Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Many websites use cookies or other tags to collect information that make the websites work as visitors expect and generally enhance visitors’ website experience. In some situations, the collected information could be defined as ‘personal information’ under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). Business partners might be allowed to access and use the information, which could be defined as ‘selling personal information’ under the CCPA. The Act enables Californians to opt out of selling personal information.

Within Choice Hotels, selling of personal information is limited to allowing a restricted number of media companies access to our website’s information such as browsing history, search history and information regarding consumers’ interaction on our website. You can opt out of this sharing via the sliding selector above.

Please be aware that opting out on the device you are currently using will opt you out only on that device. To opt out on other devices, please return to on each device and opt out. Also, if you clear cookies, or if your browser automatically deletes cookies, you will need to opt out again the next time you visit our site. More information