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Who is who at Int/Gold? Updated July 07

Discussion in 'Gold Base, Freewinds, and FLAG' started by Little Bear Victor, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Little Bear Victor

    Little Bear Victor Silver Meritorious Patron

    The purpose of this list is to keep you informed as to what your friends at Int/Gold are doing.

    This list has been compiled from a number of sources and has the most recent data available. Mostly up to date as of early 2007, it is the most complete and up-to-date list available on the net (that I know of).

    If you have any knowledge of recent changes, missing names (even if only suspected) or other inaccuracies on the list, please either post it on the list or send me a PM, so that this list can be kept up to date. Also, if you know previous married names of people on the list, also please info so these can be added to the list and those who know people by their earlier names can also find their friends.

    The list has been organized alphabetically by Org. After the list of who’s currently there, there is a list of ex-Base staff. This list of ex-base staff is likely to be very incomplete, so if you know of someone who has been of the base but does not appear on this list, please let me know. PM will be fine if you just want to add them to the list. If you have a question about them you want others to answer, feel free to add it to the thread.

    (This public service announcement has been brought to you by Wog Human Rights Movement.)



    Updated July 2007
    (note: “?” means spelling or post title uncertain)
    other/earlier names in parenthesis

    COB Office​

    Barram, Ailon – COB Secretary
    Bourke, Carol – (Post unknown)
    Brousseau, John (“JB”) – (Post unknown)
    Lalouette, Francois – COB Comm for Outgoing Traffic
    McElveen (Renee), Serena – COB Comm for Incoming Traffic
    McKay (Viau), Tori Lynn– COB Comm for Traffic and Compliance
    Miscavige, David – COBt RTC (Chief Operating Body-thetan for Reprogramming Teegeeack Celebrities)
    Miscavige, Michelle (“Shelly”) – COB Asst (Missing in Action)
    O’Hare, Brendan – (Post unknown)
    Starkey, Maria – COB Comm for Correspondence?
    Stuckenbrock, Lurisse – COB Communicator
    Truax, Maggie – (Post unknown)
    (French guy, name unknown) – COB Chef


    Bloomberg, Darnell – (Post unknown)
    Graves, Chelsey (Chelsea?) – Dir Internal Security or Sec Checker
    Griffin, Barbara – Treasury Sec
    Hattenbach (Widmer), Suzanne – HAS
    Matsumura, Nori – Dir RAM
    McShane, Warren – Dir Internal Affairs
    Muñozcano, Vanessa – (Post unknown)
    Radstrom, Lucia – Data Dir
    Rossi, Liz – Dir Comm
    Sommerville, Georgina – (no longer in RTC?)
    Szabo, Liz – Dir TM Registration and Maintenance
    Wikoff, Tammy Celeste – Reports Off/Dir PR (DH)

    Incomm Int​

    Kernbach, Rog – Equipment Installation
    Perry, James – Incomm Int Site I/C, (travels with COB to set up his computer equipment)


    Allcock, Nettie – LEC Dir
    Delderfield, William – Travel Reservation I/C
    Hughes (Oakes), Beckie – LEC
    Jensen (Pereznieto), Mette – AVC Admin
    Pratt (Laner), Theresa – LRH Biography I/C
    Stark, Karin – LRH Biographer’s Assistant
    Tampion (Guider), Melita – Ops Chief? (on offloads project?)
    Thomas, Fleur – AVC Aide
    Tidman (Broker), Ann Marie (“Annie”) – Audio Div Pgms Ops I/T
    Webster, Janela Pharr – AVC Telex and Despatch Auth(?)
    Wilhere, Becky – LEC

    Int Landlord​

    Gillion, Deborah – Services Off?
    Hodkin, Steve – Space Planner
    Johannessen, Pal – Contruction Docs I/C?
    Olander, Claudia – Interior Designer
    Rule, Steve – Int LL O/O, permanently in LA?
    Stumbke (Barram), Laurence – Int Landlord
    (Name unknown) – Architectural Designer

    ex CMOI of unknown status
    (likely on decks, not on post, but still on Base)​

    Alpers, Jenny
    Baumgarten, Alan – Int Finance? HU?
    Black, Brenda Eileen– LEC Driver (busted after car accident)
    Decrescenzo, Tony – Ops Chief?
    Delanois (Stevens), Gisele – HU, Ship I/C
    Delderfield (Schuldt), Julia – Dir Comm
    Jensen, Kristina – HCO Chief
    Johnston, Sharon – D/CO Prod CMOI
    Lenarcic, Andy – Bio I/C
    Lyons, Maggie – Int Finance
    McShane, Carly Ann – on Book Manufacturing Project?
    McShane, Marcella A. (made to divorce from Warren) – Snr C/S Int Office
    Miller (O’Brien), Abigail – Programs CMOI
    Mortenson, Jan – Local Programs Ops
    Mullins, Christine Sylvia – LEC
    Ogletree, Anna Maria – LRH PPRO for Staff
    Oldfield, John – Action Dir
    Olsen, Jan – LRH PPRO Office
    Olsen (Pietsch), Marie-Noelle – post unknown, Data Bureau?
    Pouw (Dendiu), Marion – Port Captain or Dir PR
    Rodil, Christine – Pgm Ops?
    Silver (Newton), Barbara Lynne – Programs Dir? CMO Int
    Sjogren, Ingrid
    Smith, Hans – Pgm Ops
    Spittel, Josie – Port Captain, now Cleaner at Gold Berthing?
    Starkey, Daniela – D/CO Pers Office CMOI?
    Story (Porter), Lucky – D/CO Conts CMOI
    Tampion, Melissa – post unknown
    (French woman) – Data Dir CMOI


    Benndorf, Corinne Fax– BV Cleaner?
    Carlson, Deedee – post unknown
    Fullmer, Carol Lynn – post unknown
    Hall, James Anthony – Lawns
    Moresi, Julie – CO HU
    Reuveni (Woodruff), Erin Michelle – HU, BV Cleaner?
    Suarez, Paco – LRH Host


    Fear, Sarah – IMEC Comm

    ex ESI of unknown status​

    Anderson (Hapsheid, McCarr), Marj – SO#1
    Muller, Ralphine (“Rae”) C. – SO#1 I/C
    Schermerhorn, Faith E. – BP I/C


