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WikiProject American Open Wheel Racing is a project to better organize information in articles related to Open Wheel Racing based in the United States, with an emphasis on the Indy Racing League, Champ Car, and Indy/Championship racing under the AAA and USAC banner dating to approximately 1902, the first year of AAA sanctioning. Primary topics include races, tracks, drivers and the specific cars entered to compete. Other open wheel topics, such as support series (Indy Pro Series, Indy Lights, Atlantics), sprint cars (URC, USAC and WoO-sanctioned), and other similar forms are also welcome. It is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please browse and improve the articles as you see fit. Open discussion on such edits is welcome and desired. This project, like everything else on the Wikipedia, is what everyone makes of it. The To-do list keeps track of what the projects current short term objectives are.


  • Create standards of quality for Open wheel-related articles, consistent with Wikipedia's broader standards for biographical articles and sporting event articles, and consistent with Wikipedia's overall standards of WP:Verifiability, WP:NPOV, and so forth.
  • Create and standardize articles for Open wheel drivers, teams, tracks and series
  • Better organize all Open wheel-related articles
  • Expand upon existing Open wheel-related articles
  • Create a working relationship between members who concentrate primarily on IRL and those with members who concentrate primarily on the CART/Champ Car. Establish an atmosphere of equality in information reporting, and establish a firm stance on WP:NPOV.
  • Define areas requiring attention of above mentioned goals.


If you would like to be recognized as a participant, add your name here. This template may be placed on user pages.

