What is a Magazine?
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Want to create your very own magazine? Why not? Magazines can be hugely informative and entertaining.

Apsari - Beauty Magazine Cover TemplateApsari - Beauty Magazine Cover TemplateApsari - Beauty Magazine Cover Template

Today we're going to look at what a magazine is and share some stunning magazine templates that can support you in creating the magazines of your dreams.

What Is the Definition of a Magazine?

A magazine is a collection of articles, stories, photographs, and often advertisements sandwiched between attention-getting front and back covers. Magazines are typically published on a regular schedule, be that once a month, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc. Originally, magazines were always printed, but today they can be distributed digitally as well. Magazines generally finance themselves by a combination of advertisements, prepaid subscriptions, and their purchase price.

Magazine MockupMagazine MockupMagazine Mockup

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What Is Editorial Content in a Magazine?

Editorial content in a magazine refers to all content that is written to inform, educate, or entertain. Editorial content is the opposite of commercial content or advertising copy, which is written to sell something.

How to Make a Magazine

Creating a magazine is a huge undertaking. You and your team will need to wear several hats to create a project you can be proud of. One of the ways you can cut down on the demands of time, energy, and expense is to use a professionally designed magazine template.

Fashion MagazineFashion MagazineFashion Magazine

Magazine templates provide you with an aesthetically appealing layout with placeholder text, images, and graphics. When you customise the template, the layout stays locked in place, and you replace the placeholders with your own content.

Magazine templates can be used repeatedly, so you only need to buy one template for your new venture. Let's take a look at some example magazine cover templates and magazine content templates to give you an idea of what's out there.

Interior Magazine Cover Template (INDD, PSD)

Interior Magazine Cover TemplateInterior Magazine Cover TemplateInterior Magazine Cover Template

We can all agree that the cover of a magazine is critically important to a magazine's success. If the cover doesn't entice potential readers to want to open the magazine, then the magazine will continue to sit on the shelf. So if you want to make sure that potential readers open your magazine, you want to pay special attention to the design of the cover and what you include on it. Clearly the content is up to you, but the layout is something a well-designed magazine cover template like this one can help you with.

Wedding Cover Magazine Template (PSD, PDF)

Wedding Cover Magazine TemplateWedding Cover Magazine TemplateWedding Cover Magazine Template

Envato Elements has a range of magazine cover templates for every kind of magazine. If your magazine is focused on the wedding industry, here's a terrific cover template you can use to create a stylish and eye-catching cover.

Magazine Cover Template (PSD)

Magazine Cover TemplateMagazine Cover TemplateMagazine Cover Template

This Magazine Cover Template can be used for a range of topics, from business to technology to fashion and more. The A4 template also comes in US Letter size and offers four different layouts, which can all be customised in Photoshop.

3 Magazine Covers (INDD, PDF)

3 Magazine Covers3 Magazine Covers3 Magazine Covers

These three stylish magazine cover templates are offered in both A4 and US Letter size. Use them for fashion, lifestyle, showbiz, and more. Select the layout you prefer, add your photo and your text, and your template is ready.

Apsari Magazine Cover Template (INDD)

Apsari - Beauty Magazine Cover TemplateApsari - Beauty Magazine Cover TemplateApsari - Beauty Magazine Cover Template

If you're looking for a minimalist cover design, then this magazine cover template is an excellent choice. It offers two variations on the layout, both of which are fully editable in InDesign.

Excute Magazine Template (INDD, EPS, PNG)

Magazine TemplateMagazine TemplateMagazine Template

Now let's take a look at the heart of the magazine, its internal layout. The magazine template offers 14 pages of unique layouts in both A4 and US Letter size, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to the best layout combination for your magazine.

Multi-Purpose Magazine Template (INDD, EPS)

Magazine TemplateMagazine TemplateMagazine Template

Multi-Purpose Magazine Templates is a great template for a range of magazines from fashion to business. The A4 and US Letter size formats contain 14 unique layout pages, and all images, objects, text and colours are fully editable in InDesign and Illustrator.

Fructe Magazine Template (EPS, INDD, PNG)

Magazine TemplateMagazine TemplateMagazine Template

Fructe is a gorgeous magazine template that's perfect for image-heavy content. It offers 14 superb layouts to show off your images and is offered in both A4 and US Letter size.

NOIR Magazine Template (INDD, PDF)

NOIR Magazine TemplateNOIR Magazine TemplateNOIR Magazine Template

NOIR is a beautiful grayscale fashion magazine template created in Adobe InDesign. With 36 unique page layouts, the template offers tons of choice for you to create the exact look you have in mind for your magazine.

The Magazine Template (INDD)

The Magazine TemplateThe Magazine TemplateThe Magazine Template

The Magazine Template is a 32-page template that's available in both A4 and US Letter size. Each page features clean layouts, with maximum space for images and minimal typography. All elements of the magazine are easily edited in InDesign.

Choose Your Favourite Magazine Template

Now that you know what a magazine is and how to create stunning magazines using templates, head on over to Envato Elements and select your favourite template.

And finally, if you want more information on magazine templates, check out these really helpful articles below:

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