    Duncan, Stevie – RAV Services
    Lew, Gary (“Luigi”) – RAV


    Alexander, Jenny Sue – R Comps (on medical lines)
    Alexander, Julia – Typesetter R Comps
    Al–Jibouri, Scheherazade (“Sheri”) H – Dir Income Gold
    Allcock, Annie Taskev – Dir Promo Assembly Line CMU
    Allcock, Erica Marie – Mill I/C Estates Gold
    Allcock, Michelle – Dissem Routing and Tracking?
    Allcock, Nettie – LEC Dir CMO Int
    Allcock, Shawn – Shoot Prod Dir Cine
    Allen (Schroer), Lisa – CO (Run directly by COB)
    Allsop, Bob – Color Printer Dissem Gold
    Allsop, Joy – Promo Production Dir CMU
    Amiel (Frank), Falbala – Coreographer/Admin Audio
    Anderson, Diane – Video Editing Librarian
    Anderson (Habscheld), Marjorie Shaw – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Andrews (Povall), Gail – SIR (Source Information Retrieval) I/C R Comps
    Arbuckle, Tamia – Cleaner, Services Gold
    Armstrong, Bettina – Castle Sanitation Engineer
    Armstrong, Gail – IMPR
    Armstrong, Thomas C. – Promo Design Execution I/C CMU
    Ashworth (Lindstein, Willoughby), Heather – Audio Routing and Tracking?
    Avila, Rosy – Sets and Props Cine
    Azevedo, Cheryl Lynn – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Baker, Jeff – F&E (Film and Equipment) I/C Cine
    Baker, Lynnea Marie – Copyist? Audio Gold
    Barnett (Brousseau?), Mary Clarisse – A/V Manufacturing Gold
    Benndorf, Henning – Art Director
    Berther, Therese – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Berther, Heinz – Audio
    Blake, Cynthia Ann – R Comps Researcher
    Blecha, Kathleen Terese – Services Gold
    Blecha, Peter Montgomery – Sets Cine, Gold
    Bolduc, Roger – Audio Technician
    Bourke, Thomas Gerard – IMPR Display Designer, Gold
    Brousseau, Diedre – Chief Housekeeper
    Brugger, Bill – Contruction Worker, Estates Gold
    Brugger, Melissa – CO’s Comm
    Brumer, Charles Philip (“Chuck”)– Audio Talent Director Gold
    Brumer, Irene – Costumes? Cine
    Butler (Lenarcic), Jennifer – Chf MAA Gold
    Butler, Matt James – Staff Security Officer Gold
    Bystrom, Lars – Carpenter
    Bystrom (DeLeonibus), Marie – Talent Chief Cine
    Caetano, Kevin – Security Unit I/C Gold
    Callaghan, Marcia – Compilations Dir R Comps
    Campleman, Kenneth – Galley
    Campleman (Sierra), Mary Magdeline – VIP Chef, Services Gold
    Cancilla, Lori Carol – Video Shoot Team
    Cancilla, Nicholas Mark – Audio Gold
    Champagne, Jennifer Lee – Typesetter RComps
    Chevarier, Denise – Book Editor R Comps
    Chisholm (Callaghan), Aleah – Copywriter CMU
    Chisholm, Malcolm – FPPO Int
    Cifarelli, Patricia Ann – Treasury Gold
    Cifarelli, Tony Vincent – Pancake QC (audio cassette manufacturing) Dissem Gold
    Clark, Jo Anne Lynn – Staff Course Admin Qual Gold
    Clark, Kerry R – CD Line
    Clark (Eves, nee Kline), Lelanya Arisha – Villas Gardener Estates Gold
    Clarke, Alisson – A/V Manufacturing Gold?
    Clifford, Amelia (“Amy”) – on Book Manufacturing Project
    Clifford, Ronald Fredric – HEM
    Cole (Flood), Pauline – OT Printshop I/C
    Collin, Martine – D/MLO Gold
    Collins, Linda – Audio
    Collins, Mike – Manufacturing Driver
    Conley, Amy Lynn – TU Coordinator RComps
    Conley, Gary – on Book Manufacturing Project
    Cook, Ronald Paul – A/V Mfg
    Coventry (Reynolds), Diane – Audio Copyist
    Crocini, Dan – Audits Off Treasury Gold
    Cruzen, Cynthia Marie – Cine Art Dir
    Culf, Gwynne – Cine? Dissem?
    Cusworth (Willoughby), Ana – SSO Gold
    Czesaric, Peter – Sets Cine
    Decrescenzo (Kitt), Erin – on admin post in Qual Gold
    DeVries, Blandine – Indexer R Comps
    Dowswell (Eastment), Elizabeth A – Carpenter, Estates Gold
    Dowswell, Philip – Video Editor
    Drake, Robert Sherwood (“Bert”) – Machine Op Audio Gold
    Dufresne, Myriel – Cutter Operator Dissem (back in Port Capt Office?)
    DuJuste, Francois (“FDJ”)– Director Gold
    Dunagin, Daniel Alan – Security Chf Gold
    Dunagin (Lewis, Herdani), Lia – on Gold Reception, Hatting Officer
    Duncan, Gerald – Dir I&R
    Eastment, John George – Tape Editor, Audio
    Eastment, Margaret E. (“Peggy”) – Payroll Off Treasury Gold
    Ellis, Julia Stewart – Costumes Construction Cine
    Ellis, MacHenry – Audio
    Equez, Wilson – Chief Gaffer Cine
    Fehn, Carmen – Audio Prod Sec (possibly promoted to Prod Exec)
    Ferris, Robert Forrest – A/V Manufacturing Technician
    Feshback (Epstein), Melissa – Chief Off Gold
    Fisher, Natalie – Proofreader RComps
    Ford, Pamela – Villas Gardener Estates Gold
    Ford, Stefanie Diane (“Stevie”)– Purchaser or Admin for RAV
    Ford, Thomas G. – Typesetter RComps
    Forgea (Engen, Sommerville), Lynne – Gardener Estates Gold
    Francis, Kerrie Joy – Promo Design I/C CMU
    Fraser (Hawkins, McLernon), Catherine Nairn – Port Captain Gold
    Giessauer, Kerstin – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Gilbert, Jesse – Printshop I/C Dissem
    Gilbert, Linda Elaine – RComps Final Assembly Off
    Gilbert Richard Sasse – OT Materials Production RComps
    Gilbert (Lemoine, nee Reynolds), Suzie – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Gilchrist (nee Wieneke), Jessica – Qual Sec Gold
    Gilchrist, Michael Anthony – Cine Video Shoot Team
    Gillion, Deborah Gail – Research/Admin Landlord Office
    Ginter, Uli – Dir Correction Gold
    Goetz (Foster), Barbara Lynn – A/V Manufacturing Gold
    Gonzales (Walker), Sue – RComps or A/V Mftg
    Gonzales, John (“Gonzo”) – Cameraman, Video Shoot Team
    Gonzales, Yvonne – Dir Vehicles Gold, de facto COB Chauffeur
    Goodison, James Arthur – Gaffer, Cine Shoot Crew
    Goodwin, Kathleen Diane – Cine Stills Darkroom Technician
    Gouessan, Damien – was CMO Gold, current status unknown
    Gouessan, Luanda Maria – Dissem Routing and Tracking?
    Grannis, Edward Turner (“Ned”) – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Greilich, Linda Nichols – W/C Cleaner, Services Gold
    Grieve (DeLeonibus?), Marine – On-line Video Editor
    Griffin, Jerome Bostwick (“Jay”) – Audio Gold
    Grizzetti, Marco – Foreign Voice Talent Director Audio
    Hanlon (Ferris), Christine Lee – Purchaser Treasury Gold
    Hansen, Wiebke – Sets Painter Cine
    Harris, Fran – Cutter Operator, Dissem Gold
    Hartley, Charlyne Ruth – Proofreader R Comps
    Hasslberger (Flora), Deva – CMU QC
    Hasslberger, Hans – Design Execution I/C R Comps
    Hawkins (Huff), Lucy – Typesetter I/T R Comps
    Heldt (Geisler), Charlotte – Expediting in Cine
    Helmer, Pat – Treasury Gold
    Henderson, Bettina – Sales and Orders Dir? Dissem
    Henderson, Dave – Foil Stamping I/C Dissem
    Herman (Atwood), Vivien Cecelia – Tape Text Editor RComps
    Herrera, Gerda – Audio
    Herrera (Lobato), Leticia – Proofreading Off R Comps
    Hill (Jarquin), Sharon Gay – Cine Sets and Props
    Hodkin (Tarantino?), Donatella – IMPR Event Execution I/C
    Hollander, Karen – IMPR Research
    Horne (Idda), Marta – Berthing Cleaner
    Horne, Rebecca Herndon – Dentist Assistant
    Horne, Richard Bradley (“Brad”) – Film Lab Cine
    Horne, Robert Lee – Staff Dentist
    Hubbard (Ryan), Diana – IMPR Speechwriter
    Hughes, Deborah Dianne – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Hughes, Greg Kenneth Jr. – Color Printing I/C Dissem
    Hunter, Patricia Ann – Editorial Dir R Comps
    Ihnen (Ferris), Beverly Ann (“Olga”) – Cine Research
    Jensen, Jesper – Danish SO Voice Talent
    Jensen, Sus – IMPR Research
    Johannesson (Maifield, nee Palewsky), Sadie Anna – A/Cameraman on Cine Shoot team
    Johannesson, Axel – Cine Shoot Crew
    Johannesson, Frida – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Johnson (Ryerson), Camille – Chief Steward
    Johnson, Charles – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Johnson (nee Anderson?), Marie – Research I/C CMU
    Johnson (Crocini), Nancy – Review Auditor Qual Gold
    Jones, Liesbeth – Treasury Sec
    Juhel, Marie-Francois – A/V Manuf?
    Kaprielian, Anna Elizabeth – RComps Services Off
    Karbowski, Theresa Jean – A/V Manufacturing Gold (?)
    Karppinen (Lefevre), Tanya – Structural Maintenance, Estates Gold
    Kemp (Larsen), Diane – Sets and Props
    Kernbach, Barbara – Costumes Construction Cine
    Kinsey (Christianssen), Susie – R Comps Librarian
    Klinksiek, Karl – Cine or A/V Mftg?
    Klinksiek, Sonny – A/V Mftg?
    Knight, Coburn Haile – CMO Int Finance office
    Konneus (Kettering), Diane Irene – HEM Dir Gold
    Korringa, Tristan – Film Lab or Systems
    Koval, Debbie – Video Shoot Crew
    Kunen, Constance May (“Connie”)– A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold (?)
    Kunen, Neil Thomas – Machine Op Audio
    Lane (Moonie, Young), Georgianna – ASI, Mag Designer CMU, Blown
    Laner, Fritz – Display Designer IMPR
    Laner (Horner), Margaret Jane – Binder, A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Lantz, Roberta Carol – Dark Room I/C Cine Stills
    Laplaine, Susan M. – A/V Manufacturing, Dissem Gold
    Larsen, Timothy Alan – Designer, Art Department Cine
    Larsson, Jean Louise – Purchaser, Treasury Gold
    Larsson, Jörgen – Security Guard
    Laws (Butterworth), Eve – Supercargo
    Leach, Carl Edgar Jr. – Music Librarian Gold
    Leach (Fries), Kim – Video Shoot Prod Dir
    Leake, Chris – SFX Services, Cine
    Leake (nee Hubbard), Roanne – Electrician
    Lemoine, Angie – Officer Steward
    LePage, Claude – D/Audio Prod Sec for Foreign
    Lester, Larry – Props Chief Gold (possibly promoted)