{{User WP American Open Wheel}}

  1. Doctorindy: Founding member- initially created the project. Helped to establish initial needs and organization. Frequent contributor to wide range of auto racing projects/subject. I do not act in the role as a moderator, instead merely a large contributor. Special emphasis on Indianapolis 500.
  2. Royalbroil - I was a fan of the big cars from the mid 1970s until the split in the 1990s. I live fairly near Road America, and I've went to a one or two CART events. My favorite part of open wheel is the other side of open wheel racing: midgets and sprint cars. I have a broad knowledge of the many genres of racing and I like to fill in the gaps, especially very notable early racers/barnstormers that founded the sport like Barney Oldfield, Eddie Hasha, and Rajo Jack. I am an admin, so contact me if you need help with cleanup that requires it.
  3. Drdisque: Formed a ton of the articles on the site, fan since 1992, mainly concerned with Indy 500 and anything from 1995-1999 and 2005+.
  4. Chr.K.: WP:F1 and WP:Motorsport member; Indianapolis Motor Speedway specialist; universal AOWR focus, sometime F1 and Sportscars interest; despise the way NASCAR changes rules in mid-race for circus-like atmosphere, do not participate in any form of NASCAR collaboration if avoidable. (Updated 6 July 2007)
  5. Mustang6172: Member of Wikiprojects Formula One, NASCAR, and IROC. I've been watching open wheel racing for 8 years, and have been tinkering with the Open Wheel articles for some time.
  6. KPatin: Open Wheel Fan 4 Life. I have been keeping indy, champ, and f1 pages up to date along with others. Also Created Indy Pro Series Seasons.
  7. Manwithaduck: Started CCWS season pages for 1979, 1984, 1993, 1998, 1999, 2006 & 2007. 1984 is just finished and 1990 has just been started, but work will prevent me from finishing quickly. Looking forward to a re-united open wheel series in the not-too distant future! (One can dream...)
  8. Checkpoint10: I added race results to some of the Champ Car drivers, some infoboxes for the drivers, and made the 2006 Champ Car season template what it is now. I'm happy to see this project started; there's a ton of work left to be done! I have been a fan of Champ Car since 1995, although I haven't watched it regularly on TV since 2002.
  9. Jsydave: Created the 2005 Champ Car season article and frequent updater of that for 2006. Also, a member of the A1GP and F1 Projects, and creater of all of the Speedway Grand Prix season pages.
  10. Mycroft.Holmes: I've used my Indy 500 database at to create many of the Wiki race results and added results to individual drivers. I can easily and quickly dump the data in any format agreed upon by the group and rework the format quickly if a change is required.
    Please note that your own website is not a reliable source and not appropriate to be cited as a reference. Femto 15:35, 19 April 2007 (UTC)
  11. Willirennen: A member of few other car related wikiproject inclding F1, WRC as car topics are my speciality. As a UK resident I have been following CART since the Nigel Mansell era but I would like to follow IRL and Champ Car again since I just got my cable. I have expanded the Hiro Matsushita and lots more.
  12. Cs-wolves: Will work on any article that needs improving. Motor racing fan in general.
  13. Chuck Carroll: Primarily interested in Indy 500-related pages.
  14. DH85868993: No particular expertise in AOWR (F1 is my special interest), but I am keen on promoting consistency between the various children of WP:MOTOR.
  15. CorSter: CART, Champ Car, Atlantics, Indy Lights, and IRL.
  16. Apmiller: Current project (Jun09): adding race reports for 2002 CART season, sprucing up 2002 driver pages along the way.
  17. JohnnyBGood t c VIVA! : CCWS mainly. Big fan of the CCWS and F1. Major upgrades done to 2007 CCWS season.
  18. Tim Wohlford: Already a key contributor (words and pics) for many IRL, USAC, Indy500, F1 and Michigan Speedway articles. I regularly write for a motor sports web site.
  19. Fanofspeed: IndyCar Series is a big interest of mine. My favorite is F1 though, but not by much. I also enjoy some Champ Car World Series.
  20. Sesameball: Mostly IRL, although a fan of CCWS and F1. Particular attention to updating point tables, keeping driver pages up to date, and developing driver pages as needed. Also a member of the Wikification drive.
  21. Barno: Participant in WP:Motorsport and WP:NASCAR for a long time. Main open-wheel interests are Sprints, Midgets, and historical AAA/USAC Indycars. Grew up in Modified country, worked at both dirt and paved tracks, wrote for racing weekly papers.
  22. Pascualangulo: I'd like to improve the articles of the 80's drivers, and include the standard season results.
  23. I'm fairly knowledgeable about the IndyCar series and an expert on the Indy 500.
  24. Meisfunny: Indy 500 contributor. I plan on improving IndyCar Series Articles.
  25. SonicAD
  26. Citicat I've been expanding the Indy 500 race reports, and some info on individual drivers
  27. Commasense: Longtime open-wheel fan, I created the page for the 1996 Champ Car season.
  28. Markdill Developed marketing program while VP at Nortel that involved IRL team sponsorships (Walker, Treadway, Panther) from 1996 through 2000. One-two finish at Indy 500 in 1997, and won 3 additional races with Scott Goodyear while he was a Panther. Write auto racing history articles for IMS programs and work extensively with the world's foremost authority on the early Vanderbilt Cup, Howard Kroplick, assisted in the writing of Kroplick's book, "Vanderbilt Cup Races of Long Island."
