (2-3-6, £38.11, TC: £98.15). 1.59 Ballymac Love 10-11f (2-5-3, £11.29, TC: £26.50). SHEFFIELD. - 2.04 Burgess Beaming 5-2 (1- 5-4, £35.43, TC: £94.23). 2.19 Final Salt 2-1f (5-4-6, £10.91, TC: £25.87). 2.36 Our Bobby Cash 13-8 (4-6-5, £3.71, TC: £9.62). 2.54 Newhouse Top 2-1f (2-3-5, £10.75, TC: £24.26). 3.09 Pillar Lockdown 13-8 (1-6-5, £3.49, TC: £9.16). 3.26 Miss Dee 15-2 (3-1-2, £71.64, TC: £215.07). 3.44 Yahoo Daniel 4-5f (1-6-4, £3.37, TC: £8.68). 4.04 Clarkes Jet 11-10f (6- 2-1, £4.99, TC: £9.80). 4.23 Borna Rumour 13- 8jt (1-5-3, £11.99, TC: £39.71). 4.43 Millhouse Queen 11-2 (4-2-6, £27.84, TC: £66.62). 5.03 Brynoffa Nelly 4-1 (2-1-3, £33.18, TC: £61.90). 5.22 Drumdoit Missy 4-1 (3-2-1, £15.68, TC: £47.25). TOP DOG’S BEST PERRY BARR: 11.36 Cricket News (3- 1-5) 11.51 Bower Christy (Nap) (2-5-6) 12.06 Ballyregan Lola (4-1-2) 12.21 Tee Pe Que (4-5-6) 12.36 Eastview Honcho (2-1-5) 12.51 Catunda Tilley (1-4-5) 1.06 Maffra Jet (1-2-4) 1.21 Bushack Sweetpea (1-4-2) 1.36 Skeard Jet (5-6-1) 1.51 Parkers Frank (1-6-3) KINSLEY: 11.13 Fionns Dream (6-1- 2) 11.28 Milbank Patrick (2-6-4) 11.43 Shyforty (4-6-3) 11.58 Ross Magic (Nap) (6-5-3) 12.13 Kelseys Girl (1-3-5) 12.28 Zero O Seven (6-5-3) 12.43 Mildenberger (5-4-2) 12.58 Collision Tracey (6-4-2) 1.13 Gerpats Tornado (1-4-3) 1.28 Beaming Jewel (2-5-6) 1.44 Rage Marco (6-2-4) 1.59 Financial Burden (5-6-1) SUNDERLAND: 2.04 Spangenberg (5- 4-6) 2.19 Noirs Sam (4-3-1) 2.36 Mill Caz (Nap) (3-6-2) 2.54 Tinas Carol (3-2-1) 3.09 Market Vision (1-2-5) 3.26 Killeacle Lola (5-4-2) 3.44 Light A Candle (3-4-6) 4.04 Saleen Finn (3-6-5) 4.23 Market Backstop (6-4-1) 4.43 Barbaras Beauty (4-6-5) 5.03 Moanteen Angel (6-1-2) 5.22 Slippy Breda (6-1-4) (Top in-form jockey with just one booked ride) Tom O’Brien: EBONy gALE (Fontwell 4.10). SINGLE-SHOT STAR SpotForm GoInGS heavy - H; Soft - S; Good to soft - GS; Good - G; Good to firm - GF; Firm - FM; hard - HD; Yielding - Y; Yielding to soft - YS. a-w: Standard - ST; Slow - SL; Standard to fast - SF, Standard to slow– SS In Form Michael Appleby In Form Michael Appleby northerner’S nap CAPTAIN VALLO (3.20 Redcar) topSpot MY LITTLE TIP (1.50 Yarmouth) newmarKet’S beSt FARHH TO SHY (2.55 Yarmouth) SpeedhorSe MEHMO (4.00 Yarmouth) todaY’S Fab 4 tIpS No bet today PRO-BET ■Trainer ed Bethell reports Fearby in fine shape for the Dubai Duty Free Mill reef Stakes at newbury. a Listed winner at Sandown earlier in the season, Fearby has subsequently finished second in the Molecomb and fourth in the Gimcrack. “after the Gimcrack, this looked the next logical target really,” said Bethell. “We could have gone to France but we thought we’d stick around in england. “it’s going to be a competitive race, as you’d imagine for a Group Two. But he’s going there in good form after a little freshen-up after York, and i’m really looking forward to it.”

40 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 sPorting launch David Gillick, Kenneth Egan and Eimear Lambe gillick: we’re on track for la olympics By Paul Keane DaviD Gillick has urged ireland’s young track and field Olympians to view the Tokyo Games as a springboard to future success, potentially at los angeles 2028. Team ireland returned from Japan with four medals, including two golds, all of which were won in boxing and rowing and Gillick, who competed over 400m in Beijing in 2008, said the chances are there will be no medals in Paris in three years either. But the former European indoor champion believes time is on the side of many young athletes and he encouraged them to look to the long-term. Speaking at the launch of the European Week of Sport, Gillick said Tokyo was a ‘reality check’ but believes the future can still be bright. He said: “We do have a lot of talent in the country, all you have to do is look at the medals we won at juniors and U-20s. There’s something there, there’s definitely something happening which is great. So how do we get up to the next level? Because that’s our Paris ‘24, that’s our la ‘28 and Brisbane, the next three Olympics. How do we make sure that we have a •EuropEan Week of Sport is a week-long celebration of sport which promotes physical activity in people of all ages, backgrounds, or fitness levels. Sport Ireland is calling on you and your family to get out and #Beactive between 23rd–30th of September. For more information and to find an event near you see www. sportireland. ie/ europeanweekofsport robust system that enables the athletes and the coaches to develop as well?” Gillick reckons even greater support for athletes and coaches would help – though said there’ll be no quick fixes. asked if track or field medals in three years in Paris are likely, he shook his head. Gillick said: “Medals? No. i don’t think we’re talking medals. That’s not being negative or defeatist, it’s just a reality of where we’re at. Probably the majority of athletes that did qualify for Tokyo, they qualified on quota places, so they’re not hitting the qualification standards. “if you’re not hitting that, the realistic shot of getting a medal is very low. in terms of medals, we’re probably a little bit off that right now. What i would be looking for is athletes to go to Paris and to perform, be it PBs, season bests, national records and hopefully make a final. “it’s great we had a bit of youth in Tokyo because that does suggest if we blood them now, we get them to Paris and hopefully maybe come la, we might have a conversation that could be a lot different around medals.” Gillick thinks a greater emphasis on technical, field events could yield potential medals in the future too. He explained: “The technical events are something we could really focus on. The Swedes did it back in the ‘90s and the noughties, they really targeted the more technical events as opposed to say the endurance or the speed based events where you’re always up against the africans and the caribbean and american athletes. “The other thing is to realise what progress is, what a semi-finalist, a top-10, or a top-16 athlete actually means. Because top-16 in the world is very impressive. Make a final and you’re in the top-8. Tom Barr was ninth overall, Brendan Boyce was 10th. andrew coscoran went in at 41st and came out at, i think, 21st, so that’s huge in terms of rankings and improvements. all that is very, very positive.” tennis emma secret uptown goal Raducanu admits that a Wimbledon wobble was key to New York glory By simon cass Teen sensation emma Raducanu has admitted she would not have sealed her stunning US Open victory had it not been for her Wimbledon wobble. Raducanu took New York by storm, becoming the first qualifier in history to claim a Grand Slam crown with victory over fellow teen Leylah Fernandez. And the 18-year-old, who yesterday rose to No.23 in the WTA rankings having been 150 a fortnight ago, said her new-found mental strength was key to her victory. Raducanu’s run to glory came little more than two months after she had to retire from her fourth-round match at Wimbledon against Ajla Tomljanovic due to breathing united rugby championship difficulties (above). And the new British No.1 admitted: “I needed to go through all of that to win a slam. “To win a Grand Slam you need a lot of mental strength. “But physically I’ve still got a lot of work to do because I’m still new to the game and haven’t had time to develop. “Having played on the tour for the last four or five weeks, I think I’ve increased my endurance with each match and tournament I’ve played. “With each match, each tournament, I was building in confidence and each one gave me a free swing to go for my shots and be more aggressive. “I was playing against some extremely great opponents; the Olympic champion, top 20 players, and when you play those players you definitely need to raise your game. It’s almost like natural selection; if you don’t, you lose.” Former British No.1 Tim Henman believes Raducanu’s US Open win (top) has “changed the landscape” of British sport and world tennis. Henman reckons Raducanu, having become the first British woman to win a Major singles title (celebrating, above) since Virginia Wade at Wimbledon in 1977, will go on to win many more. “What’s been astonishing is how she’s taken it in her stride, at 18 years of age,” said Henman. “For British tennis, British sport and for world tennis it’s really changed the landscape in the last three weeks. She’s the real deal, and she’s going to win more of these events in the future.” djok: crowd made me feel very special By DaviD mccarthy NOVAK DJOKOVIC left Flushing Meadows without the calendar Grand Slam he’d coveted, but filled with joy at finally being accepted by the New York crowds. With history on the line in the US Open final, the level of support moved the World No.1 (above) to tears. And although he lost in straight sets to Russia’s Daniil Medvedev, Djokovic, 34, admitted winning over the crowd was massive compensation. He said: “This loss is tough to swallow. But I felt something I never felt in my life here in New York. “The crowd made me feel very special. The amount of support, energy, and love I got was something I’ll remember forever. “That’s the reason I just teared up. The emotion and the energy was as strong as winning 21 Grand Slams. That’s how I felt.” connacht boss can’t caol on blade By John Fallon NEW irish international caolin Blade looks set to miss connacht’s opening match of the United Rugby championship after picking up a leg injury. But another connacht player who received his first cap the same time as Blade against the USa during the summer, back row Paul Boyle, will be available for their opening game against cardiff after missing Friday’s clash with london irish. Boyle and skipper Jarrad Butler missed the 47-14 loss to london irish with suspected food poisoning. “We believe both got a dose of food poisoning,” said connacht coach andy Friend. “Both just had dodgy nights and weren’t in a position to play and then, of course, in the current pandemic if anyone has stomach, fever or anything like that you just got to rule them out straight away.” Friend is hopeful that 27-year-old scrum-half Blade, (inset) finally capped after a string of consistent seasons, will push on when he returns, with the second game at home to the Bulls the most likely target. “caolin is carrying an injury which will rule him out of the first game,” said Friend (above). The connacht coach confirmed Bundee aki is due back this week after the lions tour. “He’s got some catching up to do. He’s been out of the game for about five weeks so i’d suggest maybe round three or four we will be looking to get Bundee back.”

DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 41 GOLF harrinGtOn On tOuGh chOices By Phil CasEy EuropEan captain padraig Harrington insists his friendship with Shane Lowry made it harder for the former open champion to get on the ryder Cup team. Lowry held the last automatic place heading into the final qualifying event, but was knocked out of the team by Bernd Wiesberger’s performance in the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth. However, the 34-year-old was then given one of Harrington’s three wild cards for the upcoming contest at Whistling Straits, with Sergio Garcia and Ian Poulter getting the others as former world No.1 Justin Rose missed out. “Everybody said ‘You’re going to pick Shane, you’re going to pick Shane’, and if anything that pushed it away from me. I’m terrible like that,” Harrington said. “It actually made it harder for Shane to get in the team. “I had to keep checking with the vice-captains. You know, ‘I’m not biased here. This is right. Don’t let me be distracted here because Shane is my friend’. “It was with the support of the vice-captains I was able to give him the nod and I was thrilled with that. “There’s downsides to this job, having to tell the guys that weren’t getting the picks, but having to tell Shane that he got the pick was a big thrill of mine that he is a friend of mine and knowing that it was the right thing to do, it wasn’t me being unconsciously biased.” Lowry, who was with his father in the players’ lounge at Wentworth when Harrington called to give him the good news, is confident he can justify his captain’s faith. “I have a huge amount of selfbelief that I can go there and deliver points for Europe and that’s all that matters, really,” Lowry said. “Doesn’t matter whether you made the team number one o r t h e last man to have done it. “My dad was very anxious and it was just a lovely picture with the two of us we might share over the next few days. It’s incredible because he’s my number one fan and he’s been there through it all. “He was there in 2016 when I felt like I was close to the team and didn’t make it and he was there to pick me up off the bad times and it’s great to have him there to enjoy the good times, as well.” SHANE CAN’T COUNT ON ME Padraig: Friendship nearly cost him a place in the team POUlTEr PilEs PrEssUrE ON PiCKs By NEil MclEMaN Ian pouLTEr has teed off the ryder Cup mind games by claiming the six uS wildcards will be under twice the pressure next week. Europe skipper padraig Harrington insisted he had only wanted three picks – and has named veterans poulter (left) and Sergio Garcia along with Shane Lowry. uS captain Steve Stricker has got six wildcards in his team at Whistling Straits, including four rookies. and poulter, who has been picked for the fifth time, claimed: “Being asked to join a team definitely adds a little bit of extra pressure. and it’s not easy. “We’ve had three picks this year, and the uS team have got six picks. “From that aspect, three of our players are going to feel under pressure and six of their ENJOYING THE RYDE Harrington & Lowry are up for formidable US challenge players are going to feel under pressure, too. “It’s not easy. The player has to embrace it. “He has to be comfortable with that, and he has to go out and enjoy the week at the same time. “These ryder Cup pressures can be pretty intense.” WOMEN’S RUGBY GUTTED Ireland players at the final whistle in Italy The Spain barrier is too much Spain 8 Ireland 7 By DairE Walsh Ireland head coach adam Griggs admitted his side ‘didn’t turn up’ in their shock World Cup qualifier defeat to Spain in Parma last night. expected to begin this four-team tournament with a win – and thus put themselves in a strong position to reach next year’s finals in new Zealand – the concession of a 72nd-minute try leaves them in a precarious position. “I think we just didn’t turn up to play,” said Griggs. “We were probably outplayed in a lot of facets of the game by Spain. “you have to give credit to them.” Having rattled the post off an initial penalty, exeter Chiefs scrum-half Patricia Garcia edged Spain into the lead with her second shot at goal on seven minutes. Ireland were quick to respond, however, with Beibhinn Parsons bursting over the whitewash less than 60 seconds later for a converted score. This try came off a wellworked lineout on the rightwing, but Ireland suffered a series of set-piece malfunctions throughout the contest. Still, either side of the interval the 2014 World Cup semi-finalists were extremely close to extending their 7-3 advantage. Cliodhna Moloney and amee-leigh Murphy Crowe both looked set to bag a second Irish try, only for TMO andrea Piardi to rule out both efforts. While Ireland dominated possession in the thirdquarter, diligent Spanish defence continued to frustrate them. The 67th-minute sin-binning of debutant Sam Monaghan heaped pressure on the Irish try line, which was eventually breached by lea ducher off a quick penalty. enya Breen had a chance to steal it at the death for Ireland, but her final minute place-kick was short of the target.