    Lester, Diane – Customer Services Dissem?
    Letch, Andre – Audio Technician
    Lew, Janet Kay – Audio Recordist, Cine
    Lewis, Adam – Sets Gold
    Lewis, Sandra Renee – Cine Event Video Unit
    Lewis, Tanya – Expediting in Cine
    Liebhart, Sidonie – Darkroom Technician Cine Still
    Lochner, Claire Jeanne – Treasury Gold
    Lopez, Pablo Moraleda – Spanish SO Voice Talent/Captain’s [COB’s] Steward (DH)
    Lucas (Dezotel), Hillary – Cine PR
    Lucas, James Mathew (“Jim”)– Prototype I/C CMU
    Lucas (Ramirez), Jane – Purchaser, Treasury Gold
    Lundeen, Ella Tamara – Dishwasher, Services Gold
    Lundeen, Michelle Yvonne – MAA, HCO Gold
    Magnuson, Jese – Grounds, Estates Gold
    Magnuson, Roberta (“Birdie”)– Audio Gold
    Maifield, Chris – Cine Shoot Crew (Gaffer?)
    Maifield (van der Bellen), Myra – Assembly Line Typesetter CMU
    Maio, Chris – Audio (Music) Gold
    Maio (Cruzen, nee Jory), Geray – Dir A/V Manufacturing, Dissem Gold
    Manasse, Beverly J. – Proofreader R Comps
    Markowitz (nee Allen), Kate – Directors Assistant Cine
    Markowitz, Mats – Engineering Gold
    Martinez, Fabian – Talent Page Cine
    Martinez (Lufkin, Panos), Stepheny Spring – B&W Printing I/C, A/V Mfg
    Mase, Al – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Mase (Seltzer), Barbara Dawn – Cine Video Editing Librarian
    Matthias, Karsten – Security Systems Off
    Mazerand, Cat – Purif/Running Program C/S Gold
    Mazerand, Francis – Foreign Voice Talent Director Audio
    McEnery, Barbara – Dissem Sec Gold
    McEnery, Kevin – Expediting in Cine
    McMurray, Tom – Music Arranger Gold
    McShane, Sean Raymond – DVD Authoring I/C, Offloaded (?)
    McShane (Rinder), Taryn Kelly – SFX Admin Gold
    McShane, Warren Lee – Dir Internal Affairs RTC
    Meadors, James R. – Construction Worker, Estates Gold
    Meadors (Jenkins), Rachel – Cook
    Medina, Aldona Mary – FESer? Qual Gold
    Medina, Dave – Motorpool (offloaded?)
    Mellor, Winston – Audio Recordist, Cine
    Meo, Salvatore – Security Guard
    Miller, Jason Edward – Admin in Audio Gold
    Miscavige, Becky Bea – Marketing I/C, CMU
    Miscavige, Ronald Thomas Snr.– Music Director Gold
    Mithoff, Gelda – Researcher R Comps
    Moniz (Price), Paula Kanani – HAS Gold
    Moritz, Joy Jeanette – Packaging Design Execution I/C CMU
    Morrison, Shawn Walker – Sets Gold
    Morton, Becky Ann – Typesetter RComps
    Morton, Clark E II – Cine Sec Gold
    Mousell, Bonnie M. – Proofreader RComps
    Müller, Bernadette – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Mullins, Jeffrey Winn – Berthing Construction I/C Estates Gold
    Muñozcano, Gibran – Cine Purchaser Gold
    Muñozcano, Julia – Typesetter R Comps
    Musselman, Francine Marie – Proofreader RComps
    Norton (Coleman), Elsa – Typesetter R Comps
    O’Hare, Hara – Indexing Off R Comps
    O’Hare, Kevin James – Book Design Off R Comps
    O’Hare, Leah Beth – HU
    Olander, Christopher M. – Audio Lecture Mix Team
    Olsen, Johan – On-line Video Editor
    Olsen (Rossiter), Dorle – CD Stamper Operator Dissem
    Olofsson (Strub), Bronwyn – Crew Steward
    Paransky, Judith – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Paul (Besnard), Corrine – Particle Speed Flow Officer
    Paulson, Wendy J. – HEM Meter Repair Line
    Reed (Pearson), Vicki – Cine Video Editing (Offloaded?)
    Perry (Widmar), Barbara – Systems Dir Gold
    Petersen, Sophia – Future Prod Dir Cine
    Pedersen, Sam – Expediting in Finishing Dissem Gold
    Pezzotti, Marissa? – Expediting in Finishing Disem Gold
    Pinder, Tony – Post Prod Dir Cine
    Porter (Stanton), Kerri – Typesetting Off R Comps
    Porter, Lane – Storyboard Artist Cine Art Dept
    Potter, James Simon – Chief Electrician Gold
    Potter, Leanne – R Comps Sec Gold
    Potter, Neville – Book Editor R Comps
    Pratt, Ronald Williams – Qual Gold Staff C/S
    Press, Gary Leland – Gaffer, Video Shoot Team
    Press, Paula Ruth – Proofreader RComps
    Priester, Urd – Costume Designer, Art Dept Cine
    Profittlich, Marissa Lynn – Mixer I/T, Audio Gold
    Profittlich, Eric – Film Music Mixer, Studio Two Audio Gold
    Pschundev, Belinda – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Radstrom, Jesse Ivor – Cameraman, Video Shoot Team
    Ramer (Norton), Alison Foster – Manufacturing QC, named for Chief Off
    Rathbun, Aaron Calvert Jr. – Galley Cleaner, Services Gold
    Rathbun, Cynthia – Binder Operator, A/V Mftg
    Reid, Martin Edward – Estates Sec Gold
    Reiser, Ray – Film Lab Gold
    Reiser, Sonia – FBO Admin Gold (busted to lower post?)
    Reuveni, Adam Elliott – Sound Designer Audio Gold (virtually only new arrival to Int Base in 5 years)
    Rieser, Ray S. – Film Lab
    Rinder (McShane), Taryn K. – SFX Admin I/C
    Rodin, Rikard – Product Packaging Design I/C CMU
    Rohmer (Horwich), Stephanie Diane – Qual Gold
    Roper, Jennifer Megan – Compiler R Comps
    Rucizkova (Priv), Alenka – Routing and Tracking I/C R Comps
    Russell (Morrison), Chloe – Word Clearer Qual Gold
    Russo, Kim – Treasury Gold
    Salinas, Guillermo Refugio (“Memo”)– B&W Printer Dissem Gold
    Salinas (Gahwiler), Shannon Christy – Audio QC (?)
    Sargeant, Sarah – Board I/C or DTS?
    Sargeant, Trevor Reed – Film Lab Cine
    Sarkeny, Paul (“Shark”) – Cine
    Schian, Ute – Practical Supervisor
    Schless (Caetano), Julie Rose – Mix Team Admin
    Schryder (Weber), Ann Marie – Theory Supervisor Qual Gold
    Schwartzgruber, Alexander – Shipping Off Dissem
    Seybold, Kenny R. – Sportsfield I/C Gold
    Seybold, Zona – Cine Stills Services Off
    Sherlock, Philip W. – Studio 2 Machine Op, Audio Gold
    Shervell, Celia – A/V Manufacturing?
    Shishido, Bob Akira – Services Purchaser, Treasury Gold
    Shishido, Carol Dillon – Cook, Services Gold
    Silcock, Stephanie Emma – VIP Steward Services Gold
    Silcock (Brown), Samantha – On-set Make-up I/C Cine
    Simmons, Krystal Gayle – Theory Supervisor, Qual Gold
    Simmons-Hight, Linda – Book Editor R Comps
    Smith (Eriksen), Andrea Kay – Theory Supervisor, Qual Gold
    Sommerville, Ronald Dean – Pre-Production Dir Cine
    Sommerville (Friend), Denise – Audio (expediting?)
    Spector, Darrell Edward – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Spector, Brigitte – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Spencer, Nathan Lawrence – Research Off RComps
    Sproule, Benjamin – Mimeo Off
    Sproule (Lizer), Caroline Elizabeth – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Spurlock, Carol Nash – Dissem O/O Gold
    Stave, Alan Bradford – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Stähli, Heidi – Staff Auditor, Gold
    Stähli, Hansueli – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Stave (nee Botteon), Michela – CMU Sec Gold
    Stein, Barry – Berthing Cleaner Gold
    Story, Nathan – Systems
    Strom (Gross), Naomi H. – RComps EstO
    Strom, Quentin C. (“QC”) – D/Art Dir Gold
    Stumbke, Jon – Construction Estates Gold, now Int LL Office?
    Sukkestad, Linda Joyce – Researcher CMU
    Sukkestad, Robert V II – Dishwasher, Services Gold
    Sutter, Michael Russell – Finishing (Final Packaging) Off Dissem Gold
    Tangrady (Cifarelli), Nicole A. – Event Visuals Admin Cine Gold
    Teutsch, Thomas – E-Meter Final QC Off
    Thompson (Cohee), Jessica Grace – Examiner Gold
    Tisi, Federico – ex Cine Sec Gold, now expediting in Cine
    Tisi, Pinucchio – Bakery Chef Services Gold
    Tristano, Porzia – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Turner, Byron Leon (“Leroy”) – Plumber, Estates Gold
    Turton (Hall), Sue Anne – Cine Video Editing
    Une, Martina – Dissem O/O Gold
    Une, Terrance Toshio – Security Gold, watching over SP Room
    Urskov, Anna-Kirsten – Snr C/S Gold
    Urskov, Jens – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold
    Vaughn (Julienne), Nancy – Makeup I/C Cine
    Villafuerte (Estrada), Lilia – Video Editing Admin
    Wagner, Gerti – Berthing Housekeeper
    Wagoner, Robert Bruce – MCI (Dining room) Cleaner Services Gold
    Waldmann, Robert Beny (“Waldo”) – Lawns I/C Estates Gold
    Walker, Cebron – Night Cleaner A/V Mfg
    Walker (Gutermann, nee Bailey), Danielle – R Comps O/O
    Walmsley (Wagoner), Pamela – Purif/Running Pgm I/C
    Wargniez, Jean-Michel – IMPR Publications and Properties Off
    Watts, Charles – Film Lab (cleaner?)
    Webb, Jocelyn Ann – MLO Gold
    Webb, Thomas Arthur – Shrinkwrap Operator? A/V Manufacturing
    West, Karen Margaret – Researcher RComps
    Wiese, Susann J (“Carmen”) – Audio (possibly in SP Room)
    Wiley, John – Transport I/C Gold
    Wilhere, Gregory Thomas – A/V Manufacturing Dissem Gold, in SP Room?
    Wilkens (Janney), Jane – HVAC Engineer, Estates Gold (or Int Landlord Office)
    Wilkens, Walter – Sets Cine
    Williams, Diane Marie – Dictionaries and Glossaries I/C RComps
    Williams, Herbert D. – Handyman, Estates Gold
    Williams, Mary Ramona – Designer, Art Dept Cine
    Williams, Stewart Preston – Audio
    Willoughby, Brigitta – Cook
    Willoughby, John – Cook
    Wilson, Christine Ann – Stills Photo Librarian Cine
    Wolfe, Milton D. – Production Divs Purchaser Gold
    Woodard, Jessica Grace – Examiner, Qual Gold
    Wooderson (Rahkonen), Sandy–Lee – A/V Mfg
    Yamaguchi, Todd – Film Lab Cine
    Yamaguchi (Manka), Tamara – Cine
    Yorke (Kannisto), Yvonne Rina – Designer, Art Dept Cine
    Young, Steven Lowell – Stills Photographer, Cine

