“Funny Face” Official Trailer — New Provocative Thriller starring Cosmo Jarvis, Dela Meskienyar, Jonny Lee Miller, and Victor Garber

Funny Face — Official Trailer

source:   youtube.com

added: Fri, Feb 26th '21

In this atmospheric dreamlike thriller, a young troubled man is compelled to wear a cheap, plastic face mask. Feeling like some kind of superhero, he embarks on a revenge quest against the most corrupt and the most powerful people in Brooklyn. He also strikes up a friendship with a young misfit woman who is sympathetic to his cause.

Check out the official trailer for "Funny Face," the new provocative film from acclaimed writer-director Tim Sutton, who previously made the 2019 bare-knuckle fight film "Donnybrook" and the 2016 movie theatre massacre drama "Dark Night."

The film stars Cosmo Jarvis (Raised by Wolves, Lady Macbeth) and newcomer Dela Meskienyar with appearances by Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting), Victor Garber (Alias), Jeremy Bobb (The Knick), Dan Hedaya (Blood Simple), and Rhea Perlman (Cheers).

"Funny Face" is due to be released on March 30th.

Two young outcasts-turned-avengers meet in a late-night bodega and form a bond that takes them on an ethereal, romantic, and ultimately doomed journey of revenge through a maze-like Brooklyn in the midst of great change.


directed by   Tim Sutton

starring   Cosmo Jarvis, Dela Meskienyar, Jonny Lee Miller, Victor Garber, Jeremy Bobb, Dan Hedaya, Rhea Perlman

release date   March 30, 2021 (in theaters and on VOD)