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Will There Be a Megamind 2?

I think we can expect another movie at some point, and here is why.


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Today I watched Megamind on Netflix, and I was surprised to find out that it has been nearly 7 years since it was released. It is one of my favorite superhero animation movies, right next to The Incredibles (2004), and TMNT (2007).

Will there ever be a Megamind 2?

I would personally love to see this supervillain raise to his full potential, this time using his mind in the service of good. This could happen in many ways, but one of the most obvious would be in the shape of an alien invasion.

The movie had a perfect ending. Bad guy turns good, and gets the girl. It rarely gets any better.

I think the original Megamind was made as a parody on superhero movies, but you don't sense it much when watching the movie. Normally I hate parodies, and would not even consider watching them, since they tend to be extremely silly. While Megamind does have some humor in it, it is not unwatchable-silly. Parts that are unnaturally silly are also more tolerable in animation movies.

Chances are that there will be another Megamind movie at some point. The question is more likely to be when? than it is to be will there be?. It's a good movie, with a good story, and very few bad points. The humor was mostly great, too. Keep in mind The Incredibles 2 has also taken a long time, and, as of the writing of this, currently scheduled for 2018, according to IMDB. That's 14 years! Hopefully it will not take that long for Megamind.

Someone (not me) has opened a petition on change.org, so if you want to see a sequel, you might want to consider signing this. The petition can be found on this link: https://www.change.org/p/dreamworks-make-a-megamind-2-movie-sequal

The Good, and the Bad

The humor was generally very well done, with the exception of a few scenes. There's lots of small random, realistic humorous scenes, and most are very well done.

As an example, there is a scene were Megamind plays with a car while waiting for Titan, and suddenly exclaims: "This is embarrassing". Scenes like these are what I would describe as natural, believable, and realistic. It came out really funny.

There's another scene where Megamind's Minion is apparently dying, and Megamind picks him up, and throws him in some water. This scene is an example of bad humor. I just don't find it funny. It comes off as fake and unnecessary.

Megamind: The Button of Doom

While there is still no news on a Megamind sequel, a short video titled Megamind: The Button of Doom, the video is only 16 minutes long, so likely not enough to satisfy the fans.

The short story takes place after Megamind and Minion has defeated Titan, (Aka. Hal Stewart) from the movie. Megamind and Minion are having an auction, selling things from their evil lair, where most of their items gets sold, except for a the death ray, used to kill Metro Man in the original movie.

The video was/is included on the DVD release.


Phil Kammann

OMG that scene where minion is dying, me and my girls found hilarious. It was the extreme over acting and then the simple solution of just throwing him in the water with the very funny after comment "such a drama queen!" Sorry, we loved it.


Not saying megamind 2 wont happen. The ghostwriter who came up with megamind has lost all interest in, and has refused to write another megamind. If the ghostwriter owns the rights, there wont ever be another megamind. If a studio owns the rights, we will probably get more megamind, but it wont be as good. Hope this helps.


I absolutely loved "Megamind!" I only found it recently on Netflix. I had missed watching it at the theatre those many years ago because it wasn't heavily promoted as it's rival, "Despicable Me," released around the same time.

So, I was curious if there was going to be a second Megamind film and found correspondence between the studio and fans in which DreamWorks essentially said no to a sequel because the first didn't do as well as expected; however, I think the initial problem surrounding the film's success was all due to timing. Also, I don't agree with critics who write that it's unoriginal. I believe, instead, the story put a new spin on a familiar trope. The film, to me, was extremely entertaining, the characters were well-developed, and there was lots of humor and good pacing.

With the rise of superhero films, now would be an excellent time for Megamind 2. I hope that DreamWorks will eventually surprise us. I would really love to see what happens after a self-proclaimed 'screw-up, black sheep, and bad boy' tries his hand at defending Metro City (or 'Metrocity'). I would like to see what has become of his relationship with Roxanne and if a greater threat creates a call-to-action that even causes Metro Man to come out of hiding and out of retirement to work with his former rival. That would be fantastic!

