Mirrors of Truth: Biscione Bloodlines

Monday, January 14, 2019

Biscione Bloodlines

The House of Sforza are a powerful Italian criminal bloodline from Milan closely related to the Visconti family. Both the Sforza and Visconti families use a Biscione or serpent eating a child on their coat of arms which displays their wicked nature and is a symbol for pedophilia and cannibalism. The fictitious character of Hannibal “The Cannibal” Lecter is supposed to be a descendant of the Sforza family in the story. The four-term prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi was born in Milan where these families ruled and he was the leader of the Forza political party in Italy. The Sforza merged with the Cesarini family of Rome creating the House of Sforza-Cesarini which elevated their authority. Both Sforza and Forza mean Force. Silvio Berlusconi has a lot of connections with the Italian Mafia and was a member of the P2 Masonic Lodge which was known for political corruption and part of a “shadow government” involved with the Vatican, Italian media, Italian intelligence agencies, and criminal organizations like the right-wing fascist group called the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari and Magliana Mafia. Count Marcello Visconti di Modrone was a former Mayor of Milan under Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime. Silvio Berlusconi has a monopoly in Italian broadcasting through his Gruppo Mediaset and is worth more than 7 billion. The Italian judge Paolo Borsellino who was a member of the Antimafia Pool spoke out against Silvio Berlusconi shortly before he was assassinated by the Sicilian Mafia. Silvio Berlusconi is a front man for the Sicilian Mafia and House of Sforza. The Sforza-Cesarini family are owners of the Stidda Mafia which operate in Milan where the Sforza family ruled. Duke Corrado Sforza-Fogliani was recently President of the National Association of Popular Banks and from the Sforza-Fogliani branch of Piacenza. The Visconti di Modrone branch shares their name with the town of Vimodrone near the Swiss-Italian border. The Visconti family have deep ties with Switzerland where banking is private. The Swiss city of Bellinzona was ruled by the Visconti family and still uses the Milanese Biscione serpent for its coat of arms.

The royal and noble families run corporate households from their palaces and authorize bankers, merchants, and even politicians since feudal times. A royal or noble family is a corporate entity. They still do today although they are more covert. Berlusconi is an agent of the Sforza’s court and he worked closely with the politician and journalist Gianni Letta who was on the advisory board of Goldman Sachs International. Gianni’s nephew Enrico Letta was former Prime Minister of Italy and is a member of the Trilateral Commission. Berlusconi and the Letta family are corrupt Italian politicians that work for the Black Nobility and enable their mafias and corruption. The Nuvoletta is a Camorra mafia clan taking their name from Nuvoletta brothers. Nuvo means New and Letta means reading like journalism. The Nuvoletta mafia leader Angelo Nuvoletta murdered the independent Italian journalist Giancarlo Siani. Silvio Berlusconi has a monopoly on Italian media and many suspected connections with organized crime. I believe that Prince Bosio Sforza-Cesarini was behind the “suicide” of the Swiss-Milanese and London banker Massimo Gatti who was a rival. The Sforza-Cesarini family are Milanese and Roman and were the Lords of Genzano including the town Genzano-Vecchio. Leonardo Del Vecchio is from Milan and is worth about 18 billion as the founder and primary owner of Luxottica Group. Leonardo Del Vecchio is a Court Factor for the House of Sforza-Cesarini. Miuccia Prada is a Milanese billionaire and owns the company, Prada. Royalty use billionaires as wallets to funnel cash through. Luca Garavoglia is worth over 2 billion, is from Milan and is a part owner and the Chairman of Campari Group. The Visconti family has also married with the wealthy Agnelli and Piaggio families. The Perfetti family are Italian billionaires worth about 6 billion and live in Switzerland and own Perfetti Van Melle which is located in Lainate, Italy which is just north of Vimodrone. Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo is President emeritus of the Governorate of the Vatican City State which is one of the highest level positions at the Vatican. Cardinal Lajolo was born in Novara, Piedmont which was Sforza-Visconti territory until it was taken over by the Savoys however Cardinal Lajolo is still an agent of the Sforza-Visconti's.