42 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 Camogie GAA tyrone tAkinG stock onE For aLL Galway celebrate their win on Sunday SARAH: OUR TRIBE’S GOT 36 LEADERS By Daragh Ó ConChúir SArAH DervAn became the first Galwegian to lift the O’Duffy Cup twice after the Tribeswomen’s dramatic All-Ireland camogie final win over Cork. But the colossal fullback insists that sort of history was never a motivating force for her. In a county never short of individual talent, manager Cathal Murray has emphasised unity, a collective selflessness and workrate as the means to get over the line after a catalogue of near-misses. As a result, they tasted glory for the second time in three years following one of the most captivating All-Ireland finals camogie has ever produced. “There are 36 girls, we’re all leaders and we all went up those steps as one,” said Dervan, cutting off any attempt to speak about personal achievement. “It’s just been an unbelievable feeling and it just goes to show that if you work hard, dreams can come true so I’m just absolutely delighted.” Galway’s response to Katrina Mackey’s goal – which left them three points behind entering the final quarter – saw them outscore the rebels by 1-4 to a point, Siobhán McGrath finishing craftily for a 57th minute goal and her sister Orlaith driving over two brilliant points to seal the deal. “you can only control how you react,” added Dervan (inset). “years gone by, we reacted in the wrong way and this year we said that no matter what Cork throw at us, we’re going to react the way we wanted to and we drove and got the next point and put a little bit of belief back in us. “We dug really deep and every single one of those girls fought with their hearts, I’m just so delighted to be on the right side of it.” It was in contrast to what happened when Denise Gaule netted a penalty down the finishing stretch in last year’s decider. “That was a hard one to take because we were probably in the game until the 54th minute when the penalty changed it, we didn’t react the way we wanted to that day. “Our goal this year was to get back to an All-Ireland and when we did, we were going to fight for our lives and that’s what we did. We worked hard and we had the belief that if we worked hard, we’d win.” It was no surprise that she singled out the management team, headed by Murray, for special praise. “They have brought Galway camogie to elite level and the work they do behind the scenes, it’s testament to our management that we are on the right side of it two years out of three. “We always get treated exactly the way any county hurling team would and I think that’s huge. “He never let us down, he always fought for us. It’s an elite level now and I’m just so delighted to have such a massive backroom team that have huge experience and knowledge and it’s really because of them, that’s why we’re here.” I can look in mirror & say, ‘You can be proud of yourself here’, and that is a nice feeling MEYLER BASKING IN THE GLOW OF A DIFFICULT JOB WELL DONE meyls to travel Conor Meyler took the long road to success and is now determined to enjoy it in the wAke of A remArkAble seAson TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 43 By KArL o’KANe ‘SWEAT and courage – that’s all you have,’ says Conor Meyler. The two words were etched on Meyler’s wrists going into the All-Ireland final against Mayo. He lived them again, as he’s always done – it’s just that people are starting to pay more attention now. “I did a bit of work with a fella earlier in the year,” revealed Meyler. “Just being authentic and learning to be vulnerable. “Just a lot of work on myself and I realised you have to be fearless when you go out and play. “Obviously, yes, there is silverware but I’ve really enjoyed this season because I’ve learned to relax a wee bit going into games and accept fate. “Putting it in God’s hands nearly and whatever happens, happens.” What frequently happens is that Meyler is handed a man marking job on the opposition’s most dangerous deep-lying runner. But perhaps what he brought to it this year that made him stand out more was epitomised by the perfectly weighted diagonal ball for Cathal McShane’s goal at the weekend. His ball control is top drawer and he continually went forward with possession this year – showing an ability to slalom his way through bodies, stand a man up and beat him. Crucially, this opened up space for others. In previous years, Meyler might be so focused on stopping his direct opponent that he forgot to play himself. Doing both requires huge levels of energy, conviction and focus though, playing against some of the most potent threats in the country. But why wouldn’t he put them on the backfoot? See how they like it. “You’re up against some of the best players in the country,” says Meyler. “(I’m) just backing myself and having more emphasis on me trying to get on the ball more, which is really difficult to do when you’re trying to limit a man. “A man who is used to 30 or 40 possessions, the likes of Paudie Clifford, Paddy Durcan, Ryan McHugh, Ryan McAnespie. “You know it’s going to go a long way to winning a game and for me that’s always what it’s been about.” Last year’s Hurler of the Year, and an awesome athlete himself, Gearoid Hegarty tweeted during the final: “Conor Meyler is giving an absolute exhibition out there. “His athleticism, ball carrying, work rate on and off the ball is absolutely incredible to watch.” With the inter-county season over and a first All-Ireland senior medal in his back pocket, Meyler can surely relax now. “I don’t know,” he smiled. “I’ll probably go back training in a couple of days if I can shift this dead leg. I’ll try to take it all in a bit more. “Even in the build-up (to the All-Ireland final) I was smiling a bit more. “I was chatting to Petey Harte about it – I’d be really close to him – and I was just saying on the way in (to Croke Park) that it doesn’t get much better than this, so I’d try and enjoy it and smile. “There’s a poem, ‘The Man in the Glass,’ and being able to look at yourself in the glass after and say: ‘Have I been myself and have I done myself proud?’. “I can look in the mirror and say, ‘You can be proud of yourself here,’ and that’s a nice feeling. “I’m very hard on myself and I always expect more. You want more. “Paddy Durcan got away from me once. I lost him in the traffic FATHer’S DAyS AT croKe PArK iNSPireD Me To reAcH SUMMiT By KArL o’KANe AT times Conor Meyler wondered was it all worth it as he endured setback after setback. From playing on the club second team at Omagh St Enda’s, to missing out on the Tyrone minors and being sent down to play reserve football in the club. He absorbed the blows and moved on, a memory from the final whistle at the end of Tyrone’s 2005 and 2008 All-Ireland final triumphs spurring him on. That look on his father’s face. Sean (above, with his son) won an Ulster title with Tyrone in 1989, but didn’t get to experience what Conor did at the weekend, landing an All-Ireland senior title. Meyler said: “I vividly remember being at the All-Ireland finals in ‘05 and ‘08 with my da. “I ran onto the pitch with him and there was this elation. I didn’t really know what was going on. “But I remember thinking this is powerful, how this feels and seeing how happy it made my da, and ‘that’s what I want to achieve some day. I want to get there’.” Meyler says he focused on his own game this year, “playing without fear,” and “trying to get on the ball more”. It certainly worked for him after years of trying. He added: “I have had so many setbacks on my football journey that it would have been easy to throw in the towel. “You wonder sometimes are thinking and he got one point, so I’m hard on myself but I was able to accept that it happened. “I thought it was a good tussle. I was happy with my performance, I was really happy.” The Omagh St Enda’s man, who won a Sigerson Cup with St Mary’s, is now very much in Footballer of the Year territory. “I have been doing a lot of man marking out the field for years now and people probably didn’t notice. “For me it was always team first. Never, ever has it been about me, the individual, as long as Tyrone are winning games. “I mean even in 2018, I marked four or five of the top boys in the country and held them all scoreless. “Like, I broke my leg, came back and marked Brian Fenton in an All-Ireland final, first half. “This year I have learned to relax a bit and play with a wee bit more freedom and courage. “It’s something I would have written on my wrist before games – ‘sweat’ and ‘courage’. That’s all you have. Just go out and work as hard as you can.” you ever going to get there. “That five or 10 seconds after the whistle, I just dreamt of it for years. “Standing in the middle of Croke Park on a dry day looking around seeing the red and white. “Seeing my friends coming over and hugging you. “That’s a dream that I can now cherish.” For Meyler it’s about more than himself and the Tyrone team. “It’s kind of like I’ve given that opportunity to some young boys and girls to know how that feels, and hopefully they have dreams of doing the same one day. “To me, that’s powerful.” PLANS Brian Dooher & Feargal Logan We got into fifth Gear & kept rolling By FrANciS MooNey A teAm driven to the brink of despair was rebuilt and reinvigorated by a group of brilliant alchemists. tyrone’s new regime stood close to a precipice following a six-goal humiliation in the NFL Division One semi-final, but that meltdown in Kerry proved to be a turning point. Five men with strong opinions and astute football minds put the pieces back together and in doing so they created the platform for All-Ireland glory. Kieran mcGeary is a shoo-in for an All-Star, a strong contender for the Footballer of the year award. more importantly, he is an All-Ireland winner thanks to the work of Brian Dooher, Feargal Logan, Collie Holmes, Joe mcmahon and Peter Donnelly. mcGeary (inset) said: “We have had bad days at training, we have had bad days in challenge games, and we faced that all the time. “But our coaches have been exceptional. they continued to break it down, push boys’ strengths, push boys’ weaknesses, and the job they have done is unbelievable.” All five members of the management team experienced All-Ireland finals as players. Logan played at midfield on the team that lost the 1995 decider to Dublin while Dooher captained two winning sides in the noughties, a glorious period that also saw mcmahon, Holmes and Donnelly climb the steps of the Hogan as winners. “What the forefathers did in ’03, ’05, ’08 really set the standard,” added mcGeary. “We have the men who have done it, and when you watch those boys do it, you only have to speak to them for one or two minutes to know the path they’re pushing you on. “We have been pushing. It’s not to say that we have never been there. “We have been pushing under mickey Harte, we will continue now hopefully to push under Feargal and Brian. “It’s extremely hard to stop a bus that’s all going the one way. “We knew every single player and backroom team member were all pushing on the same journey and looking to get to the same pinnacle. It’s a hard one to stop.”

44 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 finn harps 1 bohemians 2 Rainey 80 omochere 32, Kelly (pen) 42, league of ireland finn park season starts now Midfielder Jason Knight The Knight mare ends for Jason BY michael scully JASON KNIghT is relieved to put some lonely days behind him after recovering from the ankle injury he suffered in a training ground tackle from Wayne Rooney. Derby County’s boss injured the Ireland midfielder in what was described as a 50-50 tackle in pre-season training at Pennyhill Park in the last week of July. Six weeks on, Knight made his season bow last Friday night when he came off the bench for the final 10 minutes of the Rams’ 2-0 defeat to Birmingham City in the Championship. It has felt like a long wait for the 20-year-old Dubliner, who played over 50 games between September of last year and June for club and country, including three of Ireland’s last training tackle Derby manager Wayne Rooney four internationals. “It’s been great to be back around the lads,” Knight told RamsTV. “It’s been a bit of a journey to come back but it’s good to be here now. “To have a longer sort of injury is something new for me. “Especially coming early in pre-season as well, you set goals and aspirations for the season ahead and it gets cut short a little bit but you have to put it behind you and move on. “It’s not great when you first suffer an injury but you get over it and get on with it. You just have to make sure you come back as ready as possible and that’s what I’m trying to do now. “It’s quite a lonely place being injured. You’re not really around the team or the staff as such but it’s something you’ve got to do if you want to get back out there as quick and healthy as possible.” making no excuses Centre-half Andy Boyle showing keller we neeD to get white Back on Form Sligo Rovers v Dundalk instinct Gritty Bohs end Harps unbeaten run Happy in SpotligHt Georgie Kelly scores his 42nd minute penalty (above) and takes the plaudits (extreme right) Tonight, 7.45pm BY michael scully ANDY BOYLE says struggling Dundalk just have to get on with the difficult task of turning their season around despite a long list of injuries. The Lilywhites travel to the Showgrounds tonight to face Sligo on the back of a five game run without a win in the League. Despite having games in hand, Vinny Perth’s team remains in the relegation play-off position after losing to Longford on Saturday. “It’s disappointing, we created a lot of chances but we just didn’t get the breaks,” said the experienced centre-back. “We knew it was going to be tough with the amount of bodies we are missing but we aren’t making excuses for it, we are just PreMier league Table p W D L f a pts Shamrock r 25 16 5 4 42 20 53 St patrick’s 27 15 5 7 46 32 50 Sligo rovers 25 12 6 7 30 18 42 Derry City 26 10 8 8 33 31 38 Bohemians 24 11 4 9 39 28 37 Drogheda 27 10 7 10 40 34 37 finn Harps 27 9 6 12 29 37 33 Waterford 27 9 2 16 24 46 29 Dundalk 25 7 7 11 28 36 28 Longford 27 2 8 17 19 48 14 getting on with it. We want to get back to winning ways. “It’s going to be a difficult game for us in Sligo, they are having a good season and had a good win against Pat’s. But hopefully we can turn it around.” Dundalk are still without Patrick McEleney, David McMillan, Brian Gartland, Wilfried Zahibo and Darragh Leahy through injury, while Han Jeongwoo and Daniel BY DiarmaiD Doherty Bohemians ended Finn harps’ seven match unbeaten run with a gutsy win in Ballybofey last night. Looking to bounce back from Friday’s defeat at Drogheda, Bohs started well and created a number of decent openings with Liam Burt going closest, striking the base of the post with a wonderful effort. When they eventually made the breakthrough on 32 minutes, the goal was not without controversy. Harps midfielder Will Seymore went down under a challenge in his own box but as the referee allowed play to continue, Bohs put the ball back in and during an almighty scramble, the ball was cleared off the line. The ball was quickly returned into the danger area by Keith Buckley and substitute Promise Omochere flicked the ball home amid strong appeals for offside from the Harps defenders. Just to rub salt into their wounds, Seymore was unable to continue after treatment and was replaced by Mark Coyle. Bohs struck again four minutes before the break when Ross Tierney was brought down in the box by Kosovar Sadiki and Donegal man Georgie Kelly converted from the spot. Harps had their chances in a lively first-half. Bohs keeper James Talbot twice came to his team’s rescue saving from Karl O’Sullivan and then, just before half-time, producing a brilliant reaction stop from Barry McNamee after an attempted clearance came back off the Harps midfielder. Ryan Rainey almost got Harps back into the game just before the hour when heading inches wide of the post. But the same player was celebrating on 79 when he pounced at the back post to head home a Dave Webster cross. The goal set up a grandstand finish as Harps pushed for an unlikely equaliser. With almost the last action of the night, Sadiki’s header was scrambled off the line as Bohs held out to seal a valuable win. Finn HaRpS: Doherty, Webster, Boyle, Sadiki, McEleney, Dunleavy (Owolabi 46), O’Sullivan, Seymour (Coyle 34), McNamee, Boyd (Foley 67), Rainey. BoHemianS: Talbot, Lyons, Breslin, Finnerty, Buckley, Cornwall, Coote (Omochere 20), Devoy, Tierney (Feely 85), Kelly, Burt. ReFeRee: Paul McLaughlin. Cleary are suspended. Sligo bounced back from their own recent slump with a big victory over St Pat’s in the battle of second and third last weekend and Shane Blaney (foot) is their only definite absentee. “It was important to get the win with our objective of qualifying for European football for next season,” said Bit O’Red boss Liam Buckley. TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 45 @StanCollymore STAn Collymore The man who always speaks his mind Ronaldo the mother of all signings CRISTIANO RONALDO’S goals will make Manchester United competitive. But it’s his presence and confidence that will give them the aura that will take them back to where they need to be and make them respected in the way they once were. Old Trafford has felt empty at times in the past few years, even with a 70,000-plus crowd. But on Saturday it sounded like it did when I played there for Liverpool on the day Eric Cantona (above) returned from his kung-fu-kick ban. Cantona was the man who started the revolution at United and Ronaldo will, at double speed, make them feared again. You can’t put a price on that. As a side note on Ronaldo, how good was it to see the emotions his mum, Dolores Aveiro, went through as she watched on from the stands? She has seen her son become a man at United, a legend in Madrid, and then win things in Turin – yet she was still crying with joy. She kicked every ball when she could have just come out from an executive box a few minutes before the end to shake a few hands and show her face. It was incredible after everything he has achieved and it is the reason none of us should be at all surprised that he’s the player he is. PASCAL STRUIJK (below) shouldn’t have been sent off for the tackle that led to Harvey Elliott’s horror injury — in fact, it wasn’t even a foul. The referee, Craig Pawson, basically reacted to the severity of the injury and not the challenge. And all of us — refs, fans, players and the media — are going to have to accept there will be more injuries if we are going to have a game that resembles the one we love rather than the non-contact bore-fest of the last few seasons. FIFA should rank importance of international fixtures... or risk more club v country farces WHILE Aston Villa were getting done 3-0 by Chelsea on Saturday, two of their top players — Emi Martinez and Emi Buendia — were training in Croatia in Argentina kits following the red-list farce of their country’s game in Brazil. The common consensus among supporters is that Martinez and Buendia love playing for Argentina, are Copa America champions, and are fighting for a place to play with Lionel Messi at the last World Cup before he retires. On each of those points, I’m with the players entirely. The fact of the matter is, though, they are primarily employed, on rather lucrative contracts, to play week in, week out by Aston Villa, not the Argentine association. S o w h e n circumstances are as extraordi-- nary as they have been, FIFA s h o u l d b e yielding to global governments and exercising flexibility and understanding, so international teams rather than individual clubs lose out. Let’s say Villa get relegated in May because they have lost one more game than their nearest rivals. I’m not saying the outcome against Chelsea would have been different if they’d had those players involved but, likewise, we’ll never know if Villa might have won a point or three. As a result, clubs will be entitled to feel once bitten, twice shy when the situation rears its head again in three weeks’ time during the next international break. T h a t leaves them w i t h t w o options. They can tell their players not to go and risk FIFA censure, or lean on them to come up with some sort of tactical injury that rules them out, as some clubs used to do with regularity. I never did like the latter and I don’t want to hear of it now, but in such extraordinary circumstances, I’d understand it if they did. Players need reminding where their bread is buttered, but that’s not to say I don’t have some sympathy with Martinez (left) and Buendia. The problem for players – and especially those who play a long way from home – is that even in this day and age of technology and travel, they can feel that out of KILLER FOR VILLA Aston Villa star Buendia was with Argentina and unable to help out as his club side came a cropper at Stamford Bridge sight is out of mind, so there’s a pressure on them to attend. I’d love, therefore, to see FIFA categorise international fixtures in four ways. Two of which would see international football prioritised over club football and two of which would be vice-versa. These would be… Category A – Major tournament qualifiers and finals. Category B – Friendly games/camps immediately leading up to tournaments. Category C – Long-haul friendlies that are just to get an overview of a squad/make money. Category D – Games played in extraordinary circumstances where there has been an act of God, terrorism, a lockdown etc, whereby it’s simple for FIFA to say, ‘Pick players who are in your country or who you can get in and out on the green list’. Club managers could plan accordingly, players couldn’t be pressured by club or coun- try to make a decision, and international football would retain for the most part a priority status, which is exactly how it should be. Otherwise, we’ll just be heading for more farce (Brazil v Argentina, left) and no one benefits from the sort of situation Martinez, Buendia, their clubs and countries have just found themselves in. No way through Forest I SENT a WhatsApp to a confidante of the owner of my old club Nottingham Forest last week — it was read but there was no reply. Which pretty much sums up why the club is in such a mess and has been for 20 years. If they’d embraced some of the names they have had over the years then the Forest way could have been maintained, consistency would have been guaranteed and Premier League status earned again. Instead, it looks like another bunch of amateurs with zero respect for the club’s traditions are in charge with their fingers in their ears and a scrap to stay in the Championship guaranteed. And the notion of John Terry (above) managing the club after the still-to-be-dealt-withproperly Anton Ferdinand situation — which needs an apology — is almost as bad as the thought of relegation. Collywobbler I HOPE the Manchester City saga hasn’t left Harry Kane feeling maudlin. With Cristiano Ronaldo, Mo Salah and Romelu Lukaku clocking up the goals, I want to see Kane prove beyond doubt he can outgun the best striking pool English football has seen for a decade. Yes, he has won Golden Boots, but going up against Ronaldo needs a fully switched-on Kane (above). Against Crystal Palace, he didn’t have an attempt on goal for the first time in his career and that should worry him and Spurs.

