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This list includes various personalities who are well known for their roles on America's NBC television network.


The Today Show anchors[edit]

Name Time on Today
Dave Garroway 1952–1961
Hugh Downs 1962–1971
Barbara Walters 1962–1976
Frank McGee 1971–1974
Jim Hartz 1974–1976
Tom Brokaw 1976–1981
Jane Pauley 1976–1989
Bryant Gumbel 1982–1997
Deborah Norville 1990–1991
Katie Couric 1991–2006
Matt Lauer 1997–2017
Meredith Vieira 2006–2011
Ann Curry 2011–2012
Savannah Guthrie 2012–present
Hoda Kotb 2018–present

News anchors[edit]

Name Time on Today
Jim Fleming 1952–1953
Merrill Mueller 1953
Frank Blair 1953–1975
Lew Wood 1975–1976
Floyd Kalber 1976–1979
Tony Guida 1979
Chris Wallace 1982
John Palmer 1982–1989
Deborah Norville 1989
Faith Daniels 1990–1992
Margaret Larson 1992–1994
Matt Lauer 1994–1997
Ann Curry 1997–2011
Natalie Morales 2011–2016
Craig Melvin 2018–present

Weather anchors[edit]

Name Time on Today
Bob Ryan (meteorologist) 1978–1980
Willard Scott 1980–1996
Al Roker 1996–present

Current shows and anchors[edit]


Today Third Hour

Today with Hoda and Jenna

NBC Nightly News

The Tonight Show

Late Night

A Little Late


Weekend Today

Sunday Today

Meet The Press

Dateline NBC

  • Lester Holt (Anchor)

Nightly News

America's Got Talent (2006-)

The Voice (2011-)

American Ninja Warrior (2012-)

Little Big Shots (2016-)

World of Dance (2017-)

Making It (2018-)

Bring the Funny (2019-)

Songland (2019-)

Previous reality show hosts/judges[edit]

Talk show hosts[edit]


Sports presenters[edit]

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