    Gold, on Decks

    Fehn, Frank – ex Video Shoot Team Cameraman
    Grannis, Monica – ex IMPR Events Execution
    Johnson, James Allen (“Jim”) – ex Typesetting Off R Comps
    Norton (Parselle), Corinna (“Cory”) – ex R Comps Sec
    O’Sullivan, Amber – RTC Trainee?
    Valerie(?) Light – RTC Trainee
    Price, Seth Chester – ex Gaffer
    Rodin (Barram), Gali – ex Compilations Admin R Comps
    Rodin, Linda – ex Typesetting Off R Comps
    Sutter, Anke – ex Dir Internal Security RTC, AVC Cram Off

    In the Hall (SP Room)​

    Arbuckle, Mary – ex Typesetter I/T R Comps
    Bellin, Russ – ex CO CST
    Biggs (Knapmeyer), Alison – ex R Comps Programs Ops
    Blankenship, Angie – ex COB Project Ops, Local Programs Ops
    Bloomberg, Dave – ex MEI, ED ASI
    Bolstad, Pam – ex CO’s Comm CST
    Buglewicz, Pat Lawrence – ex Incomm Rep Int
    Cruzen, Richard Gilman – All–around man (has been Audio Prod Sec, Manufacturing Sec, R Comps Sec, CMU Sec, AVEI, RAV, etc.) most successful as Audio Mixer
    Greilich, Russ Lyle – ex LRH Lecture Mix I/C, Audio Prod Sec
    Hughes, Gregory Kenneth Snr. – ex Int Finance Dir, GIEI, WDC WISE
    Ingber, Liz – ex Admin Compiler, CO CMO Gold
    Ingber, Mark Allen – ex Admin Comps I/C R Comps, CO CMOI, WDC Pubs
    Jaramillo (Yager), Michelle Lynette – ex Book Editor RComps, Proofreading I/C, Port Captain CMOI, Snr Messenger
    Jentzsch, Heber – ex President CoS
    Koon, Susan Jane – ex Compilations Dir RComps (RTRC Dir)
    Lemmer, Kathy – ex CO Incomm, CO Gold
    Lemoine, Robert – ex Dir Maintenance & Policing Incomm Int
    Leserve, Guillaume – ex ED Int
    Light, Janet – ex President IASA
    Linson (DeVocht), Jenny – ex CO CMOI, CO CMO CW
    Mason, Aron – ex IMPR Scriptwriter, IMPR, Dir PR OSA I, Freedom Mag Editor OSA I
    Mithoff, Raymond H. – ex IG Tech, Snr C/S Int, Tech Compiler RComps
    Moresi, Bruno – ex Int Project 4th CST
    Reynolds, Wendell A. – ex Berthing Construction I/C, Int Finance Dir, CO Gold
    Rinder, Catherine Albertina – ex R Comps Tape Editor, Compiler, D/CO Prod CMOI
    Rinder, Mike – ex LRH PPRO Int, CO OSA Int, WDC OSA, COB Project Ops, R Comps Programs Ops, R Comps Sec, Book Editor
    Schless, Peter Harrison – ex Music Dir Gold, Freedom Medal Winner
    Schwartzgruber, Rita – ex ED Int, CO CMO IXU?
    Spurlock, Lyman Doyle jr. – ex Int Finance Dir, Building 36 Sanitation Engineer, RTC Legal man without a post title
    Starkey, Norman F – ex MCI Cleaner, AVC Aide, Trustee ASI
    Swartz, Fredric Samuel – ex Shrinkwrap Operator Dissem, GIEI
    Tisi (Feshback, Charbonneau), Katherine – ex Qual Sec Gold
    Trussell, Bert – ex Int Project 3rd CST
    Weiland, Kurt – ex CO OSA Int, CO CMOI
    Weinberg, Rena – ex ED ABLE Int, Freedom Medal Winner
    Wheelis, Michele – ex O/O CST
    Wiese, Gary Stephen – ex Post Prod Dir Cine (offloaded?)
    Wilhere, Sue – ex Compilations Dir R Comps
    Willis, Tom – ex Dir R&D CST
    Vorm, Tom – ex D/CO Prod CST
    Yager, Marc A. – ex IMPR Events Execution Off, CO CMOI, D/CO Prod CMOI, IG Admin, Snr Messenger