46 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 resuLts & fixtures everton 3 burnley 1 Keane 60, townsend 65, Gray 66 Mee 53 RAFA’S TALK OF THE NOW Premier League EvErton (0) .......... 3 BurnlEy (0) ........ 1 Keane 60 Mee 53 Townsend 65 Gray 66 CRICKET (at close) LV= County Championship DiVision one—hampshire v nottinghamshire (The Ageas Bowl): Hampshire 226 (82.2 overs; N R T Gubbins 54). and 133-7 (49.0 overs; J M Vince 52) Nottinghamshire 155 (52.1 overs; B T Slater 55, L A Patterson-White 53; K H D Barker 7-46). Lancashire v somerset (Taunton): Lancashire 373 (99.3 overs; L W P Wells 103, S J Croft 71, T E Bailey 63, J J Bohannon 50; J A Brooks 4-77). Somerset 90 (38.2 overs; J M Blatherwick 4-28) and 226-4 (49.0 overs; T A Lammonby 100, Azhar Ali 50). Warwickshire v yorkshire (Emerald Headingley): Warwickshire 155 (42.4 overs; M G K Burgess 66; S A Patterson 4-34, B O Coad 4-48) and 176 (61.4 overs; J A Thompson 5-52). Yorkshire 108 (38.4 overs; G S Ballance 58) and 50-3 (26.0 overs). DiVision tWo—Glamorgan v Gloucestershire (Sophia Gardens): Glamorgan 309 (107.3 overs; E J Byrom 78, D L Lloyd 73, H D Rutherford 62). Gloucestershire 224-4 (70.0 overs; C D J Dent 75, G L van Buuren 65no). northamptonshire v Durham (Northampton): Northamptonshire 183 (55.3 overs; L Procter 76; M J Potts 4-42). and 10-0 (4.0 overs) Durham 400 (130.0 overs; M J Potts 81, L Trevaskis 77no, S G Borthwick 73; B W Sanderson 4-41). essex v surrey (The Kia Oval): Essex 439 (143.1 overs; A N A N Cook 165, D W Lawrence 78). Surrey 107-7 (46.0 overs; H M Amla 58no). DiVision three—Kent v Derbyshire (Derby): Kent 285 (91.5 overs; J A Leaning 82no, D J Bell-Drummond 69, Z Crawley 53; B Aitchison 4-83). and 147-1 (41.0 overs; Z Crawley 68, J M Cox 58no) Derbyshire 156 (43.3 overs; G Stewart 5-23). sussex v Leicestershire (Grace Road): Sussex 359 (107.4 overs; B C Brown 133no, T J Haines 71; C J C Wright 6-94). Leicestershire 291-2 (72.0 overs; Mohammed Azad 122no, L J Hill 109no). middlesex v Worcestershire (Lord’s): Middlesex 144 (51.0 overs; M D E Holden 52; E Barnard 4-43). and 233-6 (83.0 overs; J A Simpson 59no) Worcestershire 171 (43.4 overs; J Baker 61no; T J Murtagh 5-64). TEnnIs Wta sLoVenia open (Portoroz)— singles 1st rnd: (4) S Cirstea (Rom) bt H Watson (Gbr) 6-1 6-3. today’s diary (7.45pm unless stated) UEFA Champions League Group E Barcelona v Bayern Munich (8pm) ........... (Live on BT Sport 3) Dynamo Kiev v Benfica (8pm) ................. (Live on BT Sport Extra) Group F Villarreal v Atalanta (8pm) ....................... (Live on BT Sport Extra) Young Boys v Man Utd (5.45) .................. (Live on BT Sport 2) Group G Lille v Wolfsburg (8pm) ............................ (Live on BT Sport Extra) Sevilla v Red Bull Salzburg (5.45) ........... (Live on BT Sport 1) Group H Chelsea v Zenit St Petersburg (8pm) ........ (Live on BT Sport 2) Malmo v Juventus (8pm) ......................... (Live on BT Sport ESPN) Sky Bet Championship AFC Bournemouth v QPR ......................... (Live on Sky Sports Main Event) Blackburn v Hull ...................................... (Live on Sky Sports Arena) Blackpool v Huddersfield ......................... Reading v Peterborough (8pm) ................ Sheffield Utd v Preston North End ............ West Brom v Derby (8pm) ........................ sky Bet League one: Lincoln City v Rotherham. sky Bet League two: Newport Co v Northampton, Sutton Utd v Hartlepool. Vanarama national Lge: Boreham Wood v FC Halifax, Chesterfield v Barnet, Dagenham & Redbridge v Weymouth, Eastleigh v Dover, Grimsby v Wrexham, Maidenhead Utd v Stockport Co, Notts County v Wealdstone, Solihull Moors v Torquay, Southend v Aldershot. Vanarama national League north: Brackley v Darlington. spFL trust trophy 2nd rd south: Rangers U21’s v Ayr (7.30). cinch scottish League one: Airdrieonians v Alloa. papa John’s trophy northern Group a : Morecambe v Everton U21’s (7pm). Group B: Tranmere v Leeds U21’s (7pm). southern Group a : Ipswich v West Ham U21’s. Group D: Walsall v Brighton U21’s (7pm). Group G: Leyton Orient v Southampton U21’s (7pm). CRICKET County Ch’ship (day 3 of 4, 10:30am). 3rd t20 international: Sri Lanka v South Africa (Colombo, 2.30pm). 5th youth oDi: England U19 v West Indies U19 (Canterbury, 10.30am). New boy Andros’ screamer helps lift Toffees into the top four By dAvId ANdeRSoN @MirrorAnderson A fter some fans vehemently opposed his appointment, most everton supporters are probably very happy rafa Benitez is in charge. Benitez masterminded another second-half comeback at Goodison Park to move the Toffees into the top four, level with the Premier League’s early pacesetters. The hosts exploded into life on the hour mark and made short work of Burnley with three goals in a devastating six-minute burst. Benitez’s two summer signings, Andros Townsend and Demarai Gray, did the damage and each chipped in with a goal. Townsend’s effort to put Everton 2-1 up was a screamer, while he also assisted for Michael Keane’s equaliser. Gray bagged the third with his third goal for Everton and he looks like the bargain of the summer at just £1.7million. The Toffees were without Dominic Calvert-Lewin – the striker missed the last England squad with a thigh injury and has also had a toe problem. Benitez (below) says he could be out for up to three weeks, and responded by switching to a 3-4-3 formation with Richarlison deployed through the middle. Everton struggled to adapt to their new system and Burnley, who know Sean Dyche’s tried and trusted 4-4-2 formation inside out, took advantage to initially pose the greater threat. Chris Wood had a shot deflected over for a corner and keeper Jordan Pickford saved Dwight McNeil’s deflected effort. Wood t h e n DMEEIR TOWN 3-1 hooked the ball back for Ashley Barnes to tee-up Josh Brownhill, whose shot was saved by Pickford. The home fans grew restless – this was not what they expected. Their mood improved when Townsend cut in from the right to find Abdoulaye Doucoure, who made a great run into the box, and Nick Pope made a fine save to keep out his shot. There was some bad blood when Richarlison left Ben Mee needing treatment to his face following a challenge, and James Tarkowski exacted revenge when he took out the Brazilian on the far 2-1 touchline. Referee Martin Atkinson took no action against Tarkowski and Everton became more incensed when he booked Townsend for an innocuous challenge on Charlie Taylor. Benitez felt Taylor dived and his sense of injustice increased when Burnley scored from the set-piece in the 53rd minute. Everton only half-cleared McNeil’s free-kick and Johann Gudmundsson swung the ball back in for Mee to head home from six yards. The Toffees were finally stung into action and seven minutes later they worked the ball well out to Townsend on the right. He cut inside on to his left foot and crossed for the unmarked Keane to head home against his former club. The hosts’ second in the 65th minute was a stunner. Doucoure fed Townsend, who slalomed inside Taylor, before hitting home an unstoppable effort from nearly 30 yards. The Clarets were all over the place and Everton scored a third a minute later when Doucoure found Gray in the middle with a superb pass and he slotted home past Pope. premier league goodison park RATINGS by DAVID ANDERSON everton pickford .............................................6 mina ...................................................6 godfrey .............................................6 Keane ................................................7 Coleman ............................................6 Doucoure...........................................8 allan ..................................................6 Digne .................................................6 Townsend Booked ............................9 richarlison ........................................6 gray ...................................................7 SUBS gomes (godfrey 61) ..........................6 rondon (richarlison 81) iwobi (gray 87) eveRToN buRNLey 51% poSSeSSIoN 49% 6 ShoTS oN TARGeT 6 4 ShoTS off TARGeT 3 399 ToTAL pASSeS 371 4 coRNeRS 6 2 offSIde 2 3 fouLS 6 0 1 cARdS 1 0 referee: Martin atkinson burnley pope ..................................................7 lowton ..............................................6 Tarkowski ..........................................6 mee....................................................7 Taylor.................................................6 gudmundsson ...................................6 Brownhill Booked .............................6 Westwood ..........................................6 mcNeil ...............................................6 Barnes ...............................................6 Wood..................................................7 SUBS lennon (gudmundsson 76) ...............6 Vydra (Barnes 77) rodriguez (Wood 86) MAn oF tHe MAtCH AnDroS toWnSenD Scored a stunner and made an assist PreMIer leAGue tAble p W D l f a pts man utd 4 3 1 0 11 3 10 Chelsea 4 3 1 0 9 1 10 liverpool 4 3 1 0 9 1 10 everton 4 3 1 0 10 4 10 man City 4 3 0 1 11 1 9 Brighton 4 3 0 1 5 3 9 Tottenham 4 3 0 1 3 3 9 West Ham 4 2 2 0 10 5 8 leicester 4 2 0 2 4 6 6 Brentford 4 1 2 1 3 2 5 Crystal palace 4 1 2 1 5 5 5 aston Villa 4 1 1 2 5 7 4 Wolves 4 1 0 3 2 3 3 Southampton 4 0 3 1 4 6 3 Watford 4 1 0 3 3 7 3 arsenal 4 1 0 3 1 9 3 leeds 4 0 2 2 4 11 2 Burnley 4 0 1 3 3 8 1 Newcastle 4 0 1 3 5 12 1 Norwich 4 0 0 4 1 11 0 neXt tHree GAMeS... everton Saturday aston Villa (away) Sep 21 Qpr (away)...........efl Cup Sep 25 Norwich (home) Burnley Saturday arsenal (home) Sep 21 rochdale (home)..efl Cup Sep 25 leicester (away) TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 47 liverpool NO HARV FEELINGS Kop crock Elliott says his horror injury was not the fault of Leeds star Struijk By Chris Mckenna HARVEy ELLIoTT has defended Leeds United star Pascal Struijk over the tackle which left him with a serious ankle injury. And the young Liverpool midfielder has vowed to come back even stronger. Elliott is set for surgery after dislocating his ankle in Liverpool’s 3-0 win at Elland Road. The 18-year-old suffered the injury in a challenge from Leeds defender Struijk (right), who was sent off and has apologised. The Liverpool midfielder responded to the socialmedia apology by saying: “Wasn’t his fault whatsoever! Neither was it a red card, just a freak accident, but these things happen. I’ll be back stronger 100 percent. Thanks for all the support.” Elliott had earlier said: “I’m Blackburn v Hull City, 7.45pm of course absolutely devastated about what happened yesterday at Leeds, but have been totally overwhelmed by the love and support shown to me by the entire football world following the injury. “Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out or sent messages to me and my family, it means so much to us. Also a massive thanks to everyone inside Elland Road for the recep- BLACKBURN boss Tony Mowbray has praised his full-backs Harry Pickering and Ryan Nyambe ahead of tonight’s clash with Hull. Pickering (right) and Nyambe have been devastating going forward and Mowbray said: “That’s the way we ask them to play. Full-backs have to be able to defend but also add a few goals over a season as well.” tion you gave me immediately after it happened.” Elliott was given lengthy treatment on the pitch, with his team-mates clearly uncomfort-able at the sight of the injury in the 59th minute of the Elland Road showdown. He was whisked to Leeds General Infirmary, where he gave his shirt and one of his boots to a young Blackpool v Huddersfield, 7.45pm HUDDERSFIELD boss Carlos Corberan claims there is nothing he can teach Mipo Odubeko about finishing – because he is already so good. The on-loan West Ham striker made his Terriers debut off the bench in patient at the hospital. The former Fulham teen will have surgery this week before the severity of the injury is really Saturday’s defeat at Stoke and Corberan says the Irish teenager has great potential. “He’s a very young player and needs to develop, but he has finishing skills you can’t teach,” Corberan said. established. It is a cruel blow for Elliott, who had burst into the Kop first team this season after a loan spell at Blackburn last term. The young midfielder had earned rave reviews for his Bielsa: iT’s all My faulT MARCELO BIELSA blames himself for Leeds’ poor start to the season. Defeat to Liverpool means they have just two points and shipped 11 goals, but boss Bielsa (right) refuses to point the finger at his players. He said: “What I am unsatisfied with is my own performance. Against Manchester United and Liverpool, we were too far away from them to be able to compete. “Against Liverpool we lost by three goals, against Manchester United by four (in a 5-1 loss), and both of the results were fair. “I obviously cannot be satisfied with the way I have managed these games.” Reading v Peterborough, 8pm SUffeRing nigHtmaRe Mo Salah tries to comfort Elliott before the star was carried off on a stretcher performances against Burnley and Chelsea before the international break. But now he faces a lengthy spell on the sidelines. He said: “I am now fully focused on my recovery and will give everything in my rehabilitation to be back out there as soon as I can. “I know I have an incredible support network behind me at Liverpool and together we will get through this. “To all of the Liverpool fans, your support means the world to me. I’m one of you and I can’t wait to be back faster, fitter and stronger to help the team in the future.” Elliott made his first-team debut for Fulham in 2018 when he was just 15. He made his Liverpool debut, in a League Cup match against MK Dons, at just 16 years and 174 days. READING goal hero John Swift has demanded his side sort it out at the back. The midfielder (below) has six goals this term, including a hat-trick against QPR. But the Royals have also leaked 16 goals, and Swift said: “It’s up to us all to work hard and try to keep a clean sheet. We’re going to need one soon to give everyone confidence defensively.” slavisa has ad it coming Sheffield Utd v Preston, 7.45pm By DaviD anDerson SHEFFIELD UNITED boss Slavisa Jokanovic has backed new signing Adlene Guedioura to make a big impact with the Blades. The 35-year-old, who worked with Jokanovic at Al-Gharafa in Qatar, has signed a one-year deal at Bramall Lane and could make his debut against Preston tonight. Jokanovic said of the Algerian international midfielder (above), previously at Wolves, Crystal Palace and Watford: “Adlene is someone I know really well. He’s completed three weeks of training with us and I believe he can bring something positive to the team. “I’ve worked with him before. He knows many players here, having played against them, and he knows the competition. He will be an important man in the dressing room.” Roo: we’ll have to Battle it oUt West Bromwich v Derby Co, 8pm By Dave arMiTaGe WAyNE RooNEy has told his struggling Derby players they will need to fight for their lives at leaders West Brom tonight. The Rams boss says West Brom’s impressive unbeaten run has not come about through a pretty style. Rooney (right) warns his men to prepare for a scrap against a side unbeaten in six games and trying to make it five wins from seven. Derby have managed just one victory, with defeat at Birmingham on Friday making it three games without a win. Rooney said: “It will be combative with the way West Brom play. It is very much in your face, long balls, and it will be a physical game. We have to be ready.” we’ve scott a lowdown Bournemouth v QPR, 7.45pm By ian Baker QPR captain Stefan Johansen insists tonight’s trip to Bournemouth will hold no surprises. The Norwegian midfielder (above) played alongside and under current Bournemouth chief Scott Parker while at Fulham and knows how his old pal likes to play. The 30-year-old said: “I know Scotty very well so we know what to expect and will prepare well. We need to be ready. This is a tough league, you can be in first place and lose to the team who are bottom.” Fourth-placed QPR are unbeaten and full of confidence ahead of the trip to the south coast tonight. And Johansen added: “It is enjoyable to play for the club at the moment. A successful team needs to have a squad that contributes and we’ve had that lately.”

