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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Page #3: Christianity: Recommended Websites

- Abort73: The Case Against Abortion 
- Abortion: Life Facts: All The Facts You Ever Need To Know About Abortion (LifeSiteNews)  
- Access Research Network: Science & Technology From The Perspective Of Intelligent Design (Website)
- Accountability Now: Making Accountability Matter In South Africa
- Africa Facts
- Alcohol & Alcoholism (Oxford Academic)
- AllAboutGod.com 
Alvin Rogness
- AM870TheAnswer
- America-Israel Chambers Of Commerce (Association Of ...) 
- American Missionary Association (Wikipedia)
- American Thinker
- Amnesty International: Helping To Fight Abuses Of Human rights Worldwide
- Andrew Murray

- 'Antiquities Of The Jews': Flavius Josephus (Jewish Historian)
- ApologeticsPress.Org: eBooks (Christianity, Christian Apologetics, Science vs. Evolution) 
- ApologeticsPress: Tracts For Kids
- Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry
- Arcadia Jewish Children's Home (South Africa): Caring For Children In Need  
- Archaeology Of Israel (Wikipedia)
- A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism

- Asian Center For Pentecostal Theology (China)
- Association Of America-Israel Chambers Of Commerce
- Association Of Christian Economists (ACE)
- Association Of Christians In Mathematical Sciences
- Assemblies Of God (Australia)
- Assemblies Of God (Canada)
- Assemblies Of God (First Century Foundations)
- Assemblies Of God (Great Britain)
- Assemblies Of God (India)
- Assemblies Of God (New Zealand)
Assemblies Of God (South Africa)
- Assemblies Of God (USA)
- Assemblies Of God - World Fellowship (Mexico)
- Assemblies Of God - World Fellowship (Pakistan)
- Assemblies Of God - World Fellowship (Taiwan)
- Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial & Museum

- Awesome Science Media (Science-based Biblical Creationism)
- Awesome Science TV (Documentaries, Videos etc.)(Awesome Science Media)

- Baptist World Alliance

'Bible Code, The' (Rich Milne's Warning  To Christians Enamoured With 'Bible Code' Publications)
- Bible Gateway (Translations: All Languages)
- Bible Odyssey
- Bibles In Every Language
- Bible Study: Man-In-Mirror
- Bible Study Tools
- BibleSupport.com (Free Bible Support Literature for E-Sword)
- Biblical Archaeology Directory (Over 400 YouTube-linked video-clips of lectures, speeches, sermons, discussions, debates and talks by some of the world's top Academics, Scientists, Philosophers, Theologians, Evangelists and Christian Apologists in defence of Intelligent Design, Biblical Creationism and Evangelical Christianity)

- Biblical Archaeology Society: Free eBooks
- Biblical Archaeology Society - LIBRARY

- Billy Graham Audio Archives (Over 1600 sermons spanning 60 years)
- BMS World Mission
- Breaking Israel News (BIBLICAL HEARTLAND)
- Breaking Israel News (CHRISTIAN ZIONISM)
- Breaking Israel News (HOME)
- Breaking Israel News (IDF)
- Breaking Israel News (INSPIRATION)
- Breaking Israel News (OPINION)
- Breaking Israel News (JERUSALEM)
- Breaking Israel News (MIDDLE EAST)
- Breaking Israel News (NEWS VIDEOS)
- Breaking Israel News (SHOP ISRAEL)
- Breaking Israel News (SUPPORT)
- Breaking Israel News (TERROR WATCH)
- Breaking Israel News (US-ISRAEL)
- Breaking Israel News (VIDEOS)
- Bridges For Peace: Cape Jewish Chronicle
- Bridges For Peace: South Africa
- Bridges For Peace: Your Israel Connection

- Campus Crusade For Christ (Centurion, South Africa)
- Campus Crusade For Christ (Western Cape, South Africa)
- Canadian Council For Christian Charities

- CanIKnowGod
- Cape Jewish Chronicle (South Africa)