    Alphabetical, with known previous posts (earliest to latest)
    Updated July 2007​

    Alden, Naomi -- blown
    Aldrich, Sheila – Supervisor or Word Clearer Gold, offloaded
    Alexander, Carroll – deceased
    Alexander, Tanya – IG MAA, R Comps Sec, R Comps O/O, Typesetter, PAC RPF, PBC
    Allcock, Wick – CMU, Applied Scholastics?
    Ambron, Abby – Cramming Off Gold
    Anderson (Jarchow), Camilla – F&E Photo Librarian, PAC Galley
    Anderson, Goran – Subtitling I/C, post offloaded to TU EU
    Anderson, Phil – Sales Dir, PAC RPF, Folder Admin ASHO?
    Anderson, Jarrett – CMU
    Andrews, Russ – Security Guard
    Ashworth, Mary – CMU Marketing Execution?, offloaded
    Ashworth, Tom – offloaded
    Atwood, Ben – Computer Systems Off R Comps, Offloaded (RPF?)
    Avila, Felipe – offloaded
    Avila, Jorge(?) – offloaded
    Barnett (Tompkins), Angela Suzette – Offloaded
    Barram, Danny – WDC WISE?, Exec Esto Gold, RPF, PAC Custom Mill
    Barram, Victor – FESer Gold, offloaded?
    Bateman, Don
    Baumgarten, Sherry – D/SIR I/C, sent to Flag as elderly
    Bazook, Tony
    Bennick, Jason – CO Gold, PAC RPF
    Bennick, Susie – Manufacturing Sec Gold, PAC RPF
    Benson, Cheryl – CMOI, FLO Command Team, PAC RPF, graduated recently
    Berther, Mark – Construction Worker Estates Gold, PAC RPF
    Besnard, Jean-Yves – offloaded
    Black, Bill – offloaded
    Blasco (Price), Mimica – Practical Supervisor Qual Gold, PAC RPF
    Bogard, David – Supercargo? Gold, now PAC?
    Bogacz (Whitcher), Kendra – Chief Off, Film Lab Dir, PAC RPF
    Bolstad, Maureen
    Bolstad, Gordon – Int Finance
    Bradley, Anne – Snr Mag Editor CMU, Source Mag Editor Flag
    Bradley, Andrew – Carpenter, blown
    Briggs, Glenn – Chaplain Gold, Dissem Sec Incomm LA, blown or offloaded
    Brit (Corrias), Shelly – RTC PR Pubs and Props?, Mag Unit CMU, offloaded
    Brock, Jurgen
    Brock, Marlyse
    Brown, Mike R – Blown
    Browning, Bob – R Comps Compiler, sent to FLO with command team
    Brugger (Swanson), Janadair – D/CO CMOI, PAC RPF, posted in PAC
    Buchele, Angela – LEC?
    Buchele, Guido
    Busby, John – Incomm, CMU Services Off, PAC
    Bush, Spike – Grounds Chief, offloaded, dying of MS
    Bush, Diane – LRH PPRO Pubs and Props? Sent off with command team?
    Butterworth, Jamie – Cope Off Gold, offloaded
    Byrne (Morrison, Wilhoit), Betsy – LRH Artist, offloaded
    Byrnes, Larry – on Basics Project at Int, back in PAC, “SO Member #6” (the 6th one to join the SO when it was started)
    Case, Aaron – Security Guard, offloaded
    Castle (Lewis), Stefan – Event Execution I/C? Cine, offloaded
    Champagne, Bob – Cine, offloaded to PAC
    Champagne, Eileen – Tech Compiler RTRC, offloaded
    Charbonneau, Joshua – Direct Response I/C CMU, offloaded
    Chicwak (Brown), Rosemary – VIP Steward?, PAC RPF
    Christiansen, Niels – HEM Plastics, offloaded
    Cifarelli, Nicholas V. – Film Lab Cine, ANZO RPF
    Cisco (Stein), Carol – Interior Designer Int Lardlord, PAC RPF
    Cohee, Dan Snr. – R Comps Librarian, LEC, WDC, offloaded
    *Cohee, Dan Jr. – CMOI, Incomm (possibly still in?)
    Coleman (Wargniez), Cynthia – Packaging Design I/C CMU, PAC RPF
    Coleman, Power – SFX Dir Gold, Flag RPF
    Cook, Carrie Ann – Promo Design I/C CMU, offloaded
    Cook, Evelyn – SFX Artist, blown
    Cook, Peter – CMU Researcher, offloaded
    Cook, Steven Dale – Musician Gold, MCI Cleaner, offloaded
    Copelan, Laurel – Estates Gold, offloaded
    Corrias, Nicola – RTC, AOLA
    Crites, Randy – Tape Text Editor R Comps, blown, posted at PAC (Folder Admin AOLA?)
    Croft (Parselle), Astra – D/CO CMOI, Cine, offloaded
    Cunningham, Ian
    Cunningham, Sarah
    Cupp, Jim – Estates
    Cusworth, Derek – Construction Branch, Estates Gold, PAC RPF, PBC
    Davies, Kenny – Snr C/S Int Office?
    Deichman, Chip – CMU Assembly Line Pasteup I/C, offloaded
    Delderfield, Ken – MatEI, offloaded
    Dendiu, Bill – CMU Sec, blown
    DeVries, Jon – now PAC
    DeVocht, Tom – Flag Landlord, Int Landlord, offloaded
    Dezotel, Paul – CMU
    Dunstan, John – Systems Off Gold, ANZO RPF
    Eisenman (Oldfield, Rae), Megan – Off-line Video Editor Gold, offloaded
    Eisenbach (Sporri), Caroline – German Translations I/C, RTC Rep, R Comps O/O, PAC RPF, PAC Construction Branch
    Eldridge, Mike
    Engelhart, Dave
    Engelhart, Laurie
    Engen, Kiplan Rolf – ANZO RPF or offloaded
    Engen (Murphy), Sherry – FEI, IMPR, PAC RPF, PBC Construction Branch
    Epstein, Jessica – Dir Comm Gold, offloaded
    Epstein, Jonno – CO Gold, PAC RPF
    Epstein, Leslie – SSO Gold, PAC RPF
    Epstein, Nathaniel – Incomm
    Estrada, Mickey – Musician Gold, Galley, PAC RPF
    Eves, Cherie – Manufacturing Sec BPI, BEI, Color Printing I/C BPI
    Eves, Mike – SFX Titling I/C, PAC RPF (dying of cancer)
    Eves, Paul – PAC RPF
    Fear, Ryan – Dir PR CMOI, Cine, offloaded
    Ferrel (Yeoh, Chaney), Vikki Dene – Typesetter CMU, Marketing I/C CMU, Copywriter CMU, Typesetter R Comps – PAC RPF
    Flood, David – Int Finance, FBO Gold, offloaded
    Fiandaca, Jasmin
    Fiandaca, Sam
    Fioretti, Frank
    Fioretti, Liz
    Foster (Forscher?), Greg (Graig?) – Estates, deceased?
    Francis, Becky – Cine Scriptwriting, offloaded to PBC
    Frank, Wolfi – Typesetter R Comps, Prod Divs Esto, offloaded
    Frau, Francesco – PAC RPF, offloaded
    Gahwiler, Matthis – Engineer Estates Gold, PAC RPF
    Gainor, Jenny – offloaded, has cancer
    Galli, Alberto – Audio Technician, blown
    Garcia (Wells, Davies), Elena – R Comps Esto, Typesetting Off, Flag RPF
    Geisler, Erick Jerome – SFX Dir, Producer Gold, blown
    Gibson, Diane – Editorial Dir R Comps, offloaded
    Giessauer, Roman – OSA, CMU Printer Liaison, PAC RPF
    Gilbert, Josh – HEM, offloaded
    Greve, Ryan – Shipping Off, offloaded
    Griffin (Wagoner, Priori), Karen Jean (“KK”) – Chief Off, Manufacturing Sec, PAC RPF, PBC Construction Branch
    Gualteri, Pat – Pilots Off CMU, RPF, blown
    Gutermann, Steffan – SFX, blown
    Hall, April – Estates Sec, Estates Pricing I/C, blown
    Hall, Stephen Wallace – Copywriter CMU, Display I/C CMU, Scriptwriter Cine, offloaded
    Hammersen (Ashworth, Bromley), Pat – Auditor Gold, PAC RPF
    Hardin, Betty – Treasury, elderly, sent to Flag?
    Harris, Fred – IMPR, offloaded
    Harrison, Joe (?) – Designer Int Landlord Office, died in motorcycle accident
    Hawkins, Jefferson Bolles – CMU Sec, CMU QC, Books and Lectures Marketing I/C
    CMU, Copywriter CMU, offloaded
    Hawkins, Nancy – D/COI CMU
    Headley, Marc Morgan – blown
    Headley, Stephanie – Dir Comm Gold, offloaded
    Hemphill, Joshua – HEM, offloaded
    Herrera, Humberto – offloaded
    Herzer (Whitcher), Cheryl – offloaded
    Hidalgo, Rita – Film Lab Cleaner, blown
    Hill, Clive – Folder Page Qual Gold, elderly, sent to Flag
    Hill, Marg – Dir Validity Gold, elderly, sent to Flag
    Hines, Bruce
    Hines, Mary Chris – Tape Text Editor, offloaded
    Hoden, Andy (female) – died of cancer
    Hoden, Ken – Port Captain Gold, Chief Off Gold, PAC RPF
    Hoden (Frau), Lisa – Prod Exec Sec, PAC RPF, PBC Construction Branch
    Hollon, Paul Christian – Blown
    Holquin (Thomas), Tammy – Snr Officer Steward, offloaded
    Horner, Ted – blown
    Horwich, Jon – Blown
    Hubbert, Alan?
    Hubbert, Pam
    Huber, Hans – Audio Technician Gold, offloaded
    Huber (Montezin, nee Lirones), Lisa Dawn – Book Designer R Comps, blown
    Hunter, Gary Lloyd – offloaded
    Irgens, Erick – Sales?, RPF, PBC
    Irgens, Sandy – Gold Gold Rep, CMU Services Off, RPF, PBC
    Jacobs, Laurence Neil (“Larry”)– PAC RPF
    Jansen, Belinda Dawn (“Lindy”)– PAC RPF
    Jansen, Jan – Purchaser Gold, PAC RPF
    Jarchow, Joe – CO CMO Gold, blown
    Jarquin, Xavier
    Jensen (Galbiatti), Rikke – RTC Rep, Gold, ANZO RPF
    Julienne, Pascal – Estates, offloaded
    Kamman, Rick
    Kamman, Rosy
    Kannisto, Kalleheikki – Book Illustrator R Comps, PAC RPF
    Karbowski, Ted – Film Lab, offloaded
    Kevenaar, Jacqueline – IMPR Writing Off?, blown or offloaded
    Knapmeyer, Jason Matthew – Estates Pricing I/C, blown
    Kimoto, Hiro
    Kimoto, Shannon
    Koltai, Bernadett – R Comps EstO, Hungarian Translator, blown
    Koon, Donald C. (“Dan”) – Tech Comps Dir, Snr C/S Int Exec Off, Snr C/S Int, Copywriter CMU, blown
    Korringa, Misha – RTC trainee, offloaded