48 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 SEPT 14 1956: Ray Wilkins was born. The midfielder represented Chelsea, Manchester United, QPR among others and won 84 England caps in a stellar playing career before moving into coaching. He died in 2018 after a cardiac arrest. 1963: George Best (below) made his debut for Manchester United in a 1-0 win over West Brom at Old Trafford. 2010: Former Harlequins physiotherapist Steph Brennan was struck off by the Health Professions Council’s conduct and competence committee following his role in the Bloodgate scandal. He successfully appealed in January 2011 and was reinstated. 2015: Former Yorkshire and England captain Brian Close died at the age of 84. 2016: Leicester won their first ever Champions League game 3-0 against Bruges, with Riyad Mahrez scoring twice after Marc Albrighton’s opener. 2018: Dan Evans put a painful 18 months behind him by making a spectacular return to Davis Cup action, beating Uzbekistan’s Denis Istomin in a five-set thriller in Glasgow. Back page: 1979 GEOFF HURST was looking to secure the manager’s job at Chelsea after being given a ‘caretaker’ role following the departure of Danny Blanchflower. He did get the job and appointed Bobby Gould as his assistant. But the England legend was sacked in 1981. BIrTHDaYs PaUl allOTT (65) – former England bowler, now Lancashire director of cricket. KEPlER WESSElS (64) – former opening batsman who played 24 Tests for Australia and then captained South Africa in the post- Apartheid era. TOny FinaU (32) – American golfer in the Ryder Cup team this month. quIck quIz 1. Who scored the first goal of the new Premier League season? 2. How many grand slam tournaments has Naomi Osaka won? 3. Which football club used to play their home games at Filbert Street? 4. Name the two NHL sides based in New York City? answers on this day 1. Sergi Canos; 2. Four; 3. Leicester; 4. Rangers and Islanders champions league is back we’ll make Ole: I have a squad of special ones... we intend to go all the way and finally have the quality and experience to do it FROM david mcdonnell in Bern @DiscoMirror HE replaced the Special One at Manchester United. Now Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is convinced he has the special ones to enable United to conquer Europe once again. The Red Devils begin their Champions League quest away to Swiss champions Young Boys tonight (Jesse Lingard and Jadon Sancho on the plane, right), with Solskjaer believing he has a group of players capable of going all the way. With a squad that has matured and the addition of serial Champions League winners in returning hero Cristiano Ronaldo (in training, right) and Raphael Varane, Solskjaer knows there can be no excuses for underperforming in Europe this season. United failed to make it out of the group stage last term, then suffered a shock penalty shootout defeat by Villarreal in the Europa League final, but Solskjaer believes those experiences have made his players better equipped to tackle Europe this time around. “The aim when we go into this tournament now is to go all the way,” he said. “It’s going to be difficult, it always is. But we’ve added experience, quality and youth, and are better prepared this year for what’s to come. We’ve definitely learnt, the group is special, as a unit. They look after each other. “The atmosphere is really good and that’s going to stand us in good stead, definitely. “We’ve had enough disappointments, that’s for sure. We’ve had some big moments too, but this team has grown and matured over the last few seasons. “That was always the plan. With players like David de Gea and Harry Maguire, whose had a couple of years, we’re getting the spine of the team. You can see the experience and quality that Cristiano and Raphael add. It’s something extra we have to buy, unless you win it four times yourself, like they did.” Ronaldo may be the name on everyone’s lips after his stunning goal homecoming in twojaer (below) hopes his return can help Saturday’s 4-1 win over Newcastle, but Solsk- persuade Paul Pogba – out of contract next summer – to sign a long-term deal with United. Three years ago, Pogba captained United in this fixture against Young Boys and scored twice in a 3-0 win, before a fall-out with former boss and self-titled Special One J o s e Mourinho saw him lose his way. The hope is the return of Ronaldo and the development of the team can show the France World Cup winner his career is best served by signing a new deal. Asked about Ronaldo helping persuade players like Pogba – who has seven assists from four games this season – to stay, Solskjaer said: “Well, it’s up to us now to get results and to prove to ourselves we can win trophies. “Everyone who signs for Manchester United wants to win trophies and to be a part of a winning team. It’s the most magical feeling in the world. “Paul’s come back in good shape, he worked really hard over the summer and came back lean and fit. “Paul’s always been a top passer, one of the best in European football, and he’s probably got assists from what aren’t his best passes this season, so I don’t really count assists.” TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 49 young boys v manchester united champions league group f, berne, 5.45pm swiss roll PROBABlE linE-uPs YOunG BOYs: Von Balmoos, Hefti, Lauper, Zesiger, Garcia, Moumi- Ngamaleu, Pereira, Aebischer, Fassnacht, Elia, Siebatcheu MAn unitEd: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Lindelof, Shaw, Pogba, Fred, Lingard, Fernandes, Greenwood; Ronaldo REF: Francois Letexier (France) nEXt uP FOR unitEd in GROuP F Wednesday September 29 Man united v Villarreal Wednesday October 20 Man united v Atalanta Tuesday November 2 Atalanta v Man united Tuesday November 23 Villarreal v Man united (5.45pm) Wednesday December 8 Man united v Young Boys De Gea in fight to be No.1 By DAVID McDoNNELL DAVID DE GEA has warned Dean Henderson he faces a fight to dislodge him as Manchester United’s No.1 goalkeeper. Henderson usurped De Gea (both, right) as Ole Gunnar Solskajer’s firstchoice keeper in the Premier League last season, after the Spaniard spent a decade as Old Trafford’s No.1. But Henderson’s enforced absence after returning a positive Covid test opened the door for De Gea, who has started the season impressively, to reclaim his former position. But with Henderson on his way back, De Gea, 30, warned the young pretender he will fight to keep his place – just like the rest of United’s players. “I played here with many great keepers over my career in Manchester,” said De Gea. “People like Sergio Romero, Victor Valdes, Anders Lindegaard, great keepers at the club. “So it’s not fighting between keepers, it’s fighting between players, we’re all fighting for our position. That’s Manchester United, you try to fight for your position. That’s football, that’s Manchester United.” “I feel very well, I feel confident. I feel very happy at the club, with my team-mates, manager, staff, everyone. I keep training 100 per cent every day and I show my focus for the young lads to try to help them.” The fooTball desserT XI (4-3-3) Fabien Tarthez Jammy Carragher John Terry-misu Raphael Meringue Trevor Cherry pie Paul Profiterscholes Fred and butter pudding Memphis De-apple-pie George sundae Best Pud van Nisterlrooy Lionel Eton Messi SubS Des-sert Walker Declan rice pudding Brian Eclair Gennaro Gateau-so Flap Jack Grealish Mo fruit Salah-d CoaCh Spotted Dick Advocaat FROM BACK PAGE game. Old Trafford keeper Lee Grant underlined the example set by United’s summer signing. “To give you one instance of the impact he’s having on the group, this was Friday night in the hotel,” said Grant (above). “You finish your dinner and usually you’ve got some cheat stuff out. You’ve got some apple crumble and custard or you’ve got a bit of brownie and cream. “I tell you now, not one player touched the apple crumble and custard, not one player went up for that brownie. “One of the lads said to me: ‘What’s Cristiano got on his plate?’ We were having a little goosey gander at what he’s got and obviously it’s the cleanest, most healthy plate you can imagine. “It just cracked me up, how not one single player dared get up and have the junk food that was laid out. I’ll tell you one of his United are in no mood to crumble plates – he had several. One of them was quinoa, avocado and a couple of boiled eggs.” United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer laughed off Grant’s health-nut story but said Ronaldo’s discipline and dedication was an example to the rest of the squad. “That was obviously a joke by Granty, in a setting with some mates and ex-players,” said Solskjaer, who watched former Real Madrid star Ronaldo score twice on his emotional United return in the 4-1 win over Newcastle at Od Trafford. “It’s not like we’re lined up with junk food and Cristiano changed it. “He’s proven over the years how to look after yourself, how to prolong your career, “When you retire, it’s the best time of your life, but I’d say stay in the game as long as you can, have a good attitude, and then let yourself go as I’ve done now!” BEING A DEVIL United players’ dinner requests during a pre-season stay in Scotland before Ronaldo arrived... showing plenty of the Red Devils asking for sticky toffee pudding!

