Katharine Mcphee Net Worth 2020

Who is Katharine Mcphee and what is her net worth 2020? Katharine McPhee is a renowned actress, singer and songwriter from America. This celebrity attained reputation in year 2006 in form of the runner-up on the season five of American Idol. Moreover, McPhee has too founded an acting career, featuring in The House Bunny and Shark Night 3D. Information of net worth of Katharine Mcphee can be attained below:

Early Life

McPhee basically belonged to Los Angeles, located in California, her father is a television producer while her mother has been vocal coach since year 2011 on American Idol. Her family relocated to the Sherman Oaks based locality of Los Angeles when she was of age 12. Elder sister of McPhee, named as Adriana, has stayed as a vocal coach on American Idol since year 2012. It is known that McPhee belongs to Scottish, Irish, and German origin.

Katharine Mcphee Net Worth

Discussing her education, McPhee studied at a school in Sherman Oaks, in which she performed in many school plays as well as musicals. Moreover, she completed graduation in year 2002 and also attended Boston Conservatory for period of three semesters, doing major in Musical Theatre. Before completing graduation, she left college on the guidance of her manager and then she came back to Los Angeles to work for television pilots as well. It is found that McPhee has fought with eating complaints.

She mentioned that when she was of age 13, she started starving herself and exercising impulsively and, when she was of age 17, she became bulimic. Moreover, McPhee gained weight during study in college because of her bingeing. There was seven years of illness and after that she lastly entered a rehabilitation program for three months after passing her American Idol interview successfully.

In year 2005, McPhee was initially convinced by eventual husband named as Nick Cokas as well as her parents to attempt for famous television series based competition entitled American Idol. Moreover, she did audition in San Francisco and delivered a song, which was formerly performed by Billie Holiday. She was nominated to be a contestant in the season five, which was released in year 2006.

After completing the initial round of Hollywood week, she voices a song- “I’ll Never Love This Way Again” which received positive comments from judges. Later in year 2006, Sony BMG made announcement that McPhee had contracted to American Idol series producer named as Simon Fuller’s 19 Recordings Limited as well as to Sony BMG’s RCA Records.

Her Idol single entitled “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/My Destiny” was launched in year 2006 by RCA Records. This particular single peaked at twelfth number on the Billboard Hot 100 whereas “My Destiny” ranked at number 60. It is known that 32 weeks after the release, these singles had reached to fourth number on Billboard Hot Singles Sales charts

Apart from career in singing, McPhee also made guest appearance on CSI: NY in an episode -“Prey” in form of a singer as well as a stalker victim who killed her intruder. McPhee also made appearance on year 2010 episode of The Biggest Loser. Moreover, McPhee was perceived to do volunteering at one Los Angeles based food bank and meeting with kids at a club.

Net Worth of Katharine Mcphee

Katharine McPhee is recognised commonly as a pop singer, actress and songwriter with a high net worth of $7 million. Being an actress, singer-songwriter, and model, McPhee turned out to be a common name, featuring on “American Idol” in year 2006. After that, she has also launched two different studio albums, and also the Christmas album through her debut album. This actually received her Gold status and high income. In ear 2014, Forbes mentioned that McPhee made their list of the 10 Top-Earning American Idols, for one more time. Moreover, she was connected with Jennifer Hudson at rank 10, in 2013, grossing $1 million.

Right from year 2005, McPhee constantly attempts to give her best and so she is successful earning in millions.