Alisa - Mama - Russian Songs & Lyrics (Translated)
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Alisa - Mama

Upon my land, it seems
That’s just how things are -
Everything’s not as by God’s grace,
Everything’s not like elsewhere

First we’re restless by night,
Then drunk by daylight
Looking at it from the side -
Both laughing stock, and sin…

Oh, mama, mama
I am in pain

Upon my land, it seems
Everyone’s gone blind in truth
Brother pushes brother
Father pulls son by the chest

Upon my land, it seems
Instead of rye fields - a sickle
Instead of the sun - smoke
Instead of freedom - a yoke

Oh, mama, mama
I am in pain…

And so, century after century -
No stake, no farm
To prison from our minds,
At the junction of epochs

We won’t help in a fight,
But should war occur -
God help us, we’ll win
We’ll win, if God lets us

Oh, mama, mama
I am in pain…

And the land has but one name -
Brilliant Russia
Bow before her feet,
Call her your mother

We’re all but infants
Upon her chest
Suckers, pups -
Hardly ones to save mom…

Oh, mama, mama
I am in pain…

And on the clock -
It’s already quarter to three
Time is like a river,
You can’t turn it back

But you should try just for once -
Turn around and look back
At what you managed to get done,
And who rejoices at it?

Oh, mama, mama
I am in pain…



Alisa, like many of the top Russian Rock bands, started out in 1980s Leningrad. Led by Konstantin Kinchev and Pyotr Samoilov, it continues to enjoy a great deal of popularity to this day.

Among themes favoured by Kinchev are nationalist and religious sentiments, which are seen clearly in this song - which was written in 1992 as a response to many lamenting the “death of Russia”, something Kinchev furiously rejected. Instead, he offered listeners to look back at the greater whole of Russian history as a tragic but ongoing story of fate and consequence that is far greater than any momentary turn (like the fall of the USSR) can truly change.