The Sforzas and Visconti's are directly involved in media and entertainment and oversee members of the US media and entertainment industry. Etymologists suggest that the name Milan derives from the Latin word Mediolanum which is similar to the word 'media'. Milan is considered an international media center. Ennio Doris is worth over 2 billion and is Chairman of Banca Mediolanum and Gruppo Mediolanum which are located in Milan. Silvio Berlusconi has invested in Gruppo Mediolanum. Princess Beatrice Borromeo is a reporter who has worked with Newsweek and the Daily Beast and she went to the University of Milan just as Milan is connected with the media. Princess Beatrice has Visconti ancestry through intermarriage between the Visconti and Borromeo families. The billionaire Oprah Winfrey is nicknamed the “queen of all media.” Oprah and her close friend Gayle King of CBS News are agents of the Sforza, Visconti, and Borromeo families and they were involved in the Sandy Hook fake mass shooting of children and the media’s disarmament agenda. Billionaire women who use a symbol of a serpent eating a child staged a massacre of 20 children and then demanded society to be disarmed. Luchino Visconti was a theater, opera, and cinema director and he also worked with some American actors. Luchino’s brother Eriprando Visconti was also an Italian film director. Although no direct ties with the Visconti family the record producer Tony Visconti have worked with the Beatles and with David Bowie. Caracciolo family are involved in Italian media and recently married with the Visconti family twice. The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma was designed by Achille Sfondrini from Milan. Sfondrini similar to Sforza and he was from Milan. These families have oversight in Hollywood and media from Rome and through its extensive power in society. Members of the Sforza criminal bloodline include Prince Bosio Sforza-Cesarini, Count Ascanio Sforza-Cesarini, Countess Monica Sforza-Cesarini, Count Muzio Sforza-Cesarini, Prince Annibale Brivio-Sforza, and Princess Marta Brivio-Sforza. Of the Visconti family, there is Count Luchino Visconti di Modrone, Duke Giangaleazzo Visconti di Modrone, Duchess Osanna Visconti di Modrone, Count Raimondo Visconti di Modrone, Countess Madina Visconti di Modrone, and Ambassador Leonardo Visconti di Modrone. Giangaleazzo Visconti is the most wicked member of this bloodline.


Prince Bosio Sforza-Cesarini is the head of the Roman Sforzas and an owner of the Stidda Mafia and part owner of the Casamonica Mafia clan of Rome.


Prince Muzio Sforza-Cesarini is an evil idiot that needs a bullet to the head.


Marquise Annibale Brivio Sforza and Marchioness Marta Brivio Sforza. Marchioness Marta Brivio Sforza murders and cannibalizes children and her husband Annibale is an arrogant cannibalistic pedophile. Both of them need to be executed. Marquise Annibale is a high-level authority from Rome.


Princess Lidia Sforza-Cesarini with Prince Moroello Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini. The Pallavicini family have been nobles all over Italy including in Milan.


Count Giangaleazzo Visconti di Modrone is one of the evilest Italian princes and deserves to be burned alive. This devil needs to die.


Count Luchino Visconti di Modrone is a sorcerer or brainwasher that influences women to cannibalize children.


Countess Madina Visconti di Modrone is a psychopath that murders and eats children. She is really evil and ruthless and manages a large international feminist cult of child murdering Amazons.


Count Raimondo Visconti di Modrone on the right with Prince Gugliemo Giovanelli-Marconi and Fabiano Forti Bernini.

Vimodrone (Lombard: Vimodron [ʋimuˈdrũː]; historically Modrone or Vico Modrone) is a comune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Milan in the Italian region Lombardy, located about 14 kilometers (9 mi) northeast of Milan.

Perfetti Van Melle is a privately held Italian global manufacturer of confectionery and gum. It was formed in 2001 with the acquisition of Van Melle of Netherlands by the Perfetti group of Italy.

Schiphol and Breda Netherlands; Lainate, Italy

Lainate (Lombard: Lainaa [lajˈnɑː]) is a comune (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Milan in the Italian region Lombardy, located about 15 kilometers (9 mi) northwest of Milan.

Augusto & Giorgio Perfetti



Giorgio Perfetti

Leonardo Del Vecchio & family


Luxottica owns Sunglass Hut, LensCrafters, Ray-Ban and Oakley, plus makes glasses for virtually every brand, including Bulgari, Chanel, and Armani.

Residence Milan, Italy


Leonardo Del Vecchio is worth 21 billion from selling sunglasses….


Palazzo Sforza-Cesarini (Genzano di Roma)

The Sforza-Cesarini palace, in its current form, was born as a summer residence of the Cesarini family, then Sforza Cesarini, lords of Genzano from 1564 [1]

there was the main door of the urban settlement of Genzano (“Genzano Vecchio“);

Ennio Doris & family


Ennio Doris is chairman of Banca Mediolanum, an Italian bank with more than $80 billion in assets.

He got his big break after seeking out former prime minister (and billionaire) Silvio Berlusconi, to whom he pitched his financial service ideas.