50 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 STRUGGLING Leipzig’s new boss Jesse Marsch Leipzig in lumber for City clash By DavID aNDeRSoN RB LEIPZIG are in disarray ahead of their Champions League trip to the Etihad. The Bundesliga club are struggling after a summer of upheaval saw manager Julian Nagelsmann leave to take charge of Bayern Munich and star players Dayot Upamecano, Ibrahima Konate and Marcel Sabitzer sold. Saturday’s 4-1 defeat by Bayern was a third in their opening four league games and Leipzig, runners-up last term, are languishing in 12th, nine points behind early leaders Wolfsburg. Manager Jesse Marsch, who joined from Red Bull Salzburg in July, said it is unfair for his side to have back-to-back away games at Bayern and Manchester City tomorrow. “Maybe it’s not fair that we have such big tests,” he said. “Maybe we’re not ready for such big challenges. But no matter, we have to stay strong and believe in the process.” Midfielder Kevin Kampl claims the players are behind American coach Marsch and believe in his methods. “The worst thing that could happen would be to panic now,” said Kampl. “We are in a transition. We trust the learning process and the coach, who is doing a super job.” Nice get new date THE Ligue 1 clash between Nice and Olympique Marseille which was abandoned last month due to crowd trouble will be replayed on October 27. The match was abandoned in the 75th minute when Nice supporters threw water bottles as Marseille were about to take a corner. Visiting forward Dimitri Payet hurled a bottle back at them, leading to a fullscale brawl as fans rushed on to the field. The match is set to be played at a neutral location and Ligue 1 bosses said the venue will be determined at a later date. the champions league is lukaku? he’s the business Joe CoLe ‘Even at £97.5m he is still a great buy. When you’re the champions of Europe defending your crown you need the very best players right here, right now, ...not next week or next year’ TUCH OF CLASS Lukaku is the perfect recruit for blues boss Thomas Tuchel DMEEIR By MIKe WaLTeRS @MikeWaltersMGM eXCLUSIve AS Didier Drogba’s heir apparent, Romelu Lukaku was once as raw as steak tartare or sushi. But Chelsea legend Joe Cole believes the Belgian striker’s second coming at Stamford Bridge is “great business” at £97.5million – and could fire them to another Champions League crown. Where excitement at Manchester United is off the scale after Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford, Lukaku has already bagged three goals in his encore on Fulham Broadway. And three-time title winner Cole believes Chelsea’s record signing – of a player they sold for £18m seven years ago – leaves them equipped to “stand shoulder to shoulder with the giants of Europe” again. The Blues open their Champions League defence against Zenit St Petersburg tonight and BT Sport pundit Cole expects owner Roman Abramovich and Lukaku to be Two Rommies who enjoy the last laugh. He said: “Before the season, everyone knew Chelsea were in the market for a No.9 – and realistically, there were only five names who were going to cut it. “You are looking at Lewandowski, Haaland, Mbappe, Ronaldo and Lukaku, all of them in the very top bracket. None of them comes cheap because they are the best in the business, but when you break it down, and look at the attributes Chelsea needed, Lukaku was a great piece of business. “We’re talking about a proven goalscorer, who is 28 and at the peak of his powers. The complete package – pace, power, great in the air, a finisher, the lot. “Why did he leave Chelsea in the first place? You can have the same conversation about Kevin De Bruyne and Mo Salah, but there’s no mystery about Lukaku coming back to the club. “When you are the champions of Europe, to defend your title you need the very best players – right here, right now, not next week or next year. “You can’t be like Tottenham or Arsenal, taking on players at 21 or 22 and looking to develop them over a few years – Chelsea need that firepower now. “When he looks back at the end of his career, maybe Romelu will accept he wasn’t ready to lead the line for Chelsea eight or nine years ago, and that he needed to make that journey round the houses to release his potential. “But this is the right time for him to take on the responsibility, and he will give Chelsea that extra four or five percent which could help them win the Champions League again.” Cole says manager Thomas Tuchel, who stepped in midway through last season and led Chelsea to their second Champions League triumph, has been “faultless” in his approach to date. The German has back! lost only five of his 35 games in charge – two of them at the tail end of last season when the title was gone – and Cole added: “Outside Jose Mourinho’s first spell at the club, nobody has come in and made such a big impact at Chelsea as Tuchel. “He has been absolutely faultless. He’s already a Chelsea legend and a Champions League winner – now he needs to put the finishing touches to the masterpiece. “We are heading into another golden age of Premier League football where the title race is a battle between three or four clubs – and English clubs dominate in Europe.” ■BT ■ Sport is the exclusive home of UEFA Champions League football. Watch every game of the 2021/22 competition live on TV, online and on the BT Sport app. Visit THE EigHT TEAMS WHo HAVE SuccESSFuLLy DEFENDED EuroPEAN cuP/cH LEAguE real Madrid (6 times) 1956 & 1957, 1957 & 1958, 1958 & 1959, 1959 & 1960, 2016 & 2017, 2017 & 2018 benfica (1) 1961 & 1962 inter Milan (1) 1964 & 1965 ajax (2) 1971 & 1972, 1972 & 1973 b Munich (2) 1974 & 1975, 1975 & 1976 liverpool (1) 1977 & 1978 nott’m Forest (1) 1979 & 1980 (below) ac Milan (1) 1989 & 1990 BlueS BrOtherS ross Barkley in training yesterday Below: Kai Havertz and Mateo Kovacic DMEEIR CESAR: ChAMPIONS WON’T lIvE IN PAST By Matthew Dunn CESAR AZPILICUETA needs no reminder of the horrors that can greet Chelsea when they are the defending European champions. He joined the Stamford Bridge club just after they won the Champions League in 2012, only to see them crash out in the group stage the following season – costing winning manager Roberto Di Matteo his job. “It was a very bad experience, quite painful,” said the Spain international. “I came from Marseille and we reached the quarter-finals. So when I arrived to Chelsea, after they won the Champions League, it was tough to be out in the group stage. “I am the only one in the squad from that moment and I will try with my experience to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” The Blues captain (above) will make sure his team-mates are thoroughly aware that being champions does not bring the west NEXT UP FOR THE BLUES IN GROUP H Wednesday September 29 Juventus v Chelsea 8pm Wednesday October 20 Chelsea v Malmo 8pm Tuesday November 2 Malmo v Chelsea 5.45pm Tuesday November 23 Chelsea v Juventus 8pm Wednesday December 8 Zenit St Petersburg v Chelsea 5.45pm chelsea v zenit st petersburg champions league group h, KicK-oFF 8pm PROBaBLE LINE-UPS CHELSEa Mendy, Azpilicueta, Silva, Rudiger, James, Jorginho, Kovacic, Chilwell, Mount, Havertz, Lukaku. ZENIT Kritsyuk, Sutormin, Chistyakov, Rakitskiy, Santos, Erokhin, Kuzyaev, Claudinho, Malcom, Dzyuba, Azmoun. REFEREE: Bartosz Frankowski (POL) London club any advantages as they begin their campaign against Zenit St Petersburg tonight. “We don’t get any more points this season because we were champions,” said the right-back. “I know how football works, I know you cannot live in the past, you have to show it every day. “We start from zero. Everybody wants to be champions of Europe. We have to be ready and hopefully we can improve. “We have an exciting season ahead and we want to fight for everything.” Azpilicueta’s current contract runs out at the end of the season, but he remains hopeful of plenty more Chelsea adventures in future. “I don’t have concerns,” the 32-year-old added. “My contract ends in June but I am focused now on what is next. I don’t need to say anything more. “Everything will come by itself. I love to be here. “I have felt loved since I arrived and my aim is to be here for as long as I can.” chilwell hurt by euro snub FROM BaCk PaGE champions League final – but looks set to be called into action as they begin their defence in the group game against Zenit St Petersburg at Stamford Bridge tonight. Tuchel (above, with chilwell) believes he is ready to compete for his club place having been overlooked in favour of Marcos Alonso so far this season – a factor which saw him drop out of the latest international squad completely. “it has been difficult for him, absolutely,” said Tuchel. “Last season, he had many important, crucial games at a high level. “Then it was, zenit wait on barrios WiLMAr BArrioS is expected in London today in time to feature for Zenit in tonight’s champions League clash. The colombia star was unable to join the rest of the squad as they arrived in the capital due to covid restrictions, having been in South America on international duty. But Zenit boss Sergei Semak revealed the 27-year-old could be cleared to fly to the uK today and link up with his teammates at Stamford Bridge. Zenit will be without injured former Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren, but have not given up hope on Barrios. “We will know closer to lunchtime if Barrios will arrive and be available,” Semak said. TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 51 individually for him – personally – a tough Euros because there were chances where he thought he could have played. But he did not. “you don’t feel it really if you don’t sweat it out sometimes on the pitch and never wear the shirt and are never really involved. “When he had a break, it was hard for him to relax and get this personal disappointment off his shoulders. “When he arrived here, i felt mentally he was tired, still worrying about the situation. But he’s in the race now. The situation has changed for him.” BRUCE AXES WOODMAN IN TOON-UP By Ian Murtagh STEVE BrucE is ready to take keeper Freddie Woodman out of the firing line as he looks to plug Newcastle’s leaky defence. They have conceded 12 goals in their four league games so far and Woodman (above) has been dropped for Karl Darlow against Leeds at St James’ Park on Friday night. Both sides go in search of their first win and the showdown is big, particularly for beleaguered Bruce who has faced calls to be sacked. After Saturday’s 4-1 defeat at the hands of a cristiano ronaldo-inspired Manchester united, Woodman has accepted some of the blame after his mistakes gifted ronaldo a dream second coming with two goals. He said: “Never been one to avoid responsibility, hold my hands up, wasn’t good enough. Life of a goalkeeper.” BUSqUETS: ThERE’S STIll lIfE AfTER lEO By neIl McleMan SERGIO BUSQUETS says Barcelona must “move on” from Lionel Messi and try to repeat Chelsea’s Champions League win. The Catalan club play their first European fixture since the Argentine’s departure, against Bayern Munich tonight. The last time they met, in August 2020, Munich won 8-2 – and Messi tried to leave the Nou Camp before joining Paris Saint- Germain this summer. Busquets (right) said: “It was a shock given all Leo did for Barca and me. We felt sensations which were difficult to digest but we have to try to move on.” Barcelona won four Champions Leagues with Messi from 2006 but were put out by PSG in the last 16 last term. Midfielder Busquets added: “Anything can happen in football. Chelsea won the competition last season when they weren’t favourites at the start.” jUvE gOT A vERy TRICky DRAW BlUES rEigNiNg Women’s Super League champions chelsea have been handed a tough draw in the group stage of the new-look champions League. chelsea lost last season’s final to Barcelona, but manager Emma Hayes (above) and her side were seeded in pot one for yesterday’s draw having won the WSL. in the competition’s first-ever group stage, the Blues were drawn in group A alongside Juventus, who have won the last four Serie A titles. They will also come up against DFB-Pokal holders Wolfsburg, having beaten the german side in the quarter-finals last season, and Swiss champions Servette. Arsenal will face holders Barcelona in group c, where they were also paired with Hoffenheim and HB Koge. The top two from each of the four groups qualify for the quarter-finals. ANDROS IS blueS’ GOODISON SPARK everton 3 bUrnLey 1 report: paGe 46 By DaviD anDerson ANDROS TOwNSeND starred as everton hit Burnley with three goals in six minutes to move into the top four. Ben Mee put Burnley ahead but Townsend set up Michael Keane’s leveller, scored the second and then Demarai Gray added a third. the cream of europe are back in action Tuchel: Snub hurt Chilwell chelSeA v ZeNIt St PeteRSbuRG GROuP h, KIcK-Off 8Pm By Matthew Dunn THOMAS TUCHEL says Ben Chilwell has been left scarred by his Euro 2020 snub. A niggling injury meant that Luke Shaw got the nod for England at the start of the season and, while the rest of the squad was rotated, Chilwell (above) became one of the few outfield players in the party not to get a single minute on the pitch. The Chelsea defender has not played a minute of football since the tUrn to paGe 51 we won’T crumble Ronaldo team-mate reveals: United stars refuse to eat puddings after seeing his healthy meals yOuNG bOyS v mANcheSteR uNIteD GROuP f, KIcK-Off 5.45Pm By DaviD McDonnell Cristiano ronaLDo is whipping his Manchester United team-mates into shape – with players refusing to eat dessert in front of the super-fit star. Ronaldo is known for keeping himself in peak physical condition and, because of his influence, none of his colleagues will now dare to order pudding at the team hotel the night before a tUrn to paGe 49 KeANe’S jOb huNt.. AS cODy cONtINueS By Karl o’Kane PeTeR Keane will have to reapply for the Kerry job if he wants to continue as Kingdom boss. Keane’s three year term ended after the recent All-Ireland semi-final defeat by Tyrone. It is believed the three-time All-Ireland winning minor manager (above, left) is still in the frame to stay on. Three-time Kerry Sam Maguire winning boss, Jack O’Connor is also in contention after declaring his interest in the post last week. Meanwhile, Brian Cody (above, right) has been ratified as Kilkenny boss for a remarkable 24th season. Cody (67) was appointed in November, 1998, and has managed the Cats to 11 All-Ireland titles. The James Stephens’ club man is coming off back to back Leinster titles, but his last All-Ireland success came back in 2015. Cody has guided Kilkenny to 10 League titles and 17 provincial crowns in a stellar managerial career. Meyler’s MoMent: pages 42 & 43 Published by MGN Ltd at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AP (020-7293 3000) and printed by The Irish Times Ltd at 4080 Kingswood Rd, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24. 