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1 2011 T-cell-pre-stimulated monocytes promote neovascularisation in a murine hind limb ischaemia model. A A Hellingman, J J Zwaginga, R T Van Beem, J F Hamming, W E Fibbe, P H A Quax
3 2011 Table of contents by tobic. Understanding The, Periodic Table
3 2011 Table of contents, volume 155, number 1, january 2011. The Pocketbook, Of Economic
3 2011 Table of contents, volume 155, number 2, february 2011. Georg Hegel
3 2011 Table of contents, volume 155, number 8, august 2011. Acknowledgments Preface Table, Part One, Unep Demonstration Project, Basic Concepts
3 2011 Table of contents, volume 155, number 9, september 2011. Committee On, Agriculture Twenty-second Session, Policiesinstitutions To, Support Smallholder, Agriculture Table, Introduction II
3 2011 Table of contents, volume 78, february 2010. J David Eisenberg
3 2011 Table of contents: november 2011 issue. Sandia National Laboratories, Copyright Sandia, Corporation This, General Public
4 2011 Tabu search with path relinking for an integrated production–distribution problem V A Armentano, A L Shiguemoto, A Løkketangen
5 2011 Tackling HIV through robust diagnostics in the developing world: current status and future opportunities. Darash Desai, Grace Wu, Muhammad H Zaman
5 2011 Tactile and Haptic Illusions Susan J Lederman, Lynette A Jones, Senior Member
6 2011 Tactile perception: Finger friction, surface roughness and perceived coarseness Lisa Skedung, Katrin Danerlöv, Ulf Olofsson, Carl Michael Johannesson, Maiju Aikala, John Kettle
6 2011 Tactile sensing for dexterous in-hand manipulation in robotics—A review Hanna Yousef, Mehdi Boukallel, Kaspar Althoefer
7 2011 Tactile web navigator device for blind and visually impaired people Alaeldin A Ahmed, Mustafa A A Yasin, Sharief F Babiker
7 2011 TAFFEL: Independent Enrichment Analysis of gene sets Mitja I Kurki, Jussi Paananen, Markus Storvik, Seppo Ylä-Herttuala, Juha E Jääskeläinen, Mikael Von Und Zu Fraunberg
8 2011 Tagging cortical networks in emotion: A topographical analysis. Andreas Keil, Vincent Costa, J Carson Smith, Dean Sabatinelli, E Menton McGinnis, Margaret M Bradley
8 2011 Tagging the neuronal entrainment to beat and meter. Sylvie Nozaradan, Isabelle Peretz, Marcus Missal, André Mouraux
8 2011 TagSense : A Smartphone-based Approach to Automatic Image Tagging Chuan Qin, Xuan Bao
9 2012 Tail State-Assisted Charge Injection and Recombination at the Electron-Collecting Interface of P3HT:PCBM Bulk-Heterojunction Polymer Solar Cells He Wang, Manas Shah, Venkat Ganesan, Michael L Chabinyc, Yueh-Lin Loo
9 2012 Tail-assisted pitch control in lizards, robots and dinosaurs Thomas Libby, Talia Y Moore, Evan Chang-Siu, Deborah Li, Daniel J Cohen, Ardian Jusufi
9 2011 tailored nanofocus Na Liu, Ming L Tang, Mario Hentschel, Harald Giessen, A Paul Alivisatos
9 2012 Tailoring Electrical Transport Across Grain Boundaries in Polycrystalline Graphene A W Tsen, L Brown, M P Levendorf, F Ghahari, P Y Huang, R W Havener
9 2012 Tailoring fiber grating sensors for assessment of highly refractive fuels. Marianne Sumie Kawano, Bárbara Rutyna Heidemann, Tárik Kaiel Machado Cardoso, Gustavo Rafael Collere Possetti, Ricardo Canute Kamikawachi, Marcia Muller
9 2011 Tailoring GaAs, InAs, and InGaAs Nanowires for Optoelectronic Device Applications Hannah J Joyce, Qiang Gao, Jennifer Wong-Leung, Yong Kim, H Hoe Tan, Chennupati Jagadish
10 2011 Tailoring hot-exciton emission and lifetimes in semiconducting nanowires via whispering-gallery nanocavity plasmons. Chang-Hee Cho, Carlos O Aspetti, Michael E Turk, James M Kikkawa, Sung-Wook Nam, Ritesh Agarwal
10 2012 Tailoring Light-Matter Interaction with a Nanoscale Plasmon Resonator Nathalie De Leon, Brendan Shields, Chun Yu, Dirk Englund, Alexey Akimov, Mikhail Lukin
10 2011 Tailoring organic heterojunction interfaces in bilayer polymer photovoltaic devices. Akira Tada, Yanfang Geng, Qingshuo Wei, Kazuhito Hashimoto, Keisuke Tajima
10 2011 Tailoring photonic metamaterial resonances for thermal radiation. Peter Bermel, Michael Ghebrebrhan, Michael Harradon, Yi Xiang Yeng, Ivan Celanovic, John D Joannopoulos
10 2011 Tailoring repulsive optical forces in nanophotonic waveguides. Ardavan Oskooi, Pedro A Favuzzi, Yoichi Kawakami, Susumu Noda
10 2011 Tailoring Sol − Gel-Derived Silica Materials for Optical Biosensing Maria Rowena N Monton, Erica M Forsberg, John D Brennan
11 2012 Tailoring the graphene/silicon carbide interface for monolithic wafer-scale electronics S Hertel, D Waldmann, J Jobst, A Albert, M Albrecht, S Reshanov
11 2011 Tailoring the photoluminescence of PbS-nanoparticles layers deposited by means of the pulsed laser ablation technique I Ka, D Ma, M A El Khakani
11 2011 Tailoring thermal emission via Q matching of photonic crystal resonances M Ghebrebrhan, P Bermel, Y Yeng, I Celanovic, M Soljačić, J Joannopoulos
11 2011 TakeoverTV: Facilitating the social negotiation of television content in public spaces Greg T Elliott, David Carr, Henry Holtzman
12 2011 TAL nucleases (TALNs): hybrid proteins composed of TAL effectors and FokI DNA-cleavage domain Ting Li, Sheng Huang, Wen Zhi Jiang, David Wright, Martin H Spalding, Donald P Weeks
13 2011 Taming Information-Stealing Smartphone Applications (on Android) Yajin Zhou, Xinwen Zhang, Xuxian Jiang, Vincent W Freeh
13 2011 Taming the blackbody with infrared metamaterials as selective thermal emitters. Xianliang Liu, Talmage Tyler, Tatiana Starr, Anthony F Starr, Nan Marie Jokerst, Willie J Padilla
13 2011 Tandem colloidal quantum dot solar cells employing a graded recombination layer Xihua Wang, Ghada I Koleilat, Jiang Tang, Huan Liu, Illan J Kramer, Ratan Debnath
13 2012 Tandem fluorescent protein timers for in vivo analysis of protein dynamics. Anton Khmelinskii, Philipp J Keller, Anna Bartosik, Matthias Meurer, Joseph D Barry, Balca R Mardin
15 2012 Tapered active-region, mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers for complete suppression of carrier-leakage currents Dan Botez, Jae Cheol Shin, Jeremy D Kirch, Chun-Chieh Chang, Luke J Mawst, Thomas Earles
15 2012 Tapered gold-helix metamaterials as improved circular polarizers Justyna K Gansel, Michael Latzel, Andreas Frölich, Johannes Kaschke, Michael Thiel, Martin Wegener
15 2011 Tapered plastic optical fiber-based biosensor--tests and application. Carolina Beres, Fábio Vieira Batista De Nazaré, Nathália Correa Chagas De Souza, Marco Antônio Lemos Miguel, Marcelo Martins Werneck
16 2011 Tapping into the Vibe of the City Using VibN , a Continuous Sensing Application for Smartphones Emiliano Miluzzo, Michela Papandrea, Nicholas D Lane, Andy M Sarroff, Silvia Giordano, Andrew T Campbell
16 2011 Tapping polyrhythms in music activates language areas. Peter Vuust, Mikkel Wallentin, Kim Mouridsen, Leif Ostergaard, Andreas Roepstorff
16 2011 TapSense : Enhancing Finger Interaction on Touch Surfaces Scott E Hudson
16 2012 Tarazu : Optimizing MapReduce On Heterogeneous Clusters Faraz Ahmad, Srimat Chakradhar, Anand Raghunathan, T N Vijaykumar
17 2011 Target detection and quantification using a hybrid hand-held diffuse optical tomography and photoacoustic tomography system. Patrick D Kumavor, Chen Xu, Andres Aguirre, John Gamelin, Yasaman Ardeshirpour, Behnoosh Tavakoli
17 2012 Target identification for stereotactic thalamotomy using diffusion tractography. Zsigmond Tamás Kincses, Nikoletta Szabó, István Valálik, Zsolt Kopniczky, Lívia Dézsi, Péter Klivényi
17 2012 Target selection with hybrid feature for BCI-based 2-D cursor control. Jinyi Long, Yuanqing Li, Tianyou Yu, Zhenghui Gu
18 2011 Target tracking with size estimation in wireless sensor networks Jie Wang, Peng Cheng, Jiming Chen, Youxian Sun, Xuemin Sherman Shen
18 2011 Target-dependent Twitter Sentiment Classification Long Jiang, Mo Yu, Ming Zhou, Xiaohua Liu, Tiejun Zhao
18 2011 Targeted analysis of nucleotide and copy number variation by exon capture in allotetraploid wheat genome Cyrille Saintenac, Dayou Jiang, Eduard D Akhunov
19 2011 Targeted drug delivery to tumors: myths, reality and possibility. You Han Bae, Kinam Park
19 2011 Targeted proteomics for metabolic pathway optimization: application to terpene production. Alyssa M Redding-Johanson, Tanveer S Batth, Rossana Chan, Rachel Krupa, Heather L Szmidt, Paul D Adams
20 2011 Targeted therapy in GIST: in silico modeling for prediction of resistance. Marco A Pierotti, Elena Tamborini, Tiziana Negri, Sabrina Pricl, Silvana Pilotti
20 2012 Targeting apoptosis for optical imaging of infection. Mathew L Thakur, Kaijun Zhang, Bishnuhari Paudyal, Devadhas Devakumar, Maria Y Covarrubias, Changpo Cheng
20 2011 Targeting cancer metabolism: a therapeutic window opens. Matthew G Vander Heiden
20 2012 Targeting glucose metabolism for cancer therapy. Robert B Hamanaka, Navdeep S Chandel
20 2011 Targeting intracellular oncoproteins with antibody therapy or vaccination. Ke Guo, Jie Li, Jing Ping Tang, Cheng Peow Bobby Tan, Cheng William Hong, Abdul Qader O Al-Aidaroos
22 2011 Task Matching in Crowdsourcing Man-Ching Yuen, Irwin King, Kwong-Sak Leung
23 2012 Task reward structure shapes rapid receptive field plasticity in auditory cortex Stephen V David, Jonathan B Fritz, Shihab A Shamma
23 2012 Task Routing for Prediction Tasks Haoqi Zhang, Eric Horvitz, Yiling Chen, David C Parkes
23 2011 Task Space Retrieval Using Inverse Feedback Control Nikolay Jetchev, Marc Toussaint
24 2011 Task-aware variations in robot motion Michael J Gielniak, C Karen Liu, Andrea L Thomaz
24 2011 Task-based performance analysis of FBP, SART and ML for digital breast tomosynthesis using signal CNR and Channelised Hotelling Observers. Dominique Van De Sompel, Sir Michael Brady, John Boone
24 2011 Task-dependent impedance improves user performance with a virtual prosthetic arm Amy Blank, Allison M Okamura, Louis L Whitcomb
25 2011 Task-specific activity and connectivity within the mentalizing network during emotion and intention mentalizing. Bijoy Atique, Michael Erb, Alireza Gharabaghi, Wolfgang Grodd, Silke Anders
26 2011 Tasting Families of Features for Image Classification Charles Dubout, Francois Fleuret
26 2011 Taxonomic and geographic patterns of decline for threatened and endangered species in the United States. Allison K Leidner, Maile C Neel
27 2011 TCLUST: a fast method for clustering genome-scale expression data. Banu Dost, Chunlei Wu, Andrew Su, Vineet Bafna
27 2011 TCP Extensions for Multipath Operation with Multiple Addresses Alan Ford, Costin Raiciu, Mark Handley, Olivier Bonaventure
28 2011 TCP Relentless Congestion Control Model Rémi Diana, Emmanuel Lochin
28 2011 TD-LTE Network Deployment Evolution in a Metropolitan Scenario ZhuYan Zhao, Jian Wang, Hao Guan, P E Mogensen, GuangYi Liu, XiaoDong Shen
29 2012 tDCS-Induced Analgesia and Electrical Fields in Pain-Related Neural Networks in Chronic Migraine. Alexandre F Dasilva, Mariana E Mendonca, Soroush Zaghi, Mariana Lopes, Marcos Fabio Dossantos, Egilius L Spierings
29 2011 TDM/DWDM PON extender for 10 Gbit/s downstream transmission Quang Trung Le, Fabienne Saliou, Rui Xia, Philippe Chanclou, Tuomo Von Lerber, Ari Tervonen
29 2011 TDOA Estimation for Multiple Sound Sources in Noisy and Reverberant Environments Using Broadband Independent Component Analysis Anthony Lombard, Yuanhang Zheng, Herbert Buchner, Walter Kellermann
30 2011 Teacher Performance Pay : Experimental Evidence from India Karthik Muralidharan, Venkatesh Sundararaman
30 2012 Teaching 3D Geometry to Deformable Part Models Bojan Pepik, Michael Stark, Peter Gehler
30 2011 Teaching a Global Project Course : Experiences and Lessons Learned Peter Gloor, Maria Paasivaara, Casper Lassenius, Detlef Schoder, Kai Fischbach, Christine Miller
30 2011 Teaching Behavioral Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Power Electronics Courses Alexander Abramovitz
31 2011 Teaching Distributed Software Engineering with UCOSP : The Undergraduate Capstone Open-Source Project Eleni Stroulia, Ken Bauer, Michelle Craig, Karen Reid, Greg Wilson
31 2011 Teaching Natural User Interaction Using OpenNI and the Microsoft Kinect Sensor Norman Villaroman, Dale Rowe, D Ph, Bret Swan
31 2011 Teaching nutrition integration: MUST screening in cancer. Carolina Boléo-Tomé, Mariana Chaves, Isabel Monteiro-Grillo, Maria Camilo, Paula Ravasco
31 2012 Teaching Operating Systems Using Android Jeremy Andrus, Jason Nieh
32 2011 Teaching Software Engineering using Globally Distributed Projects : The DOSE Course E T H Zurich, Martin Nordio, Politecnico Milano, Elisabetta Di Nitto, Giordano Tamburrelli, Carlo Ghezzi
32 2011 Teaching Software Project Management through Management Antipatterns Ioannis Stamelos, Dimitrios Settas, Despoina Mallini
32 2011 Teaching UML using umple: Applying model-oriented programming in the classroom Timothy C Lethbridge, Gunter Mussbacher, Andrew Forward, Omar Badreddin
33 2011 Team Knowledge Research: Emerging Trends and Critical Needs J L Wildman, A L Thayer, D Pavlas, E Salas, J E Stewart, W R Howse
34 2011 Tech mining: Text mining and visualization tools, as applied to nanoenhanced solar cells Alan L Porter, Ying Guo, Denise Chiavatta
34 2011 Technical and regulatory challenges for the integration of electric vehicles into the energy system O Warweg, F Schaller, S Ritter, P Bretschneider
35 2011 Technical data evaluation of a palliative care web-based documentation system. Tobias Hartz, René Brüntrup, Frank Uckert
35 2011 Technical Debt from the Stakeholder Perspective Ted Theodoropoulos, Lincoln Street, Mark Hofberg, S Church Street
36 2011 Technical note on the validation of a semi-automated image analysis software application for estrogen and progesterone receptor detection in breast cancer László Krecsák, Tamás Micsik, Gábor Kiszler, Tibor Krenács, Dániel Szabó, Viktor Jónás
37 2011 Technical note: Adjustment of traditional cow evaluations to improve accuracy of genomic predictions. G R Wiggans, T A Cooper, P M Vanraden, J B Cole
37 2011 Technical note: Correlation of respiratory motion between external patient surface and internal anatomical landmarks. Hadi Fayad, Tinsu Pan, Jean François Clement, Dimitris Visvikis
37 2011 Technical note: Use of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy to predict intake and digestibility in bulls and steers. G B Huntington, E S Leonard, J C Burns
37 2011 Technical report : An Estimate of Infringing Use of the Internet Betjeman House
38 2011 Technical Report--Diagnosis and Management of an Initial UTI in Febrile Infants and Young Children. S Maria E Finnell, Aaron E Carroll, Stephen M Downs
38 2011 Technical standards and guidelines for Huntington disease testing. Thomas W Prior, Narasimhan Nagan, Elaine A Sugarman, Sat Dev Batish, Corey Braastad
39 2011 Technique for fabricating complex structured fibers by rolling of glass preforms Zheng Gang Lian, John A Tucknott, Nicholas White, Limin Xiao, Xian Feng, David N Payne
40 2011 Techniques for improving cellular radio base station energy efficiency Steve Mclaughlin, Peter Grant, John Thompson, Harald Haas, David Laurenson, Chadi Khirallah
41 2012 Techniques in Carrier Recovery for Optical Coherent Systems Kuang-tsan Wu, Han Sun
42 2011 Technische Mechanik Dietmar Gross, Werner Hauger, Jörg Schröder, Wolfgang A Wall
42 2011 Techno-economic analysis of a wind–solar hybrid renewable energy system with rainwater collection feature for urban high-rise application W T Chong, M S Naghavi, S C Poh, T M I Mahlia, K C Pan
42 2012 Techno-economic feasibility analysis of stand-alone renewable energy systems (PV/bat, wind/bat and hybrid PV/wind/bat) in Kerman, Iran I Baniasad Askari, M Ameri
43 2011 Technological adjuncts to enhance current psychotherapy practices: a review. Bonnie A Clough, Leanne M Casey
43 2011 Technological advances in electrospinning of nanofibers Wee-Eong Teo, Ryuji Inai, Seeram Ramakrishna
43 2011 Technological biology? Things and kinds in synthetic biology Pablo Schyfter
44 2012 Technologies and combination therapies for enhancing movement training for people with a disability David J Reinkensmeyer, Michael L Boninger
45 2011 Technology and architecture to enable the explosive growth of the internet Adel Saleh, Jane Simmons
46 2011 Technology Assessment of Through-Silicon Via by Using CV and Ct Measurements Guruprasad Katti, Michele Stucchi, Dimitrios Velenis, Sarasvathi Thangaraju, Kristin De Meyer, Wim Dehaene
48 2011 Technology ready use of single layer graphene as a transparent electrode for hybrid photovoltaic devices Zhibing Wang, Conor P Puls, Neal E Staley, Yu Zhang, Aaron Todd, Jian Xu
48 2011 Technology Roadmap - Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles Iea
48 2011 Technology Roadmap: Smart Grids Nobuo Tanaka
48 2011 Technology roadmapping for technology-based product–service integration: A case study Youngjung Geum, Sungjoo Lee, Daekook Kang, Yongtae Park
50 2011 Telecom hybrid power battery management in full and partial state of charge Gery Bonduelle, Wayne Coldrick, Mick Pope
52 2012 Telemetric assessment of bone healing with an instrumented internal fixator: A preliminary study. K Seide, M Aljudaibi, N Weinrich, B Kowald, C Jürgens, J Müller
52 2011 Telemonitoring in patients with heart failure. Sarwat I Chaudhry, Jennifer A Mattera, Jeptha P Curtis, John A Spertus, Jeph Herrin, Zhenqiu Lin
53 2011 Teleportation of nonclassical wave packets of light. Noriyuki Lee, Hugo Benichi, Yuishi Takeno, Shuntaro Takeda, James Webb, Elanor Huntington
53 2011 Telerehabilitation in stroke care--a systematic review. Tim Johansson, Claudia Wild
54 2011 Televisions , Video Privacy , and Powerline Electromagnetic Interference Miro Enev, Sidhant Gupta, Tadayoshi Kohno, Shwetak N Patel
55 2011 Temperature and nonlinearity corrections for a photodiode array spectrometer used in the field. Saber G R Salim, Nigel P Fox, Evangelos Theocharous, Tong Sun, Kenneth T V Grattan
58 2011 Temperature dependence of open-circuit voltage and recombination processes in polymer–fullerene based solar cells Anil K Thakur, Guillaume Wantz, Germà Garcia-Belmonte, Juan Bisquert, Lionel Hirsch
59 2011 Temperature Dependence of Protein Folding Deduced from Quantum Transition Liaofu Luo, Jun Lu
60 2012 Temperature dependence of the optoacoustic transformation efficiency in ex vivo tissues for application in monitoring thermal therapies Sergey M Nikitin, Tatiana D Khokhlova, Ivan M Pelivanov
61 2011 Temperature dependency in performance of solid state lighting drivers S Tarashioon, S W Koh, W D Van Driel, G Q Zhang
62 2011 Temperature distribution descriptor for robust 3D shape retrieval Yi Fang, Mengtian Sun, Karthik Ramani
