Porno for Pyros' Martyn LeNoble

Bassist Martyn LeNoble has been keeping busy in the music scene since his split with

experimental funksters Porno for Pyros.

After recording and playing with Scott Weiland, LeNoble recently played bass on an

all-star cover of Sly Fox's "Let's Go All the Way" with Weiland and members of Limp

Bizkit, Orgy and other alternative rock stars. Last year, LeNoble, along with members of

Rage Against the Machine and Alice in Chains, contributed to a new version of Pink

Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" for the film "The Faculty."

LeNoble was born 30 years ago today in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. He hooked up

with Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell in Los Angeles and became the bassist for

Porno for Pyros, the band Farrell formed following the breakup of Jane's Addiction in


Farrell and LeNoble were joined in Porno for Pyros by former Jane's Addiction drummer

Stephen Perkins and guitarist Peter DiStefano. The new band had a greater emphasis

on sonic experimentation than Jane's Addiction, resulting in more jam-oriented

metal/funk grooves over Farrell's signature cosmic ranting.

Porno for Pyros' 1993 eponymous debut failed to impress critics, who found both the

music and lyrics sketchy. The band made its name primarily with its stage shows. The

carnival-like act featured performance artists, ballerinas and fire-breathing strippers.

The group debuted on the second stage of Lollapalooza II, the alternative-rock festival

that Farrell first organized in 1991. Porno for Pyros headlined the 1993 UK Reading

Festival and played Woodstock '94.

Alternative music fans were primed for the release of Porno for Pyros' second LP, 1996's

Good God's Urge (RealAudio excerpt of title

cut). The album was better received than its predecessor and seemed to

indicate good things ahead for the band. But DiStefano's bout with cancer slowed the

group's progress, as the members cancelled plans until the guitarist's chemotherapy

was finished.

In 1996 LeNoble left Porno for Pyros. Though the band replaced him, Farrell's attention

quickly turned to the 1997 reunion of Jane's Addiction. In early '98, Porno for Pyros

officially disbanded.

LeNoble's first big post-Porno gig was Stone Temple Pilots frontman Weiland's 1998

12 Bar Blues solo album. LeNoble was in the band for the tour, which was

scratched when Weiland was arrested on a drug charge.

Lately, LeNoble has been a member of the band Driz, an L.A.-based pop-rock group that

also includes ex-Samiam drummer Victor Indrizzo on guitars and vocals. At last report,

Driz were mulling over recording offers.

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