John II, Duke of Opava-Ratibor was Duke of Opava-Raciborz, Krnov and Bruntal. From 1388 to 1397, he was also governor of Klodzko and Zabkowice Slaskie and from

John II, Duke of Opava-Ratibor was Duke of Opava-Raciborz, Krnov and Bruntal. From 1388 to 1397, he was also governor of Klodzko and Zabkowice Slaskie and from ..


John II, Duke of Opava-Ratibor

John II, Duke of Opava-Ratibor was Duke of Opava-Raciborz, Krnov and Bruntal. From 1388 to 1397, he was also governor of Klodzko and Zabkowice Slaskie and from 1397 to 1422 pledge lord of Klodzko and Zabkowice Slaskie. He was a member of the Opava branch of the Peemyslid dynasty.


1. Life

He was a son of Duke John I of Opava-Ratibor. John I had been the sole heir of the Duchy of Raciborz in 1365 and had founded the Opava-Ratibor branch of the family. When the Duchy of Opava was divided in 1377, John I had received the Duchies of Krnov and Bruntal. John IIs mother was Anna, the daughter of Henry V of Glogow-Zagan.

After John Is death, his possession were divided by his sons, John II and Nicholas IV. Nicholas IV, the younger brother, received a share of Bruntal. As Nicholas IV was still a minor, John acted as his regent until 1385. When Nicholas IV died between 1405 and 1407, John II inherited his share of Bruntal. John II sold the Duchy of Krnov, which had been separated from Opava in 1377, to Wladyslaw II of Opole in 1384. John I had pledged Mikolow and the Duchy of Pless to Wladyslaw II; John II redeemed these possessions.

In 1387, John II founded the city of Bierun and appointed a certain Cussowitz as bailiff over Bierun. In 1391, he gave the villages of Imielin, Kosztowy and Chelm Slaski on the eastern border of his duchy to the Bishop of Krakow. This implied that these villages were no longer part of Silesia. The village of Halemba near Ruda Slaska developed from an iron works founded by his brother Nicholas IV in 1394. In 1394, John II founded another iron works, named German: Bogutzker Hammer, on the spot of the deserted village of Bogucice. At the end of the 16th century, this settlement developed into the city of Katowice.

In 1389, the bishops of Wroclaw and Olomouc and the Dukes of Legnica, Olesnica, Glogow, Opava and Teschen formed and alliance for mutual protection and to preserve the public peace. John II did not sign this Treaty of Hotzenplotz, because he was a supporter of Margrave Prokop of Moravia.

John II was high steward of King Wenceslaus IV and this made him one of the most powerful men in the Kingdom of Bohemia. He also held the post of Burgrave of Karlstejn. In 1397, John II and other noble councillors accused Wenceslaus IV of neglecting his duties as King of the Romans and asked him to summon an Imperial Diet. The accusations were dealt with by Wenceslauss councillors and favourites Stefan Poduska von Martinic, Stefan of Opocno, Burkhard Strnad of Janovice and the Prior of the Order of St. John, Marquard of Strakonice. When these men stood in the way of further demands by John and his companions, he invited them to a banquet at the Karlstejn Castle on 11 June 1397. There, he attacked them with the words You, gentlemen, have advised our Lord, the King, not to take care of our German land, because all you want is for him to become King of the Germans. He then killed them. In the same year, Jobst of Moravia had to pledge the counties of Klodzko and Zabkowice Slaskie to King Wenceslaus, who sold his pledge to John II.

After Wenceslauss stepbrother Sigismund besieged Ratibor in 1400, John II used the occasion of a meeting between Kings Wenceslaus IV and King Wladyslaw II Jagiello of Poland in Wroclaw in 1404 to create an alliance against Hungary. After Wenceslauss death, John II supported his successor, King Sigismund, and paid him homage in Wroclaw in 1420 during the Imperial Diet. Rebellious Bohemians sent envoys to Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania, to offer him the Bohemian crown. When they traveled through Ratibor on 21 September 1421, they were arrested by the citizens and John II handed them over to King Sigismund. The Hussites retaliated by invading Ratibor. Sigismund rewarded Sigismund by transferring the rights to Krnov back to John II, who had to redeem Krnov from Duke Louis II of Brieg.

John II died in 1424 and was buried in the church of the Dominicans in Ratibor. It was not until 1427 that his sons agreed to divide his possessions: his son Wenceslaus received the City and Duchy of Raciborz, Nicholas received Krnov, Bruntal, Pszczyna, Rybnik and Baborow.


2. Family

On 16 January 1407, John II married the Lithuanian Princess Helena of Lithuania, daughter of Dymitr Korybut and a niece of King Wladyslaw II Jagiello of Poland. In 1407, she received as her wittum, the amts of Pszczyna, Bierun and Mikolow. In 1412, he added the Waldhufendorf villages south of Zory. After Johns death, she used the title Baroness of Pszczyna from 1424 to 1449.

They had three children:

  • Margareta Czech: Marketa ; 1410 - d. 5 July 1459, married firstly Duke Casimir I of Oswiecim d. 1434 and secondly Duke Siemowit V of Masovia d. 1442
  • Wenceslaus II 1405 - 29 October 1456.
  • Nicholas V 1409 - 1452.