62 2011 Temperature effects on power MOSFET and IGBT sensitivities toward single events S Morand, F Miller, P Austin, P Poirot, R Gaillard, T Carriere
63 2011 Temperature insensitive and ultra wideband silica-based dual polarization optical hybrid for coherent receiver with highly symmetrical interferometer design Yusuke Nasu, Takayuki Mizuno, Ryoichi Kasahara, Takashi Saida
63 2011 Temperature insensitive optical alignment of the exciton in nanowire embedded GaN Quantum Dots A Balocchi, J Renard, C T Nguyen, B Gayral, T Amand, H Mariette
65 2011 Temperature-dependence of the internal efficiency droop in GaN-based diodes J Hader, J V Moloney, S W Koch
66 2011 Temperature-Dependent Modeling and Characterization of Through-Silicon Via Capacitance Guruprasad Katti, Michele Stucchi, Dimitrios Velenis, Bart Sorée, Kristin De Meyer, Wim Dehaene
66 2012 Temperature-dependent nonradiative recombination processes in GaN-based nanowire white-light-emitting diodes on silicon Hieu Pham Trung Nguyen, Mehrdad Djavid, Kai Cui, Zetian Mi
66 2011 Temperature-Dependent Photoluminescence Imaging and Characterization of a Multi-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Defect Area Preprint Steve Johnston, Fei Yan, Jian Li, Manuel J Romero, Mowafak Al-jassim, Katherine Zaunbrecher
66 2011 Temperature-dependent quantum efficiency analysis of graded-gap Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells M Troviano, K Taretto
69 2011 Template-directed synthesis of ordered single-crystalline nanowires arrays of Cu2ZnSnS4 and Cu2ZnSnSe4. Liang Shi, Congjian Pei, Yeming Xu, Quan Li
69 2011 Template-free synthesis of hierarchical TiO2 structures and their application in dye-sensitized solar cells. Fang Shao, Jing Sun, Lian Gao, Songwang Yang, Jianqiang Luo
70 2011 Templated synthesis of metal nanorods in silica nanotubes. Chuanbo Gao, Qiao Zhang, Zhenda Lu, Yadong Yin
70 2011 Tempo Detection Using a Hybrid Multiband Approach Mikel Gainza, Eugene Coyle
71 2011 Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Brain Network Topology during the First Two Years of Life Wei Gao, John H Gilmore, Kelly S Giovanello, Jeffery Keith Smith, Dinggang Shen, Hongtu Zhu
73 2011 Temporal coding of odor mixtures in an olfactory receptor neuron. Chih-Ying Su, Carlotta Martelli, Thierry Emonet, John R Carlson
73 2011 Temporal coherence and attention in auditory scene analysis. Shihab A Shamma, Mounya Elhilali, Christophe Micheyl
74 2011 Temporal course of executive control when lying about self- and other-referential information: an ERP study. Xiaoqing Hu, Haiyan Wu, Genyue Fu
74 2011 Temporal course of position shift for a peripheral target. Yuki Yamada, Kayo Miura, Takahiro Kawabe
75 2011 Temporal domain adaptation under time warping Francois Petitjean, Jordi Inglada, Pierre Gancarski
75 2011 Temporal dynamics and spatial specificity of arterial and venous blood volume changes during visual stimulation: implication for BOLD quantification. Tae Kim, Seong-Gi Kim
76 2011 Temporal dynamics of reward processing revealed by magnetoencephalography. Nuria Doñamayor, Josep Marco-Pallarés, Marcus Heldmann, M Ariel Schoenfeld, Thomas F Münte
76 2011 Temporal Evolution of the Ion Fluxes for Various Elements in HIPIMS Plasma Discharge Ante Hecimovic, Arutiun P Ehiasarian
78 2011 Temporal Link Signature Measurements for Location Distinction Neal Patwari, Sneha K Kasera
78 2011 Temporal Networks Petter Holme, Jari Saramäki
79 2011 Temporal nonlinear dimensionality reduction Mike Gashler, Tony Martinez
79 2011 Temporal precision in the visual pathway through the interplay of excitation and stimulus-driven suppression. Daniel A Butts, Chong Weng, Jianzhong Jin, Jose-Manuel Alonso, Liam Paninski
79 2011 Temporal regularity effects on pre-attentive and attentive processing of deviance. Michael Schwartze, Kathrin Rothermich, Maren Schmidt-Kassow, Sonja A Kotz
80 2011 Temporal SNR characteristics in segmented 3D-EPI at 7T. W Van Der Zwaag, J P Marques, T Kober, G Glover, R Gruetter, G Krueger
81 2011 Temporal Visualization of Social Network Dynamics : Prototypes for Nation of Neighbors Jae-wook Ahn, Meirav Taieb-maimon, Awalin Sopan
81 2011 Temporally Varying Distortions Charles D Creusere, Senior Member, Joseph C Hardin
82 2012 Temporally-independent functional modes of spontaneous brain activity. Stephen M Smith, Karla L Miller, Steen Moeller, Junqian Xu, Edward J Auerbach, Mark W Woolrich
82 2011 Ten Gbit / s ring resonator silicon modulator based on interdigitated PN junctions Melissa Ziebell, Delphine Marris-Morini, Gilles Rasigade, Paul Crozat, Jean-Marc Fédéli, Philippe Grosse
82 2012 Ten ironic rules for non-statistical reviewers. K Friston
83 2011 Ten Simple Rules for Providing a Scientific Web Resource Sebastian J Schultheiss
84 2011 Tensions of network security and collaborative work practice: understanding a single sign-on deployment in a regional hospital. Rosa R Heckle, Wayne G Lutters
85 2012 Tensor learning for regression. Weiwei Guo, Irene Kotsia, Ioannis Patras
85 2011 Tensor-based Total Bregman Divergences between Graphs Francisco Escolano, Meizhu Liu, Edwin R Hancock
85 2011 tÉÖÉ = òìê = NMM = B = ÉêåÉìÉêÄ ~ êÉå = p Christian Calliess, Freie Universität Berlin
85 2012 Terabit / s Optical Superchannel with Flexible Modulation Format for Dynamic Distance / Route Transmission Yue-kai Huang, Ezra Ip, Philip N Ji, Yin Shao, Ting Wang
85 2012 Terabit free-space data transmission employing orbital angular momentum multiplexing Jian Wang, Jeng-yuan Yang, Irfan M Fazal, Nisar Ahmed, Yan Yan, Hao Huang
86 2012 Terahertz bandpass filters using double-stacked metamaterial layers Yanhan Zhu, Subash Vegesna, Vladimir Kuryatkov, Mark Holtz, Mohammad Saed, Ayrton A Bernussi
86 2011 Terahertz Characterization of Dielectric Substrates for Component Design and Nondestructive Evaluation of Packages Jose A Hejase, Pavel R Paladhi, Premjeet Prem Chahal
86 2012 Terahertz collisions John N Weinstein
87 2011 Terahertz digital holography using angular spectrum and dual wavelength reconstruction methods. Martin S Heimbeck, Myung K Kim, Don A Gregory, Henry O Everitt
87 2011 Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy of large-area single-layer graphene J L Tomaino, A D Jameson, J W Kevek, M J Paul, A M Van Der Zande, R A Barton
88 2011 Terahertz lenses made by compression molding of micropowders. Benedikt Scherger, Maik Scheller, Christian Jansen, Martin Koch, Karin Wiesauer
89 2011 Terahertz metamaterials: Recent developments and new opportunities Richard D Averitt
89 2011 Terahertz Near-Field Microscope: Analysis and Measurements of Scattering Signals Kiwon Moon, Euna Jung, Meehyun Lim, Youngwoong Do, Haewook Han
89 2011 Terahertz near-field microscopy of complementary planar metamaterials: Babinet's principle. Andreas Bitzer, Alex Ortner, Hannes Merbold, Thomas Feurer, Markus Walther
89 2011 Terahertz notch and low-pass filters based on band gaps properties by using metal slits in tapered parallel-plate waveguides. Eui Su Lee, Sun-Goo Lee, Chul-Sik Kee, Tae-In Jeon
91 2011 Terahertz quantum-cascade laser with active leaky-wave antenna Amir A Tavallaee, Benjamin S Williams, Philip W C Hon, Tatsuo Itoh, Qi-sheng Chen
91 2011 Terahertz radiation driven chiral edge currents in graphene J Karch, C Drexler, P Olbrich, M Fehrenbacher, M Hirmer, M M Glazov
91 2012 Terahertz scattering by dense media Mayank Kaushik, Brian W H Ng, Bernd M Fischer, Derek Abbott
91 2012 Terahertz scattering by granular composite materials: An effective medium theory Mayank Kaushik, Brian W H Ng, Bernd M Fischer, Derek Abbott
91 2011 Terahertz sensing in corneal tissues. David B Bennett, Zachary D Taylor, Pria Tewari, Rahul S Singh, Martin O Culjat, Warren S Grundfest
91 2011 Terahertz sources. Pavel Shumyatsky, Robert R Alfano
92 2011 Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging - Modern techniques and applications P U Jepsen, D G Cooke, M Koch
92 2011 Terahertz spectroscopy of Ni-Ti alloy thin films A D Jameson, J L Tomaino, J W Kevek, M J Paul, M Hemphill-Johnston, J Ong
92 2011 Terahertz spectroscopy. Jason B Baxter, Glenn W Guglietta
93 2012 Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of biological tissues Won Jong Choi
93 2011 Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy of gases, liquids, and solids. Michael Theuer, Srikantaiah Sree Harsha, Daniel Molter, Garik Torosyan, René Beigang
93 2012 Terahertz tomography using quantum-cascade lasers Alan Wei Min Lee, Tsung-Yu Kao, David Burghoff, Qing Hu, John L Reno
93 2011 Terahertz Wave Air Photonics: Terahertz Wave Generation and Detection With Laser-Induced Gas Plasma Jianming Dai, Jingle Liu, Xi-Cheng Zhang
94 2012 Terahertz-field-induced insulator-to-metal transition in vanadium dioxide metamaterial Mengkun Liu, Harold Y Hwang, Hu Tao, Andrew C Strikwerda, Kebin Fan, George R Keiser
96 2011 Terrestrial neutron-induced single-event burnout in SiC power diodes Hiroaki Asai, Kenji Sugimoto, Isamu Nashiyama, Yoshiya Iide, Kensuke Shiba, Mieko Matsuda
96 2011 TERSE: A Unified End-to-End Traffic Control Mechanism to Enable Elastic, Delay Adaptive, and Rate Adaptive Services Lei Ye, Zhijun Wang, Hao Che, Constantino M Lagoa
96 2011 TESPI: Thermal Electric Solar Panel Integration M Rosa-Clot, P Rosa-Clot, G M Tina
97 2011 Test Data to Reduce the Complexity of Unit Test Automation Guy Collins Ndem, Abbas Tahir, Andreas Ulrich, Helmut Goetz, Munich Germany
99 2011 Test-retest assessment of independent component analysis-derived resting-state functional connectivity based on functional near-infrared spectroscopy. Han Zhang, Lian Duan, Yu-Jin Zhang, Chun-Ming Lu, Hanli Liu, Chao-Zhe Zhu
99 2012 Test-retest reliability and feature selection in physiological time series classification. Steinn Gudmundsson, Thomas Philip Runarsson, Sven Sigurdsson
99 2011 Test-retest reliability of arterial spin labeling with common labeling strategies. Yufen Chen, Danny J J Wang, John A Detre
99 2011 Test-retest reliability of resting-state connectivity network characteristics using fMRI and graph theoretical measures Urs Braun, Michael M Plichta, Christine Esslinger, Carina Sauer, Leila Haddad, Oliver Grimm
99 2011 Testability of Cryptographic Hardware and Detection of Hardware Trojans Debdeep Mukhopadhyay, Rajat Subhra Chakraborty
100 2011 Testbed federation: An approach for experimentation-driven research in cognitive radios and cognitive networking Alejandro Sanchez, Ingrid Moerman, Stefan Bouckaert, Daniel Willkomm, Jan Hauer, Nicola Michailow
100 2011 Testing and modeling of lithium-ion ultracapacitors Emad Manla, Goran Mandic, Adel Nasiri
100 2011 Testing balance and fall risk in persons with Parkinson disease, an argument for ecologically valid testing. K B Foreman, O Addison, H S Kim, L E Dibble
101 2011 Testing dynamical models of vision. Johannes Rüter, Gregory Francis, Patricia Frehe, Michael H Herzog
101 2011 Testing for spatial heterogeneity in functional MRI using the multivariate general linear model Robert Leech, Dennis Leech
103 2011 Testing the ICA mixing matrix based on inter-subject or inter-session consistency. Aapo Hyvärinen
103 2011 Testing the nullspace property using semidefinite programming Alexandre d'Aspremont, Laurent El Ghaoui
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494 2011 The Split-Apply-Combine Strategy for Data Hadley Wickham
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497 2011 The state-of-the-art in semiconductor reverse engineering Randy Torrance, Dick James
499 2011 The status and perspectives of metal oxide thin-film transistors for active matrix flexible displays Jae Kyeong Jeong
499 2011 The status and prospects of renewable energy for combating global warming Douglas J Arent, Alison Wise, Rachel Gelman
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500 2011 The Story of the 2010 Nobel Prize : Ground-breaking Experiments on Graphene Yvette Hancock
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503 2011 The Structure of the Eukaryotic Ribosome at 3.0 A Resolution. Adam Ben-Shem, Nicolas Garreau De Loubresse, Sergey Melnikov, Lasse Jenner, Gulnara Yusupova, Marat Yusupov
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506 2011 The surface area of human V1 predicts the subjective experience of object size. D Samuel Schwarzkopf, Chen Song, Geraint Rees
507 2011 The swarm at the edge of the cloud - A new perspective on wireless Jan M Rabaey
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515 2011 The Ties That Bond: Re-Examining the Relationship between Facebook Use and Bonding Social Capital Jessica Vitak, Nicole B Ellison, Charles Steinfield
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517 2011 The Times They Are A-Changin ’: Mobile Payments in India Deepti Kumar, David Martin, Jacki O Neill
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518 2011 The todonotes package ∗ Todo list Henrik Skov Midtiby
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522 2011 The Trials of new carbon By Richard Van Noorden
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534 2012 The Use of On-line Co-training to Reduce the Training Set Size in Pattern Recognition Methods : Application to Left Ventricle Segmentation in Ultrasound Gustavo Carneiro
534 2011 The Use of Piezoceramics As Electrical Energy Harvesters Within Instrumented Knee Implant During Walking Shaban Almouahed, Manuel Gouriou, Chafiaa Hamitouche, Eric Stindel, Christian Roux
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539 2011 The Value of Foresight: How Prospection Affects Decision-Making Giovanni Pezzulo, Francesco Rigoli
541 2011 The variance modulation associated with the vestibular evoked myogenic potential. Bernd Lütkenhöner, Claudia Rudack, Türker Basel
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553 2011 Theoretical analysis of intracortical microelectrode recordings. Scott F Lempka, Matthew D Johnson, Michael A Moffitt, Kevin J Otto, Daryl R Kipke, Cameron C McIntyre
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555 2011 Theoretical and Practical Foundations of Agent-Based Micro-Storage in the Smart Grid Perukrishnen Vytelingum, Thomas Voice, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings
556 2011 Theoretical basis of the community effect in development Yasushi Saka, Cédric Lhoussaine, Celine Kuttler, Ekkehard Ullner, Marco Thiel
556 2011 Theoretical conversion efficiency of a two-junction III-V nanowire on Si solar cell R R LaPierre
557 2011 Theoretical evaluation of errors in aerosol optical depth retrievals from ground-based direct-sun measurements due to circumsolar and related effects Miroslav Kocifaj, Christian A Gueymard
557 2011 Theoretical Foundations for User-Controlled Forgetting in Scrutable Long Term User Models Debjanee Barua, Judy Kay, Bob Kummerfeld
557 2011 Theoretical Fundamentals of Gate Level Information Flow Tracking Wei Hu, Jason Oberg, Ali Irturk, Mohit Tiwari, Timothy Sherwood, Dejun Mu
557 2011 Theoretical investigation of silicide Schottky barrier detector integrated in horizontal metal-insulator-silicon-insulator-metal nanoplasmonic slot waveguide Shiyang Zhu, G Q Lo, D L Kwong
560 2011 Theoretical study of 1,2-hydride shift associated with the isomerization of glyceraldehyde to dihydroxy acetone by lewis Acid active site models. Rajeev S Assary, Larry A Curtiss
560 2011 Theoretical study of acousto-optical coherence tomography using random phase jumps on ultrasound and light. M Lesaffre, S Farahi, A C Boccara, F Ramaz, M Gross
560 2011 Theoretical Study of Hydrogenated Tetrahedral Aluminum Clusters Kazuhide Ichikawa, Yuji Ikeda, Ayumu Wagatsuma, Kouhei Watanabe, Pawel Szarek, Akitomo Tachibana
561 2012 Theoretical study of the frequency shift in bimodal FM-AFM by fractional calculus Elena T Herruzo, Ricardo Garcia
561 2011 Theoretical study on thermoelectric properties of kinked graphene nanoribbons Wen Huang, Jian-Sheng Wang, Gengchiau Liang
562 2012 Theory and Applications of Compressive Sensing Gitta Kutyniok
564 2012 Theory and Practice of Bloom Filters for Distributed Systems Sasu Tarkoma, Christian Esteve Rothenberg, Eemil Lagerspetz
565 2011 Theory of 2D transport in graphene for correlated disorder Qiuzi Li, E H Hwang, E Rossi, S Das Sarma
567 2011 Theory of double-resonant Raman spectra in graphene: intensity and line shape of defect-induced and two-phonon bands Pedro Venezuela, Michele Lazzeri, Francesco Mauri
568 2011 Theory of Faraday effect in high-Q Whispering-Gallery optical cavities Shoufeng Lan, Mani Hossein-Zadeh
568 2011 Theory of fishnet negative-index optical metamaterials. J Yang, C Sauvan, H T Liu, P Lalanne
569 2011 Theory of heat transfer during condensation in microchannels H S Wang, John W Rose
569 2011 Theory of infrared microspectroscopy for intact fibers. Brynmor J Davis, P Scott Carney, Rohit Bhargava
570 2011 Theory of Light Amplification in Active Fishnet Metamaterials Joachim Hamm, Sebastian Wuestner, Kosmas Tsakmakidis, Ortwin Hess
571 2012 Theory of non-polar and semi-polar nitride semiconductor quantum-well structures Doyeol Ahn, Seoung-Hwan Park
571 2011 Theory of optical transitions in graphene nanoribbons K Sasaki, K Kato, Y Tokura, K Oguri, T Sogawa
573 2011 Theory of Secure Network Coding Ning Cai, Terence Chan
575 2011 Theory of the giant plasmon enhanced second harmonic generation in graphene and semiconductor two-dimensional electron systems S A Mikhailov
575 2011 Theory of the Junctionless Nanowire FET Elena Gnani, Antonio Gnudi, Susanna Reggiani, Giorgio Baccarani
577 2011 Theory, Instrumentation and Applications of Magnetoelastic Resonance Sensors: A Review Craig A Grimes, Somnath C Roy, Sanju Rani, Qingyun Cai
578 2012 Therapeutic devices for epilepsy. Robert S Fisher
579 2011 Theriogenology question of the month. Globosus amorphus. Lisa K Pearson, Jacobo S Rodriguez, Ahmed Tibary
580 2011 Thermal analysis and comparison of permanent magnet motor and generator Nannan Zhao, Z Q Zhu, Weiguo Liu
581 2011 Thermal analysis of microwave high-temperature probe station Martin Mišun, Martin Tomáška
581 2011 Thermal and stress studies of normal incidence Mo/B4C multilayers for a 6.7 nm wavelength. Miriam Barthelmess, Saša Bajt
581 2011 Thermal annealing effect on the nanomechanical properties and structure of P3HT:PCBM thin films P G Karagiannidis, S Kassavetis, C Pitsalidis, S Logothetidis
582 2011 Thermal aware workload placement with task-temperature profiles in a data center Lizhe Wang, Samee U Khan, Jai Dayal
582 2011 Thermal Behavior of Sapphire-Based InGaN Light-Emitting Diodes with Cap-Shaped Copper–Diamond Substrates Ray-Hua Horng, Hung-Lieh Hu, Re-Ching Lin, Kun-Cheng Peng, Yi-Chen Chiang