    Kotric (Vaughn), Zara S. – sent to EU; D/CO Internal CLO EU
    Kotric, Walter – sent to EU; CO CLO EU
    Kugler (Miller?), Tasha – R Comps EstO, offloaded
    Lahde (Cupp), Sarah – LRH Lecture Mix Team Admin, PAC RPF, PBC
    Lane (Moonie, Young), Georgianna – Mag Designer CMU, blown
    Larson, Lisa – Action Chief CMOI, blown
    Lemmer, Charles (“Chuck”) Joseph – Deceased, died of cancer?
    Lewis, Karl – Systems , RPF, PBC
    Lewis, Lisa – Course Sup, offloaded
    Leopold (Briggs, Gualteri), Sarah – Cine Sec’s O/O, PAC RPF
    Lindstein, John – SFX Dir Gold, blown
    Lindstein, Mariette – Books and Lectures Marketing Team, AVC Aide, CO FBC, blown
    Llewellyn (Allen), Gabriel – CMU Sec, blown
    Llewellyn, Gil – Trees I/C Estates Gold, blown
    Lobato (Bogard), Neel – CMOI Pgms Ops
    Lobato, Marco – Shipping Off? BPI
    Lobato, Pablo – WDC SMI, offloaded
    Locke, Theresa – Dir Marketing Research CMU, offloaded
    Lopez (Rahkonen), Michelle
    Luders, Judith – RTRC, offloaded
    Magnuson, Roberta (“Birdie”) – Audio talent I/C?, offloaded
    Marlowe, Laura – Printer Liaison, Mag I/C, offloaded
    Marlowe, Steve – RAV, blown
    Mäthe, Agnes – D/Final Assembly Off R Comps, blown
    Mäthe, Susanne – TU Coordinator R Comps, blown
    Matthiesen, Jackie – Proofreader R Comps, elderly, sent to Flag
    McKay, Donna
    McKay, Ray
    McPhail (Uvitzl), Melissa – LRH PPRO Base, offloaded
    Metoyer, Saarina – Staff Auditor Gold, offloaded
    Meyer (Moxon), Stacy – HU, died in electrocution accident
    Miller, Gary – R Comps Editor, offloaded
    Miscavige, Bitty – D/IG, offloaded
    Miscavige, Ronnie – MEI, offloaded
    Miscavige, Justin – offloaded
    Mitchell, Lana – RTC
    Mitchell, Philip (“Mitch”) – Electrician Gold
    Morehead, Gary (“Action Jackson”) – Security Chief Gold, offloaded
    Mortenson, Ken
    Mortenson, Gail
    Mortland, Amy – RPF, offloaded
    Mortland, Jim – Estates Sec, Chief Off Gold, offloaded
    Mottl, Berndt
    Mousell, Sheldon – Direct Sales Dir? Gold, RPF, Gold Office WUS
    Musselman, Scott – Port Captain Gold, Construction Worker, PAC RPF
    Mustard, Caroline – D/CO CMU, CO SMI, PAC RPF, graduated recently
    Nemes, Gergely – Typesetting Off R Comps, PAC RPF
    Newton, Norm
    Norton, Janet Elaine (“Jan”) – Offloaded, (PAC?)
    Norton, Ron – Chief Off Gold, MEI, RPF, PAC
    Norton, Mike – Security Guard, offloaded (RPF?)
    Nossis, Kettie – Greek Translator, PAC RPF (about 8 years by now, unless offloaded)
    Nunnelee, Richard – Groups I/C CMU, FEI?, PAC RPF, offloaded
    Nunnelee, Ramina – CMU Researcher, offloaded
    Oakes, Nigel – CO Incomm, Int Finance Dir, Sets and Props, offloaded
    Ogletree, Mike – Recordist/Musician, blown
    Olofsson, Ulf – Studio One Mixer, offloaded
    Ondreika, Kathy
    Ondreika, Tom – Estates or Int Landlord Office, offloaded
    Ottavi, Tim – R Comps Proofreader, Building 36 Sanitation Engineer, offloaded
    Ottman, Margit – CMOI, Estates, offloaded
    Ottman, Eric – LEC Driver, offloaded
    Parselle, Adam
    Paquette, Katie – PBC
    Paquette, Thomas Edmund – IMPR Writing Off, Offloaded back to OSA Int
    Pavlo (Ambron), Adrienne – Typesetter CMU, PAC RPF
    Pearson, Brandon – Gold or CMO Gold, offloaded to PBC
    Pearson, Jim – Audio, offloaded
    Peeler, John – MAA, Assembly Line Receptionist CMU, blown
    Peeler (Schwandt), Melanie – RTC Rep, offloaded
    Pereznieto, Leonardo – RTC, deceased?
    Peschken, Sabine – CO WISE Int, WDC WISE, Services Gold, RPF, offloaded
    Petticrew, Jim – Cine, PAC RPF
    Pinder (O’Leary), Helen – R Comps Book Designer, Designer CMU, Dir Ad&Promo CMU, Flag Galley
    Ploetz, Bruce Roland – Audio Technician, blown
    Posten, Kevin – Security Guard, offloaded
    Price, Bill – Int Finance, PAC RPF
    Price, Matt – Cine Systems Off, offloaded
    Price, Sue
    Prince, Jesse
    Prince, Monica – Cine
    Priori, Ivano – Action Chief CMOI?, offloaded
    Priv, Misha – Offloaded
    Popovich, Kevin – COB’s Body Guard, Stores I/C Services Gold, blown
    Pouw (Zimmatore), Samantha – Mag Data Collection, Dn Marketing I/C? PAC RPF
    Poval, Alan – Estates Sec Gold, PAC RPF
    Rahkonen, Niklas
    Ramirez, Izzy – Cine
    Raphael, Paul – Tech Comps I/C CMOI?, offloaded
    Rathbun, Marty – IG Ethics, D/IG, TC’s Auditor, blown, Flag RPF, Flag Mill, deceased?
    Reid, Dana – Chief Electrician, Estates Sec Gold, blown
    Rush, Charlie – APS O/O, PBC
    Salazar, Frances – R Comps Librarian, blown
    Samuelsson, Ulf – Swedish Translator
    Sans Polo, Francisco – LRH PPRO Int, PAC RPF
    Schell, Neil
    Schell, Tori – Talent I/C
    Schian, Jack Anthony – Audio, offloaded
    Schless, Karen – Cine Designer?, blown
    Schmid (Tabayoyan), Irene – Typesetting Off R Comps, sent to TU EU with Casavius
    Schobel, Paul – offloaded to ANZO (deceased?)
    Schroer, Paul Arthur – Manufacturing Sec Gold, PAC RPF
    Schuler, Franz – Sales Dir?
    Schuler, Wally – German Translations I/C
    Shackleton, Megan Brooke – Cine, PAC
    Sherlock, Yeal – Marketing I/C CMU, Construction Worker, blown
    Shervell (Dunstan), Tanya – Chief Off Gold, PAC RPF
    Simmons, Tiffany M. – Director’s Assistant, offloaded
    Sirman (Ramirez), Inci
    Sjokblum (Dynes), Alexis – Staff Auditor Gold, offloaded
    Spencer (nee Del Francia), Manuela – CMU Sec, Dir Marketing Execution, WIS Campaign Manager, CO’s Comm CMU, PAC RPF
    Sporri, Urs – Carpenter Gold, PAC RPF
    Stanley, Pat – elderly, sent to Flag
    Starbucks (Hemphill), Gladys Anne – Treasury Sec Gold, PAC RPF
    Stark, Marco – Space Planner Int Landlord Office, PAC RPF, PAC Construction Branch
    Starkey, Sharder – Film Lab Dir, offloaded
    Stave, Miriam – Flag Class XII Auditor, died on cancer
    Stevens, Andrew – Gardener?
    Stevens, Joan – R Comps Librarian, blown
    Stevens, Phyll – R Comps, elderly, sent to Flag
    Stuckenbrock, Uwe – Chief Off?, Security Chief? Gold, “on PAC RPF” (not even physically there, but dying of MS somewhere in LA)
    Swanson, Marcus – Cameraman Cine, offloaded
    Tabayoyan, Andre
    Tabayoyan, Mary
    Tabayoyan, Casavius (Now “Michael Pryzylski”), Estates Gold, Estates CLO EU
    Thomas, Cliff (“Skeeter”) – Lecture Mix Team, PAC RPF, PAC Custom Mill
    Thomas, John – Cine, offloaded
    Thompson (Muller), Heather – Secural Comps I/C RTRC, now posted at ABLE Int
    Tiveron, Geri – EEI, offloaded
    Tomasevik, Mike – Engineer, blown
    Tompkins, Barbara Ann – posted at PAC
    Tompkins, Sterling William – CMO Gold, Grounds, Cine, offloaded
    Tompkins, Foster – CO FB, MEI, CMU Sec?, Mill I/C PBC
    Traore, Soulemane – CMU, offloaded
    Treasure, Joan
    Treasure, Mark – Cramming Off
    Viau, Ghislain – Typesetting Off R Comps, offloaded
    Viau (Matthews), Trinity – HEM Dir, offloaded
    Von Neuhaus, Isabella – RTC Rep
    Watson-Taylor, Suzie – ASI, AVEI, PBC
    Watts, Jane – Snr C/S Int Office, PAC RPF
    Web, Ty – RTC Trainee
    Weber, Jeff – Landscape Architect, offloaded
    Wells, Becket – Cameraman, Chief Electrician, RPF, now I HELP Int?
    Welsh, Richard – Int Finance, PAC RPF
    West, David Carlyle – offloaded
    Wheelis, Alec
    Wheelis, Maj – Shipping Off Gold, offloaded
    Whitcher, Karl Arthur – ANZO RPF(?)
    Whitmore, Shane
    Whitta, Mark – ESI or WDC, then CO CLO ANZO, RPF, offloaded
    Whittington, Roxanne – Steward, offloaded
    Widmar, Pius – Translations O/O?
    Wilhere, Sandy – Auditor Gold, PBC, dying of MS
    Wilhere, Darius Stevens – Offloaded, now in SO in South Af?
    Willett, Steve – Estates Sec, CO Gold, Garbage I/C, PAC RPF
    Willett (Nunn), Bernadette – Auditor Gold, RPF, Chief Steward PBC
    Wiley, Sarni – Makeup I/C, PAC RPF
    Williams, Monica – Sent to Hamburg with command team?
    Williams, Russ – Tech Compiler R Comps, MatEI, offloaded
    Wilson, Graig – CMOI, Incomm? Flag RPF
    Wolfe, Laura – Deceased (of cancer)
    Wolff, Kuno – Phones I/C Gold, PBC
    Wolff, Donna
    Woodruff, Leslie – RTC Trainee
    Woodruff, Tom – WDC ABLE, Offloads Project I/C, RPF, PBC
    Yeoh, Jimmy – Mag Design I/C CMU, offloaded
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2007
  2. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Funnily enough on our Freezone forums there has been talk of setting up a network for those wishing to leave SO or who will be soon.