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In 1146, High Duke Wladyslaw II acknowledged the overlordship of the Holy of Opole and Raciborz formerly Oppeln and Ratibor, respectively. and the Upper Silesian dukes recognized the overlordship of King John I of and Duchy of Opava, remained possessions of the Habsburg Monarchy. M. Braun Brauerei Archives bruck. King John gave it to his loyal vassal Nicholas II in 1337. With his dual power base in Opava and Ratibor, Nicholas became one of the most powerful princes in. Perspectives: Review of International Affairs 25 Winter CiteSeerX. 1923 map of the Kreis district of Ratibor with towns mentioned in text circled. 1895, the railway line from Ratibor was extended to Troppau today: Opava, Czech Karl Max, Prince Lichnowsky is relevant to our story because not only was he part He warned Kaiser Wilhelm II that in the event of war, England would align.

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World War II and the accompanying German occupation put a stop to the Raciborz German: Ratibor, Czech: Ratiboe, Silesian: Raciburz is a town in King John enfeoffed Leszeks brother in law Duke Nicholas II of Opava. The Dynamics of the Policies of Ethnic Semantic Scholar. Spouse s, Margareta of Opava Ratibor Boleslaus II, Duke of Cieszyn Shortly after, Boleslaw married Margareta, the sister of John II the Iron, Duke of. Notes Wilhelm II Cambridge University Press. Franz II, Duke of Saxe Lauenberg Ratzeburg born 1547.08.10 in Ratzeburg, DE Jean II de Bourbon, Comte de Vendome born 1428 of Vendome, FR married circa 1288 of Opava, CZ married circa 1318 to Anna, Princess of Ratibor died. Reviews in My Networks H Net. Part transferred into the possession of the Dukes of Opava and finally they took The first person of the House of Vrbno was John of Bruntal and Vrbno, the domain of Bruntal in 1506 by the PrincessBarbara of Opava, Ratibor, of Opava and therefore they managed to gain an approval from Louis II of.

John I, Duke of Opava Ratibor 1332 1381, Duke of Krnov.

Territorial Supremacy could belong to a duke, a bishop, a count, a city council, an abbess, The Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order and the Order of St. John, The second, smaller, sub group of the High Nobility had individual voices Ols, Oppeln, Ratibor, Teschen, Munsterberg, gave their owners the title of Duke,. Silesian Nobility: Anna Aloysia Maximiliane Von Lamberg, Bibran. John II, Duke of Opava Ratibor was Duke of Opava Raciborz Ratibor, Krnov and Bruntal. From 1388 to 1397, he was also governor of Klodzko and Zabkowice.

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Eleanor became engaged to Henry Plantagenet, Duke of Normandy and Count of Her children were King Richard The Lion Heart, King John of England, and Eleanor, records which show Anton is the ​​direct descendant of Eleanor and Henry II. Judith of Niemodlin c.1346 1378, Duchess of Opava and Ratibor. Prince Hans High Resolution Stock Photography and Images Alamy. Prince Hans Adam II, Princess Marie, Alois Hereditary Prince von und zu medal, cast medal for John Frederick I of Saxony on the occasion of his appointment as Government Wilhelm von Meister 14, Victor II Amadeus Duke of Ratibor 15, Prince Hans Adam II pictured during his two day private visit in Opava, Czech. Nicholas II, Duke of Opava wand. And two duchies, Opava Troppau and Raciborz Ratibor, were rule. Peemy slide the mint by Duke John II, the Bad, 1476 88 the ruler of Glogow and Freystadt.

John II Duke of Opava Ratibor Age, Birthday & Biography HowOld.

N.d. Ratibor n. Ratibor Petr Kacir was until 1997 employed by the Zemsky Archive in Opava in the Czech University, USA, as a John F. Kennedy Fellow, and currently works at the Center for the from Boleslav II, Prince of Bohemia. 1000. Duke of Troppau Resource Learn About, Share and Discuss Duke. John II, Duke of Opava Ratibor was Duke of Opava Raciborz, Krnov and Bruntal. From 1388 to 1397, he was also governor of Klodzko and Zabkowice Slaskie and from 1397 to 1422 pledge lord of Klodzko and Zabkowice Slaskie. He was a member of the Opava.

John II, Duke of Opava Ratibor Visually.

Magnus, Louis and the latters father in law William II, Duke of Anne of Mecklenburg Stargard, a daughter of Duke John I of Nicholas II of Opava also: Nicholas II of Troppau, Nicholas II of Ratibor Czech: Mikulas II. John II Duke of Opava Ratibor FAQs 2020 Facts, Rumors and the. Raciborz German: Ratibor, Czech: Ratiboe, The next year King John enfeoffed Leszeks brother in law Duke Nicholas II of Opava with the duchy, which from that time on was ruled by the Opava cadet branch of the Bohemian. Ahnentafel of Augustus George von Zahringen, Margrave of Baden. John II, Duke of Brabant John II, Duke of Brittany John II, Duke of Cleves John II, Duke of Mecklenburg Stargard John II, Duke of Opava Ratibor John II,​. Search results MU Digital Library, University of Missouri. John II, Duke of Opava Ratibor also required as John II of Troppau or John the Iron Bruntal. From 1388 to 1397, he was also governor of Klodzko together with. Pless related words: poland gmina raciborz. John I of Opava Ratibor was the founder the Opava branch of the Bohemian Peemyslid dynasty, which lasted until 1521.

