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    What good buys or finds have you got on craigslist?
    And how often do you use craigslist? Do you buy or sell on craigslist?

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    Have you guys ever been scammed on craigslist?

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    That's cool! I got my apartment on craigslist and just a few weeks ago sold my car and bought a car on craigslist. Love it!!! My boy was scammed for some rims they gave him 300 in real $$$ and the other 300 in counterfeit. he got Fucked over.

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    My last couple of apartments were found via CraigsList.

  1. Buy counterfeit detector pens and/or UV lights, cash only.

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    "I've bought peeps on it."
    By peeps, do you mean people?

    Cue the human trafficking hysteria!!

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    Best buy I ever got was an xbox360 for $50 ended up flipping it for 200

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    Also does anyone ever get stuff from the  "free stuff" section? Do they have good stuff or a bunch of junk?

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    Hahahah I heard of someone who bought a box load of porn for like 50

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    ive bought and sold lots of stuff on there... kid stuff beds pianos clothes wutever... a lot of my friends have also bought a lot of stuff and none of us has ever had a problem with it. awesome stuff :)

    I love that site most of the time :)

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    I need a TV... And Craigslist is where i am headed lol

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    Things I bought from Craigslist:
    My car
    A 27' Sailboat
    Boat parts & accessories
    Inflatable dinghy & motor
    A Smoker for $10

    Free stuff - Homegrown fruits & vegetables

    I've never been scammed by a Craigslist seller.

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    I bought and sold my '61 Comet on CL.
    Virtually every (legal) place I've ever lived, was found through CL.
    I bought tennis rackets, guava plants, and end tables on CL.

    I've even met some nice buyers and sellers. No creeps or scammers. Knock on wood.

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    Negative! Then people would steal cars and sell them.

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    I've bought a PS3, a lot of bikes and even traded  my Jeep for a boat. I don't mind things that are slightly used if can save me money.

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    I've purchased televisions, game tickets and almost a motorhome. Sold sporting event tickets, concert tickets, old junk lying around the house etc.. No issues ever.

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    Yeah you gotta be careful about buying tickets on CL. It's a 50/50 gamble.

  2. I'm trying to sell a stripper pole... I'm reliable!

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    I heard buying tickets on CL Is not the best thing to do. Because there are lots of fake tickets floating around

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    The fake tix look too good.

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    A LOT of the stuff being sold or advertised on Craigslist are scams. There may still be a few legitimate people but you have to be VERY careful. Read the crazy stuff at this site for more details.

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    I bought my PS3 backwards compatible for $220 a year ago.

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    I've bought and sold on Craigslist.  Mostly sold, though.

  3. i can't even post on cl :( so sad and mad! the dam freaken phone verification is not working for me!

    however, got cool jobs from there

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    CL is the bees knees.  Especially in these economic times.  It's definitely a buyers market.

    I just found a Parsons bedframe from Room and Board on CL.  Yes, I had to drive to Laguna Hills to pick it up but I got it for 400 bucks.  It was 2 months old!!!!

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    Found my car on Craigslist !

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    car parts, shelf-like cube thing, lamps, tables (found a great dining room table for FREE that we still use), couches, chairs, computer monitors

    have sold:
    Total Gym (Chuck Norris' ego was taking up just TOO much room - it had to go!), Clippers tickets, a couch, some living room stuff,
    (tried selling my sister - but guess that's frowned upon nowadays)

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    Just bought a bicycle on CL. It was a great deal for me considering a new bike of the same caliber was 6-700. I payed 329.

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    I once got one of those simple charcoal grills with he hinged lid and wheels from the free stuff.

    I was pleased.

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