  29. Falcadore Recently completed the history of the Gold Coast Indy 300 just in time for the event to collapse, curse you conflicting Gridiron calendar.
  30. User:Chrisg21090 I go to every race at Homestead.
  31. Manningmbd - Avid follower of the Indy Racing League since 1996. Committed to (but not limited to) expanding and re-enforcing driver pages along with season articles.
  32. Suttna08: I've been watching the IndyCar Series since 2008. Previously watched Champ Car World Series.
  33. Officially Mr X (talk) IndyCar, (ChampCar), Superleague Formula, F1, A1GP, GP2
  34. wildarms007: Aboslutly love open wheel racing. Added additional info to drivers pages for Johnny Rutherford & Scott Pruett. Also expanded the history of the Michigan 500 & added article about attrition during the CART/Champ car races at Michigan. Hope to get more info on other races to improve that as well.
  35. RedNumber5: Big fan of CART/Champ Car since 1989 and will help with race results and any various articles.
  36. Pdesil t c Big racing fan. A fan of the IRL, and all forms of open wheel racing. Will do historical research. Just Ask
  37. Lvi56: NASCAR fan and fan of the IndyCar series. I am working on track pages in an attempt to standardize them.
  38. Ehall317: Love all open wheel racing. Born and raised in Indy, interested in helping make the information contained in this project easier to access from applicable pages. Constructing AAA championship season review
  39. VanBurns: F1, Champ Car & IndyCar Fan. I update all the 1989 - 2007 CART/Champ Car and the 2003 - 2008 IndyCar Final Driver Standings into the current Template:American Open Wheel driver results legend style.
  40. Kuguar03: Fan of IndyCar/CART/Champ Car. Was an SCCA flagger for many years so attended many events in that capacity. Kuguar03 (talk) 00:47, 7 December 2010 (UTC)
  41. User:Kevintjeerdsma1996:Especially fan of Formula One but also very interested in American open wheel racing especially:The Indianapolis 500. User:Kevintjeerdsma1996 (talk) 16:43, 28 December 2010 (UTC)
  42. Dwarf73: Specific interest in CART/Champcar and Canadian drivers involved in the series. Follow F1, WRC, and IndyCar.
  43. Declan Earley: Been a massive follower of open wheel for over 15 years.
  44. Hunterscarlett: Open wheel fan and interested in emerging European drivers in American Open Wheel Racing.
  45. Spyder_Monkey: CART fan from the early split era, getting back into IndyCar recently.
  46. Asher413: Indycar fan all my life- just wanted to contribute to more complete historic season pages for new fans to learn.
  47. GeorgeOD1989: Massive Indycar fan for 3 years and have been watching old CART/Champ Car/IRL videos in that time. Followed F1 since 1998 to begin my interest in motorsport. Would like all the Indycar pages to be more extensive in the text so will add to those. Heard about this page from a blogger on the Trackside radio show podcast.
  48. BosleyTree
  49. Belchfire: Huge fan of IndyCar racing pre-Tony George and his IRLaughingstock. Recently created this gem of an article for your reading pleasure.
  50. Loyrh2: I have been a fan of Indycar and CART/Champcar most of my life. I was born and raised in Indianapolis. I have attended dozens of races.
  51. Senorsoupe: An open wheel fan and stats nerd. I sincerely hope to see articles for individual seasons up to the same quality standards as F1 season articles. I am currently working on compiling information to create team and driver charts for the IRL seasons 1996-97 through 2001 (there is no chart in the article)
  52. Poppo154 (talk) 20:34, 25 May 2013 (UTC)
  53. Jahn1234567890: Fan of anything that has to do with motorracing.
  54. Pbtflakes (talk) 15:20, 17 March 2015 (UTC): Fan of motorsport, lookig to fill in coverage gaps when possible
  55. DesoG: Specific interest in history of Indycar from the beginning in the early days of XX century. Fan of Indycar from 1994. Created the List of American Championship Car Rookie of the Year Winners and List of Indycar Engine Manufacturer Championship winners pages.
  56. Bcschneider53: Interest in most forms of motorsport, including IndyCar. --Bcschneider53 (talk) 00:24, 29 September 2015 (UTC)
  57. MWright96: Have interest in many motorsport categories. Would like to improve coverage and cleanup prose issues where possible. MWright96 (talk) 11:39, 28 January 2016 (UTC)
  58. Indyrolexalms
  59. Joshhanson18: Primary interest in sprint car/midget/Silver Crown, but ultimately just want to help improve accessibility of what, thus far, has been hard to find.
  60. Rocks with Salt: Primarily responsible for expanding/cleaning up the races of the 2001 CART season (IMO the last great season for CART) and hopes to standardize/visually improve race result tables wherever I find them. (talk) 16:54, 20 July 2017 (UTC)
  61. Waluigithewalrus: Frequent contributor to individual race articles from the past few seasons. Also help with cleaning things up whenever I can. Waluigithewalrus (talk) 03:59, 19 October 2017 (UTC)
  62. Speedy Question Mark, Just a huge motorsport fanatic!
  63. lemonlovr: I love racing stats and IndyCar especially.
  64. ReaperDawn: Active contributor in motorsport Wikipedia project, special emphasis on post-reunification AOWR. ReaperDawn 07:29, 17 October 2018 (UTC)
  65. A7V2 (talk) I'm no expert on American racing, but it is an area I'm quite interested in
  66. Lazer-kitty: Interested in cleaning up and standardizing team/driver articles and improving the overall quality of AOWR articles.
  67. Grahaml35: I currently work in Indycar and the racing world. I try to maintain Indycar pages especially as well as amateur racing pages. Additionally, I race myself in SCCA competition.