    For those wishing to leave what would be the best way to let them know
    there are people out there to help them?

    I take it that their are 47 loosely upper management, and that gold
    deals with books, tapes films, and not management. Where is middle management, the bureaus running the orgs? How many of them are there?

    What does HU, ES and RAV stand for?

    Ex CMOI of unknown status, for example, means they have left, blown,
    in another org or RPFed?

    I didn't see Annie Broeker, Greg Wilhire or Diana Hubbard listed.
  3. Emma

    Emma Con te partirò Administrator

    You need glasses Terril (or 25 hours of TR0) :D
  4. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    Tidman (Broker), Ann Marie (“Annie”) – Audio Div Pgms Ops I/T

    Make that 30 hours. :D:D:D
  5. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    Whatcha wanna bet they never 'offload' Annie (except, possibly, in a bag)?

  6. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    I do need glasses, and mostly read the screen without them. Also
    I need extensive word clearing on titles and acronyms etc. A pleasure I'm
    saving for a rainy day. :)
  7. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    Victor, this list absolutely blows my mind.

    On so many levels.

    First of all, all the time it must have taken you to put this together.

    Second of all; god, my heart broke when I read the SP Room list. There are no words....

    I have lots of questions and additions and comments. But right now, I'm just reeling from all of it.

    And all the memories that all those names have brought back to me...