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DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 1 Take a break PUZZLES and get your brain in gear €75 to be won! Quizword & Crossword Two sets of clues, two different answers – all on the same grid. Choose one or the other. Quizword ACROSS 6 2003 winner of the US PGA Championship (5,7) 8 Hawaiian musical instrument developed from the Portuguese guitar (7) 9 City and port; capital of Finland until 1812 (5) 10 Stewart —, golfer who won The Open Championship in 2009 (4) 12 and 15 1960s and 1970s ITV comedy show; a forerunner of Game For A Laugh and Trigger Happy TV (6,6) 14 Jorn —, Danish architect who designed the Sydney Opera House (5) 15 See 12 Across 16 Series of six or more balls bowled by a cricketer (4) 19 Roberto —, WBA Lightweight champion from 1972-79 (5) 21 Mammal also called a spiny anteater (7) 22 2002 novel by Matt Whyman (8,4) Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror DOWN 1 Genus of trees and shrubs with poisonous, yellow drooping flowers (8) 2 Kornelia —, 1976 Olympic 100m and 200m freestyle swimming gold medallist (5) 3 See 18 Down 4 Walt —, 19th-century US poet whose volumes include Leaves of Grass (7) 5 Arabella —, comedy actress; author of 2002 novel Stupid Cupid (4) 6 2011 film thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan (6,4) 7 Port at the mouth of the River Wear (10) 11 Seventh letter in the Greek alphabet (3) 12 Variety of lettuce with a long slender head (3) 13 Jaye —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for The Crying Game (8) 14 Silvery-white metallic element; symbol U (7) 17 Island north of Zanzibar that produces most of the world’s cloves (5) 18 and 3 1995 novel by Antony Sher (5,5) 20 Marcelo —, 1999 Hamburg Masters singles tennis champion (4) 6 1 2 3 4 5 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 19 20 21 22 Crossword ACROSS 6 Despicable (12) 8 Obstinate or stupid (7) 9 High renown or fame (5) 10 Increase in size (4) 12 Period of instruction (6) 14 Challenges (5) 15 Wild animals (6) 16 Give out playing cards (4) 19 Bellybutton (5) 21 Child beginning to walk (7) 22 Importance (12) 17 18 Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror DOWN 1 Counteracting remedy (8) 2 Start (5) 3 Drive too fast (5) 4 Laughs nervously (7) 5 Too (4) 6 Worker ranked below a foreman (10) 7 In general (2,3,5) 11 Domestic fuel (3) 12 Lower limb (3) 13 British money (8) 14 Sweetheart (7) 17 Rigid (5) 18 Decree (5) 20 Completely empty (4) CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! Call 1550 501110 (€0.97/min) to hear FULL SOLUTIONS to CROSSWORD and QUIZWORD, and to hear 5 EXTRA CLUES for CROSSWORD and QUIZWORD too! 7 Two-speed coffeebreak Two sets of clues – but the answers are the same. Cryptic clues ACROSS 1 Doorman’s beer (6) 4 Contemporary with parttimer (4) 7 Void described by bard (4) 8 Shout for second best (6) 9 My one is explosive (4) 10 Help make a wager (4) 12 Once ordered ice cream (4) 14 Boldness has got obsolete (3) 16 Food container from Tuscany (3) 17 Ties up location (4) 20 Musical pets (4) 23 Doctor sees work decrease (4) 24 Animal in evening sun (6) 25 Chaps turn to range of food (4) 26 Regrets stratagem, we hear (4) 27 Deserved to move near journalist (6) DOWN 1 Glue to fix a step (5) 2 Unusual not to be well done (4) 3 Old Italian-style manor (5) 4 Item moving in fourth dimension (4) 5 Chief rioted unexpectedly (6) 6 Beg for new pedal (5) 11 Inclination to be corrupt (4) 13 Remove during jousting (4) 15 Wages incorporated only by yours truly (6) 16 Cried about beverage (5) 18 Children’s edition (5) 19 Quiet socialist has scrap (5) 21 Copies of tapestries (4) 22 Astound by juggling nuts (4) Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 15 ACROSS 1 Baggage handler (6) 4 Office worker (4) 7 Classical poet (4) 8 Yell (6) 9 Quarry (4) 10 Aid in crime (4) 12 Geometric shape (4) 14 Elderly (3) 16 Tin (3) 17 Venue (4) 20 Felines (4) 23 Fall (4) 24 Breed of dog (6) 25 Bill of fare (4) 26 Feels remorse (4) 27 Merited (6) 7 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Quick clues DOWN 1 Fake jewellery (5) 2 Seldom seen (4) 3 Former empire (5) 4 Occasion (4) 5 Reviser (6) 6 Implore (5) 11 Crooked (4) 13 Evict (4) 15 Salary (6) 16 Apple drink (5) 18 Publish (5) 19 Strip (5) 21 Primates (4) 22 Amaze (4) Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! TWO-SPEED COFFEEBREAK 1550 501110 (€0.75/min) TERMS & CONDITIONS: Calls cost €0.97/min plus your phone company’s acccess charge. SP Mi Telecom Ltd. Helpdesk 0818229660. Min age 18+. The name game Hidden in the grid is the name of a rock band. Answer the questions, then rearrange the letters corresponding to your answers to fill in the name. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror 30-sec brain teaser Boost your brain power with our 30-second test. Start with the number on the left and follow the instructions. Beginners should aim to complete the puzzle in 30 seconds. Intermediates should finish their own puzzle and the Beginner’s Challenge. Genius players have 30 seconds to complete their own plus the Intermediate. Good luck! Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror BOX1: Who won the 2010 Man Booker Prize for his novel The Finkler Question? DBC Pierre (P) Howard Jacobson (E) Graham Swift (U) BOX2: The Russian Blue is a breed of which domestic animal? Dog (D) Hamster (G) Cat (R) BOX3: Michael J Fox led the voice cast of which animated Disney film? The Black Cauldron (O) Treasure Planet (F) Atlantis: The Lost Empire (A) BOX4: Who had a Number One hit with the single Bad to Me in 1963? Gerry and the Pacemakers (F) Herman’s Hermit (P) Billy J Kramer with the Dakotas (S) BOX5: To what do Cockneys refer when they talk of a ‘whistle’? A trumpet (O) A pair of boots (N) A suit (P) BOX6: What does a protractor measure? Curves (R) Angles (G) Distances (C) BOX7: Which actress played the performer Gertrude Lawrence in the 1968 musical film Star!? Julie Andrews (S) Barbra Streisand (D) Audrey Hepburn (Y) BOX8: Who directed the 1997 historical film Amistad? James Cameron (F) Steven Spielberg (S) Roland Emmerich (V) BOX9: In what year was Britain’s Poll Tax replaced with Council Tax? 1973 (E) 1983 (L) 1993 (R) BOX10: Rashida Jones (pictured) co-wrote and co-directed which 2018 documentary film about her famous father? Tom (D) Quincy (U) David (W) BEGINNER 29 +15 3/4 −18 2/5 +28 ×2 −19 of this of this INTERMEDIATE 85 ADVANCED 512 Solve our ten-letter anagram 80% of this +157 Take the square root Take the square root +267 5/6 of this −67 ÷12 +256 Increase by 25% −76 5/6 of this −146 5/12 of this Mirrorgram Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror Reverse the digits −154 8/13 of this S T A R T U P W O E ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER

2 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 DMEEIR PUZZLES Speedbreaker 17 18 26 26 10 15 8 19 7 12 2 16 Target time: 23:11 mins Test your codecracking skills against us! We took 23 minutes and 11 seconds to complete this puzzle — can you do better? We’ve taken a completed crossword puzzle and replaced each letter in the grid with the same number throughout. The completed grid will include all letters of the alphabet. If you find it hard to get going, call the Extra Letter line where you will also find a little bit of extra help. Remember, none of the answers are proper nouns. Solutions in Thursday’s Daily Mirror ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 19 4 16 24 18 12 23 23 12 6 10 15 2 17 17 20 20 12 16 19 15 2 15 25 18 19 21 25 1 4 25 15 22 18 12 10 4 19 15 Just a bit of fun Which one of our three definitions is correct? ZINK 1 Steel-grey mineral 2 Old wind instrument 3 Spanish gypsy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 C T 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 €75 to be won! U Call 1550 501110 (€0.97/min) and tell us which letter is represented by the number ‘1’ in today’s Speedbreaker. Last Tuesday’s winner: Richard Oliver, from Guildford SolutionS Call 1550 501110 (€0.97/min) for 5 extra letters or the full solution. Deduct one minute from the target time for each extra letter used. TERMS & CONDITIONS: Calls cost €0.97/min plus your phone company’s acccess charge. SP Mi Telecom Ltd. Helpdesk 0818 229660. Min age 18+. 8 7 3 20 4 10 8 15 10 4 5 15 20 1 14 4 12 10 1 24 7 10 20 4 11 9 15 3 12 8 C 18 12 24 U 13 24 24 10 6 12 20 T 26 25 15 5 13 8 24 18 17 9 11 9 15 15 13 12 9 Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror Scribble pad ✍ Arrow Word Will _, US actor Gala Garam _, food spice Fired Shudders Admission of regret Potion Cleanse _ Close, pictured The East Arrow Words are like crosswords, but the clues are printed inside squares on the grid. Write your answers in the blank squares in the direction indicated by the arrows. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror Spray can Thing of worth Cash machine (1,1,1) Testing rooms (abbr.) Mouth part Maze Awning Container Seasoning Gas Sleeps late (4,2) Donated Droplets Before (poetic) Female bird Competes Bush Shinbone Custom Lasting (4-4) Prison room Pinch Notions Long for Crimes Entwine Amazed Silician volcano Scarf Writing implement Urban citizens In the same place Small Continuing Of the mouth Period of time Course Wet dirt Vicinity Facial hair Rabbit-like animal Jane _, British actress Colouring agent Unfasten "Yes" vote Tableshaped land Purchase Pursued Tend to Cafe or restaurant Animal's lair Scottish loch Excess Poem Tree Colin _, pictured _ jumping, extreme sport Monkey Cow's noise Perform Your (poetic) Castle's trench Marsupial Least Oww! Half of eighty DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 3 Su-doku corner Easy su-doku 5 4 9 2 1 2 3 7 2 5 7 4 7 2 3 8 5 1 3 7 8 5 6 8 4 3 The rules for Su-doku couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fill the empty squares so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains all the numbers 1 to 9. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror 5 2 9 1 6 9 1 6 2 8 Su-doku toughie The rules for Su-doku are easy, but this one’s a toughie! Each number from 1 to 9 must appear only once in each horizontal and vertical line, and only once in each 3x3 grid. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror CHECK THE SOLUTIONS NOW! Call 1550 501110 (€0.97/min) to hear SU-DOKU 5 NUMBER CLUES or FULL SOLUTIONS to the easy and toughie su-dokus and hitoshii. Killer su-doku 21 6 3 15 9 18 16 15 5 11 10 18 13 27 9 11 8 10 7 18 5 7 20 12 14 15 7 6 15 11 18 17 8 Killer Su-doku is based on the traditional grid and every column, every row and every 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 to 9. But the dotted squares must be filled with numbers that add up to that in the left corner. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror FUTOSHIKI 3 3 Insert the numbers one to five in each row and each column, making sure that no number is repeated. The only symbols to guide you are the “greater than” (>) and “less than” (<) signs. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror Word Ladder Chimney residue Attempt Stall Cease Pace Wordsearch Can you find all the listed musical instruments in the grid? Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror R A T I S O O F G S K W F P S P V I O L A T F G H A R P D W N Y H C Q Z I N E P I P G A B O L K A P F O V V P T N R U A H Q E R E G C M E R L E G N L S D S I S F A J O J D L Y E A S C X N P R J M Q R E H L B L A F Q A I S B R O X A E U A A B P S M A O N C Q R L T B U I E R B W N A E E M U E M F W K L A R E O R H O K R Y X X K A B C K P L D N U B C C R X P A U K A C A I L U T E O K N Q I O Y S N C D E G F L M L P P R D Q W A I J E S S W D C G R M BAGPIPE BALALAIKA BUGLE CYMBAL DOUBLE BASS FIFE GLOCKENSPIEL ROOT STEM GONG HARMONICA HARP LUTE MARIMBA OCARINA PIANOLA Using the clues provided, fill in each step of the ladder with a new word, changing one letter at a time. Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror RECORDER SITAR TROMBONE TUBA UKULELE VIOLA Brickwork 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Solutions in tomorrow’s Irish Mirror YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS QUIZWORD ACROSS: 1 Omaha, 4 Cesar, 10 Orczy, 11 Azinger, 12 Parnevik, 13 Gris, 15 Reader, 17 Romero, 19 Iras, 20 Kureishi, 23 Leawere, 24 Otago, 25 Van De, 26 Velde. DOWN: 2 Mecir, 3 Hay Fever, 5 Erie, 6 Algarve, 7 Copperfield, 8 David, 9 Cross Of Iron, 14 Loved One, 16 Alabama, 18 Outer, 21 Shand, 22 Dead. CROSSWORD ACROSS: 1 Acute, 4 Crawl, 10 Image, 11 Balance, 12 Naturist, 13 Tent, 15 Extras, 17 Raisin, 19 Rink, 20 Inflates, 23 Enforce, 24 Audio, 25 Blind, 26 Heals. DOWN: 2 Chart, 3 Tie-break, 5 Rule, 6 Winless, 7 Lion-hearted, 8 Abyss, 9 Betting shop, 14 Failsafe, 16 Tuneful, 18 Under, 21 Tidal, 22 Iron. Two-speed COFFEEBREAK ACROSS: 1 Carat, 4 Faint, 7 Rip, 9 Ulster, 11 Game, 12 Tot, 13 Oddment, 15 Regimen, 18 Lie, 19 Acid, 20 Spring, 23 Toy, 24 Trend, 25 Tempt. DOWN: 1 Counterpart, 2 Art, 3 Tie, 5 Inane, 6 Twenty-eight, 8 Prod, 10 Sit, 13 Ohm, 14 Den, 16 Gripe, 17 East, 18 Lei, 21 Pot, 22 Rye. SATURDAY’S SPEEDBREAKER 1=D, 2=J, 3=M, 4=Y, 5=N, 6=F, 7=B, 8=W, 9=V, 10=C, 11=P, 12=K, 13=Z, 14=G, 15=E, 16=U, 17=R, 18=I, 19=A, 20=O, 21=S, 22=X, 23=L, 24=T, 25=Q, 26=H. Enter the solutions to the clues in their numbered layers of the wall. Each word must be an anagram of its neighbours, plus or minus one letter. 1 Fall ill 2 Fibber 3 Scottish lord 4 Of a newlywed 5 Hydrophobic 6 Dry 7 Help ARROW WORD Bingo Tue Sep 14 2021 Game 35 Day 2 53 33 8 9 38 75 5 23 69 29 31 77 W D H L S U S A G E A T H O M E P R O F E S S R A T T A R O T B E H E S T R E D V E T L O O K N O W E S S E N S M A G N E T I S M M T F B E T A A O Z O N E A O N E M A N B A N D T I P D O G R U S E B E E L I N E N O N E T H E L E S S F E E A C T E D D O L T H T E A T P A Y S E L O P E S N I B T D A N I E L N E W P E N N Y T A B L E S N N E T G A I N P A I D R E E L E D A C R E M A D R I D G R E E N In the Irish Mirror every Saturday there’s €1000 to be won in our Big Name prize crossword EASY SU-DOKU 9 2 1 3 4 8 6 5 7 6 4 8 9 5 7 3 2 1 5 7 3 1 6 2 8 4 9 7 1 5 4 8 3 2 9 6 3 8 6 5 2 9 7 1 4 4 9 2 6 7 1 5 8 3 8 5 9 7 3 4 1 6 2 1 6 7 2 9 5 4 3 8 2 3 4 8 1 6 9 7 5 KILLER SU-DOKU 5 1 7 3 6 8 4 9 2 2 4 3 1 9 7 5 6 8 6 8 9 2 4 5 3 1 7 8 3 2 7 5 1 9 4 6 1 7 4 9 2 6 8 3 5 9 5 6 4 8 3 7 2 1 7 9 8 6 3 2 1 5 4 MIRRORGRAM HARMONIOUS 30-SEC BRAIN TEASER Beginner 72; Intermediate 56; Advanced 117. JUST A BIT OF FUN 1 French horn without valves BRICKWORK Sow, Rows, Swore, Shower, Horse, Hero, Hoe. 4 2 5 8 1 9 6 7 3 WORD LADDER Calm, Balm, Bale, Vale, Vase, Ease, Easy. HERE are the numbers for Day 2 of Game 35 on your Bingo card. TO WIN a full house €250 prize, all 15 numbers on the Game 35 grid must be correctly crossed off with the Irish Mirror numbers. If you’re still short by Saturday, buy the Irish Sunday Mirror and the Irish Sunday People for more numbers and the chance to win a £100 prize. TO CLAIM Call 01420 525501 01 868 8620 from 10am to 3pm on Mondays only. If you get a full house on any other day, you will need to phone and make your claim on the following Monday. No responsibility accepted for failure to call within stated hours. Standard Reach PLC rules apply, see 3 6 1 5 7 4 2 8 9 SU-DOKU TOUGHIE FUTOSHIKI 2 3 4 5 1 3 1 5 2 4 4 5 2 1 3 5 4 1 3 2 1 2 3 4 5 WORDSEARCH V N C R E N O T S E K L O F A H V E J K X J L K C O R K U B A T W G B R E L S F F Z E D E A C M O A G R U O H I L U S R V N C A H H D H K H T Y M W D A P O P L D N E T S O P H A E L L H L A M I E A T L G C N E E I T O E V O C P Y C Q I S N N S U X D C W B M O J T W E E C B O X U E R O R B C O S A A I O M V N E U A S I M Z P K N A N N D B T T M B R S W I V E O G O S H K S N A D G T E Q T O J V Z S N M L O H K C O T S I Z A T D X I M X T F I E L B NINER BROACHING NAME GAME THE PIANIST 1H, 2I, 3I, 4T, 5T, 6P, 7A, 8N, 9S, 10E.