583 2011 Thermal comfort of patients: Objective and subjective measurements in patient rooms of a Belgian healthcare facility Jan Verheyen, Nele Theys, Luk Allonsius, Filip Descamps
584 2011 Thermal conduction in aligned carbon nanotube-polymer nanocomposites with high packing density. Amy M Marconnet, Namiko Yamamoto, Matthew A Panzer, Brian L Wardle, Kenneth E Goodson
584 2011 Thermal conductivity measurements using 1ω and 3ω methods revisited for voltage-driven setups. J Kimling, S Martens, K Nielsch
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585 2012 Thermal conductivity of isotopically modified graphene. Shanshan Chen, Qingzhi Wu, Columbia Mishra, Junyong Kang, Hengji Zhang, Kyeongjae Cho
585 2011 Thermal conductivity of nanocrystalline silicon: importance of grain size and frequency-dependent mean free paths. Zhaojie Wang, Joseph E Alaniz, Wanyoung Jang, Javier E Garay, Chris Dames
586 2011 Thermal Conductivity Spectroscopy Technique to Measure Phonon Mean Free Paths A Minnich, J Johnson, A Schmidt, K Esfarjani, M Dresselhaus, K Nelson
587 2011 Thermal Effects on the Design of Passive Loops to Mitigate the Magnetic Field Generated by Underground Power Cables Juan Carlos Del Pino Lopez, Pedro Cruz Romero
588 2011 Thermal Expansion of Supported and Freestanding Graphene: Lattice Constant versus Interatomic Distance M Pozzo, D Alfe, P Lacovig, P Hofmann, S Lizzit, A Baraldi
588 2011 Thermal ideality factor of hydrogenated amorphous silicon p-i-n solar cells R Kind, R A C M M Van Swaaij, F A Rubinelli, S Solntsev, M Zeman
589 2011 Thermal Infrared Emissivity Dependence on Soil Moisture in Field Conditions Juan M Sanchez, Andrew N French, Maria Mira, Douglas J Hunsaker, Kelly R Thorp, Enric Valor
589 2012 Thermal infrared near-field spectroscopy. Andrew C Jones, Markus B Raschke
590 2011 Thermal Model With Winding Homogenization and FIT Discretization for Stator Slot La X EF D Idoughi, Xavier Mininger, Fr X E D X E Ric Bouillault, Laurent Bernard, Emmanuel Hoang
590 2011 Thermal modeling of cylindrical lithium ion battery during discharge cycle Dong Hyup Jeon, Seung Man Baek
590 2011 Thermal modelling to analyze the effect of cell temperature on PV modules energy efficiency Florian Romary, Adelphe Caldeira, Sebastien Jacques, Ambroise Schellmanns
591 2011 Thermal parameter identification of simplified building model with electric appliance Herie Park, Marie Ruellan, Adrien Bouvet, Eric Monmasson, Rachid Bennacer
592 2011 Thermal properties of graphene and nanostructured carbon materials. Alexander A Balandin
592 2011 Thermal Properties of Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes and Nanostructured Carbon Materials Alexander A Balandin
593 2011 Thermal sensitivity in the elderly: a review. Slava Guergova, André Dufour
593 2011 Thermal spin current from a ferromagnet to silicon by Seebeck spin tunnelling. Jean-Christophe Le Breton, Sandeep Sharma, Hidekazu Saito, Shinji Yuasa, Ron Jansen
593 2011 Thermal spin-transfer in Fe|MgO|Fe tunnel junctions Xingtao Jia, Ke Xia, Gerrit E W Bauer
594 2012 Thermal stability of multilayer graphene films synthesized by chemical vapor deposition and stained by metallic impurities. Yung Ho Kahng, Sangchul Lee, Woojin Park, Gunho Jo, Minhyeok Choe, Jong-Hoon Lee
594 2011 Thermal stability of sputtered Mo/polyimide films and formation of MoSe2 and MoS2 layers for application in flexible Cu(In,Ga)(Se,S)2 based solar cells A Bollero, L Kaupmees, T Raadik, M Grossberg, S Fernández
595 2011 Thermal tolerance of E. faecalis to pulsed heating in the millisecond range. Samo Pirnat, Matjaz Lukac, Alojz Ihan
595 2011 Thermal-aware cell and through-silicon-via co-placement for 3D ICs Jason Cong, Guojie Luo, Yiyu Shi
597 2011 Thermally activated conductivity in gapped bilayer graphene Maxim Trushin
597 2011 Thermally Limited Current Carrying Ability of Graphene Nanoribbons Albert Liao, Justin Wu, Xinran Wang, Kristof Tahy, Debdeep Jena, Hongjie Dai
598 2011 Thermally-Limited Current Carrying Ability of Graphene Nanoribbons Albert D Liao, Justin Z Wu, Xinran Wang, Kristof Tahy, Debdeep Jena, Hongjie Dai
598 2011 Thermo-optic microring resonator switching elements made of dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguides Odysseas Tsilipakos, Emmanouil E Kriezis, Sergey I Bozhevolnyi
599 2011 Thermo-optical tunable planar ridge microdisk resonator in silicon-on-insulator. Junfeng Song, Qing Fang, Xianshu Luo, Hong Cai, T-Y Liow, M-B Yu
600 2011 Thermodiffusion (thermomigration) and convection in molten semiconductor–metal layers Morteza Eslamian, M Ziad Saghir
600 2011 Thermodynamic efficiency limit of excitonic solar cells Noel Giebink, Gary Wiederrecht, Michael Wasielewski, Stephen Forrest
603 2011 Thermoelectric and bulk mobility measurements in pentacene thin films G H Kim, M Shtein, K P Pipe
603 2011 Thermoelectric effect in high mobility single layer epitaxial graphene Xiaosong Wu, Yike Hu, Ming Ruan, Nerasoa K Madiomanana, Claire Berger, Walter A De Heer
604 2011 Thermoelectric generator sandwiched in a crossflow heat exchanger with optimal connectivity between modules Simon Bélanger, Louis Gosselin
604 2011 Thermoelectric method for sequencing DNA. Gergana G Nestorova, Eric J Guilbeau
604 2011 Thermoelectric Properties of Molecular Nanowires Yuanyuan Wang, Jun Zhou, Ronggui Yang
605 2011 Thermoelectric Properties of Scaled Silicon Nanowires Using the sp3d5s*-SO Atomistic Tight-Binding Model and Boltzmann Transport Neophytos Neophytou, Hans Kosina
605 2011 Thermoelectric Spin-Transfer Torque MRAM with Sub-Nanosecond Bi-Directional Writing using Magnonic Current Niladri N Mojumder, Kaushik Roy, David W Abraham
605 2011 Thermoelectric transport properties of silicon: Toward an ab initio approach Zhao Wang, Shidong Wang, Sergey Obukhov, Nathalie Vast, Jelena Sjakste, Valery Tyuterev
605 2012 Thermoelectric voltage at a nanometer-scale heated tip point contact. Patrick C Fletcher, Byeonghee Lee, William P King
605 2012 Thermoelectrically Pumped Light-Emitting Diodes Operating above Unity Efficiency Parthiban Santhanam, Dodd Gray, Rajeev Ram
607 2011 Thermostability of Biological Systems: Fundamentals, Challenges, and Quantification Xiaoming He
607 2011 Thermostat strategies impact on energy consumption in residential buildings Jin Woo Moon, Seung-Hoon Han
608 2011 Theta lingua franca: A common mid-frontal substrate for action monitoring processes James F Cavanagh, Laura Zambrano-Vazquez, John J B Allen
609 2011 Theta Phase Modulates Multiple Layer-Specific Oscillations in the CA1 Region. Robson Scheffer-Teixeira, Hindiael Belchior, Fábio V Caixeta, Bryan C Souza, Sidarta Ribeiro, Adriano B L Tort
610 2011 They Can Hear Your Heartbeats : Non-Invasive Security for Implantable Medical Devices Shyamnath Gollakota, Benjamin Ransford, Dina Katabi, Kevin Fu
610 2012 Thiazole-Based Organic Semiconductors for Organic Electronics Yuze Lin, Haijun Fan, Yongfang Li, Xiaowei Zhan
610 2012 Thickness and strain effects on electronic structures of transition metal dichalcogenides: 2H-MX_2 semiconductors (M = Mo, W; X = S, Se, Te) Won Seok Yun, S Han, Soon Cheol Hong, In Gee Kim, J Lee
611 2011 Thickness effect of RF sputtered TiO2 passivating layer on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells Jin-A Jeong, Han-Ki Kim
611 2011 Thickness measurement of colloidal opal crystal growth by Bragg reflection. Ming-Zheng Lin, Guan-Hui Li, Ming-Yau Chern, Chung-Wen Lan
611 2011 Thickness study of Al:ZnO film for application as a window layer in Cu(In1−xGax)Se2 thin film solar cell S Ishizuka, A Yamada, K Matsubara, S Niki, T Sakurai, K Akimoto
611 2011 Thienoacene-Based Organic Semiconductors Kazuo Takimiya, Shoji Shinamura, Itaru Osaka, Eigo Miyazaki
611 2011 Thieno[3,2-b]thiophene-diketopyrrolopyrrole-containing polymers for high-performance organic field-effect transistors and organic photovoltaic devices. Hugo Bronstein, Zhuoying Chen, Raja Shahid Ashraf, Weimin Zhang, Junping Du, James R Durrant
612 2011 Thin and flexible bio-batteries made of electrospun cellulose-based membranes. A C Baptista, J I Martins, E Fortunato, R Martins, J P Borges, I Ferreira
612 2011 Thin crystalline silicon solar cells based on epitaxial films grown at 165°C by RF-PECVD Romain Cariou, Martin Labrune, Pere Roca I Cabarrocas
612 2011 Thin film encapsulation for flexible AM-OLED: a review Jin-Seong Park, Heeyeop Chae, Ho Kyoon Chung, Sang In Lee
613 2011 Thin film solar cells of CdS/PbS chemically deposited by an ammonia-free process J Hernández-Borja, Y V Vorobiev, R Ramírez-Bon
614 2011 Thin film structure of triisopropylsilylethynyl-functionalized pentacene and tetraceno[2,3-b]thiophene from grazing incidence X-ray diffraction. Stefan C B Mannsfeld, Ming Lee Tang, Zhenan Bao
615 2011 Thin-Film Aluminum RF MEMS Switched Capacitors With Stress Tolerance and Temperature Stability Isak Reines, Brandon Pillans, Gabriel M Rebeiz
615 2011 Thin-film composite pressure retarded osmosis membranes for sustainable power generation from salinity gradients. Ngai Yin Yip, Alberto Tiraferri, William A Phillip, Jessica D Schiffman, Laura A Hoover, Yu Chang Kim
615 2012 Thin-Film Magnetization Dynamics on the Surface of a Topological Insulator Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, Daniel Loss
616 2011 Thin-film morphology of inkjet-printed single-droplet organic transistors using polarized Raman spectroscopy: effect of blending TIPS-pentacene with insulating polymer. David T James, B K Charlotte Kjellander, Wiljan T T Smaal, Gerwin H Gelinck, Craig Combe, Iain McCulloch
617 2011 Thin-Film Transistors with Length-Sorted DNA-Wrapped Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Yuki Asada, Yasumitsu Miyata, Kazunari Shiozawa, Yutaka Ohno, Ryo Kitaura, Takashi Mizutani
618 2011 Think quarterly I L L Umin
618 2011 Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers Allen B Downey
618 2011 ThinkHome Energy Efficiency in Future Smart Homes Christian Reinisch, Mario J Kofler, Félix Iglesias, Wolfgang Kastner
619 2011 Thinning of multilayer graphene to monolayer graphene in a plasma environment. K S Hazra, J Rafiee, M A Rafiee, A Mathur, S S Roy, J McLauhglin
619 2011 Thiocyanate-capped nanocrystal colloids: vibrational reporter of surface chemistry and solution-based route to enhanced coupling in nanocrystal solids. Aaron T Fafarman, Weon-kyu Koh, Benjamin T Diroll, David K Kim, Dong-Kyun Ko, Soong Ju Oh
619 2011 Thiocyanate-capped PbS nanocubes: ambipolar transport enables quantum dot based circuits on a flexible substrate. Weon-Kyu Koh, Sangameshwar R Saudari, Aaron T Fafarman, Cherie R Kagan, Christopher B Murray
620 2011 Third edge for a graphene nanoribbon: A tight-binding model calculation D Bahamon, A Pereira, P Schulz
620 2011 Third-order dynamic model of a lead acid battery for use in fuel cell vehicle simulation Hongyan Wang, Guangkai Li, Mu Li, Zhengxin Jiang, Xintao Wang, Quanxin Zhao
621 2011 Thirty years and counting: finding meaning in the N400 component of the event-related brain potential (ERP). Marta Kutas, Kara D Federmeier
621 2011 This is a test JC Test
621 2012 This is not an invoice . Thank You, F O R Your
622 2011 This is the rhythm of your eyes: the phase of ongoing electroencephalogram oscillations modulates saccadic reaction time. Jan Drewes, Rufin VanRullen
622 2011 Thousand-port optical packet switch architecture with highly distributed control S Di Lucente, Y Nazarathy, N Calabretta, O Raz, H J S Dorren
622 2011 Thread Block Compaction for Efficient SIMT Control Flow Wilson W L Fung, Tor M Aamodt
623 2011 Three brain collections for comparative neuroanatomy and neuroimaging. Karl Zilles, Katrin Amunts, Jeroen B Smaers
624 2011 Three color infrared detector using InAs/GaSb superlattices with unipolar barriers N Gautam, M Naydenkov, S Myers, A V Barve, E Plis, T Rotter
624 2011 Three dimensional ballistocardiography: Methodology and results from microgravity and dry immersion P-F Migeotte, J Tank, N Pattyn, I Funtova, R Baevsky, X Neyt
625 2011 Three Dimensional Topological Insulators with Landau Levels Yi Li, Congjun Wu
625 2011 Three kinds of Cu2O/ZnO heterostructure solar cells fabricated with electrochemical deposition and their structure-related photovoltaic properties Haoming Wei, Haibo Gong, Yingzi Wang, Xilun Hu, Ling Chen, Hongyan Xu
625 2011 Three layers of working memory: Focus-switch costs and retrieval dynamics as revealed by the N -count task Chandramallika Basak, Paul Verhaeghen
626 2011 Three novel ways of making thin-film crystalline-silicon layers on glass for solar cell applications I Gordon, F Dross, V Depauw, A Masolin, Y Qiu, J Vaes
626 2012 Three things everyone should know to improve object retrieval Relja Arandjelovi´c, Andrew Zisserman
628 2011 Three-dimensional atomic imaging of colloidal core-shell nanocrystals. Sara Bals, Marianna Casavola, Marijn A Van Huis, Sandra Van Aert, K Joost Batenburg, Gustaaf Van Tendeloo
628 2011 Three-dimensional atomic imaging of crystalline nanoparticles. Sandra Van Aert, Kees J Batenburg, Marta D Rossell, Rolf Erni, Gustaaf Van Tendeloo
628 2011 Three-dimensional axon morphologies of individual layer 5 neurons indicate cell type-specific intracortical pathways for whisker motion and touch. Marcel Oberlaender, Zimbo S R M Boudewijns, Tatjana Kleele, Huibert D Mansvelder, Bert Sakmann, Christiaan P J De Kock
628 2011 Three-dimensional ballistocardiography in microgravity: A review of past research S De Ridder, P-F Migeotte, X Neyt, N Pattyn, G K Prisk
628 2011 Three-dimensional bichiral plasmonic crystals fabricated by direct laser writing and electroless silver plating. André Radke, Timo Gissibl, Thomas Klotzbücher, Paul V Braun, Harald Giessen
628 2011 Three-dimensional bicontinuous ultrafast-charge and -discharge bulk battery electrodes. Huigang Zhang, Xindi Yu, Paul V Braun
629 2011 Three-dimensional cavity nanoantenna coupled plasmonic nanodots for ultrahigh and uniform surface-enhanced Raman scattering over large area. Wen-Di Li, Fei Ding, Jonathan Hu, Stephen Y Chou
630 2011 Three-dimensional continuous particle focusing in a microfluidic channel via standing surface acoustic waves (SSAW). Jinjie Shi, Shahrzad Yazdi, Sz-Chin Steven Lin, Xiaoyun Ding, I-Kao Chiang, Kendra Sharp
630 2011 Three-dimensional display technologies of recent interest: principles, status, and issues [Invited]. Jisoo Hong, Youngmin Kim, Hee-Jin Choi, Joonku Hahn, Jae-Hyeung Park, Hwi Kim
630 2011 Three-Dimensional Displays: A Review and Applications Analysis Nicolas S Holliman, Neil A Dodgson, Gregg E Favalora, Lachlan Pockett
630 2011 Three-dimensional etching of silicon substrates using a modified deep reactive ion etching technique S Azimi, A Sandoughsaz, B Amirsolaimani, J Naghsh-Nilchi, S Mohajerzadeh
631 2011 Three-dimensional flexible and conductive interconnected graphene networks grown by chemical vapour deposition. Zongping Chen, Wencai Ren, Libo Gao, Bilu Liu, Songfeng Pei, Hui-Ming Cheng
631 2011 Three-dimensional fluidic self-assembly by axis translation of two-dimensionally fabricated microcomponents in railed microfluidics. Su Eun Chung, Yoonseok Jung, Sunghoon Kwon
632 2011 Three-dimensional GaN for semipolar light emitters T Wunderer, M Feneberg, F Lipski, J Wang, R A R Leute, S Schwaiger
632 2011 Three-dimensional GaN/AlN nanowire heterostructures by separating nucleation and growth processes. Santino D Carnevale, Jing Yang, Patrick J Phillips, Michael J Mills, Roberto C Myers
632 2011 Three-dimensional high-density hierarchical nanowire architecture for high-performance photoelectrochemical electrodes. Jian Shi, Yukihiro Hara, Chengliang Sun, Marc A Anderson, Xudong Wang
632 2011 Three-dimensional holographic photostimulation of the dendritic arbor. Sunggu Yang, Eirini Papagiakoumou, Marc Guillon, Vincent De Sars, Cha-Min Tang, Valentina Emiliani
633 2011 Three-dimensional in vivo motion analysis of normal knees using single-plane fluoroscopy. Osamu Tanifuji, Takashi Sato, Koichi Kobayashi, Tomoharu Mochizuki, Yoshio Koga, Hiroshi Yamagiwa
633 2011 Three-dimensional information in face recognition : An eye-tracking study Olga Chelnokova, Bruno Laeng
633 2011 Three-Dimensional Integration Approach to High-Density Memory Devices Hojung Kim, Sanghun Jeon, Myoung-Jae Lee, Jaechul Park, Sangbeom Kang, Hyun-Sik Choi
633 2011 Three-Dimensional Interactive and Stereotactic Human Brain Atlas of White Matter Tracts. Wieslaw L Nowinski, Beng Choon Chua, Guo Liang Yang, Guo Yu Qian
634 2011 Three-dimensional magneto-resistive random access memory devices based on resonant spin-polarized alternating currents Christoph Vogler, Florian Bruckner, Markus Fuger, Bernhard Bergmair, Thomas Huber, Josef Fidler
634 2011 Three-Dimensional Media for Mobile Devices Atanas Gotchev, Gozde Bozdagi Akar, Tolga Capin, Dominik Strohmeier, Atanas Boev
636 2011 Three-dimensional MR-encephalography: fast volumetric brain imaging using rosette trajectories. Benjamin Zahneisen, Thimo Grotz, Kuan J Lee, Sabine Ohlendorf, Marco Reisert, Maxim Zaitsev
636 2011 Three-dimensional nanocrystal superlattices grown in nanoliter microfluidic plugs. Maryna I Bodnarchuk, Liang Li, Alice Fok, Sigrid Nachtergaele, Rustem F Ismagilov, Dmitri V Talapin
636 2012 Three-dimensional nanonetworks for giant stretchability in dielectrics and conductors Junyong Park, Shuodao Wang, Ming Li, Changui Ahn, Jerome K Hyun, Dong Seok Kim
638 2011 Three-dimensional parallel particle manipulation and tracking by integrating holographic optical tweezers and engineered point spread functions. Donald B Conkey, Rahul P Trivedi, Sri Rama Prasanna Pavani, Ivan I Smalyukh, Rafael Piestun
638 2011 Three-dimensional phase diagram of disordered HgTe/CdTe Quantum spin-Hall wells Emil Prodan
639 2011 Three-dimensional plasmon rulers. Na Liu, Mario Hentschel, Thomas Weiss, A Paul Alivisatos, Harald Giessen
639 2011 Three-dimensional polarization-independent visible-frequency carpet invisibility cloak. Joachim Fischer, Tolga Ergin, Martin Wegener
639 2012 Three-dimensional real-time tracking of nanoparticles at an oil-water interface. Kan Du, J Alexander Liddle, Andrew J Berglund
640 2011 Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Brain-wide Wiring Networks in Drosophila at Single-Cell Resolution. Ann-Shyn Chiang, Chih-Yung Lin, Chao-Chun Chuang, Hsiu-Ming Chang, Chang-Huain Hsieh, Chang-Wei Yeh
640 2011 Three-dimensional reference and stereotactic atlas of human cerebrovasculature from 7Tesla. W L Nowinski, B C Chua, Y Marchenko, F Puspitsari, I Volkau, M V Knopp
641 2011 Three-Dimensional Sound Field Reproduction Using Multiple Circular Loudspeaker Arrays Aastha Gupta, Thushara D Abhayapala