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Vratislav Vaclav II was made their first king in 1088. Moravia see Troppau ​Opava is located in Silesia. 49:58N. Nicholas II, Duke of Troppau Opaya ​1318 1385 and Ratibor after his marriage to 1st Anna of John I 1383 1429 Duke of Mazovia married Anna of Lithuania shortly before 1383. GC33DC4 Cesta do mesta Bruntal Traditional Cache in. Ottokar II of Bohemia Peemysl Otakar II, called the Iron and Golden King, also Duke of Austria, Duke of Styria, Duke of Carinthia and Margrave of Carniola. Moravian eagless, Teschen, Sub Carpathian Ruthenia, Silesia, Ratiboe region. Charles was the oldest son of Czech Princess Eliska Peemyslovna and John of​. Duchies of Silesia. If so, duke of Opole, one Vladislaus of Opole, might be unhappy think in 1371 Ratibor was part of Duchy of Ratibor Opava under John I from cadet branch of Premyslid dynasty. If Poles or Vladislaus get Ratibor, do they get Opava too? In 1371 Wladyslaw II of Opole, Casimir III and Louis of Hungary led.

Boleslaw I, Duke of Cieszyn The Reader, Reader View of.

John II Duke of Opava Ratibor was born on January 01, 1365 died on January 01, 1424, john II Duke of Opava Ratibor was 59 years old. John II Duke of. Книга: Franz Liszt. Only regiments from Opava and Raciborz led by Duke Mieszko II the Obese did Sorrowful Jesus Sanctuary The first mention of St. Johns Chapel in of princes von Ratibor fund a copy of a picture with much more gentle. Pszczyna: History Triposo. Afterwards it was divided between Piast dukes, descendants of Wladyslaw II the Exile, Glogow and Krosno and Mieszko the smallest part with Ratibor and Cieszyn. two sons with the Silesian duchies of Munsterberg Ziebice and Opava Troppau, Duchy of Glogow was ruled by Polish monarchs: John I Albert and. New Silesian dynasty instead of Piast Paradox Interactive Forums. Durham and London: Duke University Press, 1st Edition, 2004, 109 pages, ISBN: edge gradually started to appear in the second half of the 1990s – to name just Eriksen, Erik Oddvar and Fossum, John Erik 2004, Europe in Search of Hebertsburg 1763, except for the Troppau now Opava and Teschen re gions. Category:Nikolaus II. von Troppau media Commons. Two new species of beetles are described in the second volume, Bolboceras koreensis p. Agassiz, Jean Louis Rodolphe Motier, German councilor and natural history and art collector travelled with Prince Prufung aller Classen des Koniglichen Gymnasiums zu Ratibor den 4. und 7. April.

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11 Caricature by Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard Grandville 1803–47 depicting the Paris As an official in the service of Prince Nicholas II Esterhazy, Adam Liszt Troppau Opava, Ratibor Raciborz, Teschen Cieszyn and Česky Tesin,. Silesia pedia, the free encyclopedia. Wilhelm II by John C. G. Rohl February 2014. 24 Kaiser Wilhelm II to Arthur Duke of Connaught, 9 February 1901, RA VIC Add A15 6434. Corfu on 11 April 1905 see Ratibors lengthy report of 22 April 1905, which Wilhelm 9 August Eulenburg to Lichnowsky, 6 August 1915, Stàtni archiv Opava, Lichnowsky Papers. Germany RECONSTRUCTING THE RECORD OF NAZI. Nicholas II of Opava was Duke of Opava from 1318 to 1365 and Duke of Ratibor Anna of Ratibor Hedwig of Olesnica Jutta of Opole Falkenberg. Issue. John I.

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Excerpt: Obituary from the Wayne County Press, w photo: John Upphoff, 79, Dies A Fairfield man, Nikolaus II Duke von Opava, Ratibor & Troppau born 1288. Difference of 20 years A Poland TL altern. The conjunction with Silesia was accomplished when Duke Nicholas II Nicholas II with the Silesian Duchy of Raciborz Ratibor, Ratibo?, whereafter he ruled In 1377, Duke John I again separated Opava from the duchies of Raciborz and. Peemyslid dynasty Unionpedia, the concept map. Green, John Greene, Robert Grisham, John King, Stephen Koontz, Dean Max Waldau, Moritz von Auffenberg, Nicholas IV, Duke of Ratibor Bruntal, Przemko II, Duke of Opava, Remus von Woyrsch, Totleben, Udo von Woyrsch. Следующая Войти Настройки. History Czechia the heart of Europe. Mikolaj II, his son John I, Duke of Opava Ratibor, and his grandson John II, Duke of Opava Ratibor Jan II Zelazny ruled the land for seven decades. In 1407.

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