Ennio Doris


An ancient depiction of the Milanese Biscione with the snake eating a child. Later on, they attempted to change this with a snake eating a young adult and they also claim the snake is giving birth to a child out of its mouth. That is demented nonsense.


Mediolanum, the ancient Milan

The queen of all media is walking away from her biggest media platform. Wednesday, Oprah Winfrey ends her syndicated daytime talk show after 25 years.


Oprah Winfrey with Diane Von Furstenberg who married in with the German House of Furstenberg. Oprah can also be seen with Diane’s second husband Barry Diller the billionaire and co-founder of Fox Broadcasting and USA Broadcasting and head of IAC a large media and internet holding company. The Furstenberg are married with the Agnelli family and the Agnellis have married with the Borromeos of Milan. The Furstenberg family are also currently married with the Borromeos of Milan with Matilde Borromeo the wife of Prince Antonius von Furstenberg. The Borromeos are involved in media and have the Milanese Biscione of their coat of arms. The Visconti family also married with the Agnellis with Allegra Caracciolo whose mother was Anna Visconti di Modrone and her husband was an Agnelli. The Agnelli family are owners of Alfa Romeo which uses the Biscione for its logo. Lucio Caracciolo is an Italian journalist today and has been a member of the Bilderberg Group. Prince Carlo Caracciolo di Castagneto was also an influential member of the Italian media and former president of GEDI Editorial Group. Prince Carlo’s wife was Princess Violante Visconti di Modrone and his sister Marella is the widow of Gianni Agnelli. Diane Von Furstenberg is a link to the Agnelli and Borromeo bloodlines which are married with the Viscontis. Oprah Winfrey cannibalizes children and when she cant purchase trafficked children she hires people to murder children by causing deadly asthma attacks.


Oprah with the billionaire Barry Diller the husband of Diane Von Furstenberg

Fürstenberg – Borromeo Wedding

Donna Beatrice Borromeo

Borromeo received a bachelor of laws from Bocconi University, Milan in 2010, under the supervision of prof. Lorenzo Cuocolo. She also received a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University Journalism School in May 2012.[20]

Beatrice was a contributor to Newsweek and the Daily Beast in 2013. Prior to that, and from the newspaper’s beginning in 2009, she worked as a full-time reporter for Il Fatto Quotidiano. She continued in that position through the year 2016[3]


Pierre Casiraghi with his wife Princess Beatrice Borromeo. The House of Borromeo is related with the Viscontis and use the Visconti Biscione on their coat of arms. They own islands on Lake Maggiore where Princess Beatrice and her sister Countess Matilde sacrifice children. Pierre Casiraghi is enabling, participating, and financing this evil and he needs to be executed.


Borromeo coat of arms with the Biscione above the unicorn

Princess Matilde zu Fürstenberg (born Matilde Dei Principi Borromeo Arese Taverna; 8 August 1983) is an Italian equestrian and horse breeder. She is a member of the House of Borromeo, an Italian noble family with historic ties to the Catholic Church and the Duchy of Milan.

She is a half-sister of Beatrice Borromeo

On 11 June 2011 Borromeo married Prince Antonius von Fürstenberg, a member of the House of Fürstenberg, at Isola Bella, one of the Borromean Islands in Lake Maggiore owned by the Borromeo family.[14][15]


The child murdering Countess Beatrice Borromeo and her evil husband Prince Antonius von Furstenberg

John Philip Jacob Elkann (born 1 April 1976) is an Italian industrialist. He was the chosen heir of his grandfather Gianni Agnelli,[1]

Elkann was baptized and raised Catholic.[27] Elkann married Lavinia Borromeo (born Lavinia Ida Borromeo-Arese on 10 March 1977 in Milan, Italy) a member of the prominent Italian aristocratic family the House of Borromeo.[28][29] They married in a Roman Catholic ceremony in the Cappella Bianca on Isola Madre, one of the Borromean Islands of Lake Maggiore.[30]

Allegra Caracciolo di Castagneto, married Agnelli

Born in the castle of Grazzano Visconti di Vigolzone, she is the daughter of Adolfo Caracciolo, a noble Neapolitan nobleman, and Anna Visconti di Modrone, a family who in the past enjoyed nobility in Milan [1]

She married in 1975 with Umberto Agnelli


Oprah Winfrey again with Diane von Furstenberg


Oprah Winfrey has pledged to donate $500,000 to organizers of a march to demand stricter gun control laws.