641 2011 Three-Dimensional Structure Determination from Common Lines in Cryo-EM by Eigenvectors and Semidefinite Programming A Singer, Y Shkolnisky
642 2011 Three-dimensional superresolution colocalization of intracellular protein superstructures and the cell surface in live Caulobacter crescentus M D Lew, S F Lee, J L Ptacin, M K Lee, R J Twieg, L Shapiro
644 2011 Three-Dimensional Video Postproduction and Processing Aljoscha Smolic, Peter Kauff, Sebastian Knorr, Alexander Hornung, Matthias Kunter, Marcus Muller
644 2011 Three-dimensionally arrayed and mutually connected 1.2-nm nanopores for high-performance electric double layer capacitor. Hiroyuki Itoi, Hirotomo Nishihara, Taichi Kogure, Takashi Kyotani
645 2011 Three-mobile-beacon assisted weighted centroid localization method in wireless sensor networks Huan-qing Cui, Ying-long Wang, Jia-liang Lv, Yu-ming Mao
645 2011 Three-Photon Absorption in Seeded CdSe/CdS Nanorod Heterostructures Guichuan Xing, Sabyasachi Chakrabortty, Song Wee Ngiam, Yinthai Chan, Tze Chien Sum
647 2011 Threshold voltage shifting for memory and tuning in printed transistor circuits Bal Mukund Dhar, Recep Özgün, Tom Dawidczyk, Andreas Andreou, Howard E Katz
647 2011 Thresholdless Nanoscale Coaxial Lasers M Khajavikhan, A Simic, M Katz, J H Lee, B Slutsky, A Mizrahi
649 2012 Throughput Analysis of Cooperative Mobile Content Distribution in Vehicular Network using Symbol Level Network Coding Qiben Yan, Student Member, Ming Li, Zhenyu Yang
650 2011 Thru silicon via stacking numerical characterization for multi-die interconnections using full array very fine pitch micro C4 bumps K Y Au, J D Beleran, Y B Yang, Y F Zhang, S L Kriangsak, P L Ong Wilson
651 2011 Thumbs up and down. Erin Walkinshaw
651 2011 THz Frequency Selective Surface Filters for Earth Observation Remote Sensing Instruments Raymond Dickie, Robert Cahill, Vincent Fusco, Harold S Gamble, Neil Mitchell
651 2011 THz Generation from Plasmonic Nanoparticle Arrays. D K Polyushkin, E Hendry, E K Stone, W L Barnes
652 2012 THz near-field Faraday imaging in hybrid metamaterials Nishant Kumar, Andrew C Strikwerda, Kebin Fan, Xin Zhang, Richard D Averitt, Paul C M Planken
653 2012 Tight Finite-Key Analysis for Quantum Cryptography Marco Tomamichel, Charles Ci Wen Lim, Nicolas Gisin, Renato Renner
654 2011 Tight-binding study of the magneto-optical properties of gapped graphene Jesper Goor Pedersen, Thomas Garm Pedersen
654 2011 Tightly-coupled robust vision aided inertial navigation algorithm for augmented reality using monocular camera and IMU Taragay Oskiper, Supun Samarasekera, Rakesh Kumar
655 2011 Tiling array data analysis: a multiscale approach using wavelets Alexander Karpikov, Joel Rozowsky, Mark Gerstein
655 2011 Tilted fiber Bragg grating assisted nonlinear effects in carbon nanotube-coated optical fibers G E Villanueva, M B Jakubinek, B Simard, C J Oton, P Perez-Millan, J Albert
656 2011 Timbre discrimination in cochlear implant users and normal hearing subjects using cross-faded synthetic tones. Torsten Rahne, Lars Böhme, Gerrit Götze
657 2011 Time and Location-Critical Emergency Message Dissemination for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks Yanyan Zhuang, Jianping Pan, Yuanqian Luo, Lin Cai
657 2011 Time course and spatial distribution of fMRI signal changes during single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation to the primary motor cortex. H Shitara, T Shinozaki, K Takagishi, M Honda, T Hanakawa
658 2012 Time Courses of Attentional Modulation in Neural Amplification and Synchronization Measured with Steady-state Visual-evoked Potentials. Yoshiyuki Kashiwase, Kazumichi Matsumiya, Ichiro Kuriki, Satoshi Shioiri
660 2011 Time domain dispersion of underwater optical wireless communication Wei Wei, Xiaohui Zhang, Jionghui Rao, Wenbo Wang
660 2011 Time domain homogenization of metamaterials Mário Silveirinha
660 2011 Time domain reconstruction of spatial sound fields using compressed sensing Andrew Wabnitz, Nicolas Epain, André Van Schaik, Craig Jin
660 2011 Time domain simulation of harmonic ultrasound images and beam patterns in 3D using the k-space pseudospectral method BE Treeby, M Tumen, BT Cox
661 2011 Time in language: event duration in language comprehension. Marta Coll-Florit, Silvia Patricia Gennari
662 2011 Time of flight between a Source and a Detector observed from a Satellite Ronald A J Van Elburg
662 2011 Time prediction based on process mining W M P Van Der Aalst, M H Schonenberg, M Song
662 2011 Time reversal in dynamically tuned zero-gap periodic systems. Yonatan Sivan, John B Pendry
663 2011 Time scales of representation in the human brain : weighing past information to predict future events Lee M Harrison, Sven Bestmann, Maria Joao Rosa, William Penny, Gary G R Green
663 2011 Time series analysis of postural responses to combined visual pitch and support surface tilt. Jill C Slaboda, Richard Lauer, Emily A Keshner
663 2011 Time Series Analysis with R Walter Zucchini
663 2011 Time Series Clustering : Complex is Simpler ! Lei Li, B Aditya Prakash
664 2011 Time Series Models for Semantic Music Annotation Emanuele Coviello, Antoni B Chan, Gert Lanckriet
664 2011 Time shared optical network (TSON): A novel metro architecture for flexible multi-granular services G S Zervas, J Triay, N Amaya, Y Qin, C Cervello-Pastor, D Simeonidou
665 2011 Time trends (1998-2007) in brain cancer incidence rates in relation to mobile phone use in England. Frank De Vocht, Igor Burstyn, John W Cherrie
665 2011 Time Varying Dynamic Bayesian Network for Nonstationary Events Modeling and Online Inference Zhaowen Wang, Ercan E Kuruoglu, Xiaokang Yang, Yi Xu, Thomas S Huang
666 2011 Time-Bounded Authentication of FPGAs Mehrdad Majzoobi, Farinaz Koushanfar
666 2011 Time-constrained sequential pattern discovery for music genre classification Jia-Min Ren, Jyh-Shing Roger Jang
668 2011 Time-dependent versus static quantum transport simulations beyond linear response ChiYung Yam, Xiao Zheng, GuanHua Chen, Yong Wang, Thomas Frauenheim, Thomas A Niehaus
669 2011 Time-Dependent Visualization of Lagrangian Coherent Structures by Grid Advection Filip Sadlo, Alessandro Rigazzi, Ronald Peikert
669 2011 Time-Domain Blind Separation of Audio Sources on the Basis of a Complete ICA Decomposition of an Observation Space Zbyněk Koldovsky, Petr Tichavsky
669 2011 Time-domain ECG signal analysis based on smart-phone Shijie Zhou, Zichen Zhang, Jason Gu
669 2011 Time-Domain Implementation of Broadband Beamformer in Spherical Harmonics Domain Shefeng Yan, Haohai Sun, Xiaochuan Ma, U Peter Svensson, Chaohuan Hou
670 2011 Time-domain measurement system using Track Hold Amplifier applied to pulsed RF characterization of high power GaN devices S Ahmed, M Saad-el-dine, T Reveyrand, G Neveux, D Barataud, J Nebus
671 2011 Time-Frequency Analysis of EEG Asymmetry Using Bivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition Cheolsoo Park, David Looney, Preben Kidmose, Michael Ungstrup, Danilo P Mandic
672 2011 Time-frequency characterization of electrocorticographic recordings of epileptic patients using frequency-entropy similarity: a comparison to other bi-variate measures. T Gazit, I Doron, O Sagher, M H Kohrman, V L Towle, M Teicher
673 2011 Time-frequency segmentation of bird song in noisy acoustic environments Lawrence Neal, Forrest Briggs, Raviv Raich, Xiaoli Z Fern
674 2011 Time-interleaved acquisition of modes: An analysis of SAR and image contrast implications S Orzada, S Maderwald, B A Poser, S Johst, S Kannengiesser, M E Ladd
674 2011 Time-interleaved single-slope ADC using counter-based time-to-digital converter Hyoung-Taek Choi, Young-Hwa Kim, KwangSeok Kim, Jaewook Kim, SeongHwan Cho
674 2011 Time-lapse imaging of disease progression in deep brain areas using fluorescence microendoscopy. Robert P J Barretto, Tony H Ko, Juergen C Jung, Tammy J Wang, George Capps, Allison C Waters
675 2011 Time-of-Flight Studies of Electron-Collection Kinetics in Polymer:Fullerene Bulk-Heterojunction Solar Cells Anthony J Morfa, Alexandre M Nardes, Sean E Shaheen, Nikos Kopidakis, Jao Van De Lagemaat
676 2011 Time-Resolved Holography Y Huismans, A Rouzée, A Gijsbertsen, J H Jungmann, A S Smolkowska, P S W M Logman
677 2011 Time-resolved measurement of spin-transfer-driven ferromagnetic resonance and spin torque in magnetic tunnel junctions Chen Wang, Yong-Tao Cui, Jordan A Katine, Robert A Buhrman, Daniel C Ralph
678 2011 Time-Reversal Approach to the Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation Problem Dinh-Quy Nguyen, Woon-Seng Gan, A Khong
678 2011 Time-reversal multiple signal classification in case of noise: a phase-coherent approach. Endrias G Asgedom, Leiv-J Gelius, Andreas Austeng, Sverre Holm, Martin Tygel
679 2011 Time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focusing into scattering media Xiao Xu, Honglin Liu, Lihong V Wang
679 2011 Time-Series Models of Dynamic Volatility and Correlation David Matteson, David Ruppert
679 2011 Time-variant analysis of phase couplings and amplitude-frequency dependencies of and between frequency components of EEG burst patterns in full-term newborns. H Witte, P Putsche, M Eiselt, K Schwab, M Wacker, L Leistritz
680 2011 Time-varying autoregressive model-based multiple modes particle filtering algorithm for respiratory rate extraction from pulse oximeter. Jinseok Lee, Ki H Chon
680 2011 Time-Varying Priority Queuing Models for Human Dynamics Hang-Hyun Jo, Raj Kumar Pan, Kimmo Kaski
681 2011 TimeFrequency Matrix Feature Extraction and Classification of Environmental Audio Signals Behnaz Ghoraani, Sridhar Krishnan
681 2011 Timescale-dependent shaping of correlation by olfactory bulb lateral inhibition. Sonya Giridhar, Brent Doiron, Nathaniel N Urban
681 2011 Timescales of Multineuronal Activity Patterns Reflect Temporal Structure of Visual Stimuli Ovidiu F Jurjuţ, Danko Nikolić, Wolf Singer, Shan Yu, Martha N Havenith, Raul C Mureşan
682 2011 Timing and schedulability analysis for distributed automotive control applications Samarjit Chakraborty, Marco Di Natale, Heiko Falk, Martin Lukasiewycz, Frank Slomka
682 2011 Timing error statistics for energy-efficient robust DSP systems Rami A Abdallah, Yu-Hung Lee, Naresh R Shanbhag
683 2011 Timing molecular motion and production with a synthetic transcriptional clock. Elisa Franco, Eike Friedrichs, Jongmin Kim, Ralf Jungmann, Richard Murray, Erik Winfree
684 2011 Timing variation-aware scheduling and resource binding in high-level synthesis Kartikey Mittal, Arpit Joshi, Madhu Mutyam
684 2011 TinkRBook : Shared Reading Interfaces for Storytelling Angela Chang, Cynthia Breazeal
685 2011 Tiny hydraulics for powered orthotics William Durfee, Jicheng Xia, Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler
686 2011 TiO2 nanotubes infiltrated with nanoparticles for dye sensitized solar cells. Xuan Pan, Changhong Chen, Kai Zhu, Zhaoyang Fan
686 2011 TiO2 nanotubes: Structure optimization for solar cells Junfeng Yan, Feng Zhou
686 2011 TiO2--a prototypical memristive material. K Szot, M Rogala, W Speier, Z Klusek, A Besmehn, R Waser
686 2011 TiO2-based metal-insulator-metal selection device for bipolar resistive random access memory cross-point application Jungho Shin, Insung Kim, Kuyyadi P Biju, Minseok Jo, Jubong Park, Joonmyoung Lee
686 2011 TiO2/modified natural clay semiconductor as a potential electrode for natural dye-sensitized solar cell Ni-on Saelim, Rathanawan Magaraphan, Thammanoon Sreethawong
688 2011 Tiriba - a new approach of UAV based on model driven development and multiprocessors Kalinka R L J C Branco, Jorge Marques Pelizzoni, Luciano Oliveira Neris, Onofre Trindade, Fernando Santos Osorio, Denis Fernando Wolf
689 2012 Tissue phantoms in multicenter clinical trials for diffuse optical technologies. Albert E Cerussi, Robert Warren, Brian Hill, Darren Roblyer, Anaїs Leproux, Amanda F Durkin
689 2011 Tissue polarimetry: concepts, challenges, applications, and outlook Nirmalya Ghosh, I Alex Vitkin
689 2011 Tissue-blood exchange of extravascular longitudinal magnetization with account of intracompartmental diffusion. José R Solera Ureña, Salvador Olmos, Valerij G Kiselev
690 2011 Tissue-mimicking phantoms for photoacoustic and ultrasonic imaging. Jason R Cook, Richard R Bouchard, Stanislav Y Emelianov
690 2011 Titan: an enabling framework for activity-aware pervasive apps in opportunistic personal area networks Daniel Roggen, Clemens Lombriser, Mirco Rossi, Gerhard Tröster
691 2011 Title of Thesis Anne Marie, Li Wen
691 2011 Title: Contractions of the mouse prostate elicited by acetylcholine are mediated by M3 muscarinic receptors. Carl W White, Jennifer L Short, John M Haynes, Minoru Matsui, Sabatino Ventura
692 2011 TMAH-textured, a-Si/c-Si, heterojunction solar cells with 10% reflectance M Rosa, M Allegrezza, M Canino, C Summonte, A Desalvo
692 2011 TMS-induced artifacts on EEG can be reduced by rearrangement of the electrode's lead wire before recording. Hirofumi Sekiguchi, Shigeki Takeuchi, Hiroshi Kadota, Yutaka Kohno, Yasoichi Nakajima
692 2011 To choose or to avoid: age differences in learning from positive and negative feedback. Ben Eppinger, Jutta Kray
693 2012 To Each His Own : Personalized Content Selection based on Text Comprehensibility Chenhao Tan, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Bo Pang
693 2011 To Explain or to Predict? Galit Shmueli
693 2011 To Group or Not to Group? E Szathmary
693 2011 To Groupon or Not to Groupon : The Profitability of Deep Discounts To Groupon or Not to Groupon : The Profitability of Deep Discounts Benjamin Edelman, Sonia Jaffe, Scott Duke Kominers
695 2011 Toe input with mobile projector and depth camera Daiki Matsuda, Keiji Uemura, Nobuchika Sakata, Shogo Nishida
696 2011 Tolerance to nonlinearity of 40 Gb/s BPSK-based coherent solution over legacy systems based on non-zero dispersion-shifted fibers J Renaudier, O Bertran-Pardo, M Salsi, F Vacondio, H Mardoyan, P Tran
696 2011 Tolerating the Community Detection Resolution Limit with Edge Weighting Jonathan W Berry, Bruce Hendrickson, Randall A LaViolette, Cynthia A Phillips
696 2011 Toll-like receptor signaling in neural plasticity and disease. Eitan Okun, Kathleen J Griffioen, Mark P Mattson
697 2012 Tomographic imaging with polarized light Vadim Y Soloviev, Giannis Zacharakis, George Spiliopoulos, Rosy Favicchio, Teresa Correia, Simon R Arridge
698 2011 Tonal-based retrieval of Arabic and middle-east music by automatic makam description Leonidas Ioannidis, Emilia Gomez, Perfecto Herrera
701 2011 Tools for Analysis and Design of Distributed ResourcesPart I: Tools for Feasibility Studies J A Martinez, J Martin-Arnedo
701 2011 Tools for Analysis and Design of Distributed ResourcesPart IV: Future Trends J A Martinez, V Dinavahi, M H Nehrir, X Guillaud
702 2011 Tools to study trends in community structure: Application to fish and livestock trading networks Darren Michael Green, Marleen Werkman, Lorna Ann Munro, Rowland Raymond Kao, István Zoltán Kiss, Leon Danon
702 2011 Top 10 Need-to-Knows About Social Networking and Where It ’ s Headed Introduction Social World
702 2011 Top 11 technologies of the decade Philip Ross, Joshua Romero, Willie Jones, Ariel Bleicher, Joseph Calamia, James Middleton
702 2012 Top health industry issues of 2012 PricewaterhouseCoopers
702 2011 Top laminated graphene electrode in a semitransparent polymer solar cell by simultaneous thermal annealing/releasing method. Yu-Ying Lee, Kun-Hua Tu, Chen-Chieh Yu, Shao-Sian Li, Jeong-Yuan Hwang, Chih-Cheng Lin
702 2012 Top-Down and Bottom-up Cues for Scene Text Recognition Anand Mishra
703 2011 Top-down controlled alpha band activity in somatosensory areas determines behavioral performance in a discrimination task. Saskia Haegens, Barbara F Händel, Ole Jensen
703 2011 Top-down effects on early visual processing in humans: a predictive coding framework. Karsten Rauss, Sophie Schwartz, Gilles Pourtois
703 2011 Top-down fabrication of AlGaN/GaN nanoribbons M Azize, T Palacios
703 2011 Top-down modulation of ventral occipito-temporal responses during visual word recognition Tae Twomey, Keith J Kawabata Duncan, Cathy J Price, Joseph T Devlin
704 2012 Top-Down Visual Saliency via Joint CRF and Dictionary Learning Jimei Yang, Ming-Hsuan Yang
704 2011 Top-gate dielectric induced doping and scattering of charge carriers in epitaxial graphene Conor P Puls, Neal E Staley, Jeong-Sun Moon, Joshua A Robinson, Paul M Campbell, Joseph L Tedesco
704 2011 Top-gate organic field-effect transistors with high environmental and operational stability. Do Kyung Hwang, Canek Fuentes-Hernandez, Jungbae Kim, William J Potscavage, Sung-Jin Kim, Bernard Kippelen
704 2011 Top-gate ZnO nanowire transistors and integrated circuits with ultrathin self-assembled monolayer gate dielectric. Daniel Kälblein, R Thomas Weitz, H Jens Böttcher, Frederik Ante, Ute Zschieschang, Klaus Kern
704 2011 Top-gated chemical vapor deposition grown graphene transistors with current saturation. Jingwei Bai, Lei Liao, Hailong Zhou, Rui Cheng, Lixin Liu, Yu Huang
704 2011 Top-illuminated dye-sensitized solar cells with a room-temperature-processed ZnO photoanode on metal substrates and a Pt-coated Ga-doped ZnO counter electrode A K K Kyaw, X W Sun, J L Zhao, J X Wang, D W Zhao, X F Wei
704 2011 TopFarm : Multi-fidelity Optimization of Offshore Wind Farm Pierre-Elouan Réthoré, Peter Fuglsang, Gunner C Larsen, Thomas Buhl, Torben J Larsen, Helge A Madsen
705 2011 Topical antibiotic treatment reduces tympanostomy tube biofilm formation. Robert G Thomas, Carolyn Ojano-Dirain, Patrick J Antonelli
705 2011 Topical Clustering of Tweets Kevin Dela Rosa, Rushin Shah, Bo Lin, Anatole Gershman, Robert Frederking
705 2011 Topical Keyphrase Extraction from Twitter Wayne Xin, Zhao Jing, Jiang Jing, He Yang, Song Palakorn
707 2012 Topographic and Spectroscopic Characterization of Electronic Edge States in CVD Grown Graphene Nanoribbons. Minghu Pan, E Costa Girão, Xiaoting Jia, Sreekar Bhaviripudi, Qing Li, Jing Kong
709 2011 Topographical frequency dynamics within EEG and MEG sleep spindles. Nima Dehghani, Sydney S Cash, Eric Halgren
709 2011 Topographically specific functional connectivity between visual field maps in the human brain. Jakob Heinzle, Thorsten Kahnt, John-Dylan Haynes
710 2011 Topological cluster analysis reveals the systemic organization of the Caenorhabditis elegans connectome. Yunkyu Sohn, Myung-Kyu Choi, Yong-Yeol Ahn, Junho Lee, Jaeseung Jeong
712 2011 Topological insulators for high performance terahertz to infrared applications Xiao Zhang, Jing Wang, Shou-Cheng Zhang
712 2012 Topological localization via signals of opportunity Michael Robinson, Robert Ghrist
712 2012 Topological phases and quasiparticle braiding Nicholas Read
712 2011 Topological qubits: A bit of both Smitha Vishveshwara
713 2011 Topological Transformation Approaches to TCAM-Based Packet Classification Chad R Meiners, Alex X Liu, Eric Torng
713 2012 Topological Transitions in Metamaterials H N S Krishnamoorthy, Z Jacob, E Narimanov, I Kretzschmar, V M Menon
713 2011 Topologically Protected Zero Modes in Twisted Bilayer Graphene R De Gail, M O Goerbig, F Guinea, G Montambaux, A H Castro Neto
713 2011 Topologies of multiterminal HVDC-VSC transmission for large offshore wind farms O Gomis-Bellmunt, Jun Liang, Janaka Bandara Ekanayake, King Rosemary, Nicholas Jenkins
714 2011 Topology Discovery at the Router Level: A New Hybrid Tool Targeting ISP Networks Pietro Marchetta, Pascal Merindol, Benoit Donnet, Antonio Pescape, Jean-Jacques Pansiot
714 2012 Topology evolution of graphene in chemical vapor deposition, a combined theoretical/experimental approach toward shape control of graphene domains. Lili Fan, Jie Zou, Zhen Li, Xiao Li, Kunlin Wang, Jinquan Wei
715 2011 Topology optimization for nano-photonics J S Jensen, O Sigmund
715 2011 Topology Optimization of Sub-Wavelength Antennas Aycan Erentok, Ole Sigmund
716 2011 Topology-adaptive Multi-view Photometric Stereo Yusuke Yoshiyasu
716 2011 Topology-aware Optimal Task Allocation for Mission Critical Environment - A decentralized approach Shameem Ahmed, Klara Nahrstedt, Guijun Wang
716 2011 TopoToolbox: Using Sensor Topography to Calculate Psychologically Meaningful Measures from Event-Related EEG/MEG Xing Tian, David Poeppel, David E Huber
717 2011 Torsion/cantilever-based MEMS bistable mechanisms with different support configurations: structure design and comparison Yibo Wu, Congchun Zhang, Hong Wang, Guifu Ding
717 2011 Torsional-Vibration Assessment and Gear-Fault Diagnosis in Railway Traction System Humberto Henao, Shahin Hedayati Kia, G X E Rard-Andr X E Capolino
718 2011 Total and Viable Legionella pneumophila Cells in Hot and Natural Waters as Measured by Immunofluorescence-Based Assays and Solid-Phase Cytometry. N Parthuisot, M Binet, A Touron-Bodilis, C Pougnard, P Lebaron, J Baudart
719 2011 Total Network Base Station Energy Cost vs. Deployment M X E Rten Ericson
719 2011 Total recall II: Query expansion revisited Ondrej Chum, Andrej Mikulik, Michal Perdoch, Jiri Matas
719 2011 Total retinal blood flow measurement with ultrahigh speed swept source/Fourier domain OCT Bernhard Baumann, Benjamin Potsaid, Martin F Kraus, Jonathan J Liu, David Huang, Joachim Hornegger
720 2011 Total Variation in Imaging V Caselles A Chambolle M Novaga
720 2011 Touch Input on Curved Surfaces Anne Roudaut, Henning Pohl, Patrick Baudisch
721 2011 Touch modality interpretation for an EIT-based sensitive skin David Silvera Tawil, David Rye, Mari Velonaki
721 2012 Touché : Enhancing Touch Interaction on Humans , Screens , Liquids , and Everyday Objects Munehiko Sato, Ivan Poupyrev, Chris Harrison
722 2011 Tourism and online photography Iris Sheungting Lo, Bob McKercher, Ada Lo, Catherine Cheung, Rob Law
722 2011 Toward 100G networking and beyond Joseph Berthold
723 2011 Toward a Comparable Characterization for Software Development Activities in Context of MDE D Potsdam, Regina Hebig, Andreas Seibel
723 2011 Toward a hybrid snake robot for single-port surgery Mohsen Mahvash, Marco Zenati
724 2011 Toward a model-based predictive controller design in brain-computer interfaces. M Kamrunnahar, N S Dias, S J Schiff
724 2012 Toward a Practical Face Recognition System : Robust Alignment and Illumination by Sparse Representation Andrew Wagner, John Wright, Arvind Ganesh, Zihan Zhou, Hossein Mobahi, Yi Ma
725 2012 Toward a Science of Cyber–Physical System Integration J Sztipanovits, Xenofon Koutsoukos, G Karsai, N Kottenstette, P Antsaklis, V Gupta
725 2011 Toward a taxonomy of autonomic sleep patterns with electrodermal activity Akane Sano, Rosalind W Picard
727 2011 Toward active-matrix lab-on-a-chip: programmable electrofluidic control enabled by arrayed oxide thin film transistors. Joo Hyon Noh, Jiyong Noh, Eric Kreit, Jason Heikenfeld, Philip D Rack
727 2011 Toward adaptation and reuse of advanced robotic software Christopher R Baker, John M Dolan, Shige Wang, Bakhtiar B Litkouhi
728 2011 Toward augmenting everything: Detecting and tracking geometrical features on planar objects Hideaki Uchiyama, Eric Marchand
729 2011 Toward clean and crackless transfer of graphene. Xuelei Liang, Brent A Sperling, Irene Calizo, Guangjun Cheng, Christina Ann Hacker, Qin Zhang
729 2011 Toward defining the preclinical stages of Alzheimer's disease: recommendations from the National Institute on Aging-Alzheimer's Association workgroups on diagnostic guidelines for Alzheimer's disease. Reisa A Sperling, Paul S Aisen, Laurel A Beckett, David A Bennett, Suzanne Craft, Anne M Fagan
730 2011 Toward Distributed Relay Selection for Opportunistic Amplify-and-Forward Transmission Kamel Tourki, Mohamed-Slim Alouini
730 2011 Toward dynamic energy-efficient operation of cellular network infrastructure Eunsung Oh, Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Xin Liu, Zhisheng Niu
730 2011 Toward energy-efficient content dissemination Uichin Lee, Ivica Rimac, Daniel Kilper, Volker Hilt
730 2011 Toward Exploiting EEG Input in a Reading Tutor Jack Mostow, Kai-min Chang, Jessica Nelson
730 2012 Toward fast malaria detection by secondary speckle sensing microscopy. Dan Cojoc, Sara Finaurini, Pavel Livshits, Eran Gur, Alon Shapira, Vicente Mico
730 2011 Toward fine-grained traffic classification Byungchul Park, James Hong, Young Won
731 2011 Toward Green Cloud Computing Feng-seng Chu, Kwang-cheng Chen
731 2011 Toward green copper broadband access networks Koen Hooghe, Mamoun Guenach
731 2011 Toward hierarchical TiO2 nanotube arrays for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells. Fuwei Zhuge, Jijun Qiu, Xiaomin Li, Xiangdong Gao, Xiaoyan Gan, Weidong Yu
732 2011 Toward intelligent machine-to-machine communications in smart grid Zubair Fadlullah, Mostafa Fouda, Nei Kato, Akira Takeuchi, Noboru Iwasaki, Yousuke Nozaki
732 2011 Toward intrinsic graphene surfaces: a systematic study on thermal annealing and wet-chemical treatment of SiO2-supported graphene devices. Zengguang Cheng, Qiaoyu Zhou, Chenxuan Wang, Qiang Li, Chen Wang, Ying Fang
733 2011 Toward object discovery and modeling via 3-D scene comparison Evan Herbst, Peter Henry, Xiaofeng Ren, Dieter Fox
733 2011 Toward Optimal Deployment of Communication-Intensive Cloud Applications Pei Fan, Ji Wang, Zibin Zheng, Michael R Lyu
734 2011 Toward Practical Gas Sensing with Highly Reduced Graphene Oxide : Device-to-Device Variations Ganhua Lu, Sungjin Park, Kehan Yu, Rodney S Ruoff, Leonidas E Ocola, Daniel Rosenmann
734 2011 Toward Practical Quantification of Induction Drive Mixed Eccentricity Carlo Concari, Giovanni Franceschini, Carla Tassoni
734 2011 Toward rational design of bacterial genomes. Guillaume Cambray, Vivek K Mutalik, Adam P Arkin
735 2011 Toward Robotic Sensor Webs: Algorithms, Systems, and Experiments Hoam Chung, Songhwai Oh, David Hyunchul Shim, S Shankar Sastry
735 2011 Toward Robust Material Recognition for Everyday Objects Diane Hu, Liefeng Bo
735 2011 Toward simple control for complex, autonomous robotic applications: combining discrete and rhythmic motor primitives Sarah Degallier, Ludovic Righetti, Sebastien Gay, Auke Ijspeert
735 2012 Toward smarter BCIs: extending BCIs through hybridization and intelligent control B Z Allison, R Leeb, C Brunner, G R Müller-Putz, G Bauernfeind, J W Kelly
736 2011 Toward Synergy-Based Brain-Machine Interfaces Ramana Vinjamuri, Douglas J Weber, Zhi-Hong Mao, Jennifer L Collinger, Alan D Degenhart, John W Kelly
736 2011 Toward System on Chip (SoC) Development Using FinFET Technology: Challenges, Solutions, Process Co-Development Optimization Guidelines Mayank Shrivastava, Ruchit Mehta, Shashank Gupta, Nidhi Agrawal, Maryam Shojaei Baghini, Dinesh Kumar Sharma
737 2011 Toward the Growth of an Aligned Single-Layer MoS(2) Film. Daeho Kim, Dezheng Sun, Wenhao Lu, Zhihai Cheng, Yeming Zhu, Duy Le
738 2011 Toward ubiquitous massive accesses in 3GPP machine-to-machine communications Shao-Yu Lien, Kwang-Cheng Chen, Yonghua Lin
738 2011 Toward wafer scale fabrication of graphene based spin valve devices. Ahmet Avsar, Tsung-Yeh Yang, Sukang Bae, Jayakumar Balakrishnan, Frank Volmer, Manu Jaiswal
738 2011 Towards 3D object recognition via classification of arbitrary object tracks Alex Teichman, Jesse Levinson, Sebastian Thrun
739 2011 Towards a benchmark for RGB-D SLAM evaluation Francis Colas, Daniel Cremers, Nikolas Engelhard, Roland Siegwart
739 2011 Towards a coevolutionary approach for interval type-2 fuzzy modeling Hector Hostos, Federico Sanabria, Oscar Mendez, Miguel Melgarejo
740 2011 Towards a Cost Model for Scheduling Scientific Workflows Activities in Cloud Environments Vitor Viana, Daniel De Oliveira, Marta Mattoso
740 2011 Towards a dynamic balance between humans and automation: authority, ability, responsibility and control in shared and cooperative control situations Frank Flemisch, Matthias Heesen, Tobias Hesse, Johann Kelsch, Anna Schieben, Johannes Beller
741 2011 Towards a generic quality optimisation framework for component-based system models Anne Koziolek, Ralf Reussner
741 2011 Towards a global criteria based framework for the sustainability assessment of bioethanol supply chains Tourane Corbière-Nicollier, Isabelle Blanc, Suren Erkman
742 2011 Towards a high efficiency amorphous silicon solar cell using molybdenum oxide as a window layer instead of conventional p-type amorphous silicon carbide Sang Il Park, Seung Jae Baik, Jong-San Im, Liang Fang, Jin-Wan Jeon, Koeng Su Lim
742 2011 Towards a Holistic Approach for Mobile Application Development in Intelligent Environments Stefan Diewald, Luis Roalter, Andreas Möller, Matthias Kranz
742 2011 Towards a Holistic Privacy Engineering Approach for Smart Grid Systems Hervais Simo Fhom, Kpatcha M Bayarou
742 2012 Towards a large-scale cognitive radio network: Testbed, intensive computing, frequency agility and security Zhe Chen, Changchun Zhang, Feng Lin, Jingzhi Yu, Xia Li, Yu Song
742 2011 Towards a Lightweight Mobile Cloud Paul Woods
742 2011 Towards a lightweight SOA framework for enterprise cloud computing Yi Jiao, Lin Li, Nanrong Ye
742 2012 Towards a Mathematical Theory of Super-Resolution Emmanuel J Cand
742 2011 Towards a Meso-Scale SMA-Actuated MRI-Compatible Neurosurgical Robot. Mingyen Ho, Student Member, Alan B Mcmillan, J Marc Simard, Rao Gullapalli, Jaydev P Desai
743 2011 Towards a model-based integration of co-registered electroencephalography/functional magnetic resonance imaging data with realistic neural population meshes. I Bojak, Thom F Oostendorp, Andrew T Reid, Rolf Kötter
743 2011 Towards a MR image-guided SMA-actuated neurosurgical robot Mingyen Ho, Michael Koltz, J Marc Simard, Rao Gullapalli, Jaydev P Desai
743 2011 Towards a New Political Economy of Climate Change and Development Thomas Tanner, Jeremy Allouche
743 2011 Towards a New Reference Impairment System in the Subjective Evaluation of Speech Codecs Thierry Etame, R X E Gine Le Bouquin Jeannes, Catherine Quinquis, Laetitia Gros, G X E Rard Faucon
744 2011 Towards a pervasive kitchen infrastructure for measuring cooking competence J Wagner, A Van Halteren, J Hoonhout, T Ploetz, C Pham, P Moynihan
744 2011 Towards a point-of-care test for active tuberculosis: obstacles and opportunities. Ruth McNerney, Peter Daley
744 2011 Towards a practical lipreading system Ziheng Zhou, Guoying Zhao, Matti Pietikainen
745 2011 Towards a Science of Cyber-Physical Systems Design Paul Bogdan, Radu Marculescu
745 2011 Towards a semantically-enabled holistic vision for energy optimisation in smart home environments Marco Grassi, Michele Nucci, Francesco Piazza
745 2011 Towards a smart home energy management system - A dynamic programming approach Henning Tischer, Gregor Verbic
746 2011 Towards a system-paced near-infrared spectroscopy brain–computer interface: differentiating prefrontal activity due to mental arithmetic and mental singing from the no-control state Sarah D Power, Azadeh Kushki, Tom Chau
747 2011 Towards a Vocabulary for Data Quality Management in Semantic Web Architectures Christian Fürber, Martin Hepp
747 2011 Towards accurate and agile link quality estimation in wireless sensor networks Yian Qin, Zhitao He, Thiemo Voigt
747 2011 Towards active actuated natural walking humanoid robot legs Ren C Luo, Chwan Hsen Chen, Yi Hao Pu, Jia Rong Chang
748 2011 Towards an Effective Unified Programming Model for Many-Cores Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Pieter Hijma, Rob Van Nieuwpoort, Henri Bal
748 2011 Towards an Elastic Application Model for Augmenting the Computing Capabilities of Mobile Devices with Cloud Computing Xinwen Zhang, Anugeetha Kunjithapatham, Sangoh Jeong, Simon Gibbs
749 2011 Towards an integrated approach to building energy efficiency: Drivers and enablers S Le Blond, T Lewis, M Sooriyabandara
749 2011 Towards an Optimal Affect-Sensitive Instructional System of cognitive skills Jacob Whitehill, Zewelanji Serpell, Aysha Foster, Yi-Ching Lin, Brittney Pearson, Marian Bartlett
750 2011 Towards an Understanding of Campus-Scale Power Consumption Gowtham Bellala, Manish Marwah, Martin Arlitt, Geoff Lyon, Cullen E Bash
750 2011 Towards an understanding of dancers' coupled body dynamics for waltz Hongbo Wang, Kazuhiro Kosuge
750 2011 Towards an Understanding of Tailoring Scrum in Global Software Development : A Multi-case Study Emam Hossain, Paul L Bannerman, Ross Jeffery
750 2011 Towards architectural information in implementation: NIER track Henrik B X E Rbak Christensen, Klaus Marius Hansen
750 2011 Towards automated ingestion detection: Swallow sounds William P Walker, Dinesh Bhatia
752 2011 Towards brain-robot interfaces in stroke rehabilitation M Gomez-Rodriguez, M Grosse-Wentrup, J Hill, A Gharabaghi, B Scholkopf, J Peters
752 2011 Towards circuit design using VeSFETs Marc Pastre, Francois Krummenacher, Lucian Barbut, Jean-Michel Sallese, Maher Kayal
752 2011 Towards colourless coolerless components for low power optical networks P D Townsend, A Clarke, P Ossieur, D W Smith, A Borghesani, D G Moodie
752 2012 Towards Compact Topical Descriptors Rongrong Ji, Ling-yu Duan, Jie Chen, Wen Gao
753 2011 Towards cross-category knowledge propagation for learning visual concepts Guo-Jun Qi, Charu Aggarwal, Yong Rui, Qi Tian, Shiyu Chang, Thomas Huang
753 2011 Towards Decentralization: A Topological Investigation of the Medium and Low Voltage Grids Giuliano Andrea Pagani, Marco Aiello
753 2011 Towards democratizing computer science education through social game design Navid Ahmadi, Mehdi Jazayeri, Alexander Repenning
754 2011 Towards Detailed Software Artifact Specification with SPEMArti Marcos Silva, Toacy Oliveira
754 2011 Towards Efficient Wireless Video Sensor Networks: A Survey of Existing Node Architectures and Proposal for A Flexi-WVSNP Design Adolph Seema, Martin Reisslein
755 2011 Towards Electrosynthesis in Shewanella: Energetics of Reversing the Mtr Pathway for Reductive Metabolism Daniel E Ross, Jeffrey M Flynn, Daniel B Baron, Jeffrey A Gralnick, Daniel R Bond
756 2012 Towards Full Integration of Demand-Side Resources in Joint Forward Energy/Reserve Electricity Markets Efthymios Karangelos, François Bouffard
756 2011 Towards fully autonomous driving: Systems and algorithms Jesse Levinson, Jake Askeland, Jan Becker, Jennifer Dolson, David Held, Soeren Kammel
756 2012 Towards Good Practice in Large-Scale Learning for Image Classification Florent Perronnin, Zeynep Akata, Zaid Harchaoui, Cordelia Schmid
757 2012 Towards highly efficient solar cells Nature Photonics
757 2011 Towards highly parallel event processing through reconfigurable hardware Mohammad Sadoghi, Harsh Singh, Hans-arno Jacobsen
757 2011 Towards identification of best practice algorithms in 3D perception and modeling Sebastian Blumenthal, Erwin Prassler, Jan Fischer, Walter Nowak
758 2011 Towards ink-jet printed fine line front side metallization of crystalline silicon solar cells Y T Gizachew, L Escoubas, J J Simon, M Pasquinelli, J Loiret, P Y Leguen
758 2011 Towards intelligent agent based software for buildings related decision support M Dibley, H J Li, John Christopher Miles, Yacine Rezgui
758 2011 Towards Intelligent Data Placement for Scientific Workflows in Collaborative Cloud Environment Xin Liu, Anwitaman Datta
758 2011 Towards Intelligent Environments: An Augmented Reality–Brain–Machine Interface Operated with a See-Through Head-Mount Display Kouji Takano, Naoki Hata, Kenji Kansaku
759 2011 Towards Life Cycle Sustainability Management Javier Dufour, Jovita Moreno, Rosalía Rodríguez
759 2011 Towards measurement of the Casimir force between parallel plates separated at sub-micron distance M B S Nawazuddin, T S J Lammerink, R J Wiegerink, J W Berenschot, M De Boer, M C Elwenspoek
759 2011 Towards mental stress detection using wearable physiological sensors Jacqueline Wijsman, Bernard Grundlehner, Hao Liu, Hermie Hermens, Julien Penders
760 2011 Towards Modeling HIV Long Term Behavior Esteban A Hernandez-Vargas, Dhagash Mehta, Richard H Middleton
760 2011 Towards Modeling Real-World Aware Business Processes Sonja Meyer, Klaus Sperner, Jacques Pasquier
760 2011 Towards Motor Skill Learning for Robotics Jan Peters, K Mülling, Jens Kober, D Nguyen-Tuong, O Krömer
760 2011 Towards MRI-guided linear accelerator control: gating on an MRI accelerator. S P M Crijns, J G M Kok, J J W Lagendijk, B W Raaymakers
761 2011 Towards Multi-criteria Cloud Service Selection Zia Ur Rehman, Farookh K Hussain, Omar K Hussain
761 2011 Towards Multi-Layer Autonomic Isolation of Cloud Computing and Networking Resources Aurelien Wailly, Marc Lacoste, Herve Debar
761 2012 Towards multifocal ultrasonic neural stimulation II: design considerations for an acoustic retinal prosthesis. Omer Naor, Yoni Hertzberg, Esther Zemel, Eitan Kimmel, Shy Shoham
761 2011 Towards multimodal nonlinear optical tomography–experimental methodology Nadine Vogler, Anna Medyukhina, Ines Latka, Stefanie Kemper, Markus Böhm, Benjamin Dietzek
761 2011 Towards multiscale systems modeling of endocardial to mesenchymal transition Tariq Abdulla, Ryan A Imms, Jean-Marc Schleich, Ron Summers
761 2011 Towards nano-physiology of insects with atomic force microscopy. M E Dokukin, N V Guz, I Sokolov
761 2011 Towards noncontact skin melanoma selection by multispectral imaging analysis. Ilona Kuzmina, Ilze Diebele, Dainis Jakovels, Janis Spigulis, Lauma Valeine, Janis Kapostinsh