    I wonder if it is posible to put this list onto Wikipedia (or something like that) so that people could add to it or edit it or whatever.

    Does anyone know?
  8. everfree

    everfree Patron Meritorious

    Wow, the "Hall" list reads like a Who's Who of the new regime.

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron

    SP traits

    " An SP will get rid of the best staff members" L.Ron Hubbard. if Greg Hughes is in the SP Hall, I am convinced that INt is really on it's way out. David Miscarraige is an SP.
  10. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Ever loyal, to her friends, Lulubelle.

    It sounds the death knell for the COS. Probably a long painfull one.

    I think its only clear that only external legal/police action can get rid of DM.

    The combined might of Bill Franks and the Mission holders, and the GO failed.

    Note that the SP hall contains an ex CO of CST, as well as ED Int and the president. Let alone the other Int Ex EDs.

    An indication that CST has no power. As Victor concludes, and as I
    have heard from others leaving Int.

    Also note that Pierre Ethier, top producing class XII auditor recently recieved a declare. Probably because many of his former PCs and others have gone to him rather than Flag.

    And then there's Ray Mithoff.

    Seems COS has no senior tech terminal.... other than Davy. Makes it a dangerous place to be.
  11. Alan

    Alan Gold Meritorious Patron

    More like the "Who once was and will never be again." :bigcry:

    So many past friends, but what is worse the children of my friends! :angry:

    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 31, 2012
  12. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    Agree on both points.

    Kind of creepy to see so many familiar last names with unfamiliar first names. The kids of all these staff I knew.

    Second and third generation raised in the prison camp.

    They don't know anything else. :no:
  13. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    "Whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believed in me, it were better for him that millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." Matthew 18:6

    But, of course, Ron was no 'Christ'.

  14. Bea Kiddo

    Bea Kiddo Crusader

    Amy Mortland blew and got declared.
    Allen Hubbert passed away from brain cancer. His last post was CO HGB.
    Cory and Adam Parselle was who I was mentioning in the PM to you.
    Ailon Barram was the RTC Rep who passed ALL of my session videos at Flag.
    Geri Tiveron offloaded? A shocker for me. I dont know how long she will make it in the real world. She is a very cold hearted person.
    Erin Kitt got promoted uplines from CCI when she was known to be false reporting her worksheets. Big offense in Scn. They didnt seem to care.
    Mike Gilchrest was an auditor. But I guess that was a coons age ago. Havent heard about him since 89.
    Karen Hollander's younger daughter is/was a very smart cookie. She may smarten up and get out of there. Her older daughter was very out on control - on drugs and all kinds of things last I knew. Years ago - mid 90's.
    Kim Fries - didn't her sister Sandy used to be in RTC. She left pregnant or something?
    Cat Mazarand - Blast from the past name. Good to see she's still a C/S. Maybe one of the longest lasting ever.
    Jesse Radstrom - last time I saw him little blonde head he was 5 years old with rubberbands tieing up small sections of his hair - he must have had 50 of them in his hair. You know those thin colored rubberbands they have around newspapers sometimes? Ha ha. Funny.
    About Heber: When I was at the HGB, he was around there alot. I thought he was on post. That would have been around 2001.
    Mark Berther graduated the RPF long ago. I dont know where he went after that. He doesnt go by that name. Its Brodie I think. He was RPFed for letting his tractor hit the top of an RTC car. Nobody was hurt. But he was working at night and they didnt see him and ran into the bucket. He was in ethics interviews all night with Ann Rathbun, who turned on (supposedly) many, many R/Ses on COB, etc.
    Daniel Cohee (Jr) was still in Incomm when I was last on base in 04. Same with Nathaniel Epstien.
    April Hall- Wow. I remember her coming to PAC with her little dog every week at the end of the week when I was in IDB (Int Data Bur), where she would just stand around waiting for the stats to come in. The was BC (before computers).
    Pam Hubbert I think is still around recruiting. She was in NWC for a while. Not sure if she is still there.

    Ok. I gotta stop staring at the screen. Got through "K" and will check the rest later.

    Interesting blasts from the near and far past.

    Thank you Bear for doing this!!!
  15. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    Shades of Ashlee Shaner!!
    A contractor who they claim was working without being given direction (not likely, they micromanage everything) was driving an unlighted front loader after dark on the highway which cuts through their property. He turned the front loader into oncoming traffic. Ashlee Shaner, a 16 year old high school girl ran her car into the blade and was cut in half. Her 8 year old sister ducked under the blade and was not seriously hurt. Her mother was in another car a little ways behind her daughter. Your neighbor, H. Keith Henson

  16. Vinaire

    Vinaire Sponsor

    Use ctrl-F to search.

    I really feel bad about Sandy Wilhere.

  17. Vinaire

    Vinaire Sponsor

    I don't see the name Jyotika Mathias Patel.

    She used to be a cook.

  18. Vinaire

    Vinaire Sponsor

    Who or what gives power to this SP?

  19. pomfritz

    pomfritz Patron with Honors

    Allcock, Wick – CMU, Applied Scholastics?
    - was working at Gold's secret mad hatter studio at one point

    Barram, Danny – WDC WISE?, Exec Esto Gold, RPF, PAC Custom Mill
    - WCer at CTO WUS, last I knew

    Berther, Mark – Construction Worker Estates Gold, PAC RPF
    - Brodie is the name he goes by, worked in event set up in CLO WUS
    Bolstad, Maureen
    - declared

    Busby, John – Incomm, CMU Services Off, PAC
    - posted at GOLD PAC

    Butterworth, Jamie – Cope Off Gold, offloaded
    - graduated RPF in 03, posted to AOLA as course admin and then... offloaded?
    both parents still in SO, think father is FBO AOLA or something similar, mother Maggie was auditor (aola?)

    Castle (Lewis), Stefan – Event Execution I/C? Cine, offloaded
    - I heard he blew and got his wife out in a most imaginative way, sorry I can't reveal details about it, anyone else know about this one?

    Cisco (Stein), Carol – Interior Designer Int Lardlord, PAC RPF
    - really? a real hard ass, was in charge of WTH building design

    Davies, Kenny – Snr C/S Int Office?
    - was Cram Off CLO CTO WUS after graduating RPF.
    wife, Leelan was RPFed shortly after he came off

    Greve, Ryan – Shipping Off, offloaded
    really?, graduated RPF at PAC and was at AOLA afterwards

    Hawkins, Jefferson Bolles – CMU Sec, CMU QC, Books and Lectures Marketing I/C
    CMU, Copywriter CMU, offloaded
    - frequent poster in XSO, wonderful posts

    Musselman, Scott – Port Captain Gold, Construction Worker, PAC RPF
    - was on RPF in 04

    Norton, Ron – Chief Off Gold, MEI, RPF, PAC
    - all around asshole

    Pearson, Brandon – Gold or CMO Gold, offloaded to PBC
    - I think he had some connection to Lisa McPherson, was RPF'ed for a short while, reprieved and then spent some time at AOLA

    Rush, Charlie – APS O/O, PBC
    -30 years in and I saw him in dishland, still smiling away.

    Stuckenbrock, Uwe – Chief Off?, Security Chief? Gold, “on PAC RPF” (not even physically there, but dying of MS somewhere in LA)
    - I saw him on the RPF in 03, guess they offloaded him

    Tompkins, Barbara Ann – posted at PAC
    - was auditing for Gold? at PAC

    Tompkins, Foster – CO FB, MEI, CMU Sec?, Mill I/C PBC
    - I/C now? what happened to Kevin Hulse?

    Wells, Becket – Cameraman, Chief Electrician, RPF, now I HELP Int?
    - was at CLO WUS on ARCx recovery project after RPF

    Wheelis, Alec
    - was recruiter for NWC after RPF stint

    Willett, Steve – Estates Sec, CO Gold, Garbage I/C, PAC RPF
    - was at PAC ihelping around the Mill, he was not RPF'ed unless this happened later on, great guy, really nice, shocked to find out he was CO GOLD at one point, married to Bernadette ___?

    What about...

    Doug Mueller
    Garth ___ (big black guy, super nice guy)
    Fay Bucher
    Linda ____ (short little lady, very friendly)

    ...forgetting some of the other names I ran across.
  20. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat