Election and Voting Information | Mercer County, NJ

Election and Voting Information

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In Mercer County, three different entities are responsible for the administration of elections. Those offices and their respective responsibilities are indicated in the summary below. More information about each area is available by linking to the web pages.

Mercer County Board of Elections:

  • Selects polling places
  • Enforces Elderly Handicapped Accessibility Act
  • Creates and maintains election districts
  • Appoints challengers
  • Appoints and trains board workers
  • Receives, counts, investigates and certifies vote-by-mail ballots
  • Counts and certifies provisional ballots
  • Serves as Board of County Canvassers

Mercer County Clerk’s Office:

  • Receives petitions for all offices of municipal clerks, except those filed with the Attorney General
  • Designs and prints all election ballots
  • Draws lots for ballot position
  • Prints and furnishes vote-by-mail ballots, emergency ballots and provisional ballots
  • Approves or rejects vote-by-mail ballot applications
  • Prepares list of vote-by-mail ballot applications

Mercer County Superintendent of Elections:

  • Acts as the County’s Commissioner of Registration, which includes regulating voter registrations; accepting voter registration applications; reviewing registration records to assure continued eligibility; and investigating provisional ballots
  • Acts as custodian of the County’s voting machines