762 2011 Towards optical networks-on-chip with 200mm hybrid technology J M Fedeli, L Liu, L Grenouillet, D Bordel, F Mandorlo, N Olivier
762 2011 Towards optimal CMOS lifetime via unified reliability modeling and multi-objective optimization Agathoklis Papadopoulos, Theocharis Theocharides, Maria K Michael
762 2012 Towards Optimal Electric Demand Management for Internet Data Centers Jie Li, Zuyi Li, Kui Ren, Xue Liu
762 2012 Towards Optimal Energy Store-Carry-and-Deliver for PHEVs via V2G System Hao Liang, Bong Jun Choi, Weihua Zhuang, Xuemin Sherman Shen
762 2011 Towards Optimal One Pass Large Scale Learning with Averaged Stochastic Gradient Descent Wei Xu
762 2011 Towards overcoming human analyst fallibility in the requirements tracing process: NIER track David Cuddeback, Alex Dekhtyar, Jane Huffman Hayes, Jeff Holden, Wei-Keat Kong
763 2011 Towards passive brain-computer interfaces: applying brain-computer interface technology to human-machine systems in general. Thorsten O Zander, Christian Kothe
763 2011 Towards perceptual shared autonomy for robotic mobile manipulation Benjamin Pitzer, Michael Styer, Christian Bersch, Charles DuHadway, Jan Becker
763 2011 Towards permission-based attestation for the android platform (Short paper) Ingo Bente, Gabi Dreo, Bastian Hellmann, Stephan Heuser, Joerg Vieweg, Josef Von Helden
763 2011 Towards Predictable Datacenter Networks Hitesh Ballani, Paolo Costa, Thomas Karagiannis, Ant Rowstron
764 2011 Towards Real-time Emergency Response using Crowd Supported Analysis of Social Media Jakob Rogstadius, Vassilis Kostakos
764 2011 Towards real-time haptic assistance adaptation optimizing task performance and human effort Carolina Passenberg, Raphaela Groten, Angelika Peer, Martin Buss
764 2011 Towards real-time hyperspectral image processing, a GP-GPU implementation of target identification D B Heras, F Arguello, J Lopez Gomez, J A Becerra, Richard J Duro
764 2011 Towards realization of a large-area light-emitting diode-based solar simulator B H Hamadani, K Chua, J Roller, M J Bennahmias, B Campbell, H W Yoon
765 2011 Towards remote evaluation of movement disorders via smartphones N Kostikis, D Hristu-Varsakelis, M Arnaoutoglou, C Kotsavasiloglou, S Baloyiannis
765 2011 Towards Reproducible eScience in the Cloud Jonathan Klinginsmith, Malika Mahoui, Yuqing Melanie Wu
765 2011 Towards robust 3D visual tracking for motion compensation in beating heart surgery. Rogério Richa, Antônio P L Bó, Philippe Poignet
765 2012 Towards Scene Understanding – Object Segmentation Using RGBD-Images Andreas Richtsfeld, Thomas Mörwald, Johann Prankl, Jonathan Balzer, Michael Zillich, Markus Vincze
766 2011 Towards Secure and Effective Utilization over Encrypted Cloud Data Cong Wang, Qian Wang, Kui Ren
766 2011 Towards self-configurable overlay networks I Al-oqily, A Alshtnawi, K M Al-Aubidy
766 2011 Towards Self-Organizing Mobility Robustness Optimization in Inter-RAT Scenario Ahmad Awada, Bernhard Wegmann, Dirk Rose, Ingo Viering, Anja Klein
766 2011 Towards semantic robot description languages Lars Kunze, Tobias Roehm, Michael Beetz
766 2011 Towards shape-based visual object categorization for humanoid robots D Gonzalez-Aguirre, J Hoch, S Rohl, T Asfour, E Bayro-Corrochano, R Dillmann
766 2011 Towards sharing source code facts using linked data Iman Keivanloo, Christopher Forbes, Juergen Rilling, Philippe Charland
767 2011 Towards Street-Level Client-Independent IP Geolocation Yong Wang, Daniel Burgener, Marcel Flores
767 2011 Towards suppression of all harmonics in a polyphase multipath transmitter Saqib Subhan, Eric A M Klumperink, Bram Nauta
768 2011 Towards sustainable photovoltaics: the search for new materials Laurence M Peter
768 2012 Towards the "baby connectome": mapping the structural connectivity of the newborn brain. Olga Tymofiyeva, Christopher P Hess, Etay Ziv, Nan Tian, Sonia L Bonifacio, Patrick S McQuillen
768 2011 Towards the automatic assessment of spatial quality in the reproduced sound environment R Conetta
769 2011 Towards the Development of Personal Cloud Computing for Mobile Thin-Clients Yuan Tian, Biao Song, Eui-Nam Huh
769 2011 Towards the modelling of true species distributions Marc Kéry
770 2011 Towards the origin of the nonlinear response in hybrid plasmonic systems. Tobias Utikal, Thomas Zentgraf, Thomas Paul, Carsten Rockstuhl, Falk Lederer, Markus Lippitz
770 2011 Towards the Prediction of User Actions on Exercises with Hints Based on Survey Results Pedro J Muñoz-Merino, Abelardo Pardo, Mario Muñoz-Organero, Carlos Delgado Kloos
770 2011 Towards the Realisation of Artificial Learning Machines Peter R Newman, Michael Bate, Katherine Cameron
770 2011 Towards the unification of structural and statistical pattern recognition Horst Bunke, Kaspar Riesen
771 2011 Towards understanding the poor thermal stability of V5+ electrolyte solution in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries M Vijayakumar, Liyu Li, Gordon Graff, Jun Liu, Huamin Zhang, Zhenguo Yang
771 2011 Towards understanding the usage pattern of web-based electronic medical record systems Xiaowei Li, Yuan Xue, Bradley Malin
772 2011 Towards Unsupervised Training of Speaker Independent Acoustic Models Aren Jansen, Kenneth Church
772 2011 Towards zero energy buildings: New and retrofitted existing buildings Branislav Todorovic
773 2011 TPM-SIM: A framework for performance evaluation of Trusted Platform Modules Jared Schmitz, Jason Loew, Jesse Elwell, Dmitry Ponomarev, Nael Abu-Ghazaleh
773 2012 Tra ansmiss sion of P Efficien nt CO-O OFDM S Signals over 9360 k km of Ul ea Fiber r Ren Peng
773 2011 Trace detection and discrimination of explosives using electrochemical potentiometric gas sensors. Praveen K Sekhar, Eric L Brosha, Rangachary Mukundan, Kevin L Linker, Charles Brusseau, Fernando H Garzon
774 2011 Trace Lasso: a trace norm regularization for correlated designs Edouard Grave, Guillaume Obozinski, Francis Bach
774 2011 Tracer kinetic modelling in MRI: estimating perfusion and capillary permeability. S P Sourbron, D L Buckley
774 2011 Traces of Drosophila memory. Ronald L Davis
775 2011 Tracing Opinion-Formation on Political Issues on the Internet: A Model and Methodology for Qualitative Analysis and Results Michael Kaschesky, Reinhard Riedl
775 2011 Tracing the origins of metastasis. Don X Nguyen
775 2011 Tracing the route to path analysis in neuroimaging. Anthony Randal McIntosh
775 2011 Track density imaging (TDI): validation of super resolution property. Fernando Calamante, Jacques-Donald Tournier, Robin M Heidemann, Alfred Anwander, Graeme D Jackson, Alan Connelly
775 2011 Track Globally , Deliver Locally : Improving Content Delivery Networks by Tracking Geographic Social Cascades Categories and Subject Descriptors Salvatore Scellato, Cecilia Mascolo, Jon Crowcroft
775 2011 Track purity and current assignment ratio for target tracking and identification evaluation Erik P Blasch, Pierre Valin
775 2011 Track to the future: Spatio-temporal video segmentation with long-range motion cues Jose Lezama, Karteek Alahari, Josef Sivic, Ivan Laptev
776 2011 Tracking a depth camera: Parameter exploration for fast ICP Francois Pomerleau, Stephane Magnenat, Francis Colas, Ming Liu, Roland Siegwart
776 2011 Tracking and back-tracking E Lorenzo, L Narvarte, J Mun
777 2012 Tracking and Reconstruction in a Combined Optimization Approach Olaf Kahler, Joachim Denzler
777 2011 Tracking and synchronization of the yeast cell cycle using dielectrophoretic opacity. Ana Valero, Thomas Braschler, Alex Rauch, Nicolas Demierre, Yves Barral, Philippe Renaud
777 2011 Tracking brain states under general anesthesia by using global coherence analysis Aylin Cimenser, Patrick L Purdon, Eric T Pierce, John L Walsh, Andres F Salazar-Gomez, Priscilla G Harrell
777 2011 Tracking by Sampling Trackers Junseok Kwon, Kyoung Mu Lee
778 2011 Tracking human position and lower body parts using Kalman and particle filters constrained by human biomechanics Jesús Martinez Del Rincon, Dimitrios Makris, Carlos Orrite Urunuela, Jean-Christophe Nebel
780 2011 Tracking multiple people under global appearance constraints Horesh Ben Shitrit, Jerome Berclaz, Francois Fleuret, Pascal Fua
780 2011 Tracking network voltage based control of the microgrid mode conversion Xinyu Yang, Daqiang Bi, Zhengping Wu, Xiaochun Mou
780 2011 Tracking of Fingertips and Centers of Palm Using KINECT Jagdish L Raheja, Ankit Chaudhary, Kunal Singal
781 2011 Tracking of mobile robot system Patrick Benavidez, Mo Jamshidi
781 2012 Tracking Pedestrians Using Local Spatio-Temporal Motion Patterns in Extremely Crowded Scenes Louis Kratz, Ko Nishino
781 2011 Tracking People in 3D Using a Bottom-Up Top-Down Detector Luciano Spinello, Matthias Luber, Kai O Arras
782 2011 Tracking single hematopoietic stem cells in vivo using high-throughput sequencing in conjunction with viral genetic barcoding Rong Lu, Norma F Neff, Stephen R Quake, Irving L Weissman
782 2011 Tracking single particles and elongated filaments with nanometer precision. Felix Ruhnow, David Zwicker, Stefan Diez
782 2011 Tracking stem cell differentiation in the setting of automated optogenetic stimulation. Albrecht Stroh, Hsing-Chen Tsai, Li-Ping Wang, Feng Zhang, Jenny Kressel, Alexander Aravanis
782 2011 Tracking stem cells using magnetic nanoparticles. Stacey M Cromer Berman, Piotr Walczak, Jeff W M Bulte
782 2012 Tracking the Articulated Motion of Two Strongly Interacting Hands I Oikonomidis, N Kyriazis, A A Argyros
783 2011 Tracking the time course of action priming on object recognition: evidence for fast and slow influences of action on perception. Markus Kiefer, Eun-Jin Sim, Hannah Helbig, Markus Graf
783 2011 Tracking the Unconscious Generation of Free Decisions Using UItra-High Field fMRI Stefan Bode, Anna Hanxi He, Chun Siong Soon, Robert Trampel, Robert Turner, John-Dylan Haynes
784 2011 TRACKING VIRTUOSITY AND FLOW IN COMPUTER MUSIC Chris Nash, Alan Blackwell, William Gates Building, J J Thomson Avenue
784 2011 Tracking with pointing gesture recognition for human-robot interaction Ren C Luo, Shu-Ruei Chang, Yee-Pien Yang
784 2011 Tracking-based semi-supervised learning Alex Teichman, Sebastian Thrun
784 2011 Tracking-by-synthesis using point features and pyramidal blurring Gilles Simon
785 2011 Tractographic reconstruction protocol optimization in the rat brain in-vivo: Towards a normal atlas Maria Giulia Preti, Alessandro Di Marzio, Alfonso Mastropietro, Domenico Aquino, Giuseppe Baselli, Maria Marcella Lagana
785 2011 Tractography segmentation using a hierarchical Dirichlet processes mixture model. Xiaogang Wang, W Eric L Grimson, Carl-Fredrik Westin
785 2011 Tractography: Where Do We Go from Here? Saad Jbabdi, Heidi Johansen-Berg
787 2011 Trading Volume Around Earnings Announcements and Other Financial Reports: Theory, Research Design, Empirical Evidence, and Directions for Future Research Linda Smith Bamber, Orie E Barron, Douglas E Stevens
787 2011 Traffic Characterization and Internet Usage in Rural Africa David L Johnson, Veljko Pejovic, Elizabeth M Belding, Gertjan Van Stam
788 2011 Traffic information systems: efficient message dissemination via adaptive beaconing Christoph Sommer, Ozan Tonguz, Falko Dressler
788 2011 Traffic jams reduce hydrolytic efficiency of cellulase on cellulose surface. Kiyohiko Igarashi, Takayuki Uchihashi, Anu Koivula, Masahisa Wada, Satoshi Kimura, Tetsuaki Okamoto
788 2011 Traffic light mapping, localization, and state detection for autonomous vehicles Jesse Levinson, Jake Askeland, Jennifer Dolson, Sebastian Thrun
789 2011 Traffic optimization in railroad networks using an algorithm mimicking an amoeba-like organism, Physarum plasmodium. Shin Watanabe, Atsushi Tero, Atsuko Takamatsu, Toshiyuki Nakagaki
789 2011 Traffic sign classification using K-d trees and Random Forests Fatin Zaklouta, Bogdan Stanciulescu, Omar Hamdoun
790 2011 Traffic-Differentiation-Based Modular QoS Localized Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks Djamel Djenouri, Ilangko Balasingham
790 2011 Traffic-related air pollution modeling during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games: the effects of an odd-even day traffic restriction scheme. Hao Cai, Shaodong Xie
790 2011 Trainable Convolution Filters and their Application to Face Recognition. Ritwik Kumar, Arunava Banerjee, Baba C Vemuri, Hanspeter Pfister
791 2011 Training in placement of the left-sided double-lumen tube among non-thoracic anaesthesiologists: intubation model simulator versus computer-based digital video disc, a randomised controlled trial. Javier H Campos, Ezra A Hallam, Kenichi Ueda
792 2011 Training of goal-directed attention regulation enhances control over neural processing for individuals with brain injury. Anthony J-W Chen, Tatjana Novakovic-Agopian, Terrence J Nycum, Shawn Song, Gary R Turner, Nancy K Hills
792 2011 Training Signal Design and Tradeoffs for Spectrally-Efficient Multi-User MIMO-OFDM Systems Yuejie Chi, Ahmad Gomaa, Naofal Al-Dhahir, A Robert Calderbank
792 2011 Training Signaling Pathway Maps to Biochemical Data with Constrained Fuzzy Logic: Quantitative Analysis of Liver Cell Responses to Inflammatory Stimuli Melody K Morris, Julio Saez-Rodriguez, David C Clarke, Peter K Sorger, Douglas A Lauffenburger
792 2011 Training to Improve Hearing Speech in Noise: Biological Mechanisms. Judy H Song, Erika Skoe, Karen Banai, Nina Kraus
793 2011 Training-related brain plasticity in subjects at risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Sylvie Belleville, Francis Clément, Samira Mellah, Brigitte Gilbert, Francine Fontaine, Serge Gauthier
795 2011 Trajectory Space: A Dual Representation for Nonrigid Structure from Motion Ijaz Akhter, Yaser Sheikh, Sohaib Khan, Takeo Kanade
797 2011 Transceiver Characteristics and Additional Data Transmission Scheme for LED-ID Systems Yoon Hyun Kim, In Hwan Park, Jin Young Kim
798 2011 Transcranial direct current stimulation - update 2011. Michael A Nitsche, Walter Paulus
798 2012 Transcranial direct current stimulation for depression: 3-week, randomised, sham-controlled trial. Colleen K Loo, Angelo Alonzo, Donel Martin, Philip B Mitchell, Veronica Galvez, Perminder Sachdev
798 2011 Transcranial direct current stimulation improves naming reaction time in fluent aphasia: a double-blind, sham-controlled study. Julius Fridriksson, Jessica D Richardson, Julie M Baker, Chris Rorden
798 2011 Transcranial direct current stimulation influences the cardiac autonomic nervous control. Rafael Ayres Montenegro, Paulo De Tarso Veras Farinatti, Eduardo Bodnariuc Fontes, Pedro Paulo Da Silva Soares, Felipe Amorim Da Cunha, Jonas Lírio Gurgel
798 2011 Transcranial direct current stimulation: estimation of the electric field and of the current density in an anatomical human head model. Marta Parazzini, Serena Fiocchi, Elena Rossi, Alessia Paglialonga, Paolo Ravazzani
798 2012 Transcranial imaging of functional cerebral hemodynamic changes in single blood vessels using in vivo photoacoustic microscopy. Lun-De Liao, Chin-Teng Lin, Yen-Yu I Shih, Timothy Q Duong, Hsin-Yi Lai, Po-Hsun Wang
800 2011 Transcription factor-induced lineage selection of stem-cell-derived neural progenitor cells. Lia Panman, Elisabet Andersson, Zhanna Alekseenko, Eva Hedlund, Nigel Kee, Jamie Mong
801 2011 Transcriptional regulatory networks in embryonic stem cells. Yun Shen Chan, Lin Yang, Huck-Hui Ng
802 2011 Transdermal iontophoresis as an in-vivo technique for studying microvascular physiology. Erik Tesselaar, Folke Sjöberg
803 2011 Transductive Multi-Label Learning via Label Set Propagation Xiangnan Kong, Michael K Ng, Zhi-hua Zhou, Senior Member
803 2011 Transfection via whole-cell recording in vivo: bridging single-cell physiology, genetics and connectomics Ede A Rancz, Kevin M Franks, Martin K Schwarz, Bruno Pichler, Andreas T Schaefer, Troy W Margrie
803 2011 Transfer doping of a metallic carbon nanotube and graphene on metal surfaces Masayuki Hasegawa, Kazume Nishidate
803 2011 Transfer entropy in magnetoencephalographic data: quantifying information flow in cortical and cerebellar networks. Michael Wibral, Benjamin Rahm, Maria Rieder, Michael Lindner, Raul Vicente, Jochen Kaiser
803 2011 Transfer entropy—a model-free measure of effective connectivity for the neurosciences Raul Vicente, Michael Wibral, Michael Lindner, Gordon Pipa
803 2011 Transfer from Multiple MDPs Alessandro Lazaric, Marcello Restelli
804 2011 Transfer Functions D S G Pollock
804 2012 Transfer in Reinforcement Learning via Shared Features George Konidaris, Andrew G Barto
805 2011 Transfer molding of nanoscale oxides using water-soluble templates. John D Bass, Charles D Schaper, Charles T Rettner, Noel Arellano, Fahhad H Alharbi, Robert D Miller
805 2011 Transfer of CVD-grown monolayer graphene onto arbitrary substrates. Ji Won Suk, Alexander Kitt, Carl W Magnuson, Yufeng Hao, Samir Ahmed, Jinho An
805 2011 Transfer of preformed three-dimensional photonic crystals onto dye-sensitized solar cells. Agustín Mihi, Chunjie Zhang, Paul V Braun
806 2011 transfer printing Tae-ho Kim, Kyung-sang Cho, Eun Kyung Lee, Sang Jin Lee, Jungseok Chae, Jung Woo Kim
806 2011 Transfer printing of graphene strip from the graphene grown on copper wires. Ching-Yuan Su, Dongliang Fu, Ang-Yu Lu, Keng-Ku Liu, Yanping Xu, Zhen-Yu Juang
806 2011 Transfer-Free Growth of Few-Layer Graphene by Self-Assembled Monolayers Hyeon-Jin Shin, Won Mook Choi, Seon-Mi Yoon, Gang Hee Han, Yun Sung Woo, Eun Sung Kim
806 2011 Transfer-Printing of Single DNA Molecule Arrays on Graphene for High-Resolution Electron Imaging and Analysis Aline Cerf, Thomas Alava, Robert A Barton, Harold G Craighead
806 2012 Transferring a Generic Pedestrian Detector Towards Specific Scenes Meng Wang, Xiaogang Wang
807 2011 Transformable functional nanoscale building blocks with wafer-scale silicon nanowires. Sung-Jin Choi, Jae-Hyuk Ahn, Jin-Woo Han, Myeong-Lok Seol, Dong-Il Moon, Sungho Kim
807 2012 Transformation Between Uniform Linear and Spherical Microphone Arrays With Symmetric Responses Ines Hafizovic, Carl-Inge Colombo Nilsen, Sverre Holm
808 2011 Transformation of General Binary MRF Minimization to the First-Order Case Hiroshi Ishikawa
808 2011 Transformation optics on a silicon platform Lucas H Gabrielli, Michal Lipson
808 2011 Transformation optics using graphene. Ashkan Vakil, Nader Engheta
809 2012 Transformation thermodynamics : cloaking and concentrating heat flux Abstract Sebastien Guenneau, Claude Amra, Denis Veynante
809 2012 Transformation-Optics Description of Nonlocal Effects in Plasmonic Nanostructures A Fernández-Domínguez, A Wiener, F García-Vidal, S Maier, J Pendry