((Oprah is trying to buy stricter gun laws in America on law-abiding Americans but does not care about the human trafficking gangsters that arm themselves with illegally purchased weapons because those human trafficking thugs are the ones trafficking children to Oprah. Oprah molests, murders, and cannibalizes the private parts of children and wants to take away your right to own a firearm. Oprah Winfrey bribes police and members of the government to enable human trafficking near her residences including her residence in New Jersey which is the biggest human trafficking center in the United States. Oprah Winfrey is not brainwashed at all. She is a fascist cold-blooded child murdering psychopath that has killed countless children and she needs to be executed. She will never stop murdering and cannibalizing children so she needs to be executed.))

Sandy Hook Hoax – Robbie Parker Laughing; “Summons the Sadness” for TV. Daughter “Shot & Killed”.

((This video of Robbie Parker laughing is the day after his daughter was supposedly murdered.))


Italian noble families that use a serpent eating a child as a symbol to represent them are using billionaires and the mafia to stage mass shootings because they want society disarmed for obvious reasons.


Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax – Alleged Witness Caught Rehearsing Lines Live on Tape!

Gayle King (born December 28, 1954) is an American television personality and journalist, who is co-anchor of the CBS News morning show CBS This Morning, a position she has held since 2012.[1] She is also an editor-at-large for O, The Oprah Magazine.[2]

In 1981, she was hired as a news anchor for WFSB in Hartford, Connecticut, where she worked for 18 years.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, United States, when 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children between six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members.


Original death certificate released through the Freedom of Information Act states that Adam Lanza died the day before Sandy Hook and in New Hampshire and then his death certificate later amended to correct the date.

The bloody onslaught led to the rise of Francesco Lanza. He would organize the La Cosa Nostra syndicated in San Francisco and be seen as the first true crime boss.

Alyssa Milano is a Roman Catholic agent of the Milanese Sforza and Visconti bloodlines. Milano refers to her Italian ancestry from Milan. She made a fake sex tape to promote bombing Syria which she and anyone with common sense would know that would mean murdering innocent people including children. Satanists promote wars because they are sadists that get off to murdering innocent people.

Mediaset is the largest provider of commercial television in Italy and the company’s core business is constituted by the three advertising-financed channels Italia 1, Canale 5 and Rete 4 as well as the 100 percent advertising subsidiary Publitalia 80.

Mediaset is controlled by the Berlusconi family via the umbrella holding Fininvest.

Via Paleocapa 3
20121 Milan, Italy

The wild growth on the electronic media landscape created a duopoly of the national RAI network and the commercial monopolist Finivest, ruling over 90 percent of the TV market. One is hard-pressed to find room for any other competitors.

Forza Italia was formed in 1993 by Silvio Berlusconi

Sforza Name Meaning
Italian: nickname from a variant of Forza ‘force’, ‘strength’.

Since 1994, however, magistrates have investigated many allegations against Mr Berlusconi, including money-laundering, association with the Mafia, tax evasion, complicity in murder and bribery of politicians, judges and the finance ministry’s police, the Guardia di Finanza.

The interview was recorded four days before the Capaci attack in which Giovanni Falcone was killed. Two months later (1l July 19) the same Borsellino was killed in the attack on Via D’Amelio in Palermo.


Do you tell me that it is normal that Cosa Nostra is interested in Berlusconi?


It is normal that those with large amounts of money are looking for the tools to use this money. Both from the point of view of recycling, and from the point of view of making this money come to fruition. Naturally this need, this necessity for which the criminal organization at some point in its history has been confronted, has been brought to a natural research of industrial instruments and commercial instruments to find an outlet for these capitals and therefore not it is no wonder at all that, at some point in its history, Cosa Nostra has been in contact with these industrial environments

Mr. Giuffre said Mr. Berlusconi used to be in touch with Stefano Bontade, a top Mafia boss, who visited Mr. Berlusconi’s villa in Arcore.


Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minister, is to serve his year-long sentence for tax fraud through part-time community service in a home for elderly people, a court has decided.

Silvio Berlusconi & family


Starting in the late 1970s, Silvio Berlusconi built a media group, Fininvest

He was convicted of bribing a former senator in 2015.

The three-time prime minister was convicted of tax fraud in 2014 and is banned from running for political office until 2019.

He is appealing a 2016 ruling by the European Court of Justice requiring him to reduce his 30% stake in Banco Mediolanum due to his tax fraud convictions.

His fortune, which he shares with his five children, includes stakes in media, publishing and banking firms.

Residence Milan, Italy

Silvio Berlusconi and his family

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