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Since you are reading this, you are probably aware that legal authorities also made quite a big step forward in the last decade or so. Most now have working websites, which are basically platforms that enable users, both individuals, and legal representatives, to sort many things out online.

This is extremely practical as it means, you can get things done from the comfort of your home or office with a few simple clicks. Since we know, that many of you aren’t very familiar with online platforms, we created this “How-To” guide that will help you access any Los Angeles Superior Court Case Summary with ease.

Below you will find detailed step-by-step instructions that will provide you with simple and clear details on how to view a specific Los Angeles Superior Court case summary.

How to View a Certain Los Angeles Superior Court Case Summary

Step #1: Visit which is the official site of the Los Angeles Superior Court site. There are 5 additional languages to chose from – Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, and Armenian. In case you prefer any of these 5 languages over English, simply click on any of these options in the top-right corner.

Note: The instruction herein will be provided for English version of the site, but it is very similar in all other languages. However, if you are able to understand these instructions, we advise you to use the English version to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

Step #2: Once on the above site, you will see a menu bar on top of the page, just below the page title. It starts with the “Home” item. The second item in the menu bar is “Online Services”. Use your mouse cursor and just hover over that item, DON’T CLICK ON IT. As you will hover over the “Online Services” item in the menu, drop-down menu options will appear. You will see a full list of Online Services available for each of the following categories: Appellate, Civil, Criminal, Family Law, Probate, Small Claims, Traffic, and Other. Since you are interested in Case Summary, you have most like noticed, that the “Case Summary” option is only available for the Criminal category.

*Note: In reality, there is also a Case Summary option available for Small Claims. You can access this one by clicking on the “Case Access” item under the Small Claims category. If you are interested in cases from other categories, you can access them by clicking on “Case Access”, however, there are no case summary options.

**Note: When you will click on the “Criminal Case Summary” you will first see a disclaimer window. Read the information and simply click the “I Agree” button and proceed.

Step #3: Whether you are interested in a case summary inside the Criminal category or Small Claims, you will need the case number in order to complete this step. Next to the “Case Number”, you can see an empty box. Click on it and enter the case number. Optionally, you can also select a filling location from the drop-down menu in a box below the case number.

If you have entered the case number, you can click on the “Submit” button (if you are on the Criminal page) or the “Search” button (if you are on the Small Claims page). In the case of the latter, you will also have to choose search date range. This is simply done by selecting a specific start and end date.