809 2011 Transformational plasmonics Muamer Kadic, Guillaume Dupont, Sebastien Guenneau, Stefan Enoch
809 2011 Transformative reality: Augmented reality for visual prostheses Wen Lik Dennis Lui, Damien Browne, Lindsay Kleeman, Tom Drummond, Wai Ho Li
809 2011 Transformative two-dimensional layered nanocrystals. Sohee Jeong, Jae Hyo Han, Jung-Tak Jang, Jung-Wook Seo, Jin-Gyu Kim, Jinwoo Cheon
810 2011 Transforming Auto-encoders G E Hinton, A Krizhevsky, S D Wang
810 2012 Transforming innovation for sustainability Melissa Leach, Johan Rokstrom, Paul Raskin, Ian Christopher Scoones, Andrew C Stirling, Adrian Smith
811 2011 Transgenerational Epigenetic Instability Is a Source of Novel Methylation Variants R J Schmitz, M D Schultz, M G Lewsey, R C O'Malley, M A Urich, O Libiger
811 2011 Transient absorption spectroscopy of polymer-based thin-film solar cells Hideo Ohkita, Shinzaburo Ito
811 2011 Transient alcohol craving suppression by rTMS of dorsal anterior cingulate: an fMRI and LORETA EEG study. Dirk De Ridder, Sven Vanneste, Silvia Kovacs, Stefan Sunaert, Geert Dom
812 2011 Transient Control of DFIG-Based Wind Power Plants in Compliance with the Australian Grid Code M Mohseni, S Islam
813 2011 Transient ferromagnetic-like state mediating ultrafast reversal of antiferromagnetically coupled spins. I Radu, K Vahaplar, C Stamm, T Kachel, N Pontius, H A Dürr
814 2012 Transient Mean-Square Analysis of Prediction Error Method-Based Adaptive Feedback Cancellation in Hearing Aids Yasm X ED N Maluenda, Jos X E Carlos M Bermudez
814 2011 Transient Optoelectronic Analysis of Charge Carrier Losses in a Selenophene / Fullerene Blend Solar Cell Andrea Maurano, Chris G Shuttle, Rick Hamilton, Amy M Ballantyne, Jenny Nelson, Weimin Zhang
814 2011 Transient photoconductivity in polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells: Competition between sweep-out and recombination Sarah Cowan, R Street, Shinuk Cho, A Heeger
814 2011 Transient photocurrent and photovoltage studies on charge transport in dye sensitized solar cells made from the composites of TiO[sub 2] nanofibers and nanoparticles Xiaoxu Wang, Sudeep Karanjit, Lifeng Zhang, Hao Fong, Qiquan Qiao, Zhengtao Zhu
814 2011 Transient photocurrent measurements of PCDTBT:PC70BM and PCPDTBT:PC70BM Solar Cells: Evidence for charge trapping in efficient polymer/fullerene blends Zhe Li, Christopher R McNeill
815 2011 Transient Plasma FuelAir Ignition Daniel R Singleton, Martin A Gundersen
815 2011 Transient respiratory response to hypercapnia: Analysis via a cardiopulmonary simulation model A Albanese, N W Chbat, M Ursino
815 2011 Transient stability and voltage regulation in power systems with renewable distributed energy resources Adirak Kanchanaharuthai, Vira Chankong, Kenneth Loparo
817 2011 Transistor matching and silicon thickness variation in ETSOI technology Terence B Hook, Maud Vinet, Richard Murphy, Shom Ponoth, Laurent Grenouillet
817 2011 Transistor needle chip for recording in brain tissue Florian Felderer, Peter Fromherz
817 2012 Transistors with Chemically Synthesized Layered Semiconductor WS 2 Exhibiting 10 5 Room Temperature Modulation and Ambipolar Behavior Wan Sik Hwang, Maja Remskar, Rusen Yan, Vladimir Protasenko, Kristof Tahy, Soo Doo Chae
817 2011 Transition between positive and negative permittivity in field-dependent metamaterial Osamu Sakai
817 2011 Transition delay using control theory. S Bagheri, D S Henningson
819 2011 Transition-Code Based Linearity Test Method for Pipelined ADCs With Digital Error Correction Jin-Fu Lin, Soon-Jyh Chang, Te-Chieh Kung, Hsin-Wen Ting, Chih-Hao Huang
820 2011 Transitions in neural oscillations reflect prediction errors generated in audiovisual speech. Luc H Arnal, Valentin Wyart, Anne-Lise Giraud
821 2011 Translation-independent localization of mRNA in E. coli. Keren Nevo-Dinur, Anat Nussbaum-Shochat, Sigal Ben-Yehuda, Orna Amster-Choder
821 2011 Translational control by the eukaryotic ribosome. Ivan Topisirovic, Nahum Sonenberg
821 2011 Translational Knowledge: From Collecting Data to Making Decisions in a Smart Grid Mladen Kezunovic
822 2011 Transmission Characteristics of Low-Voltage Distribution Networks in China Under the Smart Grids Environment Ming-yue Zhai
823 2011 Transmission eigenchannels in a disordered medium Wonjun Choi, Allard P Mosk, Q-Han Park, Wonshik Choi
823 2011 Transmission Electron Microscopy David B Williams, C Barry Carter
823 2011 Transmission Electron Microscopy and Raman-Scattering Spectroscopy Observation on the Interface Structure of Graphene Formed on Si Substrates with Various Orientations Hiroyuki Handa, Ryota Takahashi, Shunsuke Abe, Kei Imaizumi, Eiji Saito, Myung-Ho Jung
823 2011 Transmission electron microscopy of transparent conductive oxide films made by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition G J A Mannie, J Van Deelen, J W Niemantsverdriet, P C Thüne
824 2011 Transmission line based short pulse generation circuits in a 0.13 μm complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology. Huan Zou, Yongtao Geng, Pingshan Wang
825 2011 Transmission network-based energy and environmental assessment of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles Keenan Valentine, Jonathan Acquaviva, E J Foster, K Max Zhang
825 2011 Transmission of 107-Gb/s mode and polarization multiplexed CO-OFDM signal over a two-mode fiber. An Li, Abdullah Al Amin, Xi Chen, William Shieh
825 2011 Transmission of 112 Gb/s PM-QPSK signals over up to 635 km of multimode optical fiber John D Downie, Jason E Hurley, Dmitri V Kuksenkov, Christopher M Lynn, Andrey E Korolev, Vladimir N Nazarov
825 2011 Transmission of 35-Gb/s all-optical OFDM signal over an all-EDFA 1980-km recirculating loop consisting of SSMF and DCF without using tunable dispersion compensation I Kang, S Chadrasekhar, M Rasras, X Liu, M Cappuzzo, L T Gomez
825 2011 Transmission of 96 × 100Gb / s with 23 % Super-FEC Overhead over 11 , 680km , using Optical Spectral Engineering M Salsi, C Koebele, P Tran, H Mardoyan, E Dutisseuil, J Renaudier
825 2011 Transmission of a serial 5.1-Tb/s data signal using 16-QAM and coherent detection E Palushani, C Schmidt-Langhorst, T Richter, M Nolle, R Ludwig, Colja Schubert
826 2011 Transmission of polarization entangled photons in fiber-optics networks Misha Brodsky, Cristian Antonelli, Mark Shtaif
826 2012 Transmission of population-coded information. Alfonso Renart, Mark C W Van Rossum
826 2011 Transmission over 2400 km using an all-ETDM 80-Gbaud (160-Gb/s) QPSK transmitter and coherent receiver G Raybon, P J Winzer, A A Adamiecki, A H Gnauck, A Konczykowska, F Jorge
827 2011 Transmission reach of optical-OFDM superchannels with 10600 Gb/s for transparent bit-rate adaptive networks Axel Klekamp, Roman Dischler, Fred Buchali
827 2011 Transmission resonances in plasmonic metallic gratings G D Aguanno, N Mattiucci, M J Bloemer, D De Ceglia, M A Vincenti, A Alù
827 2011 Transmission resonances of compound metallic gratings with two subwavelength slits in each period. Dong Xiang, Ling-Ling Wang, Xiao-Fei Li, Liu Wang, Xiang Zhai, Zhong-He Liu
828 2011 Transmission with Energy Harvesting Nodes in Fading Wireless Channels: Optimal Policies Omur Ozel, Kaya Tutuncuoglu, Jing Yang, Sennur Ulukus, Aylin Yener
828 2011 Transmission-electron diffraction by MeV electron pulses Y Muro’oka, N Naruse, S Sakakihara, M Ishimaru, J Yang, K Tanimura
829 2011 Transmitter-receiver cooperative sensing in MIMO cognitive network with limited feedback Chao Wang, Zhaoyang Zhang, Xiaoming Chen, Yuen Chau
830 2011 Transoral laser microsurgery for laryngeal cancer: A primer and review of laser dosimetry Marc Rubinstein, William B Armstrong
831 2012 Transparent Coatings Made from Spray Deposited Colloidal Suspensions. Blaise Fleury, Geraldine Dantelle, Sunita Darbe, Jean-Pierre Boilot, Thierry Gacoin
831 2011 Transparent conducting lithium-doped nickel oxide thin films by spray pyrolysis technique Physics Division, Kuala Lumpur
832 2011 Transparent conductive films consisting of ultralarge graphene sheets produced by Langmuir-Blodgett assembly. Qingbin Zheng, Wai Hing Ip, Xiuyi Lin, Nariman Yousefi, Kan Kan Yeung, Zhigang Li
832 2011 Transparent conductive graphene films synthesized by ambient pressure chemical vapor deposition used as the front electrode of CdTe solar cells. Hui Bi, Fuqiang Huang, Jun Liang, Xiaoming Xie, Mianheng Jiang
832 2011 Transparent conductive grids via direct writing of silver nanoparticle inks. Bok Yeop Ahn, David J Lorang, Jennifer A Lewis
832 2011 Transparent conductive oxides: Plasmonic materials for telecom wavelengths M A Noginov, Lei Gu, J Livenere, G Zhu, A K Pradhan, R Mundle
833 2011 Transparent electrode with ZnO nanoparticles in tandem organic solar cells Donggu Lee, Wan Ki Bae, Insun Park, Do Y Yoon, Seonghoon Lee, Changhee Lee
833 2012 Transparent electrodes fabricated via the self-assembly of silver nanowires using a bubble template. Takehiro Tokuno, Masaya Nogi, Jinting Jiu, Tohru Sugahara, Katsuaki Suganuma
833 2011 Transparent Flexible Circuits Based on Amorphous-IndiumGalliumZincOxide Thin-Film Transistors Mallory Mativenga, Min Hyuk Choi, Jae Won Choi, Jin Jang
833 2011 Transparent flexible organic transistors based on monolayer graphene electrodes on plastic. Wi Hyoung Lee, Jaesung Park, Sung Hyun Sim, Sae Byeok Jo, Kwang S Kim, Byung Hee Hong
834 2011 Transparent lithium-ion batteries. Yuan Yang, Sangmoo Jeong, Liangbing Hu, Hui Wu, Seok Woo Lee, Yi Cui
834 2011 Transparent nanoporous tin-oxide film electrode fabricated by anodization Akira Yamaguchi, Teruhiko Iimura, Kazuhiro Hotta, Norio Teramae
834 2011 Transparent patch antenna on a-Si thin-film glass solar module M J Roo-Ons, S V Shynu, M J Ammann, S J McCormack, B Norton
835 2011 Transparent ZnO Nanowire-Network Ultraviolet Photosensor Shi-Ming Peng, Yan-Kuin Su, Liang-Wen Ji, Sheng-Joue Young, Chi-Nan Tsai, Jhih-Hong Hong
835 2011 Transparent, flexible, all-reduced graphene oxide thin film transistors. Qiyuan He, Shixin Wu, Shuang Gao, Xiehong Cao, Zongyou Yin, Hai Li
836 2011 Transparent, near-infrared organic photovoltaic solar cells for window and energy-scavenging applications Richard R Lunt, Vladimir Bulovic
836 2012 Transparent, Optical, Pressure-Sensitive Artificial Skin for Large-Area Stretchable Electronics Marc Ramuz, Benjamin C-K Tee, Jeffrey B H Tok, Zhenan Bao
836 2011 Transponder Dependence Issues in Asynchronous Delay-Tap Monitoring Jonathan C Li, Trevor B Anderson, Trefor J Morgan
836 2012 Transponder- and Camera-Based Advanced Driver Assistance System Daniel Westhofen, Carolin Gr, Konrad Doll, Ulrich Brunsmann, Stephan Zecha
836 2011 Transport and Spectroscopic Studies of the Effects of Fullerene Structure on the Efficiency and Lifetime of Polythiophene-based Solar Cells Emilee L Sena, Justin H Peel, Devin Wesenberg, Shreya Nathan, Marianne Wallis, Maxwell J Giammona
837 2011 Transport imaging for contact-free measurements of minority carrier diffusion in GaN, GaN/AlGaN, and GaN/InGaN core-shell nanowires Lee Baird, C P Ong, R Adam Cole, N M Haegel, A Alec Talin, Qiming Li
837 2011 Transport in superlattices on single layer graphene P Burset, A Levy Yeyati, L Brey, H A Fertig
838 2011 Transport properties and barrier height evaluation in Ni/InAlN/GaN Schottky diodes D Donoval, A Chvála, R Šramatý, J Kováč, E Morvan, Ch Dua
838 2011 Transport properties of gallium nitride nanowire metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor J W Yu, C K Li, C Y Chen, Y R Wu, L J Chou, L H Peng
838 2011 Transport properties of nonequilibrium systems under the application of light: Photoinduced quantum Hall insulators without Landau levels Takuya Kitagawa, Takashi Oka, Arne Brataas, Liang Fu, Eugene Demler
839 2011 Transport Properties of Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbons Decorated by Carboxyl Group Chains C X Zhang, Chaoyu He, Zhizhou Yu, K W Zhang, L Z Sun, Jianxin Zhong
839 2011 Transport spectroscopy of non-equilibrium many-particle spin states in self-assembled quantum dots B Marquardt, M Geller, B Baxevanis, D Pfannkuche, A D Wieck, D Reuter
839 2011 Transport through modes in random media. Jing Wang, Azriel Z Genack
839 2011 Transport-Based Load Modeling and Sliding Mode Control of Plug-In Electric Vehicles for Robust Renewable Power Tracking Saeid Bashash, Hosam K Fathy
840 2011 Transportation dynamics on networks of mobile agents. Han-Xin Yang, Wen-Xu Wang, Yan-Bo Xie, Ying-Cheng Lai, Bing-Hong Wang
840 2011 Transportation of single cell and microbubbles by phase-shift introduced to standing leaky surface acoustic waves Long Meng, Feiyan Cai, Zidong Zhang, Lili Niu, Qiaofeng Jin, Fei Yan
840 2011 Transvaginal NOTES with semi-rigid and rigid endoscopes that allow adjustable viewing angles. A Hackethal, J Ionesi-Pasacica, K Eskef, F Oehmke, K Münstedt, H-R Tinneberg
841 2011 Transverse electric plasmons in bilayer graphene Marinko Jablan, Hrvoje Buljan, Marin Soljačić
841 2011 Transverse electromagnetic modes in aperture waveguides containing a metamaterial with extreme anisotropy. Peter B Catrysse, Shanhui Fan
842 2011 Trap and corral: a two-step approach for constructing and constraining dynamic cell contact events in differentiating progenitor cell populations S Chen, N Patel, D Schaffer, M M Maharbiz
842 2011 Trap origin of field-dependent mobility of the carrier transport in organic layers José M Montero, Juan Bisquert
842 2011 Trap-assisted tunneling in Si-InAs nanowire heterojunction tunnel diodes. Cedric D Bessire, Mikael T Björk, Heinz Schmid, Andreas Schenk, Kathleen B Reuter, Heike Riel
843 2011 Trapping and rotating nanoparticles using a plasmonic nano-tweezer with an integrated heat sink. Kai Wang, Ethan Schonbrun, Paul Steinvurzel, Kenneth B Crozier
844 2011 Trapping sets of structured LDPC codes Qin Huang, Qiuju Diao, Shu Lin, Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar
844 2011 Trapping Surface Electrons on Graphene Layers and Islands D Niesner, Th Fauster, J I Dadap, N Zaki, K R Knox, P C Yeh
846 2011 Travelling-wave resonant four-wave mixing breaks the limits of cavity-enhanced all-optical wavelength conversion Francesco Morichetti, Antonio Canciamilla, Carlo Ferrari, Antonio Samarelli, Marc Sorel, Andrea Melloni
846 2012 Treating metastatic cancer with nanotechnology Avi Schroeder, Daniel A Heller, Monte M Winslow, James E Dahlman, George W Pratt, Robert Langer
847 2012 Treatment of alcohol distillery wastewater using a bacteroidetes-dominant thermophilic microbial fuel cell. Phuc Thi Ha, Tae Kwon Lee, Bruce E Rittmann, Joonhong Park, In Seop Chang
848 2011 Treatment regimens for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Niki Katsiki, Vasilios G Athyros, Asterios Karagiannis, Dimitri P Mikhailidis
848 2011 Tree edit distance for leaf-labelled trees on free leafset and its comparison with frequent subsplit dissimilarity and popular distance measures Jakub Koperwas, Krzysztof Walczak
849 2011 Tree-Structured Infinite Sparse Factor Model Xianxing Zhang, David B Dunson, Lcarin Duke Edu
850 2011 Trench assisted multi-core fiber with large Aeff over 100 m2 and low attenuation loss Katsunori Imamura, Kazunori Mukasa, Ryuichi Sugizaki
850 2011 Trend Analysis Model : Trend Consists of Temporal Words , Topics , and Timestamps Categories and Subject Descriptors Noriaki Kawamae
850 2011 Trend-following and Momentum Strategies in Futures Markets Akindynos-Nikolaos Baltas, Robert Kosowski
850 2011 trends , challenges and opportunities for modern industry Erkki Jantunen, Christos Emmanouilidis, Aitor Arnaiz, Eduardo Gilabert
851 2011 Trends in Embedded Software Engineering Jeronimo Castrillon, Weihua Sheng, Rainer Leupers
852 2011 Trends in next-generation ROADM networks S Tibuleac, M Filer
852 2011 Trends in optical coherence tomography Julia Walther, Maria Gaertner, Peter Cimalla, Anke Burkhardt, Lars Kirsten, Sven Meissner
852 2011 Trends in Social Media : Persistence and Decay Sitaram Asur, Bernardo A Huberman, Gabor Szabo, Chunyan Wang
853 2011 TRENTOOL: A Matlab open source toolbox to analyse information flow in time series data with transfer entropy. Michael Lindner, Raul Vicente, Viola Priesemann, Michael Wibral
855 2012 Triggering a Cell Shape Change by Exploiting Preexisting Actomyosin Contractions. Minna Roh-Johnson, Gidi Shemer, Christopher D Higgins, Joseph H McClellan, Adam D Werts, U Serdar Tulu
856 2011 Trigonometric method to handle realistic error probabilities in logic circuits Chien-Chih Yu, John P Hayes
856 2011 Trimmed-Likelihood Estimation for Focal Lesions and Tissue Segmentation in Multisequence MRI for Multiple Sclerosis Daniel García-Lorenzo, Sylvain Prima, Douglas L Arnold, D Louis Collins, Christian Barillot
857 2011 Triplication of the photocurrent in dye solar cells by increasing the elongation of the π-conjugation in Zn-porphyrin sensitizers. Eva M Barea, Rubén Caballero, Leticia López-Arroyo, Antonio Guerrero, Pilar De La Cruz, Fernando Langa
858 2011 Trophic downgrading of planet Earth. James A Estes, John Terborgh, Justin S Brashares, Mary E Power, Joel Berger, William J Bond
858 2011 Trot Gait Locomotion of A Cat Sized Quadruped Robot A Tuleu, M Ajallooeian, A Spröwitz, P Loepelmann, A Ijspeert
859 2012 Trouble with the Lorentz Law of Force: Incompatibility with Special Relativity and Momentum Conservation Masud Mansuripur
859 2011 True associations between resting fMRI time series based on innovations. P Christova, S M Lewis, T A Jerde, J K Lynch, A P Georgopoulos
859 2011 True Filterless Class-D Audio Amplifier Mykhaylo A Teplechuk, Anthony Gribben, Christophe Amadi
859 2011 True logarithmic amplification of frequency clock in SS-OCT for calibration Bin Liu, Ehsan Azimi, Mark E Brezinski
859 2011 True time delays using conversion/dispersion with flat magnitude response for wideband analog RF signals Omer F Yilmaz, Lior Yaron, Salman Khaleghi, M Reza Chitgarha, Moshe Tur, Alan Willner
860 2011 Truncation-Error Reduction in Spherical Near-Field Scanning Using Slepian Sequences: Formulation for Scalar Waves Kristopher T Kim
860 2011 Trust and reputation models comparison Félix Gómez Mármol, Gregorio Martínez Pérez
861 2011 Trust Based Participant Driven Privacy Control in Participatory Sensing Ramaprasada R Kalidindi, Kvsvn Raju, V Valli Kumari, C S Reddy
862 2011 Trust Transitivity in Social Networks Oliver Richters, Tiago P Peixoto
862 2011 Trust, But Verify: Fast and Accurate Signal Recovery From 1-Bit Compressive Measurements Jason N Laska, Zaiwen Wen, Wotao Yin, Richard G Baraniuk
862 2011 Trust-based collaborative filtering Jing Wang, Jian Yin, Yuzhang Liu, Chuangguang Huang