- CBN News - The Christian Perspective
- Center For Holyland Studies
- C.S. Lewis
- Charles Finney
- Charles Spurgeon

- Chick Publications (Tracts/Books/Comics/DVD's/Art Prints/Resources)
- China Inland Mission (OMF)
- Christian Art Blogs
- Christianbook.com
- Christian & Missionary Alliance, The
Christian Film Database
- Christian Filmmaking Resources
- Christian Film Production Companies
- Christian Gospel Movies
Christian Lawyers Association (New Zealand)
- Christian Lawyers Association (South Africa)
Christian Legal Fellowship (Canada)
Christian Legal Society (USA)
- Christianity In Afghanistan
- Christianity In Africa
- Christianity In Albania
- Christianity In Algeria
- Christianity In Armenia (History)
- Christianity In Australia
- Christianity In Bahrain
- Christianity In Bangladesh
- Christianity In Bhutan
- Christianity In Britain
- Christianity In Cambodia
- Christianity In China
- Christianity In China: A Scholar's Guide To Resources In The Libraries And Archives Of The United States (U.S. Library Of Congress). 687 pp.
- Christianity In Cuba
- Christianity In Djibouti
- Christianity In Egypt
- Christianity In Eritrea
- Christianity In Europe
- Christianity In Georgia (Country)
- Christianity In Haiti
- Christianity In Iceland
- Christianity In India
- Christianity In Indonesia
- Christianity In Iran
- Christianity In Iraq
- Christianity In Israel
- Christianity In Japan
- Christianity In Jordan
- Christianity In Kazakhstan
- Christianity In Kuwait
- Christianity In Latin America
- Christianity In Lebanon
- Christianity In Lybia
- Christianity In Madagascar
- Christianity In Malaysia
- Christianity In Manchuria (Manchurian Revival)
- Christianity In Mauritius
- Christianity In Mexico (Persecution)
- Christianity In Mongolia
- Christianity In Morocco
- Christianity In Myanmar
- Christianity In Nieu Zealand
- Christianity In Nepal
- Christianity In North Korea
- Christianity In Oman
- Christianity In Pakistan
- Christianity In Philippines
- Christianity In Qatar
- Christianity In Russia
- Christianity In Saudi Arabia
- Christianity In Scandanavia
- Christianity In Seychelles
- Christianity In Singepore
- Christianity In Somalia
- Christianity In South Korea
- Christianity In Sri Lanka
- Christianity In Sudan
- Christianity In Syria
- Christianity In Taiwan
- Christianity In Taijikistan
- Christianity In Thailand
- Christianity In Tibet (Missions/Historymakers)
- Christianity In Tunisia
- Christianity In Turkey
- Christianity In Turkmenistan
- Christianity In Ukraine
- Christianity In United Arab Emirates
- Christianity In USA
- Christianity In Vietnam
- Christianity In Yemen
- Christianity-In-View (World Christianity)
- Christian Messianic Prophecies (Wikipedia)
Christian Persecution By Country: Open Doors World Watch List
- Christian Population Growth (Wikipedia)
Christians In Science & Technology (List)
- Christian Zionism (Breaking Israel News)
- Chuck Norris Christian Resource Page (Website)
- Church Mission Society
- Conservapedia: The Trustworthy Encyclopaedia (Conservapedia Website Main Page)
- Conservative Bible Project (Conservapedia Web-page)
- Converts To Christianity From Islam (List)
- Corruption Watch: Fighting Corruption In South Africa

- Creation Ministries International
- Creation Ministries International: Articles
- Creation Ministries (South Africa)
- Creation Museums. VisitCreation.org
- Creationism.Org  (Creation Science Centres & Museums)
- Creationism.Org (Books)
Creationism.Org (The Bible In Pictures - Images Free To Copy/Public Domain)
CreationScience4Kids (Website For Juniors)
- Creation Science Hall Of Fame
- Creation Today
Creation Today: Videos
- Cru (Russia)
- CSE'S War On Children (Film)(Watch CSE's ['Comprehensive Sex Education'] New Age attack on our Judeo-Christian Family Values)(Film by Family Watch International) [Documentary/Video]
- CultureWatch (Bill Muehlenberg's Commentary On Issues Of The Day) [WEBSITE]
- Cum Books (Angus Buchan Books)