4 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 DMEEIR EXTRAPUZZLES Big Picture CAN YOU FIND THE BALLOON? DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 5 Enter Vowel Su-doku Corner Each clue is the answer word with the vowels removed. For example, a clue PL (4) might lead to Plea, Pile, Peal, Opal etc but not Loop or Lope. You’ll have to work out which option fits with its neighbours to complete the grid. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Across Down The rules for Su-doku couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is fill the empty squares so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains all the numbers 1 to 9. Solutions at the end 9 10 12 11 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 8 1 TPS (7) 5 SC (5) 9 LQR (6) 10 RL (6) 11 FRLRM (4,5) 13 CSS (6) 15 SCND (6) 17 NTLLY (9) 2 MT (4) 3 PFFS (7) 4 RRR (5) 6 RT (5) 7 CLMN (4,4) 8 BNN (6) 12 MNCR (8) 14 STD (6) 20 21 TG (6) 16 CYTS (7) 6 2 21 22 22 BTN (6) 18 NN (5) 7 9 4 8 D E L B 23 RST (5) 19 LS (5) 4 3 7 23 24 H O A X A F A R 24 MSR (7) 20 TR (4) L T N P Double Jigword S S T T A A F I I LN D O RC E IO DO L A S B TD A IE S N T A L C I OB N O C O3 O 6 A A G H S O A EH X SD A F HA A O R GA X A O G A HF O A DR 5 6 3 Arrange these crossword fragments to create two completed symmetrical crosswords in the grids below. H D Solutions at the end L L E E G I I S S L E L L M A A T T BT E LE N E LM P ES L G IT L S E LN G A I TP S E L A T E 8 4 D ES T TT A RI FN S T ET L T OC A E RO I IO N S IS T R C O O T T R R T S D A E D L E B L B F L O R I D A E L B R 1 S 3 H O A XA DG E E O B BO A A VA S AC H G L E E E D D E B A H D D C E L B E H O S A N A X A K H O A A F X A R A F A R S E S A A F A R C 7L E 8 L TL DE GS SI SE L L LL E EA G Y M AT I B EH S L A T E D L S A L H L L E D L N T P N P T M S E M B L E M S N P A 5 H 6 U N S S I I T G H R T T L L T Y Y U N S I A I N C O S U G N H S T I L G Y C F O L O RT F I L DR T H T L Y 3 9 7 1 N O E R E S F L I O R E D O A R O E I D I I L A E E I E D E A A B D E I LD A B B P P N O C L E N I O I P A P G H S O D E D E B O VC L LE H 2 5 E E D S D A E N K H S S O S R R A E A X S O V A L D A N K D A A N A S N F HA A O I I R A X A F A R R R A H A R N R N I A E N N I E G L A I T S E MD B LS L E A Y H E L A T E E M D L E E M M T B S L N E M P S E Y E D L T B NL E PM S 4 2 R R E S T S EU N S I G H T L Y A RI F E I N SL O E E C RO U ION I DS A E D I GE H TE L YI E C E L BA E N E O L I B F L O R I D A O V A L P A CG L O E V D O S A L N K H EN D SO A N OA K H O A IV A AL PD A N K S A L LE H E X R R A F A N R S E S A E Y N I E G A E E I S HL E Y D A ME T BR E LR E D L T N P MA ES NE NM Y BI LE E MD S H S T ITF G L L Y HR OT RL TIEY D RA E S I E E E I E O A IDS P E AB EO A PV CS AL LE A D A O N V K A L D A N K N R N D A I E NS EN MILB E L AE YM HS E D E Y E D U NE S IE G HI T LE Y NO V OA L I D A N PK E RE R Y A NE N ID E DIFFICULTY easy DIFFICULTY medium DIFFICULTY hard 5 9 1 5 2 5 6 1 7 9 5 7 3 4 6 1 8 2 3 2 7 3 6 9 9 8 2 4 7 3 9 5 4 7 6 5 9 5 Solutions at the end

6 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 DMEEIR EXTRAPUZZLES Big X Su-doku The rules for Big X Su-doku vary only slightly from the standard su-doku rules. The 9x9 su-doku at the centre of the X shares four of its 3x3 boxes with those of the outer su-doku. None of the 9x9 su-dokus can be solved individually, you must cross-reference between the intersecting grids. Solutions at the end 9 7 6 8 7 5 8 4 2 3 1 7 2 8 9 6 9 6 7 1 4 8 5 6 9 3 6 8 7 5 7 4 5 9 6 9 8 7 5 9 2 2 4 9 5 8 7 2 1 4 7 Honeycomb All the solutions read clockwise around their numbers. The solution to clue number 1 starts from the given letter. 1 Bracelet 2 Character 3 Worship 4 Throws out 5 Delays 6 Bay 7 Ebb 8 Embrace 9 Maiden 10 Gauges 11 Remember 12 Basement 10 9 8 11 7 12 6 B T 1 5 9 4 7 5 6 2 3 4 5 4 6 8 2 3 5 2 1 5 3 5 8 9 6 1 8 1 8 7 5 4 5 7 8 5 9 4 7 6 9 5 3 4 2 3 6 8 5 4 1 3 4 8 7 3 2 7 8 5 8 9 6 7 5 1 6 4 5 3 9 5 2 6 9 5 Word wheel You have 10 mins to find as many words as possible using the letters in the wheel. Each must use the hub letter and at least 3 others. Letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. There is at least one 9-letter word to be found. Solutions at the end How you rate: 10 words, average; 15 words, good; 20 words, very good; 25 or more, excellent. Z A Z B L E D E D General knowledge quiz ART & LITERATURE 1 Who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird? 2 What was the nationality of Edvard Munch, painter of The Scream? 3 Which American playwright wrote Death of a Salesman? 4 Which Irish playwright wrote The Plough and the Stars? 5 Which New Zealander won the Booker Prize for The Bone People? 6 Which Tolkien novel was the first to feature Bilbo Baggins? GEOGRAPHY 7 The Volga is the longest river in which continent? 8 The Madeira Islands form an autonomous region of what country? 9 Cagliari is the capital of which Italian region? 10 What is the highest mountain in Wales? 11 Stanley is capital of which group of Atlantic islands? 12 In which US state is Key West? NATURE 13 Homo sapiens is the specific name for which modern creature? 14 What type of creature is a silverfish? 15 What is a monkey puzzle? 16 What is the collective name for kangaroos, wombats and opossums? 17 Moose is the North American name for which mammal? 18 Which flower is also called a fleur-de-lis? SPORT & LEISURE 19 With which international team did Ruud Gullit win the 1988 European Championship? 20 Which country won the 1982 Football World Cup? 21 Sumo wrestling originated in which Asian country? 22 How often is the Football World Cup usually held? 23 For which international side was Garfield Sobers an outstanding all-round cricketer? 24 Of which game was Bobby Fischer World Champion? POT LUCK 25 What are typically stored in a hangar? 26 What is the predominant colour of the US dollar? 27 What is the highest rank in the British army? 28 The Ivy League is a collection of what type of institutions? 29 The statue of which mythological creature stands in front of the Egyptian pyramids at El Giza? 30 For which type of schooling is RE an abbreviation? Solutions at the end Solutions at the end DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 7 Pathfinder Niner Loop Beginning with the top highlighted letter, follow a continuous path of words associated with the given subject. The trail goes through each letter once, twisting up, down and sideways, but never diagonally. Solutions at the end Madonna songs L E A R A F L C A N E E G U E I K P E Y O I I R P I V O V Y Y A R F I H G M E R I E B O D E R A N L T T A H L G R Y A M M A C O R E H Y O L L R E T H E R I F G W E A D I A I R I S YBDOOOPEHANT EHC E B I N N G U V O N O T E L E D E G R U H P B O K D Y K L M T I R E S E M E R Y P A N D R I V A E C U E A G E H T N A E M E I K A E R U T I T O I Y H T S L P C H P T N F U G E O T OFRMU J APOS LNRNA R Y O Z E N P A D T R A D I E Each number from 1 to 9 represents a different letter. Solve the clues and insert the letters in the appropriate squares to discover a word which uses all nine letters. 1 95248 gives a way to cure food 32697 gives a way to cook food 124 gives a cooking utensil 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 47275 gives a French landscape painter 57956 gives an Italian song writer 13895 gives an opera 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Triangle Draw 3 straight lines to make 3 triangles. Lines must be drawn from dot to dot, either passing through one dot or none at all. Valid triangles must not contain lines running through them, every line segment must form part of a triangle. Draw a continuous loop in the grid so that the number in each circle corresponds to the number of adjacent squares containing turns in the loop. Part of the loop has been drawn to get you started. Solutions at the end 3 4 4 4 3 2 2 3 1 Example solution 3 2 3 1 2 4 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 3 1 2 4 3 3 2 2 3 1 3 2 3 2 1 2 3 3 2 2 2 4 1 2 4 3 Arrow Word The arrows show the direction in which the answer to each clue should be placed. Solutions at the end ITV series Next of kin Proud Eating regime Remains US city Recede Gaelic Smart hotel Shallow stream Russian ruler Primitive One more Flower Fury Meal Arrest Top a cake Renovate E.g. Jess or Garfield Cotton holder Players in a football team Cassette device Stand in for Time periods Pop singer, _ Ora Stitched Spanish cry Aisle Yes Amend Fruit Pursue Screen Extends Not even Elevate Huge In front Oily fruit Breaker Gentle Little Mark Emit lava Sup

8 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 DMEEIR EXTRAPUZZLES Spot the difference Can you find six differences between the two pictures below? Solutions at the end Clockword The solutions from 1 to 12 are all six-letter words ending with the letter R in the centre. Moving clockwise from 1, the letters in the outer ring will spell out the name of late US thriller writer. Solutions at the end 11 12 1 10 2 9 R 3 8 4 7 6 5 1 Steering board 2 First batsman 3 Dairy product 4 Rubber 5 Clergyman 6 Interfere 7 Idler 8 Unjust 9 Knife 10 Rubbish 11 Noisy protest 12 Overcome Mirrorgram Solve our ten-letter anagram. Solutions at the end I R O N L A R I A T Anagram crossword Fill in the grid using anagrams of the listed words. There may be more than one option for each word. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Across 1 SILT UP 4 TOPS 8 TONNES 9 ANOINT 11 FAIRS 12 THE TALE 13 THE PITS 19 AM BORNE (2 words) 21 CAUSE 22 VARLET 23 COILED 24 SETT 25 ATTICS Down 2 ENROLS 3 PIERCES 5 CHEAP 6 MY LIES 7 SCREEN 8 FIST 10 PASTIER 14 OUSTS US (2 words) 15 LASTED 16 ARMPIT 17 STIR UP 18 NEED 20 PEONS Fill In There are no clues to this word puzzle other than the number of squares in the grid and the length of the words or phrases. Can you place all the words in the grid? Solutions at the end 3 LETTERS AIM BOA DUO ERR EWE 4 LETTERS BULL GAIN GENE HUES INTO KNIT LAKE OBOE STYE TAXI 5 LETTERS AMBLE BROWN EXUDE HORDE RADIO ROAST SMOCK SUNNY SWIFT WEDGE 6 LETTERS ABOARD ADRIFT COMETS EXCUSE MUDDLE OCTOPI OUTCRY PARADE RABBIT STARCH 7 LETTERS AWESOME BEDTIME CHALICE CHEETAH CROCHET DEFICIT DREAMER EMERALD SACKFUL SEISMIC UNCOUTH WILDCAT 8 LETTERS LABOURER MOMENTUM STOPPAGE UPSTROKE 9 LETTERS ALBATROSS CHALLENGE MILLIGRAM MUSKETEER NULLIFIED ULTIMATUM 10 LETTERS BAFFLEMENT NIHILISTIC 11 LETTERS CERTIFIABLE OUTDISTANCE DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 9 Mindbenders Jigsaw su-doku Kakuro Can you tackle this tricky set of logical posers, fiendish word games and mathematical mysteries? Solutions at the end 1 Four mothers are comparing the ages of their sons. Julie’s son is older than Jill’s yet younger than Fred. Josie’s son is younger than Frank yet older than Julie’s son. Judith is not the mother of Ferdinand and Jill is not the mother of Finbar. Can you order the sons from youngest to oldest? 2 Which two words meaning ‘pin’ and ‘guided’ combine into one meaning ‘confronted’? 3 Find the children’s toys in these anagrams: a) Turn Wage, b) Poking Pipers, c) Cookie Pedals. 4 Salazar should really buy a new calculator. On his current one, every digit but 4 is broken. The operators plus, minus, divide, multiply, square root and equals are still fine though! What is the shortest sequence he must enter to get 84 to appear on the screen? 5 Ian is driving to the airport at an average speed of 50mph. In 12 minutes’ time, he will be five times closer to the airport than he currently is from his house. Given that the whole journey will take 48 mins, how far has he still got to drive? Scribble pad ✍ 2 9 4 1 6 5 6 5 9 1 4 2 3 5 8 4 6 2 3 4 3 7 8 Fill in the rows, columns and boxes with the numbers 1 to 9 without the same number appearing twice in any row, column or box. Solutions at the end Killer su-doku 17 12 7 13 14 7 13 10 35 6 10 16 6 10 4 18 18 20 23 26 3 15 13 8 15 8 11 7 12 9 13 20 17 4 16 11 14 16 10 Fill in the white squares with the numbers 1 to 9. Each horizontal block of squares must add up to the number in the shaded square to its left, and each vertical block must add up to the number in the shaded square above it. No number may be used more than once in any one block. Solutions at the end Futoshiki Gogen Insert letters to form the listed words, moving between adjacent cells horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction. Insert all the remaining letters of the alphabet (except Z) in the grid so all the listed words are spelt out in this way. Solutions at the end 1 2 C J G L X ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY G F H C K P O E A K S N I X M W H S N V P O V E T Y R Q I T W L R U B F B U M D Y D A Q J AXLE COGENT FRUIT JEANS KNAVISH POSE RHENIUM RUBY SHOWY SQUID ALONG BURLY FIXTURE HIVE JUT MET PLAQUE SNICK WORLD ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY 8 14 13 13 8 21 17 9 12 Killer Su-doku is based on the traditional grid and every column, every row and every 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 to 9. But the dotted squares must be filled with numbers that add up to that in the left corner. Solutions at the end Circlegram Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within each circle can be arranged to form words, names or terms on a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark? Solutions at the end 17 6 23 14 8 13 22 6 17 15 10 13 7 19 13 G E R B I R E 4 N ? E L E C C T K E L 2 Insert the numbers one to five in each row and each column, making sure that no number is repeated. The only symbols to guide you are the “greater than” (>) and “less than” (<) signs. Solutions at the end Split Decision Cross out one of the two letters in each divided square to reveal a completed crossword grid. Solutions at the end P C A L A U Y S S E K L V S H G T U N H I A N T Y S B I P F N T S M I O L G K H S T

10 IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 DMEEIR EXTRAPUZZLES Logic Using the grid below, can you work out how many tries Chloe scored at each game? Solutions at the end Chloe and her rugby coach are reflecting on her performance in this season’s South-West England amateur league. She played in five fixtures with a range of success. “I scored my highest number of tries at a fixture in January against The Buzzards,” commented Chloe. “No, I can’t recall either. Embarrassingly, I didn’t score any tries during the game at Valley Park in January,” said Chloe. “Everyone has their off days. I remember we played against the Ilfracombe Imps after the game at City Stadium because our new kit arrived in between those two games,” replied her coach. Bridgwater Blues Old Leviathans Weymouth Whales The Buzzards 7th Dec 13th Dec 18th Jan 31st Jan 14th Feb 0 tries 1 try 3 tries 4 tries 6 tries St Paul’s Park Thornbury Bridge City Stadium Valley Park Hamfield Arena “You played particularly well that day. You scored twice as many tries at our match at City Stadium than when we played against the Old Leviathans,” replied her coach. Can you deduce where each fixture took place, and how many tries Chloe scored in each game? Ilfracombe Imps St Paul’s Park Thornbury Bridge “I scored fewer tries at our most recent fixture, at Hamfield Arena, than when we played the Weymouth Whales,” said Chloe. City Stadium Valley Park Hamfield Arena “Our game on the 7th of December was against the Bridgwater Blues at St Paul’s Park. I haven’t made a note of how many tries you scored then, do you remember?” asked Chloe’s coach. 0 tries 1 try 3 tries 4 tries 6 tries Word Spiral Starting from 1, fill in the grid clockwise with four-letter words. The last letter of each word becomes the first letter of the next to reveal a hidden word. Solutions at the end 1 2 3 9 10 14 15 8 11 4 1 Of the Isle of Man 2 Christmas, informally 3 Fly high 4 Occurring very infrequently 5 Peepers 6 Rescue 7 Consumes food 16 13 12 7 6 5 Keyword clue: Tool type 8 Appear 9 Postal system 10 Citrus fruit 11 Engrave 12 Opposite of low 13 Optimism 14 Finishes 15 Rebuff 16 Grain husks Battleships Find where the fleet of ships shown are hidden in the grid. The numbers to the right of and below the grid indicate how many of the squares in that row are filled in with ships or parts of ships. The ships do not touch each other, even diagonally. Some squares have been filled in to start you off. Solutions at the end A B C D E F G H I J 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 4 0 2 2 2 3 1 4 1 x Battleship 3 x Destroyer 2 x Cruiser 4 x Submarine 1 2 3 2 1 3 2 3 1 2 1 Codeword In this completed crossword puzzle, each letter has been replaced with a number. Three letters have been given to start you off, so write these letters wherever their numbers appear in the grid. The completed grid will include all letters of the alphabet. Remember, none of the answers are proper nouns. Solutions at the end 16 1 7 10 24 1 2 26 7 26 17 6 17 4 12 12 17 1 4 19 4 16 15 5 22 14 18 E L F 23 19 7 21 1 21 17 14 23 25 2 14 19 19 21 15 22 1 16 5 15 2 15 9 12 19 4 21 11 3 21 1 20 15 4 13 15 8 17 10 15 14 25 23 21 12 23 17 1 6 26 1 14 23 24 17 17 23 14 15 8 17 19 4 19 19 23 19 4 19 2 4 5 4 1 20 18 7 1 21 15 13 17 14 18 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 L 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 E F A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z DMEEIR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 IRISH DAILY MIRROR 11 Mirror Image Which of the shapes A-D is an exact mirror image of the original? A B Number Fit All of the listed numbers fit into the grid and there’s only one way to do it. One number has been provided to get you started. 