The Real Twins of NYC: MEET LEYNA NGUYEN: The Vietnamese American Modern SACHIKA Woman!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MEET LEYNA NGUYEN: The Vietnamese American Modern SACHIKA Woman!

During our experience at Viet Fashion Week, we had the pleasure of meeting and working with Leyna Nguyen, a beautiful and successful news anchor who makes us really proud to be Vietnamese. Graced with natural good looks, brains and talent as a journalist/news anchor in both Vietnamese and English, Leyna gets our SACHIKA SPOTLIGHT of the month as the Ultimate SACHIKA WOMAN! We are also super thrilled to find out she was also born on December 13th! Just like us,  she is a fierce SAGITTARIUS woman !!! #TEAMSAG

About Leyna:

Leyna Nguyen and her family came to America in 1975 as a refugee from Vietnam. She earned a degree in Mass Communication from Webster University in St. Louis. Leyna participated in "Morning Drive" for a jazz radio station WEBU and started her career as a reporter and news anchor at KCRA in Sacramento, California, where she also hosted a quarterly program on Asian-American issues. Her next footstep in TV broadcasting career started when she joined CBS affiliated family in 1997, WRDW-TV in Augusta, Georgia. Leyna currently anchors on KCAL9, weeknights at 4 P.M. and 9 P.M. newscasts. She has also co-hosted Vietnamese entertainment programs, like Asia Entertainment, and appeared in several movies and television shows, such as in the movie "Garfield" (2004). She had parlayed her reporting career into the forum of network television, where she has also appeared as a reporter in such programs as "Boston Legal," "Pushin Daisies," "Las Vegas" and "Without A Trace." She also appeared as a reporter in the films The Day After Tomorrow and Austin Powers in Goldmember. Besides from her carreer achievements, Leyna was a former Beauty Queen winning Miss Asia in 1987. Yes BEAUTY & BRAINS!

  Leyna Nguyen on KCAL News. (print screen by Aztec photo)

Here's a video of Leyna Nguyen in Action:

Leyna also hosted the annual Jerry Lewis MDA telethon, the Special Olympics Summer Games, and Heal the Bay.

In her spare time Leyna spends it as a speaker, making public appearances, and hosting charity events.
  • Leyna co-hosted for  California State University of Fullerton "Donate Life" fundraiser in 2009, to name a few.
  • Leyna emceed for 2009 Vietnamese American National Gala at the Beverly Hilton, CA
  • Leyna  emceed for 2010 Asian Business Association of Orange County Gala at Hilton in Orange, CA
  • She also emceed for Vietnamese American Musical Production such as Kim Loi Production and Special Guest Appearance for Asia Entertainment Production (Asian DVD #70)
  • She emceed for 2013 Viet Fashion Week in Westminster, CA


In 1996,  Leyna Nguyen was chosen “YWCA Woman of the Year.” 

She is the recipient of numerous television news awards, including three Emmy Awards for "Vietnam; The Journey Back" and was also nominated for an Emmy for Best News Feature Reporter. We are so proud of Leyna Nguyen!


In 1997, Leyna created a non profit foundation Love Across the Ocean which benefits underprivileged children and their families. We admire Leyna for not only working hard but for giving back to the community and children. Through her foundation, Leyna has been able to provide and helped many children. Click on the photo for the link to the website.


In 2000, Leyna  Nguyen was named one of “25 Most Influential Vietnamese-Americans in 25 Years.”

Leyna Nguyen, beautiful inside and out.

In 2011, Leyna became 68th District of California Woman of the Year Honoree.

LEYNA is rocking a SACHIKA cocktail dress on the Stage of Viet Fashion Week.

Outside from being superwoman, Leyna is also a loving wife to Michael Muriano and a mother to two beautiful children Dylan and Kayla. She is the ULTIMATE SACHIKA WOMAN. She has it all!

We wish Leyna lot of luck and continuous success in all her future endeavors!


  1. Not such a "loving wife" divorced and dating Kato Kaelin.

    1. Oh, my God! My heart bleeds.... she's my idol. Leyna, please take your husband back :-(.

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  3. I noticed she wasn't wearing her wedding ring. Maybe she's a bitch, because what guy could leave that fabulous pair of tits?


  4. I dated her husband Mike Muriano (before they were married) and he was very controlling. I've been told she is very high maintenance and craves attention. She has had so much plastic surgery. Mike is low key, does not like the spotlight and loathes plastic surgery.

    1. Thanks a lot for the insight.

  5. But come on...Kato Kaelin????!!!! REALLY?? She is one of the most beautiful women on earth and she is dating that guy?

  6. She loves Rodeo Drive and Cartier.

  7. Typical media SKANK. I was once married to a certain traffic reporting SKANK now weather reporting SKANK who felt the need to sleep with management when she was on 7. She has since remarried and I'm certain the dude she married has no idea how she moved up the ladder.