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    Reactionarism or Reactionary is an ideological label representing those on the far-right of the cultural spectrum. A reactionary believes that maintenance of cultural heritage is a fundamental part of a good society, but unlike a Conservative.png conservative, a reactionary sees select modern institution as being antithetical to that goal and a reactionary is willing to go against such institutions. As such a reactionaries could be described as wanting to return to a "previous state of heritage", thus getting a reputation of "Wanting to turn things back".


    Reactionary started, as the name implies, as a reaction to the French Revolution, identifying as absolute monarchists opposed to the revolution. In this time, Reactionary organized opposition to the progressive sociopolitical and economic changes brought by the revolution; and they fought to restore the temporal authority of the Church and Crown.

    In the post-Napoleonic world, Europe generally returned its pre-revolution state, with the old French monarchy being restored. During the age of Metternich (1815-1848) Europe was generally led by conservative and reactionary leaders. These regimes were characterized as being monarchist, authoritarian, and counter-enlightenment. The reactionary state of Europe took a strong hit during the July Revolution in 1830, in which the reactionary monarchy of France was replaced by a more enlightened one, and then the revolutions of 1848, in which much of Europe changed towards constitutional monarchy. Throughout the second half of the 19th century only Russia remained as a dominant reactionary power under the rule of Alexander III (1881-1894) By the time WWI came around the world existed in a mostly Liberal and enlightened state and reactionary ideology no longer held power. There is some debate over whether or not the Italian Fascists and German Nazis should be considered reactionaries, with proponents of fascism often claiming not, while opponents claim that it is.

    In recent times "Reactionary" tends to be used more as a pejorative by progressive and socialist political movements, but the term "neo-reactionary" has more recently been applied to, and sometimes a self-description of, an informal group of online political theorists known as the Nrx.png Dark Enlightenment.


    Reactionaryism preaches the return to a previous political state of society it describes views and policies aimed at restoring a status quo of the past.


    Reactionary is very religious and traditional, likes challenging people to duels and also speaks early modern English. He's against progressivism and "degenerate" cultures, and believes they're ruing Western civilization. He's best friends with Traditionalism and Classical Conservatism.

    How to Draw

    No Symbol

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw eyes
    3. Fill the ball dark blue


    Flag of Reactionarism
    1. Draw ball
    2. Color it in with dark blue
    3. Draw a yellow/buff Jerusalem Cross (without the tiny crosses) inside a yellow/buff circle
    4. Draw eyes and then you're done!





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