7 3 5 9 5 4 0 7 ORIGINAL C D 4 digits 3742 4292 4534 6547 7164 7234 5 digits 27120 32624 62345 72475 7 digits 3627153 7243589 8531323 9679065 8 digits 31214632 34142459 73595407 74234575 83649201 86897562 6 digits 642461 658382 737348 907658 TODAY’S SOLUTIONS ARROW WORD V V D R E E S F T R E L A T I V E B A R B A R O U S R I R E N A B S V R A C A R N A T I O N R E C O R D E R E C C O L E A Y E L R E P R E S E N T V E T E K E S R A I S E A H E A D O L I V E V A S T W A V E M I L D W E E S T A I N E R U P T D R I N K SPOT THE DIFFERENCE M U D D L E L A K E B R O W N L R R A N O I S T Y E R A B B I T A M B L E I A O T C I D M O M E N T U M C H A L I C E A E I R B E L A S T A R C H E X U D E I N T O U I R L T G E M E R A L D A L B A T R O S S A I P H A A O U T D I S T A N C E S M O C K N I T R O B K O C T O P I A I M A D R I F T O C D E F O U S U N N Y C E R T I F I A B L E T U S S L S C H A L L E N G E B E D T I M E L I A S M U T A X I S W I F T E X C U S E W F M N O N R K D E F I C I T U P S T R O K E S E C O P C T H O R D E A B O A R D H U E S M W O G U E E W E D G E G E N E O U T C R Y BIG PICTURE BIG X SUDOKU FUTOSHIKI JIGSAW SUDOKU SUDOKU: EASY SUDOKU: MEDIUM SUDOKU: HARD 2 9 3 7 5 6 1 4 8 8 1 4 9 2 3 6 7 5 5 6 7 8 1 4 9 2 3 3 8 1 4 6 5 7 9 2 4 7 5 2 8 9 3 1 6 9 2 6 3 7 1 8 5 4 6 3 9 1 4 2 5 8 7 1 4 8 5 3 7 2 6 9 FILL IN WORD SPIRAL 1 Manx, 2 Xmas, 3 Soar, 4 Rare, 5 Eyes, 6 Save, 7 Eats, 8 Seem, 9 Mail, 10 Lime, 11 Etch, 12 High, 13 Hope, 14 Ends, 15 Snub, 16 Bran. Spanner CODEWORD 1=A, 2=S, 3=X, 4=N, 5=L, 6=P, 7=C, 8=J, 9=Q, 10=K, 11=Z, 12=U, 13=G, 14=R, 15=E, 16=B, 17=O, 18=Y, 19=I, 20=V, 21=T, 22=F, 23=D, 24=W, 25=M, 26=H. CIRCLEGRAM The letter represented by the question mark is A. Earring, necklace, bracelet, all items of jewellery. MIRROR IMAGE D PATHFINDER Like a Prayer, American Life, Ray of Light, The Power of Goodbye, Bedtime Story, Frozen, Papa Don’t Preach, Jump, Like a Virgin, Rescue Me, Hung Up, Beautiful Stranger, Die Another Day, Into the Groove, Hanky Panky, Don’t Tell Me, Cherish, Material Girl, Holiday, American Pie, Everybody, Vogue NINER 1 WORKMATES 2 FRACTIOUS MINDBENDERS 1 Ferdinand, Finbar, Fred, Frank. 2 Tack-led. 3 a) Water gun, b) Skipping rope, c) Kaleidoscope. 4 √Four × forty-four – four = 84. 5 Fifteen miles 5 8 3 9 4 2 6 8 1 7 7 5 2 6 9 8 4 3 1 2 5 6 4 8 5 7 6 2 1 9 3 5 4 9 7 8 8 7 5 2 1 4 1 9 6 3 CLOCKWORD 1 Rudder, 2 Opener, 3 Butter, 4 Eraser, 5 Rector, 6 Tamper, 7 Loafer, 8 Unfair, 9 Dagger, 10 Litter, 11 Uproar, 12 Master. Robert Ludlum MIRRORGRAM IRRATIONAL 2 3 6 9 7 6 2 1 5 9 3 7 8 4 5 9 4 7 8 1 3 2 6 3 8 7 4 2 6 5 9 1 1 5 8 3 4 7 9 6 2 9 4 3 1 6 2 8 7 5 7 6 2 8 5 9 4 1 3 3 5 4 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 4 1 5 2 3 2 3 1 5 4 5 4 2 3 1 5 7 3 6 1 8 2 9 4 9 2 1 3 6 5 8 4 7 8 6 4 5 3 9 7 2 1 2 8 9 1 4 7 5 6 3 1 4 7 8 2 3 9 5 6 3 5 6 2 8 1 4 7 9 6 9 8 4 7 2 1 3 5 4 1 5 7 9 6 3 8 2 7 3 2 9 5 4 6 1 8 5 1 4 6 3 9 7 4 6 3 8 2 1 5 3 2 5 4 7 1 8 6 9 6 1 8 9 2 5 7 4 3 8 1 3 9 5 6 7 4 2 1 8 3 5 9 6 7 3 4 2 8 1 6 4 9 8 2 7 1 5 3 7 6 9 4 8 2 1 5 6 7 3 9 5 7 2 1 3 4 8 9 6 5 4 2 1 3 7 8 9 2 5 6 4 2 3 4 5 8 1 9 6 7 3 6 9 2 7 1 8 4 5 9 8 7 3 6 2 5 1 4 8 1 4 9 6 5 3 2 7 1 6 5 7 4 9 3 2 8 7 2 5 3 4 8 1 9 6 7 2 1 4 9 3 6 8 5 6 4 1 5 2 3 9 7 8 4 9 8 6 7 5 2 3 1 9 5 3 4 8 7 6 1 2 3 5 6 2 1 8 4 7 9 2 7 8 6 1 9 4 5 3 Valley Park City Stadium Thornbury Bridge Hamfield Arena St Paul’s Park Stadium 0 6 4 3 1 No. of tries ANAGRAM CROSSWORD Across: 1 Tulips, 4 Opts, 8 Sonnet, 9 Nation, 11 Farsi, 12 Athlete, 13 Pettish, 19 Arm bone, 21 Sauce, 22 Travel, 23 Docile, 24 Test, 25 Static. Down: 2 Loners, 3 Precise, 5 Peach, 6 Smiley, 7 Censer, 8 Sift, 10 Parties, 14 Suss out, 15 Salted, 16 Impart, 17 Purist, 18 Dene, 20 Opens. 31st Jan 18th Jan 13th Dec 14th Feb 7th Dec Match date Ilfracombe Imps The Buzzards Weymouth Wales Old Leviathans Bridgwater Blues Team LOGIC ENTER VOWEL Word wheel BEDAZZLED GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ 1 Harper Lee, 2 Norwegian, 3 Arthur Miller, 4 Sean O’Casey, 5 Keri Hulme, 6 The Hobbit, 7 Europe, 8 Portugal, 9 Sardinia, 10 Snowdon, 11 The Falkland Islands, 12 Florida, 13 Man, 14 An insect, 15 A tree, 16 Marsupials, 17 Elk, 18 An iris, 19 The Netherlands, 20 Italy, 21 Japan, 22 Every four years, 23 The West Indies, 24 Chess, 25 Aircraft, 26 Green, 27 Field Marshal, 28 Universities, 29 The Sphinx, 30 Religious Education. T O U P E E S S A U C E M O R B O O L I Q U O R A E R I A L T F O N T L F I R E A L A R M M E N I C A U S E S A S C E N D N U O E I N I T I A L L Y C N T O O T O U T A G E O B T A I N R N D S E E R E S E T M E A S U R E HONEYCOMB 1 Bangle, 2 Nature, 3 Revere, 4 Evicts, 5 Stalls, 6 Laurel, 7 Recede, 8 Cuddle, 9 Damsel, 10 Meters, 11 Recall, 12 Cellar. DOUBLE JIGWORD D E L B H O A X A F A R L T N P F L O R I D A S E S A E M B L E M S E E I E O V A L D A N K E Y E D S T A I N C O O A G O H D L E G I S L A T E T R T R S D E B A C L E D S L A H U N S I G H T L Y N O I A P E R R A N N I E 8 2 J Q A Y D 2 4 3 1 9 3 7 5 4 2 6 2 1 2 3 2 1 1 1 0 1 3 1 4 6 9 1 8 2 2 7 M 2 3 8 5 2 7 9 3 1 3 2 8 4 6 U 4 4 3 LOOP BATTLESHIPS F 2 4 5 3 6 1 7 9 9 1 8 5 2 7 3 4 1 9 2 4 8 3 7 5 6 1 KAKURO KILLER SU-DOKU SPLIT DECISION 9 5 2 3 7 B 6 1 8 2 9 4 3 5 7 4 3 6 9 8 7 4 6 1 5 8 2 9 1 4 3 2 8 3 9 5 4 6 2 7 1 8 7 6 3 U 5 4 9 5 6 7 2 8 1 8 1 2 1 6 3 7 9 5 4 4 3 7 5 9 8 6 2 7 4 1 9 8 5 6 2 3 3 7 6 9 8 5 4 7 2 8 1 3 9 5 6 1 2 4 7 8 6 2 4 1 3 9 5 1 9 1 2 8 9 5 6 8 7 9 1 3 1 3 3 2 4 2 4 8 3 1 9 7 4 2 1 1 3 2 9 4 2 8 3 4 5 2 1 7 9 5 8 7 9 R 6 2 8 5 3 7 4 1 9 9 3 5 2 4 1 8 7 6 W 7 1 4 6 8 9 3 2 5 2 5 3 4 1 6 7 9 8 4 9 7 3 5 8 1 6 2 T 8 6 1 9 7 2 5 3 4 3 4 9 1 6 5 2 8 7 1 8 6 7 2 4 9 5 3 NUMBER FIT 6 3 2 8 6 9 I 4 5 3 4 7 3 5 9 5 4 0 7 8 Q Y 1 1 3 8 3 6 4 9 2 0 1 7 1 6 4 8 2 0 6 2 3 4 5 7 2 4 3 5 8 9 T 5 9 6 7 9 0 6 5 7 2 4 7 E V P V 3 3 3 4 2 3 1 7 2 3 4 7 4 2 3 4 5 7 5 4 N S O H R B 2 4 W 1 7 5 M 3 1 6 6 3 X 8 6 8 9 7 5 6 2 3 7 4 2 1 N O L D 5 7 2 8 9 3 6 4 1 2 3 4 2 8 5 TRIANGLE S K A E P K C H F G X L G J C GOGEN 1 I T H G I S P N B Y T I N U G S L E S U A C

SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN CAPRICORN AQUARIUS AQUARIUS PISCES PISCES GO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER 12 ARIES IRISH DAILY MIRROR TUESDAY 14.09.2021 RIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER RUSSELL ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ICORN GRANT AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO MINI CANCER EO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO horoscopes ARIES TAURUS LEO GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO VIRGO LIBRA LIBRA LEO SCORPIO SCORPIO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO BRA SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Aries March 21–April 20 Libra Sept 24–Oct 23 SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES You could talk the hind legs A situation involving a off a donkey today and people will workmate or neighbour will make support you in SAGITTARIUS everything CAPRICORN that you AQUARIUS you feel uncomfortable. PISCES They’re LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO do. ARIES You will be TAURUS making a SAGITTARIUS GEMINI true, CAPRICORN CANCERtoo frank about a personal AQUARIUS PISCES no-holds barred attempt to reach problem and although you sense a special hope that has been they expect you to have a solution, PISCES uppermost in your ARIES mind. TAURUSThis GEMINI CANCER ARIES is a all TAURUS you can really GEMINI do is CANCER offer a few goal you have wanted to achieve words of advice to cheer them up for some time. a bit. LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS For TAURUS more call 1560 CAPRICORN GEMINI 932201 CANCER AQUARIUS For PISCES more call 1560 932207 TARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES URUS GEMINI CANCER ARIUS GO LIBRA SCORPIO RIES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ARIES Taurus April 21 – LEO May 21 VIRGO Scorpio LIBRA SCORPIO Oct 24 – Nov 22 ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES Think twice TAURUS before taking GEMINI CANCER Some things are important up an offer to get involved in a enough for you to proceed with or CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS community SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN project. Will AQUARIUS you have PISCESwithout your family’s approval. the time? Extra responsibility is Until everything settles down, it being loaded on you when a SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN will be hard AQUARIUS to know whether PISCES a colleague is preparing for a test or decision is successful but whatever LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO interview or they have LEO taken VIRGO sick happens LIBRA you SCORPIO will know you made a leave. This is placing a heavy choice based on what feels right SCORPIO burden on your shoulders. for you at this time. For more call 1560 932202 For more call 1560 932208 ICORN AQUARIUS PISCES MINI EO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO BRA TARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES URUS GEMINI CANCER SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES ARIUS SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Gemini May 22 –June 21 Sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21 TAURUS GEMINI CANCER ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER Your partner SAGITTARIUS is not CAPRICORN in tune AQUARIUSPeople PISCES are relying on you to PISCES with your needs and feelings and help them out in an area where does not understand why you are one of the few who are LEO VIRGO LIBRA something is important to you. SCORPIOqualified to handle this matter. Due You’re doing your best to explain LEO to VIRGO matters that LIBRA are beyond SCORPIO your something to someone you love control, you will be expected to only they ARIESaren’t hearing TAURUS what GEMINI you stand CANCER in for an absent colleague or say and they seem to be missing teammate, and your conscience the point. won’t let you refuse. For CANCER more call 1560 932203 ARIES TAURUS For GEMINI more call 1560 CANCER932209 GO LIBRA SCORPIO LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO ICORN SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS AQUARIUS CAPRICORN PISCES PISCESAQUARIUS PISCES MINI SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES BRARIES ARIUS LEO VIRGO LIBRA Cancer June 22 –July 23 SCORPIO Capricorn Dec 22 –Jan 20 An important day for A partner thinks you’re professional matters. If you have spending too much on pleasure. SCORPIO been TAURUS hoping GEMINIfor word CANCERof a Since you’re always careful with LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO promotion, some favourable news your cash you might wonder will ARIESbe SAGITTARIUS received TAURUSCAPRICORN through GEMINI the AQUARIUS office CANCERwhere PISCES they got this idea from. grapevine, but in all fairness, you Keep an eye on their outgoings. shouldn’t pass this on any further You will soon discover where any until you have heard it from a extra cash is being spent and this more official capacity. has nothing to do with you. PISCES For LEOmore call 1560 VIRGOSAGITTARIUS 932204LIBRACAPRICORN SCORPIOAQUARIUS For more call 1560 PISCES932210 LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO Leo July 24 – August 23 ARIES TAURUS GEMINI CANCER Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19 Acting on an impulse could There seems to be no end have surprising consequences. to your bright ideas. People in This should be a good time to authority will be impressed and SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES enter deals involving property, art delighted by your contribution. or finance. LEO You’re VIRGO taking on more LIBRA SCORPIO You will surpass yourself in commitments of a professional professional and volunteer efforts. TAURUS GEMINI CANCER nature. Will there be room in your In a contentious situation, fight life to fit it all in? A partner could irritation. Talk things through and make some wise suggestions. a compromise will be found. For more call 1560 932205 For more call 1560 932211 SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES ARIES LEO VIRGO SAGITTARIUS LIBRA CAPRICORN SCORPIO AQUARIUS PISCES Virgo Aug 24 – Sept 23 Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20 You will be quick to take up You could be surprised by a new challenge rather than wait the change in mood from the start for opportunities to come to you. of the day to the end. It is essential The pace of a team effort will that you keep both feet firmly speed up and this is all because fixed on the ground at this time. you aren’t the only one who wants Exercise moderation in all that you some jobs out of the way. You are do as you could find you run out of all ready to move on to other energy and enthusiasm very things now. quickly. For more call 1560 932206 For more call 1560 932212 SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES Calls cost €1.28 per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge – maximum of 5 minutes duration. You must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission. Service provider Spoke. Helpline 0818 205 403 The Spirit Sisters Call our team of Psychics BY PHONE BILL 1570 923 215 €1.78/min from an Eircom landline. Other networks and mobiles may be more. CALL & PAY BY CARD (01) 554 1915 €35.60 / 20 Mins. Calls charged at standard network rate. All calls recorded. 18+. Entertainment purposes only. You must be the bill payer or have the bill payers permission. We may send free promotional messages. Allstar Psychics. Helpdesk - DMEEIR CARTOONS Packed lunches BBC Good Food daily recipe to collect Bombay potato frittata Pack in the flavour with this Indian-inspired frittata. Perfect for a healthy lunch, it’s low in calories and fat, and full of nutrients 4 new potatoes, sliced into 5mm rounds 100g baby spinach, chopped 1 tbsp rapeseed oil 1 onion, halved and sliced 1 large garlic clove, finely grated ½ tsp ground coriander ½ tsp ground cumin ¼ tsp black mustard seeds ¼ tsp turmeric 3 tomatoes, roughly chopped 2 large eggs ½ green chilli, deseeded and finely chopped 1 small bunch of coriander, finely chopped 1 tbsp mango chutney 3 tbsp fat-free Greek yogurt Cook the potatoes in a pan of boiling water 1 for 6 mins, or until tender. Drain and leave to steam-dry. Meanwhile, put the spinach in a heatproof bowl with 1 tbsp water. Cover and microwave for 3 mins on high, or until wilted. Heat the rapeseed oil in a medium nonstick frying pan. Add the onion and cook 2 over a medium heat for 10 mins until golden and sticky. Stir in the garlic, ground coriander, ground cumin, mustard seeds and turmeric, and cook for 1 min more. Add the tomatoes and wilted spinach and cook for another 3 mins, then add the potatoes. Heat the grill to medium. Lightly beat the 3 eggs with the chilli and most of the fresh coriander and pour over the potato mixture. Grill for 4-5 mins, or until golden and just set, with a very slight wobble in the middle. Leave to cool, then slice into wedges. 4 Mix the mango chutney, yogurt and remaining fresh coriander together. Serve with the frittata wedges. TOMORROW’s Recipe: Vegan sausage ROlls PreP: 15 mins Cook: 35 mins serves 2