Kirpichi - I Spit... - Russian Songs & Lyrics (Translated)
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Kirpichi - I Spit…

How do I get rid of a bad habit?
Got a cigarette, but I’m out of matches
If I followed some sort of hardcore diet,
Right now I’d be looking like Philip Kirkorov*

I’d be big and I would make my show
I’d be sitting on the dough and I’d be all good
I’d work and catch fish from the pond
If they’d ask me “do you like money?” - I’d answer “well yeah…”

The one who is free here is bald as an eagle
There sure is freedom here - but what is the catch?
Noone will ever understand the underground poet,
So here is my point of view for you about this:

I spit in water from the railing,
Look at the sky - the sun is there
A cigarette smoulders between my teeth -
Hello, I’m good, and how are you?

Here’s the band Kirpichi, and my name is Vasily -
A master of word, I’m real strong
Megalomania is just simple nonsense
Ask me “do you love yourself?” - I’d answer “well yeah…”

Bam - and on my cheek, there’s suddenly lipstick
Alexander’s stare would say - “that’s how it’s gotta be!”
I’m experiencing the attention of the weaker sex
Fact is fact - and now there will be a solo

(so, there’s not going to be a solo here cause…
cause I can’t think of anything…)

Now the solo is over, and we are continuing
Applause! - We really adore that
Burn, burn my star - warm the back of my head
Kirpichi ain’t Kirpichi without two or three bottles!

You promoting the consumption of alcohol, dude?!
What did you say? - “I never… motherfuck!”
So how do you live simply when all around is this madhouse?
Cut that out, you hear me? Think about something different!

I spit in water from the railing,
Look at the sky - the sun is there
A cigarette smoulders between my teeth -
Hello, I’m good, and how are you?

How do I get rid of a bad habit
Got a cigarette, but I’m out of matches…
An artist needs some beer and a crowd packing the hall
And that’s why I wrote this rap right here!


*Philip Kirkorov - Russian (male) pop star, known for his often-eccentric looks, over-exuberant makeup and struggles with weight loss


Originally founded in St. Petersburg in the mid-1990s under the name of “BRICKS ARE HEAVY”, Kirpichi (“Bricks”) were a regular fixture at the Polygon club and remain one of the defining Russian alternative groups. Known for rarely taking themselves seriously and using a great deal of irony and sarcasm in their lyrics and presentation, Kirpichi organically combined their interests in hardcore punk, grunge, rap, funk, nu-metal, and several other music genres into something of their own - frequently switching directions and recording consecutive albums in near-opposite styles. Though often closely associated with Russian Rap, and indeed influential to its development, Kirpichi tend to mock that scene and maintain a characteristically punk ethos.

While far on the “lighter” side of what they do, “I Spit…” is an excellent example of the band’s ironic attitude toward their own work.