- David Jeremiah (Dr.) - Online Bible Prophecy

- David Rives Ministries
- Defining Moment, The (YouTube Docu-Videos)
Dennis Prager: Great Speech Everyone Should Watch - YouTube
- Dennis Prager: How I Found God At Columbia University
- Dennis Prager On Western Civilization, Free Speech, Israel - YouTube
- Dennis Prager: Short Videos - Big Ideas - YouTube
- Dennis Prager Show (Dennis Prager: Author of 'The Rational Bible') 
- Derek Prince Ministries (International)
- Derek Prince Ministries (South Africa)

- Dictionaries: Cambridge Online Dictionary
- Dictionaries: Dictionary.com 
- Dictionaries: Farlex Free Online Dictionary
- Dictionaries: Google Dictionary
- Dictionaries: Kids WordSmyth
Dictionaries: Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
- Dictionaries: NetLingo (Acronyms)
- Dictionaries: Oxford English Online Dictionary
- Dictionaries: Urban Dictionary
- Dictionaries: Wiktionary Online Dictionary
- Dictionaries: Wordia
- Disciple All Nations
- Discover Chesterton [WEBSITE: G.K. Chesterton profile]
- Dissent From Darwinism, A Scientific

- D.L. Moody
- Doctors For Life International
- Doctors Without Borders

- Egyptian Museum, The Grand - Cairo 

- Encyclopedia Judaica
Encyclopaedia Of The Boer War, 1899-1902 (807 pages) 
Endtime Ministries (Irvin Baxter)
- Endtime Ministries (Irvin Baxter): Prophecy News
- Entrust (Russia)
- Evangelical Philosophical Society
- Evangelical Theological Society
- Evolution Exposed (M.V. Pereira)
E-Sword (The Sword of the Lord with the Electronic Edge)
- Every Nation (World Missions)

- EveryStudent.com: A Safe Place To Explore Questions About Life And God

- Family Research Council (Tony Perkins)

- F.B. Meyer
- Film-Production Companies (List)(Wikipedia)
- Focus On The Family
- Forensics For Justice (RSA)
- FORSA (Freedom Of Religion - South Africa) 

- Forty Great Prayers In The Bible - CrossTies Ministry
- Franklin Graham

Free Bible Images (FreeBibleImages)
- Freedom Of Religion - South Africa (FORSA)
- Friends Of Israel (Keren Hayesod): United Israel Appeal
- Frontier Evangelism (Tommy Ray O'Dell)

- Gateway News (RSA)

- G. Campbell-Morgan
- Geology.com
- George Whitefield

- Godlife
- GodReports
Golden Hymns Of The Faith (Over 1000 YouTube-linked classic hymns and spiritual & inspirational songs for choirs, singing groups, quartets, trios, duets and soloists to access)
- GoogleEarth

- Google Trends (Search by keywords e.g. Christianity, Christian Apologetics, Theology etc.)

- Hal Lindsay Report (The)

- Hal Lindsay Report (The): News
- Heartcry Missionary Society [Russia]
- Hebrew For Christians
- Holocaust Memorials & Museums (Worldwide)
- Holocaust Research Project
- Holocaust Survivors (Survivor Stories)
- Hubblesite (Hubble Telescope Images)

- Images: Free Bible Images (FreeBiblesImages)

- Intelligent Design From The Perspective Of Science & Technology: Access Research Network (Website) 
- Inspiration Cruises & Tours
Institute For Creation Research: Events
- Institute For Creation Research: Media 
- Institute For Creation Research: News
- Institute For Creation Research: Publications
- Irvin Baxter (Endtime Ministries)
- ISLAM: Converts To Christianity (List)
ISLAM: Imam Converts To Christianity After Reading About Jesus In The Qu'ran (YouTube)
- Israel Breaking News
- Israeli Archaeologists
Israeli Internet Websites, Useful
- Israeli Literature
Israel News: Jerusalem Post
- Israel Newspapers
- IsraelNews1 - YouTube