Similar WikiProjects[edit]

Parent WikiProject[edit]

  • WikiProject Motorsport, this WikiProject is the child of WikiProject Motorsport, which focuses on the interrelationships between motorsport Wikiprojects.

Sibling WikiProjects[edit]


  • To be developed


  • Individual Race Page Titles For simplicity reasons, the page titles have been established/adjusted to include only the primary title sponsor, and not any additional/optional "presenting sponsors." The presenting sponsor(s) is still mentioned prominently on the individual page, but due to the overly long titles, they do not seem necessary to include for the title. Television presenting sponsor also are not to be included as part of the page title, but should be mentioned on the page text/info box, etc.
  • Individual Race Pages For all current IRL Indycar races. Following in a similar fashion to the series of current NASCAR races format, various details include:
    • Each race has its own page, titled as the current name of the race
    • Each race has an infobox Template:Indycar race infobox with various information:
    • Race logo (uploaded and labeled according to wiki standards
    • Track, sponsor, previous race names, distance
    • Notations of first open wheel race and first IRL specific race
    • Race results in table form, as has been established on wiki already. Since many races extend previous to the formation of the IRL, or stem from what was at one time a Champ Car race (either AAA, USAC or CART), the tables are listed in separate but sequential order.
    • Additional race results for related events can also be included in the race pages. This includes previous races, or previous versions of the same race (or different races) that have a reasonable tie (such as the city) to the current event.
      • Examples include listing race winners for Tamiami Park Miami with the Homestead event, since both have Miami in common.
    • Next/previous race box at the bottom Template:Sequence

Project Progress Report[edit]


Article Status[edit]





Current: 2010[edit]

2007/2007 · 2008 · 2009

Did You Know[edit]

To-do List[edit]

A To-do list has been created here. Please check and add to the to-do list to coordinate efforts.


Page templates[edit]

Template:Indycar race infobox This template is for individual races. It is based upon the Template:NASCAR race infobox, but a couple small changes were made for IRL use.

{| class="toccolours" cellspacing=1 style="float:right;margin:7px;width:270px;font-size:90%;"
|+ style="font-size:larger;"|'''{{{Name}}}'''
|bgcolor="#efefef" width=80|[[List of current Indycar races|Venue]]
|bgcolor="#efefef"|Corporate [[sponsor]]
|bgcolor="#efefef"|First race
|{{{First race}}}
|bgcolor="#efefef"|First [[Indy Racing League|IRL]] race
|{{{First IRL race}}}
|bgcolor="#efefef"|Number of laps
|bgcolor="#efefef"|Previous names
|{{{Previous names}}}

Template:Champ Car race infobox

  • This will serve as a very similar alternative for the Champ Car races, with one line changed. "First Champ Car Race" replaces "First IRL Race"

{| class="toccolours" cellspacing=1 style="float:right;margin:7px;width:270px;font-size:90%;"
|+ style="font-size:larger;"|'''{{{Name}}}'''
|bgcolor="#efefef" width=80|[[List of current Indycar races|Venue]]
|bgcolor="#efefef"|Corporate [[sponsor]]
|bgcolor="#efefef"|First race
|{{{First race}}}
|bgcolor="#efefef"|First [[Champ Car]] race
|{{{First IRL race}}}
|bgcolor="#efefef"|Number of laps
|bgcolor="#efefef"|Previous names
|{{{Previous names}}}

Race Results Tables
Here is an example of race result tables, taken from Toyota Indy 300. Tables are broken up separately for results under USAC, CART/Champ Car, and IRL. Results are listed in top-to-bottom-first-to-last order.

Season Date Winning Driver Chassis Engine
CART Champ Car history (Tamiami Park street course)
1985 November 10 United States Danny Sullivan March Cosworth
1986 November 9 United States Danny Sullivan Lola Cosworth
1987[1] October 31 United States Bobby Rahal Lola Cosworth
1987 November 1 United States Michael Andretti March Cosworth
1988[2] November 5 United States Michael Andretti Lola Cosworth
1988 November 6 United States Al Unser, Jr. March Chevrolet
CART Champ Car history (Bicentennial Park street course)
1995 March 5 Canada Jacques Villeneuve Reynard Ford-Cosworth
CART Champ Car history
1996 March 3 United States Jimmy Vasser Reynard Honda
1997 March 2 United States Michael Andretti Swift Ford-Cosworth
1998 March 15 United States Michael Andretti Swift Ford-Cosworth
1999 March 21 Canada Greg Moore Reynard Mercedes
2000 March 26 Italy Max Papis Reynard Ford-Cosworth
IRL IndyCar Series history
2001 April 8 United States Sam Hornish, Jr. Dallara Oldsmobile
2002 March 2 United States Sam Hornish, Jr. Dallara Chevrolet
2003 March 2 New Zealand Scott Dixon G-Force Toyota
2004 February 29 United States Sam Hornish, Jr. Dallara Toyota
2005 March 6 United Kingdom Dan Wheldon Dallara Honda
2006 March 26 United Kingdom Dan Wheldon Dallara Honda
2007 March 24 United Kingdom Dan Wheldon Dallara Honda

