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Joe Hill may refer to:

Others given-named "Jo[e]" and surnamed "Hill[s]"[edit]

  • Australians:
    • Jo Hill (born 1973), Australian women's basketball player
    • Joe Hill (journalist), Australian television presenter associated with station ADS

Eponyms of the activist[edit]

  • Joe Hill (film), 1971 biopic of Joe Hill the activist and songwriter
  • Joe Hill Award, awarded annually since 1989 by The Labor Heritage Foundation for a body of work in the field of labor culture
  • Joe Hill House, Catholic Worker Movement house of hospitality in Salt Lake City, Utah which operated 1961–1968
  • "Joe Hill", a song written by Alfred Hayes and Earl Robinson and recorded by Joan Baez for her 1970 album One Day at a Time
  • see also: Joe Hill §Influence and tributes

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