- Israel's Restoration (Tikkun International)
- Israel: Save A Child's Heart (SACH): We mend hearts, regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality)

- Jaffa Jewish Aged Home (Pretoria, South Africa): Jewish Old Aged Home

- James Dobson
- James MacDonald

- Jerusalem Of Peace
- Jerusalem Post: Israel News
- JesusOnline

- Jewish Children's Home (Arcadia)(SouthAfrica): Caring For Children In Need
- Jewish Encyclopedia (1906)
- Jewish Historians (List): Wikipedia

Jewish Journal
Jewish Newspapers In The USA
- Jewish News Syndicate (JSN)
- Jewish Old Aged Home (Pretoria, South Africa): Jaffa Jewish Aged Home
- Jewish Press
- Jewish Studies: Oxford Bibliographies
- Jewish Virtual Library (Acronyms & Abbreviations)

Jewish Virtual Library (Anything you need to know from Anti-Semitism to Zionism)
- Jewish Virtual Library (Auschwitz)
- Jewish Virtual Library (Concentration Camps)
- Jewish Virtual Library (History)
- Jewish Virtual Library (Holocaust)
- Jewish Virtual Library (Israel)
- Jewish Virtual Library (Israeli/Palestinian Conflict)
- Jewish Virtual Library (Judaism)
- Jewish Virtual Library (Religion)
- Jewish Virtual Library (Wikidata)
- Jewish Virtual Library (Wikipedia)
- Jews For Jesus (Bookstore)
- Jimmy Evans - The Trinity Church
- John Calvin
- John G. Lake

- John Lennox Books (I) 
- John Lennox Books (II)
- John Lennox Books (III)
- John Lennox Sermons (YouTube)(I)
- John Lennox Sermons (YouTube)(II)
- John Lennox Sermons (YouTube) (III)
John Maxwell.com
- John Wesley
- Jonathan Edwards

- Josephus (Flavius, Jewish Historian): Antiquities Of The Jews
- Joyce Meyer Ministries
- JOY! Magazine (Online)

- Judicial Watch (Because No One Is Above The Law!)(Website)
- JUIG! Tydskrif (Aanlyn)

- Kamal Saleem (Koome Ministries): Taking Christ To Islam

- Karl Barth
- Kelsey Coalition, The ('Working to Change the Systems that Failed our Kids')
- Kelsey Coalition, The (Identity Medicine)
- Kelsey Coalition, The (Facts/Data)
- Kelsey Coalition, The (Projects)
- Kelsey Coalition, The (Stories)
- Keren Hayesod: Friends Of Israel (United Israel Appeal) 
- Kevin Leman, Dr. ('The Birth Order Guy'): Christian Parenting
- Koome Ministries (Kamal Saleem): Taking Christ To Islam
- Kruiskyk (AFRIKAANS)

- Lawyers' Christian Fellowship (U.K.)
- Lee Strobel
- Lee Strobel Books
- Leftism: LiberalMob
- Legal Practice Council (South Africa), The [WEBSITE]
- LiberalMob.com [ANTIFA]
- LiberalMob.com [GENDERCONFUSED]
- LiberalMob.com [HOME]
- LiberalMob.com [INTOLERANCE]
- LiberalMob.com [LEFTCULT]
- LiberalMob.com [LUNATICS] 
- Liberty University (USA): Jerry Falwell Jr.
- LifeSiteNews: Abortion: All The Facts You Ever Need To Know About Abortion
- Lifeway Christian Authors
- List Of Protestant Missionary Societies (Wikipedia)
- Loxafamosity Ministries: Working To Eliminate Abortion Through Education

- Man-In-Mirror Bible Study
Max Lucado
Messianic Directory: A Category for Messianic Jewish Websites 
- Messianic-Judaism (Websites) 
(A Platform for Mainstream Messianic Judaism on the Internet)
- MissionEurasia- Mission Possible (Eastern Europe)