Track Infoboxes All tracks use the {{Motorsport_venue}} infobox. Here is an example taken from Iowa Speedway:

{{Motorsport venue
| Name             = Iowa Speedway
| Nickname         =  
  Time             = GMT-6
| Location         = [[Newton, Iowa]]
| Image            = [[Image:Iowaspeed.jpg]]
| Image_caption    = "Rusty Wallace Signature Series Track"
| Capacity         = 30,000 <ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Iowa Speedway Adds Seating for June IndyCar Series Race |accessdate=2007-06-01}}</ref>
| Owner            = U.S. Motorsport Entertainment Corp.
| Operator         = Iowa Speedway
| Broke_ground     = [[June 21]], [[2005]]
| Opened           = [[September 15]], [[2006]]
| Closed           = 
| Construction_cost= [[United States dollar|$]]70 million
| Architect        = Paxton Waters Architecture<br>[[Rusty Wallace]]
| Former_names     = Quad Cities International Raceway Park ''(planning stages name)''
| Events           = '''[[Indy Racing League|IRL IndyCar Series]]'''<br>[[Iowa Corn Indy 250]] (2007)<p>'''[[ARCA RE/MAX Series]]'''<br>[[Prairie Meadows 250]] (2007)<br>'''[[Grand-Am]] [[Rolex Sports Car Series]]'''<br>[[Iowa 400k]] (2007)| 
  Layout1          = Tri-oval
| Surface          = Asphalt
| Length_km        = 1.4
| Length_mi        = 0.875
| Turns            = 4
| Banking          = Turns:  12°-14°<br>Frontstrech:  10°<br>Backstrech:  4°
| Record_time      = 17.6484
| Record_driver    = [[Scott Dixon]]
| Record_team      = [[Chip Ganassi Racing]]
| Record_year      = 2007
| Record_class     = [[Indy Racing League|IRL]] [[IndyCar Series]]
| Layout2          = Road Course
| Surface2         = Asphalt
| Length_km2       = 2.09
| Length_mi2       = 1.3
| Turns2           = 9
| Banking2         = Turns 1&2: 12°-14°<br>Frontstrech:  10°<br>Backstrech:  4°
| Record_time2     = 41.709
| Record_driver2   = [[Jon Fogarty]]
| Record_team2     = [[GAINSCO/Bob Stallings Racing]]
| Record_year2     = 2007
| Record_class2    = [[Daytona Prototype]]

Footer type templates[edit]

Template:IndyCar Series racetracks
The template for the footer at the bottom of the tracks pages is located here.

Template:IndyCar Series races
The template for the footer at the bottom of the races pages is located here.

Template:IndyCar Series Seasons
The template for the footer at the bottom of the seasons pages is located here.

Template:IndyCar Series Champions
The template for the footer at the bottom of the drivers' pages is located here.

Template:Indy 500

Template:Indy 500 winners

Template:USAC tracks
The template for the footer at the bottom of the tracks pages is located here.

Template:Champ Car tracks
The template for the footer at the bottom of the tracks pages is located here.

Template:Champ Car Seasons

Template:CART/CCWS Drivers' Champions

Template:Champ Car World Series The 2008 template for the footer at the bottom of the seasons pages is located here.

2008 Champ Car season
NHL Forsythe/Pettit Minardi Australia Rocketsports Coyne PKV PCM Conquest
14 Doornbos
15 TBA
Bernoldi 11 TBA
19 TBA
21 TBA
22 Servià
28 TBA
29 Figge
24 Perera
34 TBA
Long Beach - Houston - Laguna Seca - Zolder - Jerez - Cleveland - Mont-Tremblant - Toronto - Edmonton - Portland - Road America - Assen - Surfers Paradise - Mexico City

Template:IndyCar Series The current season template for the footer at the bottom of the seasons pages is located here.

External Links[edit]

  1. ^ Marlboro Challenge non-points all-star event
  2. ^ Marlboro Challenge non-points all-star event