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Celebrating its 129th anniversary, theUniversity of Oregonhas welcomed six generations of outstanding leaders since opening in 1876. Today's students, like the nearly 200,000 alumni before them, have access to the most current knowledge in classes, as well as laboratories and seminars conducted by leading researchers.

Ranked 15th in the country among public universities and sixth among "rising" public universities, the university is regarded as one of the "best buys" in higher education for its high quality and affordability. Two UO graduates are Nobel Prize honorees, nine have received Pulitzer Prizes, and 18 have been named Rhodes Scholars.

UO students select courses from departments and programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, six professional schools and colleges and the Graduate School. More than 1,500 teaching and research faculty and 1,300 graduate teaching and research assistants serve as mentors, colleagues and friends to the more than 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at UO.


A group of Lane County farmers and merchants donated their crops and wares to erect Deady Hall, the first UO structure, and to pay professors' salaries. Railroad magnate Henry Villard contributed funds to complete it. The second building on campus was constructed with public funds and named in Villard's honor. Designated National Historic Landmarks by the federal government, both still grace the campus. Today, the university's physical plant consists of 336 structures on and off campus and is valued at more than $312 million.

The 295-acre Eugene campus is the state's center of liberal arts and sciences education, as well as one of the nation's best teaching and research institutions. Professional schools in architecture, business, education, journalism and communication, law and music complete the broad range of course offerings, with degrees awarded in more than 121 majors.

University science departments are winning national attention in biomechanics, computers, genetics, lasers, neuroscience and nanotech-nology.


The Lundquist College of Business has developed a major new emphasis in entrepreneurship and sports marketing, and the College of Education, one of the best such programs in the nation, is home to a nationally recognized Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior.

Among the Graduate School's many institutes and research centers are the internationally recognized Institute of Molecular Biology, the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology on the southern Oregon coast and the International Institute for Sport and Human Performance.


Even as UO's academic and research programs grow, so does the university's representation of and commitment to diversity. Students of color constitute about 13 percent of the student body, and the university promotes increased diversity through such programs as the Office of Multicultural Affairs, which provides academic and support services to minority students; the Associated Students of the University of Oregon Multicultural Center; and various initiatives, such as establishment of the Ethnic Studies Program. About 1,400 international students from nearly 80 countries represent about 7 percent of the student body.

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Famous University of Oregon Alumni

Ann Bancroft - First woman to cross North and South poles 
Kelly Blair - 1996 Olympian, Heptathlon
Lee Bollinger - President, Columbia University
Terrell Brandon - NBA All-Star, Minnesota Timberwolves
Ann Curry - NBC news anchor & Today Show Host
Dan Fouts - Former NFL All-Pro quarterback
Ron Fraedrick - Founder of Taco Time International
Dennis Gassner - Academy award winner, best art direction
Joey Harrington - NFL quarterback, Detroit Lions
James Ivory - Academy award-winning film director
Peter Jacobsen - Professional golfer
David Jeremiah - Vice Chair, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Ken Kesey - Award-winning author (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Once in a Great Notion)
Phil Knight - CEO and co-founder, Nike
Chris Miller - Former NFL quarterback
Ahmad Rashad - Former NFL All-Pro Wide Receiver, NBC sportscaster
Charles Royer - Director, Harvard Institute of Politics
Alberto Salazar - American Track and Field record holder


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