- Natasha Crain: Author, Speaker, Blogger ... Addressing the Challenges of Discipleship [WEBSITE]

Natural News Blogs (Health & Fitness)
- Nazi Experiments (Tabitha Gomes)
- Nazi Germany, Books About (Wikipedia)
Noah's Flood In Southern Africa (Bryan Orford)
- North American Baptists, Inc.
- Norwegian Weather Service (ENGLISH) 

- Olive Tree Ministries Inc.
- OM (Russia)
- Once Delivered: Helping Christians Contend For The Faith [WEBSITE]
- Open Doors World Watch List (Christian Persecution Rankings)
- Open Secrets: Promoting Private Sector Accountability For Economic Crime And Related Human Rights Abuses In South Africa)
- Operation Clambake: Undressing The Church Of Scientology 

- Oswald Chambers
- OUTA (South Africa): A prosperous country, free from the abuse of authority and governed with the efficient use of tax revenue.
Oxford Bibliographies: Jewish Studies

- Pat Boone Official Website 

- Paula White Ministries (Non-Denominational): USA
- Paul Brand
- Paul O'Sullivan & Associates: Fraud, Private & Forensic Investigation. Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year 2014. 
- Pentecostal World Fellowship
- Peter Hitchens Blog (Christian Apologist)(Author of, 'The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me To Faith'. Zondervan (2010).
- Philip Yancey

- PIEI (Russia)
- Proclaiming Justice To The Nations (Laurie Cardoza-Moore)
- PRO-LIFE South Africa

- Question Evolution Campaign (Conservapedia) [WEBSITE ARTICLE]

- Quit Drinking: Abstinence Works Best (LiveScience)
- Quit Drinking: Alcoholism Treatment & Management (MedScape)
- Quit Drinking: Outpatient Treatment Of Adult Alcoholism (SCIELO)
- Quit Drinking: Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre (RandAid)
Quit Smoking Basics (MAYO CLINIC)
- Quit Smoking Action Plan (MAYO CLINIC)
- Quit Smoking: Living Smoke-free (MAYO CLINIC)
- Quit Smoking: Quitting Cold Turkey Better Than Quitting Gradually (MedScape)
- Quit Smoking: What Happen To Your Body When You Quit Smoking (HEALTH24)
- Quit Substance Abuse: Brand-South Africa Substance Abuse Helpline

- Rabbi K.A. Schneider - Discover The Jewish Jesus
- Radio Pulpit (RSA)

- Rare Document Traders (Spurgeon archive-materials etc.)
- R.A. Torrey

- Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Christian Apologetics (Official Website)
- Ravi Zacharias Sermons( YouTube)(I)
- Ravi Zacharias Sermons (YouTube)(II)
- Ravi Zacharias Sermons (YouTube)(III)
- Ravi Zacharias Sermons (YouTube)(IV)
- Reasons For Jesus (Christian Apologetics Website)
- Religion In Costa Rica
- Religion In Crimea
- Religion In European Union
- Religion In Mexico
- Religion In North America
- Religion In North Korea
- Religion In Papua New Guinea
- Religion In the United Kingdom

- RevivalRadioTV
- Right2Know: Promoting A Country Where All Have The Right To Now And Have Access To Information
- Robert Morris - Gateway Church

- SA-Israel Chamber Of Commerce
- SA Jewish Report (South Africa)
- Salvation Army (South Africa)
Salvation Army (USA)
- Save A Child's Heart (SACH): Israel (We mend hearts, regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality)
- SaveSA (RSA)
- Scientific Dissent From Darwinism, A

- Scientology Critical Information Directory
- Scientology, Undressing The Church Of 
- Shalom Jerusalem Foundation (Zionism: The Next Generation)
- Socialism Quotes (BrainyQuote)
- Society Of Biblical Literature
- Society Of Christian Philosophers
South Africa-Israel Chamber Of Commerce
- South African Scenery: Images (Tourism)
- Southern Africa Jewish Newspapers
- Southern Baptist Convention (USA)
- Spurgeon Archive, The (Website)
- Stanger Christian Centre / Stanger Christelike Sentrum (Dr. James Van Zyl) (South Africa / Suid-Afrika)
- StephenBlanton.com (Islam's Beliefs, Practices & History)

- Summit Ministries.