Reno Adhiyoso

Rather thab aliens or stuff, i was hoping that Megamind 2 is like a journey to find his parents, like Megamind have a vision about his parents still alive and his journey about finding that if his vision is true or not that would be interesting to see


I'm also part of the group that would love to see a Megamind II, but as a producer myself I know that there is really little chance that such a thing comes to life.

There's a bucket of reasons for it to never be done.

1) It was an "average" grossing movie.
Sure, it did over 320 millions at the Box office, but it was a movie on a rather high budget (130 millions) for a animated film. Movies that does less than 3x its budget requires a really active fanbase for sequels to be considered.
(The main reason for this is the post-release products. Movies and especially 3D animated movies targeting families as audience usually involve a lot of investment in side-products such as toys, games, clothes, etc. Obviously, the whole cost isn't covered by the publishing company, but it's still involves quite an investment and risk.)

2) Button of Doom has been received with average ratings.
BoD was mostly a "test" done to see how Megamind would fare as a good guy, but it also displayed one really big weak point about the lore/story of the original movie. In the original movie, the only villain Metro Man faced was Megamind or, at least, that's how it was displayed. Bringing new villain is a lot more harder when the story is already stuck inside a "fixed box". BoD made use of the fact that Megamind made tons of weapons to fight Metro Man, but that's rather weak. It's a plot tool called "the Black Box" and it was already used in the movie. Creating enemies would requires Megamind to travel outside of his "area" and basically leave Metro City alone and that break the box of the first movie. (Why Metro Man only protected Metro City then? His name implies he's only necessary in Metro City.)

3) Megamind is a "fulfilled" character.
Here's one rule about heroes: They need to be able to evolve. Megamind has already been able to evolve to his limit. This leaves only to exploit "mistakes" as his only solution when facing unbeatable foes. In the movie, he faces his own mistakes and choice in life. In the BoD, he's getting a double check on his decision to be a good guy by fighting against a copy of himself. The only thing left is, maybe, related to Roxanne, but would you be okay with a movie that focus on the relation between Megamind and Roxanne? Maybe, but many wouldn't as it's not a romantic/life scenario.

Check ANY animated movies with sequels and you'll notice that the main character is evolving during the middle of the movie. For example, in How to Train your Dragon 2, Hiccup learns how to better work with Dragon and become a better leader while Toothless get an power upgrade and learn how to fly better. In the Incredibles 2, the kids learns how to controls their power against other power users and the adult learn about how they had it "easy" before they switched places between homestead and work. Each includes evolution that doesn't move away from the previous movie.

I could go on, but that's just 2 great examples and that shows in their reviews/receptions.

Even Hotel Transylvania 3 includes some form of evolution as Dracula has been in need of companionship ever since the first movie as he couldn't really move on from the death of his wife otherwise.

The only point that could come out of Megamind's story would be either Roxanne or what some comment implied about the original planet of both Megamind and Metro Man.


We just watched this movie for the first time on Netflix. We hope they make another in the future!


Personally i would absolutely love to see a Megamind 2, i remember watching it when i was 5, and i watched it a few days ago at 14 years old and i forgot how amazing the movie was to me. I dont want to get my hopes up but i believe that at some point there might be a Megamind 2, seeing as the movie is gaining popularity again. And i agree with the Incredibles 2 statement. It may take what? A couple more years. But the characters are amazing. The plot twists are amazing, the relationships between the characters and how much it can hit you in the feels is absolutley amazing. Also DreamWorks got an amazing voice actor for Megamind, being Will Farrel. Suits his character and personallity so well. Im not sure what id personally like to see in Megamind 2, but im sure if Dreamworks ever started producing the movie, it would turn out great in my opinion.


I think it would definitely be interesting to have something mentioned about Megamind's parents or his and Metroman's home planets in a sequel. Like maybe they're all really gone but it's likely we didn't get a shot of others on their planets escape as well. Maybe, after many years, one of Megamind's kind arrives on Earth and then some surprise and drama moments. Heck, maybe Megamind decides to downright go to space or call out to space for another of himself. Maybe he feels very concerned about being the only one of his kind as he sees it. Maybe he even brings another Metroman alien along too just for the heck of it even if that means another really op alien. What do you all think?

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