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Brilliant flower buds that sprout from elements seeping out from Ley Lines, using someone's will as its fertile soil in which to grow. Touch it to receive its extravagant treasures.

Ley Line Blossoms spawn after completing Ley Line Outcrops and defeating Bosses.

All Ley Lines cost various amounts of Original Resin to claim their rewards.

Blossoms of Revelation & Wealth

These are spawned by completing Ley Line Outcrops.

They will provide Adventure EXP and either Character EXP Materials (Blossom of Revelation) or Mora (Blossom of Wealth).

In each region, only one of each type of Ley Line Blossom can spawn at a time.

Trounce Blossom

Trounce Blossoms are Ley Line Blossoms that symbolize mighty beings. The flowers that bloom from these livings [sic] souls of extraordinary power usually require 60 Original Resin to revitalize and thus obtain their treasure from the ley lines.

Three opportunities shall arise every week to halve the cost of revitalizing Trounce Blossoms.

These rewards and the opportunities to halve the cost of claiming them will refresh every Monday at 4:00 AM.

Official description for Trounce Ley Line Blossoms

Trounce Blossoms are Ley Line Blossoms that spawn after defeating Normal Bosses like the Electro Hypostasis and Weekly Bosses like Wolf of the North Challenge.

The rewards will be based on which boss was defeated and their level.


Change History

Released in Version 1.0