- Temple Mount Faithful (Israel)
Temple Mount, Jerusalem (Leen Ritmeyer Library)
- Temple Mount Sifting Project, The
- TheAnswerAM870 
- The Association Of Christian Economists (ACE)
- The Bible Project: Video Downloads
- The Christian & Missionary Alliance
- The Defining Moment (YouTube Docu-Videos)
- The Grand Egyptian Museum (Cairo)
- The Institute For Christian Teaching
- The Legal Practice Council (South Africa) [WEBSITE]
- Theoletics.org
The People's Tribunal On Economic Crime: To Fully Investigate Allegations Of Corruption And State Capture
- The Spurgeon Archive (Website)
The State Of Theology (USA): Polls & Statistics
- The Times Of Israel (BLOGS)
The Times Of Israel (HOME)
- The Times Of Israel (ISRAEL INSIDE)
- The Times Of Israel (ISRAEL & REGION)
- The Times Of Israel (JEWISH TIMES)
- The Times Of Israel (NEWSLETTERS)
- The Times Of Israel (STARTUP ISRAEL)
- The War On Children (Watch CSE's ['Comprehensive Sex Education'] New Age attack on our Judeo-Christian Family Values)(Film by Family Watch International) [Documentary/Video]
- Thoughts AboutGod

- Tikkun International: Partnering for the Full Restoration of Israel and the Church
- Tim LaHaye Ministries

- Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul
- TorahResource.com
- Transparency International: The Global Coalition Against Corruption

- TroyBrewerMinistries ('Numbers That Preach')
- Truth & Science Forum South Africa

- Unashamedly Ethical: Challenging People To Do The Right Thing
- United With Israel (ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT)
- United With Israel (CALLS TO ACTION)
- United With Israel (GLOBAL ISRAEL)
- United With Israel (GOOD NEWS ISRAEL)
United With Israel (HOME)
- United With Israel (INSIDE ISRAEL)
- United With Israel (ISLAMIC TERROR)
- United With Israel (LIVING TORAH)
- United With Israel (OUR PROJECTS)
- United With Israel (OUTSIDE ISRAEL)
- United With Israel (STAND WITH ISRAEL)

- Victorian Christian Legal Society (Australia)
- Video Gallery: Bible Odyssey
- Voice Of The Martyrs (Serving The Persecuted Church)

- Wallbuilders (David Barton)

- War On Children, The (Watch CSE's ['Comprehensive Sex Education'] New Age attack on our Judeo-Christian Family Values)(Film by Family Watch International) [Documentary/Video]
- Weather Service (Norwegian) (ENGLISH)
- WorldBibles.Org

- World Clock
- World Israel News (CONFLICT)
- World Israel News (DIASPORA)
- World Israel News (EXCLUSIVES)
- World Israel News (HOME)
- World Israel News (INNOVATION)
- World Israel News (ISRAEL)
- World Israel News (JUDAISM)
- World Israel News (LATEST NEWS)
- World Israel News (OPINION)
- World Israel News (VIDEOS) 
- World Israel News (WORLD)
- World Maps (Geographical/Political)
- World Missions (Every Nation)
- World Watch List (Open Doors - Christian Persecution Rankings)

- y.jesus.com

- Zionism: A Definition (Jewish Virtual Library)
- Zionism & Israel: Religious Literacy Project (Harvard Divinity School)
- Zionism: Christian Zionism In The New Testament (Bridges For Peace)
- Zionism: The Next Generation (Shalom Jerusalem Foundation)
- Zionism: What Is Zionism? (Everything You Want To Know About Israel-Palestine)
- Zionism (Wikipedia)
- Zondervan

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