Where the Circle Michael is buried. Information on the life and death of the chanson star

Where the Circle Michael is buried. Information on the life and death of the chanson star

Do you want to know where the Circle Michael is buried? Are you interested in the biography of a famous singer? Then we recommend reading the article from the beginning to the end.

Where the circle of Michael is buried


Mikhail Vladimirovich Krug (real name Vorobiev) was born on April 7, 1962 in Tver. His parents are middle class.

At school our hero studied well. Although the triplets and deuces in his diaries still appeared. Misha was ashamed of his parents, and he was anxious to correct bad assessments as soon as possible.

The first verses Krug wrote when he was 14 years old. The source of his inspiration was a classmate, who liked Mikhail very much. After the 9th grade, the boy entered the school number 39, located in his native Tver. A couple of years later he received the profession of "fitter-car repairman." Then there was the service in the army. Returning to the citizen, Mikhail Krug carried away the work of Vladimir Vysotsky and playing the guitar.

Where the circle of Michael was buried

Creative way

Not all people want to know whereMikhail Krug is buried, the history of his success is known. The first public performance of chansonnier took place in 1987. At that time in Tver there was a contest of author's song. Mikhail Vladimirovich took part in it and took the 1 st place. Since then, he has become seriously engaged in writing music and songs.

For several hours a day, the Circle was spent in the studiosound recording. In 1994, his official album "Zhigan-lemon" was on sale. The songs presented on the CD won incredible popularity among listeners. The next few years of Mikhail Krug expected touring in different cities of Russia and performances at the largest concert venues. Our hero writes new songs and participates in filming clips on them. Russian chansonnier is invited to foreign festivals.

Where the circle of Michail is buried

Personal life

They say that the first love is never forgotten. Mikhail Krug fully agreed with this expression. Songs in the first four albums he dedicated to the girl Marina. She was his first love.

However, Misha married completely with another lady. In 1987, he came from the army and almost immediately married Svetlana. They were united by the love of music. In 1988, the couple had a son, Dmitri. But even a common child did not save the family from decay. In 1989, Mikhail and Svetlana officially formalized a divorce.

Almost 10 years, the famous chanson was inthe status of a free man. But in 2000, fate brought him with a beautiful Irina Glazko. It was love at first sight. Mikhail Krug took Irina to Moscow. In the same year, their wedding took place. The spouse took the husband's last name - Krug. In 2002, Irina gave Mikhail a little son, who was named Alexander.

Cemetery where the Michael circle is buried


About where the Circle Michael is buried, we'll tell you later. In the meantime, consider the story of his murder.

Everything happened in a house where, together with the familylived chansonnier. On the night of June 30, as of July 1, unknown people climbed over the fence and entered the building. During the attack, the children slept in their rooms, the mother-in-law of the Circle was wounded, and the wife managed to escape from the neighbors. The chanson star was seriously injured. For a while he was conscious. But when he was taken to the hospital, Mikhail's condition worsened. On the morning of July 1, the Circle passed away. This was immediately reported by the Russian media. However, neither detailed information about what happened, nor the date of the funeral was disclosed.

Some fans of chansonnier still do not know where Mikhail Krug was buried. We are ready to share the information we have.

Where Mikhail Krug was buried

His financial assistance to the family of the well-knownthe executor was suggested by his colleagues, the administration of the city of Tver and even representatives of the criminal world. On July 3, 2002, the coffin with the body of Mikhail Krug was taken to the local theater. There was a civil funeral service, which was attended by hundreds of people. Then the chanson's star was sung at the Resurrection Cathedral.

Where is Michael Circle buried? This is known only to his friends, relatives and faithful fans. Chansonier was killed more than 10 years ago. But his songs are still popular and loved by listeners. Many of them want to personally visit the grave of the singer, bow to her and put flowers at the monument.

The cemetery where Mikhail Krug is buried is locatednear Tver, in Dmitrov-Cherkassy. On his grave there is a large monument of black marble. Next to the photograph in large letters is written "Michael Krug".


Today we remembered another bright and talented person. Now you know where the Circle Michael is buried. His biography and the history of death are also known to you.

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