862 2011 TrustCloud: A Framework for Accountability and Trust in Cloud Computing Ryan K L Ko, Peter Jagadpramana, Miranda Mowbray, Siani Pearson, Markus Kirchberg, Qianhui Liang
863 2011 Tsunami survivors' perspectives on vulnerability and vulnerability reduction: evidence from Koh Phi Phi Don and Khao Lak, Thailand. Marylynn Steckley, Brent Doberstein
864 2011 TSV Technology for Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Design and Applications Sanming Hu, Lei Wang, Yong-Zhong Xiong, Teck Guan Lim, Bo Zhang, Jinglin Shi
864 2011 TSV-aware analytical placement for 3D IC designs Meng-Kai Hsu, Yao-Wen Chang, Valeriy Balabanov
864 2011 Tube-based model predictive control for nonlinear systems with unstructured uncertainty P Falugi, D Q Mayne
864 2011 Tucker compression and local optima Mariya Ishteva, P A Absil, Sabine Van Huffel, Lieven De Lathauwer
864 2011 Tuffy: Scaling up Statistical Inference in Markov Logic Networks using an RDBMS Feng Niu, Christopher Ré, AnHai Doan, Jude Shavlik
865 2011 TUIs vs. GUIs: comparing the learning potential with preschoolers Cristina Sylla, Pedro Branco, Clara Coutinho, Eduarda Coquet
865 2011 Tumor suppressor BRCA1 epigenetically controls oncogenic microRNA-155. Suhwan Chang, Rui-Hong Wang, Keiko Akagi, Kyung-Ae Kim, Betty K Martin, Luca Cavallone
865 2011 Tumor targeting of MMP-2/9 activatable cell-penetrating imaging probes is caused by tumor-independent activation. Sander M J Van Duijnhoven, Marc S Robillard, Klaas Nicolay, Holger Grüll
866 2011 Tumour evolution inferred by single-cell sequencing. Nicholas Navin, Jude Kendall, Jennifer Troge, Peter Andrews, Linda Rodgers, Jeanne McIndoo
867 2011 Tunable band gaps in bilayer transition-metal dichalcogenides Ashwin Ramasubramaniam, Doron Naveh, Elias Towe
867 2012 Tunable broad-band perfect absorber by exciting of multiple plasmon resonances at optical frequency Junqiao Wang, Chunzhen Fan, Pei Ding, Jinna He, Yongguang Cheng, Weiqin Hu
867 2011 Tunable complex photonic chiral lattices by reconfigurable optical phase engineering. Jolly Xavier, Joby Joseph
867 2011 Tunable coupling between exciton and surface plasmon in liquid crystal devices consisting of Au nanoparticles and CdSe quantum dots Chung-Tse Chen, Chun-Chih Liu, Chun-Hsiung Wang, Chih-Wei Chen, Yang-Fang Chen
867 2011 Tunable Crystallinity in Regioregular Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) Thin Films and Its Impact on Field Effect Mobility Avishek R Aiyar, Jung-Il Hong, Rakesh Nambiar, David M Collard, Elsa Reichmanis
867 2011 Tunable dielectric properties of transition metal dichalcogenides. Priya Johari, Vivek B Shenoy
868 2011 Tunable electronic structures of graphene/boron nitride heterobilayers Yingcai Fan, Mingwen Zhao, Zhenhai Wang, Xuejuan Zhang, Hongyu Zhang
868 2012 Tunable infrared plasmonic devices using graphene/insulator stacks Hugen Yan, Xuesong Li, Bhupesh Chandra, George Tulevski, Yanqing Wu, Marcus Freitag
868 2011 Tunable InP-based optical IQ modulator for 160 Gb/s Kelvin Prosyk, Tino Brast, Marko Gruner, Michael Hamacher, Detlef Hoffmann, Ron Millett
869 2012 Tunable light-harvesting polymers containing embedded dipolar chromophores for polymer solar cell applications David F Zeigler, Kung-Shih Chen, Hin-Lap Yip, Yong Zhang, Alex K Y Jen
869 2011 Tunable metal – insulator transitions in bilayer graphene by thermal Gopinadhan Kalon, Young Jun Shin, Hyunsoo Yang
869 2011 Tunable metallic-like conductivity in microbial nanowire networks. Nikhil S Malvankar, Madeline Vargas, Kelly P Nevin, Ashley E Franks, Ching Leang, Byoung-Chan Kim
870 2011 Tunable near-field subwavelength microwave imaging Tejprakash Pochiraju, Oleksandr Malyuskin, Vincent Fusco
870 2011 Tunable OTDM to WDM conversion enabled by a programmable optical filter Miguel V Drummond, Antonio L J Teixeira, Paulo P Monteiro, Rogerio N Nogueira
870 2011 Tunable p-type conductivity and transport properties of AlN nanowires via Mg doping. Yong-Bing Tang, Xiang-Hui Bo, Jun Xu, Yu-Lin Cao, Zhen-Hua Chen, Hai-Sheng Song
870 2012 Tunable patterning of microparticles and cells using standing surface acoustic waves Xiaoyun Ding, Jinjie Shi, Sz-Chin Steven Lin, Shahrzad Yazdi, Brian Kiraly, Tony Jun Huang
870 2011 Tunable phase resonances in a compound metallic grating with perpendicular bumps and cuts. Zhimin Liu, Hongjian Li, Suxia Xie, Haiqing Xu, Shaoli Fu, Xin Zhou
871 2011 Tunable spin loading and T1 of a silicon spin qubit measured by single-shot readout. C B Simmons, J R Prance, B J Van Bael, Teck Seng Koh, Zhan Shi, D E Savage
871 2011 Tunable subradiant lattice plasmons by out-of-plane dipolar interactions. Wei Zhou, Teri W Odom
872 2011 Tunable Surface Conductivity in Bi2Se3 Revealed in Diffusive Electron Transport J Chen, X Y He, K H Wu, Z Q Ji, L Lu, J R Shi
872 2011 Tunable two-mirror interference lithography system for wafer-scale nanopatterning. Weidong Mao, Ishan Wathuthanthri, Chang-Hwan Choi
872 2011 Tunable unidirectional sound propagation through a sonic-crystal-based acoustic diode. Xue-Feng Li, Xu Ni, Liang Feng, Ming-Hui Lu, Cheng He, Yan-Feng Chen
872 2011 Tunable wetting mechanism of polypyrrole surfaces and low-voltage droplet manipulation via redox. Yao-Tsan Tsai, Chang-Hwan Choi, Ning Gao, Eui-Hyeok Yang
873 2011 Tuneable electronic properties in graphene M F Craciun, S Russo, M Yamamoto, S Tarucha
873 2011 Tuned longitudinal surface plasmon resonance and third-order nonlinear optical properties of gold nanorods. Yushi Tsutsui, Tomokatsu Hayakawa, Go Kawamura, Masayuki Nogami
873 2011 Tungsten oxide as a gate dielectric for highly transparent and temperature-stable zinc-oxide-based thin-film transistors. Michael Lorenz, Holger Von Wenckstern, Marius Grundmann
874 2011 Tuning charge transport in solution-sheared organic semiconductors using lattice strain. Gaurav Giri, Eric Verploegen, Stefan C B Mannsfeld, Sule Atahan-Evrenk, Do Hwan Kim, Sang Yoon Lee
875 2011 Tuning Magnetotransport through a Magnetic Kink Crystal in a Chiral Helimagnet Jun-ichiro Kishine, I Proskurin, A Ovchinnikov
875 2011 Tuning Manganese Dopant Spin Interactions in Single GaN Nanowires at Room Temperature. Manu Hegde, Shokouh S Farvid, Ian D Hosein, Pavle V Radovanovic
875 2011 Tuning of an optimal fuzzy PID controller with stochastic algorithms for networked control systems with random time delay. Indranil Pan, Saptarshi Das, Amitava Gupta
875 2011 Tuning of Charge Densities in Graphene by Molecule Doping Henry Medina, Yung-Chang Lin, Dirk Obergfell, Po-Wen Chiu
875 2012 Tuning of nonlinear vibration via topology variation and its application in energy harvesting Xuhan Dai, Xiaodan Miao, Linghe Sui, Hailin Zhou, Xiaolin Zhao, Guifu Ding
876 2011 Tuning of synaptic responses: an organizing principle for optimization of neural circuits. Cian O'Donnell, Matthew F Nolan
876 2011 Tuning of the human neocortex to the temporal dynamics of attended events. Julien Besle, Catherine A Schevon, Ashesh D Mehta, Peter Lakatos, Robert R Goodman, Guy M McKhann
876 2012 Tuning surface plasmons in interconnected hemispherical Au shells Peter Krohne-nielsen, Sergey M Novikov, Jonas Beermann, Per Morgen, I Sergey, Ole Albrektsen
877 2012 Tuning the Energy Level Offset between Donor and Acceptor with Ferroelectric Dipole Layers for Increased Efficiency in Bilayer Organic Photovoltaic Cells. Bin Yang, Yongbo Yuan, Pankaj Sharma, Shashi Poddar, Rafal Korlacki, Stephen Ducharme
878 2011 Tuning the mammalian circadian clock: robust synergy of two loops. Angela Relógio, Pal O Westermark, Thomas Wallach, Katja Schellenberg, Achim Kramer, Hanspeter Herzel
878 2012 Tuning the two-dimensional electron gas at the LaAlO_3/SrTiO_3(001) interface by metallic contacts Rémi Arras, Victor Ruiz, Warren Pickett, Rossitza Pentcheva
879 2011 Tuning upconversion through energy migration in core–shell nanoparticles Feng Wang, Renren Deng, Juan Wang, Qingxiao Wang, Yu Han, Haomiao Zhu
879 2011 Tunnel current through a miniband in InGaAs quantum dot superlattice solar cells T Sugaya, O Numakami, S Furue, H Komaki, T Amano, K Matsubara
879 2011 Tunnel field-effect transistors as energy-efficient electronic switches Adrian M Ionescu, Heike Riel
879 2012 Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors Based on InP-GaAs Heterostructure Nanowires. Bahram Ganjipour, Jesper Wallentin, Magnus T Borgström, Lars Samuelson, Claes Thelander
879 2011 Tunnel magnetoresistance effect and magnetic damping in half-metallic Heusler alloys. M Oogane, S Mizukami
882 2011 Tuple density: a new metric for combinatorial test suites (NIER track) Baiqiang Chen, Jian Zhang
883 2011 Turbulent boundary-layer control with plasma actuators. Kwing-So Choi, Timothy Jukes, Richard Whalley
883 2012 Turing Machines and Understanding Computational Complexity Ian Parberry, D Computing
883 2011 Turning Augmented Reality into a media: Design exploration to build a dedicated visual language Nicolas Henchoz, Vincent Lepetit, Pascal Fua, John Miles
884 2011 Turning to learn: Screen orientation and reasoning with small devices Christopher A Sanchez, Russell J Branaghan
886 2011 TWave: High-order analysis of functional MRI. Michael Barnathan, Vasileios Megalooikonomou, Christos Faloutsos, Scott Faro, Feroze B Mohamed
886 2011 Tweedie’s Formula and Selection Bias Bradley Efron
886 2011 Tweetflows - Flexible Workflows with Twitter Martin Treiber, Daniel Schall, A Wien
886 2011 Tweezers with a twist Miles Padgett, Richard Bowman
887 2011 Twin gate, vertical slit FET (VeSFET) for highly periodic layout and 3D integration W Maly, N Singh, Z Chen, N Shen, X Li, A Pfitzner
887 2011 Twinkle: A fast resource provisioning mechanism for internet services Jun Zhu, Zhefu Jiang, Zhen Xiao
888 2012 Twinning and twisting of tri- and bilayer graphene. Lola Brown, Robert Hovden, Pinshane Huang, Michal Wojcik, David A Muller, Jiwoong Park
888 2012 Twisted optical metamaterials for planarized ultrathin broadband circular polarizers Y Zhao, M A Belkin, A Alù
888 2011 Twisted Optical Microfibers for Refractive Index Sensing C R Liao, D N Wang, Xiaoying He, M W Yang
888 2012 Twisted Window Search for Efficient Shape Localization Steve Gu, Carlo Tomasi
888 2011 Twisting Graphene Nanoribbons into Carbon Nanotubes O O Kit, T Tallinen, L Mahadevan, J Timonen, P Koskinen
889 2011 TwitterSearch : A Comparison of Microblog Search and Web Search Jaime Teevan, Daniel Ramage, Meredith Ringel Morris
889 2011 Two adaptive approaches of nonlinear system control Daochun Li, Jinwu Xiang, Shijun J Guo
890 2011 Two channel phase regeneration based on a black-box phase sensitive amplifier P Frascella, S Sygletos, S K Ibrahim, L Gruner-Nielsen, R Phelan, J OrGorman
891 2011 Two Dimensional Principal Component Analysis based Independent Component Analysis for face recognition Xingfu Zhang, Xiangmin Ren
891 2011 Two distinct ballistic processes in graphene at Dirac point M Lewkowicz, B Rosenstein, D Nghiem
891 2011 Two distinct neural networks support the mapping of meaning to a novel word. Zheng Ye, Anna Mestres-Missé, Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells, Thomas F Münte
891 2011 Two Distributed-State Models For Generating High-Dimensional Time Series Graham W Taylor, Geoffrey E Hinton, Sam T Roweis
891 2012 Two Efficient Solutions for Visual Odometry Using Directional Correspondence. Oleg Naroditsky, Xun S Zhou, Jean Gallier, Stergios I Roumeliotis, Kostas Daniilidis
892 2011 Two hands, one perception: how bimanual haptic information is combined by the brain. Valentina Squeri, Alessandra Sciutti, Monica Gori, Lorenzo Masia, Giulio Sandini, Juergen Konczak
893 2011 Two phase interleaved buck converter for driving high power LEDs Department of Energy Technology Keywords Luminaire overview LED driver Szymon Bęczkowski, Stig Munk-nielsen
893 2011 Two photon induced lasing in 1550 nm quantum dash optical gain media A Capua, A Saal, J P Reithmaier, K Yvind, G Eisenstein
893 2011 Two RFID-based solutions to enhance inpatient medication safety. Hung-Yu Chien, Chia-Chuan Yang, Tzong-Chen Wu, Chin-Feng Lee
894 2011 Two Stage Operational Amplifiers: Power and Area Efficient Frequency Compensation for Driving a Wide Range of Capacitive Load Zuschu Yan, Pui-In Mak, Rui Martins
894 2011 Two types of luminescence blinking revealed by spectroelectrochemistry of single quantum dots Christophe Galland, Yagnaseni Ghosh, Andrea Steinbrück, Milan Sykora, Jennifer A Hollingsworth, Victor I Klimov
894 2011 Two unicast information flows over linear deterministic networks I-Hsiang Wang, Sudeep U Kamath, David N C Tse
895 2011 Two-channel gastric pacing in patients with diabetic gastroparesis. Zhiyue Lin, Irene Sarosiek, Jameson Forster, Robert A Ross, Jiande D Z Chen, Richard W McCallum
895 2011 Two-color nanoscopy of three-dimensional volumes by 4Pi detection of stochastically switched fluorophores. Daniel Aquino, Andreas Schönle, Claudia Geisler, Claas V Middendorff, Christian A Wurm, Yosuke Okamura
896 2011 Two-Degree-of-Freedom Active Vibration Control of a Prototyped Smart Rotor Jan-Willem Van Wingerden, Anton Hulskamp, Thanasis Barlas, Ivo Houtzager, Harald Bersee, Gijs Van Kuik
896 2011 Two-detector Corrected Near Infrared Spectroscopy (C-NIRS) detects hemodynamic activation responses more robustly than single-detector NIRS. Rolf B Saager, Nicole L Telleri, Andrew J Berger
897 2012 Two-dimensional crystals-based heterostructures: materials with tailored properties K S Novoselov, A H Castro Neto
897 2012 Two-dimensional dielectric nanosheets: novel nanoelectronics from nanocrystal building blocks. Minoru Osada, Takayoshi Sasaki
897 2011 Two-dimensional electron gas transport anisotropy in N-polar GaN/AlGaN heterostructures G A Umana-Membreno, T B Fehlberg, S Kolluri, D F Brown, S Keller, U K Mishra
898 2011 Two-Dimensional Fractal Metamaterials for Applications in THz Radu Malureanu, Peter Uhd Jepsen, Maksim Zalkovskij, Andrei V Lavrinenko
898 2011 Two-dimensional graphene with structural defects: elastic mean free path, minimum conductivity, and Anderson transition. Aurélien Lherbier, Simon M-M Dubois, Xavier Declerck, Stephan Roche, Yann-Michel Niquet, Jean-Christophe Charlier
899 2011 Two-dimensional localization of an RFID tag by using a weighted integral sensor on a square boundary Akihiro Chiba, Takaaki Nara
900 2011 Two-dimensional molecular crystals of phosphonic acids on graphene. Mariana C Prado, Regiane Nascimento, Luciano G Moura, Matheus J S Matos, Mario S C Mazzoni, Luiz G Cancado
900 2011 Two-dimensional nanosheets produced by liquid exfoliation of layered materials. Jonathan N Coleman, Mustafa Lotya, Arlene O'Neill, Shane D Bergin, Paul J King, Umar Khan
901 2011 Two-dimensional phase correction method for single and multi-shot echo planar imaging. Yuval Zur
901 2011 Two-dimensional polaritonic photonic crystals as terahertz uniaxial metamaterials S Foteinopoulou, M Kafesaki, E Economou, C Soukoulis
902 2011 Two-dimensional scanning probe driven by a solenoid-based single actuator for optical coherence tomography. Eun Jung Min, Jun Geun Shin, Yuri Kim, Byeong Ha Lee
903 2011 Two-Dimensional Time-Dependent Numerical Modeling of Edge Effects in Dye Solar Cells Kati Miettunen, Janne Halme, Anne-Maria Visuri, Peter Lund
903 2011 Two-Dimensional Topological Insulator State and Topological Phase Transition in Bilayer Graphene Zhenhua Qiao, Wang-Kong Tse, Hua Jiang, Yugui Yao, Qian Niu
904 2011 Two-layered dissolving microneedles for percutaneous delivery of peptide/protein drugs in rats. Keizo Fukushima, Ayaka Ise, Hiromi Morita, Ryo Hasegawa, Yukako Ito, Nobuyuki Sugioka
904 2011 Two-level cache architecture to reduce memory accesses for IP lookups Sunil Ravinder, Mario A Nascimento, M H MacGregor
904 2011 Two-Level Downlink Scheduling for Real-Time Multimedia Services in LTE Networks Giuseppe Piro, Luigi Alfredo Grieco, Gennaro Boggia, Rossella Fortuna, Pietro Camarda
904 2011 Two-mode multiplexing at 210.7 Gbps over 7-cell hollow-core photonic band gap fiber Jing Xu, Christophe Peucheret
904 2011 Two-mode transmission with digital inter-modal cross-talk mitigation Clemens Koebele, Massimiliano Salsi, Donato Sperti, Patrice Tran, Patrick Brindel, Haik Mardoyan
905 2011 Two-phase refrigerant flow instability analysis and active control in transient electronics cooling systems TieJun Zhang, John T Wen, Yoav Peles, Juan Catano, Rongliang Zhou, Michael K Jensen
905 2011 Two-photon absorption properties of fluorescent proteins. Mikhail Drobizhev, Nikolay S Makarov, Shane E Tillo, Thomas E Hughes, Aleksander Rebane
905 2011 Two-photon absorption properties of two-dimensional π-conjugated chromophores: combined experimental and theoretical study. Koji Ohta, Satoru Yamada, Kenji Kamada, Aaron D Slepkov, Frank A Hegmann, Rik R Tykwinski
907 2012 Two-photon microscopy as a tool to study blood flow and neurovascular coupling in the rodent brain. Andy Y Shih, Jonathan D Driscoll, Patrick J Drew, Nozomi Nishimura, Chris B Schaffer, David Kleinfeld
907 2011 Two-photon NADH imaging exposes boundaries of oxygen diffusion in cortical vascular supply regions. Karl A Kasischke, Elton M Lambert, Ben Panepento, Anita Sun, Harris A Gelbard, Robert W Burgess
907 2012 Two-Photon Quantum Interference from Separate Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond Hannes Bernien, Lilian Childress, Lucio Robledo, Matthew Markham, Daniel Twitchen, Ronald Hanson
908 2011 Two-qubit Gate of Combined Single Spin Rotation and Inter-dot Spin Exchange in a Double Quantum Dot R Brunner, Y S Shin, T Obata, M Pioro-Ladrière, T Kubo, K Yoshida
908 2011 Two-Relay-Based Cooperative MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad hoc Networks Murad Khalid, Yufeng Wang, In-ho Ra, Ravi Sankar
908 2011 Two-scale particle simulation Barbara Solenthaler, Markus Gross
908 2011 Two-Stage GaN HEMT Amplifier With GateSource Voltage Shaping for Efficiency Versus Bandwidth Enhancements Alaaeddine Ramadan, Tibault Reveyrand, Audrey Martin, Jean-Michel Nebus, Philippe Bouysse, Luc Lapierre
909 2011 Two-Stage Multiscale Search for Sparse Targets Eran Bashan, Gregory Newstadt, Alfred O Hero
909 2011 Two-stage reinforcement-learning-based cognitive radio with exploration control T Jiang, D Grace, Y Liu
909 2011 Two-stage structural damage detection using fuzzy neural networks and data fusion techniques Shao-Fei Jiang, Chun-Ming Zhang, Shuai Zhang
910 2011 Two-Way Multidimensional Scaling: A Review Stephen L France, J Douglas Carroll
912 2011 Tyrosinase as a dual reporter gene for both photoacoustic and magnetic resonance imaging Robert J Paproski, Alexander E Forbrich, Keith Wachowicz, Mary M Hitt, Roger J Zemp