Michael Krug: biography of the king of Russian chanson

Star of the Russian chanson Mikhail Krug, biographywhich, unfortunately, is too short, did not dream of a great career as a musician. He just really loved music and did not imagine his life without her. From a young age he began to play the guitar and sing songs of his own composition.

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Michael Krug: biography

A detailed history of his life is described by manyadmirers of his talent, we will try today to consider the main points of his work and life path. A future artist appeared in Tver in 1962 on April 7. His song "My dear city" was written about these native places. The real name of the famous artist is Vorobyov. Since the age of six, Michael was very fond of listening to Vladimir Vysotsky's songs, and already at eleven, having learned how to play the guitar, he successfully sang them. At the age of fourteen he wrote his first poems for a classmate, to whom he had a warm feeling. As his relatives and friends of childhood remember, Michael was very poor at school, often ran away from school and was a real bully. For some time he studied at the music school playing the accordion, but when he got bored, he dropped out of school. After eight classes of general education school, the future artist was educated as a repairman in Tver School No. 39. Then there was service in the army, work as an instructor in driving in a military school.

Michael Krug: biography - the beginning of a musical career

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After the army, Mikhail decided to marry. But the parents of the bride have set him a condition - to obtain higher education, since their daughter is educated, and in husbands they are ready to see only an equal to her person. Michael enters the institute, where in 1987 he participates in the contest of the author's song and wins. This was the first impetus to serious work in the field of music. Soon Michael throws work as an instructor and institute and gives all his strength and time to creativity. So there was a new star of the Russian chanson - Michael Krug. The biography of the artist contains information that by 1996, when his first concert was held, he had already released four albums. Almost all the songs from them were dedicated to a girl named Marina, whom he loved as the first pure youthful love.

Michael Krug: biography - personal life

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The artist was twice married: the first time in 1986, the second in 2000. His wife, Svetlana, persuaded him to make his work accessible to everyone and thus pushed him to success. She helped him in every possible way - she became the first producer of her husband and sewed him costumes for concerts. In 1988, she gave birth to his son Dmitry, and the next they broke up because of Michael's wild life. In 2000, the artist married for the second time on Irina, who later took the pseudonym of her husband - Krug - and acted with him. In 2002, she gave birth to his son Alexander.

Michael Krug: biography - a tragic end

Over the short period of hiscreativity Mikhail Krug has been with performances in many countries of Europe and the former USSR, starred in several films. In 1998 he received the "Ovation" award, earned the unspoken title of "King of Russian Chanson". But his creative work was dramatically and tragically finished - Mikhail Krug was killed. It happened on the night of the first of July in 2002 in his own house. One of the versions of his murder was robbery. The fact is that he was loved not only by ordinary citizens, but also by so-called thieves in law, one of whom gave him an expensive ring with three diamonds. According to the investigation, it was in the fatal night that the thieves in his house made their way. The mother-in-law of the artist was wounded, his wife was frightened, while Mikhail, after receiving several gunshot wounds, died in the morning of July 1 in the hospital. In 2008, a gang with the name "Tver wolves", which, according to the investigation, was related to Krug's death, was arrested. In one of the members of the group, Mikhail's wife, Irina, identified the murderer, who was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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