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LizzoGood As Hell (CleanLyrics)

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▶️ LizzoGood As Hell (CleanLyrics)
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Mercedes Todd says:

Everyone’s cracking on Lizzie but I personally have no problem with her and her music makes me feel good and confident for some reason(maybe cause it’s what she rights about in some of her songs unlike most people)

Cammik1012209 Gift me says:

Don’t say so meney cuswerds

Javed Worrell says:

This song is GOOD AS HELL

Ramen Doodles says:

We be making vines at my school off songs like dis, making paradys, cause of some "court" With judge moody. Lol

McKenzie Paradise says:

Hair toss check my nails baby how you feeling baby..Good as###

McKenzie Paradise says:

Yasssss queen yassssss

Heidi Winfield says:

Lizzo is a beautiful women I see people making fun of her on tik tok don’t do that and don’t listen too them you slay girl 🤪

Dior Hollins says:

Yep I fell good as hell thx Lizzo she did that

Gacha Faith says:

this is my cousin's motto after her break up. it was tragic for her but she heard this song on the radio and fell in love with it

Hold the drama Dodd says:

Good at singing 🎤

Mel J says:

Lizzo is my therapy

Mark Szafran says:

Such a catchy song, really love it!

dj jahleke dj jahleke lewis says:


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